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tv   KRON 4 News at 630pm  KRON  July 14, 2021 6:30pm-7:01pm PDT

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state rent relief standing up for the program. governor gavin newsome says some don't believe israel. california is working to send out 5.2 billion dollars in rental assistance and another 2 billion dollars to help with utilities eligible tenants can get 100% of their back in future rent through september paid off. regardless of immigration status. officials said as of wednesday, the program has received 1 billion dollars worth of requests. and so it is our goal everyone that assistance submits an application. now a criticism of the state's rent relief program in the past is that it's been too slow to distribute dollars. governor newsom's administration launched housing is key dot com to help shorten and simplify the application process approved applicants at wednesday's event who applied june 30th told the governor the money had not yet been the goal that we have is to be able from the moment at the application is as submitted and reviewed to be able to disperse dollars within 30 days. the state's pandemic related eviction ban for those who struggle to pay rent
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expires, september 30th. but the likely to move beyond that. >> diminishes everyday particular is the economy comes roaring back as it has in the state but not for everybody. >> landlord groups like the california apartment association called the governor's comments encouraging the group releasing a statement saying in part the days of forcing property owners to provide housing without compensation must come to a close. in sacramento. ashley zavala kron 4 news. >> the upcoming recall election for governor newsome. is this september but not everyone realizes there's also a lot of other recall efforts going on all over the country. kron four's catherine heenan joins us live and talk to a recall expert today to get some perspective on all of this effort. >> yeah. by one estimate ken and pam. there are at least 164 significant, major recall efforts across the country right now. partly fueled by the pandemic, for example, frustration over school closures, not surprisingly. meantime, i talked to a recall analyst and blogger today he
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says california's recall success rate tends to beat every other state. >> close 3 quarters of them. if they get on the ballot result in removal or resignation. so recalls really work well, especially in california. they work well, everywhere about 60% in removal and another 6% result in resignation throughout the country. over the last 10 years. so recalls really are good or good weapon. the big problem is getting to the ballot. most of the time they fail to do that. you take out the missions and you can't get enough signatures. but in california or you're saying of a recall effort makes the ballot. >> 3 quarters are successful. i'm that that's high. yes. yes, it that is higher than most states of perhaps higher than any state thought. >> that's that's just how it is. california is a regular user of recalls.
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>> for the record, the he says he does believe governor newsome is in the clear as he puts it, assuming his polls remain stable and he gets his support rs to turn out for the vote. pam. >> catherine, thank you. more cutbacks on water, tri valley, water customers are being asked to conserve even more water because of the drought instead of a 10% voluntary cut back. people are now being asked to cut back water use by 15%. this request applies to water customers in pleasanton dublin, san ramon and livermore water officials say the best way to conserve is to limit watering your lawn and only water the lawn at night and in the early morning hours. let's take a live look outside now west. we get ready for our 4 zone forecast is our camera atop mount tam opi us. and you can see that layer of fog covering yeah, but this time we can actually see parts of the bay and some of the land, a lone senator just clouds or so. it's breaking up a little bit from last. yes,
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also running a bit higher, too. and that's going allow it to flow further and further on shore. so that's some good news. we're going to see that fog. >> overnight again tonight. probably going to see the coolest day of the week tomorrow. and then we'll see. we'll start to warm up into the weekend with the good news also is we're not expecting a major heat wave. just the temperatures going to be a little bit. warmer may be right about average over the weekend that fog selling along the coastline for tonight and again, that trough of low pressure kind of carving out along the west coast as that big dome of high pressure has moved further to the east and that's allowing for more of that on shore. push of low clouds and the fog so temperatures, much more reasonable across a good part of california tomorrow. only 83 degrees in sacramento. 87 in modesto. you can tell where that cool marine air has started to work its way inland. and that ridge of high pressure has moved out of the way. 99 in bakersfield 103 in barstow, but also usually pretty hot barstow at this time of year. cloud deck, though, rolling well, on shore again overnight tonight pushing to the golden gate bridge and want to move. well inland little swirl along the coastline. that's what coastal eddie just kind of swirling out there right now. but read
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a lot on shore. bringing more clouds and maybe drizzle out toward the coastline. the winds. yeah, kind of picking up out there to 24 miles an hour into fairfield temperature wise. a nice evening into san jose 73 degrees. there. 70 about a 65 degrees come with some partly cloudy skies 68 in the napa valley 74 and on 66 right now in petaluma. i think we're looking at some great weather as we get in toward the weekend as high pressure going to build in and the temperatures should warm up just enough. still going to some fog along the coastline tomorrow running a little bit cool and spots 50's 60's. co side. so some nice warm, 80's inland next couple days. we'll warming up to the weekend. maybe we get some low 90's by monday and tuesday of next week. thank you. know, it's money from the child tax credits will soon hit parents bank accounts. >> the payments are supposed to last the rest of the year. there's a new push, though, by some lawmakers could make them permanent. plus, democrats and president biden meeting today behind closed doors. how they are shaping the american
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rescue plan's framework tonight and in sports said we have new information on the arrest of former san francisco 49 er defensive back richard sherman kylen mills has some disturbing details coming up.
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>> child tax credit set to start hitting parents, bank accounts tomorrow and now a group of democratic lawmakers wants to make those payments
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permanent for the rest of the year. parents of children under the age of 6 are eligible for $300 monthly payments. it is $250. if the child is 6 to 18. the payments will only go out through the end of this year. but some senate democrats such as ohio senator sherrod brown fighting to make sure that families keep getting that money. >> so families can make these plans long-term and we can provide the kind of opportunity that families deserve in this country. >> senate democrats are working on a more than 3 trillion dollar bill that would make those child tax credits permanent. but some republicans say while they do support the current payments. they do not think those should continue beyond this year. also on capitol hill. president biden attended a special meeting with democrats this afternoon, too push forward. that new 3.5 trillion dollars spending plan. the plan targets money to family program such as child cared paid leave and makes community college and preschool free. it
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will need the support of every single senate democrat to pass one middle class people to be able to stay in the middle class and breathe easier in the middle carol. >> they ask what fair families that make less than $1000 family farms and small businesses are protected from any tax increase. >> democratic senators say they're confident the bill will be fully funded and includes a tax hike on corporations and wealthy americans. but some senate republicans say the massive spending could sink a bipartisan deal on traditional infrastructure. >> coming up next, a small northern california town completely devastated by the best 4th complex fire. what one resident found when she went back home.
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layered with tender seasoned steak, sautéed mushrooms, roasted red peppers, and smothered with melty american cheese. the new cheese steak melt, now at togo's. >> now to our wildfire coverage tonight. if you're driving marin county today, you might have seen some smoke. firefighters have stopped the forward progress of this vegetation fire in west marin. they're calling it the don't see any fire at last check. it burned 35 acres was 60% containment. that's near a lake. the cos e o point raise paddle in a row between the valley road and the bottle boulevard is closed. the cause of this fire is still under investigation in butte county. cal fire crews are battling what's called the dixie fire. the dixie fire sparks last night and has already grown to 1200 acres. it is 0% contained tonight. >> yesterday an aircraft was forced to land believe this
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because of a drone that was flying over the area. so i mean, the drone hindering the effort to knock down the fire. how horrible is that? the dixie fire burning in the gap area butte county that's near highway 70. this is northwest of the town of paradise, paradise. you'll recall was devastated by the camp fire that was back in 2000, 18. the fire is burning in a canyon. cal fire says that makes it difficult to get ground resources in to fight the blaze and now a live look at the back with fire. that is the state's largest wildfire so far this year can only see some smoke and this is burning in both last and then plumas counties, of course, has been a problem because has so been so dry for so long. it is a combined pair of lightning ignited blazes near the nevada state line damage was still being tallied in the small rural community of door, though. doyle where flames swept in over the weekend and destroyed several homes, including heavily how the shows.
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>> i'm 79. what chance do i have to build and out. you know, they have another i'm totally loss. and no, i didn't. this rule that every detail. because i'm not a rich person again, just buy boom right there. i had insurance. they haven't heard them yet. the but then in that. >> overall, about 3,000 people living in rural northern california's lassen into miss counties remain evacuated as crews work to contain the remote lightning ignited a wildfire. >> in all, more than a dozen major wildfires are currently burning in california. the beckworth complex fire now covers more than 95,000 acres. the fire has burned 2 dozen homes. it is 71% contained. the river fire in the sierra long mariposa and madera counties has charred at least
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9500 acres at last check. it was 21% contained in all, there are almost 60 wildfires burning in about a dozen other western states. the largest wildfire in the country right now is burning in oregon. it's the bootleg fire in klamath county that is spread beyond 200,000 acres. >> well, we're going to take another look at our 4 zone forecast. a live look out at the golden gate bridge. when you talk about all those fires makes us happy to see that fog rolling in over the golden gate. yeah, but that's not the story everywhere. chief meteorologist lawrence karnow here with what to expect it is cooler out there in the rest of california for the most part, right. yeah. the fog helps us out. there's no getting around that. but to you get other parts of the country, other states and they're not getting help. >> of that fog. so the fires are concerned now that smoke. continues to spread its a spreading mainly to the east. we've got more of a westerly wind right now. here's latest smoke near susanville. watch the smoke here begin to make its way again a ca lovelock
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there. and that's not the only fire. that's all that smoke spreading by tomorrow afternoon into thursday. but a little further to the north. you combine that with the other fires in oregon. and look at all that smoke making its way across idaho and parts of montana spreading across the western half of the united states. and that's where we sit right now. unfortunately, as we've got got drought conditions not only in california along the western half the united states. so looking at severe drought conditions. so that's something to watch out for. but here locally. we're going to be talking about low clouds and fog cool temperatures coast side. even some drizzle out toward the beaches about 58 degrees in pacific with som drizzle there in the morning as you just inside the bay. you'll see some warmer weather and a little more sunshine to 66 in san carlos 67 in woodside about 77 and sunny in cupertino in the afternoon. warm temperatures inland, but certainly not hog. these numbers running below the average. maybe some low 80's the warmer spots inland tomorrow about 81 in danville but 81 abroad. what in discovery bay. 78 comfortable 71 of the napa valley. nice day to visit there. 74 degrees
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and sarah fell and 74 in petaluma next couple days highpressure kind of takes a break for tomorrow as we've got a trough moving in along the coast. that's going to bring with it more low clouds and some fog, a slower burn off so cooler temperatures tomorrow. double warm back up to right about average on friday, maybe slightly above average as we head in towards saturday and sunday, then we start to talk about some low 90's by next monday. but up next monday, a little monsoonal moisture comes to the state that could spark a few lightning storms. the possibility more fires. >> and now kron 4 sports. >> we have been following a tragic story unfolding throughout the day surrounding nfl star richard sherman sherman who's a free agent. most recently played for the forty-niners. the stanford graduate and 5 time pro bowler was arrested early this morning following a complex series of events. it started around 01:00am in washington state patrol said they were called about an suv that crashed into an active construction zone in redmond.
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the suv hit a cement barrier and was disabled. the driver then got out and ran away that suv is registered to richard sherman and construction workers present identified him as the driver police suspect. he was driving impaired. then around one 40 this morning, sherman's wife called 911, from her parents home in redmond, the audio from those calls is upsetting to say the least. she explained to the dispatcher that sherman was drunk behaving aggressively and threatening to kill himself when police arrived, they found sherman trying to forcibly enter his in-laws home. and while police say he didn't physically harm anyone sherman was charged with domestic burglary due to his relationship with the people inside the home. officers said that sherman was initial initially amicable with them. but once he was told he was under arrest. he resisted and they had to use a canine to subdue him. he was later booked into jail. now sherman is a vice president of the nfl players association which released a statement saying we have activated our domestic
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violence crisis protocol for the protection in support of everyone involved. >> they didn't mention sherman by name sherman is a father. he started his own nonprofit and he's never made headlines for anything like this. so this came as a surprise to many people i talked with our nfl insider sports illustrated forty-niners writer grant cohn who says it's clear sherman is having a mental health crisis. >> really, it seemed like he was trying to take his own life in 3 different ways. last night and what a tragedy that he got that close to pulling it off. and i hope that i mean, think about like, oh, man. he can. you know, what about his career playing or what about career in media. what about his life? i'm just glad he's alive. that was not a given that he'd be alive today maybe it's a good thing that he can put the. the career on hold for a little bit. >> if you or anyone you know, is struggling with thoughts of suicide or self-harm please call the national suicide prevention hotline at 1, 8, 100, 2, 7, 3, 8255. some other
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heavy sports news tonight. the administrative leave for pitcher trevor bauer has been extended to july 27th major league baseball. the pasadena police department are both investigating accusations that our sexually assaulted and injured a woman last year leaving her hospitalized. the woman also was granted a domestic violence restraining order against the dodgers ace. this is the 3rd time's hours. leave has been extended. he is being paid while he's on leave a hearing revolving. the restraining order set for july. 23rd in la county courtroom to the wnba all-star game team usa taking on the wnba all-star. so let's take a look at the action. the 4th quarter wnba a this was an exciting game. get on to bali hits the 3 in the fall for the 4 point play. she led with 26 points. closing moments of the game wnba starting to pull away courtney williams, a nice floater. that would be the dagger 15 points for williams
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wnba. winds. 9385 and the 2020 21 all-star mvp. that woman you just saw team usa will face australia on friday and the oakland road soccer club is dealing with the covid-19 outbreak forcing the team to postpone its next 2 home games. they were supposed to play today and sunday. but after multiple members of the team tested positive. the games have been moved to august and september the route haven't disclosed which personnel tested positive, but it could be players coaches or members of their technical staff either way, it's the latest blow to a team that had some challenges to start the season already the roots played the first 2 months of their schedule on the road only to have their first home game at laney college move due to turf issues. the roots are currently in last place in the dovish. richards sermon. this. i know it's not such a such a heavy sports. stay you guys. it's awful to hear about something like that. i know something grant brought up whenever you hear about a player who who's dealing with these types of mental health
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issues of cte. is that something that we start to talk about in the conversation. just overall. when you look at naomi osaka and you know, there's a lot more talk about mental health in sports now we never used to talk about. yeah. yeah. so i think that's one of the good things is people at least now talking about it. but hopefully he can. >> you know, recover like grant said focus on just his life and his health and of course, we wish we think a big celebrity who makes a lot of money. they got it made. they have no worries. that's not the absolutely. you never know what can be going on behind the scenes in his fans. we feel like we know these players, but they have a whole nother life outside of the game and that's something that i think we all can keep in perspective different kinds of pressure that we don't know about absolutely. than
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tell your doctor about an infection or symptoms, if your inflammatory bowel disease symptoms develop or worsen, or if you've had a vaccine or plan to. serious allergic reactions may occur. learn more at >> we have a full hour ahead on our streaming news app kron on that wraps up kron 4 news at 6. we will be back tonight at 8 o'clock. we hope see you then. have a nice evening, everybody.
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talk to your child's doctor ♪ ♪ >> cruise ship meltdown. physically removed from the ship because she tested positive for covid. >> don't take me out yet! >> i felt like i was in like a stephen king movie. >> then, what was she thinking? >> will dressing up as a maid hurt britney spears' chances in court today? free brittany. >> radio stations have absolutely rallied behind her. >> plus, humiliated on a plane over a dirty diaper? >> they threatened to put her on the no-fly list. >> then, invasion of the mon


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