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tv   KRON 4 News at 5pm  KRON  July 12, 2021 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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decision-makers about the topics that affect you and your life. another podcast not to miss is robbins "i've got a secret." stay safe, we will see you next time. >> from the bay, area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 news at all. >> investigators and the work that they do to bring people to justice has been extraordinary. san francisco's mayor and police chief today going on the defensive as the city has been making headlines over concerns about out of control crime. good evening, everybody. thanks for being here tonight on kron 4 news at 5. i'm grant lotus and i'm vicki liviakis. mayor london breed in chief bill scott held a news conference today showing the latest crime stats that they say paints a different picture of the city than what's being reflected in
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viral videos that depict crime. out of control. our kron maureen kelly has the story. >> we've all seen the videos of shoplifters swarming high end stores and pharmacies car break-ins happening in broad daylight and asian americans being victimized stores have closed and target is shortening their hours over the last few weeks, the city has made headlines in the national news over concerns about crime what's not going viral what's not being brought to the forefront is the fact that in almost every single instance. >> our police department have arrested many of the people in these particular crimes. the guy who we saw the viral video of him riding a bicycle into the walgreens in and stealing. he has been arrested. the elderly woman waiting at the bus stop. 2 people stabbed that perpetrator has been arrested. the chief and the mayor came together to show the latest crime stats for the first 6 months of the year
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comparing them to the same mid year period of previous years. >> since last year was such an aberration due to the pandemic. and while it was not a completely rosy picture. >> they say the stats show a different san francisco than the viral videos have been depicting while burglaries are up thefts and robberies are actually on the decline car break. ins have started taking upwards from last year but are down dramatically from the 2017 high point police officers in the streets really matter when it comes to driving down robberies because. >> people are less likely to rob people when they see officers nearby in terms of violent crime rates are down homicides and aggravated assaults have increased but gun violence has more than doubled since last year. the mayor says she's investing an unprecedented 65 million dollars in her upcoming budget. >> to help prevent crimes from happening in the first place, such as the street crisis response team to deal with the mentally disturbed and street violence prevention maureen kelly kron 4 news.
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>> san jose mayor sam liccardo is taking his efforts to combat gun crimes to the white house. a big meeting today. he sat down with president biden and leaders of other american cities to discuss ways to combat gun violence and crime across the country. >> kron four's. noelle bellow has more on that meeting. >> was more listening. the mayor, sam liccardo was among about half a dozen people who met with president joe biden monday. the group which included the mayor of washington dc and chicago's police chief spent 2 hours discussing ways to combat gun violence and crimes across the country. it's going to take a lot of solutions. there's no panacea here. the mayor said president biden was interested in a plan approved just a few weeks ago in san jose that aims to crack down on something called the straw purchasing of guns that step. >> the mechanism that gangs and criminal organizations used to get their party process to guns from gun dealers said the things that we're doing around videotaping this transactions and forcing
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gun purchases made through licensed dealers. those are the kinds of things i think he was particularly interested in. we also talked about how we're using federal dollars try to reduce crime in our community earlier this year, 350 billion dollars in federal funding through the american rescue plan went to state and local governments to address the challenge of gun violence. it's money. mayor liccardo says san jose is already using as using us dollars. for example, the higher. >> young adults being impacted neighborhoods and are really committed to being a partner and policies. well, the white house says these types of meetings with local governments will continue. we've got a challenge with 300 million guns in this country. but how keep our community safe. and many. a lot of solutions and we're getting a lot of partnerships and there's no partnership that the better than and obviously the white house, noelle bellow kron 4 news. >> the california independent system operator or cal iso has issued another power alert, a flex alert. this one started about an hour ago will be in place until 9 o'clock tonight
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during a power alert as we know, help. people are asked to set their thermostats to 78 degrees or higher. they're asked to avoid using major appliances. the energy agency says even though it's not super hot today. this flex alert is necessary because of wildfires in oregon which are impacting electrical transmission lines. california's largest wildfire continues to tear through small communities and rural ranches near lake tahoe about 50 miles north of truckee. the back and worth complex fire. it's actually 2 fires. the donna and sugar fires. they both were started by lightning and this complex is burning in the plumas national forest complex has grown to 90,000 acres and is just 23% contained. the fire is also threatening areas along the border in nevada. 2300 firefighters are currently battling this complex as we talk weather and take a live look outside the bay bridge
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toll plaza pretty quiet and what a comfortable cool start to the day the marine layer back in full effect here it sure was an actually through the weekend lawrence who said it was going to be cool. yeah. hot inland. and by golly, what 3040, 50 points over 40 degrees difference from the coastline within about 30 miles and that's what's so fascinating about forecasting a whether the bay area. you can have one extreme. >> you're cool almost need a jacket. you head a little him and the boy. you need a just a very cool drink. keep nice and cool temperatures soaring in the hundreds. the fog is back, though, really kind of wrap dt up now headed over san francisco. more on the way out over the bay. you see it kind of thickening up to him. that's going to move inland overnight tonight. and that means we've got some cooler weather on the way. a look at that fog bank after that big dome of high pressure breaking down a little bit of weakening allowing for that sea breeze to kick in bringing with it. more low clouds and some fog out there. even some drizzle along the coastline this morning. likely going to see that happen again for tonight,
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stronger sea breeze continues to pick up out there. those winds blowing to 70 miles an hour. but all 20 in 22 out of the south in the app and 30 mile an hour on shore. winds blowing in fairfield. so that's a significant on shore breeze that will carry with it. that nice cool. marine error right off the ocean and pushing a well on shore. still warm in spots are 81 in conquer. your student and 82 still in fairfield in the san francisco, though much cooler temperatures there in the 50's, of course, 50's along the coastline with that patchy fog. so if you're stepping outside this evening. yeah. the closer you get to the coastline, you're going to feel the effects of that sea breeze. you can see that fog rolling on and thickening up as we head through the evening hours feeling inside the bay already and more on the way for tonight. looks like as we head toward tomorrow. not a bad day. we'll see more of this stuff, though more fog low clouds. so if you've been looking for some a relief from the heat. that's gone the way we'll see temperatures staying probably app or maybe slightly below the average at least through the middle of the
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week. guys, back to you. all right, lawrence, us health officials say that the johnson and johnson vaccine may pose a small risk of a rare neurological reaction. >> and that reaction is known as john barr rice in rome. but the chances of developing the condition actually are very low. the cdc says only 100 people in the nearly 13 million americans who received the j j vaccine have developed that immune disorder. the side effects are mostly reported in men 50 years and older about 2 weeks after receiving the vaccine. most people who develop the condition to recover. well, another big story today drugmaker pfizer is set to meet with health officials to discuss authorizing a covid-19 booster shot but medical experts here in the bay area and across the world. some of them say that is not where the focus should be four's. dan kerman explains. >> there's the more transmissible delta variant continues to expand across the
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us officials to authorize a 3rd dose in this country. but so far federal officials and local infectious disease experts are unconvinced. the science warrants. a 3rd dose because they say those vaccinated or not winding up hospitalized or dead. an infection >> vaccinated person is very symptomatic. lee it feels like a cold. you may not even know its covid unless you check for it. has very low viral load. with you know, not result in anything on to ucsf infectious disease specialist doctor peter chin-hong says older people and those immunocompromised may at some point benefit from a booster. but he says now. >> the focus should be on stopping the variance by immunizing as many people as possible to stop transmission. >> it just seems the wrong direction to think about hadley immunizing the same
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people already got immunize rather than pushing into the group that hasn't even seen one shot because that's really where the bag for the buckets. >> the global got been vaccine supply is hugely and even. >> monday the world health organization went further calling out drugmakers for promoting a booster while many countries haven't had enough shots to vaccinate their health care workers. >> instead of and pfizer privatizing the supply of vaccines has boosted 2 countries was populations. have a lot of lehigh coverage. we need them to go all out to china to call box think about in position to ask them and low and middle income countries. we very low vaccine coverage. >> and while many bay area counties have some of the highest vaccination rates around states like mississippi, which has some of the lowest vaccination rates are now encouraging high-risk individuals to avoid all indoor gatherings. and at the
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same time those unvaccinated to continue to wear a mask in public. in san francisco. dan kerman kron 4 news coming up on kron 4 news at 5. if you're getting unemployment benefits all requirements are coming back. what you have to do to get your benefits from now on. >> plus 7, a new way to try to slow down side shows in the east bay have city of oakland is trying to stop crowds from gathering at a popular intersection and the search for a missing runner continuing right now. the latest details from where the man was last seen. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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>> the search is underway here in the east bay after a man went missing while on a run this weekend during that heat wave. he hasn't been seen since. this is a live look right now in pleasanton near where the man was last seen search efforts are continuing right now but are expected to wind down soon as the sun for us. charles clifford has been in pleasanton. these details now from the scene. >> here in pleasanton on money. the search for a missing hiker ramped up significantly monday morning, search and rescue crews from across the bay area scour the hills and ravines of pleasanton ridge regional park 37 year-old philip cry check is believed to have gone for a 68 mile run here on saturday morning. and when he didn't return by mid-afternoon. his family reported him missing crytek scar was apparently found nearby with his cell phone inside. he may have also left details on where he planned to run because of the
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steep terrain and thick tree cover search and rescue efforts are focused on the ground search to this >> in a wooded terrain. ravines and there's valleys. so there's a lot of area to search in areas that a plane or other aerial air cover not to be able to see from that vantage point. so we really need to get people boots on the ground actually go in search of those. and yes, can take time crytek is also an avid runner and dozens of people from his running group also came out on monday. >> to help out even though it was triple digit heat over the weekend. search and rescue crews are optimistic that he could still be found alive he's a very fit in runner. >> we don't know how familiar he was with this area. we know he's ran in the area but not necessarily on this exact trail. so. work. we're hoping the world and finding mister projects family was also here on monday doing what they could. >> to help out. but for now in the east bay, charles clifford kron 4 news. >> meanwhile, the family of a missing u c berkeley student is now offering more money for information about her
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disappearance. the family of sydney west is now willing to give $25,000 for information on where she could be the increased reward money comes on her 20th birthday. she's been missing since september 30th of last year when she was seen on the golden gate bridge. >> the alameda county sheriff's office is investigating a drowning at lake del val. the east bay regional parks district responded to the scene of someone who went under the water near the dam. crews are still searching for the body, the american academy of pediatrics says drowning is the leading cause of unintentional injury death among children ages one to 4 in an updated report. the a p says that most children drown in swimming pools or hot tubs, but kids under the age of 2 are most likely to drown in bathtubs or large buckets. researchers also found that a majority of young and teenage drowning victims are boys. the report also highlights the need for the constant supervision of children in or
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around water. life jacket use cpr, training among other safety measures. >> 4 more bodies have been found in the rubble of that collapsed condo in surfside, florida. this latest discovery now brings the total number of deaths to 94 with 22 people still unaccounted for the mayor of miami dade county says it is getting more difficult to identify the remains that are being recovered champlain towers south condo collapse in the early morning hours of june 24th so far there is no official word on a cause and that brutal heat wave over the weekend helped death valley live up to its name. the national weather service reported the hi topped out at 128 degrees yesterday. but that wasn't the most intense reading a thermometer near the furness visitor center showed a 135 degrees shortly before 4 o'clock. however, a national park ranger there said it typically measures higher than the official reading. so taken with a grain of salt. the
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national weather service recorded the high temperature at 129 on saturday. 100, 30 on friday, which if verified. and that takes a while would be one of the highest ever recorded on earth i taking a live look outside san francisco's embarcadero cool by the majors air conditioning with what we have, like less than half of what death valley was yeah. nice. can you imagine being in that kind of heat. >> and you know, they have for an overnight low a 107 degrees that's really started. that's amazing. just blistering how that was as hot as some of the higher temperatures around the bay area. so yeah, good. don't have that kind of weather. we've got that fog. >> that is really starting to roll back in and cool us off. sometimes that can cause some delays at sfo. not tonight that looking like things are open and clear at all bay area airports of that fog begin to fill inside the bay. he said all along the california coastline that is going to be the story for the week ahead. weather wise is all the low clouds and the fog even drizzle along the coastline. a few more public thunderstorms
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wrapping around that ridge of high pressure little monsoonal moisture headed toward the southern part of the sierra nevada toward the bishop area. so if you're traveling that way, yeah, be careful. you might see that again by tomorrow afternoon. tonight low clouds and fog going to move well on shore moving into the valleys starting out some coastal drizzle. it's going to be damp in the early morning. was that damp out there this morning will do so again tonight, morning clouds tomorrow and only partial clearing tomorrow afternoon. the fog and really hug the coast. the better part of the day. i think that's going to be the way right through the middle of the week and then high pressure going to build an ever so slightly as we head into this next weekend. i think that will help warm up the temperatures. but right now that big dome of high pressure kind of scooting out of town just a little bit that means we'll see more of that fog. it's going to reinforce itself along the coastline and pushed further on shore over the next few days. air quality as good news to its get much better. of course you get that big dome overhead and that starts to trap of love the blues. but tomorrow looks like the air quality looking fantastic all around the bay area and the temperatures are going to much more comfortable as well numbers. tomorrow afternoon will still be warm inland mid 80's in a place
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like concord and also into livermore look at about 70 degrees in san jose. 70 degrees in a breeze in hayward by the afternoon 71 in redwood city and along the coastline. well, there's not been much change even throughout the heat wave. these temperatures are in the 50's and the 60's right along the coastline and that's where they're going to be good for tomorrow. so it looks like things are going to start to a cool off just a little bit over the next few days. high pressure is going to weaken somewhat as that ridge starts weekend. we'll watch those temperatures coming down out there as well. fact. that's going to be the case right as we head through the middhen f the week. as we get to next weekend, things will begin to change a little bit. high pressure starts to strengthen and then temperatures warming up maybe back in the 90's. the warmer spots. guys by the weekend. but on that looks like we'll keep those temperatures down. for the most part, right about average for this time of year. back to you. i good news. thanks choosing between a better job food on the table. >> how lawmakers are working to fix a common issue in an often used food aid program. >> and if you're planning a
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sideshow, you're about to hit bump in the road quite literally the new efforts to prevent the big crowds in oakland.
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the body you are randomly assigned at birth ♪ shouldn't determine how well you are cared for. ♪
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or how hard we work to find answers, partners, and hope. ♪ we make medicine. ♪ not just for some ♪ but for everyone. ♪ >> what they're calling non police measures are now being taken to try to prevent illegal sideshows in oakland as kron four's and yoon reports for us tonight. the deterrent will be waiting at a popular intersection before the sideshow vehicles, even arrived. >> one less intersection for
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illegal sideshows. that is what the city of oakland hopes will be the result of installing these raised pavement markers called bots diet at the intersection of 35th avenue and macarthur was your car your parents going to fly cow. >> discourage the sideshow activity. secondly at a reduced speed. >> oakland city councilmember noel guile says, but are among several side chilled the tournaments in the works for oakland city streets here at the major >> we're going to try you know what and then again, the other one that we're looking at like like they have in europe or even in mexico and major intersections. they have the roundabout ride that you've got to slow down and go around to get to the next block. that particular intersection because of side shows that happened there. previously. you know, one, it was a sideshow, but 35th is a downhill. >> coming from way up in the hills right up on highway 30
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and then i went to purposely see it and people are flying down the hill. and so we got them in place. however, he says the plan is to install barriers roundabouts and raised pavement markers at all of the known hot spots for sideshows throughout the city. first of all, here on international boulevard with the 42nd. >> and that in and down by the underneath. the freeway still going pretty much done. if you come down fruit billman in the intersection. foot hill. >> in front of barred. they're all over the place. but will it be enough to stop scenes like these. only time will tell. has it made you kron 4 news. interesting tactic, right. still ahead on the news. at 5, a decision just came down in governor newsom's request his party affiliation on the recall ballot. why a judge just denied that request. plus. >> if you're on unemployment
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are hoping to get benefits. you're going to do a little bit extra to get the next check. >> well, requirements are being reinstated and a bunch of guns were found at a hotel room right near where the mlb all-star game is going to be played tomorrow night. the
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>> tonight at 5.30, kron four's always tracking local stories. and here's a look at what's going on around the bay right now in the east bay, a group of mills college alum.
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they are filing a lawsuit against the oakland school claiming that it withheld information about the college's future. they say that the school did not disclose the possibility of closing or merging with northeastern university in boston. the group filing the months to review the college's books mills college was suffering financial problems and announced plans to merge with northeastern back in may as a way to remain open. the concord police department crediting new community mobile app with helping to find 100 illegal fireworks in the last month. the police say that the first week the app was launched they received more than 450 tips. the app lets people file real-time reports to let police know about the specific locations where fireworks are being used. fireworks are illegal in contra, costa county. >> in the south bay. a doctor is in jail tonight on a battery charge sunnyvale police say todd made several romantic advances towards a
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woman who interacted with him last year while she was getting treatment at center health and mountain view. yeah, i was working at center health as an urgent care medical doctor at the time. police say on 3 separate occasions. yao forced himself on the victim by pushing her down. straddling her and forcibly kissing her. investigators say they're concerned there may be additional victims in there urging anyone to come forward. take a look at broke into a jewelry store. this is in campbell. they got away with hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of jewels. the brazen break in happening early friday morning at geoffrey's diamonds and goldsmiths 3 people broke in through the window rushed inside smashed display cases took as much as they could before leaving about 5 minutes later, the store's owner says this is the 4th time the store has been hit by burglars. the last 5 years. >> not afraid anymore. they just basically coming here. they know they have good enough time.


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