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tv   KRON 4 News at 630pm  KRON  July 1, 2021 6:30pm-7:01pm PDT

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after my car accident, i wondered what my case was worth. so i called the barnes firm. i'm rich barnes. is your accident case worth more than insurance offered? call the barnes firm now to find out. you might be surprised. >> it's such a difficult process. the search for survivors at the surfside florida condo collapse. it is continuing tonight. but that's after a 15 hour pause because of safety concerns. the death toll officially stands at 18 with a 145 people still listed as missing. this comes as president biden travel to surfside today to talk to the families affected and first responders. our washington correspondent reshad hudson live in washington, dc tonight with more on the president's trip to florida sunshine. >> good evening. while in florida today, president biden announced that the federal
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government will cover 100% of the search and rescue efforts for only the first 30 days. >> the whole nation is reporting with these families. they see every day on television. they're going through. >> one week after the devastating building collapse in surfside, florida. president biden and first lady jill biden met with survivors and first responders. >> she doing here is incredible. >> during a briefing with florida governor ron desantis and local leaders. the president pledged the full response from the federal government. >> that's why we decided to cover. for example, 100%. the search and rescue costs for the first 3 days. governor desantis praised the federal government for its cooperation in assisting with we've had no bureaucracy descent us as first responders will also need help in the weeks to come for anything mental health support for some of the folks have been in that rubble in miami, dade county mayor daniella cava says they are
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working around the clock to get answers for families impacted by the collapse. we are going to be examining every inch of this catastrophe. government to do so. >> the white house believes an investigation is needed to determine how to improve structures and prevent future catastrophic failures late this afternoon. the president and first lady visited a surfside wall of hope and memorial near the collapsed condominium. >> now search efforts were polls today out of concerns for the rest of the building collapsing reporting in washington rashad hudson, back to you. richard, thank you for that. the trump organization and its longtime finance chief each pleaded not guilty today. >> tax crime charges that stem from a 2 year investigation in the former president donald trump's company. according to the indictment unveiled today from 2005 through this year. cfo allen weisselberg and the company allegedly cheated new
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york state and the city of new york out of taxes by conspiring to pay senior executives off the books. in a statement today the trump organization defended weisselberg saying the 48 year employee was being used by manhattan district attorney cyrus vance junior is office has quote, upon in a scorched earth attempt to harm the former president, former president trump is not expected to be charged. >> in national news south bay congresswoman zoe lofgren is among 8 lawmakers in charge of investigating the january 6 attack on capitol hill. house speaker nancy pelosi proposed the committee after the senate republicans objected to a bipartisan commission to investigate the capitol riot. the house approved the panel and members met for the first time earlier today for an informal discussion. representative lofgren says she is honored to serve on this committee. she released a statement that reads in part, the fact that there were deficiencies in the management of the capitol police did not cause the insurrection. the
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select committee will investigate the causes and circumstances leading up to the events that day. the american people deserve answers to these questions and plans to protect our institutions. speaker pelosi appointed representative bennie thompson of mississippi as a committee chair, other appointees include california, representative adam schiff and republican representative liz cheney she and representative adam kinzinger. the only 2 republicans who voted in favor of this committee. >> if you're his san francisco, your pay may have just gone up the city of san francisco announced today it has raised the minimum wage. it's now set at $16.32. an hour. the news comes after unemployment in san francisco fell from 13% last year to 5% this year currently california's minimum wage stands between $1314 depending on the workplace. the federal minimum wage is $7.25. an hour that has remained unchanged
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since 2000, 9. >> let's check our 4 zone forecast a live look at it. s f o tonight foggy folks coming in may have some it's always a possibility. let's check in with the chief meteorologist lawrence karnow. lawrence get that fog in the thinking certain that will slow things down. but hey, you know what, checking around, you get away forecast. we are going to see some changes coming our way as low clouds and fog and a factor not only here but other parts of the state had the monterey bay. you're going to find some of that fog tomorrow morning. maybe a little drizzle in the santa cruz, 60 degrees. there. 61. >> in carmel. how about 70 degrees in carmel valley. so warm, as you move away from the coastline. southern california 74 degrees in long beach, 73 in san diego. hot 91 in pasadena in the 81 downtown los angeles, the high country. you got to watch out. we've seen a series of thunderstorms erupting across the sierra nevada last few days. i think that's going to continue low pressure 10 acre just to the east that is going to pump in more moisture and give the
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instability see more of those rising thunderstorms in the afternoon, especially between about 3, about 7.30 or so watch out for that. you can see those big cumulonimbus clouds a roll over the top of the sierra nevada and cause some storms there as well. the meantime, though, the temperatures are going to be fairly nice 80's in the south like call 87 in truckee getting hot reno at 95. we are anything but hot around the bay area. we've got that nice cool fog sneak its way through the golden gate bridge right now that is going to keep these temperatures running below the average, which is a good thing. i think as we head into the holiday weekend as we'll see more of that fog is temperatures going to dip a little bit more tomorrow. some 80's inland 70's around the bay plan on some 60's along the coastline next few days taking the right in the holiday. i think we'll see more of that fog. low cloud cover. right through the weekend as well. that will keep these temperatures running. may be at or slightly
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the shutdown of one of the bay area's largest homeless camps by a federal agency is now getting involved and his forces starters for the major league baseball all-star game or ouch and a familiar name is back and representing the bay area, first director jason dumas us has the details. is that coming see.
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hey... cancer! not... my... child. don't wait. talk to your child's doctor about hpv vaccination today. >> big marijuana bust in the east bay. you're looking at close to 6,000 plants in
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various stages of growth. union city police officers found an illegal marijuana grow inside a warehouse. this was on tuesday. they were responding to a report of a commercial burglary. a security guard said that he heard gunshots and saw a ton and coming out of the warehouse. caring garbage bags. investigators estimated the value of the recovery plans have between 7 11 million dollars. the investigation is ongoing. one of the convicted zebra killers in san francisco has died. officials say. >> 76 year-old jessie lee cook's was found dead in the hospice unit at california medical facility in vacaville, his cause of death is still pending. cook's known as one of the zebra killers was sentenced in san francisco in 1976 to serve life with the possibility of parole for first degree murder. kidnapping and first-degree robbery. he was convicted with 3 other men after a string of killings in san francisco back in 1973, 74 all 4 men were sentenced to life in prison with the possibility of
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>> in the south bay promoting sideshows and street races on social media is now illegal in san jose. a the city council unanimously approved the new ordinance in an effort to try to stop the gatherings officers are now be tracking promoters through social media
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and when violators are caught, they can be charged with a misdemeanor and fined up to $1000. there's also the possibility of serving up to 6 months in jail. city leaders explain that the crackdown comes as the city is seeing an increase in the number of side shows. >> they don't happen unless somebody out there is helping to get the message out to organize it to promoted to identify the locations. acted. and actually i think, you side a few people for a violation. i think we will get out and people know that we're serious about this. this is about. >> targeting the folks who are organizing the spectators to are telling them where to show up and when and advertising the event as a fun thing to go. watch. >> council members are also planning on rolling out some new street projects such as roundabouts and other kinds of infrastructure to help prevent these events from happening. >> the city of san jose has started dismantling one of the bay area's largest homeless camp since near moneta. san jose international airport.
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but as kron four's rob fladeboe reports now it's not happening fast enough. with the faa. >> the hundreds of people camping here beneath the flight path in san jose are being put at risk. so says the federal aviation administration citing noise in his latest communication in demanding the city step up action to clear the camp. >> which has grown to more than 200 people since the beginning of the pandemic. the faa is dissatisfied with the progress so far in dismantling the 40 acre camp. in a stateme t to kron 4 news. the faa said, quote. >> airports that receive federal funds must ensure airport property is used for its intended purpose. >> the city of san jose designated the area as incompatible for holmes due to noise impacts. >> the f a a provided roughly 97 million dollars for noise mitigation and approach project in the vicinity of sjc further federal funding of
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airport projects may be withheld until the camp is cleared. the city has undertaken a gradual approach with the goal of clearing the camp by next spring. the faa wants it done sooner, but that is easier said than done. say advocates for the homeless like sean card. right. when you clear one camp like one large camp. >> and the jungle is the prime example. you clear one camp and then you create all these other scattered camps because not that one large camp moves and mask to another large camp. they just moving create a bunch of smaller camps. the vacant land bordered by west hedding street coleman avenue and taylor street. >> was set aside as a buffer zone should aircraft have trouble landing and taking off. now just below people are camped here with tents trucks and our he's lining the streets aside from the noise and suspect air quality is the planes fly overhead. there are implications related to the relaxing of guidelines about sweeping camps. >> amid the easing of the pandemic. the house people in.
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camps as well as shelters are the least vaccinated group of people right now. card, right for would like to see a sanction camp on the airport site. >> but neither the city or the is likely to be on board with that. but the city has reportedly told the f a a it needs more time to find a solution in san jose. rob fladeboe kron 4 news. >> time. now. take a look at the weather as we take you outside up above on top of mount temple pious. this is what we call that an camp and the cam. yeah. all right, pam. well, let's check in with lawrence checking on that. and can we see a lot of fog keeping us cool. yeah. walk right across that fog deck out there right now. this stretching on shore again tonight. this is going to surge well inland. here's another live look outside. you see the clouds being pushed on shore, but a strong westerly wind that is going to bring with it. the drizzle out there as well. so be prepared. it's going to be damp in spots along the coastline models start to pick up on that. you see the fog stretching of the interior valleys early
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tomorrow morning, then giving way to some sunshine inland. but probably see those temperatures coming down least a couple degrees around the bay area. but it's going to be down model for precipitation, even picking up on that. how about that showing almost a 10th of an inch of drizzle along the coastline and a half moon bay. so some puddles along the coastline and a couple of a 100 us of precipitation in the form of drizzle. even inside the bay numbers tomorrow keep you cooler plan on 60's. in the san francisco 60's along the coastline. the waters right out of the of stay in the 60's now to keep those temperatures up just a bit. 63 in south san francisco, 60 burning game 70 with some sunshine and san carlos, the south. they've got a lot of 70's 80's by tomorrow afternoon mid-eighties the warm spots. well, inland about 72 in hayward, 70 in san leandro, 81 in a written about 84 degrees in concord. everywhere you go. these temperatures running app may be just below the average with that fog kind locked along the coast. that's what it's going take some of the weekend to we'll see more of that fog, i
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think on and off right through the 4th of july. maybe not the best viewing for fireworks on sunday as that marine layer probably coming in about 700, 800 feet or so, then it looks like we'll start to warm things up. maybe even getting hot by next weekend. >> and now kron 4 sports. >> a's have been slumping as of late and to pile on the organization just announced that they have stopped selling tickets for the much-awaited fireworks game this weekend against the red sox. they placed blame on bart for not having service past 10, a whole lot of twitter drama. you might want to go check it out online. but in the meantime, let's go on out to the college seem kids enjoying some treats. i gave up treats last month jealous of them start to stop a 5th the rangers up to one offer. joey gallo he takes sean sherman. i the 2 run shot extends the rangers lead to 4 top of the 7th a low give the rangers 2 more. he absolutely crushes
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that one to right field texas just piling piling it on my texas is one of the worst teams in baseball fall 8 to 3, though, host the red sox tomorrow who have the best record in the american league after the game. bob melvin said the game was basically over before it started. >> that would have been little bit of a different game. you know, we got behind toward the end a little bit. sean was off. his game. some you know, he battled is you know, as as long as he could to give us some some hits just didn't have his best command. so. you know, things could have looked a little different if we took advantage earlier in the game. >> austin slater on the other side of the giants are taking on arizona tonight. but buster posey got some good news. he's been named an all-star starter. this is the 5th time posey will start in the all-star game. he's been the 7 of them. this year's game is in denver on july 13th. it was supposed to be in atlanta, but it was moved to the georgia voter suppression laws. a
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couple of red and gold greats are being recognized wide receiver john taylor and linebacker patrick willis or that patrick willis are the newest members of the forty-niners hall of fame taylor the 3 time super bowl champ. with san francisco who caught the game winning touchdown pass in super bowl 23 he played for sf from 86 to 95. well, if retired after 8 n% seasons he was the 2007 defensive rookie of the year. a 6 time. all pro 7 time, pro bowler and he was just nasty out there on that field. i used to watch him play growing up today. both of them talk about what joining that vaulted group in the niners hall of fame means to that. >> can't explain to be on its own. just to be associated. or like you said, be put in that category with those players. probably won't see again all the way into and
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>> everything. but, you know, i'm just truly and grateful to. >> you know, get that >> you know, >> so back to the days just a mess. they're going back and forth publicly will bar i i don't know what to make it a situation. i think there's blaine. i think barr should probably have service. sure. i they definitely should. i also will. i think it i think is a little disingenuous that they're saying. barca just doing it because they're to aids and they'll do it to the forty-niners one day, pretty much explained his only 8 stations in san francisco. we have to service over 50 in the east bay. that's where staffing problems comes is not because age and like the giants better. it is just a lot going on. yeah. it's it's unfortunate to say the least. able cars at the end of the day, just a fan fiu. >> hulu's out yeah. they need a ride and thank you. all right. thanks, jason. we'll be right back.
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>> 4 lucky people in the bay area one a dream vacation for free and it's all because they got their covid vaccine earlier today california officials drew winners for 6 vacation packages to some of the most popular spots in the state. tarea winners are in san francisco. contra costa alameda and san mateo counties. the other 2 winners live in orange and santa cruz counties. all of the case of
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♪ ♪ >> announcer: inside bill cosby's estate. >> bill cosby is in the kitchen right behind us on his first full day of freedom. speak of what has he been doing since he got home? >> the late night pizza party. >> extra assault, extra crispy. >> and cosby and bad. with the accusers are saying today. >> i am angry. >> announcer: and epic fireworks fail. speak of the neighborhood turned into a worn zone from a catastrophic detonation gone wrong. >> announcer: and loading fireworks for the fourth of july in a shopping cart. >> if they can fit it all in the car, tle


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