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tv   KRON 4 News at 4am  KRON  July 8, 2021 4:00am-4:30am PDT

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>> from the area's local news station. you're watching the kron 00:00am morning news, 4. >> all right. good morning, everybody. thank you for joining us here at 04:00am. >> it is thursday. july 8th as we count down towards what's going to be a pretty warm weekend ahead. and that's been kind of a weather story all week long as we've been counting down the days to when we're expecting triple digits to return. so just brace yourself for that. for more on the forecast. we want to head over to the weather center where eric is standing by. john off today. erica, good morning. going to double duty for us both on the weather and the traffic for a good
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morning. yeah, good morning. james are right about that rain. and john, both off today. so i'll handling both. but temperatures today and some places inland. we'll actually see numbers. >> up about 15 degrees forces. what we saw yesterday for daytime high temperatures. >> along the coast so you won't see too much of a change. >> maybe temperatures will just be a few degrees higher versus yesterday. but yes, there it is. fog. and we're also seeing some patchy drizzle and some places. however, it should burn off by mid afternoon. as for temperatures right now, we're at 58 in hayward to 55 in dublin, 59 in pittsburgh petaluma currently 48 degrees. and in nevado 50 right now, we do have an excessive heat watch that will be in effect tomorrow through monday because of those high temperatures dry conditions as well. so you can see the pink there up in the marine county as well as out in concord and
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livermore, all that pink that you see there, not just here in the bay area. but also a lot of california will see temperatures in the triple digits a hot weather for the weekend. so here's our satellite and radar looking dry. we actually have high pressure that is building to the southeast of us. so that's why we're going to see our temperatures climbing this weekend. and here you see the fog diminishes by about 1230 this afternoon. looks like it will be pretty clear in terms of that has 4 winds right now, not looking too bad. it is a little breezy there out in oakland and concord right now our winds will pick up a little bit this afternoon. a little breezy ask for our high temperatures today you will notice a little more of the 90's compared to yesterday. livermore 97 for a daytime high of 91 for nevado their san francisco 74 degrees and redwood city 85 now let's
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check in on our traffic conditions and see how it is as you're approaching the tolls heading into san francisco to take of the bay bridge there looks pretty good. we don't see any wait. just a few cars moving on by and then heading marine county here. if you're taking the richmond, sandra fell bridge looking smooth. just a couple cars going by. not too many people out on the roads yet southbound 8.80, from oakland to highway 2.38 just a 10 minute drive. green everywhere. i haven't seen any major traffic collisions right now. we did have a couple overnight, but it looks like it's been cleared on our roads are looking pretty good right now. so on interstate 6.80, from dublin to fremont. it's about a 13 minute drive. and on the 2.37 from milpitas to sunnyvale. you're looking at 6 minutes trains. >> alright, erica, thank you for 3 is the time we have some breaking news this morning.
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the north bay has been experiencing a cluster of earthquakes this morning with the largest being 3.6 in magnitude. the largest earthquake happened about half past midnight this morning. it was centered in the town of angwin, which is about 17 miles north of napa. that 3.6 was followed then by a 1.6 than one 0.7. then one 0.8 1.9 so all sub 2 point. oh, no reports of any damage. we'll keep you updated as we get more and more accounts coming in. another big story that we're following this morning and he's a man was killed in his tent while camping in oroville over the holiday weekend. the victim is identified as 20 year-old taylor dixon of san pablo. he was a former quarterback at elstree to high school kron four's taylor sackey has more. >> tyler dickson was a well-known athlete here at el serino high school where he graduated in 2019. his godfather says that he had a college football scholarship in a very bright future ahead of him. unfortunately now that's all gone and his family is devastated still looking
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for answers just a great kid, though. you know, he was a kid that always worse. >> i mean, he was first to practice. he was he was blasted the andre williams was heartbroken when he learned his godson 20 year-old tyler dickson was killed on saturday. >> on a camping trip at the big will canyon marina campground in oroville located in butte county. it was just a gentle giant. >> and his mom him. they've they've they rising, right. he he came came from from a great family. it's just tragic that this happened to a kid like that was already on scholars says. >> dixon had a scholarship to western colorado university for football dixon graduated from el serino high school in 2019. it was the former quarterback of the football team williams says he also played basketball is really. >> devastated this community here he went would that we knew was going to make come back and help these kids out right now. we just in morning.
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well, it's been a few days since dixon died. >> william says many questions still linger. he says dixon was on the trip with his girlfriend's family at the time. and later learned that dixon was shot and killed in the abdomen while inside his tent. what we do know is supposed to be someone came in his tent. >> wow. him his girlfriend was sleeping. just shot one and and it shot read all 3 us and expressing what i talked to his no answers in this like it doesn't make any sense. >> so far. the view county sheriff's office put out limited information and have not named any suspects. they say the investigation is ongoing and they're asking the public to come forward with any information they may have in el serino to love the psac ii kron 4 news. >> and a bay area teen drowned at lake tahoe on monday. miles, kawashima got on a boat apparently with a group of
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teenagers deputies. got to just stress call from passengers on that boat monday evening. they're still trying to figure out exactly what led up to his death. he attended redwood high school in larkspur and on facebook, the football community posted their condolences writing in part, quote, miles played 2 years of football and was also on redwoods varsity baseball team. our thoughts are with miles as family, friends and teammates during this difficult time. san francisco police are searching for whoever is responsible for an anti lgbtq graffiti that was sprayed on the side of an apartment building in the castro district. people in the building could only tell officers that in unknown person tag the side of the building. a planter and a sidewalk. it happened around midnight on july 6. the case has been handed over now to the department's special investigation division. in the north bay. new irrigation restrictions have been adopted now by the marine municipal water district marin county is classified under exceptional drought conditions in these
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pictures. explain why you can see just how low the levels are at local reservoirs. the new water restrictions put a one day per week limit on spray irrigation today per week limit on drip irrigation the water district had already declared a water shortage. emergency and set a goal to reduce water by water use by 40%. >> every little bit counts. this is really a historic drought. we've not seen drug conditions like this in more than a 140 years. we were looking at the rainfall and rainfall for the last 18 months is the lowest on record now. 143 years. >> so power your cars or driveways or sidewalks are all prohibited now the water district is offering a variety of rebates and incentives so that you can save water. the future of the athletics in oakland continues to hang in the balance. it will ultimately be up to the city council to decide if the team's proposal for that waterfront ballpark moves forward. the council held a
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meeting to gather gather. more details before holding a forcefully gaal has more. >> the proposed waterfront ballpark district that howard terminal is the oakland athletics last option to stay within city limits as team president dave kaval. we're in a position now really is howard terminal or bus in january. the a's submitted a non-binding term sheet to the city. it was made public in april that is what is on the table and it's what will ultimately be up for the council's vote, including negotiated recommendations made by city staff. >> the city council discuss the details of the term sheet. wednesday. >> during a virtual study session she is essentially an outline of the proposed financial deal between the city and the a's and the athletics need the council to approve the term sheet in order to move forward or existing lease at the coliseum only goes through 2024. >> we have a situation where the facility is 10 years past its useful life. and we really
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have an obligation and a responsibility to get some type of resolution on this. keep in mind the city says negotiations for the 12 billion dollar. howard terminal project in the future of the coal seam side are not related and ongoing bids and proposals for the coliseum site. >> i have no bearing on how or terminate the raiders deal. >> when they came back from los angeles included the city and county paying for the ballpark we're paying for the entire cost of the stadium. the a's are taking the risk. all the on-site ris. one sticking point is that the city wants the athletics to commit to a non relocation agreement. >> that would remain valid for at least 45 years. the a's have countered with 20 years. the council is scheduled to vote on the term sheet. july 20th. >> but even if approved, it's unclear when or if the project will ever break ground phillipe djegal all kron 4 news. >> we'll take a break. it is 4.10. but coming up on the
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kron 4 morning news governor newsome makes his first public appearance since the date was announced for his recall election will tell you why he says he's not letting it distracted. and after the break, prices for rideshare companies are going up. but that means good news for bay area taxi companies. we'll explain. for 13 is the time a
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rise in prices across popular rideshare apps is pushing passengers to other modes of transportation. and for some. >> that means going back to taxis kron four's noelle bellow explains. >> there's no car pool anymore. so you can tell that when you take like i write it's way more expensive. the prices have gone up. >> may. 25%. the counting station communities across neck. but i think now it's my neck. 25 even bucks. so it's just too much. >> people across san francisco are noticing a price increase when using rideshare apps e-commerce company rakuten reporting last month prices for rides from uber and lyft have spiked 40% nationwide. we've always had a huge flywheel app users when and lyft for surge pricing. >> but now it's you know,
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maybe triple that flywheel is an on-demand taxi cab app that works with most cap companies in san francisco, president tom suit. kim says longer wait times and surge pricing on rideshare apps is pushing people back to their services. i think uber and lyft probably are going to readjust this surge pricing because they have been so many complaints about it but until that happens here, i think taxi drivers are in for a good period of time. >> in san francisco. a flywheel isn't the only taxicab service out there. but i think now like honestly, probably look more so that taxes noah rosenblatt lives near japan town monday. he tried to get a ride share from oracle park. that pricing was high and the wait for a ride was 20 minutes. a friend suggested he use the yellow cab app yo taxi that was quicker is cheaper. it was easier. he shared his experience with neighbors on next door and says he'll be keeping the app on his phone attacks in history doesn't get the best rap.
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>> but. yeah, i had such a experience and was so surprised them in saving. like almost over double what i would have paid taking. you know, let's turn it over, but i just felt like i should let other people now. >> in san francisco. noelle bellow kron 4 news. >> the taxi cab comeback about that. all right. 4.15 on the clock. let's get over to the weather center. slash traffic center visit with erica with an update on both. good morning. >> good morning. james. while starting off with a weather, today's going to be a little warmer compared to what we saw yesterday along the coast center bay shore line. you're going to expect temperatures to be a few degrees warmer compared to yesterday. but some places inland and in ehe south bay, we could see temperatures 10 to 15 degrees higher compared to what we saw yesterday. currently we're seeing some fog along the coast. that should clear by about to lunch and we are seeing some drizzle in some
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places as well because of that moisture. but it is going to dry up and temperatures will start to climb as we get closer to this weekend. we're going to see the hottest temperatures in the bay area. so 55 right now in dublin, 59 out and pittsburgh nevado currently 50 and santa rosa 50 degrees. so the reason we're going to see these dry conditions and these high temperatures is because of high pressure that is building to the east of us and it's so just remember this weekend, especially if you live inland to keep water bottles in hand and put on sunscreen. if you're going to be outdoors. san francisco today. notice temperatures will be in the lower 70's. as for the coast here. we're looking at 60's at 68 in half moon bay 77 in millbrae for our daytime high today. out in san carlos down to mountain view. we're looking at mid 80's out in the south bay. we're actually going to be in the 90's in several places like saratoga campbell morgan hill expected to hit about 92 degrees today.
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livermore little higher 97 cooler out in hayward at 81 degrees and family and your today 83 in castro valley out in antioch expected to hit 91 we look at vacaville. we're actually expected to already hit the triple digits today 95 in fairfield, 90 in santa rosa and 89 in petaluma. again, we have that excessive heat watch that will be in effect tomorrow through the weekend. and there you see our temperatures far inland area climbing saturday's going to be the warmest for us island in the bay. you see temperatures pumping up there a little bit to 78 by saturday and then after that, we do head into a cooling trend. in the meantime to stay hydrated. if you're going to be outdoors, especially in the south bay inland and north bay area. these next few days. let's get a check now and on the roads to see how the traffic as. if you're taking the san mateo bridge right
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now. i don't see any issues on either high rises looking good right now. it's about 12 minutes from the east bay out to highway one. oh, one in the peninsula now and then the dumbarton bridge is also looking good. it's about 11 minutes. if you're commuting from the east bay out to menlo park right now. not too many people out on the road yet and westbound 24 here from walnut creek to the 5.80, you're looking at 11 minutes, checking in on other drive times around the bay state route 4. it's about under 15 minutes. looking excellent there. if you're traveling from antioch to concord and then 6.80 from dublin to fremont. also looking good at 13 minutes. back to you, james. all right. thank you very much, erica, for 19 is the time national headlines this morning. today president biden is set to speak about afghanistan. >> just days after american troops pulled out of their main military base. our washington correspondent anna wiernicki has the story.
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>> good morning. in just a few hours, we will hear directly from president biden on the details of american troops leaving afghanistan and just a few days ago we heard from the pentagon saying that this process is moving quickly and ahead of schedule. >> more than 90% of american troops have left afghanistan. well ahead of president biden's deadline of september 11. we went to afghanistan because of the horrific attack that happened 20 years ago. that can not explain why we should remain their president biden says he plans to keep 650 troops in the country primarily to help secure diplomats located at the u.s. embassy. nobody thought this is a good idea. but some republicans, including texas congressman michael mccaul say they're concerned as the taliban gains more grounds in the area. i've concerned that we will be going back afghans are going to decide their future, what they what they want. president biden has said that the u.s. will continue to support afghanistan but state department spokesperson ned
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price says ultimately it's time for other countries in the region to step up many of afghanistan's neighbors have been happy to the united in the united states alone if there is to be a just and durable settlement and a comprehensive cease-fire. >> it needs to be supported supported by afghanistan's neighbors and we hope to see the possibly. >> and before president biden makes his remarks later this afternoon. he will meet with his national security team to get an update on the progress of the withdrawal in washington. i'm anna wiernicki. back to you. >> thank you, anna, for 21 the time. coming up next on the kron 00:00am morning news bay area rent prices are on the rise, though some experts say they may not be going back to prepandemic levels just yet.
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for 24 is the time around the bay area rents are down about 15% compared to last year. >> but since the pandemic has started to ease a bit prices are starting to climb back up how high they'll go. that's still a big question. a data journalist with za per dot com, which is a website that tracks and lists rental properties says that he expects rental prices will continue to climb. but they
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may not get as high as they were before the pandemic. many people have permanently left the bay area, especially tech workers. >> we're not sure how broadly tech companies are going to work from home policies. and if that is very broad and people don't return to the bay area and the same members that they are and say new york city, we might see the pandemic as an event that permanently lowered bay area roots. >> experts say the real test of what will happen with the rental market could come this fall when many companies plan to reopen their offices. so we'll see. a high-speed train from la to las vegas is a little closer to becoming a reality. bright line holdings announced its purchase day 100, 10 acre piece of land in nevada. the site will be developed as a las vegas terminal. it will have access to the airport, the strip and the raiders football stadium when it's finished, the train, presumably will go directly to
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victorville. rancho cucamonga and palmdale in southern california. trains will then provide connections to l a. >> well operate a 200 mile an hour. all electric high-speed train. great. you know, opportunities where you know folks won't have endure drive times of over 6 hours, we'll be able to have trained times throughout. >> yeah, the project won't begin until next year because of delays from covid-19. but will keep track of it. it's 4.26. we'll take a break. but still ahead on the kron 00:00am morning news after several dangerous sideshows break out over the holiday weekend. the police in vallejo are now asking for more help to stop them. we'll explain.
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for 30 is the time. good morning. thank you for joining us here on a thursday. john trouble is off of that rain off as well. so erica, poor things having to do double duty today whether and traffic center. >> good morning. erica there at about meeting. james. we'll start off with weather. today's actually be warmer compared to what we saw yesterday. so the start of a warming trend. this weekend's going to be even hotter. let's take a look now at what we're currently seeing, though.
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we're seeing some fog along the coast and some drizzle in some places. but that will be burning off as we get closer to about lunch time. it is also cloudy along the coast. and that's going to stay with us throughout the morning as well. but our inland areas, it's going to be a beautiful day. we're see blue skies later on right now. we're at 56 in fremont 59 and pittsburgh. 57 in concord 50 right now in petaluma, 50 and sand to so that excessive heat watches going begin tomorrow. and last through monday, you can see the pink there. those are the areas that will be under the excessive heat watch. and you can see it extends even beyond the bay area to the rest of the day. northern california, as you can see there as well. southern california this weekend we have high pressure that will be building to the east of us. and that's why we're going to see these dry conditions and these hot temperatureshe


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