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tv   KRON 4 News at 430am  KRON  July 2, 2021 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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of low clouds resulting in fog, in marine county as well as into portions of the east bay too. and this low gray is going to hang out with us over the next few hours for spots to clear will be inland than bayside coastal areas. you'll get a little dose of sunshine later today but not near as much as those areas further inland skies are dry aside for misty to drizzly conditions. so do watch out for a few wet spots on roadways, 50's and 60's for current temperatures san jose at 61 degrees hayward and oakland right at 60 concord. you're at 59 for your current temperature while petaluma nevado and fairfield. each 57 appeared to yesterday. not a lot of changes this morning, nor did the afternoon. really daytime highs will similarly peak in the 60's 70's 80's depending on how far inland you are. and another nice and sunny afternoon after such great conditions to kick things off reyna found the year that seen a couple of traffic collisions out there. nothing major. no major hot spots like. >> down south one. oh, one northbound in north lawrence expressway in sunnyvale. but as you're heading into the
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city this morning. a little under 10 minutes for you to make it from the maze to the fremont street exit still fairly clear along 80. let's head over to the san mateo bridge. and check on things. there as you head across towards the peninsula. you can do that and under 10 minutes we had another traffic collision to a southbound at bird avenue in san jose. again, no major issues along to a now let's head over to look at the richmond center fell bridge. look at that. at a richmond under 9 pretty light. we'll have more coming up. for now, let's get back to the news. rescue efforts are back under way at the site of the collapsed building in florida. the search was briefly halted because fears over the instability of the rest of the building. the death toll officially stands at 18 with a 145 people listed as missing. this comes as president biden traveled to florida to talk with the families affected and the first responders there care winter has the very latest. >> the whole nation is mourning with these families. they see every day on television. they're going
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through. >> president biden and first lady visited the devastated community. the meeting with morning family members and first responders who worked tirelessly in their search for victims still trapped beneath the rubble. at least 18 people died in this disaster with more than a 100 still missing. the president also met with florida governor ron desantis and the mayor of miami dade county pledging his administration isn't going anywhere and that he believes the federal government has the power to pick up 100% of the cost for search efforts in cleanup urging local officials to call on washington for federal assistance there's also than the in addition to state and local assistance to determine. >> the cause of this collapse. the adjacent buildings. how safe they are. this is an unprecedented just devastating disaster online. >> see that shocked the world and the fact that we all come together is what gives us hope. the miami dade fire rescue chief describing an incredible moment during their
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operations where they heard what appeared to be signs of life we get here on it will in and they were searching for. >> a female voice is what we heard from her for several hours and eventually we didn't hear a voice anymore. now that search efforts have resumed governor desantis said the operations won't stop until every victim beneath the debris is accounted for. you know what we just need now is need a little bit a lot. >> need a little bit of prayers >> you know, we would like to be able yet to to see some miracles happen. >> another big story in alameda county. sheriff's sergeant is being investigated after he played a taylor swift song on his iphone to prevent an interaction between himself and protesters being recorded and published. believe the song would cause a copyright issue and would prevent it from being uploaded to youtube. the group is outside the alameda courthouse in oakland to listen to the pre trial hearing of san leandro police officer jason fletcher. fletcher is accused of wrongfully shooting and killing steven taylor man. i
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was having a mental health crisis at a wal-mart. the sergeant asked the group to move their banners. burch said they did not burt said they did that. the sergeant came back. >> unfortunately was not the end of that and less than a minute later, the officers came back and told us that banners couldn't be on the stair wells of our job is to protect free speech to protect the right to protest. and i think that is not a good look at this video for us. the onetime issue and will not be a problem >> i'm sergeant shows us name tag on the camera. it says d shelby while the sheriff's office is investigating the incident supervisors will be going to all shift briefings to let everyone know way seen in this video can not be done. >> a 30 year-old woman and an 8 year old girl are in critical condition after the 2 were shot in vallejo. >> we first brought you this story yesterday on the kron 00:00am morning news as kron. 4 felecia call brings us those details. >> it's devastating. if you really is ready blaring
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shocked to see the evangelist temple fellowship center in vallejo, riddled with bullet it's where she exchanged her wedding bow. now it's associated with the double shooting of a 30 year-old woman and 8 year-old girl is all this could soon be going on in vallejo period is heartbreaking. we grew up in we were born and raised here. police responded to the 800 block of sonoma boulevard at around 1045. wednesday night and found the wounded victims neighbor marco sandoval says he heard 2 sets of gunshots before officers arrived thinking at first. the loud noises were fireworks a lower sewn soon to be likable. my you could hear clearly up, up, up, up, up, up in the second of the 2 nations. sandoval says prior to the shooting. his surveillance camera. >> captured what he believes was the suspect's car speeding down the roadway and turning back around to track down and fire at the victims in their car.
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>> give me a future will feel since a woman and the child really hope police chief shawny williams says the shooting followed another about 2 hours earlier in town which resulted in the murder of a man at this time. he says it's unclear if the 2 incidents are related motives also still under investigation, but he believes the woman and the child or family members. we should all be outraged. >> to see. i'm a father. and when you have a 8 year-old victim that's a victim of gun violence it's it's a tragedy. chief. william says both the woman and child are in critical condition, adding that the child has been stabilized williams says gun violence is a public health crisis sharing his department has seen a 23% increase in the number of guns being taken off the streets. >> in vallejo phillipe djegal all kron 4 news. >> on the peninsula. redwood city man is behind bars for suspicion of possessing child.
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the san mateo county sheriff's office says 25 year-old moses the legos was arrested after they found numerous pictures of chop or now his brother and girlfriend were also arrested accused of trying to hide or destroy evidence in that case. the city of san jose has started dismantling one of the bay area's largest homeless camps near man at a san jose international airport. but as kron four's rob fladeboe explains. it's not happening fast enough for the f a a. >> the hundreds of people camping here beneath the flight path in san jose are being put at risk. so says the federal aviation administration citing noise in his latest communication in demanding the city step up action to clear the camp. >> which is grown to more than 200 people since the beginning of the pandemic. the faa is dissatisfied with the progress so far in dismantling the 40 acre camp. in a statement to kron 4 news. the faa said,
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quote. >> airports that receive federal funds must ensure airport property is used for its intended purpose. >> the city of san jose designated the area as incompatible for holmes due to noise impacts. >> the f a a provided roughly 97 million dollars for noise mitigation and approach project in the vicinity of sjc further federal funding of airport projects may be withheld until the camp is cleared. the city has undertaken a gradual approach with the goal of clearing the camp by next spring. the faa wants it done sooner, but that is easier said than done. say advocates for the homeless like sean card. right. when you clear one camp like one large camp. >> and the jungle is the prime example. you clear one camp and then you create all these other scattered camps because not that one large camp moves and mask to another large camp. they just move in, create a bunch of smaller camps. the vacant land bordered by west hedding street coleman avenue and taylor street. >> was set aside as a buffer
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zone should aircraft have trouble landing and taking off. now just below people are camped here with tents trucks and our he's lining the streets aside from the noise and suspect air quality is the planes fly overhead. there are implications related to the relaxing of guidelines about sweeping camps. >> amid the easing of the pandemic. the house people in. camps as well as shelters are the least vaccinated group of people right now. card, right for one would like to see a sanction camp on the airport site. >> but neither the city or the is likely to be on board with that. but the city has reportedly told the f a a it needs more time to find a solution in san jose. rob fladeboe kron 4 news. >> coming up next on the kron 4 morning news, the housing market in lake big boost thanks to the coronavirus. it's not showing any signs of slowing down.
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>> after a quiet twenty-twenty because of the pandemic. some of the biggest hallmarks, the city are making a comeback this year. first up is weekend's annual 4th of july fireworks show at pier 39 later this month. you can also expect to see the cable cars on the streets again will be taking one of those. there will also be test runs throughout july and august before transitioning to full
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service in september and then in october it's the return of fleet week. it's got a over 30 11 featuring the blue angels, the parade of ships and all the other big events, marilyn to bring says events like these will go a long way towards reviving the city's billion dollar tourism industry. >> san francisco's coming back and we got a lot of making up to do with the activities that we want to do that. we missed out on the past years. >> san francisco's exploratorium museum also reopened today for the first time in 15 months. it's going to be open wednesdays through saturdays from 10:00am until 05:00pm and sundays from noon to 5. it will also bring back its adults only after dark events. every thursday from 06:00pm to 10:00pm. john, i've been telling you the longest i really want them to do adults. only that of friday because we can't go on a thursday. we've got to be sleep by the time that it even begins. so i know the academy of sciences does
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it on thursdays. and i people to go light them out ways to save on friday night, >> that would be very nice for sure plan in the weekend. 4th of july is here. the weekend is here. all those great things. so john, what should we wear. what can we expect. what we are looking at conditions out there. rain and that will be nice for getting outside these next few days are nor cal honda weather center forecast shows a little bit of cloud cover out there this morning. >> much as we've been seeing so far this week. we're starting off with some of the low gray as we've been in the midst you can see that in berkeley all across the bay area. it's going to be a little bit of great conditions to kick things off before we do tap into sunshine later see that faint green out there misty to even drizzly conditions near the coastline yesterday was thunderstorms back up in the sierra nevada, at least coming along with some solid doses of rainfall thunderstorms do increase your risk of lightning sparked wildfires, though. so crews up there keeping an eye on that situation. winds from the coastline pressing right on into the bay yet again today.
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and this is going to have a moderating effect on our temperatures. this is going to be the case in all the days to come ahead of us keeping daytime highs at least comfortable enough 60's for most of our coastal areas just a little bit of clearing going on this afternoon for the coast while the rest of the bayside and inland parts of the bay get plenty of sunshine later on looking at 70's to 80's from the peninsula into the south bay 70's and 80's for the east bay to hayward at 73 dublin, 81 degrees while conquered 86 oakland. you also be at 71 for the high today. temperatures in the north bay anywhere from the 70's 80's to even low 90's. this is mostly the for this inland, though. we're we barely make it to the 90's. the sign of the warmth that some of the inland valleys of the state are saying not so much in the bay area, though we've definitely had that moderating effect of the ocean keeping things relatively cool for us. that's going to keep us in the 80's that at least most of our warmest on through the next 7 days beside in coastal areas, 70's and 60's staying dry through the 4th. so that is of
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concern. but honestly the forecast looks really good to get out there and enjoy with the fam rena with that. let's check your traffic as you're heading into the city or wherever you're heading this morning. >> no major issues are hot spots on your morning commute at this hour, traffic pretty light as you're traveling into the city from the east. a little under 9 minutes to make it to the fremont street exit. also no major delays. a long 5, 1880, and let's get a look at the golden gate bridge. we have lot of dense fog there the day before yesterday and patchy fog. there yesterday. again, you could encounter some pockets of fog. it is still about 20 minutes for you to make it into the city this morning. let's also check out the richmond. sandra fell commute heading out of richmond. little under 10 minutes for your drive time as you travel across towards sandra fell. we'll have more throughout the morning let's go back to the news. the housing market in lake tahoe has been bowl mean since the pandemic began. people who are asked to work from home began buying houses and even more. moving it all permanently. but as kron 4 s charles clifford
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reports more than a year later, the market still shows no sign slowing down. >> people came up here too. >> get out of the city, have some room to stretch their legs play and take a break from indoors wreck overall is a real estate agent for sierra. so the bees international realty, he says that over the past year home prices around lake tahoe have gone up by 20 to 90%, depending on the area. >> truckee, for example, has seen some of the highest increases there are very few homes left on the market and high demand for the ones that become available overall says that buyers trying to get into the market now need to be prepared for a challenge. it's of high velocity quick market and it's very competitive. and so when we our average days on market is 140 days. >> now stand for and so what's happening is people can just come in and make an offer discuss peck to kind of go back and forth. basic left put their best foot forward. meets means they can't do alone.
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most sellers don't want to loan could end up raising contingency because they want their price, but they also don't want to risk transaction and so buyers are just happy to be a little more prepared to make those offers and most transactions or cash right and there's no relief in sight even as the pandemic eases demand remains high. >> there are new homes being built like these near squaw valley but not nearly enough to meet demand or to bring prices down wreck expects that the tahoe real estate market will stay hot for the foreseeable future. a lot of people ask me, do you think property prices are going to drop after people go back to the office. all that. >> reality is the vast majority of the buyers in the last. >> 12 months and paid cash where they've been to the scrutiny of the bank. so overleveraged is not like the big crash we had before people can afford to hold on these homes anymore. so. you know, all the makings of this market tell us it's going to continue i think will happen is eventually the demand will slow down and hopefully we'll have some more balanced inventory. come on the market. >> because right now we're
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we're less than a month's supply inventory in town. >> at lake tahoe. charles clifford kron. 4 news. great news for the giants star catcher buster posey was announced as a starter for the all-star game later this month. >> but on the field, the giants got off to a rough start arizona diamondbacks game the lead in the 4th inning and never looked back in the end, the giants lose 5, 3, 2, the diamondbacks 2 of the series is tonight at 6.40. >> and the giants are still holding on to the lead in the nl west. over at the coliseum not a good outing for the a's either. they were facing the texas rangers and the rangers were in command of the whole game is only down or in a ne a's lose the rangers with a final score of 8 to 3 in oakland will host the red sox tonight with the first at 6.40. into the now to the forty-niners a couple of players from the past are being honor wide receiver john taylor. >> and linebacker patrick willis are the newest members of the 49 ers hall of fame. taylor is a 3 time super bowl champ with the niners who play
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for the team from 1986 to 1999. you can see some of the highlights from his playing days with niners legend joe montana, patrick willis retired in 2000. 15 after 8 seasons. he was a 2007 defensive rookie of the year. a 6 time, all pro player and 7 time pro bowler boulder them talked about what it means to be recognized by the team. >> can't explain to be on its own. just to be associated. or like you said, be put in that category with those players. probably won't see again all the way into and >> everything. but, you know, i'm just truly and grateful to. >> you know, get that >> you know, >> as for this year's team, the niners are getting ready for training camp this month before the start of regular season in september. we'll be right back after the break.
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>> welcome back 4.53 on this friday morning. friday before the holiday as we are looking at the 4th of july on sunday. so you know that travel is
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going to be pretty busy today what you're getting off of work. if you are planning on staying here in the bay area. a good weekend to be doing so sure. we're going to have some morning fog and cloud cover from time to time just as we're seeing this morning in sf, but there will be ample sunshine come your afternoon hours. maybe you are heading to the santa cruz beach boardwalk. a good thing to be doing on your 4th weekend. hopefully get some reservations for that because i think it's going to be pretty busy. look at where we're headed this afternoon day time highs in the low 70's for the start of your 4th of july weekend. and even though we will see some morning fog and cloud cover out there. you will get plenty of afternoon sunshine and santa cruz and that will make for a nice field. the syrian about is actually going to be pretty warm tonight. we'll have some evening thunderstorms possible highs in the low 80's today right around lake tahoe now sunday and monday, daytime highs are actually going to be even warmer sunday. notably being the 4th of july highs in the 80's under mostly sunny skies. watch for those thunderstorms. otherwise do enjoy and maybe if you are just staying here in the day.
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what we have is nice spread of 60's 70's 80's. for most and only a couple of 90's for for this inland areas like antioch and vacaville reyna. >> lucky people in the bay area. they want to dream vacation for free just for getting vaccinated against covid-19 state officials do winners for 6 vacation packages. >> to some of the most popular spots in the state. all expenses paid. >> the bay area. winners are in san francisco. contra costa alameda and san mateo counties. the other 2 winners live in orange and santa cruz counties winners also got $2000 in spending money for on their love. a k. well, coming up, the next hour. it's expected to be the biggest travel weekends any of the pandemic. >> we are live at sfo with everything you need to know before you head out the door. as more people buy their own fireworks to celebrate this weekend. doctors are warning about the severe injuries that can come from both illegal and
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>> happy holiday friday you if you're having a long weekend and it starts now. i'm daria false. and i'm james fletcher. yeah. on this friday on the doorstep of the 4th of july holiday weekend. hope you've got nice plans outside. if you're going to be out barbecuing. >> i hope we could have asked for better weather for the 4th of july well, we can ask for anything we what we're going to get go. i guess what mid 80's and that the warmer spots, right, john, it's going to be really nice. this is the kind of 4th of july weather. that is great for barbecuing for stepping outside and just enjoy a little bit of time in the sunshine. nothing to oppressively hot this weekend. today, tomorrow and sunday for the 4th itself are all looking really equally as nice as each other. you're still going to have that cool ocean impact that keeps us a lot cooler than our central valley neighbors. you look outside this morning shows some of the low cloud cover that we have pushed in overnight across the day. this has resulted in a couple of drizzly to misty spots and that means a few wet spots on roadways. as you venture out there. also some pockets of lowered visibility to watch out for much as i've noted throughout the course of
5:00 am
the week so far skies will clear out come the afternoon and under sunshine temperatures will warm currently. we're in the 50's and 60's almost identical to where we started yesterday morning. the light jacket comes in handy this morning before an afternoon where you won't have to worry about that too much john, thank you for that. we are tracking your morning commute for you on this friday as you step into the weekend, a little under 8 minutes for your drive time when she reached the maze. >> to that fremont street exit. we have some earlier traffic collisions not of them caused any major delays or slowdowns along our highways. 5 8880 look pretty great. also down south looks great headed across towards the peninsula under 40 minutes for your drive time there. and the richmond, sandra fell commute under 8 minutes. pretty light. we'll have more throughout the morning daryn. james, back to you. thanks, ray. it's 5 o'clock in the big story today. this weekend is going to be one of the busiest travel weekends, probably the busiest since the pandemic started another estimating upwards of 2 million people will be flying sfo.


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