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tv   KRON 4 News at 10  KRON  July 14, 2021 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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>> when fun time from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 >> now at ted getting rid of a nuisance. the city of san jose takes a bold step to shut down a business where the city says drugs and prostitution run rapid. good evening, everybody. welcome to kron. 4 news at 10. i'm pam moore and i'm ken wayne, the city of san jose recently filed a lawsuit
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asking a judge to shut down got a sports bar. the site was the scene of a fatal crash last month and police in the south bay say they are familiar with that location. kron four's jonathan mccall is here tonight to explain the details of this lawsuit kind of a new tactic in a way to go after this kind of thing. yeah, you know what? officials in the south bay say they've been trying to go after this place for a number of years because of all of the things that they say have been going on there. they say, and they have to make sure that it shut down in that lawsuit filed by the city's attorney in san jose. >> they claim that gov a sports bar and grill has inappropriate and illegal activity. that's not only a danger to the public, but they say all those calls now draining precious police resources. >> after years of complaints calls and concerns the city of san jose is looking to turn off the lights for good on got the bar and grill the city has filed a lawsuit against the owners of the bar claiming it's a public nuisance. san jose city councilwoman for davis says the move has been
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years in the making. >> then working with the city is trying work for a couple of here. been working with >> in its lawsuit. the city claims the business encourages prostitution allows customers to drive away while intoxicated and violated health orders aimed at limiting the spread of covid-19 davis who represents the district. the bar is located in also says there's issues with drugs and noise. >> we've had a lot >> the move comes more than a month after a deadly crash at the bar killed one woman and injured 2 others. investigators say 32 year-old alex moreno was under the influence of drugs and alcohol at the time when he crashed his truck into a group seated
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in an outdoor dining area killing diana prieto a worker at that bar. detectives say shortly before the crash moreno received oral from a toman inside of the truck. >> i think, you know, we did have any confidence. issue parking that he got. >> the lawsuit also claims the establishment is also draining valuable. police resources dealing with the number of calls since december. but city officials claimed that officers have responded to reports of fights drugs, weapons in gunfire at the location. man. well, and rowdy true heal and lusk on a list of this. the owners of the bar. >> in addition to a got a bar and grill the lawsuit also 6 to close a second restaurant owned by the pair called melees kron. 4 did reach out to the owners of both of those look establishments for comment. but so far we have yet to hear back. jonathan mccall kron 4 news johnson,
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thank you. the walnut creek police department has a new police chief of city officials say san leandro police captain jamie knox will lead the department in walnut creek. knox will begin his duties, july 26. he takes over for interim chief dan pratt. he's been on the job since april. walnut creek's blast permanenti chief tom chaplin, retired late last year. in an effort to try to bridge the gap between police and the community. oakland police chief leronne armstrong is holding conversations with community leaders and residents across the city. his latest sonversation took place today with the police commission chair who is also president of the east oakland youth development center. >> and while some say this is a step in the right direction. other community activists say more needs to be done. coffers. taylor reports. >> conversations continue with oakland police chief leronne armstrong on wednesday. this time with police commission chair janet jackson about how to solve the city's crime and gun violence issues jackson
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who is also president of the east oakland youth development center discuss the importance of police working with the community relationship that chief armstrong describes as top priority learning from community about how we could better how we can in the community how to build trust with how they would feel much more comfortable, you know, around us. >> was something that i thought was important was an important conversation to have. but also it's important that people understand operationally how we function. we would be surprised even last night about how and how much information people didn't know about the police department. chief armstrong is referring to one of these meetings moving his efforts to find solutions. >> well, some community activists appreciate the steps they say actions speak louder than words. they keep trying to record conversations. it sounds like me trying to lead a woman's help groups on how they should do what they need to do that's not what we need from opd need them to listen. >> we need them to hear us and we need them to take the actions that we requesting of
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them if they do not do that, we cannot deal trucks. >> coffee jays the founder and executive director at hip-hop for change in oakland, a nonprofit that works with youth in the city and uses music to amplify marginalized voices. as a former gang member who uses his past as fuel to create opportunities for kids in the city. jay says neglected neighborhoods need more resources. an investment in the youth. all these kids are trying to find their power and their safety. >> and a way to sustain themselves. it is a job to provide that for them. and instead what we're doing is we're funding the police with almost most of the police. but budget to to just punish these kids who don't have the resources. you don't have the community programs going of our classes and don't have the hope that their education system is going to try to push them into the prison pipeline in oakland. taylor kron 4 news we are following a developing story out of the north bay tonight where a man is in critical condition after getting shot in a safeway parking lot. this happened
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outside the store on marlowe road in santa rosa. we are told the victim's friend drove him to the hospital before police showed up. >> investigators believe there are actually several shots fired, although they don't know how many hit the victim so far. no information on the suspect. we will bring you any new developments as soon as we get them. violent encounter inside a san francisco walgreens. this time, though, it ends with the security guard in the hospital. >> and a suspect in custody. this comes after the retail giant has already closed many of its pharmacies in the city because of crime. this is a video from the citizens app and pictures showing the flashing lights of police cars and the ambulance responded to the call for help. this is set at 9.30 this morning at the walgreens at the corner of 9th and market in the city. according to san francisco police. it happened after an encounter between store security and a man who allegedly had been harassing customers and it got physical. police say the suspect, 28 year-old sergio gutierrez alvarez was arrested for
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trespassing and battery. a neighbor told us not surprised by what happened. it's often. >> i see the the security chasing people out or. taking stuff away from them. they're trying to steal. it's a constant problem. and all the stores here in this city. >> there has been no allegation of theft and today's incident. but walgreens says been the scene of several viral videos brazen shoplifting and has closed 17 stores over the last 5 years. city leaders are pushing for a coordinated response involving city hall. san francisco police. the district attorney in the courts and the retailers themselves and possibly even the u.s. attorney. a woman who was arrested for stealing items from a san francisco walgreens and then coughing at or on employees saying she had coronavirus to try to prevent them from stopping her last april has now been convicted of a federal crime. carmelita barela was found guilty today
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of robbery affecting interstate commerce. she now faces up to 20 years in prison. >> these latest incidents come just 2 days after san francisco mayor london breed held a news conference defending the city's crime rate and worked to try and bring it down. she made note of several high-profile incidents, including some that have happened other walgreens locations. but mayor breed emphasize that these crimes are getting attention online. but the public has not seen what happens after the crime is committed. >> what's not going viral what's not being brought to the forefront is the fact that in almost every single instance, our police department have arrested many of the people in these particular crime. >> so to stickley speaking this graph from san francisco's mid-year crime report shows burglaries are up with more than 3700 recorded so far this year. that is 200 more than this time last year during the pandemic and
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roughly 1300 more than in 2019 before the pandemic car break. ins have started ticking up from last year. but are down dramatically from the 2017 high point violent crime such as homicide assault and gun violence are all trending up as well. >> thefts and robberies however, are actually on the decline to get a full look at the crime statistics for san francisco. so far this year. you can head to our website. kron 4 dot com. >> in the north bay. police are trying to find the person who killed a 15 year-old in have olayo. it happened just before 6 o'clock tonight, someone reported a shooting on main street just east of mare island way officers showed up and say they found a teenage boy who was shot at least once it was declared dead at the scene. anyone who has any information on this case is asked to contact the police. happening now, the search for phillip craig chip who went missing during a run in pleasanton ridge regional park has officially been scaled
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back almost 300 volunteers join the pleasanton police department and dozens of other agencies in searching for the missing 37 year-old for the past 5 days. last night. a search team say they heard a cry for help along the trail near son all but that turned out to be a dead end. investigators have retraced the runners pass and they say they know that he left berkeley in the morning mailed a package before going to the park on saturday and they haven't heard from him since the alameda county sheriff's department says it will no longer actively searched the area. but they do plan to respond to any new clues or information. >> the mass vaccination site of the mass coney center in san francisco is now close for people who are still looking to book an appointment for a vaccine. the city will continue distributing doses through several health clinics pharmacies and mobile sites. san francisco is the first major city in the nation to have more than 80% of its residents partially vaccinated
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for covid an ap. a woman is in custody tonight arrested by the department of justice for reportedly offering medicine claiming that it could prevent people from getting covid federal agents claim that the scheme involves fake vaccine cards and deceiving information about the fda approved vaccine forced to re-assess your reports on the investigation and how much the natural path doctor was charging. >> fake vaccine cards with falsified dates and lot numbers of the moderna vaccine. that is just one part of an elaborate puzzle. federal agents allege julie matzie cooked up to offer clients looking to protect themselves from covid-19 the license natural path think doctors states on her website. she offers a large array of remedies to treat the whole body an assortment of ailments. but it was back in march when a person contacted federal authorities telling them the natural doctor offered to sell pallets to the family and minor children telling them to, quote, on screw the cap poor 2 to 4
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pellets from the cap and dump under the tongue unquote. also stating that the pilots would offer, quote, a lifelong immunity to covid-19 unquote further stating that the palace had minute amount of covid-19 disease. according to a complaint filed in court wednesday. she told the family the fda authorized vaccines contain, quote, toxic ingredients, further explaining how to fill out the vaccination cards in cement to schools or places of work at massey's home address in napa, federal agents removed several items. the federal complaint alleges massey charge. $93 for small kids. the pellets in vaccine cards with the follow-up of a $150 agents seizing financial records show 25 transactions of $7,653 each where it is noted to be covid
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related website does not specifically mention covid-19 services agents allege. she was also falsifying documents of children's immunization records for schools. she is currently in custody awaiting her first hearing facing 2 federal charges. one of wire fraud and the second of false statements relating to health care matters. theresa kron 4 news. >> you can stay up to date on the latest covid information use your smart phone and scan. this qr code on your screen. it will take you directly to our coronavirus section at kron 4 dot com. if you use neutrogena or aveeno sunscreen. you'll probably want to check the bottles. several products are being voluntarily recalled. here's a list of the items included johnson and johnson which owns both brands identified benzene in some samples of the products, although the levels were low. benzene can cause cancer with repeated exposure. if you have any of these items and you want to get a refund. just call the number there on your screen.
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>> the coronavirus pandemic worsened, the country's epidemic as deaths from overdoses increased during the national lockdown. a record number of americans died in 2020 from drug overdoses. as lockdown, restrictions and isolation made them more vulnerable to relapse is and getting treatment was difficult. new data show that those deaths jumped nearly 30% i think it's got a lot to do with the lockdown, with covid and all that stuff also allowed for a lot more international to and from as far as shipments of things and. >> health experts say another reason for the increase is d's is the addition of fentanyl to those drugs to try and make them stronger and cheaper. it. let's change gears now and talk about our weather forecast taking a live look outside tonight at the gold is at the golden gate. looks like
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looks like it wears everywhere. is everybody aware was that our i guess just can't see anything tonight. all just kind of rolling in obscurity all your views out there. but. >> we'll see those return as we head throughout the day tomorrow, but that fog is really making a run on shore right now is filled inside the bay start to make its way into some of the valley's tonight. that's what's going to camp out tonight into tomorrow morning. i think a slow burn off could lead to the coolest day of the week, which will be tomorrow. now toward sfo. you've got those clouds rolling in as well. no delays reported. sfo oakland or san jose. now today's temperatures below the average 63 degrees in san francisco. we'll get to 70 but pleasant in oakland's 80 degrees in san jose 88 right at the average in lemore 82 degrees in concord and 76 degrees in santa rosa. plenty of clouds all along the california coastline. another round of storms popping up over this year some of that monsoonal moisture and the bay area. the it was all about the low clouds and they were just swirling off the coastline throughout the day today. now rolling back on shore right now. more on the way sea
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breeze is picking up just a bit. so that's going to bring that fog. well on shore to 27 mile an hour right now into san francisco. 25 in fairfield 12 of the lely 15 out of the southwest in parts of the napa valley. so we're looking at those winds continuing tonight to drive the low clouds and fog will on shore probably all the way into the delta overnight tonight, maybe into the central valley that slowly breaking up as we head throughout the morning hours on return again by tomorrow night with a pretty significant sea breeze. so that being said, temperatures outside right now look like that. the marine influence kind of filtering well on shore. some 50's 60's out there right now. clouds will continue together throughout the night and picking up again. we're talking drizzle along the coastline. parents could be a little along the peninsula as we head toward tomorrow morning and then we'll begin to break up through the middle of the day before returning again by tomorrow night. all that being said, it looks like we've got plenty of clouds on the way for tonight and looking almost like a typical summer day, maybe a little bit more than usual. then we'll start to watch things break up a little bit. i think as we head toward tomorrow afternoon. some
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numbers. we're going to come down a bit plan on some 80's in 60's 70's around the bay. you've got some 50's and some 60's along the coastline. but change is coming up for the weekend. we'll talk about that. you're 10 to 10 if you can. all right. thank you, lawrence. well, she seems pretty happy britney spears is celebrating a successful day in court and the fight to break her conservatorship. >> she posted this video of her on horseback and doing cartwheels a judge approves the singer's request to hire her own lawyer after her court appointed attorney resign. this development comes after the singer tearfully opened up about how the case has negatively affected her life for sell sogomonian talked with an attorney who's part of the free britney movement to explain l a. >> well, ken and pam, this conservatorship lawyer tells me that this is a big win for britney spears and she will now possibly. >> have a better chance in her court battle to reclaim her independence by hiring an attorney of her choosing. she now has veteran hollywood
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attorney to the stars. mathew rosengart representing her in an earlier court hearing spears has called this conservatorship that started back in 2008 cruelty and in june said that she wants her life back just to revisit what all this means. a probate conservatorship is deemed necessary by a judge when a person can feed clothe or shelter themselves. free. britney fans have pointed out that her work ethic is perfect enough that she can do all those things but due to hippa laws. we really don't know if the pop star is diagnosed in any disability that would prevent her from properly caring for herself, her kids and her estate. but the lawyer that i spoke with believes that this type of conservatorship isn't appropriate for spears. it says that there are other less restrictive safeguards available. that could be better suited. >> any one of us having gone through what britney spears was going through in 2007 and the beginning of 2008 with respect to how she was down with us by the family law
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quick. i think most women most parents would have really emotional turmoil. she how many of us have so few of us. it really would have been able to largest state and she was 25 years old and all so somehow was clearly necessary. i think this i think this went too far. >> despite that attorney's opinion. the judge in today's court hearing once again rejected spears request that her father jamie step down as her conservator. carly. the attorney we just heard from says today is a big deal because for the first time in 13 years, britney spears has an attorney. that will be an advocate loyal only to her and she questions the motivation of the previous court appointed attorney sam you see behind me suggesting that his $10,000 per week pay out for that entire time. 13 years may have led to a longer conservatorship than was necessary. she hopes that that will now be investigated live
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in the studio. ella sogomonian kron 4 news now. let's thank you. still ahead tonight, new data out today showing just how much money you need to make. >> so live here in the bay area. we're going to show you the surprising numbers and then a small northern california town devastated by the beckwourth complex fire. what one resident found when she went back home. but first, the latest efforts in washington to end the federtl prohibition of pot and
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>> democrats in washington have unveiled a sweeping proposal to end the federal prohibition on marijuana all across the nation and create new federal rules to regulate the industry our dc correspondent alexandra limon has more. >> senate democrats say it's time to end the war on marijuana in 2000, 19 there were more marijuana arrests. then all other violent crime arrests combined. >> and the majority of those were for simple. >> possession wednesday. democratic leader chuck schumer and senators cory booker and ron wyden unveiled legislation to remove marijuana from the federal controlled substances list and give cannabis businesses access to banking and regulate and tax marijuana sales revenue generated through legalizing cannabis will go directly to support restoration of the life of those most harmed by the war
10:26 pm
on drugs as well as public health and safety outdated color. most tougher to get a job tougher to get credit tougher to live a normal life. the proposal would expunge the records of people with nonviolent marijuana convictions, allow people who are serving time to be re sentenced and provide grants to minority entrepreneurs who want to start marijuana businesses looking for otto's with smart approaches to marijuana says decriminalizing marijuana will be harmful. it's invested in by tobacco alcohol and pharma. >> the drug is much more potent and much more addictive than it's ever in washington. alexandra le mon. >> coming up here on kron, 4 news at 10 new details about a man who killed 9 people at the vta rail route railyard in san jose. and the disturbing information he passed on to authorities. plus, a man is in custody tonight for trying to inter a federal building in los angeles with guns and
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ammo. so, and we have the latest from investigators just how much does it really cost to make it here in the bay area. we'll break down the numbers stories and more coming up after the break.
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when a truck hit my car, the insurance company wasn't fair. i didn't know what my case was worth, so i called the barnes firm. i'm rich barnes. it's hard for people to know how much their accident case is worth. let our injury attorneys help you get the best result possible. welcome back. kron 4 news at 10 after the deadly mass shooting at san jose's vta railyard officials say. >> they won't be resuming rail services at the end of july as they had anticipated. they say
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they're simply not ready to allow passengers back on trains after that mass shooting in may. in fact, the vta has a six-part plan to get things back up and running it details what needs to be done before passengers can be allowed on the trains. so far, officials have found alternative work sites for employees as part of phase one. >> now in stepped to the representatives are moving equipment technology and employees to their temporary locations. local sword that. >> the employees that led to run like are accessing the kinds of resources that they need to be able to come back to work safely and with confidence. >> stages 3, 4 focus an infrastructure repairs workers returning to the office and a trial run of service without passengers. bt 18 says it aims to welcome people on the trains again in phase 5 eta representatives are reassuring people. they are working to try to restore service, but
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they want to make sure that people operating that service are confident that they can go to the office. newly obtained documents show details about sam cassidy, the man who killed 9 of his fellow vta co-workers back in may in the reed active report. there are some dark and disturbing details about information cassidy actually provided to customs agents at san francisco international airport after he came back home from a trip to the philippines. >> well, 4 michelle kingston has the full story. >> the report is from 5 years ago when mister cassidy returned from a solo 2 week trip from the philippines. he was questioned right here at sfo. but nothing agents found was ever reported to the pta or police. >> i'm concerned about the information that was not shared with local law enforcement at the time. it's a report the santa clara county district attorney requested 5 weeks ago when received just last friday, the mercury news then obtained the documents through a freedom of
10:32 pm
information act requests from the u.s. customs and border protection in the report. details about a solo trips and cassidy the man who gunned down 9 of his vta co-workers took 5 years ago to the philippines. the report says that during the baggage exam some books about terrorism and fear and manifestos were found and also a black memo book filled with lots of notes in how he hates the vta custom agents asked cassidy if he had problems at work with anyone in. he said no and that he only had these books because he was curious. >> there are also tips about going through tsa and notes on his dark thoughts about harming and vandalizing 2 specific people. the names are redacted in the report. so it's unclear if they are 2 of the 9 shooting victims. it's actually quite chilling, really this information was found. >> and this is why mr cassidy ultimately did responsibility for this horrible mass shooting. mister cassidy's. but as a district attorney,
10:33 pm
i'm determined to do everything i can to make sure you are that there's not another mass shooting like this and that means information sharing between federal law enforcement and local law enforcement. the border to focus more on why cassidy travel to the philippines than the actual notes. they found about the vta they did note that is writing was very strange during the baggage exam. they found condoms, lubricants and a how to guide on how and where to find prostitutes in hotels that were friendly. he had a list of priorities for stripped brandon his memo book. one of those priorities was to die there. the santa clara county district attorney plans to meet with federal and local law enforcement in the next few weeks to talk about what they will do to make sure information like this. >> is shared with local agencies in the future. are there other samuel cassidy's out there. >> that you haven't shared with local law enforcement. if there are please share that with us immediately so that we
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can take appropriate actions appropriate interventions to make sure that there's not another mass shooting. michelle kingston, kron 4 news. >> a scary situation in downtown los angeles today is a heavily armed man wearing body armor was arrested before trying to enter the edward our roy bow federal building in downtown la the man was stopped in his truck taken into custody as he tried to enter the parking lot. a security guard working at the building spotted a gun in the man's vehicle as he pulled into the parking lot after searching the vehicle. they say they found other loaded firearms and knives. the man would not say why he was doing this or what he might have done had he gotten inside the building. back here in the bay area a national gun rights group is fighting san jose's attempt to require an annual gun fee and gun liability insurance. the national foundation for gun rights sent a cease and desist letter to mayor sam liccardo and the
10:35 pm
city council saying the requirements violate the second amendment. a spokesperson for the group says, quote, a right that you have to pay a tax to exercise is not right at all. you would not dream of imposing a tax to attend a church or read a newspaper which are protected by the first amendment, end quote. merrill carlos office says the city will move forward with its plans despite the letter city council is expected to vote on the changes in september. >> if you are driving in marin county today. you may have seen some smoke and there there was a vegetation fire in west to moran. but firefighters stop is forward progress. and this is a live look at the obviously is so dark. can't those fog. of course, help tamp down any signs of a flames in the area. they are calling that the bill see any fire burn. 33 acres is 60% contained ways battle in a row between the casio valley road and the bottle boulevard closed for a time. the cause under investigation. new
10:36 pm
tonight at 10 crews have mostly put out this fire that was burning beneath interstate 8.80, in west oakland. this is video from the citizen app. the brush fire was burning along a road in the press cut neighborhood. crews are continuing to put water on hot spots there to prevent them from reigniting. so far no word on the cause of this fire right now. kron 4 dot com. we have tips and information for fire season just scan. the qr code there on your screen. with your mobile device and it will take you. >> right to that page down to the 4 zone forecast. see how dark it is. ok city. we can see something that looks that does look familiar. and as you can see, pretty clearly to lawrence is a to a lot of clouds rolling in the right now. and of course, that's some great news. to hold down fire dangers looks like that cloud deck is going make its way well, on shore already inside the bay. now and more of that to come with some drizzle along the coastline. so we've got a heavy serving the fog coming our way tonight and early tomorrow morning. i
10:37 pm
think tomorrow going to probably be the coolest day of the week. and then we'll watch temperatures begin to warm up a bit. but. san francisco. you see the clouds moving in overhead as we speak. the temperatures kind of reflecting all that marine air moving on shore. you see a lot of 50's out there right now. 60's in concord in morning antioch, but otherwise temperatures staying fairly cool. now laura is forecast gets very interesting. got the cloud deck out there now. i think we see a little less cloud cover as we get the weekend, although likely going to continue to see some fog along the coastline will be a right throughout the weekend. not really going to get an offshore wind. so a cool temperatures out toward the beaches start to warm up a little bit inland. then as we get to monday, lou, that's we're look lousy starts come up from the south. that's what happens as high pressure begins to build back of the desert southwest some of that monsoonal moisture kind of wraps around that ridge rolled back into california likely going to see more thunderstorms popping up over the sierra nevada. we'll have to watch for the chance of more wildfires getting started in the thunderstorms as well. and that's going to kind of play out. i think a lot of part of the week, too. so maybe it's a muggy conditions here in the bay area as we get in the beginning of this next
10:38 pm
week as we start to see that monsoon begin to kick in and going to be more common as we get toward lot apart of the summer months. temperatures around the bay area. for tomorrow. we're enjoying a lot of sunshine after some morning fog inside the bay. lot of 60's to mid 70's in the santa clara valley 50's with that fog along the coastline. i think we're looking very comfortable in many spots inland. some low 80's, i think of the warmer spots and it's pretty nice for this time of year. little bit below the average but not bad. we warm back up starting on friday, saturday and sunday. look. well, almost going to see a lot of sunshine coming our way. then we start to talk some muggy conditions on monday with some of that subtropical moisture coming in and that's always an issue at this time of year. you know, it's kind of strange. you think of low pressure bringing you the chance of rain and showers and thunderstorms. this is actually moisture. the gets caught up ridge of high pressure called monsoonal moisture coming up out of the deserts of arizona and sometimes that sparked those thunderstorms okay. we don't want all right. thank you. on and as the nation continues to
10:39 pm
reopen from the pandemic. you have likely notice the price of just about everything just keeps going up and it really is. yeah. kron. 4 grant lodes joins us now live in the studio to explain why all of this is happening and when hopefully sooner than later, things will finally level off. yeah. you notice it at the gas pump. certainly definitely. if you don't have one of those and if you look at used car prices recently there and say, yeah, if you think about selling a used car. now is the time because it boy, people are low pay. >> and nationwide. we're actually seeing the biggest jump in consumer prices right now. since 2008 and that is a result of several factors. it includes a population out there. people want to b%y things and go places after the the lockdown and people have their stimulus checks. there's also a supply chain issue the supply chain being handcuffs because of a struggle to hire workers and these high prices for raw good. its people are
10:40 pm
building overall goodes nationwide are almost 5 and a half percent more expensive these days and and some things like i said, are really crazy used car and truck prices have gone up by more than 45%. while new car prices are up. but about 5%. you see there's a shortage in computer chips. we've been reporting on it. new cars need those chips, which means car companies are just not able to produce an of vehicles these days to keep up with them. and so more people are turning to use vehicles including rental car companies are trying to buy up used cars to quickly replenish their fleets after they had to sell off a lot of their cars early in the pandemic to get that money to stay afloat. but even if you do find the you're able to afford and find a new car filling it up with gas. that will cost you 45% more. then in recent years, experts, though, are confident that prices will start to even out
10:41 pm
and even drop in coming months. prices are higher. now than they were last year because americans are finally able to travel. i just thought that context was important come this time next year. >> that will have dissipated back to the normal amount to some of them and that we're used to seeing. >> and here in the bay area. we have seen almost everything spike to, for example, over the last 2 months. the cost of meat poultry fish eggs has jumped more than 6%. the reason increased demand limited supply once again. but even if the demand is tempered and the supply catches up some economists believe the government must wind down its spending to help curb these higher prices. >> people were able to save quite a bit during the pandemic because they simply weren't able to spend the money out at restaurants and shops the way we normally do. however, if we allow inflation
10:42 pm
to continue its going to pull away at that and make the money that people have accumulated less and less valuable over time. >> economics. one. oh, one. the one way to curb inflation is through her raising interest rates. but at this point, the fed has indicated it has no concrete plans to do that, at least in the short term. and then there's the biggest expense of the mall here in the bay area. housing right, which how much you really need to make to comfortably afford housing in the bay. well, the national low income housing coalition just released this new report that shows what people need to make annually to get a place in san francisco renting a one-bedroom apartment by yourself requires a 6 figure salary, almost a 117 $1000. you would need to make to get a one-bedroom broken down into an hour or wage talking more than 56 bucks an hour to have a one-bedroom by yourself and anybody who's making minimum wage in the city. $14 an hour can comfortably afford. a
10:43 pm
one-bedroom the cost 728 bucks. good luck finding that the minimum wage worker would need to put in the 161 hours of work a week to afford what a one-bedroom place actually costs. so to no one's surprise, san francisco is california's most expensive place for housing that's followed by the san jose market. santa cruz area and then the oakland fremont east bay area, ken and pam, think you can rent a room for $728. thank you. grant. >> the south san francisco city council has approved to guaranteed income program. a 135 eligible families will get a $100 a month for a year. here's where applicants will be prioritized foster youth transitioning out of care single heads of households families with children under 18 living with them and those living in the city's lowest income areas of more than a
10:44 pm
135 people apply. then the recipients will be selected through a lottery system. the program will be funded through the american rescue plan. it's expected to launch in mid october. >> next up in sports. kylen mills has details and reaction on the disturbing incident that led to the arrest of former forty-niners richard
10:45 pm
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>> tonight we're learning more about the surprising arrest of nfl star and stanford alum richard sherman sherman who's a free agent most recently played for the forty-niners. the complex series of events started around 1 o'clock this morning in washington state patrol said they were called about an suv that crashed into an active construction zone in redmond that suv which is registered to sherman hit a cement barrier and was disabled. the driver got out and ran away. and construction workers president identified sherman as the driver police believe he was driving impaired around one 40 this morning, sherman's wife called 911. from her parents home in redmond. she explained to the dispatcher that sherman was drunk and threatening to hurt himself. here's a clip from that phone call provided to us by tmz sports. we want to warn you, it is disturbing. >> he's trying to leave now and how it could be a growth of you directly with my uncle. he threatened to kill him. go.
10:48 pm
and you think that if the police are look, that please don't shoot is what i'm asking. he's pulling out now he's trying to because stop. >> you can hear the fear in her voice. tough to listen to when police arrived, they found sherman trying to forcibly enter his in-laws home. well, police say he didn't physically hurt. anyone. sherman was arrested on a domestic burglary charge because of his relationship with the people inside the home. officers said that he also resisted arrest. they had to use a canine unit to subdue him. he was booked into jail a few hours later sherman is a father of 2. he started his own nonprofit. he's vice president of the nfl players association just not someone people expected this from especially members of the media, even others in the nfl. but it goes to show you never know what's going on behind closed doors. i got some insight from our nfl insider sports illustrated forty-niners writer grant cohn. here's what he had to say.
10:49 pm
>> the fact that you see him on on the field. you see him in a press conference. you feel like, you know, you don't you don't have any sense of their character. you have a good sense of their image and this could have been brewing in richard sherman for a long time. it seems to me what's going on here is a mental health crisis with richard sherman. it seems to me that keep well based on the facts of the case. he was suicidal and that's very scary could have hurt itself in a lot of people and frankly, it's teams. fortunate that he's alive right now. so that's what i guess i'm i'm. it's so sad that he he had all this going on underneath and no one knew it. i guess that's the major take away that he's been struggling unknown. >> if you or anyone you know, is struggling with thoughts of suicide or self-harm. please call the national suicide prevention lifeline at 1 800, 2, 7, 3, 82 55. all right.
10:50 pm
switching gears to some basketball sons bucks game 4 of the nba finals box looking to even the series at 2 late in the 4th milwaukee up by 2 devin booker. >> pulls up here banks it in. 42 points for booker. an impressive performance from him. closing moments of the game bucks still with the leader rare turnover by chris paul in transition. now khris middleton lays it in the crowd loving it. they are going nuts middleton with 40 points of his own and that would ultimately be the dagger fox win one o 9 one. '03. the series is all tied up at 2 apiece game 5 back in phoenix on saturday. the oakland roots soccer club dealing with the covid-19 outbreak which is forcing the team to postpone its next 2 home games. they were supposed to play today and sunday. but after multiple members of the team tested positive. the games have been moved to august and september the route haven't disclosed which members of the team organization tested positive. but it could be players
10:51 pm
coaches or members of their technical staff either way, it's the latest blow to a team that's had a series of challenges to start the season. the roots played the first 2 months of their schedule on the road only to have their first home game at laney college moved to turf issues. the routes are currently in last place in their division. that does it for sports kron 4 news. we'll be right back.
10:52 pm
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>> well, there's a new ice cream flavor free to try out from crafton van leeuwen ice cream. it's a limited time macaroni and cheese ice cream. the l a based ice cream spot posted the news of the new flavor online this morning and they are completely sold out in just a matter of hours. our sister station ktla talked to some of the lucky people got a scoop and the results were mixed. and we didn't get to hear from him. but. they were mixed if tacos are more your thing. well, the mccormick spice company has announced it wants to hire a taco zoo are the job pays a $100,000. the new tacos ares daily responsibilities include keeping up to date on taco trends. trolling tiktok developing content for taco tuesday. social media series and of course, a lot of taste test to encourage taco lovers to crave the latest creations. the position last 4 months and
10:55 pm
would work out to about 20 hours a week. you can find an application on our website. kron 4 dot com. >> a driver in england shows off well perseverance and bad parking skills. a driver was caught on camera trying to back into a spot at an apartment parking lot. residents watched in awe as it took more than 8 minutes for the car to finally park safely in between the lines of a designated spot. that person has since been dubbed britain's worst parker. that's after this video was posted online. well. and you remember this guy back in april, a life-sized teddy bear made headlines when he embarked on a 2 week track walking from los angeles to san francisco will. now jesse larios also known as their son is walking from los angeles to new york to raise money for several charities, including autism society for america started his cross country still last monday and recently arrived in the high desert as he did on
10:56 pm
his san says keeping their sons, instagram and twitter followers in the loop posted frequent updates about this new journey having a conversation with the chp there by the mid 2030's every us coastline will likely experience. >> increasing high-tide floods. that's according to a new study published in the journal nature, climate change. they found that the moon's lunar cycle will amplify rising sea levels caused by climate change. researchers anticipate some coastal cities will see floods every day or 2 or clusters of flooding lasting a month or more experts say a wobble in the moon's orbit will affect its gravitational pull which is the main driver of earth's tides. therefore higher seas. plus that amplified lunar cycle could result in increased flood numbers across us coastlines. funny. they give back. but i think that's fascinating. we'll have to see if that actually really guys.
10:57 pm
we've got some fog out there right now. the fog release the surging on shore. >> moving up against the east bay or that on the way for tonight is that fog go to kind of settle in air quality. hey, it's looking good to get a sea breeze like this. it looks fantastic outside for tomorrow. temperatures going down just a little bit. so plan on some 80's inland. those temperatures along the coastline. 50's and some 60's. your 1010, warmer weather on the way begins this weekend. though temperatures may be topping out in the 90's on monday and tuesday. i thank you, lawrence. thank you for being with us tonight. have a good night. we'll see you tomorrow.
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♪ ♪ >> cruise ship meltdown. physically removed from the ship because she tested positive for covid. >> don't take me out yet! >> i felt like i was in like a stephen king movie. >> then, what was she thinking? >> will dressing up as a maid hurt britney spears' chances in court today? free brittany. >> radio stations have absolutely rallied behind her. >> plus, humiliated on a plane over a dirty diaper? >> they threatened to put her on the no-fly list. >> then, invasion of the


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