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tv   KRON 4 News at 4am  KRON  July 13, 2021 4:00am-4:31am PDT

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>> from the area's local news station. you're watching the kron 00:00am morning news, 4. >> well, good morning and thanks for joining us for the kron 00:00am morning news. it's tuesday. can't believe it taco tuesday. here we are july 13th. i'm reyna harvey. first we have to start this morning with a check of weather with john because been in a heat wave the past couple of days and we stay in their gianna. we our way definitely out of it at this point. but yes, that heat wave the past few days, especially over the weekend was something that. >> we all wanted to ensure way out of eventually. that's for sure. we were looking at 90's in triple digits across inland, portions of the bay
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area yesterday we saw ourselves moving out of that. and today really going to be a nice cool down for us. so a nice change of pace for those of us that just worked to fund to those triple digits, which i don't imagine we're very many of us looking outside this morning. at a court toy at coit tower. cam. you can see it's all lit up. nice and or the low gray. that is really shrouding the bay area this morning. good news is that visibility for most areas is ok, it's just a cool and brisk starts. you absolutely need the jacket as you're getting out there for coastal areas. you want the jacket all day long today while elsewhere, you'll be able to get away without it is the sunshine does eventually come back out. radar does show dry skies aside from those low great conditions and some drizzle that is being seen near the coastline and up into the hills of the east north bay, too. the high pressure ridge that brought us that heat wave that rain was talking about has gradually slid that just a bit further eastward. and we do have that window open for cool marine air to slip back into the bay area that will continue today.
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all our wind coming in from the coast. that is going to dry in this cool ocean air on into the delta and in the process of doing so really cool down our inland valleys too. one of the reasons that daytime highs are so much noticeably cooler than they had been. now 50's and 60's will be the norm right along the coastline. it will be 60's and 70's for bayside cities. mostly 80's inland with just one 90 on the map. that's for you in antioch concord. you'll be a 82 while fremont at 74 areas like oakland and hayward only in the 60's today. a look ahead in our next 7 days does show temperatures even cooler come wednesday thursday and friday. we start to see a little bit of a warm-up into the weekend and that sets us up for a hot start to next week. but still no major heat waves in this forecast. serena all in all, things looking pretty good. a forecast of the >> john, thank you for comfortable forecast for you. well, as you're heading out, hit the roads this morning. we're getting a look at your traffic. if you're heading from the east bay into the city this morning to that fremont street exit a little
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under 11 minutes for your drive time there. let's also head over look at the san mateo bridge right now. little under 10 minutes for your drive times you're heading across towards the peninsula. i'm not seeing any major hot spots on the map at this hour. but again, we'll leave you with a look at the golden gate bridge traveling into the city. about 20 minutes looks pretty clear. not seeing any major fog to slow you down. we'll have more on your commute throughout the morning. but for now, let's get back to the news. a big story this morning san jose police are investigating the director of education at a nonprofit museum in san mateo after he was allegedly caught trying to meet up with a minor 53 year-old call osterman was confronted on july 6, one he showed about a grocery store in san jose to meet up with someone he thought was 14 years old, was all caught on video can force tel aviv's aqi has those details for us. the suspect's car man has worked here with children. >> a curious to see since the
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early 2 thousands, the museum and zoo recently put out a statement on social media saying one of its employees, presumably to has been placed on administrative leave. >> what are you doing here tonight. i hear you're to meet someone. 4th. we will, he said he was a 1414. you see the problem what's the problem there under age. >> in a full and video recently posted online. 53 year-old carl loose, women of san jose admits to wrongdoing. but a california group that goes by. i c c unit caught him all planning to meet up with a 14 year-old boy instead of meeting the minor human, a man who goes by ghost with the cc unit. ghost is the one behind the camera in this video. the cc unit has been posing as minors on line since 2018 to catch predators and then videotaped the adults who show up the decor told him that he
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that he was 14. >> he was fine with th made sure that it wasn't a cop. >> and then all he asked really graphic stuff and he said that he's willing to meet him at a grocery store like some type of store and then they are using a plan on taking the kid up, bringing him back to this place. didn't some graphics up to and instead of running into the kids here. and it's me. >> he said, coddling you even said separately but before the video was posted stream in was listed as the director of education since 2000, curie on a c. >> a museum and zoo in san mateo. his information has since been taken down and carry on as he issued this statement on social media on friday. it says in part, quote, we have recently been made aware of a concern about one of our employees that was raised by someone not connected to our organization. this concerns regarding certain behavior of one of our employees at a local
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department store. we have placed the employee on administrative leave while we conduct an internal investigation apparently and also let educational camping ships with children whose sermons been highlighted on other websites like community resources for science which works with elementary and middle school children. you work with kids right. yeah. you work with kids. >> you think that's appropriate for what you're doing here tonight. now that i said i think this is wrong. absolutely wrong. right. >> other videos and cases posted by the cc unit arrests have been made on the spot. however, looser man is seen walking away and then driving off at the end of this video. san jose police say they're investigating this case with and however, they haven't arrested him at this point. the cc unit hopes that any potential victims come forward to police in san mateo, taylor bisacky kron 4 news. >> redwood city police arrested a man at sfo who they say was trying to leave the country with an under-age girl. he's accused of having with 36 year-old dylan ramos
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was arrested on june 15. he posted bail for days later and was ordered to have no contact with the victim. however ramos and the victim were both spotted last weekend stops for trying to board a flight to amsterdam ramos was arrested again and is currently being held on 5 million dollars bail. and the south bay a doctor is jail on a battery charge. sunnyvale police say tot now made several advances towards a woman who visited him last year for treatment at sutter health in mountain view. yeah, was working there as an urgent care doctor at the time. police say on 3 separate occasions now forced himself on the victim by pushing her down. straddling her and forcibly kissing her on the lips. investigators are concerned that there may be more victims out there. we now have new video of the search for a missing hiker in the east bay is now been more than 2 days since phillip craig shake her craig chick. first
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disappear. this is video from the alameda county sheriff's office is shows the aircraft being used at this very hour to search for the 37 year-old search crews say he went on a run in the hills of pleasanton saturday morning. but his wife contacted police when he never came home crying for us. theresa brings us the latest on that search. >> all focused on one goal finding the missing runner crews from 13 different state and local agencies gathered in pleasanton to get pertinent information on where to search then spanning out tackling the growing effort to locate phillip craig, check with night coming. a new tactic to thankfully our partners with alameda county sheriff's department is going to be deploying their fixed wing aircraft which is equipped with fleur our forward-looking infrared technology which can see see heat signatures at night. >> and so they can deploy that and continue to search throughout the night once benefit at night just because the infrared, because during
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the day when imagine the technology doesn't work very well right yet ambient temperatures which go down during the during the night and then obviously if you have a body you 90 degrees or more. so you'll see that heat signature a lot easier along with other animals and everything else out there so we can get a better idea maybe there's someone down in the shaded area or something like that. >> avid runner and part of a running club. authorities say that he came out here saturday parked his car at the mueller trailhead in pleasanton for an hours long run. his wife called authorities when he didn't show up back home at 02:00pm, as you may recall, it was a scorcher saturday. temperatures around a 103 degrees. authorities feel it is possible craig chick may have slipped may have hit. his head may have had heat stroke may have possibly fell into a ravine constant contact with the family of an officer lee is officer who's been a lot of time with them and trying to assist them. and also try to get information about, you know, what he was wearing and all the other stuff that goes along with this type investigation. so, yes, we've been in contact them.
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>> i think doing okay. you know, they're hanging in there. there are remaining optimistic they see operation that we have out here we've got taking them out to the area as well. so that, you know, that they they are remaining optimistic just as we are. >> theresa kron 4 news. san francisco's mayor london breed and police chief bill scott held a news conference to show the latest crime stats. they say this information paints a very different picture of what the city looks like than what is reflected in maybe some viral videos. you seem suggest that crime is out of control while burglaries are up. thefts and robberies are actually on the decline car break-ins have started taking upwards from last year but are down from the 2017 high point in terms of violent crimes rates are down. homicides and aggravated assaults are taking upwards gun violence has more than doubled since last year. what's not going viral what's not being brought to the forefront is the fact that in almost every single instance.
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>> our police department have arrested many of the people in these particular crime. there's no statistic for brazenness. >> you know what we see on some of these just brazen heinous crimes in. there's no statistic for what that does to. >> outlook on how we perceive what's happening in our city. >> the mayor says she's investing 65 million dollars of the budget to help prevent crimes from happening in the first place. that includes money for the street. crisis response team to deal with people who are mentally disturbed and 4 street violence prevention. breaking overnight. governor newsome has signed the state's 100 billion dollars state budget. some of the highlights of the budget includes stimulus checks for nearly 2 of every 3 californians who receive a stimulus check of $600 qualified families with children will receive an additional $500 renters assistance will provide a total of 5 billion dollars to help low income renters and
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landlords also the state will invest roughly 12 billion dollars. 2 years to tackle the homelessness crisis. the budget also provides for 2 billion dollars to help how wildfires with new equipment. and to hire more firefighters. and finally the state budget provides for 5 billion dollars for drought support and water supply projects. coming up on the kron 4 morning news. a judge makes a big decision regarding. >> governor newsom's recall election. the impact that decision. the half on the governor. plus san jose mayor sam liccardo visits the white house to talk about ending gunfire. and after the break, as more states begin to enact laws that could restrict access to voting president biden will deliver a big speech on vo
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happening today, president biden will warn americans about efforts to restrict their rights to vote. >> his speech comes as several states enact laws that democrats say or make it harder for people to cast their ballots. republicans say they're just trying to strengthen voting laws of washington, dc correspondent kelli meyer is live in dc with the very latest. good morning, kelly. >> good morning. well, the president will talk about protecting what he calls the secret and tonstitutional right to vote. his speech comes as democrats across the country rally against efforts to restrict voter access.
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>> president joe biden returns to philadelphia tuesday to deliver a speech on protecting the right to vote, one that he himself wanted to deliver white house press secretary jen psaki says president biden will make the moral case for why denying the right to vote is a form of suppression. the democrats in texas leave the state to stop new republican led voting restrictions. i really have this strong feeling that. >> texas representatives are representing. >> i applaud those standing. for the rights of americans. last week, vice president kamala harris announced a 25 million dollar expansion of democratic efforts to fight back against new restrictions as gop led states continue to enact or debate new voting laws that republicans argue will strengthen election security is clear. our election system works best. >> when those closest to the people or setting the rules
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for administering elections. >> and texas state democrats will be here on capitol hill today urging lawmakers to pass federal legislation to protect the right to vote. the president could urge congress to do the same during his speech this afternoon reporting live in washington. i'm kelly meyer. thank you for that report. kelly. the death toll has reached 94 following the deadly condo collapse. >> in surfside, florida of the 94 victims. 83 have been identified 22 people remain potentially unaccounted for the mayor of surfside says the process making identifications has become more difficult. search teams are also collecting artifacts to return to family members, including paintings that belong to an artist who was identified as one of the victims. following big political news out of sacramento. governor gavin newsome will not have his party affiliation listed next to his day on the recall
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ballot. the governor was suing his own secretary of state to get democratic party next to his name on the ballot for the september 14th recall election kron force. ashley zavala has the latest from the state capitol. >> a sacramento county judge monday denied governor gavin newsom's request for an order to have his democratic party preference printed by his name on recall election ballots. the judge's decision comes after newsome suit his own appointed secretary of state for not allowing him to include his party preference. the governor was required to include his party preference on his response to the recall petition in february of 2020 one of his lawyers who handled the paperwork admitted to a judge friday. he screwed up secretary of state shirley weber has refused to allow news and to make the change for legal team noting newsome missed the deadline and she's following the law in his 11 page decision. the judge in parts of the circumstances. newsome's legal team laid out in arguments. do not excuse his noncompliance with the law. he wrote, quote, the court is not persuaded a
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spokesman for newsom's anti recall campaign said in a statement in part californian see this partisan recall for what it is. a republican power grab and across the state. you see democrats united behind governor newsome. he would not say whether newsom's team would attempt to appeal celebrity candidate running to replace newsome caitlyn jenner intervened in the lawsuit last week. she tweeted monday in part, i'm thrilled the rule of law prevailed. the end is near for gavin newsome. the judge's decision comes about a month before recall election ballot mailboxes elections officials are preparing to send them out starting on august 16th in sacramento, ashley zavala kron 4 news. >> they are symbol of san francisco and the bay area. the historic cable cars have been missing from the city streets for more than a year. but you will be able to hop all won again soon. sfmta is testing the cable cars right now. kron four's amanda hari has update on how the process is going. >> i walked by one of the cable car lines and saw them testing out because i spoke to
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sf mta and they told me they tested out 10 cars and all of them worked very well. >> they are a symbol of san francisco ferrer symbol of our technological ingenuity and now they're also becoming a symbol of covid recovery as they begin to run more. i took this video of one of the cable car tracks. you could hear the cables and power sources running again. >> that's what sfmta director of transportation jeffrey tumlin says they're working on right now. >> all of mechanics machinery need to be both by our own crews but also by the california public utilities commission. people will be able to ride the cable cars again, starting at the beginning of august. >> but that will still be part of the testing phase. >> actual people are a far better test of making sure that we can work out all the systems get customer service down, get our head waist down so we invite you come help us
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retest or service service will be free for the month of august. but tomlin warns it will be focused on the powell pipeline. >> and it would be running on a perfect schedule. they'll still be working on getting all the operators retrained after more than year off. >> we want people to have great experiences here in san francisco and nothing says san francisco like a cable car ride. >> sfmta is requesting that everyone wear their mask on the cable cars through august. they say that the cable car should be back to their regularly scheduled service in september in san francisco. amanda hari kron 4 news. >> coming up next on the kron 4 morning news to puppy stolen in the east bay and that leads police on a chase that ends in a crash. we'll have the details after the break. and
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the east bay a couple of puppies were stolen in hayward leading police on a chase that ended in a crash. the dogs are ok this morning they were listed for sale. the sellers agreed to meet a man in south hayward who said he wanted to buy one. but when he showed up, he had a gun and stole the truck with the puppies inside. police were called and gave chase in the area of mission boulevard and highland. that's
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when the thief flip that truck. look at that. police say if you are going to make a private sale. you should do so in public. >> specially a place like that. you're a police department where we always have cameras to record the incident. there are a lot of places that are in public. they can go to that do have cameras. obviously that doesn't ensure your safety. but at least it's something that happens. it can be seen on camera. obviously we recommend taking friends or family somebody with you don't go alone. >> again. the puppies are ok, the man was arrested for carjacking and animal in danger. man. still ahead on the kron 4 morning news the city of oakland taking new steps to try and prevent sideshows in the city. >> we'll have a look at that after we get back.
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>> welcome back to the kron 4 morning news here we are on tuesday. the time for you now. >> for 28, 8 and again, we warm for the past couple of days because of a heat wave. john, you actually just got a chance to explain you know, to some of our other sister stations about the heat wave. what are we going to see that for the next couple of days. back your home or do we get a
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break. finally. >> finally yeah. our houston sister station was talking to us all about it. today. been some hot weather themselves and a little bit of rainfall something that we wish that we could be tapping into in the bay area obvious obviously as we round out this heat wave. we're still looking at dry conditions ahead of us. even as we do cool down in the days to come. a look outside right now in your berkeley hills, cam another day with this misty view. it's low cloud cover that's pushed in across the bay. this blow blanket of clouds will trout us over the next few hours and is resulting in a few spots of lower visibility this morning, including up in the marin headlands into southern sonoma county. so do watch for some spots of lower visibility and then some drizzle, especially wind windshield wipers, maybe role in a time or 2. a couple of wet spots on those roads and sidewalks this morning. current temperatures are mostly in the 50's with san jose at 59 hayward and fremont each at 57 oakland and concord right now sitting at a cool 56. when you add in the brisk winds. it does make it feel even cooler than that. yeah,
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absolutely need the jacket this morning. keep it not only warm but also a little dry when that miss to chip now we will see gradual clearing towards noon hours, especially on the peninsula. inland areas. you already be cleared out by then into the afternoon. it will be sunshine for most of us aside from the coast, which will stay great through the day. high temperatures even cooler than yesterday's 60's along bayside areas. a few 70's mixed in and then a few 80's for our inland valleys. reyna john, thank you for that. >> as you're hitting the road this morning keeping a close eye on your morning commute for you traveling from the east bay into the city a little under 11 minutes for your drive time at this early hour. so conditions look great. we'll take a look at the san mateo bridge and check on things. there can across towards the peninsula. you can make that drive the 13 minutes not seeing any major hot spots at this hour in a richmond, sandra fell. comey also looks nice about 10 minutes as you're traveling at a richmond. we'll have more throughout the morning. of course, for now, let's get back to the news.


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