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tv   KRON 4 News at 10  KRON  July 6, 2021 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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>> when fun time from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 news all of it. that is the perception mall is in the city. a city that used to be. >> the standard bearer for retail. >> now at 10, the national spotlight shining on san francisco. but for all the wrong reasons. the growing concerns over the rise in
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crime in the city. thank you for joining us on kron 4 news tonight at 10. i'm pam moore and i'm ken wayne. last night we showed you this video of almost a dozen thieves blatantly stealing handbags from the neiman marcus store right in new square. the heart of san francisco is just the latest of several thefts in crimes in the city. they've gone viral. >> raising concerns about the city's safety and just how welcoming it might be for tourists. and this comes as officials are, of course, encouraging people to come back to san francisco to help the city's recovery from the covid pandemic now for sale of the sec is live in the city tonight. she joins us to break down all of this >> well, pam, you know, this is nothing new in the city but retailers and business owners are at their wits end on what to do about this crime and all of the thefts, as you may know, many of them have already actually hired their own security and saw their own surveillance systems and even change their hours. but none of that seems to deter these thieves. and of course, this is an issue that only affects the retailers, but it also
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affects the residents. the restaurants in our tourism industry. >> san francisco is again in the national spotlight. most recently for this video which shows at least 10 shoplifters from a neiman marcus in the city on monday after stealing a bunch of handbags in response to the video, the daily mail wrote, quote, crime is basically legal in san francisco. meanwhile, the new york times writes, quote to monday in crime of shoplifting has spun out of control in san francisco, other media outlets like cnn also picking up the story. i think in some cases you've seen things lock that right. >> we want to go in and buy a certain product. now you've got to go find sales associate cut so that you can because they have to lock things up so that they they're not stolen, you know, i would say that i think retailers margins smaller end of the road. i don't know what else there is rachel michelin is the president and ceo of the california retailers association she says this isn't a new issue in the city or state. however, organized
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retail crime seems to be increasing in san francisco specifically. >> we also looked into city data and since the economy started reopening in may. larceny theft is up 41.3% had to the same time period of may to june last year. when a mentally government is responsible for public safety. and we want to work with pasta makers in san francisco law enforcement and the district attorney. >> to find solutions because this is unacceptable. and the citizens of san francisco should be up all night even not just retailer's spent just its citizens. you have a right to work in a safe environment and the right to shop in a safe environment based on a recent poll done by the san francisco chamber of commerce. 8 out of 10 people believe crime has gotten worse in the city in many people plan to eventually leave because of it. this is terribly disturbing and really enough is enough. >> the city can't tolerate in the longer we finish this poll franciscans. they may not be here in 3 years. president and
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ceo rodney fung says the theft and car break. ins also impact people who come to visit just wants to fully recover. we need to make sure our streets are safe. the feel comfortable coming here conventioneers feel comfortable coming to san francisco. >> now in that same poll done by the chamber of commerce where more than 500 registered voters and residents waited in 70% of people. also believed that the quality of life has decreased in the city and 76% of people believe that increasing police officers and high crime neighborhoods should be a priority, right now. we're live in san francisco. taylor kron 4 news. thank you. taylor. >> a san francisco man is behind bars tonight accused of stabbing another man on a muni bus that happened last month in the area of steiner and green streets. police say. that 32 year-old mario. it's a view hills seen here stabbed the victim twice while on the bus before running from the scene. the victim told police
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he had no relationship with the attacker and that they were sitting next to one another before he was stabbed. hill's was booked on several charges including assault with a deadly weapon. >> in the east bay of san leandro police officer was hit by a car as a driver suspected in a catalytic converter theft fled the scene after around 6 o'clock in the morning on carpenter street near the bart station. police say the suspect was trapped in an apartment complex parking garage when they arrived on the scene. police say that suspect got out and hit an officer with his car. that officer was not badly injured and police chased after the suspect was eventually arrested in oakland. later, there was another catalytic converter theft on pershing drive in san leandro. no arrests made in that case sandalwood san leandro police say catalytic converter thefts are up 65% over the last year. new body cam video has been released tonight showing the tense moments leading up to a deadly shooting involving
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sheriff's deputies in the east bay was ella sogomonian joins us here in the studio now with more on what it reveals ella up and the shooting happened on april 17th over on second street pretty close to hayward high school. and let's take a look at the video of the scene. the alameda county sheriff's department responded. >> after reports of a man threatening people with a gun. authorities say that the armed man tried to shoot a deputy, which is when other deputies opened fire killing the suspect we have part of that video and we do want to warn our viewers that it can be hard to watch. don't. hard find. >> so you can hear several rounds of bullets fired during that encounter and
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investigators say the man shot multiple rounds and one of the bullets actually grazed the deputy. they say that the person who died was a 26 year-old man with an extensive violent criminal history. and you could hear him ask deputies to tell his mom. he loves her right before opening fire. if you do want to watch the full video you can find it up on our website. kron 4 dot com live in the studio. ella sogomonian kron 4 news. ella, thank you. >> new tonight at 10 authorities have arrested a man who set a number of cars on fire in pittsburgh. police say this car was burned at a jack in the box restaurant on railroad avenue. 3 other cars at a nearby dealership. we're also set on fire surveillance video helped police identify the suspect. 37 year-old jesse jackson a pittsburgh. this is his picture. he was arrested just a few blocks away. he was booked into the martinez detention facility on charges of arson and probation violation. >> fireworks are believed to have sparked a fire last night in hercules officers say they
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responded to a fire in the area of sycamore avenue at palm avenue last night. they say they found flames beginning to spread up a hillside 3 fire agencies were called in when officers began notifying residents in the area to evacuate fire crews were able to put out the flames before any buildings were damaged. officers say they think a box of used found nearby sparked those flames. now to the north bay were an investigation is underway after a garbage can filled with fireworks was set off in front of a local officials home rohnert park city council member willie le neris shared these images of the vandalism from sunday night as kron four's. dan thorn reports tonight the council member says he believes this incident could have been driven by racism. >> and a special rohnert park city council meeting council member la norris says he believes this vandalism as a retaliation for his stance on fireworks. and he also believes that it was racially motivated. >> the council member is on board with banning fireworks here in the city of rohnert park and he believes this fire
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was a way to intimidate him and his family. the fight over fireworks in rohnert park. now involves vandalism and possible racism. city council member. willie le found this trash can burning and filled with fireworks at his home sunday night. a neighbor alerting him to the horrifying discovery. my heart sank and i yelled out in anger and frustration on sunday night. there was a crime committed. >> someone tried to send you a message and someone trying to intimidate. >> but ari says been on board with other city council members to ban fireworks in rohnert park the city even cancel the 4th of july fireworks show this year. one of the biggest concerns has been the potential of sparking a wildfire in the areas extremely dry land. but the council member says this act of vandalism goes beyond protesting over pyrotechnics. if you look deeper. >> it's as much to do with the color of my skin, the type anger that type of e is not
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related to just fireworks. >> the only other person of color on city council. vice mayor jackie l word echoed those sentiments. she too, says her family has faced threats over banning fireworks. no one should feel unwanted in our community. >> whether they moved here last week. have been here for 60 years. >> mayors across sonoma county have shared their support for councilmember lenoir jointly calling the fire cowardly minorities hopes this terrible act will reopen the conversation over race in rohnert park. if you're convinced that this is a >> you want to wave it off. call me crazy. i invite you to live a day in the life of someone less privilege be my home next. are they getting come to city hall. >> the decision over banning fireworks here in rohnert park will be up to voters in september. the police department says they are still investigating this fire reporting in rohnert park. dan
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thorn kron 4 news. >> now to the latest on hurricane elsa. it is making a beeline for florida's west coast is expected to make landfall in florida early tomorrow morning in preparation for that tampa international airport is now closed and residents, as you can see, are filling sandbags to try to protect their property. georgia governor brian kemp issued a state of emergency for almost a 100 counties in south georgia. >> as the storm could do damage there as well. our chief meteorologist lawrence karnow is tracking the storm has all the details lauren had never experienced hurricane personally. but it has to be certainly very loud there tonight as the storm. >> really just rolling in along the coastline right now all along the western half. a florida made its way across the keys early on today. and then here we go. the core that located off the coastline right now. but you see fort myers and just to the north, they're really getting pummeled by some very heavy rainfall. in fact, these bands continuing to move on shore bringing with it that heavy
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rain and the possibility of some tornadoes. that's a real possibility with these storm systems. but the main core low still staying off the coastline and that's important. that's the eye right about there and that is over 20 miles off the coast. and that's important because the hurricane force winds are tightly wound on the storm system over 20 miles off the coastline. so we haven't seen the effects of the hurricane force winds along the coast. but we have had the effect of some of these tropical storm force winds right areas all shaded in yellow. there they are currently under the possibility of tornadoes as we've got watch boxes up across that area. and they've been seeing some of the gusts here. tropical storm force winds. you see their little for the south gusting over 30 miles an hour and then on top of that, you've got the motion of the storm and the rotation of storm around the center of that low. and that's going to bring with it that storm surge into the tampa area. maybe 3, maybe 5 feet high could make landfall looks later on tonight. early in the morning. maybe close to a category one, maybe a tropical storm either
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way, it's going to be a mess just near cedar keys as that storm comes on shore. then finally makes way all across the eastern half of us before moving back out into the atlantic. guys, back to you. all right, lawrence, thank you. the mood is growing increasingly somber at the side of the. >> condo collapse in surfside, florida, as rescue crews see no new signs of life in the rubble. crews say they found 8 more bodies today. that raises the death toll to 36 authorities say while it is still a rescue mission. they are not seeing any livable spaces in that debris. 2 of the youngest victim sisters ages 4.10 were placed in the same casket and buried this afternoon alongside their parents. family members say it's what they would have wanted. >> this case. however, the price went and so they're togethers and perhaps that is a piece of consolation in the fact that they're together. more than a 100 people are still missing. crews are vowing to continue digging through the rubble amid heavy rains and wind. >> as long as it's safe to do
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so. >> that collapse in florida has many wondering whether a similar disaster could happen here in the bay area. experts don't say never, but they do indicate that a lot of california buildings have added protections. kron four's. dan kerman has a closer look at that. >> this phase ii of that have noted that is extremely bit of a a structural engineers say the collapse of the condominium complex in surfside, florida is likely due to numerous factors. >> they could you additional lot of time. exposure maybe situation. was this. that the got this trough of collapse and also in that cool about maintenance in the bay area. concerns have centered on the millennium tower which now is undergoing a structural upgrade due to its sinking and leaning. >> but structural engineer ronald hamburger who has been monitoring the tower settlement since 2014. >> says settlements experience by millennium. tower have not
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compromised its stability and safety. he also says the tower was designed to stringent earthquake resistance standards and is a much tougher form of construction. the typical buildings in florida structural engineers agree the way buildings are designed in california is an advantage. >> well, when we designed for simply can't resist too much. can pro the in the system. pro the city and see. and in for this particular it pro fights this so-called on no pass which means some members that. the whole system doesn't collapse structures built more than 30 or 40 years ago. prior to those standards remain of concern. >> especially those that have not been maintained and building owners and occupants should be.
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>> aware of the condition of their structure understand what it looks like as it ages. and to call a structural engineer if they see signs distress or deterioration. but california also has stricter inspection standards following 20 fifteen's. >> deadly balcony collapse in berkeley. this legislation has led to a heightened awareness by all condominium associations and management companies. >> that within 7 years they have to continue to inspect these deaths with a structural engineer and or architect. and by that i mean not just a cursory inspection. >> structural engineers also say just like after the berkeley collapse. we saw greater regulations. they say once it's determined what caused the florida collapse. we will likely see greater regulations as well. in san francisco, dan kerman kron 4 news. >> well, get ready to pay even more at the gas pump. gas prices are skyrocketing,
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especially in san francisco. take a look at this. a gallon of regular gasoline 5, 6, tv power 5.98 a gallon that's at a gas station on bryant street right off of interstate 80 and the prices show no signs of slowing down anytime soon. kron four's. jonathan mccall live for us in san mateo with more on why these prices are so high. jonathan. >> yeah. pam, if you are like me, you're likely crying tears. every time you have to think about going to the gas station right now because of those skyrocketing prices in many parts. they are more than $4 here in the bay area. the average around 4.30 a gallon. but as you mentioned, they are starting to creep up slowly toward that. $5. mark and experts say right now it shows no signs of slowing down. >> blood and 4 gallons. really what we're seeing right now this is an increase in the match and the demand for diesel prices continue to rise get a seven-year pie. filling up. your ride is about to get
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downright unbearable for millions of california drivers. the price of crude pretty much dictates what we're going to see down the line a surge in crude oil fueled by the busy summer travel season and the world finally reopening from the covid-19 pandemic have spiked prices to its highest level since november 2014, nearly 7 years we've been seeing them rise for the last couple of weeks, which leads us to believe unfortunately, gas prices will continue to rise throughout most of the summer. in addition to that, california drivers are also dealing with a gas tax increase that took effect on july. 1st skyrocketing prices at the pump are being felt all across the golden state including here in the bay area. take a look at this. kron 4 found a gallon of regular unleaded at this shell station in soma going for nearly 6 bucks bay area drivers continuing to feel the biggest pinch in their wallets paying nearly a buck 30 more than the national average. the
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most of any area in america. something needs to change. >> because it it it puts a financial strain on everybody because i mean, i'm a full-time student. i don't have a chance to work as much as i would have liked to. so it's just like. i can't do it. some of the things i like to do it's difficult. i mean it it's cutting into what i make because i have to pay double for gas. what i paid 3, 4 months ago. you know, i mean, it's gone up so much if it makes it everybody. avila says if you're looking for some relief for your wallet. good luck. >> it's not coming anytime soon. >> we will likely see gas prices continue to increase anywhere between 10 to $0.20 per gallon. so, you know, if you plan to do since summer driving his know your repaying a little >> obviously the news that nobody wants to hear, especially right now. some good news, though, if you are looking to save some money on
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some gas there are 4 places according to gasbuddy dot com that you see right there on your screen across the bay area right now we are told that gas at all for these locations. a gallon of regular unleaded now going for 3.89. we're live tonight said jonathan mccall kron 4 news. all right, jonathan, thank you for that. >> americans took to the sky over the 4th of july weekend in huge numbers. signaling the desire to return to normal summer travel that's arrived. the tsa says it screened almost 2.2 million people friday. that's the largest number of airline passengers since the start of the pandemic. >> however, all of that travel has experts concerned about a potential surge in covid cases, especially as the delta variant of covid continues to spread rapidly the more transmissible and dangerous version of the virus now makes up more than half of all new infections in the united states has, according to the cdc, which also says the delta variant poses a significant
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threat to unvaccinated people. president biden says while cases and deaths are down by 90% since january. the fight against the deadly virus is not over. right now. >> as i speak to millions of americans are still unvaccinated and unprotected. and because of that, their communities are at risk. their friends are at risk. the people they care about or risk. this is an even bigger concern because of the delta variant. >> parts of the south southwest and midwest are starting to see spikes in cases. and according to the cdc, many of people in those areas are among the ones with the lowest rates of vaccination. experts say the good news is all of the vaccines which have been approved are effective against the delta variant experts say the vaccines are not as strong as they are when they're fighting the regular strains of covid, but they will still protect you from the most dangerous symptoms which could send you to the hospital.
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pfizer and moderna show effectiveness against infection in the 90% range against the delta variant johnson and johnson showing closer to 70%. >> still ahead tonight, a home invasion turns deadly in the bay area. why the homeowner says he felt no choice but to but to open fire on intruder. it's heartbreaking. >> see how marine county treats homeless. it's it were an eyesore or not. people anymore. >> plus, anger and heartbreak as a homeless camp in the north bay has cleared out where the people who want to live there are being told they can go next and the danger fireworks on full display in ohio. the moment neighbors ran for cover when a moving van packed with fireworks suddenly exploded. incredible dramatic
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video from ohio. a moving truck full of fireworks exploded. >> forcing neighbors run for cover. it happened during a 4th of july block party. the truck was parked on the street and fireworks stacked up next to it may have triggered that explosion. 4 people were hurt and nearby cars and homes were damaged.
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>> scary moments in nashville, tennessee, somebody throws a lit firework at a driver sitting at a red light. colin kirby says the firework bounce off his head and exploded on the convertibles top behind him causing extensive damage. his fingers were slightly burned. he's still having trouble hearing. he says he is grateful to be alive and hopes police can catch whoever did it. no understanding of a motive there. the los angeles man accused of storing tons of explosives, including some powerful devices that later blew up in a truck was in a federal courtroom today. 17 people were hurt when this explosion rocked a los angeles neighborhood last wednesday, federal agents arrested 27 year-old arturo the 3rd on saturday. investigators say he stored about 32,000 pounds of illegal fireworks in his backyard. he says he now. faces up to 10 years behind
10:27 pm
bars. >> a man in san diego county is facing several felony charges after more than a 100 firearms were found inside his home. police say they found an arsenal at a house in unincorporated el including ghost guns and the tools to make them as well as thousands of rounds of ammunition. >> trace around ammunition armor piercing ammunition. we had a i believe a smoke those types of things are typically possessed by the average citizen who you know what either likes to collect guns or much lawfully legally buys his guns. these are the kinds of things we don't normally fired. >> 6 year old john was taken into custody for owning that arsenal and police say was on probation at the time of his arrest back in april. he was arrested for possessing a loaded and concealed ghost gun. he's due in court on thursday. san jose. police officers confiscated this ghost gun during a recent traffic stop. department
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shared this image on social media saying the driver was under the influence of meth at the time. authorities across the bay area say they've seen an increase in the number of illegal homemade guns such as ease in recent years. next at 10, a man shot and killed while attempting to invade a home in the north bay police say it was not the first time he's committed a crime like this. plus 6 months have passed since supporters of president trump stormed the u.s. capitol when a new investigation into that riots could begin. >> and the violent weekend in the city of oakland overwhelmed. the police department by some leaders say more officers would not have helped the response. and that fog is moving well on shore tonight. but we've got a big heat up on the horizon. we'll tell you
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>> new at 10, a home invasion in solano county turns deadly. now police trying to figure out what led up to it. police say a man knocked on the door of a core delia home and when no one answered, he kicked down the door. and that's when the homeowner opened fire shooting and killing the suspect molina shattuck supports neighbors say they're shaken by this violent crime. >> blown lived here all my life. lives 18 years and thus far the most eventful thing that's happened in this neighborhood, a piece of plywood which covers the front door of this vintage valley drive home is the only indication that something happened here.
10:32 pm
>> police say the couple were having breakfast when they saw an unknown man through their ring camera. knock on their front door when the homeowners didn't answer the door. the suspect only did knock the door down. get off the hinges. >> an attempt to make entry in the house. the homeowner defend themselves and fire grounds. >> the suspect fleeing and then you obviously called us and has forced him police say the homeowner fired 2 shots with his handgun. >> when officers arrived, they found the suspected intruder across the street suffering from at least one gunshot wound to the chest despite first responders doing cpr. the man died at the scene. he was in possession of a semiautomatic handgun was loaded with an extended magazine. police identified him as a 27 year-old sassoon city resident who was on active parole for a home invasion in alameda county. neighbors were concerned for the welfare of the homeowners stopping by even bringing flowers they're a wonderful family and there. >> well liked in the community. and i'm really grateful that nothing more serious might happen to them.
10:33 pm
>> that was rowena shattuck supporting tonight, a san lorenzo family. meantime, is suing tesla for a crash that killed their 15 year-old son 2019 crash involved. the tesla model 3 that was driving on autopilot. the teenager and his father were traveling along interstate 80 when they were hit by the tesla. the family's lawsuit claims tesla's autopilot contains defects and failed to react to traffic conditions. the largest homeless encampments in the city of samara fell underneath the. >> high rise there. the freeway, the 1, 1, freeway is no more caltrans. crews showed up early this morning to clear the dozens of taken hold of that area for years now and was the site of several complaints. those who were evicted were offer the chance to relocate to what's called service support area. it's a collaboration with caltrans and the city of sandra fell just a block away from that
10:34 pm
old encampment. they're still there are there are still tense, but also there are other amenities such as restrooms and there is security. what officials hope can provide a path to permanent housing. >> so it's like we know where they are. we can help them. and what services they need. and for example, we have outlets that they can charge their phones on to the case. workers can call them. >> well, the service support area is a temporary solution. last month. this nfl city council voted to consider the idea of launching its own safe sleeping pilot program. elections officials across california are gearing up for governor gavin newsom's upcoming recall election is now set for september 14th. that's a little more than 2 months from now. normally officials have about a 190 days to prepare. but now they have just 75 to get ready for this election. they promise regardless of the shortened timeline. they will get this done. >> we are all working very diligently to secure
10:35 pm
locations. now we have a day care locations to secure our poll workers work with our printers to make sure that our materials are printed on time and that ballots are delivered to voters in time. >> candidates hoping to replace governor newsom have less than 10 days to file former formal paperwork to run before the printing process can begin since the recall requires just one ballot type. it will help speed up the process. every california voter will receive a ballot in the mail counties will start sending them out on august 16th, the secretary of state is working to determine which covid related protocols will be in place for the election. >> this is new video from the fbi showing some of the suspects that the agency is still looking for in the january 6 attack against the yen on it's that the u.s. capitol, more than 500 people have been arrested so far
10:36 pm
today actually marks 6 months since supporters of donald trump ransacked the capitol as congress was certifying joe biden's victory. now a new investigation is about to begin our washington correspondent kellie meyer has details on that. >> 6 months after the violent attack at the u.s. capitol lawmakers are still searching for answers. find out. >> why this happened and hold those responsible accountable capitol police, tuesday shared steps they've taken in the months since the attack to improve security, including increasing training creating new response plans. >> adding more equipment and working to recruit more staff. the department is also in the process of opening offices in california and florida to investigate threats to members of congress. i think we always should be. >> very, very vigilant. florida congresswoman val demings says the attack highlighted the need for additional security. it should be the number one priority for all of us, but also for. >> the people that we
10:37 pm
represent. remaining fencing in place around the capitol complex since the attack is set to come down as early as this week. >> but the investigation into what happened that day is far from over. >> the fact that we have this special committee. really important. virginia democrat elaine luria is on the new committee that will be digging into the details of that day. this commission is designed to determine the defense. the causes and the corrective actions that should be recommended indiana republican congresswoman victoria spartz supports the goal. but not the process need to be done by law enforcement. but the political way, you know, we can be politicized and every issue work could start as early as next week. >> reporting in washington. i'm kelly meyer. u.s. representative andy kim meantime, is donating his suit from the day of the attack to the smithsonian. >> the suit was made famous in a photograph of the new jersey congressman cleaning up the u.s. capitol rotunda after the riot. he says he's honored to
10:38 pm
provide a piece of history to help tell the story of that day saying it must never be forgotten. the blue suit will be featured in a collection of artifacts that the smithsonian is gathering about the political history of 1/6/2021, now to the 4 zone forecast as we give you a live look outside of the bay bridge and the embarcadero and lawrence is standing by with details on what's ahead for wednesday. that fog has been around here. keep things very damp. >> along the coastline, even parts of the bay and tonight again, looks like it is going to be pretty wet out toward the coastline. but we're enjoying it while we have. and i think as we get toward the latter part of this week. high pressure really takes over. we're going to see less fog more sunshine. i think we're looking a little heat wave in parts of the bay area. beautiful look out towards coit tower right now. the fog up above them. yeah. it's a little damp out along the coastline right now. some drizzle developing temperatures for highs today below the average 60 degrees in san francisco 67 degrees in oakland today. 74 degrees in san jose 82 and warm in live
10:39 pm
more. but slightly below the average there 86 in concord and 80 degrees in santa rosa. now we are talking about some serious heat making return national weather posting some watches going up. county into the sacramento valley as we're going to see some of those hot temperatures upper 90's 104 degrees, maybe parts of slow county. some places in the sacramento valley maybe size a 110 degrees. we're talking some serious heat the way i think is going to stick around. a good part of july. it looks like a part of the bay area, though, going to be joined the sea breeze and a little bit of this, the fog and low clouds and that is going to keep you much cooler and out of those advisories, those temperatures as much as 40 degrees cooler out toward the coastline that fog redeveloping now beginning to push back on shore. looks like be pretty damp early on tomorrow morning. a pretty breezy in spots till 29 miles an hour in the san francisco. also 20 mile an hour wind, an app. so that onshore breeze going to carry that fog inland again, although probably not quite as extensive as what we had today, 60 degrees in san
10:40 pm
jose. right now 58 degrees in dublin 59 the napa valley 57 in on 55 degrees in petaluma low clouds and fog on the increase. the drizzle of picking up along the coastline already and then tomorrow morning. clouds giving way to mostly sunny skies. pretty typical summer day with very similar temperatures tomorrow. and then we heat things up that ridge of high pressure going to build the 4 corner states start to make its way back in the bay area. pumping in that dry desert air. but for really get the relief from the fog and low clouds and that will keep the temperatures down just a few degrees. but still damp and spots of the clouds. kind of shooting through the bay right now filling in some of the valleys. not quite as extensive as what we have the last night. but again, the fog along the plenty of drizzle there and then come back on shore as we head into thursday as far precept a bounce county. interesting. you know, you get that heavy drizzle and models want to paint another almost 2 tips. the dish and drizzle along the coastline. maybe not that down. but you get the idea a little bit on the wet side there. san jose. you're going to be sunny warm. lots of sunshine coming your way as you make your way san
10:41 pm
francisco fog and sunshine in oakland kind of sweet spot that i think tomorrow as you see mostly sunny skies temperatures moving in the upper 60's. we're going to join those numbers tomorrow because by thursday we're getting your triple digits inland. and i think we see that on friday and throughout the weekend all right, lauren, thank you. some oakland city council members claim the rise in violent crimes in the city, including a violent 4th of july holiday. >> has nothing to do with cuts to the police department's budget police chief leronne armstrong disagrees. he says his officers were so bogged down responding to fires a massive sideshow and 7 shootings during a 12 hour period that. >> most of the fireworks related calls did not get a response and these incidents all came less than 2 weeks after the city council voted to redirect 18 million dollars away from the police department instead of shifting that money towards the department shifting that money towards the department of violence prevention councilmember noel guile says
10:42 pm
that reallocating those funds from police to community resources should not affect the department's ability to address crime. >> getting worse because we're allowing it to get worse from the community into the lack of enforcement. we need to get back into the neighborhood and be able to provide services directly to the family, to the young people and to some of they got caught up in the gang activity. >> the city council actually approved a 6% budget increase for the police department and officials claim there will not be any decrease in staffing levels until at least next summer. but oakland mayor libby schaff says inflation affects the budget costs and she adds 2 police academies will be lost because of the shift in money and a number of vacant positions will now not be filled. >> still ahead tonight, some tense moments for a group of friends on the 4th of july. what happened after they were confronted by this little bear. plus, in sports. the
10:43 pm
giants try to cling to first place in the national league west for swift. and jason dumas has highlights from markle far. coming up. >> and every meeting counts when it comes to the future of the oakland a's the critical step just hours away that will help decide if the team actually stays in oakland.
10:44 pm
10:45 pm
get more out of summer. with savings on appliances for every function... style... and finish... during the home depot's fourth of july savings. save on appliances, like this samsung kitchen suite. the home depot. how doers get more done. this unplugged device is protecting saveour beautiful coastlines like this sand more.tchen suite. put off chores and use less energy from 4 to 9 pm to help keep our state golden. >> well, the oakland a's stay in the east bay. well, we certainly hope so. there is a critical workshop planned for tomorrow to review the team's
10:46 pm
billion dollar proposal for a waterfront stadium at howard terminal, a green light would move the project closer to a vote by the oakland city council as kron four's terisa stasio reports is a turning point and whether or not the a's stay in oakland. >> the pictures show a shiny state of the art ballpark situated on that stretch of the bay providing a visually attractive setting to watch a game. but will this ever become a reality is the name of the game at the present time over excited that there's going to be a workshop tomorrow in the economic development subcommittee of the city council. dave cavill, president of the oakland a's on the upcoming meeting going over the details about the team's dream. >> of a waterfront complex in the city is actually going see an incredible amount of benefits in terms of community benefits, things like money for affordable housing workforce development. indeed, cav appoints to the numbers. the private funds billions to the city's general fund the hotel. the entertainment jobs,
10:47 pm
the mayor on board yet city council members still sidestepping firm commitments. >> the final vote set for the end of july. it is unclear to us right now from city staff reports. >> what infrastructure is actually being finance. mark jacobson, member of the east oakland stadium alliance fighting to keep the team at the coliseum. >> represents ocean carriers and we need to know that we can still move cargo efficiently and effectively and the question is. >> does oakland want a baseball team. it sounds so simple, doesn't it. but it really does come down to that. and david samson knows as former president of the miami marlins. he spent 10 years battling. >> for a new ballpark and in the end it happened. it is the job of the government to decide what kind of city the voters want. and i'm not here to opine or judge whether
10:48 pm
oakland should be or wants to be a major league city. what i am saying. >> be careful what you wish for because if the a's leave and mark my words, if there's no ballpark deal done. they are right at the end of baseball's back to the team. cavill says that he ond the ownership remain committed to oakland yet with the commissioner saying that they can look elsewhere. they continue to do so, including those trips. >> to las vegas to explore their options. theresa kron 4 news. >> and now kron 4 sports brought to you by xfinity. >> there's a team who going anywhere. the giants clinging to a half-game lead over the dodgers in the national league west trying to even their series against the cardinals tonight at oracle park and the champs are here. the stanford women's basketball team were honored tonight. haley jones, the final 4 mvp throws out the first pitch. and she little
10:49 pm
better at basketball. a new way to left center field. 3 hits 3 rbi. we scroll past all know who that was. but the second single in the 3rd game is 2 to 2. all right. let's go to the for paul goldschmidt the giant killer. he lines a base hit to left 2 runs come in to score it's a 4, 2, game. tense one run game in the 9th. jason v-safe. runners on the corners. he gives it a right to left. but dylan carlson makes the catch slammed into the wall. he is pumped up that and the game. the giants lose 65. but the dodgers also lawful san francisco remains at half game up in the division. fans enjoying a couple of cold ones in houston. they were taking on the astro's and they jumped out to a great start. jed lowry drives one to center and
10:50 pm
off the matt he scores straw buyers. it back chad coming on over to score. but he gets guns down. >> at the play. however, scored 6 times in the first 2 innings. but they will blow a four-run lead 6 ending yordan alvarez goes deep to left. that's a three-run shot. >> we have a tie game that ended chris bassett's night. an inning later jose he's been making a career out killing the athletics amongst other things is also really good player 2 runs score. 8, 6, astros fans not amused. oakland loses 96. they trail dust rose by 4 and a half games in the division. that was all bad news. here is some good news for a fan's been a brutal last about 5 minutes on kron 4, 4, a's right now. here's some good news. matt olson. it was selected to the all-star game the other day. and today we learned he will compete in the home run derby,
10:51 pm
which is great because all saying my opinion has one of the prettiest swings in baseball that no one talks about. he's also having a great season. he's slugging 5.52. yes, 20 home runs show tiny a lot of those salvador perez tre mann see me and trevor story will also take part in the derby. olson hopes to become the to win this contest. joining mark mcguire and udonis cesspit us. nba finals game. one yonnis back after a two-game accidents. yeah. it's 17 in 20. but this game was all suns. devin booker. it's the friendly roll. so home role puts them up 12. you had 27 4th quarter yonnis. chris paul uses yonnis as a kind of a shield. the three-point play 32 9 assists for cp 3. they call him the point. god sons take it one 18
10:52 pm
1. '05, game 2 on thursday in the valley of the sun. steve kerr made it no secret earlier this season that if kelly, you bring returns, he will be coming off the bench next season. today, said kurz comments only added more fuel to the fire and that he feels blessed to be an unrestricted create a number of teams are expected to try and sign kelly this summer, including the likes of the new york knicks, san antonio spurs, miami heat and dallas mavericks.
10:53 pm
10:54 pm
10:55 pm
>> some dramatic video from los angeles county shows young bear confronting a group of men on the 4th of july. the friends read a campground on mount wilson waiting for the fireworks to start when they say the animal came out of the bushes said approach them. they're yelling at him there. one of the men suffered minor injuries when he was bitten on the ear. the encounter only last about 30 seconds before they as a group able to chase the bear away apparently attacked and stop the friends from having fun. one of them told reporters that he's ready to go back to mount wilson for the next 4th of >> you may have got monday off because of the july 4th holiday. but what if you could work 4 days a week. all the time. a new study from iceland finds that cutting back employee hours actually leads to more productivity and get
10:56 pm
this happier workers more than 2500 employees. >> tried out that four-day workweek in 2 separate trials over a four-year period. in most cases, the work week was reduced to 35 hours, but their pay stay the same. researchers say there was no loss in productivity or quality of service provided rather teams work more efficiently by reducing meeting times. reorganizing schedules and improving communication. there's also an improvement in worker well-being with employees saying they fell more positive and happy at work. >> lawrence. you wouldn't want to do that. you know, i like working every and a friend who did a four-day workweek and they said they they loved it but they gave him as one day off in the middle of the week. so they have like a three-day got there right now. it is surging back on shore over sfo. you see more of that more
10:57 pm
drizzle up toward the coastline to temperatures tomorrow going to be very similar to today plan on some mid 80's inland, lot of 60's and 70's around the bay and 50's and some 60's toward the coastline next couple days. we're cranking up the heat. hot weather returns. the valleys on thursday, triple digits. real possibility by friday. saturday, sunday and maybe in the monday that's not good. thank you, lord. thank you for being with us tonight, everybody. have a good night and we'll see you tomorrow.
10:58 pm
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