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tv   KRON 4 News at 9  KRON  July 9, 2021 9:00pm-10:01pm PDT

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at 9. >> now 9. we begin with 2 fires in get firefighters really busy this evening. the first one was reported at lake merritt where the cause of that fire is under investigation tonight. good evening, everybody. i'm vicki liviakis and i'm catherine heenan for grant lotus tonight. there was another fire at a homeless encampment in oakland near the nimitz freeway. fire crews have been on mopping up. they did manage to control that fire about 7 tonight. they say 10 people have been displaced. no injuries have been reported. bart services are still recovering from that fire. a service alert warned. >> passengers that there's a major delay between lake merritt and fruitvale and the dublin pleasanton berryessa richmond and daly directions of said hour delay due to the fire train service has resumed between lake merritt and fruitvale oakland city council president nikki fortunato.
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bass took to social media to thank firefighters and the red cross for their response to that fire tonight. she that tweet with a message saying, quote. we are creating more housing for unsheltered neighbors to house people in safer conditions. hashtag housing is a human right. >> and we have breaking news out of san jose were police say a child died tonight after being hit by a car. >> you're looking at video of the scene. this was first reported about 05:00pm in the area of camden avenue. >> and kuz or road. police say the driver stayed at the scene. that person is cooperating with investigators. we will continue to follow that story and keep you informed. all right. take a look at the forecast as we look live over a foggy city and we are in for a hot weekend. >> yes, and crawford chief meteorologist lawrence karnow joins us now with the look at what we can expect for the
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weekend. yeah, i this could be really interesting how this all works out. parts of the bay area stay very cool while other parts going to be sweltering 40 plus degrees warmer. we saw that happen today. it's going to be even more extreme. i think by tomorrow afternoon. so huge dome high pressure building out the desert southwest. this is typically where we get our he waives settling in now bringing that dry desert air and pumping are right back up in the california. so we saw those temperatures jump today around a good part of the bay area. i think get even warmer for tomorrow. in fact, look at these numbers around the state tomorrow. a 111 degrees and reading a 107 in sacramento modesto, a 109 in bakersfield. a 112 in barstow. but the coastlines you're comfortably in the 60's and the 70's. so this now the heat advisories and the warnings breakdown. of course, nothing along the immediate coast. it's just cool dairy with some patchy fog. but you get over the mountain tops. we're not seeing those temperatures cool down at night. so you get some triple digits during the day. then only cooling down the 70's. maybe the 80's and night so advisories up across the mountain tops the east bay as
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well for warnings temperatures. they're soaring to a 100, maybe a 108 degrees and in the north bay, you've got advisories and warm down in many of the urban areas for some very hot temperatures. but over the mountain top. that's where we're going to see those extreme conditions as those temperatures to very warm at night as well. we did have one record today tied and that was in little more at a 106 degrees blazing hot there. and i think tomorrow going to be even hotter in some spots. temperatures were like this today. a 108 degrees in antioch, a 103 in concord. you get inside the bay. really not all that bad. you've got some 70's and some 80's in the san jose. and of course along the coastline much cooler 63 degrees in half moon bay. but now we're seeing that fog beginning to move back on shore, but that marine layer is getting good press and that means getting squashed close to the surface don't have a chance to move all the way inland that means these temperatures going to soar many inland spots by tomorrow afternoon and again, i think even hotter than what we had today. a 107 degrees likelihood in concord. about a
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107 in livermore. we could get hotter than a 107 in antioch by tomorrow afternoon inside the bay. it will be hot spots, especially in the santa clara valley back along the coastline. those temperatures comfortably in the 60's out toward the beaches. so it's really to see how this heat wave breaks down because some parts of bay area, they're going to say one way, maybe even have to wear jacket but other parts. i mean, sweltering the different sometimes is about 30 miles, which you know, is so unique to the bay area. isn't it, though. all right. thanks, lauren. some. and as we prepare for another weekend of hot and dry weather least in line. >> why are fired wildfires continue to burn throughout the state. this is video from the tennant fire is in the klamath national forest is more than 90% contained, but it's already burned. more than 10,000 acres. and in plumas national forest. firefighters are battling the back orth complex fires. they are burning near the california-nevada border just northwest of lake tahoe. there are 2 fires burning as part of the beckworth complex so far
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they have charred more than 20,000 acres in. there are only 11% contained. >> and we are tracking other fires in the state, including the salt fire. this is north of redding. evacuation orders are still in place there that fire last heard only 45% contained at the base of mount shasta of the lava fire has burned close to 40 square miles and in southern california, the tumble weed fire is now 95% contained after burning about 900 acres for oakland firefighters left yesterday to help put out the boot like fire that's up in oregon. that fire has burned more than 38,008 they say it doubled in size in one day. the fire has forced people from homes that was only one percent contained earlier today, oakland firefighters will support the response by the california governor's office of emergency service. and that's the fire burning in county, firefighters from oakland fremont hayward,
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alameda county, south san francisco and other bay area jurisdictions all sent to oregon is part of the 2 strike teams to help put out that fire. new at 9 more first responders in the fire service across the u.s. they've taken their own then then those who have been killed in the line of duty. >> that is according to a group called red help and that group is hosting an event this weekend to honor an alameda county firefighter who committed suicide and kron four's ella sogomonian is here and has the details l a. >> it really is tragic. but % this event is trying to uplift the families and friends of course it's happening this sunday to honor a man firefighter named eric michael. so read help is a group that unites family and friends. as i mentioned, of those who suffered from ptsd and then ultimately succumb to their mental health issues. now it's not easy, but through the walks like the one this weekend. the break the stigma around first responder suicide and invite people to talk
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through the trauma while they walk along a 20 mile hike and they share stories. and remember their loved ones. i spoke with john preston who lost his older brother in 2016 and is leading this event or castro valley. >> in doing so kind of 70 what can i do to help out an eye. keep this from happening again. so i went on to high 630 miles and 28 days. can follow up in the san diego. just kind be my intention was to show the world how much it's going to because that's not even near the pain that it feels lose a sibling or a loved one to suicide. we want to go out. we're we're hiking with the members of alameda and oakland which crawl the same local local 55 it. and we're going out in, you know, showing their brothers and sisters that the fire departments and the family that is actually going to be out there with us as well. that. where we're still here
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to honor. eric eric was a husband. he was a father. he wants the u.s. and he what this firefighter that how the struggle of post 9 starts. and it's gone now. you had somebody roles in his life. and and we just want to honor who he was and doing so with this high. >> so they're going to be starting at castro valley station. 25 at 8 in the morning and then they will walk over and end up at every bill station, 24 you don't have to sign up in advance. you can just show up and show your support and donations to the cars are being collected at bread help dot org. vicki. >> thank ella dozens and dozens of aftershocks have been recorded following yesterday's magnitude 6 point. oh earthquake in the antelope valley today focus on the u.s. geological survey's shake alert early warning system. the system which is designed to alert people just seconds before the shaking so that they can take cover didn't exactly work as planned. kron
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dan kerman explains. when thursday's magnitude 6 quake hit in the antelope valley. the u.s. geological survey shake alert early warning system. >> should have sent out notifications 350 kilometers in each direction from the epicenter that's about as far west as napa as far north as stones landing thus far east as when market and goldfield nevada. and as far south as fresno. but that didn't happen. >> sensors. we're not sufficient and dance to properly and determine the magnitude of the earthquake. usgs says a lack of ground motion sensors and eastern california cause she color to register the single quake has 3 smaller ones at different locations as a result instead of this massive area being notified only 300, 3,000 people in and around mammoth lakes and stockton got the alert on their phones. >> earthquake. drop cover. hold on the shape quick early warning system is a work in
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progress. >> we have work to do yet on the science, the the station infrastructure. but we expect to their performance utility of the system to public to improve over time. >> usgs says 70% of those ground senses are currently in take 2 to 3 years. dan kerman kron 4 >> on the heels of the heat wave high temps will likely lead to increased water use which typically rises during the summer. anyway. well, now because of the drought, governor newsom is asking everyone to reduce their water consumption by 15%. our forcefully to call reports from the east bay with some tips on how you can say. >> on average the east bay municipal utility district says single-family customers use about 250 gallons of water per day. that number can vary
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based on where you live and the size of your lot. but if you can soon 250 gallons of water on a daily basis. a 15% reduction amounts to 37 and a half gallons of water that includes water use for indoors like, you know, flushing toilets, washing hands showering as well as outdoor water use a good place to start is the toilet older models can use up to 5 gallons per flush newer high efficiency toilets use about 1.2 gallons per flush. >> by installing a high efficiency toilet. the state says the household can save 19 gallons per person each day. if there are multiple people in your home. you can achieve the 15% goal by upgrading the toilet alone keeping showers under 5 minutes could save 12 and a half gallons for a shower when using water efficient showerheads anything might actually has on devices that will mail out to folks. we raiders that you can install in your shower head so
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that it reduces the overall flow and helps you get that those avoid washing dishes by hand. if you have a dishwasher, you can also save around 4 gallons of water per day. if you wash only loads. >> as for laundry east bay, muds, water conservation manager alice to he says by properly using load size settings reducing the number of loads by using full loads. only and replacing the standard washer with a high efficiency model, you can save up to 25 gallons of water per day. as for the outdoors, she does not recommend letting your lawn guy just limit the frequency. it gets water to 3 times per week is the people, you know, watering every day when it's not actually necessary. and in fact, it's better for plans. if you are less frequently, but more deeply. lastly, check for leaks around the house. this could potentially save hundreds of gallons of water per day. >> believed it all kron 4 news. >> now to our coronavirus coverage health leaders in
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sonoma county are expressing concern tonight over rising covid-19 cases. the county reported 5 new virus-related deaths today and that makes it the deadliest week since early march. it was also revealed today that dozens of people at a homeless shelter in santa rosa tested positive for the new fast-moving delta variant kron four's dan thorn, who is looking at what health experts are saying about this troubling developments. he joins us live in the newsroom. dan. >> catherine county health leaders say of the 5 deaths all were men to were over the age of 65 2 between the ages of 5064 in the other was even younger falling between the ages of 18 to 49 most of the recent deaths in sonoma county involve people who were not vaccinated, which has been forcing health officials to push for residents to get the shots as the delta variant continues its spread despite making good progress on their vaccination campaign. sonoma county continues to be threatened by covid-19.
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>> county leaders say there's been a recent increase in cases and hospitalizations and there remains a significant risk to people who have not been vaccinated. >> what's important and the site nearly all of our recent covid cases, hospitalizations and deaths. well, i'm vaccinated individual. >> county public health officer doctor son darren mays briefed residents about 5 new covid-19 deaths on friday. 4 of the 5 were unvaccinated. but one was fully vaccinated. doctor may says the man was over the age of 90 and had preexisting conditions putting him already at great risk what's becoming increasingly concerning is seeing new cases and positivity rates doubling in the county hospitalizations have also grown to worrisome numbers. >> currently up 44 individual. not full of covid, including 13 in the icu. the high number of patients the february as of friday. 25 1% of sonoma county's population have not
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received a single dose. the recent surge may encourage the unvaccinated to get a shot. the number of defending the wrong direction. >> we know the pandemic it will take. not people getting vaccinated to herd immunity. as we said all along the course of the pandemic. >> well, this point it's not known if any of the new deaths were a result of the delta variant sonoma county has seen more than 320 people die from covid-19. and despite some of the recent concerns surrounding the virus. doctor may says there are no plans to reestablish health orders reporting live in the newsroom. dan thorn kron 4 news all right, dan, a big story tonight. california k through 12 students and teachers will be keeping their masks on this fall. >> even if they are vaccinated against covid-19 this despite the cdc relaxing guidance saying that those who have gotten shots can be inside the
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not recommending physical distancing because of the hurdles that would present to california schools. lou, it would stop them from fully reopening the county superintendent of schools for contra. costa county is on board with the state. >> i really do think it really highlights the importance of in-person learning. i think in person learning is the best models benefits young people the most. and so this really allows for everybody to come back fully into the classroom. >> the california department of public health says it is continuing to review what the cdc just released and says that to but they do plan to release more state guidance for k through 12 schools on monday. with more bay area. students headed back to classrooms this fall medical experts continue to push for. >> everybody to get vaccinated
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four's terisa stasio has more on the push from pediatricians. >> this is the message that we've been that putting out for weeks and weeks now. says the vaccines were approved for 12 year olds and above. it's really safe and effective. doctor yvonne maldonado professor in pediatrics and infectious disease expert with stanford. >> on getting kids vaccinated that are elgible specially now that the cdc and school districts here in the bay area, slowly but surely announcing schools will be back in-person come this fall. the window for pfizer, which is the only vaccine available for 12 year olds to 18 year olds is 3 weeks. so you need a dose one. and then 3 weeks later goes to london 2 weeks after that to be protected. so you're talking about a 5 week period. >> in order to be fully protected from the 2 doses of vaccine. doctor maldonado's says. >> when it comes to the vaccines in kids. the medical
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field has learned a lot back snaking 12 to 29 year olds. will 70,000 infections. >> over 4500 hospitalizations and a 30 to 40 every year in that age group. >> and the doctor says if parents remain on the fence about getting their kids vaccinated. parents are worried they should talk to their pda to be a traditions. >> heater sons can give you the correct information. and what about those comments circulating about fertility issues surrounding the vaccine. the fertility issue is complete. this information is absolutely not true. vaccine. these vaccines do not absolutely do not cause infertility. what else would you say as far as those parents right now because it's a 5 week window. if you need to get it and you need to get that. >> absolutely. and if they don't get in and they can stay at least get, you know, get going that it's not like we
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are. there are big old lady lines. there are plenty of vaccines out there for people to have it. >> as for the little ones under 12 in the middle of the 5 to 12 year-old studies of for pfizer here at stanford and other sites as we it's thought that the data will be ready to be submitted to fda. >> by early fall. >> theresa kron 4 news today. governor newsom signed a sweeping bill to overhaul the state's public school system. it will allow for free universal pre-k for all 4 year olds by 2025. it also creates full service community schools. it improves staff to student ratios, school nutrition and mental and social family services. now some school employees may also see pay raises. the governor is calling it historic investment in the state's education system. >> this is transformational budget. mark my words. this is
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like anything we have ever done in this state. so many things. we promoted so many things we dreamed up with delivery. when we sign this bill here today. >> signed the legislation at a public school in napa today has a price tag of nearly 124 billion dollars. if you have been shopping for new appliances. be warned. it could be months before anything is delivered. >> appliance centers across the bay area. they're seeing a lot more demand, but a major supply shortage. kron amanda hari has that story. >> pre covid the turnaround. time for a typical order here at university electric was one to 2 weeks now, there are some items that won't be delivered until february of this coming year. >> free most of our phone calls were how much does something cost? no one calls with that anymore. can i get
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something? called 10 places a place as we called 3 appliance stores, including university electric all said they have a shortage of supply we seen is a 700% greater demand for appliances and any other time in history. >> about a 60% lower ability to produce them, maybe due to social distancing may be supply chain interruptions, president of university electric mike hines says it's not just one issue causing the backlog, multiple problems that includes a shortage of supplies companies discontinuing certain items. >> and a lack of workers. thanks tells me that after the coronavirus stay at home order some workers in the supply chain decided not to come back. >> one of the manufacturers told me yesterday that 56,000 truck drivers did not renew their applications. drive trucks for next year. it takes about 8 to 10,000 truck drivers to unload one container ship. she just taken
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5 full container ships or worth of labor off the market tanks tells me if you shop around, you may be able to find something. >> but it's likely not to be the exact item. you want it. if you have your heart set on a particular product or color you'll likely have to wait. it's just like disneyland you get in line wait your turn and it will in may not be in 5 minutes and you may have to wait. >> a couple months, but it's it more than likely will get heights. also told me that many appliances have smart features now and require microchips. >> there's also a microchip shortage because of covid and that will likely affect the appliance industry as well in santa clara amanda hari kron 4 news. coming up, a brutal daylight attack in san francisco. what police are saying about this tonight. >> and how the victim is doing.
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the sooner you sign up the more you save. breaking news to tell you about tonight. police responded to a stabbing in san francisco. it happened at broadway and pow not far from the broadway tunnel. the area earlier was blocked off by a police. it's been reopened since police say a man stabbed another man about 4 this afternoon. the attacker also got hurt and the struggle both men were taken to the hospital. they are expected to
9:26 pm
be okay. >> up next, the kidnapper is arrested by police in kentucky and it was all caught on video. we're going to show you those tense moments right after the break. plus the assassination of the haitian president sent shockwaves around the world, help people here in the u.s. are responding tonight and president biden citing an executive order aimed at promoting competition all
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>> president biden says big american corporations they've grown into monopoly. so today he signed an executive order that could affect some of the biggest tech companies among others. alexandra limon has that story. >> president biden also said he wants to help american workers by, for example, making it easier for them to transfer trade licenses between states and giving workers more power against corporations. >> capitalism without competition. is it a capitalist? exploitation. >> president joe biden says big mergers and monopolies eliminate competition and forced many workers into low paying jobs with poor working conditions and the president says unfair competition also hurts consumers research shows we have a limited internet operation. >> you pay up to 5 times more and families in places. >> with more choices. friday.
9:30 pm
president biden signed an executive order directing more than a dozen federal agencies to implement 72 new initiatives promoting fair competition and include ideas like allowing medications to be imported from canada selling hearing aids over the counter and limiting noncompete agreements that block employees from taking better jobs done for one reason. >> to keep wages. but years from the computer and communications industry association argues over regulation could backfire and stop innovation. that's why we see higher quality, lower prices more innovation. it's because companies are trying to best their competitors. if regulators come along and say stop doing that, the consumer is going to lose. >> president biden's executive order focuses quite a bit on big tech companies by, for example, more closely scrutinizing murders, including murders that have already happened reporting in
9:31 pm
washington. alexandra limon. >> transportation secretary pete buttigieg is helping with a hard sell of the president. one 0.2 trillion dollar infrastructure plan. i talked to him today. he says there's a a long list of projects which urgently need attention and that includes california. but we seen things like the disturbing image of a part of route. one effectively falling into the ocean. we've seen that. >> repair backlog a lot training. transit networks rely on thousands miles and roads and bridges that are considered in poor condition by the engineers. this is why we need to act and act now. so the president wants to get this thing done. soon. mister secretary this summer. what makes you confident, though, that this kind of huge bipartisan effort can succeed at a. >> time of intense partisanship. that's exactly why it was so remarkable not long ago to see the president walk out of the west wing
9:32 pm
flanked by republican and democratic senators saying we have a deal and not a small deal. we're talking about 1.2 trillion dollars of infrastructure investment contemplated for our future. this be the biggest investment passenger rail since amtrak was created the biggest investment in public transit we've ever had as a country investments in everything from environmental cleanup to broadband access to getting lead out of the pipe. security drinking water to our kids and again, we're talking about republicans and democrats coming together saying we need to do this. even the buttigieg, though, does that saying we have a deal that's not the same thing as saying we have a bill. >> among the political pothole. still ahead, some conservatives strongly oppose a provision to expand funding for the irs they argue the agency has been politically motivated. and you can see more of my interview with the transportation secretary this weekend on inside california politics. >> haiti's interim government today says that it asked the
9:33 pm
u.s. to deploy troops in the aftermath of the assassination of president jovenel moise haiti officials want those troops to protect key infrastructure. they're going to try to stabilize the country, get ready for elections. >> 17 people were arrested for the killing, including 2 haitian americans. they've been identified as joseph n symptom james solange. so lodge was a former bodyguard at the canadian embassy in port-au-prince. investigators say they had acted as translators for a big group of attackers who initially had planned to detain not kill the haitian president. some us residents in miami's little haiti neighborhood. meantime, say they're hurt by what happened. >> so when you see the country going these types of because at the end of the day, if they're not here. no more. what does that say about us. not just us as a community us as a people. and of course, as
9:34 pm
a world community. everyone house whether you like it you comfortable with that, we're all connected. >> brazen predawn murder was at the president's home also left his wife, very badly injured. this incident has stunned a nation already reeling from poverty, widespread violence and political instability. police in louisville, kentucky arrest a suspect accused of kidnapping a little girl. a new police body cam video shows officers taking them and in the custody. investigators say that he snatched the 6 year-old off her bike, put her into his car and then drove off but officers tracked him down right along with the little girl reporter adrian bankert has the story. >> over the past are more. >> body. cam video shows officers approached this red car guns drawn. the driver. a suspect in a brazen child abduction case allegedly
9:35 pm
kidnapping a girl while she was riding her bike in a louisville, kentucky officer jason burba consoling the child as she asked for her father. the 6 year-old had been outside on her bicycle when the suspect robbie l wilt allegedly circled the block and pulled her into his car. later telling police he tried to console the girl as she cried. >> and plan to drive her back to the spot where he found her because the 40 year-old was afraid he might hurt her. according to police records. he said multiple times that he knew what he did was wrong and felt bad about what he had done. witnesses called into 911. dispatchers giving a description of the man and the car. one neighbor saw the man grabbed her and throw her in the passenger seat. that neighbor jumping into his own car to chase the vehicle down. i saw happen. i owe them my dad to grab the car keys happen car crabtree valley color slung around. >> through the bike. so i for
9:36 pm
6 year-old. that's pretty. but when police caught up with him, he was ordered to the ground and >> well, that's quite a story that was adrienne bankert reporting for us tonight. still ahead, it doesn't really sound so great at the moment. but united airlines is adding flights to warm weather destinations. we'll have that story after the break. >> and it's not as hot. your neighborhood today, tomorrow likely going to be even hotter. >> we'll break those temperatures down. we come back next. and next in sports, the a's looking for a win to kick off their series against the rangers bad. they let this one slip away after a rough 6th inning. >> prof are a sports reporter kylen mills shows us how it all went down. coming up.
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>> and now kron 4 sports. >> enjoy your weekend giants fans because san francisco continues to hold the best record in baseball tonight. they open the series hosting the washington nationals and it was lit as the kids say. i mean, literally the playing late. you know. >> well, the giants rocking their special edition city connect jerseys tonight with the bridge. the bridge on the sleeves. there. logan webb on the bump for the giants. and this was a close one. the game all tied up at 3 in the bottom of the 5th. no one on for darin ruf sends this one for a
9:40 pm
right to left center. that is gone into the bleachers. the giants take the lead for 3. and that's back to back homers for rough. he hit one out of the park in wednesday's win over the cardinals that there goes wilmer flores in the 7th. he drives one to left center to kiss that ball goodbye because it is gone. flores solo shot as an insurance run the score 5, 3, the 9th inning going on right now. the giants just need a couple more outs to close this one out over the well, this evening oakland taking on the rangers at globe life park in arlington. the a's got on the board. first one nothing in the top of the 6 jed lowry. and just to send this one through to center field. the single scores. matt chapman go up 2 zip at that point. but that score didn't last long. bottom of the 6th. not a great ending for a starter, cole irvin. he hit a batter. yeah. you don't like to see that. also gave up 3 singles in that inning, including this one hit to
9:41 pm
center by andy ibanez. the rangers take the lead. the 6, 3, 2, earvin got gang shortly after but oakland could get anything going on offense from there on out. they stranded 3 runners in the 7th 3, 2 rangers, the final score, the a's get another chance tomorrow with james kaprielian starting in game 2 of that series the usa men's basketball team is getting down to business in las vegas. the war zone draymond green among the stars who will suit up. they're about to start a series of international friendlies ahead of the olympic games. and tomorrow they'll be up against a familiar face. team usa will take on nigeria, which is led by warriors assistant coach mike brown. this is brown's first time as head coach of the dea tigers. but he's rocking the green looks good. he told me during an interview several months ago that obviously the goal is to get nigeria on the podium. but more than that, he saw this as a unique opportunity to help grow the game in africa. here's what he had to say today about that would be able to give back to an african country. >> just gave me a feeling
9:42 pm
inside that it's hard to describe. and then after diving into it and meeting the people and being around the program and trying to uplift and build the program. i'm i'm passionate about the staying in. this is brought the so for more excitement it with any job that i had at any time in my career. >> you love his enthusiasm. hopefully nigeria goes far usa nigeria game will take place tomorrow night at 8 o'clock
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>> the bay area, other parts of the state really facing a what could be a dangerous heat wave this weekend. you're looking at some of the highs from today. a 108 in antioch, 103 in concord, for example, 106 on live from real cooker. very hot reporter nancy loo. she has the latest on this heat wave all across the west. >> another week, another potentially deadly heat wave this time triple digit temperatures are impacting at least 25 million people throughout the west, including here in the santa clarita valley. it's i mean, sometimes it's unbearable. i have to walk every single day. it's take the bus just to go to work. >> i mean, local warming is, you know, happening right now. >> death valley is in the one 20 east today and it's expected to hit the one 30's
9:46 pm
again, sometime this weekend earthquake. okay. just had an earthquake with a significant earthquake just yesterday the latest heat wave along with dozens of ongoing wildfires, california's office of emergency services in overdrive. californians are very durable people. they've experienced a lot in recent years and. >> unfortunately have a lot to go. but we're confident that, you know, we're going to take every step possible to keep folks safe. >> in central california. residents are staying safe and cool at local theaters as doctors warn people to watch out for signs of heat exhaustion. such as dizziness or cramping. that's the body telling you that it's it's in trouble that something needs to change. >> or or we're going to worsen in going to something else which is much worse. more critical which is heat stroke due to extreme heat. many central california farms have shortened hours for crop workers and to prevent power problems all californians are urged to conserve energy through 09:00pm tonight. >> a statewide flex alert calls for voluntary measures
9:47 pm
such as thermostat settings of 78 degrees and no running of large appliances or car charging any critical infrastructure sites are. that's a hospital treatment plant. any giving this necessary to protect life and property. we have backup generation. we have a we have a plan if the power were to go out. >> airlines are adding more flights as the number of travelers continues to go up. united airlines said today it's going to add nearly 150 flights this winter to warm weather destinations in the u.s. and central america. the caribbean delta is boosting its scheduled to ski destinations this winter and spirit airlines restoring international flights from orlando, florida that have been dropped during the pandemic. >> now to our 4 zone forecast as we give you a live look right now over downtown san francisco. a little fog out there. >> and kron chief meteorologist lawrence karnow or how does it look like. yeah, it's going to be hot, i
9:48 pm
think inland again. but julia sting how breaks down along the coastline. folks there saying what heat wave we're sitting there in the fog, the temperatures in the 60's in the afternoon. a very comfortable but you get 30 miles inland. those temperatures soaring into the triple digit heat. that's the way things are setting up for tomorrow. even a little more extreme up there right now. we do have some patchy fog that has entered the bay. but that's a compressed marine. there so shallow and so low, it just can't make its way well inland. so that's going to keep those temperatures warming. the interior valleys overnight tonight and then early tomorrow morning. you get that sunrise in those temperatures often run. and once again for the golden gate bridge. lot of fog continues out there along the coastline, cool temperatures along the beaches. you got 53 degrees of pacific of a little more. there are 83 degrees still 86 in concord. you can really see just inside the bay. you feel the effects of that marine air. but you get over the east bay hills. all of a jump in the mid 80's in spots and over the mountain tops, even warmer temperatures. so that's what we're contending with for tomorrow. the temperatures
9:49 pm
will start out warmer. they're going to be off to the races along the coastline, though. pretty comfortable if you want to beat year than 60's along the beaches. 64 patchy fog in the pacifica 67 in half moon bay kind of cool up toward the coast inside the bay start to warm up 79 in millbrae 82 burlingame. then those temperatures start to get close to 90 degrees in redwood city. then we'll start to break out some 90's into the south bay maybe even triple digits. if you're headed toward morgan hill tomorrow. wow. it is going to be hot. there. east bay also going to be looking at some hot temperatures to a 106 in pleasanton, 107 in livermore 105 in dublin. 107 in walnut 107 in concord. so you get the idea. we're not messing around these numbers are going to be extremely hot inland. that's why the warnings are up for those spots for tomorrow and continuing into sunday as well as we expect another hot day on sunday at least inland too. back toward the coastline should be a nice day at stinson beach about 70 degrees next few days. we're going to see the hot temperatures continuing then cooling down slowly on monday. but still mid 90's in the interior
9:50 pm
valleys. no real significant cooling. and i think as we get toward the middle of this next week. and that's when that nice see breeze in the fog and low clouds just come flowing back on across please hire be you're asked to some of the better. yeah. bring it on. i'm supposed to be playing golf and work 5 going to be. >> just wreak. a lot it is going to be smoking leaving early. i don't know. might want to rethink that was go not so but. moments at the height of yesterday's storms. flash flooding caused road closures and traffic delays across new york city and then tristar us tri-state area. a lot of drivers had to be rescued from their cars stopped in high water. and tonight some of those rescuers spoke out reporter greg mocker has the story. >> cars backed up on the deegan. it's not exactly an unfamiliar sight, but this is no ordinary back up traffic jammed up because the water wins every time. >> we saw rising up very we saw that and people. stranded
9:51 pm
in their cars trying to wait for help and assistance. captain david miller and officer jason castiel along with other members of the nypd strategic response group had an idea. >> use the big truck parked in their lot to navigate the waters of what had become the major deegan river get into fire truck and then proceed down onto the highway. and with could still. >> basically giving great directions. make sure that we didn't. to any didn't see anything. we were able then to maneuver that truck around. and begin to. any assistance in those stranded motorists. more than a dozen people needed to be rescued. the officers were in the right place at the right time with the right truck. but a lot of those stranded motorists. >> had a lot of fear in their eyes because of that water was rising. so fast that the big rig was better than keeping.
9:52 pm
the district and mortars com. i played a bigger part in those efforts because we saw the fear in their face in their eyes. but once we got them all on to trial. they were very really drink. very happy. you never know what dangers are lurking in rushing or standing water during a big storm. we don't know if there's electric. want to know what are we don't know if has been shown that were we don't know. that was raw sewage. that was coming up through those greats at that point. so it's think 100 saying kicks in training helps safety for all is job one with one clear goal. make sure everybody gets home safe at the end of that greg mocker pix 11 news. >> and that again, was greg mocker. coming up, 8 nail is making a comeback. what inspired these unique style of nails and why they're so popular.
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emergency planning for kids. we can't predict when an emergency will happen. so that's why it's important to make a plan with your parents. here are a few tips to stay safe. know how to get in touch with your family. write down phone numbers for your parents, siblings and neighbors. pick a place to meet your family if you are not together and can't go home. remind your parents to pack an emergency supply kit. making a plan might feel like homework, but it will help you and your family stay safe during an emergency. >> the original girl power group. we're talking about the spice girls. they're celebrating the 25 year anniversary of their debut hit. they're releasing. many called want to be 25 wannabe was initially released in great britain, july 8th 1996. it would go on to spend 7 weeks of the top of the singles chart and it was a
9:56 pm
global success. topping the charts in 37 countries, including the u.s. well, things fall in and out style all the time. a nail trend that was popular in 2011. it is making a comeback thanks to. >> social media ducktales. that's what they are. they appear like a nail appointment gone wrong. but it's not really the case. these nails shapes, they resemble duck feeder flared jeans because of the fanned out tips often times are people who have ducked nails, pair them with blinged out nail art. as you can see there complete with bold patterns crystals and chunky charms kind hard to do anything with hands like that. but these massively large males actually reminded our producer of and nails fails a few years back men in england went viral after sharing this rounds nail. fail. i think it's coming up there shortly anyway, the enormous sparkly neal's resembled clunky talons and covered parts of her skin. even. you know, to each his
9:57 pm
own. but not so would never last. and that wraps up kron 4 news at night. but pam and ken are here town that would be a full meal if you have to bite your nails with lot of >> sounds toxic, very thank you both so much. coming up next at 10. >> a concerning rise in covid cases also deaths. this is happening in the north bay. what health officials are saying about the surge and what the need is to get vaccinated. plus, a busy day for firefighters, especially the east bay. the latest on 2 fires that broke out today. one of them, as you can see, filling the sky with smoke and displacing about a dozen people keep it here. kron.
9:58 pm
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10:00 pm
>> when fun time from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 news. now at 10 tragedy in the south bay where a child has died after being struck by a car in san jose, thanks for joining us for kron 4 news at 10. >> i'm ken wayne and i'm pam moore. that crash was reported about 5 this evening in the area of camden avenue includes a road. police say the child was taken to a local hospital with life threatening injuries. and unfortunately, the child did not survive this is video of the scene. police say the driver did stay at the scene and cooperated with investigators.


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