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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  July 3, 2021 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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>> when fun time from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 news heading. >> we are just a little over 24 hours away from 4th of july celebrations across the bay area. this is video from the last time we saw major fireworks celebration in the bay area back in 2019. good evening and welcome to kron 4 news at a time. gayle ong genna's. jonathan in just have the night off. it will be exciting for the crowds to return for the first time since the pandemic kron four's. amanda hari is live in san francisco after getting a look at the set up of the fireworks show. she'll tell us
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how much work goes into making all this happen. >> just to set it up. >> it takes about 30 people over 3 days. usually they start the planning stage in march. but this year they didn't get the green light until mid-may. >> we're preparing to do what we haven't done for about a year and a half and that is to send a giant wall of joy toward san francisco in the form of a great big fireworks show for the 4th of july pyro spectaculars by show producer pat dye us says although he's been busy. he's grateful the show is happening. we have managed to get everything course. you know, a lot of stress long hours right now. more than a 1000 fireworks are set up each ready for their moment. >> dias showed me one of his favorites. but michelle breaks you'll see golden trails that looked like spokes on a wheel with red tips and then once it spreads out than those red
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tips will swim away. he says there's a wire attached to each shell that goes into a terminal which is attached to a computer the computer is programmed to fire a shell has a show producer. we get a saw and we listen to the saw. >> and we have a choreographed choreography program and so as we listen to the song where we want to shell the break. we tap. >> we kept the key. he says 1000 different types of fireworks as a show producer. dyess decides how the show is going to look. he's been doing this for 40 years. he says he's had such longevity because he's been careful it's as dangerous right there on it. okay. >> these. there's there's no way to sugarcoat this. these will kill they'll blow you to pieces. he says it's important that people don't try to get their hands on these types of fireworks instead. leave it to the professionals who have trained to put on these types of shows beautiful fireworks
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and. >> it's just going to be awesome to get to be out here for the san francisco again doing what we do. >> there are 2 barges each have about a 1000 fireworks on them and they range in diameter from about 3 inches to about 10 inches live in san francisco. amanda hari kron 4 news. >> thank you, amanda. if you want to see fireworks, there is a safe way to do so in the east bay, the concord pavilion will have a fireworks show. pleasant hill residents can find a parking spot in the diablo valley. college parking lots over to the south bay. there are fireworks shows at great america and gilroy high school sports field. and in the north bay, 6 flags discovery kingdom will also have a show. you can find more details on our website. kron 4 dot com to celebrate independence day golden gate transportation is offering free buses and ferry rides from today to july. 5th for people who want to watch the fireworks in san francisco. you can catch the late night ferry from san francisco to
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the north bay. the shuttle services will be provided after all, ferry trips and on monday, giants fans can use the game tickets to reserve bus or ferry seats for commuting to oracle park. and the smart train has reduced airfare on the 4th of july. the bus runs from larkspur landing in marin county to santa rosa airport boulevard in sonoma county. it's offering $5 per child and $10 for adults all weekend. and don't forget tomorrow. kron 4 will bring you 4th of july celebrations live from across the bay area. what the best views of the fireworks in san francisco conquered san diego. >> join us for kron four's, july 4th live tomorrow 09:00pm. and now let's take a look at the bay bridge toll plaza. >> we got some cloudy skies out there but audrey kuz joins us right now with a look ahead. >> know you've seen fireworks right deal not just as a kid here in the bay area but also you reported on them. how is it typically like this time of year. it's well illegal a lot
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of them in the east bay where i live. >> that's definitely a concern right. yeah. let's leave it to the professionals. we are under extreme to exceptional drought conditions. they let's take a look at your 4th of july fireworks for those of you who want to view throughout the embarcadero. >> let's leave it to the pros because we don't want any wildfires, this park. i want to enjoy my 4th of july just like you. so let's take a look at what you can expect. >> cloudy skies along the coast. so we are going to see that deepening marine le are returning around this time. but as you make your way inland. we're going to notice a better clearing and temperatures anywhere from around 52 to 66 degrees. so bundle up along the coast pleasant temperatures as you make your way inland. but those of you wanting to stick around and really enjoy your 4th of july festivities later into the night, make sure to bring that extra jacket handy because we're going to notice no sky july out in full force this time of year. i wish we
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could just rewind the weather from last year and bring it to this year's 4th of july. now that we're actually celebrating because we had crystal clear skies. of course, during the pandemic from coast to valleys this year, though, already going to track that drizzle fest along the coast going to continue throughout the east bay shoreline and we will see a mix of sun and clouds along the coast. but better clearing with mostly sunny skies as you make your way inland, but for your july 4th fireworks show at 9 o'clock to 9.30 as you can see, we're already going to be socked in with that dense low cloud and fog and even some marine layer making its way throughout the east. bay shoreline. but fairly clear for those of you in concord. checking out those festivities there are already tracking cooler temperatures 59 degrees for downtown san francisco low 60's for berkeley and oakland mid 60's. for those of you in san jose and dublin and 68 degrees is still very pleasant temperatures right now with wind speeds a little bit breezy. but in the teens for downtown san francisco getting that cool sea breeze effect.
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cooler temperatures heading our way on tuesday. before we warm up with triple digit heat. gayle around this time next weekend. details on that in my full forecast. back to you. thanks for greece as fire crews in alameda county are monitoring hot spots after a brush fire sparked a late last night. >> smoke and flames were seen on the clip. the preserve about 10 to 15 minutes away from the local golf course nearby and several homes were in the area as well. kron four's barco shows us the aftermath that brush fire burned. >> 16 acres of dead vegetation in this area is now a bunch of charred grass with no answer as to what happened. >> livermore pleasanton fire crews return to the cleat. they preserve hours after a brush fire burned. 16 acres friday night. one of pg wildfire cameras captured the large glow of fire in the sheer darkness livermore pleasanton alameda county and calfire rushed to the scene around 09:00pm. you have the
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glow of the fire. as you start fighting the fire. but as you put it out, it goes out. see have limited lighting. >> obviously it's a steep terrain out here. it's hard to see your footing. >> it's hard to see the ravines and drop offs. the logs. it i see the stepped in a hole. so i'm just moving around the hillsides difficult livermore pleasanton battalion fire chief says. >> humidity helped in reducing the intensity of the flames fire move slow in ended up being a backing fire downhill. >> in the ravines, an area helped us contain it to the 16 acres that it is now crews were able to contain the fire around one 40 saturday morning with no injuries. but they came back to monitor for flare ups. later in the day. firefighters say this is their largest spire this year to want to make sure that all the embers are out. so we'll continue to leave posing check on a fire throughout the entire day, but 2 days cleanup in hot spots nearby is a residential area that is surrounded by this dead vegetation officials say no structures were in danger and none of the neighborhoods had
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to evacuate. no one was hurt at this time. it is unclear what sparked that brush fire in alameda county camila barco kron 4 news. >> and the east bay oakland. firefighters responded to this house fire early this morning on angelo avenue. 5 fire trucks had to be called out to get things under control. no word yet tonight on a cause. but we are in contact with opened fire department and we will bring you any updates as we get them. tropical storm elsa is barreling through the caribbean. this weekend as the storm moves towards florida. it's now a race against time to demolish what's left of the collapsed condo building in surfside. the storm is expected to hit florida on tuesday and crews may start tearing down the remainder of the collapsed building as early as tomorrow. authorities fear it would be too dangerous. it crumbled on its own. all this as many lawmakers worry about the safety of other buildings along coastal communities our
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washington, dc correspondent kellie meyer has the story. >> i spoke with several lawmakers about concerns they have for their coastal towns. the collapse has them asking or the communities safe lawmakers along the southeast coast are concerned about the safety of buildings on the beaches of their states. >> after the deadly building collapse in surfside, florida. this is certainly something that we all need to be aware of. i personally do have concern representing a coastal community, georgia congressman buddy carter and south carolina congresswoman nancy mace say inspectors are taking a second look at buildings of all sorts up and down the coast. we have marsh lands. we have towns are built on landfill. we have sea level rise and flooding issues while the exact cause of the collapse is still under review. officials say there were warning signs a letter sent months before the collapse warned there was damage to the building that was getting worse. carter says it underlines the importance of building reviews. how important horton says or how
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important inspections and maintenance is all of that extremely important, particularly around the coast. florida congresswoman kathy castor says it's also important to consider the effects of climate change we have a climate crisis. extreme. he all sorts of. >> building standards and codes have got to be updated back in south florida. officials ordered the evacuation of a condo building just 5 miles away from the collapse. >> after a review found unsafe conditions, city, state and federal leaders hope to prevent another disaster. this is a freak >> but i think that most of the areas in america are going to learn from this and lawmakers tell me it's on state, local and federal governments to ensure the process for inspecting these buildings is fast and more importantly, thorough reporting in washington. i'm kelly meyer. >> coming up how the biden administration is celebrating the progress in the fight against the coronavirus and the bay area quality air quality management district is
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warning the public to celebrate the 4th of july they flee. a spokesperson will join us and a 30 to talk about what we should be aware of during this holiday. but first, an alarming rise in the highly contagious. delta variant of the coronavirus. the warning on the dangerous
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>> the health officials say this july 4th weekend. we're in a much better place than last year in terms of coronavirus infections. but they say that doesn't mean we
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should let our guard down tonight. they are still sounding the alarm about the dangerous delta variant that's fueling a rapid increase in new cases. what cdc says the vaccines can fend off the delta strain. only about 50% of californians are fully vaccinated reporter carlos the talk to a patient who contracted the covid and he said the vaccine saved his life. >> it's a slap in face every time somebody says that they don't want to take it because the risk they're healthy. they're healthy. goreville individual. an impassioned plea from trevor floors to eradicate vaccine hesitancy among younger adults. the 30 year-old is a 3 time double lung transplant recipient and cystic fibrosis advocate who was hospitalized with covid-19 and considered to be high-risk workers were shutting down. vaccine. think my life every single doctor easy always has said if i didn't get that vaccine. >> in combination with the truth is they gave me. i would have died now out of the hospital. he's encouraging
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others to get vaccinated, especially now that the delta variant is spreading nationwide, including here lee county. i think for the younger. >> people are younger generations. they just don't feel the same risk rest of us still, health officials say fully vaccinated people are protected from severe infection, from the >> but he common misconception among young men and women. is that the vaccine could lead to infertility there's absolutely no scientific evidence that. >> this vaccine against covid or any vaccine. we per. tell a t. i have a 13 year-old daughter of my own. she was first the morning to get the vaccine. i have no concerns at all that i'm not can have financial. >> well, travis be covid. he wants others to do the same. but i would ask you to please consider getting the vaccine. >> that was carlos the state are reporting for us tonight in san francisco. all the covid vaccination sites are open today. but on the 4th of july, the mass vaccination site at muskogee center will be closed and the vaccination
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site at zuckerberg general hospital will be closed on july 5th if you are looking for places to get your shot this holiday weekend. you can check out the website on your screen. s f dot gov flashback scene sites. we're following a story out of the north bay where police are investigating a stabbing that sent at least 2 people to the hospital. police say it happened around 11 last night in downtown napa near the courthouse. 5 people were stabbed, 2 of them had to be taken to intensive care. the other 3 have been released. now, the police are saying the stabbings were gang related and that none of the victims lived in napa. police are still looking for the person or people responsible about 70 people took to the streets today at point reyes national seashore to protest the death of 152 to lee out to last year. more than a 3rd of the herd has died due to starvation and dehydration. are native to california and point raise is the only national park where they can be found. the activists have
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took they took that they have filed a lawsuit against the national park service and they are asking the judge to order immediate measures to supply adequate food and water. we reached out to a national park for comment, but we have not yet heard back. police in petaluma got another report of a mountain lion this morning. and this video is from pelham on wednesday when the line was first reported roaming around someone's back yard this morning. it was seen north of north make mcdowell blvd and round walk circle and north mcdowell boulevard and south pointe boulevard. people are warning anyone in those areas to stay inside and call police if they see a mountain lion. now let's take a look outside kron four's mabrisa rodriquez is standing by with our forecast and to tell us what we can expect this weekend. yeah. a lot of pressure on the shoulders, gayle just because it is a long holiday weekend. >> and 4th of july. the dreaded time of year for us
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meteorologist, especially in the bay area once again, no sky july going impact your viewing along the coast. but better clearing inland. so make sure to plan ahead today, though we did notice a few degrees of below average temperatures. but very seasonal day time highs for those of you in livermore in concord warming up into the mid 80's downtown san francisco in the mid 60 some near average there with oakland. also seasonable temperatures in the low 70's live look outside and we can see that deepening marine layer story of our lives this time of year welcome to bay area summer for those of you visiting radar for tracking that low and high cloud cover now starting to make its way across the bay into the east bay shoreline and tracking calmer conditions. for those of you in this year. in fact, we did notice some thunderstorms that actually produce gusty winds and even hail for parts of truckee. earlier today, pop-up thunderstorms going to be an issue throughout tonight in the form of dry lightning so we could actually have some
8:20 pm
fires that may spark throughout the sierra. that's what you're going to be under a red flag warning, meaning imminent fire danger starting tonight through sunday morning. fortunately calmer conditions by sunday afternoon for those of you who want to celebrate your 4th of july sunday for those of you in this year at temperatures out there right now. 50's along the san francisco peninsula coastline, low 60's. as you make your way into the east bay shoreline and mid 70's for antioch. so we are tracking quite a difference in temperatures from half moon bay and antioch more than 20 degrees right there. but overnight lows tonight widespread mid to upper 50's with tomorrow's daytime highs cooling down even for inland valleys in the low 80's for conquered and livermore. some 2 to 5 degrees below average downtown san francisco and oakland seasonable in the mid 60's to low 70's, cooling down even more by tuesday of this upcoming week. bst take a look at the warming trend. it's going to be the hot, dry weather next weekend that i'm going to keep an eye on triple digit heat. dale. in the forecast. we could break
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records 5 to 15 degrees above average summer. certainly arriving. yeah, it's hot across the board member. thank you. in national news, president biden, the first lady and the vice president are hitting the road this weekend for the administration's america's back together tour. >> it's a celebration of progress in the fight against the coronavirus every nolan has details. >> president biden sampling the fruit as he visits a cherry farm in orchard in traverse city, michigan. he had workers and greeted supporters as he toured the grounds with governor gretchen whitmer i got to the president supporting the local economy as well by an ice cream for himself and the supporters who were with him now while in michigan, president biden celebrated america's fight against covid-19 and promoted. the bipartisan infrastructure bill talking about how investing in infrastructure can improve local economies now on thursday, the democratic controlled house of
8:22 pm
representatives approved a 715 billion dollars transportation bill, a potential investment in roads rail public transit and water over 5 years. the legislation is being promoted as a companion to a larger infrastructure package. the biden administration is negotiating with both republican and democratic as for vice president kamala harris, she toured the carpenters international training center in las vegas and spoke to union workers and their families about recent economic progress. the cost of living kept going up. but wages remain stagnant. >> but we're seeing that wages are going up and that as we know means we are seeing progress. the vice president also visited a pop-up vaccine clinic outside the center. she's spending the rest of the 4th of july weekend in los and first lady jill biden spending the weekend in new england today making stops in maine where she talked about how far the nation has come since the
8:23 pm
start of the pandemic. you know, just a few months ago, sink back. you know, it was hard to believe. i think that we would. >> actually be able to be together. >> on the 4th of july from maine doctor biden traveled on to new hampshire for an independence weekend barbecue. we want americans to know really that we have your back. >> so thank you for being here. happy 4th of and tomorrow. >> the first lady will spend the 4th of july in philadelphia where she will join the annual celebration of freedom ceremony in independence square. >> the countrywide tour comes after a week after the white house conceded it won't. it won't hit its goal of 70% of adults receiving at least one dose of covid vaccine by july 4th. >> still ahead, as we are going to enjoy the fireworks tomorrow. a veterinarian will tell us how to smooth or pets during the noisy celebration and the new caltrain station in south san francisco is set
8:24 pm
to open. when you can start using the new facility that after the break.
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jason, did you know geico could save you hundreds on car insurance and a whole lot more? cool. so what are you waiting for? mckayla maroney to get your frisbee off the roof? i'll get it. ♪ (upbeat music) ♪ ♪ ♪ whoa. here you go. (in unison) thank you mckayla! dude, get it. i'm not getting it, you get it. you threw it. it's your frisbee. geico. switch today and see all the ways you could save. >> beginning tuesday, anyone entering san francisco city hall and most other city buildings will not be to wear masks anymore as long as they are fully vaccinated. of course, this easing of the mask requirement is in alignment with recent unite updated guidelines. it also
8:27 pm
comes just a month after city hall was reopened to the public latest data from city health officials shows 74% of all san francisco residents are now fully vaccinated in the peninsula. the openings of cows trains new station in south san francisco is now set for november. caltrain is adding a pedestrian underpass below highway one. oh, one and the tracks to reach a new center boarding platform. they will also upgrade the tracks and signals in the area. but this project will cost over 96 million dollars. it's 35 million dollars more than the initial estimation. caltrans says mateo county transportation will fill 23 million dollars of the gap. >> and for those of you heading out to the sierra for the long holiday 4th of july weekend fire danger concern starting tonight. details ahead on the red flag warning that goes into effect tomorrow. and just how long it's going to last. and bay
8:28 pm
area air quality management district has issued a warning for fire danger on the 4th of july. a spokesperson will join us live to talk about how to celebrate safely.
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>> this year's 4th of july fireworks show is long overdue. but given the drought and extremely dry conditions setting off personal fireworks has a high chance to cause a fire in your neighborhood.
8:31 pm
joining us live is walter wallace, the spokesperson of the bay area, air quality management district. well, come on, you can tell you're here to tell us how to celebrate safely. >> yes, absolutely. if people don't know when you do like fireworks, it does elevate the particulate matter at the ground level. and that's one of the things we really want try to eliminate or minimize individuals who have respiratory issues, young children. the issue that they would protect as much as possible. so we're asking people to do potentially not light fireworks this year and go to some type of firework in or leave it to the professionals and celebrate the 4th of july that way. >> and walter, as we've seen past years, we've experienced that poor air quality. so there's a risk here with these fireworks. those illegal fireworks, of course, which we are anticipating and that even potewtially cause a devastating fire. and that also impacts the air quality right.
8:32 pm
>> so like you said earlier, the illegal fireworks. we really want really want to tell people stay away from. but even the legal fireworks, if you're not doing it correctly, there's a risk of anything from a brush fires to sparking a wildfire and just even the elevated particulate just really damaged individuals who have compromised health systems. so what we really want to do is happy to be mindful of not only their situation but of their community as >> and are there things homeowners can do, which it could be inevitable as we have seen fires pop up really early since the spring time. what can people do to prepare their homes. now ahead of peak fire season. >> well, you can create a safe area around her home. some of the things i would recommend is also just to pay attention the news and kind of just see what the environments like. you know, if you can certain things such as having. fires in your might be just limiting
8:33 pm
that so you can do to smoke or elevating the particulate matter levels within the bay area's going to reduce the not only the fire but also reduce negative air quality in the bay area. >> and walter, any last words ahead of this holiday weekend. we know, you know, we can see those nice fireworks. but also every year we do see those illegal fireworks that we have seen house fires. and of course, that impacts the air quality. so any tips. >> yeah. i think for us is that we really want to encourage people to just try to eliminate that using fireworks this year and leave professionals. there's just so many things that can go wrong. not only the illegal fireworks but also with the legal fireworks as well. you know, anything can happen, especially the air quality affects. we want to really make sure that people understand that when you light the fireworks, it's going to elevate the airport. it's going to elevate the particulate matter levels and it's going to potentially
8:34 pm
exacerbate who might have compromised health issues such as asthma and we want to really make sure that they're safe. thus the season. >> walter wallace with the bay area air district. thank you for joining us. the to and inform our viewers about the safety and that people need to be careful during this fire season. thank you. now we'll take a live look outside traffic weather cam. you can overcast, cloudy night kron four's rodriquez is here with a look agree that. yeah, let's take a look at your sierra forecast. i know a lot of you heading out to the sierra to celebrate your 4th of july. >> and right now we're tracking calmer drier conditions for most of this year. truckee saw pop-up thunderstorms. and we're seeing that thunder and lightning storm to the south and east of south lake tahoe. we're right now topaz lake and bear valley seeing widespread thunderstorms out there. so severe weather impacting your
8:35 pm
area and we still are not out of the woods just yet because we're expecting to possibly see dry lightning throughout the sierra starting tonight at 11 o'clock through 11 o'clock sunday morning. so remember, even the sierra is under extreme drought conditions and any lightning spark could certainly spark and spread wildfires there, especially with outflow. winds. upwards of 40 miles per hour or less. if any dry lightning does form. and so that's what we're going to have a red flag warning with that high fire danger alert lasting tonight throughout the overnight hours even into your sunday morning. the good news is those of you planning an outdoor barbecue for your 4th of july sunday. you're like drier. more stable atmosphere, low 80's by sunday turning into mid 80's by monday and tuesday of this upcoming week. gayle, back to you. >> thank recess. still ahead, a high school is heading to the space as nasa and that the crew how she will use this experience to inspire more students. and after the break,
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the housing market in late big boost thanks to the coronavirus and it's not showing any signs of slowing down.
8:37 pm
8:38 pm
>> the housing market liked all has been booming since the pandemic began and people who were asked to work from home began buying houses and then moving to permanently. but as charles kron four's charles
8:39 pm
clifford reports more than a year later, the markets still shows no sign of slowing down. >> people came up here too. get out of the city, have some room to stretch their legs play and take a break from indoors wreck overall is a real estate agent for sierra. so the bees international realty, he says that over the past year home prices around lake tahoe have gone up by 20 to 90%, depending on the area truckee, for example, has seen some of the highest increases there are very few homes left on the market and high demand for the ones that become available overall says that buyers trying to get into the market now need to be prepared for a challenge. it's of high velocity quick market and it's very competitive. and so when we get our average days on market is 140 days. >> now stand for and so what's happening is people can just come in and make an offer discuss peck to going to go back and forth. basic left put their best foot forward. meets means they can't do alone. most sellers don't want to
8:40 pm
loan could end up raising contingency because they want their price, but they also don't want to risk transaction. and so buyers are just having to be a little more prepared to make those offers and most transactions or cash right and there's no relief in sight even as the pandemic eases demand remains high. >> there are new homes being built like these near squaw valley but not nearly enough to meet demand or to bring prices down. breck expects that the tahoe real estate market will stay hot for the foreseeable future. a lot of people ask me, do you think property prices are going to drop after people go back to the office. all that. >> reality is the vast majority of the buyers in the last. >> 12 months and paid cash where they've been to the scrutiny of the bank. so overleveraged is not like the big crash we had before people can afford to hold on homes anymore. so. you know, all the makings of this market tell us it's going to continue i think will happen is eventually that demand will slow down and hopefully we'll have some more balanced inventory. come on the market. >> because right now we're we're less than a month's
8:41 pm
supply inventory in town at lake tahoe. charles clifford kron. 4 news. >> next on kron. 4 news at 8 while humans are excited about the 4th of july fireworks. our furry friends are not going to enjoy the fireworks as we do about an area will tell us how to keep pets safe during this holiday and a south los angeles man has been arrested and is now facing federal charges in connection to the case. we will tell you how he case. we will tell you how he obtained over i'm kalvin, and there's more to me than hiv. i'm a peer educator,... a fitness buff,... and a champion for my own health. i talked with my doctor... and switched to... fewer medicines with... dovato. dovato is for some adults who are starting hiv-1 treatment or replacing their current hiv-1 regimen. with... just 2 medicines... in 1 pill,... dovato is as effective as a 3-drug regimen... to help you reach and stay undetectable. research shows people who take hiv treatment as prescribed... and get to and stay undetectable... can no longer transmit hiv through sex. don't take dovato if you're allergic
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ask your doctor about dovato - i did. authorities have a south l a man back in custody for allegedly transporting and storing 32,000 pounds of fireworks in his backyard. >> the planned a nation of at least 5,000 pounds of those materials last week ended in disaster when they exploded into an unsuspecting neighborhood. 17 people were injured in that blast. reporter sandra mitchell has more on today's arrest. >> for the first time the atf showing off the whole 5,000 pounds of fireworks removed from the home of 27 year-old. arturo say haas before wednesday's massive explosion in a bomb squad truck that injured 17 people now say haas just released from jail has been taken into federal custody arrested by atf agents on charges of illegally transporting explosives that he purchased in nevada.
8:45 pm
experts say many people have put off celebrations because of the pandemic and they expect we'll see more illegal fireworks and more injuries this weekend. what's going to happen this year is i think you're going to see even more than you. >> first people short of fireworks extra for people want to get the holiday. so sadly the increase of about 48 the centers of all the hand and and seniors and 25 per some. 25 1% of them are in kids. 15 when younger. >> that was andrea mitchell reporting for us tonight in the east bay oakland police have arrested multiple people for possessing an assault rifle the police responded to the 27th avenue and 17th street this morning where a car with people sleeping inside was blocking a resident's driveway. police say the arrest was safely made and they have seized almost 450 used firearms this year. the number is 48% higher than
8:46 pm
pre-pandemic in east palo alto man has been arrested for killing a woman with a blunt object. the police responded to the 200 block of urbana drive yesterday afternoon and found a woman with a fatal injuries on the scene. the suspect, a 42 year-old jason trials dixon was on scene as well. a preliminary investigation revealed that dixon attacked the victim during an argument. anyone who has information is asked to call police. in san francisco. the golden state warriors is hosting the rive said they're thrive city block party today and tomorrow. the event is free and open to the public. it's featuring live performances, including a band and dj. you can also find local food vendors, beer gardens. any kid zone as part of this party at the afternoon. there's a pet costume parade that took place at the drive city plaza. and tomorrow the farmers market will be open and 9 in the morning. now at kron 4 dot com. we have a list of other holiday events happening around the bay. you can just
8:47 pm
scan your mobile device and this qr code and it will take you right to our website. now let's take a live look outside the golden gate bridge kron four's mummy be hit. meteorologist mabrisa rodriguez joins us live with a look at what to expect every side. let's take a quick check gayle at your 4th of july sunday micro climate outlook because. >> we're going to track little change along the coast and east bay shoreline a few degrees of cooling, though, for most of our inland valleys as our marine layer sticks around along the immediate coast. but for those of you downtown san francisco in mission district in the mid 60's. so exactly where we should be this time of year with half moon bay in daly city warming up into the low 60's. so expect our beaches to see more clouds and sun winds out of the southwest 20 miles per hour less with millbrae and burlingame in the low 70's and also tracking widespread low 70's for san mateo and san carlos redwood city 79 degrees
8:48 pm
with widespread low 80's for most of the south bay san jose 78 degrees. we are going to notice some marine layer riding along the east bay shoreline shortly after 8 o'clock for your sunday night. but those of you inland, you're going to get a great shot and view because of those clear skies of those fireworks. so make sure to take advantage of that 82 degrees for livermore. also tracking mostly clear skies for those of you in concord and walnut creek sunday afternoon warming up into the low 80. so about 5 degrees below average. there with the renda and marotta in the mid 70's mid 70's. for those of you in napa. but sonoma low 80's. and for those of you in the north bay and santa rosa 77 degrees. but novato few degrees warmer in the low 80's we're going to begin a gradual warming trend starting on monday. but then cooling down on tuesday as we dip slightly about 5 degrees below average from coast to the alleys and even the shore line only warming up into the mid 60's there. but take a look at that temperature swing next weekend
8:49 pm
peaking on saturday. so week from today, gayle triple digit heat in the forecast record breaking heat heading our way once again, 15 degrees above average fortunately not going to be as hot as what the pacific northwest with seeing just about a week ago around this time. yeah. these temperatures comfortable. so hopefully people can enjoy them before it gets really hot. and hopefully it stays comfortable along the coast and east bay shoreline because we usually head to the beach for some relief. so let's keep our fingers crossed that marine layer sticks around. thanks for everything. yeah, well, the 4th of july is a happy celebration for humans. unfortunately, more pets go missing on this holiday than any other day of the year. >> reporter frances lin talked to a veterinarian and he gave us tips on how to protect our pets. >> for your pets at home loud noises and fashion bites can be a traumatic experience. >> they can they can escape and that's probably the worst
8:50 pm
thing they run off veterinary and doctor michael reed says most dogs are not used to those noises. so the boom of the fireworks will scare them. and also the flash of the lights for night fireworks. >> so prevention of exposure is really the key to keep your pet secure indoors and turning on the tv for distraction. and remember the dogs here much more sensitive than ours. so what seems like a normal it's really scary to them if they're really anxious. we have chronicle stress why and another one called him and ran. these are holistic products are real say they do not require a prescription and neither do cbd for pets. according to the american veterinary medical association under federal law. that's can not recommend cbd products for now, but that's not stopping first time shoppers here in springfield from trying them out. we have more and more owners stepping into the cbd products for the first time trying to see if they can help relieve. >> some of the anxiety, these dogs and cats and even our
8:51 pm
livestock are experiencing. jamie tillman with cannabliss says the pack seats are very popular now. they taste great. >> it's an easy option. in its so relieve their anxiety during the fireworks time since it's got to be digested. it's going to take a good. >> our hour and 30 minutes probably to be in full effect. people are shooting fireworks off early in earlier and shooting fireworks also require safety precautions. even sparklers for parents. it's imperative for them to educate their children. >> the dangers of sparklers. >> and seemed it compresses safe and mild. but they actually burned 2000 degrees and people don't realize that. and so they're out there just you know, waiting around to get too close. you want to draw avoid dry march tall, grass brush, not close to structures, including wooden fences and battalion chief jb lilly says always make sure to have a smoke alarm, a working smoke alarm monthly that can save your family. >> that was frances lin reporting for us tonight.
8:52 pm
coming up, a high school teacher is getting a taste of what it's like to be a real life astronaut. she will tell you how her came true.
8:53 pm
8:54 pm
>> a sacramento teacher is on the mission to the stratosphere demand dominion us was selected by nasa to conduct research from the high in the sky and then bring that real-world experience back to the classroom reporter bridge a bridge or low has details on
8:55 pm
the space trip. >> a stairway to the stratosphere. i want to see what what are what our planet looks like from that high up. >> we're a 50,000 foot climb. the domina stamas has been waiting more than one year to make my flight week originally was may of 2020 and then covid hit. >> so we've been just waiting for the opportunity. >> nasa handpicked the sacramento area science teacher together research aboard this boeing 7.47 sp aircraft nicknamed the sofia using a telescope with infrared technology to take pictures of the universe from high in the sky last year. sophia actually discovered water on the sunny side of the moon. and it also discovered that pluto has a very atmosphere. so pluto is a planet demean is one of 28 other educators chosen for the mission. the first group to take flight since 2019 before the covid-19 pandemic grounded
8:56 pm
the project she plans to take her training and experience back to her students at westlake charter high school in that home us where she hopes to spark their interest in a science base career. it's my job i am an airborne astronomy investors. so. >> it's it's my mission to educate not only my students about the sofia tells go but about anybody and everybody that i can that i can reach. until then, she'll be spending the night in this cockpit savoring a memory that word to mean a truly feels out of this world 10 years ago. i put it out to my friends like one day i want to work for nasa and though i'm not getting pays nasa. i'm getting paid their experiences. and this to me just seems just as good as being an employee of nasa. >> that was bridgette for reporting for us tonight. and that wraps up kron 4 news at 8. we'll be back with more news on fox 4 news at night in just a few minutes.
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>> when fun time from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 news
9:00 pm
at going to be a great patriotic display. you know, all that. >> all the favorites of the patriotic songs. beautiful fireworks. >> now at 9. we are just about 24 hours away from 4th of july celebrations across the bay area. and while it will be exciting for crowds to return for the first time since the pandemic. it's still too early to let our guards completely down. good evening. welcome to kron. 4 news at 9. i'm gayle ong in for just being in. jonathan right now. fireworks are set up and ready for san francisco's annual 4th of july fireworks show the show was canceled last year because of covid-19 kron four's amanda hari is live with a look at the setup. amanda. >> yeah. usually this planning. all starts back in march this year. they didn't get approval from the governor to do it until mid-may. so it was a little rushed. >> we're preparing to do what we haven't done for about a year and a half and t


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