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tv   KRON 4 News at 430am  KRON  July 5, 2021 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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>> for 30 is the time. and we are back at the half hour mark
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on this july 5th. let's get a check of the forecast with the john triple. and john, how is your 4th, by the way, didn't ask you, how was it was good. how is barbecue? and it was good. yeah. burgers hot dogs ahead of both. and i look at my play, i but i had died in like dash because they had to get home. he could have had so we're hanging out with all a bunch of families in the backyard and then. but about an hour into a had a jet. yeah. i feel that time. i always the first one to leave i like to go, but it was nice seeing the fireworks as they barely got home last night. >> and for those of you that are stepping outside early this morning. it sounds like you guys were probably right there with james and i and erica as well as you are up pretty early this morning. said that you went to bed pretty early too. we are going to be looking at conditions today that will eventually clear up actually got quite how or if you look here for just a second. lit up in blue white and transitioning between the callers this morning. you can see quite
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hour. that's because are cloudy blanket is sitting right above the bay itself. it was low enough last night, though, that it did obscure some of those fireworks that were being laid off a right in the bay from san francisco this morning. we are also seeing pockets of low cloud cover and fog that may obscure visibility as you are driving into work this morning. otherwise radar shows dry conditions may notice some misty drizzly spots but definitely no rainfall. 50's and 60's for our current temperatures. as of right now with concord pittsburgh dublin and livermore each currently sitting right at 58 degrees later on today do expect the return of 70's 80's for the most part talking more about exactly what to expect. for your july 5th. still ahead, erica. >> thank you, john. well, we are in the green for most of the bay area. as you can see, there was a minor traffic collision a few minutes in oakland on the 5.80, heading westbound at central couple of lanes were blocked briefly, but it looks like they cleared it very fast. and as you can
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see, it's looking pretty smooth out there and the east bay. if you're heading into san francisco, also looking good on all our bridges as well here in the san mateo bridge even on the high rise. i'm not picking up any major hot spots. it's a quick drive. 13 minutes out to the one o one from the east bay. and here's a check in on some of our other drive the 2.80 from san jose to cupertino under 25 minutes. and here's a few more drive times on the 4 from antioch to concord. 14 minutes. james. >> thank you very much, erica, for 33 is the time let's head the east bay where the threat of wildfires sparked by fireworks is still very much with us even though the 4th of july was yesterday because there's concerns of people may try and set those fireworks off again today. kron four's camila barco has a warning now from fire officials in orinda. >> officials are cracking down on illegal fireworks they are not allowed here in contra, costa county and in other parts of the bay area. contra, costa county fire reports 40
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people have lost their homes this year alone because of a firework related incident. a parade lit up the city of orinda to celebrate the nation's birthday after covid shut down last year's festivities. >> and now we're live here where there are people and they can like take off my and it's just it's really great city. where is enjoying it with family and away from the fireworks will probably be making like hot cakes. as i said earlier, normally we do some sort of a game while her the 4th of july on. so normally probably knew that and face time relatives. >> this is video from last year when people blasted illegal fireworks across the bay area during the 4th of july weekend fire departments in northern california are pleading for people not to like them this year. obviously we're always concerned the fireworks.
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>> especially this year as our fuels are drier than normal stat as fuels are it spreads quickly. so it gets farther out front. in the meantime, police are on the lookout for any rule breakers. >> what you're seeing is more than 800 pounds of illegal fireworks neighborhood watch groups helped hayward pd, take them off the streets. has a long and continues officials urge people to celebrate with caution in orinda camila barco kron 4 news. >> also in the east bay a 35 acre grass fire that was burning in the clayton pittsburgh area is now fully contained took fire crews about 6 hours to get it under control. cal fire says the blaze started from a car fire near kercher pass road and norton ville road. in the south bay. 5 people are without a home this morning after a fire broke out at a mobile home park in east san jose. a it happened in the 200 block of south jackson avenue. 2 homes were severely damaged by the fire. one was destroyed crews quickly had it under
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control, though. nobody was hurt. unclear exactly what started that fire. and on the peninsula. investigators are working now to identify a body that washed ashore on pescadero state beach in san mateo county. that body was found yesterday and investigators believe it was a person who was in the water for some time. as of this morning that body has not yet been identified. >> and take a look at this out of the east bay. new video sent into us by a viewer shows a coyote wandering hhe streets of el serino. >> can there you see him walking in front of that house kron 4 here spotted the animal yesterday. it was last seen on the corner of moyes or and king drive. and according to california department of fish and wildlife. if you see a coyote, you are, of course, keep your small children away and your small pets as well. make loud noises trying to scare it off, don't approach them but just make yourself seem big and be loud that should do the trick. also in the news this morning has been a spike in crime at target
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stores in san francisco. and that's led the company now to announce that they're going to be reducing their hours at those locations in the city. kron four's maureen kelly now with more. >> you can hear the shrinking of alarms going off in this video sent to us showing an alleged shoplifter making for the exit as an employee tales behind at the stonestown target. the retailer giant is so sick of being a target of thieves. all 5 of their san francisco locations will temporarily operate from 09:00am to 06:00pm outside of the city. most targets open up around 07:00am or 08:00am and stay open until 10 o'clock at night. >> here's what one shopper had to say about these new shorter hours here in the city i see the east many people working. they need. >> the full gang hours. he says. the greasing all the economy. >> there is no timeline for when the restrictions will be lifted as to why. in a statement, a spokesperson for target says for more than a month they've been
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experiencing quote, a significant and alarming rise in theft and security incidents similar to reports from other retailers in the area. here's video showing shoplifters swarming last fall at a walgreens in the city. one of several that have since closed because of excess of theft. the ceo of the california retailers association says much of this is being driven by organized crime rings and while the governor put aside nearly 6 million dollars in his most recent budget to continue funding a statewide task force to try to root out the problem more needs to be done operating these crime rings. that's what we have to go after the way do that too, is to make sure that these petty crimes in these things that are going on in san francisco is criminals know that they can't do that in the city. >> and they're going to be held accountable for their behavior. a spokesperson for mayor london breed says the mayor has been meeting with retailers about how the sores and the city. >> can do a better job at
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preventing theft. but she does not believe that shortening store hours is the way to go. maureen kelly kron 4 news. >> well, tyson foods is now recalling more than 8 million pounds of ready to eat frozen chicken usda inspectors believe the products may have been contaminated with listeria. they include the grilled and ready chicken strips. the fajita chicken strips and the pulled chicken. the recalled items were manufactured between december 26 of 2020 and april 13th of this year. he have any of these products in your freezer. you want to throw away or return them for a full refund. in the north bay and near death experience for a mother in vacaville and her family is thanking first responders now for saving that mother and her unborn child garage. paul saga has the story. >> i went to the bathroom and there's just gushes of blood. i knew something was wrong. >> we didn't spend any time in the house assessing her. we
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put her on the gurney, got into the ambulance. >> it was a race against the clock. if they would have been 3 to 5 minutes later, none of us when it made it to save chris. the adams and her unborn child's life. i don't know what i would do without my baby. don't >> the team. i down. this is kyle adams kristi and her husband, both first child together. he was delivered a month early. >> well, i look 24 7 and just think to myself, you just my miracle indeed. christie thought she might have lost kind after she woke up bleeding and didn't feel her baby's kick. i knew something was wrong. we kind of kicked into a higher gear back of firefighter paramedic. bryan jewel was on scene. we still knew that the amount of blood she lost. >> what she was describing and her skin signs. it. >> she it wasn't it wasn't going to be a normal delivery. christie says doctors told her she experienced a placental of corruption which deprives the baby of oxygen and nutrients
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and causes heavy bleeding in the mother. this wasn't the first time first responders came to this family's rescue last year. this family lost their home in the lnu complex fire, fire crews helped this family get back on their feet. through donations i feel blessed. i feel lucky jewel was pleased to learn mom and baby made it out of the situation that didn't look promising it was it was a great feeling gurajpal sangha fox 40 news. >> well, happening today. amazon founder jeff bezos is stepping down as the company's ceo but he leaves the world's richest he leaves has the world's richest person first appeared on the forbes list of richest americans back in 1998 when he was only worth 6 billion dollars at that time. now he's worth more than 202 billion dollars with most of that coming in just the past 3 years. bezos will remain as amazon's executive chairman and focus on other ventures like his blue origin space company, amazon web
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services chief andy jassy will take over as ceo of amazon. coming up after the break, a look at one of california's most popular spots to visit. we'll have more on that coming up with very familiar with john. yeah. i love getting up 70 in. >> well, staying here on the day and days like today. we're going to be looking at highs in san francisco pushing into the upper 60's low 70's for oakland. >> some mid to low 80's across the south bay of course, have more about that. still to come.
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>> well, one of the most popular spots to visit in california is yosemite. but if you plan on visiting this summer. of course you're going to need to make a reservation. and you may want to do it sooner rather than later. we've got reuben contreras with the story. >> yosemite national park is open for visitors after turning away many sites ears during the temporary shutdown at the start of the pandemic. but before you take the drive up highway 41 a few hours north of fresno know that you must make a reservation this summer. >> while conditions are improving covid-19 still with us. not only will the reservation system help everyone keep their social distance from people outside their group. it will also help you decide what opportunities
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you'll want to take advantage of ahead of time. so there's really something for this is why trip planning is key. take time to connect with your family. find out what activities for families interested in be prepared to do a lot of walking the shuttle service inside yosemite valley this year has been suspended due to covid-19 it is just so beautiful. and i think. >> everybody he's in once in lifetime should come in this. if you send after flying across the country for several hours. a kansas city family couldn't believe this national treasure is only a short drive away for people living in the golden state. >> i do think it's amazing for all the california and that this is in their backyard and it really an amazing national park. >> now, if you want to catch the waterfall such as this one yosemite falls behind me. you better make your reservations quick. the waterfalls are at their peak by the end of july, they start to run dry. >> reuben contreras destination, california.
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>> and don't forget if you scan this qr code on your screen. it will take you to our destination. california section of kron, 4 dot com where you'll find several stories on thing things to do across the entire state. this coming summer, not somebody but a whole lot of fun stuff. check. all right. we've got our weather center check now with john shrable with more on i guess the forecast for of the week ahead, what we think and in terms of temperatures, we can keep it in the 80's 90's kind of thing. so today, tomorrow wednesday keeping the good stuff around for a few more days are nor cal on the weather center forecast does show. >> that come thursday friday to start to see some warmth building. and then the weekend gets here and it's actually going to be back to some pretty hot temperatures just around the corner. so enjoy the start of this week. we had a beautiful holiday weekend. we are looking at cloudy conditions this morning. you can actually see the coastline here at half moon bay, though, as this cloudy blanket is sitting right above the coast this morning. so most of our
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visibility is fine. it's likely going to be a fairly easy commute for years. erica, we'll tell you in just a minute. visibility is on the good side for the vast majority of the bay as cloud cover sits right above us up in the sierra nevada. we saw some thunderstorms over the weekend that's going to diminish as we work our way through this week should just be a dry forecast up in the sierra. but as we'll be seeing in the bay area too. we're still in the midst of this on-shore push of ocean. cool there that's going to make its way on inland today. keeping temperatures moderated. this is the trend of weather that's going continue today, tomorrow and wednesday before we really start to run out of that sea breeze. and that's when inland areas start to get really hot 60's for your daytime highs in sf today and 60's right along the coastline too. temperatures along our bayside cities burlingame at 74 degrees. foster city 75 palo alto at 78 while south bay temperatures mostly in the low 80's today, east bay daytime high 70's 80's for you with livermore 86 oakland. a really nice 70 in lots of sunshine to look forward to this afternoon to 90's that's antioch in
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vacaville about to be joined by more 90's come thursday and friday. and yet you see it right there. come the next weekend. daytime highs arriving back into the triple digits that means today. tomorrow, wednesday. these are the most comfortable ones inland. and if you are heading out this weekend in lands next weekend, should say you might just want to head a little bit closer to the coast. erica. >> thanks, john. well, roads right now are looking pretty light. i'm sure a lot of people are still fully thing after enjoying the 4th of july holiday. as you can see here. no, because right now if you're heading over the any of the bridges. actually, it's looking great. no major accidents or anything. the golden gate bridge here. both directions just a few cars passing by 20 minutes out to the toll plaza there. if you're heading north. as for the one o one on the peninsula out to the south bay. we're all in the green right now from san jose out to menlo park looking at drive time of just under 30 minutes and on westbound 24 from walnut creek
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out to the 5.80 a quick 11 minute drive time right now. here's a look at some of our other drive times around the bay on interstate 8.80, from san leandro out to mel peters looking at 19 minutes and on the 2.80. >> from san jose to cupertino under half an hour. >> for 50 is the time back to bay area. baseball now the giants on a winning streak before heading into the all-star break this week or next week, i should say, yesterday they face the diamondbacks in arizona. so let's jump to the action. 3rd inning. we go austin slater at the plate and there he is hitting that over left center field wall at one is out of here. the giants would tack on another couple runs later on beating the diamondbacks 5 to 2. that was your final score, but there was a scary moment in the 6th inning. check this out. buster posey takes a foul ball off his left hand. yeah, he had to leave the game. luckily x-rays were negative for a break. it's being reported as a left thumb
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contusion giants manager gabe kepler was pretty happy to see the bus because he didn't break anything even. >> you see me smiling. that's that's my level of relief. my my level of concern. obviously when when threw his glove office. pretty high. obviously, you know, it's pretty even doesn't react. with that much. you know, kind of emotion very often. so obviously we take that really went out there. give him a chance to kind of stay in the game. obviously he's always going to fight for that. but we thought was best to kind of get him out of there and get checked out obviously good news on the on the x-rays try getting ready for tomorrow's baseball game. >> yeah. the giants are back on today. they'll be hosting the st. louis cardinals. first pitches at 3. '05 this afternoon. he can over in oakland. the a's were hosting the boston red sox at the coliseum 35,000 fans in attendance for the 4th of july game. the game ended up being
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a pitcher's duel between the starters on both sides. aids pitcher james capital in kaprielian got a career-high 10 strikeouts. but in the end it was the boston red sox have scored the most points. well, they scored the game's only run in the 6th inning. so it was a one to nothing win for them. here's manager bob melvin after the game. >> 2 good teams in, you know, seems like each game had. it's different personality to it. so, you know, both both starting pitchers were fantastic today. >> you know, tough to get good swings off from alone. the little string together but to hit so series as a whole was pretty evenly matched. you know, we talked about actually the first game game inches and it was all the way around. all 3 games. >> yeah. the a's have the day off today. we'll go on the road tomorrow night to face the houston astros. we'll take a break. we'll be right back.
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>> once again raining hot dog eating champ and native joey chestnut. cap could ground this weekend securing his 14th win at nathan's hot dog eating competition at coney island in brooklyn. he did it by
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scarfing down a record 76. >> hot dogs in 10 minutes. that's insane. that's one more hot than his previous world record on the women's side. you saw her moment ago. that was michelle lesco. she won the championship taking down 30 hot dogs. and disgusting all the same time. good her take a break at 4.56 coming up next, illegal fireworks were heard all over the bay area. >> well into the night, not out of the clear got a warning from fire officials about anybody thinking about setting them off today, too. >> plus a wildfire breaks out in martinez. it could have been sparked by illegal fireworks going to have details on that coming up in a live report.
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downy unstopables in-wash scent boosters. >> from the area's local news station. you're watching the kron 00:00am morning news on. >> good morning, everybody. thank you for joining us here at 05:00am on a monday morning. it is july 5th. i hope you had a great 4th of july weekend and hope you're still enjoying a holiday today. let's get your monday
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morning started with a check of the weather. we've got john trouble with that now. good morning, john. hey, james, good morning to you. and good morning to all of you who are still apparently working today. that makes a few of us that at least we're going to be looking at skies today. that will eventually clear out. we're on the cloudy side this morning. >> and as you saw last night, if you watched fireworks, you can see that low gray kind of obscuring some of those fireworks as they enter that marine layer you look outside right now in our our view show some red white and blue there on quite hour. obviously visibility is fine and has staff as cloud cover sitting right above us. most areas are good, but there are pockets of low grade that you do want to watch out for as you venture on to our roadways skies will remain dry for yet another day. aside from some coastal drizzle in misty conditions, but no rainfall. current temperatures are mostly in the 50's with 59 double in concord, pittsburgh and livermore each at 58 erica. >> thank you, john. well, roads are


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