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tv   KRON 4 News at 10  KRON  July 4, 2021 10:00pm-10:46pm PDT

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>> when time from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 news. >> the weather made it difficult to see, but he didn't stop. folks from coming to the san francisco waterfront tonight to enjoy tonight's 4th of july
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fireworks festivities similar scene across the bay area tonight. folks just happy to be out and about celebrating with each other again after the covid-19 pandemic. welcome in to kron 4 news at 10 o'clock this 4th of july. we hope you and your family are enjoying the holiday safely. >> i'm jonathan mccall. justine also has the night off. kron four's amanda hari live tonight along the san francisco embarcadero. she's been there all night talking with folks who got a chance to get out to see the festivities for themselves. amanda, what are they saying? >> thought that a lot of those people were very excited to be out here. they were even cheering earlier around 9 for those fireworks went off. >> now. things are wrapping up here. some of those fireworks were a little bit difficult to see because of that fog with the ones that were lower down or very pretty. if you take a look right over here, you can see there are a bunch of people still here. they're milling out trying to get out of here. it is. got to be some traffic here near the embarcadero. if you're coming this way. so just be prepared for that. some people told me
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they were here all day waiting for tonight's fireworks display. you can see on your screen. some of those fireworks as they were prepared yesterday about 2000 fireworks were set off from 2 barges out in the water. people lined the embarcadero and even this parking structure to watch them as they went off. i spoke to one little girl that says having this time with her family tonight was special. >> and like that i get to hang out with my mom and my sister my baby sister its might 3 months old to states. rice time. >> all of the fireworks were carefully choreographed about 30 people spent the last 3 days getting it all ready for tonight. show over here at pier 39 su muzzin has been helping us out to make sure we get this show already for you guys that you can see the fireworks. she helped us get set up up here. we do want to say thank you to her and we expect that next year will be back here doing this all over
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again live in san francisco. amanda hari kron 4 news. hopefully the weather will cooperate next year. amanda, thank you. meanwhile, we want to stay on top of some breaking news that we first told you about. >> during the fireworks demonstrations in concord during those fireworks demonstrations. a small grass fire sparked from one of those from something as a result of this. we do know that fire crews were there on the scene quickly extinguishing the flames. we also know that fire crews had been in that area earlier today battling a large grass fire. so there was a large response from fire crews there in contra, costa county on the scene there in concord. they were able to put out that fire very quickly. we do know that there was a pause on the fireworks demonstrations there in concord. there's no word on if they will resume at this point. they are resuming right now. we have just learned that once again there was a pause on the fireworks demonstrations there in concord. they have now once again restarted there. but
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once again, we do know that this was a grass fire as a result of the fireworks demonstration there in concord. crews have been able to put that out. but we are staying on top of even more breaking news because fire crews in contra, costa county are plenty busy tonight responding to a number of fires across contra, costa county. this is image of the con fire twitter page tonight where you can see not only are they dealing with that fire at the pavilion there. the concord pavilion, the side of the fireworks demonstrations. they're also responding to fires in martinez, pittsburgh. san pablo and in pleasant hill. many of these likely started by fireworks tonight. the very latest tweet saying that they are responding to a single family home fire on deems street in pittsburgh caused by fireworks shot into a backyard around avoid that area so crews can get to that scene in. crews get to that
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demonstration. more breaking news tonight. we won't take you back to concord where another fire has sparked once again from. i'm assuming fireworks. do we know at this point once again, more breaking news this is once again fire crews there on the scene. contra costa county fire crews trying to battle flames once again sparking as a result of fireworks in the area of a do do we still know if this was in the same area where the fireworks were doing. okay. so we are learning once again that this was in the same area where the pavilion was, where their war, the fireworks demonatrations tonight in concord. we saw that small grass fire earlier where crews were able to quickly extinguish it. this is a second fire that is once again spark from the fireworks demonstration in concord tonight. we know that a lot of folks had come out there. we have kron four's, gayle ong was showing us the demonstration or showing us how folks were getting ready. they were excited. we should. also talked with the folks to
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show you how they were preparing. for any type of incidents that could come as a result of this. but once again, you are seeing just once again, the haydn risk as a result of this. the reason why we have been telling you for weeks. why officials have been stressing this for weeks, not to have illegal fireworks because once again the professionals are doing it themselves and you can quickly see fires are sparking as a result. and once again, you can see that contra costa county fire crews are plenty busy tonight not only dealing with the scene unfolding at the concord pavilion with these 2 fires, but they're also dealing with house fires. as we mentioned in pleasant hill, martinez san pablo and in pittsburgh tonight, all of them started by fireworks once again, that is the reason why. 4 weeks we have been saying that why the officials have been saying do not have illegal fireworks to not shoot them off because of scenes like this. luckily fire crews have been there on the scene,
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making sure that something like this if something like thishdid happen, it could be put out quickly and that is what we are seeing there tonight. those fire crews have been able to quickly extinguish those flames at the concord pavilion where those fireworks demonstrations were taking place tonight once again, that is the breaking news for us this sunday night on this 4th of july. plenty of fire is now sparking across the bay area in conquer in concord, specifically in contra, costa county, where crews are dealing with. several large fire several fires right now in san pablo martinez pleasant hill and in pittsburgh once again, house fire structure fires likely started as a result of fireworks. we are going to continue to monitor all of these scenes for you tonight. we're checking the twitter feeds to get updates from those crews on the scene and our crews as well. if we learn anything new will pass along to you. but we're going to try and get to some other news tonight. meanwhile, on the
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peninsula sheriff's deputies have arrested a man who they say was setting off illegal fireworks in menlo park. the fireworks were heard by a gunshot detection system late last night in the south fair oaks neighborhood deputies got to the scene. arresting 30 year-old fernando compost. he's now in in custody for possession of illegal fireworks possession of spent fireworks containers and providing false identification to deputies. we'll monitor that scene as well. also another fire that we were telling you about earlier today. in contra, costa county that kept fire crews busy a 35 acre grass fire near clayton in pittsburgh is now 50% contained. according to cal fire crews that were there on the scene. it took them several hours to stop the forward progress of this fire that they say started with a car fire near the kercher pass road. this afternoon that fire then quickly spread to a grassy area sparking the kercher fire which kept fire
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crews busy in contra, costa county earlier today that area was shut off a number of roads in that area were shut off earlier today. the good news they have since once again reopened because fire crews were able to stop the for progress of at least that fire right now at kron 4 dot com. you can find more tips and information to get you ready for the fire season which is under way. all you have to do is use your mobile device to scan the qr code on your screen and you will be directed there. we want to take a break from the headlines right now. to talk about our 4 zone forecast a live look at coit tower lit up for the 4th of july in red, white and blue kron 4 meteorologist mabrisa rodriguez joining us tonight with a look at what is on tap for the rest of the evening and what you can expect as you head out the door. first thing in the morning hi there, yeah. i hope you're having a fun and safe 4th of july bay area. let's take a look at current temperatures out there right now. >> as you head out the door for your sunday night cooling down into the mid 50's along the coast, downtown san
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francisco at 57 degrees. upper 50's for those of you in oakland and san jose 61 degrees with livermore and dublin also in the low 60's conquered a little bit milder at 63 degrees at santa rosa already cooling down to 55 degrees and your microclimate monday outlook. we're going to have very seasonal temperatures from coast to valley. so if you love today's forecast, it's going to be a near repeat for tomorrow as well in downtown san francisco's mission district mid 60's there with low 60's. for those of you in daly city and half moon bay. >> we are going to notice winds out of the southwest at 20 miles per hour. less. >> with gusts along the coast in the san francisco peninsula around 25 miles per hour or less burlingame and millbrae in the mid 60's with low 70's. for those of you in san mateo and san carlos mountain view at 78 degrees and widespread low 80's. for those of you from cupertino, santa clara and even san jose in the south bay livermore seasonable
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temperatures as you make your way inland into the east bay valleys, 85 degrees. pretty uniform numbers as well for concord and walnut creek. also in the mid 80's berkeley and oakland in the low 70's with the napa. 78 degrees. the in the low 80's and santa rosa few degrees below average. but 82 degrees. but take a look at this temperature swing a week from today. triple digit heat returns and arrives next weekend peaking on sunday, 5 to 15 degrees above average, but a little bit above normal along the coast and east bay shoreline think the fog for that keeping our temperatures on the seasonable side. jonathan, back to you. >> thank you. still to come tonight, we'll take a look at how the rest of america celebrated the 4th of july and hear from president joe biden. those stories and more still to come next here on kron. 4 news at 10.
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>> take a look at this. the scene on the national mall in washington, dc earlier tonight as americans celebrated the 4th of july. president biden also celebrating his administration's progress against the covid-19 virus. >> during his first 4th of july speech commander in chief. but he also urged americans to continue to get vaccinated in order to protect ourselves against a deadly new
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variant kron 4 washington correspondent kellie meyer brings us the latest. >> as you can see, the 4th of july celebrations are back in washington, dc and the president share in his remarks tonight that america is moving closer to declaring its independence from covid-19 america is coming back together. this 4th of july. president joe biden is sharing just how much there is to celebrate her back. see one another again. >> businesses are opening and hiring again with military families essential and frontline workers on the south lawn. the president touted the country's progress against covid-19 and thank them for making that progress possible today we're closer than ever to the dependence from a deadly virus. the president didn't downplay the seriousness of new variants that could reverse that progress. any urged americans to get vaccinated as he fall short of reaching his july 4th goal of getting at least 70%
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of americans with at least one shot no longer paralyzes our nation. as within our power to make sure it never does. again. this is the first time people were able to sit here on the national mall and watch the 4th of july fireworks since before the pandemic began. some families tell me it's creating a new appreciation for the holiday is even more exciting this year to get to see all the celebrations no masks or social distancing as family and friends came together for the 4th of july fireworks. >> and for some it isn't just about the holiday e-mail and pack families enjoying the moment of being able to celebrate together again. >> and the president ended his speech tonight saying that america is about to see its brightest future reporting in washington. i'm kelly meyer. >> take a look at what happens when things go wrong during a 4th of july display that was
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meant for tonight ocean beach, maryland in ocean city, i should say this is ocean city, maryland before crews could finish setting up the fireworks for tonight's big event. they accidentally went off causing a long loud explosion with folks nearby right there on the beach officials there in ocean city had to cancel the fireworks show there tonight out of an abundance of caution because of everything that happened there today. several workers minor injuries. but no one had to be taken to the hospital tonight. there's still no word on exactly what caused this accidental explosion in the south bay tonight. 5 people now looking for a new place to call home after flames broke out this afternoon. it happened at a san jose a mobile home park. 2 homes were severely damaged by the fire. one was destroyed. fire officials say the incident happened shortly before noon in the 200 block of south of jackson crews were told did have the flames under control in about an hour. no injuries
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were reported. the cause is still under investigation. let's take another check of our 4 zone forecast tonight as we take a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza. we've been looking at some illegal fireworks popping up in the background there in the east bay tonight. obviously we are starting to see the impact of the lack of rain that we have not had is now causing as these fireworks shows are starting to take place for the first time since the pandemic kron 4 meteorologist mabrisa rodriguez here tonight with a look at is what is on tap for the start of your monday. yeah. and all the more reason. jonathan, what we've been warning. you leaving leave it to the professionals. don't let our firefighters who already strained in resources. >> and even man power just use up all those precious resources because someone decided to have a. >> neighborhood fireworks show. and remember, it could actually not only impact your home, but it could also impact someone's life. so what we said leave it to the professionals because we are
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under exceptional and extreme drought conditions. let's take a live look outside, though, as we take a look at downtown city hall lit up very patriotic. this evening in red, white and blue for our 4th of july. so hope you all had a fun and safe 4th of july. let's try to keep it that way, especially from tonight. mov ng forward when tracker for we are seeing calmer winds along the coast. but check out fairfield 28 mile per hour sustained winds gusts near that. 35 mile per hour range in concord. fortunately, for most of our east bay valleys where most of those fires are sparking in the single digits as far as wind speeds go temperatures out there right now cooling down into the mid 50's along the bay area coastline. upper 50's for the east bay shoreline and low to mid 60's. as you make your way inland. but antioch 69 degrees overnight lows tonight. going to be a little bit cooler than last night widespread mid 50's with temperatures tomorrow exactly where we should be this time of year from coast to valley. mid 80's for concord in livermore low 70's
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for oakland and mid 60's for downtown san francisco. check out this heat waves have riding next weekend. triple digit heat john. it. then the last thing we need when we're already tracking extreme to exceptional drought conditions just drying us out even more back to you. yeah, definitely something we don't need right now. recent. thank you. >> as san francisco begins to see more tourists welcoming back to the city restaurants and bars are looking for ways to attract both visitors and locals. one such spot is the historic top of the mark barden had international mark hopkins hotel kron four's noelle bellow takes us there. >> but people are comfortable and relaxed and that we can enjoy themselves located at the very top of the international market hotel appropriately named top of the mark has stayed in tip top shape with each other, what our filters. so we put in the head but felt as that of the most effective at screening any potential issues due covid fixture for 8 decades. the
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lounge bar offers views like no other. >> post-pandemic the hidden gem is looking to entice more visitors to sept and experience. all it has to offer and we're changing it up. and in the bed. we we have the book expressions that we're running out today. >> where with paring local chocolates and truffles with local infuse. but kuz. we have a local dj believe faces every friday. so we changed up the music. so we're trying to appeal to a broader audience even on a quintessentially foggy san francisco de the atmosphere is inviting general manager michael pace wants to remind locals, it's still here. so we're not just a tourist destination with a great history. we have a lot of the heritage and great stories going to 1926 and that was built. this is called the weeping corner and back during world war 2 women would gather here to watch as their men with sail off from the bay. back to war. and it's not the only time history top marks still honors. one of reasons i thought the during the war
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with the squadron bubbles if the person that would be the bulk of the box. and they do it shipping out there would say i'm giving this book. look at the somebody from my squadron will my brigade in the drink on me. >> and that developed this tradition of the squadron off to the world war when a way of the back in 2009. we started and we accept cabinets at the entrance of the mark with over 80 bottles that people dedicating nowadays. >> if you're a retired or active military duty in any of the brunt of military. we'd like to come up to select the bottle with complimentary green come behalf of your brothers and sisters in the military. you can sign that all to come book. you can even note to self. it's very moving and it's and it's a beautiful experience in the u.s. are respectful. one of those in the past to afford. so how to balance the. >> and san francisco. noelle bellow kron 4 news. >> still to come tonight here on sports night live. we'll have much more on the a's and giants just make a will we could all down, come back.
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>> kron 4 staying on top of breaking news for you tonight. of several fires unfolding in the east bay specifically in contra, costa county right now. confiar says its crews are on 7 separate grass and exterior fires across the ar a as well as a residential fire. many of these caused by fireworks. they are at a home
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in antioch where fireworks have now caused a roof to go up in flames this is happening at 18th in vieira in antioch right now. caught on fire. crews are on the scene of 7 separate grass fires unfolding right now across the area. as a result of fireworks happening in this area so far there's no word on any injuries reported. but as you we we're showing you some of the fireworks. the demonstrations, the celebrations that were happening concord pavilion e there were 2 grass fires quickly extinguished by the fire crews there on the scene. but once again, this is just a problem that is going to continue throughout the night. obviously with folks having those illegal fireworks that are going to be shooting them off. we've been telling you for weeks now. this is one of the main reasons why crews were so concerned about scenes like this happening of these fireworks. people shooting them off because of things. the dry conditions that we're dealing with right now. things just being so dry and not not
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having enough moisture in the ground to be able to absorb anything like that. that could happen. but once again, contra costa fire crews on the scene of sept 7 separate. grass fires happening right now as a result of fireworks and also a house fire in antioch, a roof on fire at 18th in vr right now. we are going to continue to monitor all of these developments for you throughout the night and have updates on kron 4 dot com. don't go anywhere. though. jason, a caterer up next with sports night live. >> thanks much for joining us on this 4th of july
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>> up, everyone? welcome to another edition of sports night live. i'm jason dumas. this is kate rooney kate, how your holiday weekend been any barbecue this weekend. not much barbecuing. lot of fireworks going on outside our studio right now. that's pretty much the most 4th of july celebrations doing. i outside of our studios right now. it feels like we're right in the firework. there were some fireworks in arizona. the giants were the first team and baseball to 50 winds. everything was great and then they hit a wall. they lost 4
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games in a row. 2 of them came to their bitter bitter rivals to the south. the dodgers and then one was to one of the worst teams in baseball. so people were kind of concerned. but they're starting to tighten backup during this final stretch before the all-star break. let's go down to arizona and. >> if you look at jackson giants fans in the valley of the sun. well represented out there in arizona top of the first guys already up one. nothing darin ruf. he finds the gap. >> and left center field buster posey comes on home to score from second it's 2 nothing giants top of the 3rd same score in austin slater. he takes this one for a ride. absolutely crushes it. he had a 463 foot bomb last night. this 1, 467 feet. get this. i got some stats for you. >> he's one of 6 hitters with multiple 460 feet. plus home runs. he but he also had 4 of
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those in his career. no other giant has more than 2 since they started tracking that in 2000, 15. >> you can slug. meanwhile, anthony was dealing all night on the mound. one out away from complete game that hurts gave up only 2 runs in the 9th, though, and struck out 7 really good night for him. we go to the top of the 6 to 3 nothing giants. rough. adds to his stellar night a drive in the left gone for a 2 run homer. the giants really command here. 5. nothing. >> there. utility guys have been so good this year. alright scary moment in the bottom of the 6th buster posey. he gets hit in the hand right on the left hand. you can see it hit him right on the inside near his some. yes, he has a glove. but there's still some soft parts of that glove. i and the guy was at bat. he ap happens to be a catcher himself. so he knew that was bad. luckily x-rays were negative and is being reported. that is just a contusion in the 9th time run at the plate for the d'backs.
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and guess what, they get out of it. tyler rogers gets the final out of the game and the giants. hold on to win 5 to 2. they take 3 of 4 from the diamondbacks after the game gave kepler was very happy to see that buster posey did not break any bones. >> you see me smiling. that's that's my level of relief. my my level of concern. obviously when when threw his glove office. pretty high. obviously, you know, it's pretty even doesn't react. with that much. you know, kind of emotion very often. so obviously we take that really went out there. give him a chance to kind of stay in the game. obviously he's always going to fight for that. but we thought was best to kind of get him out of there and get checked out obviously good news on the on the x-rays try getting ready for tomorrow's baseball game. >> but there's also going to the all-star game this year for the first time since 2018, the giants will have multiple
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representatives at this year's all-star game shortstop brandon crawford made the roster he is having one of the best years of his career. his 17 home runs 52 or be eyes and 3.48 on base percentage all lead the giants get this. he 34. here's old, having the best season to yeah. first appearance in the all-star game for him. since 2000. 18. it's crawford's 3rd time getting the all-star nod and he has a great flow in his hair. always had that. well, all right. kevin gausman, the ace of the into record. one 0.6 a e r a. >> he's headed to the all-star game 2, he had emerged he has emerged. i'm sorry is one of the most dominant pitchers in the majors this season. that one 0.6 8 yarra its second in baseball only to jacob degrom and get this gaza minutes from centennial, colorado. that's only 30 minutes from coors field where the all-star game will be taking place so that's great. his first all-star not he'll be able to see it with
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his family and friends and that's a big cheering section there. no doubt be exactly. >> let's go over to oakland. the a's have won 8 straight 4th of july games heading into today's contest with the red sox looking for the series win in oakland today. there are 35,000 people at the coliseum for a little 4th of july game against the best team with the best record in the american league. first pitch of the game of assange us makes a diving stop and throw to first to help out. james kaprielian who was excellent on the mound for oakland today. really good stuff. more on him later. boston pitcher nick pivetta was on point as well, though, here, he just blows away lowry with a 97 miles per hour. fastball pivetta had a career-high 10 strikeouts on the day died in like a said more from james he was just as good as look at him to us freeze marwin gonzalez there for the strikeout both pitchers they were rolling. today was a pitcher's duel. >> let's go to the top of the
10:36 pm
6. this was the game's only run up really in forces the double play. but a run scores on the fielder's choice to a sacrificing a run for 2 out. usually something like that is the right move. usually it works out. not so much today. >> no, not today because in the 6 matt olson fresh being named an all-star. glad that happened. but. no match for strikes out swinging to end the inning still one. nothing sox up really in was not done, though, in the 7th. that's when he got his career high. 10 strikeouts to end he's fired up. dad. doug in the stands loves it as well. looking like a like father, like son. so still one, nothing going into the 8th. that was the only one. the pro and gave up over 7 innings. only run. that is open with runners at the corners in the night with seth brown strikes out to end the game. that would do it. boston winds one, nothing to take the series kaprilian was brilliant, but it just wasn't quite enough as he gets outdueled barely. but
10:37 pm
here's bob melvin and trillion after the game. >> 2 good teams in, you know, seems like each game had its at a different personality to it. so, you know, both both starting pitchers were fantastic today. >> you know, tough to get good swings off from alone. the little string together but to i'd say what we saw is kind of what you know, what we expect and unfortunately didn't go the way we wanted. but the fact that our team you know, we cut on the way that's that's a good feeling. it's good to see so, you know, we have full faith in each other on this team you know, that's just how it went this time caps had this few times where, you know, pitched great games. we haven't given much run support and obviously their guy was pretty good, too. so series as a whole was pretty evenly matched. you know, we talked about actually the first game game inches and it was all the way around. all 3 games. >> all right. bad news they
10:38 pm
lost the series. but here's some good news in cape mentioned at all son was named to his first all-star game today. he's batting 2.82 has 20 home runs 53 or be eyes. there's a chance other aides could join him in denver. chris bassitt showman nia come around if there's any injuries or one of the starters can pitch. yeah. >> he's been having such a great season. we hope we get to see him, though. but you you really can't talk about this year's all-star game without mentioning show. hey, ohtani know the angels pitcher and as he's the first player in major league history to make the all-star roster both as a pitcher and as a position player. his pitching steps no big deal 3, 1, with a 3.60 and 83 strikeouts. but would you believe he's also leading the majors with 31 home runs and 67 rubies. not to mention leading the angels on base percentage as well. the man drawing comparisons to babe ruth rightfully so we're watching one of the best seasons in the history of the sport unfolding before our
10:39 pm
eyes. yeah, he's really, really fun. >> he's one of the faces of baseball, right. yeah. so good for ohtani is it's going to be fun, not surprised to see him in that all-star game. all right. still ahead on sports night live countdown to the olympics is on. >> and talk about the warriors representation in this year's games in tokyo and allen stiles joins us for our bay area. baseball bit breaking down the weekend series for both the giants and a's and we're talking you between oakland and bar. there's always something going on with we'll have all that and more when we come back.
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>> welcome back to sports night live kate rooney and jason dumas here with you. there are plenty of times this year where we weren't even sure if the tokyo olympics would take place. but now the countdown is on and this week, team usa basketball officially finalized its men's roster. the warriors are represented on the 12 man team and coaching staff draymond green. we'll be making the trip. he's already got a gold medal from the 2016 olympics. but steve kerr is going for the first time after joining team usa is an assistant under gregg popovich in 2000, 18. but notably absent curry who sat out 2016 due to concerns about zika and who many were hoping would compete for gold this time around. we haven't heard from steph, but as team usa basketball director jerry colangelo explains it appears that steph is more focused on
10:43 pm
body recovery and playing for team usa. the summer was just not meant to be. >> he didn't have the opportunity to play with a center and a look that he needed. that was a big thing and does. checklist. he wanted to do. i think he too, has had a tremendous career and it would've been nice to see him. in the olympics situation. but it wasn't meant to be he's as good a big man. the sender is there isn't basketball. it doesn't matter how big. he's defending against. he's a smart as they come defensively. he's aggressive. he just knows how to play the preponderance of. the foreign team serving our national team says that they have a lot of dates who can play and so you just don't throw begin there because there's a big east defending you put someone in there with those out of this and a big and that's very much agree.
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>> all right. so you have draymond green going to the olympics as coach will be. steve kerr. he steve kerr is the assistant coach. gregg popovich is the head coach and then obviously steph curry and company will be back and v p caliber guy. they need some help and the warriors as we know the 7 and 14 pick. so we've chatted with some of these rookies coming in who the warriors could be looking at one guy. chris duarte. he went to oregon. he 6, 6, shoots the 3 ball pretty well. you could be in line for golden state at 7 or 14. let's learn more about chris. >> what have you learned about yourself over the past few seasons. you know, we've gotten better each season and you've really kind of had to get out want an all-out never give up. >> you know, it is that everybody have a different tack. so but that was the first can view from the dr. the 2 years high school. there had to go to jim because my regular prostate. and the 2
10:45 pm
years you do call and then trial for to oregon. and wonderful to hear. so that there for him. that everybody. is still a lot of that was because of that island are, you know, never give. but what kind >> player you fancy yourself. as you know, as you go through this process. >> who do you find yourself? i want to say you leading or copying, but who you watch on you try to kind of pattern your game around and take wrinkles from. >> no, i'm a guy bring a lot the table. so i'll be watching, you know, whole career plate or so to watch kobe are play? his dedication on an or but i'll for with short watch a little bit everybody because i think everybody got special. you big


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