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tv   KRON 4 News at 530pm  KRON  July 6, 2021 5:30pm-6:01pm PDT

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>> the federal trade commission along with some members of congress is accusing big tech companies of behaving like monopolies and hurting consumers. yeah. we've been hearing a lot about this our washington correspondent alexandra limon joins us now live to discuss the steps the government is taking to try and break up some of the biggest tech companies, which of course they're based right here in the bay area alex. hey
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there. good evening. well, under its first public meeting under the new chair. the ftc voted to make it easier to go after those big tech companies for alleged monopolistic activity. >> the federal trade commission says the agency is ready to start more vigorous enforcement of its rules. prohibiting that isn't there anti competitive who said. >> predatory explain it next mission there. amanda knox as part of that goal last week. the ftc voted to give itself more power to go after companies in the tech industry and other industries that the agency says are acting like monopolies. the rule changes allow the agency to bring antitrust cases when companies her competitors not just consumers and the ftc approved greater use of subpoena power in its investigations. enabling more expeditious investigatory process. >> it is particularly important given that we're in the midst of a mass them.
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>> us tech sector is the envy of the world met sheers president and ceo of the computer and communications industry association says all businesses should play by the rules. but argues more regulations could hurt american businesses and consumers. the consumers lose out because it's it's through that combat through aggressive and price cuts. that the consumers benefit. but many lawmakers agree with the ftc. that's why congress also recently advanced a bi-partisan package of bills that could reshape or even break up portions of amazon, facebook, apple and google. >> kuz a house investigation last year found that those for ted commitment tech companies do enjoy monopoly powers reporting live in washington. alexandra limon. >> thank you, alexandra. salmon runs a family is suing tesla for a crash that killed their 15 year-old son. this
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was in 2019. the accident involved tesla model 3 it was on auto pilot. the teenager and his father were on. i 80 when they were hit by a tesla after switching lanes. the family lawsuit says that tesla's autopilot system has problems and failed to react to traffic conditions, largest homeless encampment in the city of samara fell located under the one o one freeway is being dismantled by caltrans today. kron four's maureen kelly reports those evicted are being offered tents and other services just a few blocks away. >> caltrans crews showed up early this morning to begin clearing the encampment that had been made up of dozens of tents spread underneath the one o one freeway and central sailor fell and some former residents are unhappy about it. it's heartbreaking. >> see how marine county treats homeless. it's it were an eyesore or not, people anymore. but courtney hop is one of the lucky ones. she says she was placed in a hotel room a few days ago. i'm.
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>> crushed as usual price still gift couldn't bear to watch the dismantling of her tp that she says served as both for home and as a makeshift church for the community. she's lived among for about a year when you're homeless its side. we build up your home. and just when you start feeling comfortable and gets a nice neat. >> pressure. caltrans says there's been a year-over-year doubling of reports of fires violent crime and stepped in this area. officials say more than half of those living here took up the offer of moving into new tense. >> in what's being called a service support area. it's also under the freeway about a block away. but with things like restrooms and security. >> it's a collaboration with caltrans and the city of samara fell going to lead us to. >> a path of finding permanent housing. and if it is great. so it's like we know where the hour we can help them and what services they need. and for example, we have electrical outlets that they can charge their phones on for the case. workers can call them. and get
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a crisis is still sad about her tp being demolished. >> and doesn't like the idea of being fenced in. she accepted a tent at the service port area. well, this is just a temporary solution. last month. the city council voted vet the idea of launching its own safe sleeping pilot program. maureen kelly kron 4 news. >> all right. then. let's take a live look outside right now at the golden gate bridge, blue sky day, blue sky day and it actually looks very pretty chief. meteorologist lawrence karnow is here, but some more wet fog tonight. yeah. i mean, it's been very damp along the coastline. we've seen some puddles out there out toward the beaches. you can see that again, i think for tonight. >> so san francisco beginning to see some of that fog creep on shore much as we had yesterday at this time. i think that will be a trend taking this into a lot of part of the week. but right now the fog is likely to surge into the bay and locally inland. maybe some interior valleys overnight tonight. and again, some of the drizzle out there, especially along the coastline maybe coming patches drizzle inside the bay but went along the coast. a fact.
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>> some place like bay getting pretty damp out there models trying to pick up just about a 10th of an inch, maybe even a little bit more than that along the coastline. latter mountainside, the bait temperature wise around the bay area. tomorrow. we're going to be the 50's and the 60's temperatures along the coastline on the waters have cool little bit about the temperatures down coast side mainly in the 50's there 66 in millbrae 67 degrees in burlingame. 70 nice of foster city. the south bay, not bad 70's and some 80's warmer spots inland tomorrow. maybe some mid 80's and then well believe kind of the last day of some cooler weather is going to see some much warmer weather on the way. getting hot. i think as we head in toward the next few days. in these numbers we're heating up. we're going back into the triple digits friday saturday sunday, maybe into monday of next week. >> election officials there getting ready for the september recall election against governor newsome. and today we learned republican assemblyman from northern california is now entering the race for kron four's. ashley zavala has the latest now, including how soon you'll see your ballot in the mail.
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>> california elections officials usually have a 190 days to prepare for an election. but in this case for the recall they're working with 75 regardless of the shortened timeline elections. officials promise they will get this done. >> we are. >> as all of us are scrambling county elections officials across the state are working double time to prepare for governor gavin newsom's recall election set for september 14th a little earlier than we had hoped for. donna johnston is the president of the california association of clerks and elections officials before the date was set. the group told state leaders september 14th would be the earliest possible date. they could logistically hold the election. now the clock is ticking. we're all working. >> very diligently to secure locations. now we have today to secure locations to secure our poll workers work with our printers to make sure that our materials are printed on time and that ballots are delivered to voters in time candidates hoping to replace newsome have less than 10 days to file
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formal paperwork to run before the printing process can begin johnston says since the recall requires one ballot type. it will help speed up the printing process. every california voter will receive a ballot in the mail. johnston says counties will start sending them out. august 16th. it's going to be sort of like climbing a really tall mountain. but once we get that election done successfully completed. >> it will be the view from the top going to be really nice. >> one loose end in all of this is what, if any covid-19 protocols will be in place if personal protective equipment will be required at the polls. johnston says the secretary of state's office is working on this and guidelines are set to be released soon at the state capitol. ashley zavala kron 4 news. >> coming up today marks 6 months since the deadly riot at the u.s. capitol details on the steps capitol police announced today to strengthen security and prevent a scene like this and ever happening again. also, one more reason to stay away from sugary drinks. there's a new warning from researchers.
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when a truck hit my car, the insurance company wasn't fair. i didn't know what my case was worth, so i called the barnes firm. i'm rich barnes. it's hard for people to know how much their accident case is worth. let our injury attorneys help you get the best result possible. >> for your health tonight. since the aids epidemic began devastating communities in the late 70's. the fda has put restrictions on men, donating blood they say any man who's had relations with another man in the past 3 months isn't eligible to donate but a new federal study will determine whether asking, wouldn't they donors about risky behavior
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would make more sense and better than the current screening process. researchers say they're going to collect blood samples from 2000 and bisexual men for that study. the new study says sugary drinks may play a role in colon cancer in younger adults. researchers at washington university school of medicine in louis. they looked at 94,000 female registered nurses over 24 years. and those nurses ranged in age from 25 to 42 and those who had 2 or more sugary drinks per week. they had double the risk of colon cancer compared to those who had one sugary drink per week. no specific link between colon cancer in sugary drinks was established. but researchers say sugar sweetened beverages are connected to weight gain. high blood sugar and insulin resistance and those are linked to an increased risk of colon cancer. >> high pressure going to send temperatures soaring around
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majestic mountains... scenic coastal highways... fertile farmlands... there's lots to love about california. so put off those chores and use less energy from 4 to 9 pm when less clean energy is available. because that's power down time. >> all right. time for another look at the forecast are taking a live look at the view from our mount tam camera. always love that shot. chief meteorologist lawrence karnow here with us in the studio to talk about who's going to. >> feel the heat. yes, going fast and how this breaks down. i think not everybody in the bay. area's going to be worried about a heat wave, least not along the coastline right inside the bay. but you get to the valleys contra,
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costa county get alameda county, especially slama county n word. here comes that big dome of high pressure go to bill right out the desert southwest again. and that is going or really crank up the temperatures starting on thursday, but through the weekend. i think that will be the peak of the heat. these temperatures going to soar. in fact, national weather recognizing that as well now and seeing heat advisories or at least watches going up. now the advisory soon. expecting those temperatures upper 90's. maybe those 104 parts of solano county get a real vista fairfield and you get the vacaville certainly could see those get toward that point and then as we get toward the central valley. it looks pretty toasty throughout the sacramento valley and the san joaquin. alright, that being said, we've got that fog that is locked along the coastline. there it is. and that is keeping the temperatures, of course, much cooler out toward the beaches. i think even though we'll see less fog we'll have enough of the sea breeze during this heat wave that will keep those temperatures cooler along the coastline. so overeat their 52nd pacifica right now. 59 in san francisco or maybe even 5 degrees in concord overnight
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tonight. going to see more patchy low clouds and fog again return to some coastal drizzle tomorrow morning. clouds then becoming mostly sunny and then high pressure really takes over builds in for the weekend. that's going to send those temperatures soaring away from the coast overnight tonight, though, it's going to be about that fog again, it's going to move into the bay and some of the valleys to the breakaway leave a mostly sunny skies except up toward the beaches. but even there may be a little more broken by tomorrow afternoon. i still in the mid 80's inland. you're going to see 60's 70's around the bay and plan on 50's 60's up toward the coastline next few days going to start heating up on thursday by friday. think we're looking at triple digit. he least inland that continues through the weekend, at least through monday. in national news tonight, 6 months after the deadly attack at the u.s. capitol. >> lawmakers and police are still looking into exactly what went wrong. our washington correspondent kellie meyer reports on what groups. are doing to ensure what happened that day never happens again. >> 6 months after the violent
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attack at the u.s. capitol lawmakers are still searching for answers. find out. >> why this happened and hold those responsible accountable capitol police, tuesday shared steps they've taken in the months since the attack to improve security, including increasing training creating new response plans. >> adding more equipment and working to recruit more staff. the department is also in the process of opening offices in california and florida to investigate threats to members of congress. i think we always should be. >> very, very vigilant. florida congresswoman val demings says the attack highlighted the need for be the number one priority for all of us, but also for. >> the people that we represent. remaining fencing in place around the capitol complex since the attack is set to come down as early as this week. >> but the investigation into what happened that day is far from over. >> the fact that we have this special committee. really important. virginia democrat
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elaine luria is on the new committee that will be digging into the details of that day. this commission is designed to determine the offense. the causes and the corrective actions that should be recommended indiana republican congresswoman victoria spartz supports the goal. but not the process need to be done by law enforcement. but in a political way, you know, we can politicized and every issue work could start as early as next week. reporting in washington. i'm kelly meyer. britain's court of appeal has cleared 3 black men who were convicted of robbery nearly 50 years ago. >> it is the latest in a series of cases which have been overturned because they relied on the testimony of a corrupt police officer who later died in prison today. the court reversed the convictions of courtney harriet paul green cleveland davidson. they were all between 1720 when accused of trying to rob a plainclothes detective on the london underground train the man had always insisted they were
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innocent. >> this is a vindication that is a vindication that we we were innocent at the time he was on a young man. we did nothing. it was it. it was a total stitch them with total states you know, we was frame up from nothing and but it for 50 is it affect me? >> a police unit involved in the arrests in the 1970's was run by detective sergeant derrick ritual. and again, he did later die. 3 other men were arrested by ridge wells team in 1972 in london. those men now their late 60's all became known as the stockwell 6. 4th july weekend box office. it went off with a which movie did a major post-pandemic milestone. that's right after the break.
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>> sprinter should carry richardson has been left off the u.s. relay team and will not run in the tokyo olympics shortly after she won the olympic trials in oregon last month. she did test positive for chemicals found in marijuana. it was acknowledged that this was not done for performance unhappy and hampson purposes. she was upset about the death of her mother. still, though she had her results erased and was given a one-month fan. in entertainment news. the 4th of july box office has booming that even hit a major milestone here with the breakdown is entertainment. tonight's nischelle turner.
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>> that's right, vicki and catherine, it was a good weekend for hollywood and the fast and furious franchise who just made more history. >> craig, good all the way universal pictures at 9 kept its foot on the gas topping the holiday weekend and becoming the first movie since the start of the pandemic to cross the 500 million dollars. mark globally we're bringing people back. >> to the theater. we need it. we love it. you're breaking records. how does it it's amazing. it's so great to see a country. we're learning that to be even a small part of that. it's so cool. and in another rare feat universal scored the top 3 spots in the box office. i like baldwin is the boss baby family business took second and the horror sequel. the forever purge came in 3rd. so what's up next? scarlett johansson's black widow lands in theaters and on disney. plus the mere access this friday. ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls. please enjoy marvel studios.
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black widow, david harbor and the cast of gone global with premieres in new york, los angeles, melbourne and london. that's where we were on set with scar jo and marvel newcomer florence pugh you already like an avenger. so what's training like is it is much as you always do easier. no, it's way harder because i'm older so everything is more painful. >> and tune in to e t tonight for all the details of blake and grandes, oklahoma. i do's. plus j lo and ben is long weekend together and olivia wilde and harry styles pda packed italian vacation. don't miss it. >> for entertainment tonight i'm michelle turner. all right. michelle, multiple updates today in britney spears conservatorship bite. her lawyer is reportedly resigning from the conservatorship after 13 years under managers also stepping away tmz reporting spears a long time court-appointed lawyer sam ingram is resigning from the conservative ship. he is reportedly upset about statements made in her recent testimony, including that she
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never knew she could end the conservatorship tmz reports the told her in the past that she could request to end it. ingram could file documents as early as tomorrow to formally dismiss himself. you can catch entertainment tonight right here on kron 4 at 7.30 and that wraps up kron 4 news at 5. but there's a lot more ahead on kron 4 news at 6. pam moore and ken wayne are here with what we're working on for 6, vicki and catherine, thanks to you both. coming up tonight at 6 o'clock, a deadly weekend crime wave in oakland leaving the police department overwhelmed. but some city leaders say adding more officers will not help what they are proposing to curve the spike in crime and the concerning covid trend. the infectious delta variant has become california's most identified strain of coronavirus. >> but doctors say the unvaccinated and vaccinated need to do to protect themselves. i'm ken what i'm pam moore. the news at 6 is next.
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>> from the bay area's local news station. you're watching 4 news at 6. what we do know is that our community is
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hurting and wounded and the person that's the perpetrator to they can be the victim tomorrow and vice versa. >> now it's 6 the deadly weekend crime wave in oakland is bringing added attention to the police department. the police chip chief saying that his officers were overwhelmed on the 4th of july. good evening, everybody. thank you for joining us for kron 4 news at 6. i'm pam moore and i'm ken wayne, nobody can say definitively definitively with just one year of data. why we're seeing this big spike in crime in the east bay. still a crime for off tells us oakland community activists and city leaders say. >> the answer is not adding more police officers. >> on the 4th of july. oakland police were bogged down responding to fires a massive sideshow. >> and 7 shootings during a 15 hour period. >> they were so strapped. most fireworks related calls did not get responses silence and the city of oakland. that's is gotten to where it used to be


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