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tv   KRON 4 News at 630pm  KRON  July 8, 2021 6:30pm-7:01pm PDT

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look at the effectiveness of the moderna vaccine or the johnson and johnson vaccine. >> in san francisco. dan kerman kron 4 news. >> meantime, health officials in contra, costa county are warning that partially or unvaccinated people are more at risk of being infected with the highly transmissible delta variant kron four's. phillipe djegal tells us county says that variant is quickly accounting for most new cases. >> the delta variant of covid-19 is now the dominant strain in the united states says the centers for disease control and prevention making up more than half the new infections across the country. and contra costa health services says it is seeing a similar trend locally or public health lab does some sequencing. and although it's a sense that the populations of got a full picture. >> we can take those percentages and we have the death of derrion sequenced and over 50% of the samples that they've been sequencing and the contrast county nearly almost half, i should say deputy health officer
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stephanie mccurry us as the delta variant has been circulating in contra, costa for a few months, but health services has noticed an alarming spike in cases. >> over the past 2 weeks. back scenes are the most affected for protection for populations who are eligible. >> and that includes protections against variants and we we continue to encourage everyone to that. >> vaccinated. korea says disadvantaged communities of color are being disproportionately impacted by the delta variant and that's because vaccination rates are lower in those communities compared to affluent areas, county wide 73% of the population, 12 years of age and older are fully vaccinated. but in richmond bay point, pittsburgh, antioch and oakley. >> less than 60% of those populations are fully vaccinated yet in lafayette rinde alamo san ramon and walnut creek more than 73% of those county residents are
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fully vaccinated pardoning community leaders, >> trusted providers from which to reach different populations. for now, fully vaccinated people can socialize without face coverings but health services, expects delta variant cases to continue to rise through the fall saying it's possible the state may reconsider mask mandates in the future. phillipe djegal all kron 4 news. >> more than 600,000 americans have died from covid-19 and now a new study from the national institute for health found as many as one in 4 deaths may have been due to strained resources at hospitals that we're dealing with surges in cases. doctors with the national institutes of health conducted the study by looking at the number of covid patients being treated at 558 hospitals across the country. that's about 10 to 20% of all the hospitals. they found that when a large number of covid patients needing icu care were admitted to a hospital in a short period of time. the mortality rate for that hospital would skyrocket,
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especially when the number of patients admitted exceeded the number of patients to hospitals used to treating and beyond. a lack of resources. the study's authors also found patterns among those at hospitals. >> you know, there are patients level factors such you ethnic minorities to you know, social economic status that is associated more be seen at these hospitals is a lot of unknowns in our study. we don't know much about the supplies that they have. we didn't know about the shortages that they we don't know about the proportion of staff and so it's kind of bad incomplete story, if you but, you know, we make good with what we could. >> the doctor adds that if every covid patient had all the resources necessary to properly treat them the death toll would have likely been lower. but because the virus is deadly, it would not have been 0.
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>> let's check on our weather forecast as we take a live look outside from our camera atop mount tam opi us. that's a beautiful picture, a little bit hazy course. we need to let you know an excessive heat warning will be in place starting tomorrow at noon for sections of the bay area. now let's get more on all of that and just how hot it's going to be out there our chief meteorologist lawrence karnow yeah, scorching temperatures for a good part of the bay area away from the immediate coastline. by the way, just to give a quick update. we just had a couple more minor earthquakes. >> as we head toward the markley bill. some of those of 2.8 2.8 in the last 3 to 5 continuing to shake out there. hey, we've got clear skies now out toward the golden gate marine layer and state getting squashed by the big strong ridge of high pressure. that means we're going to see some very hot temperatures around the bay area. fact today we cracked a 101 in little more 99 in concord 94 in santa rosa. so yesterday. remember, these numbers were below the average. now we're going above the average 69 in san
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francisco 79 in oakland and 86 degrees in san jose numbers outside right now. nice and comfortable along the coastline here in the 50's and 60's out toward the beaches. not bad warm evening in san jose 83 degrees hot 94 morgan hill. 91 in dublin right now. still 101 in fairfield 81 degrees in the napa valley uncomfortable still hot 92 in santa rosa. all right. speaking of the advisories, here we go all around the bay area. we've got watches and advisories going up for that heat. you see areas shaded in yellow. there are currently under an advisory starting on friday as the hot temperatures going to be rolling in the temperatures soaring mainly in the 90's in toward the santa clara valley, although we could see some places crack a 100. i think plus over the mountains and the santa cruz area. you can see those moving upwards of a 100 degrees near boulder creek and ben lowman in felton, possibly in the scotts valley to and the overnight lows across some of the mountain tops or going to stay unusually warm as the kind of get locked in by that big dome of high pressure will
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keep in the 60's and the 70's right to the east bay. we goal contra costa alameda county. now, not just the mountaintops but all the urban areas now currently under the warning is we'll see these temperatures soaring to a 100, maybe a 105 degrees. slama county going to the maybe a 100, maybe a 108 as you head toward vacaville and fairfield and dixon and those overnight lows only in the 70's and the 80's. and in the north bay 98 to a 105 degrees across the mountain tops same ran across the mountain areas me. this would occur. also force knowles and fairfax. you are currently under that warning starting on friday that continuing until sunday. but low clouds and fog have retreated. you can see moving back toward the coastline. there they go all the way down in the monterey bay. not going to see much of that in the coming days tomorrow we're cranking up that heat again. i think we're talking more triple digit heat, more widespread around the bay area and then friday likely going to peak the be the peak of the heat. those temperatures soaring and then cooling off slightly on sunday. no real significant cooling. i think until monday
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and tuesday of next week. so those inland areas they're going to be baking going to be headed out to the coast yeah, it's weather. yeah. all right. thank >> still ahead, a trooper rushes in action to save the life of a choking suspect. >> the tense traffic stop all caught on camera. what authorities say the suspect did moments before he was pulled over than almost cost him his life. >> and as far as the a's needed a stop for. and today they go on as they try to write a stellar pitching us to a win over the first place. astro's kylen mills has the highlights. she's coming up. that's a switch.
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>> there is some concern on capitol hill tonight about the biden administration's plan to cut military spending. the administration is requesting 715 billion dollars in pentagon spending that is 7 billion dollars less than the trump administration. some senate republicans say the cuts could leave the country less protected. military dead last we cannot defend. >> our nation. we cannot prevent war with these figures. >> the biden administration says it wants to eliminate weapons. it cannot stand up to china and russia or too costly to sustained just to sustain rather at the end of the day, congress has the final say on any government spending and senate republicans can exercise ability on a bipartisan bases to reverse any proposed cuts. >> haiti remains under a state
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of emergency tonight following yesterday's assassination of president jovenel mo ease last night. police killed 4 suspects in a gun battle at the president's private home to others were detained after a brief standoff in which 3 officers are being held hostage. haitian investigators are promising to find all of those responsible for the president's murder. the biden administration is condemning the killing and launching his own investigation and the united nations security council is meeting today to talk about the next steps. >> disgraced california lawyer michael avenatti has been sentenced to 2 and a half years in prison for extortion one of former president trump's adversaries was found guilty of trying to extort more than 20 million dollars from nike court documents show he threatened to expose accusations of corruption at nike, let's say paid him to conduct an internal investigation. a suspect learned the hard way that swallowing marijuana is not a good way to hide drugs from a state trooper. the ohio
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officer pulled over the man for a traffic violation. the driver had a bag of pot which is illegal in ohio. >> and he the baggy in his mouth to try to hide it. and fortunately he swallowed the bag and then began choking the trooper performed the heimlich forcing the drugs out of his throat. an ambulance was called to make sure that the driver was okay. >> coming up next. hour, rescue operations to recovery efforts with dozens of people still unaccounted for in that condo collapse in florida. condo collapse in florida. authorities have made a very when a truck hit my car, condo collapse in florida. athe insurance companya very wasn't fair. i didn't know what my case was worth, so i called the barnes firm. i'm rich barnes. it's hard for people to know how much their accident case is worth. let our injury attorneys help you get the best result possible.
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>> the death toll in the building collapse in surfside, florida has now climbed to 60 for this comes as authorities made the decision to. >> schiff the search effort from rescue to recovery. the mayor of surfside says 76 people are potentially still unaccounted for search and recovery teams pause work at one 20 am to honor the victims. the building collapse is among the deadliest mass casualty building collapses in u.s. history, not including acts of terror or fires more than 30 million people are under storm warnings along the east coast as tropical storm elsa races forward. >> also battered parts of florida and georgia yesterday with heavy rain, flooding and damaging winds. there's also been one storm related deaths in florida, emergency management officials say the storm's effect can vary by location and they're urging people to stay prepared.
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>> the contra, costa county water district is asking customers now to cut water use by 10%. the district's board of directors called a stage one water shortage after a meeting yesterday. they also said waterways provisions adopted during the last drought remain in place and will be enforced in order to prevent wasteful use the water district plans to use water stored in the reservoir which is sad about 77% capacity. all right. we want to check in on our 4 zone forecast getting closer to the weekend. a live look tonight out over san francisco boy. look at that picture. that's pretty amazing. we just have to say about 2 hours ago, of course, without some aftershocks from a 6 point. oh, earthquake in the sierra got upgraded now kron 4 chief meteorologist lawrence karnow has a closer look with the details on the quake and the aftershocks. yeah, guys boy is still rumbling up there all around that area. the quakes. >> almost too numerous to count. i'm guessing about 40 quakes now are aftershocks after initial 6 point. oh,
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that was a strong category earthquake that happened in a major urban area. we're talking about a significant amount of damage. but look at that map just all lit up the areas in yellow. those earthquakes that are older than an hour. the areas in red. those are quakes that have happened within this last hour or so. still very, very active within the last few minutes. we just have another 2.8 that garden bill and they continue all around that area near topaz lake near mark louisville and all the way to walker all right. let's get you back out. west. we go and you can see a gorgeous look toward the golden gate bridge. just a little haze there. but no to fog. now at that marine layer starting to be suppressed. we've got advisories for the heat going up the next couple of days as the temperatures are going to soar into the triple digits in many places. inland. it's going to be very, very hot. that dome of high pressure building the desert southwest bring in the bay area that dry desert air and the hot temperatures to go along with it looks like they'll be in place as we head toward tomorrow and then as we get to saturday, that will likely be the peak of the heat low
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clouds and fog of retreated to the monterey bay. so mostly clear even along the coastline right now. but likely going to see a couple batches of fog develop the sea breeze going to continue right at the water's edge and that's what's going to be interesting during this heat wave temperatures out along the coastline. probably going to be about 40 degrees cooler as compared to some of the valley. so numbers working out like this. you've got 60's and 70's in the san francisco for tomorrow. really comfortable kind of cool out toward the beach, get inside the bay warming up in a hurry 70's navies in the burlingame 85 in san carlos. we've got 80's and some 90's begin to pop up in the south bay, maybe hundreds in the morgan hill that triple digit heat expected. the interior valleys as 107 in brentwood tomorrow 108 in vacaville scorching heat in many spots inland. the peak of that heat will not come until saturday, then i think after that things begin to cool down a little bit, but not by much on sunday by monday and tuesday. i think we see a return to more of a sea breeze and low clouds and fog and we can't wait for to that. guys. back to you. >> and now kron 4 sports.
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>> the a's desperately needed a win over the astros today after dropping the first 2 games of the series and falling 5 and a half games back in the a l s e like to see them get to a better place before the all-star break coming up in just a couple days, obviously a tough task, though, on the road in houston earlier this afternoon. that's minute maid park and this is about miss ground-rule double you'll ever see. matt olson there at the plate pops one down the left-field line. it lands fair, but then bounces like you just saw into foul territory into the stands. but that's good enough to score a run. go up one. nothing in the first next, batter jed lowry rounds one right up the middle into center field. that's good for a base hit. there's also he will score with oakland up 2, nothing before houston even had a chance to bat and the astros hitters couldn't do much off frankie montage. he gave up only or run over 7 innings and struck out 10 batters that is impressive. mon toss was the stop or the a's desperately needed today. 2, 1, ace in the 9th. jake
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diekman. here. nice pitch gets kyle. tucker to line out to second to second rather, to end the game. nice grab by tony kemp to oakland winds to one. they pulled back to 4 and a half games behind the astros in the al west. they stay in the lone star state to take on the rangers starting tomorrow. all right. switching gears there's no question the usa basketball team heading to the tokyo olympics is stacked, but there's a big star whos missing. this guy, steph curry. love his little airplane run there. and lebron james. he's the other biggest star who declined the invitation to take part in the olympics step just wrapped up one of his best season in the nba where he was named mvp finalist. plus the wars were eliminated earlier in the playoffs which gave him more time than other players to rest up before the game. so some people thought he might do it. however, on a call with reporters today. he said it just wasn't right for him. instead he's taking part in
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the american century championship golf tournament with his dad. dell and brother said. >> i'm working working out back on the court. but to try to go and play in, you know, there's a lot that can happen. i respect every single guy goes and plays an that's out there in vegas and wishon. obviously all the success and a gold medal that to show for done. and when i just wasn't wasn't right for me. >> don't worry, though the golden state warriors will be represented in tokyo. steve kerr is taking part is an assistant coach under gregg popovich and of course forward draymond green will don the red, white and blue. he's been in las vegas this week taking part in team usa camp along with former teammate kevin duran and some sharp shooters like bradley beal and dame lillard. but coach popovich says he doesn't want his team to rely on shotmaking wants to put an emphasis on defense. so draymond could have a huge role in setting the tone. and he says he's ready to talk some smack to go and defend.
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>> you know, our country and the way that we incredible. and so it's always an honor to be here. i don't know how to play, but i'll talk. that's just that's just who i grew up that way. a second you so that's just that's just the way life. >> yeah. exactly. no shot coming from drain on by cited about watching team usa the summer like all of those different stars. all stars coming together. it's kind of interesting to see how that will play out. it's funny how he put it on saginaw. is that how everybody i did not but i guess only the relationship to detroit and yeah, well, a detroit where you go the worse your can go on their stay on this side of the it is the end of an adventure for an escaped
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>> swain. nearly 2000 feet in the air for german tightrope. walkers have set a new world highlighting distance record. the team took 2 full days to set up their line in sweeten their rope or webbing as it is called measured in at a record breaking 1.3 miles long. it
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was strung up over a valley hovering 1970 feet above the ground. it took hours. and to say the least. a lot of balance. but all 4 men successfully completed the challenge. that's amazing >> being very snow, being extremely clean just reaching the end when i got to tell us that bank of this line. i screamed i don't really know why it's maybe a mix of emotions. >> just look at that. the walkers were fitted with a gps tracking device which recorded their 1.3 mile journey earning them. that new world record. meantime, the search for a 12 foot snake inside a louisiana mall has come to a happy ending. we told you about this yesterday. the yellow burmese python named cara was found in a ceiling space not far from the blue zoo aquarium at the mall of louisiana in baton rouge. you can see she's pretty mellow. they're hanging on that guy. she escaped her enclosure monday night briefly shutting down the entire mall
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snake trackers and experts were brought in to help hunt down care. and the said she was safe and healthy after today adventure one during the mall. looking at what was yeah. and before we leave you at 6. we want to show you this video again usgs has updated that earthquake near the sierra to a 6 point o which is in the strong category. >> you can see the dust in the background as. driver. brett durrant was. >> moving along interstate 3.95 and you see all the boulders and test that came from that quake will be back tonight at 8. when a truck hit my car, the insurance company wasn't fair.
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>> kidnapping nightmare. >> the 6-year-old girl snatched off her bike. >> it's okay! >> the incredible story of her rescue. >> i want my daddy! >> road rage epidemic! >> post-pandemic traffic leading to a nationwide surge in road rage. >> the suspect accused of bringing weapons to his hotel room. >> look what he's doing now. >> and, did


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