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tv   KRON 4 News at 630pm  KRON  July 7, 2021 6:30pm-7:01pm PDT

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>> president joe biden was in illinois today talking about what his administration has accomplished to help families so far. >> and he also talked about his infrastructure proposal kron four's, alexandra limon joins us live from washington, dc tonight on why the president says investing more money in children will pay off in the long run. alexander. was this about. >> and they're good evening. we'll president joe biden has been pushing for an infrastructure package that invests in what he calls human infrastructure and the president is trying to make the case that the investment would pay off by helping
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americans. now and the economy in the long run. >> america's back. >> president joe biden says his covid relief bill is helping the u.s. economy rebound and he's making the pitch that investing again. this time in education and childcare will do even more. does anybody think in the 21st century. >> with the changes taking place in technology across the board, the 12 years with the case is enough as part of his human infrastructure. plan. the president proposes providing free preschool education as well as free community college i could boost her knees of high school graduate was low wage jobs by nearly $6,000 a year on average president biden says expanding child tax credits, lowering health insurance premiums and making child care more accessible and affordable will help middle class families. my plan provided to 12 weeks of paid family leave for medical.
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>> and the most difficult will ever face. no one should have to choose between. >> the job and a paycheck and take care someone you love. in addition to long-term benefits. president biden says his infrastructure package will also provide an immediate boost. we're going to make the biggest investment in roads and bridges since the construction interstate highway system. >> literally creating millions of good paying job. if you're really serious about >> look at traditional infrastructure that is roads bridges, rural broadband which is so important to the culture right now. they're not much up with things have nothing to do with infrastructure. >> now, president biden says he's still hopeful. he can convince some of those skeptical republican lawmakers to support at least portions of his infrastructure package, but he admitted today that he may have to rely only on democratic support in order to pass other parts like those investments in education and clean energy reporting live in washington. alexandra limon. alexandra, thank you.
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>> today former president donald trump announced a lawsuit against 3 bay area. tech companies, facebook, twitter and google. trump says that he will serve as the lead plaintiffs claiming that he has been wrongfully censored by those companies. >> no other companies in our country. and even in our country's history have had protection like this. it's in effect a massive government subsidy. >> the former president made the announcement from his golf club and that mister in new jersey, the legal action alleges that the 3 tech giants violated his first amendment rights when they banned him from their platforms that ban followed the january 6 capitol insurrection by the trump supporters. facebook has extended its suspension of trump's account until at least 2023 twitter, which was trump's favorite social media site has banned him
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permanently. >> tropical storm elsa made landfall along florida's gulf coast this morning in could bring life threatening storm surge as well. also is also making it difficult for crews to search the debris at the site of that collapsed, condo building in surfside near miami today marks the 14th day of that disaster. search teams recovered 18 more bodies beneath rubble pushing the death toll to 54 kareen wynter has the latest. >> a somber scene at the side of the florida condominium collapse. nearly 2 weeks after the disaster search teams sifting through twisted metal broken concrete and scattered debris facing the grim reality of no longer finding more survivors alive. saying they've detected no new signs of life today are engineers. >> and our staff are in the north building. the champlain north, the building that substantially the same as the one that collapsed. without explanation. they're in there with ground penetrating radar
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and other tools to continue to assess the structural. the situation there. that building. >> a tropical storm elsa which made landfall along florida's gulf coast briefly disrupted search efforts yesterday due to lightning and winds which impeded efforts to remove the debris zinn cranes and other heavy equipment. weather conditions continue to clear up today as hopes fade of finding any more people alive. more than 90 people are still missing. every single victim uncovered is somebodys child somebodys mother somebodys teachers somebodys colleague a classmate. the best friend. our hearts break for those your morning and for those who are waiting. despite the challenges and desperate recovery efforts. officials say search crews continue to make progress in areas that were inaccessible prior to the demolition of the rest of the collapsed condo. >> in other parts of the state. tropical storm elsa
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continues to pound the area with heavy rainfall and powerful winds that knocked out electricity to 10's of thousands of customers. >> elsa came ashore this morning in taylor county, florida, southeast of tallahassee. and so far there's been no reports of major damage or any storm related deaths. governor ron desantis said while the storm has drenched some communities could have been much worse and warned residents of the dangers that still exist with downed power lines which in the public to be careful during the cleanup. if you have lost power, please do not use generators indoors. >> we ask you to use caution when lighting your homes with candles. if you continue to have power outages. >> that was kareen wynter reporting. governor desantis declared states of emergency in several counties ahead of the storm. president biden also signed off on a federal emergency declaration. now for the very latest on tropical storm elsa. let's head over to our chief meteorologist lawrence karnow. yeah, also weakened, just slightly before making landfall, make it a
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tropical storm. nonetheless, very serious storm as it continues rolling not just through florida but now it's going to impact the entire eastern seaboard over the next couple of days. you can see the center of elsa still for the north now near jacksonville and brunswick there to the north and they're going to see plenty of heavy rain. they've had reports as much as 12 inches of rain across parts of florida already. it is going to pick up some steam right now. still moving fairly slowly. but you see these bands that are moving through those are fierce storms. i was checking on some rain amounts. 3 inches an hour in some of those bands that are moving on by. so savannah just about get hit by that and then it's going to continue tracking its way to the north. here's the very latest in the forecast to winds now of 45 miles per hour. so still a tropical storm system moving north northeast at 14. so it hasn't picked up much steam just yet. but i think it will start to increase in speed here over the next 24 hours and making its way there near raleigh by thursday boy, it's going to be a very, very heavy rain and wind event there and all along
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this path, we're looking to downed trees the possibility some tornadoes wrapping around this along the coastal areas you see there shaded in yellow and orange looking for storm surge out there. you've got all those winds that are wrapping around. that will cause some of the waves to pile up along the coastline and they're going to see a storm surge there into marilyn and philadelphia as we head in toward early on friday morning and then continuing all along the eastern coast right through boston area as we head toward a friday as well. then finally all the way up into nova scotia. but that's going to be some kind of storm rolling on by over the next 24 the 36 hours back out west. we go. we're going start feeling that heat as early as tomorrow. temperatures getting near triple digits inland about 99 in concord tomorrow. 99 little more pretty comfortable inside the bay any 80's then along the coastline. what heat wave, right. very cool numbers in the 60's out there as we look out toward the next few days, though, we are going to crank those numbers up. here comes the heat settling in over the weekend away from the coast triple digits, maybe as high as a 100 for the warmer spots
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on saturday. slama county. you can see those go up to a 106 finally cooling down but not till the beginning of next week. thanks, lauren. still ahead, a local home invasion turns deadly a man kicks down homeowner's door in fairfield. what happened after the president defended himself. >> and as for stream on green damian lillard and the rest of team usa getting ready for the olympics. sports director jason dumas has head coach gregg popovich's thoughts on coaching the best team in the world. coming up.
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>> developing news out of haiti. haiti's police chief says that for suspected killers of the president jovenel mo ease had been fatally shot by police and 2 others have been arrested in an apparent hostage taking situation there. police chief says that 3 police officers who were held hostage have been set free. mali's was killed in his home early this morning by an unidentified group in port-au-prince, the capital of haiti, the president's wife was injured. her condition unknown at this hour. always had been president since january of 2020 without scheduled elections being held. the opposition says that he was amassing power illegally in violation of that country's constitution. >> a home invasion robbery in seminole county or at least a home invasion turns deadly and now police trying to figure out what led up to it. police
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say a man knocked on the door of a home in fairfield early tuesday morning when no one answered. he kicked down the door. and that's when the homeowner shot and killed the intruder. >> i'm kind of going lived here all my life. lives 18 years and thus far the most eventful thing that's happened in this neighborhood. the homeowner defend themselves and fire grounds. the suspect fleeing and then you obviously called us and has forced him out. >> police say they found the intruder across the street where he died. they say he was armed with a loaded handgun. he has been identified as a 27 year-old from city who is on active parole for a home invasion in alameda county. >> coming up next, nasa announced big plans for the years to come. how the future of space travel is evol
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and each time we use our card, we earn cash back to help grow our business. it's more than cycling, it's finding innovative ways to move forward. chase for business ® . make more of what's yours ® . forget elon musk going. jeff bezos. nasa says it is reentering the space race for its first moon mission and more than 50 years and it plans to land the first woman and potentially the first person of color. there. >> by the year 2024 with the idea of living somewhere other than earth gaining momentum commercial space exploration could soon be a reality. >> during the launch. the largest most powerful rocket ever. we are right at a new dawn of the space age and it is an exciting space age. >> the first test flight
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scheduled for liftoff by the end of this year and a spacecraft that could push humans farther into space than ever before. >> back here on earth. new water restrictions are now in effect from marin county. residents are now allowed to water their grass once a week on designated days. drip irrigation will also be limited but should just 2 days a week. these are just the on a growing list of restrictions for bryn county previous restrictions. limited when you can water your grass allowing it only after 7 o'clock at night and before 9 in the morning, power washing washing your car you drive where sidewalks are also prohibited to find out more head to our website. kron 4 dot com for a full list of the restrictions. >> all right. let's check on our 4 zone forecast. a live look outside looking at the golden gate bridge >> looks pretty clear and sunny right. it's looking wednesday, going to be pretty hot. going to get very hot around parts of the bay area. not right there. the golden gate bridge, i to be very
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pleasant along the coastline in the coming days. but that dome of high pressure not messing around coming out of the desert southwest and that's where we get a lot of our he waves during the summer time. is that big dome builds in right over the 4 corners and all of a sudden brings in that dry desert air back in the california. so anywhere away from the immediate coastline. you're going to get away from the fog in the sea breeze and these temperatures are going to get hot in a hurry back to national weather service says watches up across many of the mountain tops in the north bay. also parts of the east bay. the diablo range over the mountains there. you're not going to see those temperatures cool off very much at night. so you need those very hot days than those overnight lows probably dropping down the 60's, maybe even some 70's at night. so that didn't give your body a chance to recover. we'll see more sunshine, less fog in the coming days. in fact, patched up overnight tonight. still some drizzle along the coastline has been very damp over this past week in the coastal sections. that will continue that way overnight tonight. but i think more sunshine by tomorrow afternoon as a result, the temperatures going to start to warm up plan
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on some 60's in the san francisco about 50's 60's along the coastline. then get inside the bay. we start warming up in a hurry 74 burlingame 79 in foster city about 81 redwood city tomorrow. the south bay some 80's maybe couple low 90's begin to pop up and getting hot. there definitely hot inland 99 little more about 95 in dublin, 96 in danville, 99. it walnut creek about 81 of 92 in yountville about 94 and snow most so these temperatures even tomorrow we're going to feel the heat and then we're going to go in and that he way full-bore as we get the weekend triple digit heat expected friday saturday, sunday finally cooling down a little bit starting on monday. >> and now kron 4 sports. >> the a's are trying to stay in the american league rest race heading into the all-star break. the 4 and a half games behind houston and they're taking on the astro's again in game 2 of a three-game series in we have an update in up 3
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to one olson who will be in the home run derby. he hit a homer. but jose the a's killer hit a three-run blast right now is a 3 run game 5th inning. we'll highlights soon as that game goes, final. now, another all-star jacob, go grab it the grom. i'm sorry he's having one of the best seasons we've ever seen on the bump. we just don't see it in the all-star game. the right-handed ace announced today that he will skip the game instead, he's going to spend time with his family. and rest for the 2nd half of the season. i'm sure mlb is not thrilled with this decision giving the league is doing anything possible to grow the game and really appeal to younger fans. but hey, i don't blame him. one thing we can never get back is time and he wants to spend it with the fam 5 tampa bay rays, pitchers combined for 7 hitless innings today. it will go down as a no hitter in the record books since it was only a seven-inning game that
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switch during covid rules collin mchugh, josh fleming diego castillo, matt wisler and pete fairbanks combined for the hit list performance. mike green kevin durant's damian lillard and company. they continue to prep for the olympics out in las vegas. they'll play their first exhibition game on saturday against warriors, assistant coach mike brown in his nigeria team. that's one of 5 exhibition games to get out of the usa team to get ready for the real thing. team usa first olympic matchup will be on july 25th against france head coach gregg popovich spoke today about how special it is for him to be a part of the olympic games. you are. >> something so it around the other coaches on these players. you know, you kind of look in the mirror and you say what am i doing here. so that's the the privilege of. you know, great, great fun.
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lot of work, obviously. but. amazed that you can that kind of company. >> a bit of a shocker today. roger federer went down in straight sets to hubert her coach check it out. you'll see this like ever federer slipping on what should have been the easy put away. the crowd come believe it. we'll see what's next for him. but you know, as they say, father time is undefeated and federer. he's had an amazing career. but he is going to be 40 soon and he's out there playing against 19 year-old to her really fast and really athletic. so unfair some of us would be happened >> thanks, jason. thank you. coming up next, photoshop fail, which nation is making it illegal to edit your photographs and the consequences that rule consequences that rule breakers could face. certain hpv-related cancers?
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we made usaa insurance for members like martin. an air force veteran made of doing what's right, not what's easy. so when a hailstorm hit, usaa reached out before he could even inspect the damage. that's how you do it right. usaa insurance is made just the way martin's family needs it with hassle-free claims, he got paid before his neighbor even got started. because doing right by our members, that's what's right. usaa. what you're made of, we're made for. ♪ usaa ♪ >> i speed train from la la to las vegas is a little bit closer to becoming reality. bright line holdings announced its spot, a 110 acre parcel in vegas. the site will be developed as a las vegas terminal. we will have access to the airport. the las vegas strip and the new raiders football stadium when it's finished, the trains will go directly to victorville rancho
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cucamonga and palmdale in southern california and the trains there. well, then provide connections to los angeles. >> well, operate a 200 mile an hour. all electric high-speed train. great. you know, opportunities where you know, folks won't have endure drive times of over 6 hours, we'll be able to have trying times of free out. >> project won't begin until next year due to covid delays law in norway makes it illegal to photoshop pictures on social media influencers must now disclose when their faces have been altered or retouched a law applies to facebook. instagram snapchat tiktok and twitter. if they are caught breaking the rules fines and even prison time or on the table. norway things that this new law will help curb the negative effect that advertising is having on children. can you imagine sitting in the jail cell and talking to another convict. what are you in for. i fix
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took out some crease line here. and what of magic that would never happen here. but it's interesting that they're doing it. all right. that wraps up kron 4 news tonight at 6 o'clock. we will be back at 8. >> have a good evening. 7.19.
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♪ ♪ >> heroes of the pandemic. >> you got this! red, white, and blue confetti. >> then -- trump's first press conference since leaving office. >> we are going to impeach him. we are going to impeach him. >> and melani'as secret visit to new york. >> 12 hours of nonstop chaos. >> innocent bystanders are hit by bullets raining from the sky. >> plus, the hero team


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