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tv   KRON 4 News at 6pm  KRON  July 7, 2021 6:00pm-6:31pm PDT

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station from that. he's about to that. >> bucks. but i think now it's my neck. 25 even bucks. >> so it's just too much. an uptick in pricing across popular. rideshare apps is pushing some passengers to other modes of transportation. >> and for some that means going back to the old fashion taxi evening. i'm ken wayne and i pale more taxicab companies are reporting an uptick in business over the last few fortune. well, bellow joins us now live from san francisco with more on the shift in business. noel. >> pam and ken, i wish this show started about 10 minutes early because one of the cab companies i'm about to introduce you to just dropped off a passenger right here next to me, of course, as you know, here in san francisco, especially, we have so many different ways to get around whether that's a scooter or rideshare app. cab companies, of course, have kind of been pushed to the wayside over the
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last several years. however, over the last few months they've started to see a resurgence. >> i use chat apps by it's become expensive. there's no car pool anymore. so you can tell that when you take like i write it's way more expensive. the prices have gone up. >> by 8.5%. >> whether you're heading to work or out for dinner. people across san francisco are noticing. >> a price increase when using rideshare apps e-commerce company rakuten reporting last month prices for rides from uber and lyft had spiked a 40% nationwide. >> attacked the move citi bike lime school. does those apps a commitment to float above that. now. >> have you thought about using a taxi at all. >> i have thought about using taxis, but i just don't know how to get them. despite being lesser known over the last few months taxicab companies say they're seeing increased demand. we've always had a huge flywheel app users when uber and lyft for surge
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pricing. but now it's you know, maybe triple that flywheel is an on-demand taxi cab app that works with most cab companies in san francisco. president han soo kim says longer wait times and surge pricing on rideshare apps is pushing people back to their services. i think uber and lyft probably are going to readjust this surge pricing because they have been so many complaints about it but until that happens here, i think taxi drivers are in for good period of time. >> now flywheel says that there's still a perception that cab companies are pricing a little higher than rideshares. but these days that's just not true. they're actually working with sfmta to try and create fixed pricing on that app for taxi cabs and they say they're going to launch that as soon as next month. flywheel isn't the only taxi cab app that's out there, though. coming up at 8 o'clock. i'm going to have a
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little bit more on what's called yellow taxi here sf for now live in san francisco. noelle bellow kron 4 news. thank, you know well. >> another big story we are following this is yet another deadly crash involving a tesla here in the bay area. this time of san lorenzo teen was killed. kron four's. dan kerman tells us the focus is once again on the vehicle's autopilot system. in august of 2019. >> this tesla model 3 slammed into a pickup truck along 8.80 in fremont. the video comes from attorneys representing the family of 15 year-old giovanni maldonado who was ejected from the pickup and died at the scene. attorneys for the family filed a lawsuit against tesla and the driver of the vehicle claiming tesla's autopilot system and the driver failed to react properly to traffic conditions and has been investigating at least 30 crashes involving autopilot or full self-driving sam abuelsamid is an auto industry analyst with guide
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house insights. >> he says tesla has done little to correct the false notion. auto pilot doesn't free up drivers to do other things. the driver has to remain in control of the vehicle paying attention and the and alert and the drivers responsible. the system is not capable of operating without human supervision. >> and this is something that. a lot of tesla fans don't seem to understand. >> greater oversight is coming. the national highway traffic safety administration is now requiring manufacturers and operators of vehicles equipped with advanced driver assistance systems and automated driving systems to report crashes. experts say this should lead improve regulations such as requiring tesla to install driver monitoring systems. >> if you look at gm's super cruise system, for example, in most of the other systems they're using an infrared camera that monitors where the driver is looking good. looking for the driver's head
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position and i gaze to make sure they're watching the road. and if the system detects that the drivers not watching the road, the alert them and then they're supposed and then there's that supposed to alert them to take over control and if they don't take over control to bring the car to stop. tesla only uses a torque sensor in the steering wheel, which is a very imprecise and means of monitoring the draw that the drivers engaged and it doesn't tell us the driver is watching the roads are looking down at their phone or, you know, doing something when the system is active. we reached out to tesla for comment about this latest lawsuit and their auto pilot. >> they have not gotten back to us in san francisco. dan kerman kron 4 news. >> year-old boy was struck by a bullet while on board a muni bus on san francisco's treasure island. it happened late last night. details from police are still sketchy at this hour. the incident was reported shortly after 11 o'clock last night in the area of gate. you avenue and north
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pointe drive. the teenager was taken to an areg hospital. his injuries are not life threatening. no arrests have been made in this case, though. details on a suspect available yet either anyone with information is asked to contact sfpd in the north bay. a 17 year-old in vallejo has been arrested on suspicion of killing someone in their car late last night. >> police say the victim was shot and killed while sitting in their car on porter street. the shooting happened around 1030 last night. police say someone else who was in the car drove the victim out of the area, paramedics and officers eventually located the car and the victim was taken to the hospital where he later died. the 17 year-old suspect has been booked into juvenile hall on suspicion of murder, california, attorney general's office will now investigate of fatal officer involved shootings of unarmed people today attorney general rob bonta announced his office is forming to special investigative teams. one for northern and one for southern california. the teams will review the cases and then make
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charging decisions. the new policy is result of an assembly bill. it was actually co-authored by van to when he was in the assembly before the bill was passed. local law enforcement agencies, investigated policeshootings. >> we must have accountability and we must have transparency this effort is personal for me. i've heard firsthand hurt and the pain that so many families and communities feel in the moments after these incidents eyewitness the lack of trust that these investigations we'll be treated fairly by our criminal justice system. these critical incidents are never going to be easy. but the new tools and procedures we are announcing today are a chance to insert more transparency and more accountability into these investigations. >> bonta says based on current trends, his office anticipates investigating 40 to 50 police shootings each year in california. it's office is expected to release a list of current cases under review. so. >> in light of the spike in violence in oakland. the
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police department and other city leaders are coming together this weekend to try and address the problems which are plaguing the city. the stand up for a safe oakland event will be held this saturday. july. the 10th at the lake merritt amphitheater. she floor on armstrong says that he wants to have a conversation with members of the community that he hopes will help lead to a better relationship between the residents and law enforcement. >> we want the community to begin to practice safety at the block level really at the community level, really organizing together to help work with the police department to address issues. it's obvious that we all have all the resources we need to address this alone. it is really going to take a collaborative effort between community and department of violence prevention. but i believe united as one city. i think we can do it. >> that event will start at noon time again. it's this saturday. the future of the oakland a's stay in. oakland is hanging in the balance and will be ultimately up to the city council to decide. >> if the team's proposal for
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a waterfront ballpark moves forward. kron four's phillipe djegal tells us today the council held a work study session together. some final details before possibly holding a vote in 2 weeks. >> the proposed waterfront ballpark district that howard terminal is the oakland athletics last option to stay within city limits as team president dave kaval. we're in a position now really is howard terminal or bus in january. the a's submitted a non-binding term sheet to the city. it was made public in april that is what is on the table. and it's what will ultimately be up for the council's vote, including negotiated recommendations made by city staff. >> the city council discuss the details of the term sheet. wednesday. >> during a virtual study session she is essentially an outline of the proposed financial deal between the city and the a's and the athletics need the council to approve the term sheet in order to move forward or existing least of the coliseum only goes through 2024.
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>> we have a situation where the facility is 10 years past its useful life. and we really have an obligation and a responsibility to get some type of resolution on this. keep in mind, the city says negotiations for the 12 billion dollar. howard terminal project in the future of the coal seam side are not related and ongoing bids and proposals for the coliseum site. i have no bearing on how or terminate the raiders deal when they came back from los angeles included the city and county paying for the ballpark we're paying for the entire cost of the stadium. the a's are taking the risk. all the onsite ris. one sticking point is that the city wants the athletics to commit to a non relocation agreement that would remain valid for at least 45 years. >> the a's of counter with 20 years. the council is scheduled to vote on the term sheet. july 20th. >> but even if approved, it's unclear when or if the project will ever break ground
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phillipe djegal all kron 4 news. >> and police says there was another points that raised eyebrows during today's meeting. it centered around the issue of affordable housing. several council members were surprised by the team's request for a waiver. we crawled around requiring the a's to pay for costs related to affordable housing. instead, the team says it wants the city to pay for the housing with tax revenue from the project. now our 4 zone forecast as we give you a live look great shot of san francisco with a. the fog off in the much as they used to. and it's kind of hazy, >> let's check in with lower to got a heat wave on the way. but looking kelly, going to be interesting. some part of the bay area going to want a nice cool drink by the time get the other part, you might need something some hot chocolate. i mean, there's going to be a huge contrast in temperatures around the bay area. high pressure now building in. >> of the desert southwest that big dome of high pressure moving in from the 4 corners that's going to sweep in thaf dry desert air back into
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california as early as tomorrow. in fact, these numbers by tomorrow afternoon looking impressive. how about this? the knicks tomorrow. you're talking about a 108 degrees. a 107 in yuma. one 11 in las vegas and a 109 degrees in barstow 105 in bakersfield. so all that hot air from the desert now is going to pump back into california. you can see the result, those temperatures starting to warm up. then you get a very comfortable 72 degrees in san francisco. so there's going to be a huge difference in temperatures as you go from the coastline to the valley. so we've got watches and warnings now going up to the national weather service. the area shaded in the deep red. those are in the watch box mainly over the north bay hills above about a 1000 feet or so getting the parts napa marine sonoma county. also the east bay in the diablo range upper the mountain peaks you have those hot temperatures during the day. but by night is going to stay relatively warm over the mountain tops. and that's why we're watching that very closely than give your body a chance to really recover from all that hot weather where the hottest
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parts of the bay area. slama county. you can see those temperatures soaring to as high as 98, maybe a 106 degrees. the peak of the heat looks like that will come to the weekend. in fact, saturday probably going to be the hottest 8 of the weekend. that's when those temperatures likely the storm triple digits in many spots inland. all around the bay area. guys, back to you. thank you. all are as you can stay with cloud for we have continuing weather coverage. you can scan the qr code on your screen with the camera on your phone. it will take you to our weather page with the very latest on the forecast on current conditions and much more. >> coming up on kron 4 news tonight at 6 governor newsom made a stop in the bay area today what he said during his first since his recall election was certified. >> plus after a year of lower rent prices because of the pandemic. the bay area seeing prices bounce back. we'll have more on the spike. >> all my friends have been happy to listen to me talk about this silly thing for 34 years. >> and a teeter totter world
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record attempt. we will hear from the man who set the bar back in 1971.
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the pandemic and the current state of emergency. he says corruption at the state level as a reason californians sacrifice the most with the least return. >> this is going to be among the most next. you know, 70 days that we've had. in california history. and we really can address the issue head of why is california, the family. why is our state declining? why is the state where everyone used to be. the state where anyone can get ahead. the state that so many people can't wait to leave behind. why do we pay the highest taxes get drive over the potholes. why did we have the worst and yet have among the worst public health outcomes. in short. why do we sacrifice the most as california citizens and you get at least in return. and the answer i know from my 5 years in the legislature is political corruption. we have a state government that simply doesn't serve the people of california doesn't serve the public interest. and this recall was our opportunity to change that. kiley says he's
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planning a number of campaign stops on the kickoff raleigh. the state capital coming up this saturday. >> meantime, today, governor newsome made his first public appearance since his recall election was certified and given an official date. that date is september. the 14th. >> force capitol bureau reporter ashley zavala shows us how the governor responded today. >> i look forward to. >> the deceit. this as the recall election against him becomes a primary focus governor gavin newsome maintains he will not be distracted from his administration's other priorities. those include cleaning up the state's littered streets and addressing homelessness newsome speaking wednesday just off of the freeway at a clean california event in the bay area. the governor would not say how or if the september 14 special election date benefits him i'm not taking my eye off the ball. if you ask me what the priorities are. to get rid of this. >> emma quincy profit in the river americana kids safely back in person instruction get small. this is back on their feet. putting away the pandemic once and for all may not happen anytime soon. 3 weeks after lifting the
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majority of his administration. statewide restrictions on businesses. the infectious delta variant is now california's most dominant covid-19 strain the pandemic and his administration's policies played a major role in the recall effort against him. newsome weighing in on the likelihood he will reinstate restrictions continue to get people vaccinated. they'll be unnecessary. >> in sacramento. ashley zavala kron 4 news. >> around the bay area rents are down about 15 to 20% compared to last year. but since the pandemic has started to ease prices are also starting to climb back up how high they will go is not quite clear. a data journalist with some per dot com. that's a web site that tracks and list rental properties says he expects that real prices will continue to climb but may not be as high as they were before the pandemic. he says many people have permanently left the bay area, especially tech workers. we're not sure how broadly tech companies are going to work from home
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policies. >> and if that is very broad and people don't return to the bay area and the same members that they are and say new york city, we might see the pandemic as an that permanent we lowered a area rents. >> he has a real the real test of what will happen with the rental market could come this fall when many companies plan to reopen their offices and recall workers. >> in the east bay 2 men in concord are attempting to break a 50 year old record on a teeter totter today is day 6 for chuck walker and mike harsh tone. in fact, walker who is in the cowboy had actually set the teeter totter record back when he was an 18 year-old living in sacramento back then he spent 9 days on a teeter totter equaling 216 hours. we asked them about the upcoming heat wave and how it's possible for them to sleep while they >> i have no problem with heat. the heat has never been an issue with me. everybody
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says worry about the heat. you guys worry about the heat. golden. i'm glued to this thing. and so. since we're sleeping when one person sleeping, the other person has to operate theater totter and kind of how we do it is to balance. and if this little piece of. nylon. that all i'm doing is as it drops down its waited. and when we get to the. to the balance point. i just pulled over that balance point so that it brings back and i tried to be as smooth as possible so it doesn't wake him up. >> very serious about this. the 2 friends say the communities in and keeps them going to hook. and mike have to teeter totter until sunday in order to be chuck's original record of 9 days straight. that is cues out. we. when you do it in mission that brakes. yeah. it's got to be rule about that.
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>> world record rule of bathroom breaks. i know if they have a cooler there they're was wondering what they're going to do. but yeah, there you have to settle in get ready for some of that heat outside. it is going to get very hot. there are other part of the bay area. not so much that fall yet the sea breeze. so without a real true offshore flow or that wind blowing from the land of the sea. there's going to be that nice fresh ocean near the moves along the coastline. each day we're seeing some of the cloud cover out there right now. we'll see more of that overnight tonight and probably some more drizzle is very wet along the coastline again, overnight. we're going to see that again. winds some pretty gusty in spots. 35 mile an hour gusts in a francisco right now, 25 into fairfield. 25 in the byron 12 mile an hour winds now in the san jose and 18. westerly wind in the pacifica. and you can see that breeze there at sfo to the low clouds have already moved on shore tomorrow morning. yeah, that's going to be more patchy. but then plenty of sunshine and much warmer by the afternoon. it will be an earlier burn off of low cloud deck. bu strong high pressure
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settling in for the weekend and that's going to send temperatures soaring away from the coast into triple digits overnight tonight, though models again picking up on that drizzle coast side to get to san francisco the sunset happen bay, you name it. it's going to be wet there early tomorrow morning. but maybe more of a break by the afternoon as we'll see a little more sunshine. that being said, look at these numbers by tomorrow afternoon. we really start to things up, especially in the new going to feel the difference. 19 the bottle. 90 in the napa valley near a 100 tomorrow in concord. also nanny off in livermore. pretty comfortable inside the bay love those temperatures in the 70's and the 80's white of the coastline. not much change in the way of heat. you're still talking about 61 degrees with some patchy fog along the coast. that's going to be similar throughout the weekend as we warm those temperatures up and pleasant out toward the beaches. but it is going to scorching hot inland 101 on friday in the house inland spots than a 104. that will probably the peak of the heat on saturday. >> thank you lauren is coming
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up at attempted robbery caught on camera. it was happening in broad daylight. what happened when the suspect tried to steal a camera from a bay area news crew.
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all of this started when we discovered the benefits of local, raw honey for our family. and then we said "hey, you know what? this is a business right here." we went out and started to sell it. to help us get going, we got the chase business complete banking ℠ account. it's more than a bank account. it comes with quickaccept, which lets us take card payments anytime, anywhere, and get same-day deposits at no extra cost. it's more than honey. it's about building something for our family that will endure. >> take a look at this video. this was released today by oakland police. it shows 2 men attempting to rob a news crew at gunpoint. this happened back on june. the 28th outside oakland city hall. the news crew was actually in the middle of an interview when
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the 2 armed men tried stealing the crew's equipment. a security guard saw what was happening and stop the thieves from taking that equipment. the robbers right away and they've not been caught. ironically the news crew was interviewing oakland's new head of the department of violence prevention when this robbery happened next on kron 4 news at 6. the search of that collapsed condo in florida. ships from rescue to recovery. now we have got the latest. >> as tropical storm elsa makes landfall. plus they blocked what he could say on social media how former president trump is now trying to have the last word against bay area tech company that president biden can bang confidence that he can get an infrastructure deal done and across the finish line. even with
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>> president joe biden was in illinois today talking about what his administration has accomplished to help families so far. >> and he also talked about his infrastructure proposal kron four's, alexandra limon joins us live from washington, dc tonight on why the president says investing more money in children will pay off in the long run. alexander. was this about. >> and they're good evening. we'll president joe biden has been pushing for an infrastructure package that invests in what he calls human infrastructure and the president is trying to make the case that the investment
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