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tv   KRON 4 News at 6pm  KRON  July 8, 2021 6:00pm-6:31pm PDT

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see some dust blowing up billowing up from the sides of the mountain in the background there through the trees. you just make it out. and he there are big boulders that were scattered all over the highway. yeah, a very scary sight. here's a closer look at the same area. this again from brad huge boulders all over interstate 3.95. >> this again is can said is near coalville drivers chine to move their way around those boulders. luckily, none of them hit cars. at least we've not heard of anything like that. and here's a look at all the aftershocks say they are indicated by the red dots. and you can see at least 13 register so far a 4.2, 3.7 to 3.5 hit minutes later marked bill. the usgs just wrapped up a news conference moments ago. take a listen to what they had to say. shaking was felt. >> san francisco to the east of carson city, nevada and south is visalia, california.
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shaking related effects that we've heard of so far include rock fall along highway 3.95 near coalville. that's right. near the the earthquake. the earthquake is the result of normal it's a pretty well understood unexpected mechanism for. boundary of the sierra nevada mountains in the region that and in which it happened. early warning system. or detected the earthquake. 25.6 seconds after its origin. underestimated the original night to that event and that was slightly off from the true location. but man, that has the waves propagated across the state. other stations miss register. take alerts were sent for a base in different areas. joined in visit our site upon feeling it really early. will. multiple
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different events show up sort of simultaneously. this is a fairly common thing are instruments are just detecting automatically sending signals from these earthquakes. so it's something that's somewhat to be expected. >> we apologize for the audio that was cutting in and out on interview. but you got the idea of what he's having to say in, including. some of the information the mister mintz misreading some of the initial reports which created some confusion in the beginning in the immediate aftermath. yeah. you said because it's on the border there with nevada. they don't have as many of the instruments in that particular area. but they're hoping to add them as time moves on. we are continuing to keep an eye on the quakes and our chief meteorologist lawrence karnow standing keeping busy. yeah. both these hopping this afternoon. just a couple of hours ago. things really get going. but it's interesting what he is talking to talk about those waves moving through the ground and possibly triggering some false earthquake information we've watching this this what we originally got this was near stockton. a 4.8 registered. we
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don't actually know if that was real or just an artifact. >> of this larger earthquake that happened early on the 5.0. 9 may have been the actual triggering point for report. nonetheless, a very active time across the sierra nevada. you may have felt the earthquake. you may have felt a little queasy this and then realized no. this was actually and earthquake. another earthquake. a 4.8 occurred right there near lee vining into just 4 miles south southwest of lee vining. now, this all occurs on a plate boundary. this right along the wall. walker fault zone. if you've driven along the east side of the sierra nevada, you know, is how the sierra nevada just jumps almost straight up. it's really a magnificent sight. you've got one side. you've got the fair lawn plate and then on the other side, you've got what's called the north american plate. these plates are sliding against each other. in fact, in this case, the north american plate is moving westward right into the fair lawn plate. something's gotta give. and that's when we see these earthquakes. in fact, right along this walker lane fault zone. that's what we call a subduction zone. so the north
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american plate is basically lifting up informing the sierra nevada and that's where we get these earthquakes. it's been quite the day today and they've just started all over the place. in fact, here we go. you take a closer look now you can see toward lee vining things picking up early on this some of those earthquakes started to pop up and then it just really started to move further to the north. this first earthquake nearly vining. that was a 4.8 that cup things rocket. and then we have a couple quakes just minor quakes just to the west of that and then as we move further north things begin to pick up. and this is where it gets really intense as we've had numerous holes. too many to count. look at that all in and around the area. the areas that you can see in yellow. those earthquakes that are over an hour old. the one shaded in red. those are happening within this past hour. in fact, you can see that quake right that was a 4.4 and that's what we've seen. numerous quakes may be aftershocks of for even greater in some spots all the way down into bridgeport into walker coalville all over the place. so we'll continue to
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watch as it looks like this is going to stay active for some time. probably at least through the night. all right. lauren said busy day and night ahead. some people in the north bay woke up early this morning just after midnight. >> to a cluster of earthquakes in napa county. the largest was a 3.6 that hit just west of lake berryessa. it was followed by a number of small aftershocks. people who live in downtown napa say they're glad they didn't feel it because it brings them back to the memories of the big one that hit in 2014 that caused significant damage and deaths usgs says it's important to report the earthquake if you feel it so that geologist can collect the data. the information that they need to study it further and use this as a reminder to prepare your emergency kits and your emergency plans with your family for the next major earthquake right now kron 4 dot com. we have a section dedicated and has everything you need to know about today's swarm of earthquakes in the sierra as well as the early morning ones that took place in napa county. there's also
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information on the usgs shake alert app and earthquake preparedness tips so that you are ready the next time a big one hits. >> and now to our water problems all of the bay area is either in an extreme or exceptional drought category. this is the latest drought map released by us drought monitor this morning. you can see that all of the bay area is shaded either in red or dark red red means extreme drought dark red means exceptional drought, but indicate the 2 of the worst drought conditions that can be categorized and of course because of the drought conditions. we are headed into what could be a very dangerous fire season and the city of berkeley says it wants to be proactive about protecting life and property at a news conference this morning. the mayor of berkeley and the fire department officials describe how the more than 12 million dollars recently approved by voters will be used to address fire danger in the berkeley
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hills. the money will allow the city and the fire department to improve code enforcement to make sure that homeowners are following the rules. there will be improved community outreach and education and more racers resources will be made available for removing dangerous fire fuels such as dead trees and dry brush. we have a lot more work to do. >> we're anticipating some some help from the state soon. and we're ramping up. so getting additional positions to be able to handle that and get the work done. >> the city of berkeley is also working on creating and outdoor warning system so that if a wildfire breaks out in the hills. neighbors can be alerted quickly. >> thank you very much. pam barges using a herd of 700 goats to try to prevent a wildfire. this is new video of them grazing on bart property in fremont. the animals will go to places that treat cutting crews might not get to and also take care of some irritating plants, a poison oak and that kind of thing. bart says that those goats can
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clear more than an acre of dead, grass and trees a day. >> and continuing our coverage. governor newsome is urging californians to cut water use again as all of the state continues to feel the effects of the drought. well, for actions of allah has the latest on that. >> the governor is now asking californians to reduce their water use voluntarily, not mandatory this as most of california is considered to be in extreme drought conditions. this site. >> governor gavin newsome signing off on an order urging people and businesses to cut their water use by 15%. we're encouraging to do common sense. the order is not mandatory but voluntary. the administration is asking everyone to be mindful with water use like watering. the lawn doing laundry and taking a shower or not eliminating that time. not here. >> as nanny state or not. china here be oppressive. again, these are voluntary newsom's action in san luis obispo county thursday comes as 50 of california's 58
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counties. now following the governor's drought related emergency proclamation. >> with 42% of the state's population falling under that emergency as a result of the last drought newsome noted californians have been more mindful of water use in the state has been more efficient on water recycling the sober reality as such that. here we are again and we will need to with the lessons learned from the last drought. this is an existential. >> crisis that we're facing. senator andreas borgeas is the chairman of the state senate committee on agriculture. he says the governor's action does not go far enough. we need to be asking governor newsome to use his authority appropriately and that is instructing the relevant divisions of the state like hartman water resources that they must as a matter of policy human welfare and food production because if they don't, we will literally be down the road. we may not be able to recover from. >> in the state legislature. there are several proposals in the works to improve the
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state's water systems newsome and lawmakers are working to spend 5.1 billion dollars on those efforts and on immediate drought response at the state capitol. ashley zavala kron 4 news. >> another big story we're following tonight. pfizer is trying to get authorization for a 3rd dose of its covid vaccine. the company says that another shot within 12 months could dramatically boost immunity and perhaps ward off troubling variance research shows the covid-19 vaccines offer strong protection against the highly contagious. delta variant. but any bodies naturally wayne pfizer says early data suggests that anybody levels will jump after a 3rd dose. the filing does not mean that their doses would happen anytime soon. public health officials have to decide whether they're really needed. >> still to come on kron 4 news at 00:00pm tonight. the vta has announced plans for its light rail service to resume. we'll tell you when that could happen. plus why san francisco may have a steep mountain to climb when it comes to try to revive its
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when a truck hit my son, i had so many questions about his case. i called the barnes firm. it was the best call i could've made. call the barnes firm now and find out what your case could be worth. ♪ call one eight hundred, eight million ♪ >> back to our top story tonight. we want to show you this video again is pretty dramatic. the usgs reports that the earthquake, a swarm of quakes in the sierra. but the major quake has been upgraded to a 6 point. oh, that brings it up to a major earthquake. brett durrant shot this video. he tells us he was driving on interstate 3.95
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near coalville. that's on the east side of the sierra and that is the epicenter when the quake hit. you can see dust billowing off the sides of the mountains there. if you look through the trees, all the dust has caused by all the rocks that are sliding down the mountains from the earthquake and he says there are boulders covered the roadway. in fact, here's that video cars and vehicles. a kind of negotiating through an obstacle course here as he's a big boulders. we're laying there. >> this video also from brett again is can said huge boulders all over interstate 3.95. imagine how terrifying it would be to be driving in that area as those boulders were coming down. this is in coalville again, the drivers trying to make their way as best they can. lloyd you. and can we just talking both of you have actually been in this area you familiar with this and yet many times they've got a lot of great fishing places in and around that area. but you also see the see the sierra nevada. that really is just forced up. and so you've got these very steep granite mountains.
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>> and you get an earthquake like that, all of a sudden you got boulders coming down. the hill is pretty scary stuff out there. but yeah, we just want to let you know this earthquake has been officially upgraded now. now a strong category earthquake and that significant if an earthquake of 6 point. oh, we're hitting a populated area. we're talking about a significant amount of damage. we're lucky this is fairly unpopulated, although you've seen the rocks. there you see people out there on the roads dangerous for anybody out there at the same time. so we're going to keep our eyes on that numerous aftershocks continuing to show up in red there on the screen. we'll keep watching that throughout the night. other. right now we're talking about the heat and certainly getting hot around parts of the bay area today. at least inland. those temperatures soaring in the upper 90's. little haze out toward the golden gate bridge reading. so you see that marine layer starting to compress. now as we get ready for this heat wave. the beginning. yeah. it started today. all that dry desert air working its way into california. temperatures soaring into the central valley and i think there's this ridge strengthens we're going to watch even much hotter. temperatures starting
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tomorrow and into saturday. that will probably be the peak of the heat. but look at these numbers tomorrow could be blazing hot 103 in sacramento 100 for modesto one o 9. no thank you. makers feel a barstow. one 11 in yuma. then you get back toward the coastline you're very comfortable in san francisco at 74 degrees adviser ease for heat going up into the south bay, the santa clara valley heat warnings up across the north bay. see those areas shaded mainly over the mountain tops in the north bay above about a 1000 feet or so. and that's because the temperatures in the higher mountains. they're not going to cool off at night. we're going to stay very warm. so doesn't give your body a chance to recover from all that heat. you get into the east bay get into contra. costa alameda county slow counties. those temperatures a 100 to a 106 degrees would be surprised in someplace like vacaville to see those temperatures get even hotter than that as we head into saturday afternoon. so get ready. we've got that heat coming. it's on the way tomorrow you're going to notice the big range in temperatures along the coastline. you're thinking what heat wave? only 64
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degrees in half moon bay. but you had yeah. you're good. 40 degrees warmer at a 104 one. '02, in concord, a 102, a little more 93 in the napa valley and 90 degrees in san jose hotter temperatures are on the way to we'll have more on that coming up in a few minutes. thank you. well, there are some disturbing new details this evening about a california woman who was killed by a grizzly bear in montana. wildlife. officials say the bear pulled the woman from her tent in the middle of the night and killed her before the fellow campers could use bear spray to force the animal away. >> leah woken up. tico was on a long-distance bicycling trip and had stopped in the town of mundo montana when she wast killed. this was early on tuesday. officials have been searching for that grizzly bear by helicopter, but they haven't found it yet. once they do find it, the bear will be euthanized. officials say there is a public safety threat now because of the circumstances of the attack. a
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vigil was held today at redwood high school in larkspur to remember a 17 year-old boy who drowned at lake tahoe earlier this week. police say miles kawashima was celebrating the 4th of july with friends on a boat. but when he tried to move to another seat. the boat hit a wave and he flew off his friends called police. they were able to pull him out of the water and give him cpr. but the teenager died on the way to the hospital. the nevada department of wildlife is now investigating anything that occurred on the water and in that boat. >> in the south bay police are investigating a shooting at an apartment complex in santa clara. it happened just after midnight on flora vista avenue at the boardwalk apartments. one person was taken to the hospital but is expected to be okay. neighbors say they're shocked because it's usually a safe and quiet neighborhood. nobody has been arrested and police are asking anyone with information to come forward. also in the south bay, the vt has developed a plan to resume light rail service by the end of the month. early phases
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will require proper on board a gain of employees and evaluating the readiness of the staff who can return to work. they're also be training involved in a soft opening new for actual work assignments resume. the light rail system spans more than 40 miles in the south bay traveling from san jose to mountain view. this news comes more than a month after 9 people were killed in a shooting at the vta railyard the san francisco hotel market is in a depression with hotel rates dropping here more sharply than the rest of the country. that's according to a new report. >> while force maureen kelly explains what's driving this dramatic decline. >> this one of our premier queen queen loves john handler is family has been in the hotel business for generations. he seen a steep drop in the number of guests checking in due to the pandemic and the amount of money he can charge per night back in 2019, the average room rate here. the handler union square hotel was $255 a night
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now it's a $135 a night. the occupancy rate has also dropped a dramatic 60%, but i don't think i'm the only one who's in that same situation. a new report out from the american hotel and lodging association says the san francisco hotel market is in a state of depression with its revenue per available room down 70% from may of 2019 to may of this year. whereas the u.s. hotel market overall is considered in a recession being down 22%. as to what's driving the city's deeper decline. we're very convention and meeting city. >> and so because all the conventions and meetings have been canceled for all of 21. that takes a huge. leg of the stool. if you want to call that the other major market is the international visitors tourists and they're not to the states, let alone california. so now you've lost 2 legs on a three-legged
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stool. the domestic traveler looking to get away is the last leg. they are relying on. but handler e says even that business is being hurt by viral videos like this one depicting crime out of control. >> in san francisco. i've been here for 40 years working for our company. and that's the worst i've ever seen it. the tourism industry is the number one. >> business generator for the city. nothing seems to be getting done. >> he's expecting more people. checking in as conventions come back and international travelers return. but he doesn't expect to see business bouncing back until somewhere around 2023 maureen kelly kron 4 news. >> still ahead as 6, which city makes the pizza in the nation to guys tour, the u.s. in search of an answer. the number one city on their list is pretty controversial.
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i don't just play someone brainy on tv - i'm an actual neuroscientist. and i love the science behind neuriva plus. unlike ordinary memory supplements, neuriva plus fuels six key indicators of brain performance. more brain performance? yes, please! neuriva. think bigger. >> if you've noticed a drop in spam phone calls recently. there's a good reason on june 30th. the fcc started requiring major us phone carriers to verify a customer and phone number before an outgoing call goes through the new rule is aimed at cutting down on spoof calls claiming to be from a government agency banker business bogus calls may still side through on small carriers who don't have to change. make the change for another year or 2 and calls from scammers using verified numbers will likely still get through before the change cell
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phone use your average to about 12 spam calls a month. >> now to a pizza story and the city with the best pizza in the nation. a decision this summer calling controversial is not new. york is not chicago that san francisco is portland oregon, authors of a new book titled modernist pizza. spent time trying hundreds of pies all across the country. they came to the conclusion that the pizza in portland is the best overall. they say portland offer good variety quality crust and handmade rela. right. let the arguing begin next on kron. 4 news at 6.30. the delta variant showing up in contra, costa county. >> why officials say it's a
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making it easy to make things right: that's what we're made for. usaa. what you're made of, we're made for. get a quote today. >> our top story tonight at 6.30, a new study out on the effectiveness of vaccines is a mixed bag. promising news for those fully vaccinated. not so much for those who are not a ground force. dan kerman has been talking to the experts. he has more. >> new research about the effectiveness of covid-19 vaccines against the delta variant. >> has good news for the fully vaccinated. 2 doses of vaccine are. >> highly effective and very safe. but the pastor institute study reported in the journal nature. >> had a warning for those who have only received one dose of the two-dose pfizer vaccine. if you only one of the 2 jabs. you're maybe a little bit better off than the person who has any vaccine but not much.
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and that means the race against time to get people fully vaccinated. >> is now more important than ever. the more people that are not fully vaccinated in your community. >> the more likely you are to be exposed. >> an infectious disease. experts say if individuals won't get fully vaccinated to protect themselves. they should do it to protect others. >> if you're not fully vaccinated or for not tax it at all. not only are you putting yourself at risk, but you're going to become a factory to produce very more variants and those variants that are going to be produced are going to be we're going to see a fall just like we've seen from the wuhan straight into the office training. now to the delta streaming seen slow evolution towards being a little less responsive to our vaccines. and if we continue to see this evolution ultimately there's going to be a variant that's going to escape or vaccines. we can avoid that. it's important to note the new study did not
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look at the effectiveness of the moderna vaccine or the johnson and johnson vaccine. >> in san francisco. dan kerman kron 4 news. >> meantime, health officials in contra, costa county are warning that partially or unvaccinated people are more at risk of being infected with the highly transmissible delta variant kron four's. phillipe djegal tells us county says that variant is quickly accounting for most new cases. >> the delta variant of covid-19 is now the dominant strain in the united states says the centers for disease control and prevention making up more than half the new infections across the country. and contra costa health services says it is seeing a similar trend locally or public health lab does some sequencing. and although it's a sense that the populations of got a full picture. >> we can take those percentages and we have the death of derrion sequenced and over 50% of the samples that they've been sequencing and the contrast county nearly almost half, i should say deputy healt


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