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tv   KRON 4 News at 10  KRON  July 3, 2021 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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♪ all i want is roost friiiiies ♪ my new roost fries, crispy chicken, melted cheese, mystery sauce. what's not to love? this could be my biggest hit yet! my new $3.50 roost fries. only at jack in the box. >> when fun time from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 news. it may be a great patriotic display. you know, all the all the favorites of the patriotic songs. >> beautiful fireworks. >> tonight at 10 just hours away from the 4th of july and organizers of san francisco's annual 4th of july fireworks are finishing up last minute preparations. hello. thanks for joining us. i'm gayle ong in for just seen. and
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jonathan, last year covid-19 canceled the big show along the waterfront. but this year it's back pyro technicians have been working around the clock to make the celebration happen. kron four's. amanda hari is live after getting a look at the set up. amanda just how much work goes into all of this to make this happen. >> just to set it up. it takes about 30 people over 3 days working about all day. they usually start those preparations back in march. but this year to get the go ahead until mid-may. >> we're preparing to do what we haven't done for about a year and a half and that is to send a giant wall of joy toward san francisco in the form of a great big fireworks show for the 4th of july pyro spectaculars by soza show producer pat dye. us says although he's been busy. he's grateful the show is happening. we have managed to get everything course. you know, a lot of stress long
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hours right now. more than a 1000 fireworks are set up each ready for their moment. >> dias showed me one of his favorites. but michelle breaks you'll see golden trails that looked like spokes on a wheel with red tips and then once it spreads out than those red tips will swim away. he says there's a wire touched each shell that goes into a terminal which is attached to a computer the computer is programmed to fire a shell has a show producer. we get a saw and we listen to the saw and we have a choreographed choreography program. >> and so as we listen to the song where we want to shell the break. we tap. >> we kept the key. he says 1000 different types of fireworks as the show producer dyess decides how the show is going to look. he's been doing this for 40 years. he says he's had such longevity because he's been careful it's as dangerous right there on it. okay. >> these. there's there's no
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way to sugarcoat this. these will kill they'll blow you to pieces. he says it's important that people don't try to get their hands on these types of fireworks instead. leave it to the professionals who have trained to put on these types of shows beautiful fireworks and. >> it's just going to be awesome to get to be out here for the san francisco again, doing what we do. >> there are 2 barges all set up with fireworks. there are about a 1000 fireworks on each of those barges and they have fireworks ranging in diameter or about 3 inches to 10 inches livehin san francisco. amanda hari kron 4 news. >> thanks, amanda. if you want to see fireworks, there is a safe way to do so in the east bay, the concord pavilion will have a fireworks show. pleasant hill residents can find parking spots in the diablo valley college parking lot over to the south bay. there are fireworks shows at great america and gilroy high school sports field and in the north bay, 6 flags discovery
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kingdom. also have a show. you can find more details on our website. kron 4 dot com. and don't forget tomorrow. kron 4 will bring you 4th of july celebrations. live from across the bay area. >> we'll have the best views of the fireworks in san francisco conquered and san diego join us for kron four's, july 4th by tomorrow at 09:00pm. >> and the east bay oakland firefighters responded to this house fire early in the morning on angelo avenue. 5 fire trucks had to be called out to get things under control. no word yet tonight on the cause of the fire. but we are staying in contact from with oakland fire and we will bring you updates as soon as we get them. nearly a week after an explosive wildfire erupted in northern california. it has now become the worst wildfire of the 2021 season. the lava fire has grown to nearly 25,000 acres as it continues to scorch mount shasta forcing the evacuation of thousands of residents. >> the fire also with death.
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what's called a fire nato yesterday. this is the video. one of those swirling fiery winds in some cases that extreme fire weather can spawn winds as powerful as an e f 3 tornado right now. the fire is at 26%. containment. >> fire crews in alameda county are monitoring hot spots after a brush fire sparked a late last night smokes and flames can we're seen over by the columbia preserve about 10 to 15 minutes away from the local golf course and nearby several homes kron four's camila barco shows us the aftermath. >> 16 acres of dead vegetation in this area is now a bunch of charred grass with no answer as to what happened. >> livermore pleasanton fire crews return to the cleat. they preserve hours after a brush fire burned. 16 acres friday night. one of pg wildfire cameras captured the large glow of fire in the sheer darkness livermore
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pleasanton alameda county and calfire rushed to the scene around 09:00pm. you have the glow of the fire. as you start fighting the fire. but as you put it out, it goes out. see have limited lighting. >> obviously it's a steep terrain out here. it's hard to see your footing. >> it's hard to see the ravines and drop offs. the logs. it i see the stepped in a hole. so i'm just moving around the hillsides difficult livermore pleasanton battalion fire chief says. >> humidity helped in reducing the intensity of the flames fire move slowing ended up being a backing fire downhill. >> in the ravines, an area helped us contain it to the 16 acres that it is now crews were able to contain the fire around one 40 saturday morning with no injuries. but they came back to monitor for flare ups. later in the day. firefighters say this is their largest spire this year to want to make sure that all the embers are out. so we'll continue to leave posing check on a fire throughout the entire day, but 2 days cleanup in hot spots nearby is a residential area that is surrounded by this dead
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vegetation officials say no structures were in danger and none of the neighborhoods had to evacuate. no one was hurt at this time. it is unclear what sparked that brush fire in alameda county camila barco kron 4 news. >> the state is bracing for more severe wildfire season as drought conditions continue to worsen and lawmakers are trying to get ahead of the flames. i ramping up resources and supporting crews on the front lines. this week. the president created an executive order to raise all federal firefighters pay to $15 an hour modesto congressman josh carter says the order will help the state's fire fighter shortage. >> and nobody wants fire trucks sitting idle in parking lots because we don't have enough firefighters to me god forbid pick up that phone. there's somebody on the other end to make sure that they can protect our community. >> earlier this year. governor gavin newsome authorized 536 million dollars in
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emergency funds to get a head start on fire prevention. progress across the state, including training firefighters and forest management. now to our 4 zone forecast. here is a live look in downtown san francisco. kron 4 meteorologist mabrisa rodriguez joins us live with a look ahead precept guy, gayle. yeah. even with no winds. we're tracking extreme to exceptional drought in the bay area. so any fires that sparked even from illegal fireworks. >> could easily spread into a wildfire during these extremely dry drought conditions. so let's be safe out there. let's enjoy our 4th of july. we couldn't enjoy it last year because of the pandemic of course, twenty-twenty threw us a curve ball. we saw a perfectly clear skies from coast to the alleys this year finally able to celebrate fireworks and i'm tracking dense. low clouds and fog along the coast better clearing inland, though. but i wish we had the clear skies like we had last year because
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we saw exceptional for firework conditions last year in 2020. but this year we're going to have some issues reviewing along the coast. so already warning you about that temperatures cooling down into 52 to 66 degrees cooler temperatures along the coast. so make sure to bundle up there. but very pleasant temperatures in the mid 60's by 9 o'clock for your sunday night. for those of you heading out to enjoy the fireworks. let's take a live look outside san francisco international airport tracking that thick fog being bring us another round of drizzle fest along our bay area coastline, even patchy throughout the east bay shoreline going to clear out as that cloud cover receives to the coast, but most of our beaches tomorrow going to see more clouds than sun. so it is still going to be relatively cooler day. but even by the east bay shoreline. we're going to notice 8, 9 o'clock into the evening that marine layer fog bank making its way along the bay area. san francisco peninsula coastline even for the coastline. for those of
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you in the north bay as well. east bay shoreline. also going to track a dense in the high low clouds and fog. but check out conquered going to remain clear even through 9 o'clock for your sunday night and it's going to continue that way even before midnight until that's also shrouded in dense low clouds and fog during the overnight hours, temperatures for the most part mid 50's along the san francisco peninsula coastline, 55 degrees right now for pacifica concord, 64 degrees about a 10 degree difference there with pittsburgh. also in the mid 60's at 67 degrees, napa 61 degrees in petaluma already cooling down into the mid-fifties as a santa rosa and when tracker for calmer winds along the coast and east bay shoreline fairfield, though seeing sustained winds at 25 miles per hour. and we're going to notice below average temperatures tuesday until that roller coaster ride continues in the bay area. we're going to see triple digit heat inland find out how long our next heat wave is going to stick around in our
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extended 10 at 10 outlook. they'll back to you. thanks about 70 people took this tree today at point reyes national seashore to protest the death of 152 to lee elk. >> more than a 3rd of the herd has died due to starvation and dehydration. according to animal activist holyoke our native to california and point raise is the only national park where they can be found. the activists have took that to national park service to court and they are asking the judge to order immediate measures to supply adequate food and water. we reached out to the national park service for comment but have not heard back. but park officials have put out water resources for the elk last month. coming up on this hour at kron 4 news at 10 lawmakers are concerned about the safety of their communities. >> after the fatal collapse in florida. why they're urging inspectors to take a closer look. and the delta variant of covid-19 is spreading fast across the country. a warning from experts as we head into the holiday weekend. plus,
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>> the spy concerns from state health officials about the danger of increased spreading covid-19 during the holiday weekend. this is expected to be the busiest travel weekend
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of the year so far. aaa says more than 47 million americans will be flying and driving over the weekend. many will get sticker shock when they head to the pump, the highest gas prices in the country are climbing dramatically with many spots here. in california and the bay area already well over $5 a gallon to celebrate the independence day golden gate transportation is offering free buses and ferry rides from today to july. 5th for people who want to watch the fireworks in the city. you can catch the late night ferry from san francisco to the north bay shuttle services will be provided after all, ferry trips. and on monday, giants fans can use the game tickets to reserve bus or ferry seats for commuting to oracle park and the smart rain has reduced their fair on the 4th of july. the train runs from larkspur landing in marin county to santa rosa airport boulevard in sonoma county. is offering $5 per child and $10 for all adults all weekend. now to our 4 zone forecast here is a live look at along
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the embarcadero of the bay bridge kron 4 meteorologist mabrisa rodriguez joins has a look at what to expect everything. yeah, let's take a look at our getaway forecast, gayle because it is a long holiday weekend 4th of july believe we're already in july this year is just flying by. i 80 at castle peak tracking calmer conditions out there right now in the bay area. we did see some pop-up thunderstorms. >> earlier this afternoon with the threat of dry lightning making its way to the sierra tonight. but for us here in the bay area all dry. we are noticing that big marine layer bringing us some moisture along the coast with some patchy coastal drizzle. that's going to continue during the overnight hours. but take a look at south lake tahoe. we're noticing widespread light rain there, even extending as far north into donner summit. carson city kirkwood as well. topaz lake finally clearing out and drying out from that severe weather. it's been pretty active all day today. bear valley. you do have a cell
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just to your north. but fortunately not seeing the threat of thunder and lightning because we had been tracking that all day long. but we're at not out of the woods just yet because instead of that wet lightning that we're used to seeing. we could see dry lightning when all is said and done and it clears up tonight, even through sunday morning. we could actually have some dangerous fire conditions. and that is why the national weather service has issued a fire danger concern warning with that red flag warning going into effect in less than an hour from now at 11 o'clock tonight through 11 o'clock sunday morning so we could still see some dry lightning with any pop-up thunderstorms that do form winds at 40 miles per hour less. if any of that active severe weather does take place during the overnight hours. very unstable atmosphere and it's all going to begin tonight, but by sunday afternoon, perfect conditions along the lake low 80's for
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south lake tahoe mid 80's for those of truck you earlier today actually saw pea sized hail. in addition, the thunder and lightning. but we will notice, though. mostly sunny skies by monday and that sunshine is going to continue by your tuesday as well with temperatures warming up into the mid 80's. so very active scene right now. we can't forget not only is the bay area under extreme drought. but also this so any spark brings us that danger of possible wildfire concerns. so be careful out there. absolutely thank of said. >> and how would like to take a trip back into time without leaving the state. they may only seem like really, really tall trees. but this quiet trees in big trees. state park are among the largest living things to ever exist on earth. melanie townsend shows us. >> may just seem like really,
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really tall trees. but amber's brock and i are walking among the largest living things to ever exist on earth. being their fossil record dates back to the age of the dinosaurs. since 1931 people from all around the world have come to see the ancient giant sequoias, the calaveras big trees state park. but before we go, wandering outside. welcome to the visitor center. let's take a tour inside to see some small and not so small. furry critters usually have their sightings weekly. sometimes daily people do get to see them in real life that seem like that closer. at least we don't want them learned how destruction leads to evolution the giant sequoias adapted to fire and actually. >> really needs low intensity and frequent fires to be really successful. this 6,490
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acre park is an outdoor enthusiast's paradise with plenty of campgrounds, hiking and fishing along the stands last river. >> but the main attractions are all around you. there's about a 150 giants, a quiz in this north grove and about a 1000 in the south so to give you guys a little perspective as to how massive these trees are. take a look at this cards about maybe 15 feet in length. now imagine stacking 20 of these cars bumper to bumper vertically. and you may just reach the top of this tree and this one isn't even the biggest tree in the park. we have a sugar pine cone which most people will mistake for g giant sequoia cone. >> because it's a big however, this little guy is a giant sequoia come and chris, the largest living tree while these quiet giants rain over the forest. they pale in comparison to the classes that once stood 169 years ago. it's now a tree stump that is so big it was once used as a
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dance floor. we call this the discovery stop because augusta steve dowd was coming through chasing a grizzly bear. supposedly has the story goes. >> and he discovered this tree and went back and told gold miners and they came up here with plum foggers and it took him 22 days to take down this giant sequoia at the time it was found this tree stood 280 feet. it was only 1244 years old. that's basically a teenager in sequoyah years had it not been torn down, this tree would have grown to surpass all the trees in calaveras county some time or curiosity or you know, just for the thrill that things get destroyed that this tree could live for 3,000 years. and so it's important for the future generations and for the health of this course. >> to protect it. >> big trees make big smiles in big memories here at calaveras big trees, state park. it's one of the reasons why this is another great destination in california.
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>> for destination, california. i'm melanie townsend. >> and we hope you'll join us tomorrow night for our destination. california special, our grant lotus will show us all the fun things you can do across the entire state this summer. it airs tonight at 11:00pm right here on kron 4. still ahead on kron 4 news, the latest on the south florida condo as they prepare to demolish it ahead of the incoming hurricane. >> plus, investigators in napa are looking for the person responsible for stabbing multiple people in napa. what they're saying about the victim.
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>> we're following a story out of the north bay where police are investigating a stabbing that sent at least 2 people to the hospital. police had said it happened around 11 last night in downtown napa near the courthouse. 5 people in total were stabbed. 2 of them had to be taken to the intensive care unit and the other 3 have been released. napa. police say they the stabbings were gang related and none of the victims lived in napa. police are still looking for the person or people responsible and he tell us how a man has been arrested for killing a woman with a blunt object police responded to the 200 block of urbana drive yesterday afternoon and found a woman dead at the scene. 42 year-old jason childs dixon was on scene and taken into custody. a preliminary investigation revealed that dixon attacked the victim during an argument.
10:26 pm
investigators have not released information on the victim or what the argument was about and the east bay oakland police have arrested multiple people for possessing an assault rifle. the police responded to 27 and avenue and 17th street this morning where a car with people inside was sleeping and blocking a resident's driveway. police say the arrest was safely made and they have seized almost 450 used firearms this year. the number is 48% higher than the prepandemic. authorities across the bay area are stepping up enforcement of illegal fireworks, a collaboration between multiple police departments as well as neighborhood watch groups and other law enforcement partners lead to more than 800 pounds of illegal fireworks being taken off the streets of hayward today. police say each of the fireworks you see in this video cost anywhere from 60 to $190. and many places all fireworks are illegal, including those labeled safe.
10:27 pm
according to calfire, just 3 cities and alameda county permit the use of any type of fireworks compared with 2 in san mateo, one in santa clara and none in many bay area counties. those caught using or selling them everywhere else can face hefty fines and jail time. >> and coming up, we'll have a sneak peek of your 10 at 10 outlook because we have a mini heatwave heading your way next weekend. but before that, your 4th of july micro climate outlook in just a few minutes.
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officials say this july 4th weekend. we're in a much better place than last year in terms of coronavirus infections. but they say that doesn't mean we should let our guard down tonight. they are still sounding the alarm about the dangerous delta variant that's fueling a rapid increase in new cases. well, the cdc says vaccines can fend off the delta strain. only about 50% of californians are fully vaccinated reporter carlos the talked with a patient who contracted covid and he said the vaccine saved his life. >> it's a slap in face every time somebody says that they want to take it because the risk they're healthy. they're healthy. goreville individual. an impassioned plea from trevor floors to eradicate vaccine hesitancy among younger adults. the 30 year-old is a 3 time double lung transplant recipient and cystic fibrosis advocate who was hospitalized with covid-19
10:31 pm
and considered to be high-risk workers were shutting the death tax think my life, every single doctor is cla has said if i didn't get that vaccine. >> in combination with the treatments they gave me. i would have died now out of the hospital. he's encouraging others to get vaccinated, especially now that the delta variant is spreading nationwide, including here lee county. think for the younger. >> people are younger generations. they just don't feel the samerrisk that the rest of us still health officials say fully vaccinated people are protected from severe infection, from the >> but he common misconception among young men and women is that the vaccine could lead to infertility there's absolutely no scientific evidence that. >> this vaccine against covid or any vaccine. we've been pre tell a t. i have a 13 year-old daughter of my own. she was first the morning to get the vaccine. >> i have no concerns at all that. i'm not happen till. >> well, travis be covid. he wants others to do the same.
10:32 pm
but i would ask you to please consider getting the vaccine. >> beginning tuesday anyone entering san francisco city hall in most other city buildings will not need to wear masks anymore. as long as they are fully vaccinated. of course, this easing of the face mask requirement is in alignment with recent updated state guidelines. it also comes just a month after city all has reopened to the public. the latest data from city officials show 74% of all san francisco residents are now fully vaccinated. in san francisco. all covid vaccination sites were open today. but on the 4th of july, the mass vaccination site at mosconi center will be closed and the vaccination site at zuckerberg general hospital will be closed on july 5th if you are looking for places to get your shots this holiday weekend. you can visit s f doc, gov flashback scene sites or you can scan the qr code on your screen with your mobile device right now. and you'll
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be taken to the coronavirus section of our website. kron 4 dot com. and you can find vaccine site that will be open and much more. police in petaluma got another report of a mountain lion this morning. this is video from petaluma wednesday when the line was first reported roaming someone's back yard this morning. it was seen north of north mcdowell boulevard and around walk circle and north mcdowell boulevard and south pointe boulevard. police are warning anyone in those areas to stay inside and call police if they see the mountain lion in your neighborhood. that's our 4 zone forecast. here's a live look over at sfo kron. 4 meteorologist mabrisa rodriguez joins us live with a look ahead. hey there, gayle. yeah. let's take a look at what is now tropical storm elsa. >> churning right now. closer right by jamaica and then it's going to make its way into cuba tomorrow and hopefully the mountains there can actually help to break apart
10:34 pm
that tropical storm with sustained winds currently at 65 miles per hour. we're hoping it doesn't strengthen as it makes its way north towards the state of florida where we could actually strengthen because of the warm gulf of mexico waters so far. the latest storm track. has it making its way and making landfall by tuesday morning. but those of you in florida, especially along the coastal communities could actually see some gusty winds and heavy downpours as early as tomorrow night, maybe even as late as monday morning. so just keeping an eye on that specifically because of that serves side building collapse that we saw just a few days ago. this is the last thing they need. so we're hoping it actually diminishes in intensity. and so far just looks to remain. >> a possible tropical storm. by the time it makes landfall on tuesday. so certainly going to keep an eye on that from the kron 4 weather center and
10:35 pm
also back on land in closer to home, keeping an eye on your 4th of july outlook for your sunday afternoon. mid 60's there for downtown san francisco and the marina district low 60's for half moon, bay and daly city bit millbrae and burlingame in the low 70's with those of you in san mateo at 72 degrees. mid 70's for san carlos in foster city at 69 degrees in mount these 77 degrees so wind speeds out of the southwest at 20 miles per hour. less san jose 70 degrees. but in santa clara and milpitas warming up into the low 80's with below average temperatures, but still really pleasant outlook. nonetheless, livermore about 5 degrees below normal. you should be in the mid 80's this time of year only warming up into the low 80's. so enjoy that plenty of sunshine and clear skies for your sunday afternoon and sunday evening for those of you in concord and walnut creek. enjoy the fireworks show their 82 degrees are in denver og in the mid 70's richmond. also in
10:36 pm
the mid 70's in benicia 77 degrees mill valley in the mid 60's. but gayle, we're going to keep an eye on this upcoming heatwave next weekend going to peak next sunday. a 102 degrees for most of our inland valleys. keeping our fingers crossed that the marine layer stays in place along the coast and east bay shoreline. it really has been our saving grace, especially with much of the pacific northwest dealing with devastating dangerous heat waves last week alone and fortunately for us we've been in this bubble in the bay area with temperatures staying pretty seasonable. so to have low 100 degrees. that's pretty good. but still 15 degrees above average. for most of our inland valleys. back to you. all right. thanks mabrisa the surfside building collapses raising concerns for not only the safety of nearby buildings, but buildings up and down the southeast coast. >> well, the exact cause has yet to be determined. lawmakers say the collapse serves as a warning to other coastal communities to ensure
10:37 pm
homes and businesses are safe washington. our washington correspondent kellie meyer has details. >> i spoke with several lawmakers about concerns they have for their coastal towns. the collapse has them asking or the communities safe lawmakers along the southeast coast are concerned about the safety of buildings on the beaches of their states. >> after the deadly building collapse in surfside, florida. this is certainly something that we all need to be aware of. i personally do have concern representing a coastal community, georgia congressman buddy carter and south carolina congresswoman nancy mace say inspectors are taking a second look at buildings of all sorts up and down the coast. we have marsh lands. we have towns are built on landfill. we have sea level rise and flooding issues while the exact cause of the collapse is still under review. officials say there were warning signs a letter sent months before the collapse warned there was damage to the building that was getting worse. carter says it underlines the importance of building reviews. how
10:38 pm
important horton says or how important inspections and maintenance is all of that extremely important, particularly around the coast. florida congresswoman kathy castor says it's also important to consider the effects of climate change we have a climate crisis. extreme. he all sorts of. >> building standards and codes have got to be updated back in south florida. officials ordered the evacuation of a condo building just 5 miles away from the collapse after a review found unsafe conditions city, state and federal leaders hope to prevent another disaster. this is a freak >> but i think that most of the areas in america are going to learn from this and lawmakers tell me it's on state, local and federal governments to ensure the process for inspecting these buildings is fast and more importantly, thorough reporting in washington. i'm kelly meyer. >> new developments tonight on that fatal collapse where the death toll now stands at 24
10:39 pm
crews may start demolishing the building as soon as tomorrow. before tropical storm elsa hits next week. the search and rescue effort has been suspended to prepare florida governor ron desantis said it was structurally unsound and bringing it down will protect rescuers. >> we have a building here in surfside that is tottering. it is structurally unsound and although eye of the storm is is not not likely to pass over this direction. you could feel gusts in this area. we don't know. it's definitely a possibility. and know the mayor i know both mayors have have that demolishing the building. we brought in on the state level, the department of transportation engineers to examine the remaining structure and propose different paths forward for demolition. >> a top miami dade fire official told relatives of people missing in the rubble that workers plan to demolish the remainder of the building as soon as tomorrow. the storm is expected to make landfall
10:40 pm
indflorida on tuesday. mexico and state owned oil company says it suffered a rupture in an undersea gas pipeline in the gulf of mexico. it was sending flames boiling to the surface pemex as the company is known said nobody was injured in the incident. panic said in a statement that the incident was dealt with immediately after security protocols were activated and firefighting vessels were sent to deal with the incident. it is unclear how much environmental damage the gas leak and oceanic fireball had caused. for many parents. the pandemic brought increased screen time for their kids. this could mean increase opportunities for online predators take advantage of under age web users. the federal government has been working to identify and prosecute those predators with project safe childhood since 2006 legal correspondent sima ayers has more. >> for many parents. the pandemic brought increased
10:41 pm
awareness to how much time kids spend online and how potentially dangerous the web. for the federal government. they've been watching over our children with project safe childhood since 2006 and initiative, uniting federal, state and local agencies to combat child exploitation and abuse in essence to protect the well-being of children online prosecutor courtney randall has been with the program for almost 15 years. she says it's a nationwide collaborative effort. for example, the case here. we think we have a victim in taxes or montana, new jersey. we can reach out to that same a project such coordinator in that district. >> and talk to them about cordoning for either a dual prosecution who should prosecute a the best venue for it when a perpetrator has cases in more than one state law enforcement from the different agencies decide together who prosecutes first? >> by looking at potential
10:42 pm
sentences. strength of evidence, different laws and perhaps most important, a lot of it's the victim. >> where's the victim located. we'll take the impact the case is going have on the victim to make it easier easiest for them. so how do victims get targeted. >> randall says some criminals go after who they have easiest access to. we have other people who go online and just seek to meet any child anywhere they can find one. >> anyone who could be a they don't care what their also warns how everyday apps or weapons for child predators. >> any app can be kick snapchat. what's app like all the very common one, this as well as video games. >> they use x box to actually meet the person and then they moved to the fallen with so many ways a predator can pray. your child, please report it to law enforcement because
10:43 pm
even if your child was on a victim that person is just about finding a victim because as randall says, any child at any age can be a victim. >> and as we're going to enjoy the fireworks tomorrow then an area and will tell us how to soothe our pets during the noisy celebration and the warriors thrive city block party is back and features. some big name performances will take a look at who you can expect to see after the break.
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>> while the 4th of july is a happy celebration for humans unfortunately, more pets go missing on this holiday than any other day of the year. reporter frances lin talked to a veterinarian and he gave us tips on how to protect our pets. >> for your pets at home loud noises and fashion bites can be a traumatic experience. >> they can they can escape and that's probably the worst thing they run off veterinary and doctor michael reed says most dogs are not used to those noises. so the boom of the fireworks will scare them. and also the flash of the lights for night fireworks. >> so prevention of exposure is really the key to keep your pet secure indoors and turning on the tv for distraction. and remember the dogs here much more sensitive than ours. so what seems like a normal it's
10:47 pm
really scary to them if they're really anxious. we have chronicle stress. why and no one called him and ran. these are holistic products are real say they do not require a prescription and neither do cbd for pets. according to the american veterinary medical association under federal law. that's can not recommend cbd products for now, but that's not stopping first time shoppers here in springfield from trying them out. we have more and more owners stepping into the cbd products for the first time trying to see if they can help relieve. >> some of the anxiety, these dogs and cats and even our livestock are experiencing. jamie tillman with cannabliss says the pack seats are very popular now. they taste great. >> it's an easy option. in its so relieve their anxiety during the fireworks time since it's got to be digested. it's going to take a good. >> our hour and 30 minutes probably to be in full effect. people are shooting fireworks off early in earlier and shooting fireworks also require safety precautions. even sparklers for parents.
10:48 pm
it's imperative for them to educate their children. >> the dangers of sparklers. >> and seemed it compresses safe and mild. but they actually burning 2000 degrees and people don't realize that. and so they're out there just you know, waiting around to get too close. you want to draw avoid dry march tall, grass brush, not close to structures, including wooden fences and battalion chief jb lilly says always make sure to have a smoke alarm, a working smoke alarm a month late that can save your family. >> that was francis lin reporting for us tonight in san francisco. the golden state warriors. they are hosting the thrive city block party. it happened earlier today and it will happen again tomorrow. the event is free and open to the public. it's featuring live music performances, including a band and dj. you can also find local vendors, beer gardens and the kids zone as part of the party. this afternoon, a pet costume parade took place at the thrive. city plaza. and tomorrow the farmers market will be open at 9 in the morning. now on kron 4 dot
10:49 pm
com. we have a list of other holiday events happening around the bay area to see your options. just open the camera on your phone scanned. the qr code on the screen and it will take you straight to our website. couple travel apps can make your summer trips. a breeze. rich demuro takes a look at some of the tools that can make everything easier and this evening's tech smart. >> so many travel plans were put on hold over the past year and a half and that is making this summer a popular time to get away. here are the make everything easier from finding cheap flights to figuring out the best activities. whether you plan to take to the skies or hit the road. these apps can make any traveler. a pro starting with tripit. this is hands down. the easiest way to keep track of your entire itinerary. since it import plans from your email paid to go pro to get instant alerts about any changes. shopping
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for a flight google flights is an easy way to find the cheapest fares or track the price on specific flights. and once you have your ticket flightaware has a helpful feature. the site can e-mail a friend updates on your flight. they'll know when it departs when it arrives and if it's delayed or canceled. looking for things to do at your destination. google can help with that, too. just search the name of the place you're going along with the words top sights. you'll get an insider's list to the best attractions filter by categories, including kid friendly outdoors and more on your way. breeze through toll roads with an app called up road. just add your car and a payment method. there's no need for a tag or transponder. sadly it doesn't work with rental cars. finally, when you needed a cation or a place to work. check out hotels by day. all business is to unlock this potential. all this real estate during the day. it lets
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you book hotel rooms in blocks of 3 to 12 hours tells understand that customers have different needs with different time different clocks. there are over 2000 properties to choose from. it's quite of a hack. >> to be able to enjoy the amenities of the hotel and being able to use the pool, use a spot. use the use the gym, the fitness room use all the amenities that the hotel has and yet having the possibility of going back to your so map for a shower for to recharge and refresh and then go on and move on with your day. >> hotels by day says they should have 6500 hotels on the platform by the end of the year. if you want links to any of these helpful travel tools. just go to my website. rich on tech dot tv. i'm rich demuro and you are tech smart. >> when we come back, a final look at weather. or actually we're going to stay on this elephant misses at the denver zoo zoo keepers say chuck figured out this food puzzle in record time. you can see he
10:52 pm
noticed that the food fell out of the bottom of the then probably put his truck over the whole to score some more snacks. chuck is an endangered asian elephant and apparently a genius. and an alligator was lassoed into custody by a couple of cops in georgia this weekend. but don't worry, the gator was returned to its natural habitat and released after this wild encounter video from the chapman county police department shows 2 officers wrangling alligator using a tape measure, something they had to improvise. fortunately no one was hurt and the alligator is far away from the highway now where they found it.
10:53 pm
10:54 pm
10:55 pm
welcome back. a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza. >> we want to go now to our final 4 zone forecast kron four's and theresa joins us with a look at what to expect. yeah. it's going to be a very patriotic weekend outlook here in the bay area as we celebrate 4th of july from coast to the valleys, even city hall in that patriotic spirit already for your saturday night lit up in red, white and blue this evening and also covered in that fog bank out there and unfortunately that is going to impact our fireworks shows especially along the embarcadero for your sunday night. better clearing as you make your way inland. so just keep that in mind. still tracking some scattered showers for those of you at south lake tahoe, kirkwood and
10:56 pm
carson city. the good news is we're not seeing any pop-up thunderstorms just yet. bringing thunder and lightning. but it could be an issue tonight. we actually have a red flag warning in effect for all of this starting in a few minutes from now. through 11 o'clock sunday morning where wildfires could spark because remember, they're under extreme drought conditions like parts of the bay area right now. seeing about a 13 degree difference between half moon, bay and san francisco 57 degrees. check out antioch. those still in the low 70's. even at this in deer 11 o'clock. our overnight lows tonight cooling down into the mid 50's along the bay area coastline. upper 50's away from the coast in antioch. just cooling down at 67 degrees. so even mild temperatures for antioch in tomorrow's daytime highs. those of you heading out to celebrate your 4th of july with outdoor barbecues. your make their way inland to concord in livermore. you're lot cooler temperatures, low 80's there. so about 5 degrees below average. but seasonable
10:57 pm
outlook for those of you in san jose 78 degrees when you should be in the low 80's but close enough and oakland 70 degrees downtown san francisco in the mid 60's novato in the low 80. so going to be a little bit warm there for north bay valleys. but fireworks forecast cloudy along the coast better clearing inland pack a light jacket, especially for those of you along the coast, 52 to 66 degrees when those fireworks arrive by 9 o'clock and then a heat wave with triple digit heat or riding next weekend inland not looking forward to that. >> a lot of warm weather coming up. thanks mabrisa. >> and that's it for kron 4 news at 10. thanks for joining us. good night.
10:58 pm
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>> i everybody, and welcome into destination, california. i'm grant lotus. now that we're back open for business here in our state. some people are starting to plan some trips that they've been may be putting off for the past year or so during lockdown. and that planning process can be daunting. i know we're here to help over the next 30 minutes. we're trying to make your life a little bit easier by showing you some spots in california that could just park your interest in a summer road trip. >> nexstar media group stations across california and in las vegas are bringing you the sights and sounds along the west coast that would make great stops for a day or maybe even an extended trip. you'll see stories from san francisco sacramento fresno bakersfield. los angeles, san diego and las vegas. >> our first stop takes us right into the heart of wine country and you just might go right over the goldente


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