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tv   KRON 4 News at 3pm  KRON  July 6, 2021 3:00pm-4:01pm PDT

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>> now at 3 rampant shoplifting across san francisco and the latest brazen incident was caught on camera here. how city leaders are reacting to the crime. the infectious delta variant has become california's most identified strain of the coronavirus. we're talking to a local doctor about what the what the vaccinated and unvaccinated population need to do to protect themselves. >> a nice little break here from not lasting long. hot stuff coming our way to the bay area will have a look at forecast on for news at 3 starts now. now from the bay area's local news station. >> this is kron 4 news at 3.
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>> this is a pattern of behavior. we're seeing this happen over and over again here in san francisco. >> iced caught on camera thieves steal thousands of dollars worth of designer handbags in san francisco. officials are calling this a snatching grab but an organized effort. thanks for joining us here on this tuesday afternoon on kron. 4 news at 3. i'm noelle bellow. san francisco city officials and law enforcement are reacting to a stunning video recorded monday evening showing multiple thieves taking merchandise from the union square. neiman marcus in broad daylight kron four's charles clifford joins us live with more on this story. charles, we've seen more of these kinds of thefts around the bay area, different types of stores. what are the city official saying. >> well, you know, so far the police department has not identified any suspects or announced any arrests in this case. but we are, as you hearing from at least one supervisor, a member of the board of supervisors and also from the district attorney's
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office. >> in this dramatic video from monday evening 10 individuals are seen fleeing from the union square neiman marcus store in san francisco. there are arms are full of apparently stolen goods. but this most likely was not a crime of opportunity but an organized effort is a very targeted the going with a specific list tuesday afternoon. san francisco supervisor ahsha safa. he said he believes that the robbery is the result of organized retail theft and that they were targeting specific merchandise. 10 individuals getaway car focused on him bags. these are very expensive handbags. >> they could be sold domestically or internationally for a lot of money in these bags. oftentimes go for thousands of dollars. in a statement to kron 4 on tuesday. the district attorney's office agreed saying no retailer or its employees should have to suffer from the brazen organized theft depicted in this video. police have not yet presented us with an arrest or identified suspects related to this incident. we will immediately review any arrests. police bring us for
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prosecution he says that the city is also asked the district attorney's office and the police department to work together to come up with the plan, asked them for what the coordinated response would be. what. how are they intentionally. >> going to target suppressing this activity. sof. i also says that if law enforcement requires additional resources for patrols or investigations. >> that may be possible if we need to. we have intention to. >> introduced legislation that would allow not just our police officers to do over time. but our sheriffs so we can expand the pool of people that are available to do that type of work. >> all right. back live now the district attorney's office also said today that they do have retail organized theft unit that will be focusing on trying to stop this sort of activity. but for now in san francisco, charles clifford kron 4 news. >> all right, charles, thank you for that report. also in san francisco, a 75 year-old woman suffered life threatening injuries when a shoplifter allegedly knocked her over while fleeing from a
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business in the city's outer mission neighborhood. this happened last friday afternoon when the suspect ran out with a sandwich. the woman was taken to the hospital. no update on her condition right now. the suspect was eventually arrested, but police have not released his name. now san francisco has been in the national spotlight for its shoplifting problem with several news outlets reporting on the crimes in response to the video of those shoplift lifters at neiman marcus the daily mail wrote, quote, crime is basically legal in san francisco. the new york times saying, quote, the mundane crime of shoplifting has spun out of control in san francisco. and lastly cnn saying san francisco confronts a surging crime drugs and homelessness as it tries to bounce back from covid-19. so we looked into san francisco's recent crime statistics and here's what we found since the economy started reopening in may. larceny theft is up 41.3% compared to the same time
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period of may to june of last year in just the past few months. there have been more than 4500 incidents. we've reached out to mayor breed's office for a statement or an interview on what's being done to stop these crimes. but we have not yet heard back. over in the east bay. a deadly weekend crime wave in oakland brings attention to the police department. the police chief says they were overwhelmed on the 4th of july. but as kron four's phillipe djegal reports community activists and city leaders say adding more cops is not the answer. >> on the 4th of july. oakland police were bogged down responding to fires a massive sideshow. >> and 7 shootings during a 15 hour period. >> they were so strapped. most fireworks related calls did not get responses silence and the city of open its is gotten to where it used to be years ago. for nearly 2 decades. a federal monitor has been installed to oversee the
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police department which has experienced a carousel of chiefs over the years. but recently the city council approved a 6% budget increase for the department. well, also redirecting about 18 million dollars of the mayor's initial police budget proposal to the department of violence prevention. we need to get back into the neighborhood and be able to provide services directly to the family, to the young people. >> and to some of they got caught up in the gang activity. councilmember noel says reallocating funds from police to community resources. should not impact department's ability to address behind. >> in the long run sides with kat brooks community activists oakland resident and co-founder of the anti police terror project a reality is, is that the people that that we're engaged in those activities this weekend had activities had mental and emotional support had job. etcetera, they wouldn't be engaging behaviors while the city is committing to reinvesting in the community.
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violent crime is on the rise and police chief leronne armstrong says he sees no end in sight. phillipe djegal all kron 4 news. >> now. it was a violent weekend up in vallejo as well. 8 people have been arrested in 8 vehicles have been impounded following dangerous 4th of july sideshows videos posted on social media show hundreds of people taking over city streets. police say at least 11 sideshows broke out sunday night gunshots from automatic weapons also rang out from the crowds at one of the side shows 2 spectators got hit by a car doing donuts long broadway in illinois. vice mayor says sunday sideshows were the worst the city and seen over the holiday weekend. and you have what? >> 6 500 cars and you have a police force that's already stretched to the max. and other cities also have experienced the same sideshows. and you know, who do you call. and we were really stretched to the max thank god that was the one
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that was, you know, injured or no fatalities. that's still there was a lot of property damage to businesses. and again, we put people in harm's way and they're just very scared. when i got calls and many council members also got calls from businesses right at the time it was happening. and of course, we called 911, but they can only do so much. >> vice mayor says city council and the police chief will be meeting in the next few days to discuss tougher penalties for people engaging in sideshows and other illegal activities. >> for your money. gas prices are skyrocketing. here's a video today from the shell gas station at 5.98 bryant street. that's just off of i 80 in san francisco for a gallon of regular gas. it's $5 and $0.60. if you want the power nearly $6 a gallon. aaa says demand is very high. >> for gas as many are choosing to road trip this summer and crude oil prices are up to maybe gas prices will continue to rise throughout the summer months.
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temperatures, of course, rising to this week. it's time to talk about our weather live look outside at the golden gate bridge that fog cleared up nice blue skies little bit of wind, though, there. things are changing on the weather front, though kron 4 meteorologist dave spahr is here. dave, i know we're in for another little heat wave. coming up. it another he spike. you got that good well, and this is a live shot coming in now from half moon bay. you saw the golden gate bridge was pretty clear, but the fog already in place. you can see here. >> along the coast temperatures still moving no inland 88 for antioch, although somewhat reduced as we can see, concord and livermore just barely into the lower 80's, a santa rosa 78 is at. and meanwhile, around the perimeter of the base still have quite a bit of 60's and some lower 70's. this is actually a little cooler than we were this time from yesterday by a couple of degrees. again will be closing that gap later this week. there are the onshore winds checking in bringing with it more of the overnight fog to greet us for tomorrow morning which coverage area pretty typical that we've seen. i
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suspect we'll see. again this tomorrow night into thursday a little bit going on around the immediate bay while temperatures really start kleiman inland. it looks like by thursday. so temperature check will be about 72 by 7 by 10 at 61 clear. that means inland clear course, they'll be bay area fog. however, no mistaking the fact inland. we're be looking for a teach spike coming our way kind of like into little doses, one to finish off this week and another to start the following week. well, more of that coming up in just a bit. noel. >> the largest homeless encampment in the city of samara fell located under the one o one freeway is being dismantled by caltrans today. kron four's maureen. kelly reports those evicted are being offered tents and other services just a few blocks away. >> caltrans crews showed up early this morning to begin clearing the encampment spread underneath the one o one freeway in central sandra fell. still gift could not bear to watch the dismantling of her tp. she says it's
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served both as a home and a church for the community. she's lived among for about a year. >> as usual. i'm used help fans said they held off breaking up the tents during the pandemic. they've witnessed a year-over-year doubling for calls for police and fire for things including fires and violent crime. officials say more than half of those who had been living in the one a one byte up encampments took up the offer of moving into new tense. what's being called a service support area. it's also on caltrans land under the freeway about a block away. but with things like restrooms and security. >> it's a collaboration with caltrans and the city of center fell going to lead us to. >> a path of finding permanent housing and if it is great. so it's like we know where they are. we can help them. and what services they need. and for example, we have let's call outlets that they can charge their phones on for the case. workers can call them. and get a crisis is still sad about her tp being demolished.
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>> and doesn't like the idea of being fenced in. she accepted a tent at the service port area. it's ok. >> get housing and the lady its commissioner. yes, we help lot to maureen kelly kron, 4 news. >> coming up as the delta variant spreads in california. what happens when you've been vaccinated. but to get exposed to covid-19 a local infectious disease expert has some advice. also, a new study reveals the most dangerous backyard activities for your kids. we've got some tips for parents. and after the break, what you need to know about the rapidly spreading delta
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>> welcome back. in national news for more victims have been found in the rubble at the site of the florida condo building collapse, bringing the death toll to 36 the total number of bodies recovered today is 8 officials in florida say that's the most crews have recovered in one day since the collapse on june 24th this is the 13th day of rescue efforts. while crews faced strong winds and rain from tropical storm elsa more than 100 people remain unaccounted for. now to our coronavirus coverage this afternoon. the infectious delta variant has become california's most identified strain of covid-19. it's causing hospitalizations to rise among unvaccinated populations. lauren lyster reports. >> they didn't think i was going come through. but that
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lot of there said no, i'm not finished with you yet. 84 year-old emma fuller within the hospital with covid for 8 days. now she's vaccinated along with millions of others in la county. >> able to get back to a more normal life but concerning recent data now shows coronavirus cases rising for the county's black residents and from mid-may to mid-june. covid-19 hospitalizations increased 11%. well falling double digit percentages for asian americans, latinos and white residents i think that we've got a community that is lagging behind in. >> vaccinations. but is still having contact with people who are able to transmit covid. >> doctor elaine bachelor says access to the shots and vaccine hesitancy both play a role pushing for continued education and efforts to administer vaccines out in communities. it's very alarming to me because it signals not only a tipping point for black communities but for other communities as
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well. doctor sheila young worries essential workers from vulnerable communities have more public exposure to covid. now that mask mandates have been lifted. i don't believe everyone who's not wearing a mask. has been vaccinated. president biden today warning of the risk for millions still unvaccinated nationwide. >> this is an even bigger concern because of the delta variant. it's more easily transmissible. potentially more dangerous. >> and the fuller fears those hesitant to get the vaccine. haven't done enough homework that check and see how valuable it is to us and what could happen if you don't take shot. >> now, if you are vaccinated, you can still contract covid-19 the uptick in cases across the state due to the delta variant is a sign that unvaccinated people are going maskless. so doctors recommend even vaccinated people wear a mask. if you're in large crowds and if you've come into contact with someone who test
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positive for covid-19, but you yourself are vaccinated. doctors say you do not need to quarantine. >> there's this video in australia with 2 people passing by in the mall. they did contact tracing and a few seconds of contact in an indoor setting was enough to have an infection occurred by for vaccinated that's going to be tuch rarer, but still not 0. so right now the cdc guidance is no, you do not need to anymore. you may be contacted by contact tracers and in the event of a cluster transmission, no need for pardon team. but for monitoring symptoms. >> doctor chin-hong says if you're eligible to be vaccinated, do not wait now is the time to get your shot. doctor chin-hong also put to rest some concerns over vaccine efficacy. he says all vaccines approved through operation warp speed are effective against the delta variant. he says they do take
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a little hit. an efficacy compared to the regular strains of covid, but they're still effective against the most dangerous aspects which would send you to the hospital. pfizer and moderna are still showing 90% effectiveness against infection johnson and johnson showing closer to 70% effectiveness against the delta variant. switching gears now to talk a little bit about the weather. this is a live look at a very cloudy foggy sfo airport kron 4 meteorologist dave spahr here with little bit more details because it looks pretty cool there. but i know later this week we're going to have some parts. can the 100 states. yes, we finish off this week and get into early next week in like 2 little phases of a heat spike is what we've got going on here. >> live shot u c berkeley. there's the east bay shoreline all lit up nicely. the fog had a chance to cover that over yet, however, coming our way as we finish off the week as a formality as we stand now, there's a excessive heat watch that's been issued for what affects a solano county points
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to the west and the north and south. as you can see, also in that this can be built on later. not necessarily just for the excessive heat warning which will be the next step for solano county, but also to maybe a heat advisory covering the east bay may be up in the north bay to those be the second maybe a 3rd places to be looking out for. again, that will be built on potentially later. we get a little closer to the event 89 so far in antioch, we're looking at about 85 conquered 81 livermore lot of 70's up in the north bay. so they still haven't responded yet in it looks like we'll get maybe one more day of kind of a break of this before the temperatures really start spiking there's our winds in the 20's and teens. they helped bring in some of that cooler marine layer air that also helps reduce some of the fog that we're going to be seeing for tonight. future cast for this is what it looks like for tonight. here comes the fog and the drizzle which will continue not just tomorrow morning but his latest about thursday. and this is the first day of little heat spike. but we're expecting as we head on into the weekend and for tonight with the fog
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in place. 53 san francisco, 55 oakland 56 for san jose. a fog and drizzle gain anywhere near water. speaking of water. now we'll also be talking to about what's going on with the tropics and elsa. >> oakland a's first baseman matt olson says he is taking part in this year's home run derby of the 2021 mlb all-star game in denver. olson is the leading masher on the a's slugging 5.52 and tallying up 20 homers. the 27 year-old has just one career blast in 8 games at coors field. he will try to become the 3rd a's player to win the home run derby. joining mark mcguire who won back in 1992 and. >> u n s suspend us to one in back to back years. 2014 2015, luck to him. >> still ahead at 3.45 and
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to know what's what. i'm proud to be part of aag, i trust 'em, i think you can too. trust aag for the best reverse mortgage solutions. call now so you can... retire better >> 3.24 here on this tuesday afternoon and summer is in full swing backyard gatherings are returning after the
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pandemic, of course. but a new study finds parents are underestimating the dangers in their own backyards. safe home. dot org put together a list of the 5 most dangerous backyard activities for kids as well as some tips for parents to prevent injury topping the list is trampolines to avoid any injuries check that all the bolts are tightened install a safety net enclosure for your trampoline. number 2 is the monkey bars safe home suggest placing padding underneath to soften any falls and of course, check for loose bolts there as well. number 3, porches and balconies to avoid any falls install a safety net between your rails and consider safety gates at the top and bottom of your stairs. number 4 slides to the study suggests teaching your child to go down feet first and remove any dangerous debris from the landing spot rounding out the top 5 is your swing set titan any equipment before using those swings. and if you can ignore your child's request to push them too high
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as for pools, safe home says cases of drownings are on the rise. always make sure to have an adult chaperone and install some fencing around your pool just to be safe. a summer trip to disneyland might not be a bad idea. starting today. california residents can actually visit the theme park at a cheaper rate. disneyland is offering discounted admission starting at $83 a day per person. but this only applies if you purchased a 3 day, one park per day pass. you can also get a park hopper pass for an additional $55. and if you stay at a disneyland resort hotel. you can save up to 25% on select rooms. you have until september 30th to redeem that park offer and until october 2nd to get that hotel offer. coming up next, the dmv is going green. the latest changes the agency announced today. >> plus today marks 6 months since the deadly riot at the u.s. capitol details on the steps capitol police announced
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today to strengthen security and prevent a scene like this from ever happening again. right after the break. california is getting ready for a recall election this fall. we've got a live update from
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>> welcome back. elections officials across the state are gearing up for governor newsome upcoming recall election set for september today we learned a republican
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assemblyman from northern california is entering the race kron four's. ashley zavala joins us live from sacramento with the latest, including how soon you'll see your ballot in the mail. hi, ashley. >> i know. well, yeah. normally california elections. officials have a 170 or excuse me 190 days to prepare for an election. but in this case they're working with 75 regardless of the shortened timeline. they say they will get this done. >> we are. >> as all of us are scrambling county elections officials across the state are working double time to prepare for governor gavin newsom's recall elections set for september 14th a little earlier than we had hoped for done in johnston is the president of the california association of clerks and elections officials before the date was set. the group told state leaders september 14th would be the earliest possible date. they could logistically hold the election. now the clock is ticking. we're all working. >> very diligently to secure locations. now we have a day care locations to secure our
3:31 pm
poll workers work with our printers to make sure that our materials are printed on time and that ballots are delivered to voters in time candidates hoping to replace newsome have less than 10 days to file formal paperwork to run before the printing process can begin johnston says since the recall requires one ballot type. it will help speed up the printing process. every california voter will receive a ballot in the mail. johnston says counties will start sending them out. august 16th. it's going to be sort of like climbing a really tall mountain. but once we get that election done successfully completed. >> it will be the view from the top going to be really nice. >> and noel, you mentioned the republican assemblyman who has jumped in the race as of this morning. that's assemblyman kevin kiley that someone who is regularly on our programming as a vocal critic in the legislature of governor gavin newsome. he's also one of the lawmakers who has filed a lawsuit against the governor's pandemic-related policies. that issue is right now in the supreme court. so this is someone who is well
3:32 pm
known. he says that the the proponent of the recall actually asked him to get into the race now, as far as the election goes, one of those loose ends here in all of this is whether or not any covid-19 protocols will be in place. what personal protective equipment, if any will be required at the polls. the secretary of state's office is working this out in his expected release guidelines soon reporting at the state capitol. ashley zavala kron 4 news. quite a lot to work through. thanks, ashley. >> the dmv is going green. they're giving drivers the option to get driver's license renewal notices over email instead of by paper mail. you have to sign in or create an online account of the dam, these web site and then selects to get your notice via email electronic renewal notices will roll out in august. the dmv sends out renewal notices about 3 to 4 months before a license expires. for your money today. thousands of californians could soon get an extra $100 a week in unemployment, pay the edd began sending texts and e-mails last week to those who
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might qualify the department will also send information by mail. those eligible can get up to $100 a week for 36 weeks for a total of $3600 this money is part of the mixed earner unemployment compensation program. it applies to around 350,000 californians who are self employed but who also worked part-time. and national news now 6 months after the deadly attack at the u.s. capitol lawmakers and police are still looking into exactly what went wrong our washington correspondent kellie meyer reports on what both groups are doing to ensure what happened never happens again. >> 6 months after the violent attack at the u.s. capitol lawmakers are still searching for answers. find out. >> why this happened and hold those responsible accountable capitol police, tuesday shared steps they've taken in the months since the attack to improve security, including increasing training creating new response plans. >> adding more equipment and
3:34 pm
working to recruit more staff. the department is also in the process of opening offices in california and florida to investigate threats to members of congress. i think we always should be. very, very vigilant. florida congresswoman val demings says the attack highlighted the need for additional security. it should be the number one priority for all of us, but also for. >> the people that we represent. remaining fencing in place around the capitol complex since the attack is set to come down as early as this week. >> but the investigation into what happened that day is far from over. >> the fact that we have this special committee. really important. virginia democrat elaine luria is on the new committee that will be digging into the details of that day. this commission is designed to determine the defense. the causes and the corrective actions that should be recommended indiana republican congresswoman victoria spartz supports the goal. but not the process they need to be done by law enforcement. but in a political way, you know, we
3:35 pm
can be politicized and every issue work could start as early as next week. reporting in washington. i'm kelly meyer. >> and more national news. tropical storm elsa is reaching hurricane strength and will likely become hurricane elsa again before making landfall in florida in preparation. tampa international airport has closed down today to brace for the storm travelers are being told to check with their airlines over the next couple of days. also slammed cuba yesterday forcing thousands of people to evacuate their homes. time now to check in with our meteorologist dave spahr for a check on elsa's track. where is she right now, dave. >> in the gulf of mexico. noel watching its trajectory to the north. max winds at 70. it's really teetering on becoming a hurricane. we look for him to be beyond 74 miles per hours a definition and in for tampa, we just talked about that's under a hurricane warning as we speak. so overnight. this
3:36 pm
thing is expected to become a category one hurricane posting max winds there of 75 before making landfall up near the florida panhandle. this time stamp, by the way, that's for us. so that would be 9 o'clock am their time. so around tomorrow morning is expected landfall staying a category one for a while until it goes through southern georgia dropping back down to a tropical storm and then a tropical depression. as you can see with that low. meanwhile, it's going to go back over waters again and again. the something has to be watches. it becomes upgraded to a tropical storm. why? because the gulf stream waters are still spilling out there. course, this july. the waters are warm along the east coast at any rate we want to watch out for the heavy rainfall. but the good news is in the east coast up here in the northeast there on the west side of this system. and when you're on the west side of hurricanes like that, you tend to get falling air. so it doesn't produce as much rain as on the east side, which is why all throughout the southeast. they have to watch the sink climbing through different story. we have we're praying to get any water here just getting that marine layer
3:37 pm
for tonight. that's it. fog. just rolling in across the bay. we have still the clear skies along the east bay shoreline watching things going. a here comes the fog again tonight, some coastal drizzle. they fog la di da di then thursday. same deal in the morning. that is. but by the afternoon, temps will be climbing well inland. so it's been issued just an hour ago or so excessive heat watch has been posted for solano county points to the east. this may be expanded upon later and certainly turned into a warning later on period of time. friday. through monday and maybe another little spike to watch out for early next week. well. >> thanks, dave. stay with kron 4 as we have continuing weather coverage. you can scan the qr code that you see on your screen with the camera on your phone and take you straight to our weather page with the latest forecast current conditions and much more. coming up here later this hour, more trouble for tesla. a bay area family is suing the electronic car company after their loved one died in a crash.
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>> plus an explosive wake-up call for a neighborhood after a propane tank blows inside a family's garage. how the homeowners were able to escape. and after the break, if you need dinner plans. stick around. aaa giv
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>> well, aaa is the latest restaurant chain to offer a vaccine incentive today from 03:00pm. so right now until closing people can get a buy
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one get one free entree to get the deal customers just need to tell the cashier friend bogo at checkout. the offer is part of the white house's ongoing initiative to get more americans vaccinated. the promotion is only valid for in-person orders and you don't need to show proof if your vaccine. get ready to pay more for your cheerios. meanwhile, general mills and constellation brands say they will be raising prices on their products. general mills is known for its cereals and other food lines like pillsbury and betty crocker says it's responding to 7%. inflation and higher costs over capacity and logistics beverage company consolation which corona and modelo beer says it will also be raising its prices. meanwhile, costco is dropping its senior hours. this month's like most of the nation's grocery stores. the retailer began designating special hours for its senior members and those with disabilities during the
3:42 pm
pandemic. but on july 26 costco will do away with those special hours now, trader joe's recently cut its senior hours at most of its stores as well. walmart and target, though, are among retailers still promoting special senior hours on their websites. still ahead here, the federal trade commission and congress want to protect americans by breaking up big tech companies. why some say more re
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>> 3.44 here on this tuesday afternoon and the federal trade commission and congress are both targeting some of the largest tech companies accusing them of behaving like monopolies that hurt consumers and other businesses. our washington correspondent alexandra limon joins us live to discuss the steps the government is taking to try and break up some of the biggest tech companies located right here in the bay area. alex. >> hey, good evening well, in its first public meeting under the new chair. the ftc voted to make it easier for that agency to go after those big tech companies for alleged monopolistic behavior. >> the federal trade commission says the agency is ready to start more vigorous enforcement of its rules. prohibiting that isn't there anti competitive who said sitting right in tory explaining an exclusionary amanda knox as part of that goal last week. the ftc voted
3:46 pm
to give itself more power to go after companies in the tech industry and other industries that the agency says are acting like monopolies. the rule changes allow the agency to bring antitrust cases when companies her competitors not just consumers and the ftc approved greater use of subpoena power in its investigations. enabling more expeditious investigatory process. >> it is particularly important given that we're in the midst of a mass murder them. >> the u.s. tech sector is the envy of the world met sheers president and ceo of the computer and communications industry association says all businesses should play by the rules. but argues more regulations could hurt american businesses and consumers. the consumers lose out because it's it's through that combat through aggressive and price cuts. that the consumers benefit. but many lawmakers agree with the ftc. that's why congress also recently advanced a
3:47 pm
bi-partisan package of bills that could reshape or even break up portions of amazon, facebook, apple and google. and congress is working on that legislation because an investigation by a house committee last year found that those for tech companies do enjoy monopoly powers. >> alex, the ftc did recently suffer a setback in court and one of its antitrust cases. what's the latest on that and will this impact what's happening now. >> it is related, but also sort of separate what happened was that about a week ago, federal judge threw out a lawsuit that the ftc had brought against facebook alleging that it is a monopoly in part because the judge said the ftc failed to properly defined what industry. facebook is a monopoly of. >> the judge. also, though, gave the ftc 30 days to try to come back with an amended and stronger complete. so there is
3:48 pm
a chance that we'll see this lawsuit come back and also potentially other lawsuits against other big tech companies. right. alexandra, thank you. >> in the meantime, san lorenzo family is suing tesla for a crash that killed their 15 year-old son. crash happened back in 2019 that involved a tesla model 3 that was driving on autopilot. the teen and his father were traveling on interstate 80 when they were hit by that tesla after switching lanes. the family's lawsuit says tesla's autopilot contains defects and failed to react to traffic conditions. in the east bay and officer was hit this morning by a car as a suspect fled the scene of a catalytic converter theft in san leandro. happened just before 06:00am on carpenter street near the bart station. police say the suspect was trapped in an apartment apartment complex's parking garage when they arrived on scene. the suspect, though, eventually got out and hit an officer while fleeing police
3:49 pm
chased them into oakland and eventually were able to arrest the driver. the officer was not badly injured, but a short time later, a second catalytic converter theft was reported on pershing drive less than a mile away from that first theft officers found that suspect, but they eventually got away. san leandro police say catalytic converter thefts are becoming more common. they're up 65% compared to the same time last year. a newspaper delivery man is being hailed as a hero for saving a michigan family from a fire that destroyed their home. the family got out with their dogs just in time to avoid that massive explosion and it's all thanks to the man who noticed the fire and started banging on their door at 04:30am, on sunday. investigators say a propane tank and some fireworks in the garage or what exploded the cause of the fire is still under investigation. time to talk about our forecast as we
3:50 pm
take a live look outside. this is the bay bridge toll plaza, blue skies out there. very, very light traffic. lots of sunshine we should definitely get ready for more sunshine this weekend from from meteorologist dave spahr is tracking that warm up a day we're looking for a warm up to as we get into the the shot coming from the san mateo bridge while the lights, as you can see. >> but he commuting back to the east bay. there 89 for antioch 85 at this hour for concord 81 livermore up to the north bay still holding on to the 70's, though. we'll be getting warming or warming up in the next about 48 hours or so. 72 going on for san jose. just a quick check of the winds. we already see fog and clouds at the coast on shore. winds in place. well, in the business of the teens. so putting this all together. we got this excessive heat. watch that's in place. that covers basically solano county for now that will be upgraded to a warning later. meanwhile, we may build on this in terms of a heat advisory for portions of the east bay and up to the north bay too, potentially the sea. we do a little closer.
3:51 pm
we'll find out what's going on but that's we still have the same drill for tonight. the winds are in place. coastal drizzle even along the bay, the clouds and the fog midweek. it looks much the same for tomorrow. however, by thursday things start to change as temperatures pop. and when we may see 100 perhaps by thursday or certainly then by friday and going into the weekend for tonight's 53 san francisco oakland 5556 san jose across across the wider real estate santa rosa holding on to 49. everybody else should be into the 50's, though. let's take a look at that 7 day. not too bad the next couple of days. 99 thursday, ouch, 100 friday, one. oh, one saturday, sunday at one. '03, might be looking for this to hold on early next week as well. as we look at those east bay shoreline temps also in the lower 80's and up the coast in some selective spots. they make it to the lower 70's. well. hot. all right. thanks, dave. >> coming up next, one woman is not letting her disability stop her from achieving her lofty goals. how her latest climb landed her in the record
3:52 pm
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climbing mount kilimanjaro would be an incredible accomplishment for anyone but a 28 year-old missouri woman. >> is the first person to do it without any legs. mandy horvath is a double amputee. she climbed the mountain over 8 days by crawling on her hands. she was with the team and a guide who did carry her through the most high-risk
3:55 pm
areas. says the lessons she learned while she was in africa where most valuable she learned to take things a little slower. she also learned there is always work ahead. congrats to her. well, time now to check in with newsnation to see what they're working on for tonight. tonight on the donlon report, a massive cyberattack. its hundreds of us companies. how hackers pulled it off by targeting a single business and the group now demanding a 70 million dollar ransom. >> plus an afghan military base looted after us troops left in the middle of the night. the new threats as america pulls out its forces. that's tonight on that on the report. now here's marni hughes with a look at what's ahead on news nation. >> thanks, joe. tonight on newsnation prime a racist rants turned into a large protest. what a man from new jersey said that brought hundreds of people to his house and why he was arrested during the chaos. plus, new challenges in the search for survivors near miami. we'll tropical storm elsa slowdown. those efforts as more bodies
3:56 pm
are pulled from the rubble. all that and much more tonight on news nation prime. you can find newsnation on the channels listed here on your screen. more details are also available on our website. >> kron 4 dot com. we want to give you one final weather. check with dave. 7 day forecast showing those triple digits coming back to dave. yeah. before we do. let's go in and go back elsa this a tropical storm now but expected to become a hurricane, probably within the next 12 hours or less, maybe even tonight, our time. >> by 6.30 tomorrow morning. our time. it should be crossing into florida making landfall as a category one storm. most of the action with this is thrust into the east. not so much the west that's good news because most of it will be out to sea, but there will still be some problems as it climbs up the east coast and becomes a tropical storm yet again after a weekend excessive heat is what we're looking out for friday through monday is where the statement stands solano counties where the coverage area is. of course that could be built on later on. there are the
3:57 pm
numbers look at it. if you dare. that's right. got lower 80's along the east bay shoreline of the coast lower 70's. well. >> all right, dave, the news doesn't end here are coverage does continue at the top of the hour on the kron on app. here's a look at what's coming up. another record set by steph curry. this time it was for something off the court. just use your phone scanned, the qr code that you see on your screen right now. it will take you directly to your app store and you can download kron on app for free. that's all we've got time for here on kron. 4 news at 3
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>> announcer: today on "dr. phil"... >> you fell almost 70 feet from a crane. >> announcer: a devastating work accident. >> in the first responders got to me, i know i was in trouble. >> brian had 52 broken bones. >> i thought i was going to die. >> announcer: five years later... >> my son and i have a had the raw end of the deal. >> he's a dictator. >> i feel like i'm being beaten up on by everybody. >> brian, you can hit the reset button. i can't change what has happened, but i can change what does happen. i really want to put some laughter and joy back in this home. >> thank you so much. >> you've got to decide if this is going to be a changing day in this family's life.


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