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tv   KRON 4 News at 10  KRON  July 1, 2021 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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>> when fun time from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 news. >> firework or just a cigarette get that going have the chance of having a large fire >> now. attend stepping up enforcement and cracking down on illegal fireworks. authorities on high alert ahead of what could be a dangerous holiday weekend. thanks for joining us on kron 4 news at 10. i'm ken wayne and i'm pam moore, the 4th of july quickly approaching and it is going to be a big one here in the bay area. now this so many people are vaccinated,
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then ready to and there's been an increase in the use of illegal fireworks such as these this video was taken from san francisco's. >> patrol hill neighborhood given the very dry conditions we're experiencing it won't take much from an explosion such as this to start a fire even though so-called safe and sane fireworks are being sold in some bay area cities. they are still off limits in san francisco. >> we know that safe and sane fireworks or burn at a temperature. that's hot enough to melt gold. and so in hands of a child that can certainly cause injury that can certainly light up other areas like dry grass and that can spread to structures and can cause millions of dollars worth of damage. >> for the first time says the pandemic the city will be holding its own perfectly legal fireworks display down by the waterfront. but police are asking people not to try and watch from treasure island because of the ongoing construction there, which is
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causing parking and access to be extremely limited. and in the east, bay was normally a popular destination to view fireworks in the bay area will be closed off this year. high fire danger has forced oakland city officials to close much of grizzly peak. >> as kron four's. dan thorn tells us people say it's all in the name of keep you keeping people safe. this holiday. the plan is to close off sections of grizzly peak boulevard all day on the 4th of july. >> fire officials have done this in the past to limit the fire danger but say this year it's even more important to keep people out. sweeping views of san francisco, oakland and beyond. attract thousands to grizzly peak with the 4th of july holiday quickly approaching a fire officials are working to mitigate the fire risk by keeping people away. >> we try to protect a very tight the top of al or early top of our work or even just a cigarette. get that going have the chance of having a large fire
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>> between skyline boulevard in centennial drive cars will not be allowed to pass through grizzly peak boulevard. the areas considered a very high fire hazard severity zone because of dry brush and trees. the drought creating more fuel for potential wildfires and officials do not want a disaster to happen we know this is an inconvenience. but if this is something they have to be done. >> we don't try to make sure that we're going to go and about hot fire season oakland fire battalion chief damon covington says there will be checkpoints and police turning people away. >> for those that live in the area. proper id will be needed to get in. officials say over the last 2 years, these corridor closures have kept emergencies at bay and they're hoping people can help keep it that way. the fireworks have out of that extra layer to already dangerous situation. you know, that have to be a firework restarts of. >> a lot of fire. also worried about any type mission that can that can start a small fire and the so the fire.
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>> just as a reminder fireworks are illegal in the city of oakland. these road closures along grizzly peak boulevard will be happening from 05:00am on the 4th of july through 05:00am on july 5th reporting at grizzly peak dan thorn kron 4 news almost 80,000 pounds of illegal fireworks have been confiscated by cal fire in an attempt to cut down the number of wildfires starting from the use of illegal fireworks. the agency says throughout the months of may and june calfire law enforcement personnel conducted targeted operations along the california nevada border. he also issued more than 200 citations for dangerous fireworks and other violations. >> new tonight at 10, a menlo park man has been arrested for setting off illegal fireworks in redwood city, san mateo county sheriff's office says 49 year-old mario ventura was setting off fireworks about 3 o'clock in the morning in the area of devon sire avenue barton avenue. he was booked into the san mateo county jail
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on a number of charges including possession of illegal fireworks and narcotics. all fireworks are illegal and san mateo county. and if you are caught using them, you could be fined up to $1000. the fireworks are not the only concern we face as we all head into the holiday weekend in the 2 weeks since california fully reopened back on june 15th the entire state, including the bay area. >> is now seeing an increase in coronavirus cases. health officials say this news shouldn't come as a shock. it was actually expected given that people would begin socializing with other households. what experts did not predict was a rise in the delta variant of covid, the most contagious version of the virus. >> it's delta variant. it's about accounts for about 30% of that we have fear right now is doubling every 2 weeks. so i would expect to continue to see cases increase. but again, vaccinate people congregate together. there's nothing to say that we can't have that
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kind of super spreader events that we had last year. >> meantime, health officials are also warning the common cold symptoms such as headache and congestion could be links to the delta variant while shortness of breath and other lung issues are still the most serious covid symptoms. doctors say upper respiratory symptoms such as congestion or runny nose and a headache are becoming more common especially in areas of the u.s. the delta variant is quickly spreading that variant now accounts for about 20% of new cases in the u.s. and has been detected in of 50 states. health experts say the best thing you can do to protect yourself against the delta variant is to get vaccinated and they head the window to fully vaccinate students, 12 and older before the fall school semester start is getting smaller. that's why state leaders held a news conference today continuing to encourage families to get their children vaccinated force taylor bisacky talk with one local health department officer about their progress. he joins us live now from our
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newsroom with more on this taylor. well, the santa clara county vaccine officer says 81% of people, 12 and older received at least one dose of the vaccine. >> however, that percentage drop significantly when we're talking about 12 to 17 year olds. he says about 55% of that age group. >> has received at least one dose of the vaccine reinforcing the need to get students vaccinated for school starts in august, especially with the delta variant. >> don't start thinking about it a week before school starts because it's too. it's too late. you start getting your child vaccinated against us are thinking about right now as santa clara county vaccine officer doctor marty fenstersheib explains the window to get your children vaccinated before school starts is shrinking. i would really want to say. >> the parents that. it takes a look. take several weeks to get your child fully vaccinated and protected. so here we are beginning in july. you get vaccinated soon. it takes 2 weeks before you can get the second. those because it's just pfizer. and then 2
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more weeks before you're fully vaccinated. so we're talking 5 weeks or less so that's getting really close to the time when will be going back to school. >> while he's proud of the vaccination progress across the county. he hopes more people 12 to 17 years old, will get vaccinated, especially with threats of the delta variant for unvaccinated people. we have. >> 81 and a half percent. people. i 12 in order that had at least one dose and over 76% fully vaccinated. so it's really high. the 12 to 1512 to 17 year. olds haven't been eligible for as long as the older populations. so again, they're catching up. but there are about 5560% vaccinated. so we have a little ways to go. >> now. santa clara county has been holding several events unravels over the last few weeks to motivate younger people to get the vaccine. the county offered concert tickets to artists like bad bunny harry styles, enrique iglesias
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and more live from the newsroom. taylor kron 4 news. all right, taylor, thank you. >> the recall election for governor newsome will take place on september 14th that they just announced. california's governor, set the date this afternoon. once election official certified that enough valid petition signatures had been turned in to qualify for the election ballot. the state department of finance estimates the special election will cost 276 million dollars with the majority of that falling on county election agencies. this will be the second re elect a recall election in california history. the first, of course, happened in 2003 with the recall of governor gray davis, 55% of voters supported that recall and arnold schwarzenegger received 48% of the vote to replace him. the tenant governor cruz bustamante finish second ahead of then state senator tom mcclintock, the fact that bustamante was included was controversial since davis urged fellow democrat democrats not to run in the
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recall. so far no democrats have said they will run against governor newsome in this recall potential candidates have until july 16th to make that decision. >> let's take a live look outside tonight and check on our weather. looking up at the transamerica pyramid in downtown san francisco. you can see a lot of the skyline set the top is hidden by fog, lawrence. yeah. a lot of clouds out there right now. it is going to be very damp around parts of the bay area early tomorrow morning. >> as that fog kind of settles in seeing some drizzle already along the coastline now on. well, there's plenty out there around the bay area toward the golden gate bridge we go. you see the clouds moving in, they're going to be little slick on the roadways tonight, early tomorrow morning. so especially early for the commute. you're getting up early. you can run into some maybe some puddles even along the coastline. well, as we head through the night tonight. that fog is really going to push on shore in fact, we're seeing the clouds are beginning to stretch inside the bay. now highs today running a little cool co
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side mid 60's in the san francisco little bit below the average 72 in oakland, 79 degrees for a high in san jose 83 both livermore concord and 79 degrees in santa rosa. all right. speaking of those clouds and here comes low clouds are to be in the stretch on shore. now drizzle showing up along the coastline. and overnight tonight it likely will fill all the way to the interior valleys even in the central valley tomorrow morning. so pretty good cloud deck to start your day drizzle along the coastline, maybe couple batches drizzle inside the bay and then pulls back about the middle of the day before starting reinforce itself move back on shore again for tomorrow night. all that being said, is going to be wet out there early on. maybe we have almost a 10th of an inch or drizzle up toward the coastline overnight tonight into early tomorrow morning. but some cloudy skies. co side. those numbers going to be in the 60's inside the find some comfortable weather and some 70's 80's in the mountain view area. it is the warmest interior valleys. looks like temperatures are going to change very little into the weekend. but fog will be a factor on your 4th 4th of july
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holiday. guys, back to you. all right. thank you very much. sorts. now the wildfire coverage national guard aircraft assisted crews on the ground today in battling the lava fire that's burning in siskiyou county. >> not far from mount shasta, this aerial video released by the california national guard shows that fire retardant, those red lines you saw on the ground that allowed firefighters to build a perimeter around the blaze. so far this fire has burned nearly 20,000 acres in the past hour and containment rose from 25 to 27%. >> could pay more money for your pga. any utility service help prevent wildfires. pg and e says yes, pg and e wants to increase its monthly rates by 5% for 4 years in a row starting in 2023 and the utility has presented that proposal to the state of california that plan could cost each customer an extra $400 a year. the company says that the money would go
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towards placing more power lines, underground. taishan management and updating its technology to better locate down the power lines but not everybody is convinced pg and e will do the right thing and that this plan would work. >> you cannot solve the problem simply by throwing money at the problem. you have to be able to spend the money. you have in the most cost-efficient matter and we don't see that happening right now. >> the rate hike must be approved by state regulators before it can take effect. that process will include a series of public hearings and it will be open for public comment. >> today is july first and that means a number of new laws and tax hikes are now in effect. those hikes applied to several bay area, cities and counties. our grant lotus is here now to break it all down for us. more money out of our pockets. just show here you go. couple different areas will focus on tonight. we'll start with the gas tax. >> you know, gas is so expensive these days. so this
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this hurts, it is now up not a time. but it's up 6 tenths of a cent bringing the california gas tax. to 51.1 cents a gallon. that is the highest in the country back in 2017 lawmakers passed senate bill one allowing for taxes at the pump to go up annually by certain amount of pennies to pay for things like road and bridge repairs that gas tax combined with an annual vehicle fee that was part of that legislation are expected now to generate more than 5 billion dollars a year for the state. but the expensive gas keeps getting more expensive here in the bay area. according to triple a what we're paying for an average gallon of regular oakland for 35 san jose for 34 more on the north bay. sandra fell 4.43 in san francisco as of today, tolls at the golden gate bridge went up. it is now $8.5. if you cross using fast track and that's the cheapest way to do it. it was 7.70 just
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yesterday drivers to zip through the toll plaza without fast track. but who have an account and credit card on file and pay as they go can expect a bill now for $8 and $0.60. a trip. that's up $0.20 from yesterday. and if you do not have an account. lots of out towners would fall into this category. that whole invoices went from $8 and $0.70 up to $9. and $0.5 to cross. the toll hike was approved in 2019. it is part of a 5 year program that officials there with the bridge say they need to help maintain the bridge and sustained bus transit and ferry services in the east bay alameda residents and businesses will pay 3.1% more for the pick up of garbage, recyclables and compostable ys. this after an agreement between the city and the provider who does those things for most people, the rate increase will amount to a $1.8
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to a dollar and $0.37. more on their monthly bill sales tax in certain cities and counties. also increase today, this applies to all retail sales of goods and merchandise accept the sales that are specifically exempted by law. here's a breakdown of where some of the increases are coming from and how much alameda county will see a one percent rate increase their sales taxes in san francisco, san mateo and santa clara counties. we'll go up by less than one percent. a lot of changes happening around the bay. no doubt and around the state. but here across forward try to keep you in the know everything you need to know on our website right now. we have a full breakdown of these new increases and how much they're going up for the full list. you can check out individual cities tax hikes, just use the camera on your phone. hold it up to this qr code, scan it. that will take you right to kron 4 dot com ken, pam, back to you. all right. grant, thank you. now to a growing feud between the oakland a's
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and bart barred announced that it is bringing back a late night service and returning to pre pandemic service next month. but that's not in time for a big open a's game. >> there will be fireworks tomorrow night at the oakland coliseum. but if you say to watch the fireworks, you will not be able to take a bart train home. and because of that, the oakland a's are no longer selling any more tickets for tomorrow night's game. >> kron four's gayle ong has the story. >> i'm going to have 35,000 fans here and many of them are used to taking bart and they're not going to be able to leave after the game using barred. so that means they're going to have to park in the parking lots. we only have 9,000 spots if they've already almost completely sold out. and so it's going to be a really challenging situation for us to manage that oakland a's president dave campbell has been calling out bart on twitter. >> the team tweeted thursday. they are putting a stop on additional ticket sales for friday's game against the boston red sox. >> due to know bart service from the oakland coliseum to accommodate the postgame fireworks show mark notified
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writers last week and responded to a tweet saying, quote, after yesterday's feedback, we asked if we can stay open later tomorrow, we operationally can not. we know this is a huge letdown. we still provide post-game service tomorrow, but it's before the fireworks show. we sincerely apologize to all the oil and fans, end quote. >> people are going to come. they're going to add try to park. there's going to be no parking spaces. there's really no overflow parking here in this part of east oakland and they buy up to drive home. and so that would just be terrible, terrible experience and we can't allow that to happen. and so we just had to be proactive. >> capital pointed out bartram trains after the bay bridge series games when the a's play the giants at oracle park bart's reply reads in part, quote, giants service is limited to only 7 stations. we don't have the staff to keep all 50 stations open later for the fireworks. bart also announced thursday late night service and prepandemic service is returning starting august but not in time for friday's game in the end, the
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oakland a's and barred are recommending fans plan ahead. the last part train leaves the platform at 10:10pm, gayle ong kron 4 news. >> still ahead tonight on kron 4 news at 10 plans to close the biggest homeless camp in the bay area by next spring. why a federal agency says that's not soon enough. lus. a committee has been formed to investigate the january 6 attack on the u.s. capitol by one republican lawmaker could be punished for choosing to participate and the housing market in lake tahoe has been booming thanks to the coronavirus. but. >> will it slow down now that >> will it slow down now that the at worksman cycles, >> will it slow down now that the we've been building bikes for a hundred years. but our customers' needs have changed, so we expanded our product line to include electric cycles. we used the unlimited 1.5 percent cash back from our chase ink business unlimited ® credit card to help purchase tools and materials to build new models. and each time we use our card, we earn cash back to help grow our business. it's more than cycling,
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>> city of san francisco's raised its minimum wage to $16.32. an hour. that's at least $2 higher than california's minimum wage, which is either 13 or $14 depending on the number of employees. the federal minimum wage is $7.25 an hour which has not changed since 2000, 9. after a quiet twenty-twenty because of the pandemic. some of the biggest hallmarks of san francisco are making a big comeback this year. first up is this weekend's annual fireworks show that will be happening at pier 39 later this month. you can expect see cable cars on the streets again. there will be test runs throughout july and august. before transitioning to full service in september and then
10:24 pm
in october, this is a good one. it's fleet week. it will be back october 3rd through the 11th featuring, of course, the blue angels, the parade of ships and all the other big events. mayor london breed says events such as these will go a long way toward reviving the city's billion dollar tourism industry. >> san francisco's coming back and we got a lot of making up to do with the activities that we want to do that. we missed out on the past years. >> san francisco's exploratorium museum also reopened today for the first time in 15 months it will be open wednesdays through saturdays from 10:00am until 05:00pm and on sundays from noon to 5. it will also bring back its very popular adults only after dark events every thursday night from 06:00pm to 10. >> new tonight at 10, the housing market and lake tahoe has been booming since the pandemic started people who were asked to work from home started buying houses there and even moving to tahoe
10:25 pm
permanently and as kron four's charles clifford reports tonight, more than a year later, the market still shows no signs of slowing down. >> people came up here too. get out of the city, have some room to stretch their legs play and take a break from indoors wreck overall is a real estate agent for sierra. so the bees international realty, he says that over the past year home prices around lake tahoe have gone up by 20 to 90%, depending on the area truckee, for example, has seen some of the highest increases there are very few homes left on the market and high demand for the ones that become available overall says that buyers trying to get into the market now need to be prepared for a challenge. it's of high velocity quick market and it's very competitive. and so when we get our average days on market is 140 days. >> now stand for and so what's happening is people can just come in and make an offer. and as chris peck to kind of go back and forth. basic left put their best foot forward. meets means they can't do alone.
10:26 pm
most sellers don't want to loan in a prison contingency because they want their price, but they also don't want to risk transaction and so buyers are just happy to be a little more prepared to make those offers most transactions or cash right and there's no relief in sight even as the pandemic eases demand remains high. >> there are new homes being built like these near squaw valley but not nearly enough to meet demand or to bring prices down wreck expects that the tahoe real estate market will stay hot for the foreseeable future. a lot of people ask me, do you think property prices are going to drop after people go back to the office. all that the reality is the vast majority of the buyers in the last 12 months and paid cash. >> where they've been to the scrutiny of the bank. so overleveraged is not like the big crash we had before people can afford to hold on homes anymore. so. you know, all the makings of this market tell us it's going to continue i think will happen is eventually the demand will slow down and hopefully we'll have some more balanced inventory. come on the market because right now
10:27 pm
we're we're less than a month's supply of inventory in town at lake tahoe. charles clifford kron. 4 news. >> and that fog is good. they got there around the bay area. more on the way tonight. we'll talk about that forecast is coming up next. also, a controversial new ruling by the u.s. supreme court. why many say it supports the republican led movement to restrict voting rights. delicia: this is where all our recycling is sorted -- 1.2 million pounds every day, helping to make san francisco the greenest big city in america. but that's not all you'll find here. there are hundreds of good-paying jobs,
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with most new workers hired from bayview-hunter's point. we don't just work at recology, we own it, creating opportunity and a better planet. now, that's making a difference.
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>> story tonight. the u.s. supreme court conservative majority uphold state voting restrictions on a landmark voting rights law in a 6 to 3 ruling. the high court upheld voting limits in arizona, lower coat court said discriminated against voter rights under the federal voting rights act. that decision will likely help republican let states impose those restrictive new voting laws. allison harris has the latest. >> the supreme court upholds voting restrictions in arizona. only allowing absentee ballots to be delivered by a family member mail carrier or elections official and throwing out any ballots cast in the wrong precinct. the president says he's not done fighting for voting rights, not commenting on the specific really today. but the larger concern of voter access. the ability of the state wasn't invited to come along. >> vote their legislature voted to change who was declared the winner? i find to
10:31 pm
be somewhat astounding. it's a decision that will make it harder for democrats to challenge efforts by republican led states to restrict access to voting in part a reaction to gains made by democrats in states like georgia and arizona. >> an analysis by the brennan center shows more than 350 voter restriction bills have been introduced nationwide this 6, 3 ruling followed ideological lines for the conservative majority justice samuel alito wrote that mere inconvenience for voters trying to cast a ballot does not mean that access to voting is an equal and for the liberal dissent, justice elena kagan wrote that the majority is weakening a statue designed to bring about the end of discrimination in voting. well, arizona governor doug ducey's tweeted this is a big victory for arizona voters. the navajo nation filed and the case brief concluding how this ruling would despairingly impact native americans ability to exercise their right to vote with one 3rd of the nation living in rural poverty.
10:32 pm
>> that was allison harris reporting tonight georgia is another state that pass restrictive voting laws the justice department is suing the state of georgia to stop what it calls racially discriminatory provisions attorney general merrick garland has said that he will use every legal tool available to protect the right to vote today. the u.s. supreme court also ordered california to stop collecting the names and addresses of top charity donors. the state had been requiring all charities which get money from people living in california to collect the information so that the state irs can identify the largest contributors. but the u.s. supreme court sided with 2 conservative nonprofit groups in a 6 to 3 vote saying that california's policy violates the first amendment adding that none of the information collected should be disclosed to the public. >> the trump organization and its longtime chief financial officer pleaded not guilty today to tax crimes charges.
10:33 pm
according to the indictment from 2005 through this year. allen weisselberg and the company allegedly cheated. new york city and new york state out of taxes by conspiring to pay senior executives off the books. in a statement the trump organization defended weisselberg saying he's being used by the manhattan district attorney has a quote, in a scorched earth attempt to harm the former president, former president trump is not expected to be charged. today. house speaker nancy pelosi announced which 8 members of the house of representatives. we'll investigate the deadly january 6th attack on the capitol pelosi forms a special committee after republican blocks legislation that would have set up a bipartisan commission to investigate the attack by supporters of former president trump. we're trying to stop the certification of the 2020 election. notably there are 2 republican representatives on the committee, adam kinzinger of new of illinois and liz cheney of wyoming who just 2 months
10:34 pm
ago was removed from her leadership post for voting to impeach former president trump over his role in that riot congresswoman liz cheney of the armed services committee has patriotically 3 to serve on the committee were very honored and proud to be shocking to me to have a republican. >> to go. to a speaker pelosi of all people to accept the committee. the senate side didn't hear from her. maybe she's closer. to her than us. i don't know. >> that was house minority leader kevin mccarthy who stopped short of saying cheney would be kicked off the armed services committee for accepting the role on that commission, but he did not rule it out. also serving on the committee, a south bay. congresswoman zoe lofgren. in a statement, she said she's honored to serve the role and that the american people deserve answers as to what happened on january 6. >> checking in on our 4 zone forecast. a live look outside tonight looking out over the bay area. from our camera atop mount tam o pious and that's a
10:35 pm
pretty picture with the fall kind of lingering over the city lights. that and camp. and thank you very much, chief meteorologist lawrence karnow standing by with a hammer kim, i like. perfect. >> hey, guys, we've got the things really heating up now in the tropics waters are getting warm enough and now we're starting to see some of these tropical storms beginning to develop as we get closer and closer to the hurricane season. and here we go. we've got this. well developed tropical storm now you see just kind organized series of thunderstorms. also, they start to put themselves together and here comes and you can see it really start to put itself together there right now. sustained winds of 50 miles per hour. it is moving very, very rapidly, though. usually those slowdown right now. this one is really cooking long at 26 miles an hour moving to the west-northwest. you can martinique. you see barbados. you see grenada. they all right. now under watches tropical storm watches and warnings as the storm system expected approach rather rapidly. in fact, that is likely going to move through
10:36 pm
as we head toward toward tomorrow. in fact, the latest track maybe toward cuba as a very strong tropical storm by sunday night and then it looks like after could take game at mainland us. and here we go. the latest track and this is a long way out by next tuesday. we could be dealing with a tropical storm, a very powerful tropical storm or maybe even a hurricane of our coastline as we head into early next week. we'll keep our eyes on that for you. of course, the right now, the fog picking up out there and it is going to be a very dense fog along the coastline, drizzle out there toward the beaches already commits to go right now, things fairly as it was a very active afternoon. again, few showers over nevada. but the boy was lighting up again today as the numerous thunderstorms popping up across the sierra nevada. that is going to continue into the weekend. so if you're traveling for the holiday weekend going up in the high country. maybe do a little camping or backpacking. watch out for those thunderstorms are going to fire up in the afternoon between about 3 7 o'clock each day. they could
10:37 pm
be very dangerous, especially if you're outdoors temperatures say in san jose right now 62 degrees. it is foggy 55 and drizzly in pacifica 56 in san francisco with the fog 65 in concord and still mostly clear 66 in pittsburgh and 57 degrees in petaluma right now. i think as we head through the night tonight. patchy dense fog. yeah. it's going to be a pretty thick in spots along the coastline and maybe was a flood drizzle parts of the bay tomorrow morning. clouds giving way to some sunshine this weekend. we're going to be dealing with fog through the holiday weekend. temperature wise numbers. not bad on a friday 80's inland to talk a lot of 70's inside the bay and mainly 60's and foggy conditions along the coastline. your 10 to 10 taking you right through the holiday. temperatures holding pretty steady into the holiday. i think next week some of the concern we've been talking about the possibility. maybe another heat wave settling into the bay area the following weekend. you can see the triple digits out there already. yeah. all right. thank you, lawrence. the homeless problem in san jose
10:38 pm
has now gotten the attention of the federal government's the city has begun dismantling one of the bay area's largest homeless camps. it's right near san jose airport. >> the goal is to try to get it done by next spring. but the faa says that's not soon enough and it's now threatening to withhold federal funding for any new airport projects until this camp is cleared. homeless advocates argue it's not that simple. >> you clear one camp and then you create all these other scattered camps because not that one large camp moves and mask to another large camp. they just moving create a bunch of smaller camps. >> advocates also point out a large majority of the homeless population is not vaccinated against covid, meaning the relocation efforts could put them and others at risk of contracting the virus. the city has reportedly asked the faa for more time to develop a strategy for clearing that camp sooner. one of the convicted zebra killers in san francisco has died. officials say 76 year-old jessie lee
10:39 pm
cook's. >> was found dead in the hospice student at california medical facility in vacaville. his cause of death is still pending. cook's known as one of the zebra killers with sentences. san francisco in 1976 to serve life with the possibility of parole for first-degree murder kidnapping and first-degree robbery. he was convicted with 3 other men following a string of killings in san francisco back in 1973, 74. >> still ahead tonight it is the flight of a lifetime. the 0 gravity plane that leaves passengers feeling like astronauts pluses sports buster posey's recognize that's good. the giants are really best bad director jason dumas has the a's, the giants and the nba conference finals. coming up. and planning your summer vacation ahead of time can save you a whole lot of headache. >> you can take advantage of the limited space that is in yosemite. plus, don't forget fireworks back this 4th of
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july this year. kron 4 will bring you the celebrations live from across the bay area and california. we have the best views of the fireworks in the city and conquered and san diego join us for kron july 4th live this sunday at 4th live this sunday at 09:00pm. when a truck hit my car, 4th live this sunday at 09:00the insurance company wasn't fair. i didn't know what my case was worth, so i called the barnes firm. call the barnes firm now, and let us help you get the best result possible. ♪ call one eight hundred, eight million ♪
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hit my son, i had so many questions about his case. i called the barnes firm. it was the best call i could've made. call the barnes firm now and find out what your case could be worth. ♪ call one eight hundred, eight million ♪ >> 4 lucky people in the bay area want to dream vacation for free just for getting vaccinated against covid minus today state officials drew winners for 6 vacation packages to some of the most popular spots in the state.
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all expenses paid the bay area. winners are from san francisco. contra, costa alameda and san mateo counties. the other 2 winners live in orange and santa cruz counties winners also get $2000 in spending money. speed of occasions when the most popular spots to visit in california. also one of prettiest places on the planet as right. 70 national park but due to covid restrictions. if you plan on visiting the summer. you have to make a reservation and you may want to do that sooner rather than later. reuben contreras explains why. >> the 17 national park is open for visitors after turning away many sites ears during the temporary shutdown at the start of the pandemic. but before you take the drive up highway 41 a few hours north of fresno know that you must make a reservation this summer. >> while conditions are improving covid-19 is still with us. not only will the reservation system help everyone keep their social distance from people outside their group. it will also help you decide what opportunities
10:44 pm
you'll want to take advantage of ahead of time. so there's really something for this is why trip planning is key. take time to connect with your family. find out what activities for families interested in be prepared to do a lot of walking the shuttle service inside yosemite valley this year has been suspended due to covid-19. >> it is just so beautiful. and i think. everybody and he's in once in lifetime should come and visit. you send after flying across the country for several hours. a kansas city family couldn't believe this national treasure is only a short drive away for people living in the golden state. >> i do think it's amazing for all the california and that this is in their backyard and it really is amazing national park. >> now, if you want to catch the waterfall such as this one yosemite falls behind me. you better make a reservations quick. the waterfalls are at their peak by the end of july, they start to run dry.
10:45 pm
>> reuben contreras destination california. and if you scan this qr code with your phone. it will take you to our destination. california section on our website. kron 4 dot com, you'll find several stories there on fun things to do all across the state. this summer. >> and now kron 4 sports brought to you by xfinity. >> the good news for the giants today was buster posey. he was announced an all-star starter. that's his 5th time as a starter 7th all-star game overall. but not good news. >> he played arizona and didn't look really good at all. >> hello from the hot tub in the valley of the sun. that's what my sports bucket like a baseball game in a hot tub. here's a guy who could be an all-star mike yastremski the pitcher danny said hey, just give me the ball. i'm not even going to go look at. it's trump's key disrespect me like that's one. nothing giants. san francisco up 3 to but josh reddick's changes that will
10:46 pm
one swing of the bat off the johnny cueto first home run of the season for the is for 3 diamondbacks 9th inning. the giants get a couple of runners on with no outs. but woes continue of runners in scoring position. donovan solano grounds into a double play. there in rough. fans me. the giants lose 5 to 3 team. that was 3.24 in the month of june. 4th straight loss for san francisco. the only a half-game up on the dodgers. now, the one tonight, by the way. all right. to the coliseum. some kids enjoying some chicken tenders. maybe that is don't you start to stop a 5th rangers up by 2. one offer joey gallo and. gallops on out of here. sean. the nia was the victim that extends the rangers lead to 4 in the 7th about 2 more insurance runs nate lowe says but the plant texas, piling it on a fall 8 to 3. they'll host
10:47 pm
the red sox tomorrow. but talks game 5 of the eastern conference trae young know yonnis. so we have a couple of backup dancers going at it tonight. drew holiday to fresno's own brook lopez. he went to stanford. he also had that when he got probably knew that 33 7, 4, for brooke 4th quarter. chris middleton gets in on the action. he had 26 points 13 rebounds bucks win one 23 1.12. they're up 3 to 2 in this series game 6 saturday night in a couple of red in gold. great are. being recognized wide receiver john taylor and linebacker patrick willis are the newest memaers of the forty-niners hall of fame. was a 3 time super bowl champ with san francisco. he called that game winning touchdown pass in super bowl 23. he played 49 from 86 to 95 willis. he retired after 8 seasons. he was the 20 2007
10:48 pm
that is defensive rookie of the year. is the 6th time all pro and 7 time pro bowler today. both of them talk about what it meant to be hall of famers with and historic franchise like san francisco. >> can't explaih to be on its own. just to be associated. or like you said, be put in that category with those players. probably won't see again all the way into and >> everything. but, you know, i'm just truly and grateful to. >> you know, get that >> you know, >> i honor
10:49 pm
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relaunched its service today with more schedules and lower fares who's also new terminal in alameda. >> allowing a direct trip between alameda and san francisco instead of stopping in oakland along the way. >> nasa's perseverance rover is tracking across the martian landscape using the newly enhanced auto navigation system. the system makes 3 d maps of the terrain. identifies has ers and plans around obstacles without any direction from nasa back here on earth. chris, of there as will be able to cover about 66 feet per hour as it explores the floor of crater that
10:52 pm
crater used to be a lake and scientists say if life ever took hold on early mars size of it might be found at that crater. well, not everybody will have the chance ever to be an astronaut, of course, but one company will let you experience what it would be like to fly in space without leaving the atmosphere. the 0 gravity corporation recently took off from oakland airport giving about a dozen people. the chance to take. >> their flight of a lifetime. meteorologist adam epstein from our sister station in sacramento was on that plane and has the story. >> this is really the most you can have with your clothes on doctor marco grief. a is a 0 g fly coach. he worked at the kennedy space center for 3 and a half years doing by a medical research studies required 0 gravity. so use parabolic flights eventually leading to working with 0 g minus base camp, a parabolic flight is when a plane arcs upward increasing the g force on your body to almost twice normal gravity as the plane approaches, the top of the arc. it falls over the hump and goes in 2030, degree
10:53 pm
nosedive resulting in about 30 seconds of weightlessness 6 citing slightly nervous. of course. you know, i don't know what to expect, but i'm looking forward to it. throughout floor has been thinking about booking this flight for 5 years. he grew up fascinated by apollo 11 has been skydiving multiple times, but now wants to experience your 0 gravity like the of the consummate floating. hopefully i don't get kind of meanwhile or spend kramer is here for his second, right. like total. some 3 overload and you're going to panic mode. >> and i spend most of my time like fetal position. he wants another chance to be more adventurous and do some stunts superman may be a back flip. >> up in flight suits. we board the modified boeing 7.27 and climb to about 25,000 feet coach mark gives us some final words of then we lay down to ease the g force during our ascension, the first problem. let us experience martian gravity a 3rd of your body weight. this is something else. the next to.
10:54 pm
>> figuratively. take us to the won 6 of their way. this is one small step. >> the 4 men and one giant leap. >> for local news. the 4th parabola is full on 0 gravity otherworldly completely unique a slight vleck severe pink. he's on the ground would push your body to the ceiling. fortunately the walls are entirely had it once time's up our one of a kind flight attendant gives us a warning. in the 32nd rounds of 0 gravity, your options of what to do almost feel overwhelming. you can spend the bounce or even fly like superman. the coaches release jelly beans and sport lobs of water for the passengers to try to catch with their mouths. but once the 30 seconds are up, the floating blobs sink into puddles. and i just so happened to land right on top of one of them, the only of the way you get to experience this snow is on board the space station. by the 15th and final parabola.
10:55 pm
it was all smiles as we eventually had back to oakland. i caught up with spent on the ground. this time i did bunch of moves floated along the entire. >> airplane. back spins and ralph. >> at an ok time. you're going to edit this part. i mean, yes. sometimes you come out feeling like boy, this but it well worth it. with thousands of travelers under his belt. i asked coach mark if he's tired of it. know, it never gets old i don't doubt him. >> in oakland. i'm meteorologist adam epstein. >> there you go. so here's the detail. 0 g travels around the country offering these anyone wants to buy a ticket. it's not cheap 6 to $700. a person. there. plus, tax would be a c- nice birthday gift for me for that look like so much does this month. he just missed and
10:56 pm
we missed next year. yesterday, next year yeah. all right. let's we've got that fog out there right now. it is getting thick in spots going to be there in place tomorrow morning. you see over san francisco. the transamerica building. >> a little damp out there to temperature wise. you've got 59 degrees. now in san jose. some fog moving into hayward at 5956 in san francisco. now kind of interesting. you know, usually enough worry about all the precipitation, just some drizzle. well, there you go. models are picking up on that. look at that. over a 10th of an inch latest run on this model here in half moon bay. that's just from drizzle. that is a very, very damp start the morning along the coastline be prepared for that roadways may be a little bit slick out there, too, by the afternoon thaw begins to break up a little bit, but still a lot of fog hanging in san francisco and temperatures generally in the low 60's on the coast like keeping you cool all day long and pretty cloudy out there as well. little more sunshine in the bay about 67 in millbrae 70 in san warming up as you head to the south bay mostly sunny by the afternoon 70's 80's much of the santa clara
10:57 pm
valley thing, maybe some mid 80's. the warmest spot 74 degrees union to the 84 walnut creek about 60 degrees in berkeley. so looks like a nice day tomorrow. the temperatures running a little bit below the average think that's how we had in the weekend. 2 going keep these temperatures down just a little bit. looks like it will hold steady into the first part of this next week. then after that looks like we could be headed back toward a significant heat wave. the following we can. all right. thank you, lawrence. thank you for being with us tonight. >> have a good night and we'll see tomorrow.
10:58 pm
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♪ ♪ >> announcer: inside bill cosby's estate. >> bill cosby is in the kitchen right behind us on his first full day of freedom. speak of what has he been doing since he got home? >> the late night pizza party. >> extra assault, extra crispy. >> and cosby and bad. with the accusers are saying today. >> i am angry. >> announcer: and epic fireworks fail. speak of the neighborhood turned into a worn zone from a catastrophic detonation gone wrong. >> announcer: and loading fireworks for the fourth of july in a shopping cart. >> if they can fit it


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