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tv   KRON 4 News at 4am  KRON  July 1, 2021 4:00am-4:31am PDT

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>> from the area's local news station. you're watching the kron 00:00am morning news, 4. >> the boy. thanks for joining us with the kron 00:00am morning news. i'm reyna harvey. >> first. we have to start this morning with a check of weather with john. can you believe. >> it is july. >> first. i can't believe it or in another month. we always talk about approaching another month. but here we are the first to do high and the 4th of july just a couple of days away. people are trying to get ready for that celebration is on what can we expect? well, breana. >> it is kind of where that it's july already pretty soon it will be august. it seems like at the pace. we're going we're looking outside at conditions this morning that
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are foggy. now we'd love to see some moisture in the form of rainfall before the 4th of july help to dampen things a little bit before you guys get out there, but that's not going to be the case. we're still going to be remaining dry. so fire danger is going to remain the top concern as use to step outside for the holiday weekend just around the corner. now. now, as far as conditions go right now there's definitely a noticeable dose of low clouds and fog that has pushed right into the bay this morning. visibility, not the best from our berkeley hills cam. you can see pockets of lower visibility all the way inland across the bay now inland spots do get your solid dose of sunshine. it's going to take longer for beside cities to burn off. and then the coastal areas much like yesterday can actually stay pretty gray even into the midst of the afternoon ahead of us. your current temperatures really not too far off from where we started the last few mornings san jose, you're at 62 alameda in berkeley in the upper 50's. well conquered in oakland, each at 60 comfortably cool start all you need is the light jacket at most really not the most chilly of
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mornings for sure. by the time we reach the afternoon hours ahead of us. you will notice that daytime highs. inland a little bit cooler than yesterday. those couple of remaining 90's that we had for this inland yesterday. i think the past now is daytime highs. only rise into the 80's. so little bit of a cooler one. a nice and comfortable afternoon, especially bayside inland. i'm talking more about what to expect for your thursday forecast all. still to come john, thank you so much for that. we are keeping a close eye on your commute this morning. >> now not seeing any major hot spots. but i do see traffic collision. 5.80, westbound at 80 westbound in oakland. again, that might cause a little delay if that stays around right now traffic is really light as you're heading into the city to the fremont street exit what you hit the may's a little under 10 minutes for your drive. let's go ahead and get a look at the san mateo bridge. you're heading across towards the peninsula a little under 11 minutes for you. there. and we leave you with a look at the golden gate bridge yesterday we had dense fog not
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seen as much. about 20 minutes as you drive into the city. we're going to have more on that throughout the morning. for now, let's get back to these top stories. we have some breaking news from overnight. police in vallejo are investigating a deadly shooting. it happened around 9 o'clock last night of violent drive. police found a man with a gunshot wound. he died at the hospital right now. no other information has been released. we also have some other breaking news from overnight. the chief financial officer of the trump organization has turned himself in after he and the former president's company were indicted. allen weisenberg turn himself into the manhattan district attorney's office earlier this morning in new york now he's expected to plead not guilty. the charges stem from an investigation into the trump organization is business dealings the charges against the trump organization and weisselberg remain sealed but are expected to involve tax y les shuns related to benefits the company of top executives.
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no charges so far have been found directly against president trump or any members of his family. look at that explosion developing news this morning 17 people are injured after illegal fireworks exploded in southern california. it happened in los angeles. police have called in the bomb squad after officer sees 5,000 pounds of illegal fireworks. some of them were placed inside an lapd truck and somehow exploded. the explosion knocked over nearby car blew the windows out of buildings. most of the people injured suffered only minor injuries, all of them thankfully are expected to be okay. one person was arrested investigators say it could take days to figure out why the fireworks exploded after they were loaded on the back of that truck. new for you
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this morning as you head out the door. it is now more expensive to drive in the bay area. polls have gone up and especially that increased at the golden gate bridge and the price at the pump also went up overnight as california's gas tax increase drivers in california already pay the highest gas prices, an america that they could soon be paying $5 a gallon to fill up. jonathan mccall takes a look at that. >> it is definitely something that could happen. i think it's actually not likely to. >> severin borenstein with you see berkeley's haas school of busin ss says that $5 gas while not likely is not completely out of the realm. he says here are a few things that folks should be paying attention to in case it does happen right? now california drivers are showing out around $4.30 for a gallon of regular unleaded. >> in order to get that extra $0.70 to get up to $5 a gallon. the price of crude oil would have to go up another $25 or so.
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>> he says the price at the pump has steadily risen in recent months. much of it triggered by the rise in crude oil in march of 2020, the demand for crude oil. suddenly plummeted. and as you remember, the price of oil plummeted. and it sort of bounced along at pretty low levels. but once the vaccines were announced and once they started to come out. the price of oil came back up pretty quickly. he says as the economy looks to bounce back from the covid-19 pandemic. more and more folks are looking to travel once again. and this is pretty worrisome. the demand for gasoline has risen to more than 90% of prepandemic levels. where is the ridership on public transit is nowhere near that level but not on public transportation. he says the low ridership on dart buses and other transit services. >> means more cars are on the road talking up gas.
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>> that is very hard to know whether people will how quickly people will become comfortable riding public transit again, my suspicion is in the bay area as vaccination rates get very high. >> people are going to start riding public transit again, the worst, he says may not even be over. >> as much of the world still looks to recover from the covid-19 pandemic. he says that too, will drive up demand inching prices up even further here in starting thursday a new gas tax will take effect here in the golden state already california drivers were paying $0.30 more than the average gas tax of all 50 states. >> that was jonathan mccall reporting for us this morning. if you're looking to fill up for the holiday weekend. here's what it's going to cost to take a look at this in oakland, a gallon of regular will cost about 4.35. it's about a penny less out in san jose. now san francisco is all the way up to 4.43 it is the
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same price over in sandra fell. >> happening now. it's going to cost you more to cross the golden gate bridge. here's a live look at the bridge this morning. >> the price changes a part of a five-year told program approved back in 2019, the fast track rate on the golden gate bridge gone up from 7.70 to 8. '05, the pay as you go rate went up from a 40 to 6 to 8.60, and toll invoices went up from 8.70, to 9. '05. now, the bridge district still plans to provide lower transit fears for those with clipper cards and those that are eligible for discounted fares. if you want to save a little money. you might consider taking the ferry starting today. the san francisco bay ferry actually lowering their rates in order to encourage you to take the ferry. the lower rates are going to be in effect for one year. turning now to our wildfire coverage. president biden held a meeting with west coast governors to
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announce new action to prevent and respond to wildfires. the president says wildfire prevention needs more resources. >> to change our presentation force management policies or suppression policies are pre positioning. posses truth we're playing catch-up. >> this is an area has been under resourced. but that's going to change if we have you do it. >> president biden announced that his administration is immediately hiring more federal firefighters and boosting their pay. there's also going to be an increased effort to use more technology to detect and respond to wildfires. the president also announced a plan to give more money for forest management. and the north bay sonoma county is also getting some big help when it comes to preventing wildfires, there. the county's getting 37 million dollars from fema for years in the making from 2017 through 2020 fires have burned more than 300,000 acres in sonoma county destroyed nearly 7,000 structures and
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killed 24 people. tennis wick director of permit. sonoma says the 37 million dollar grant will outline areas prone to wildfires that includes mark west lower russian river and the sun on the mountains. >> really want to take a strategic approach. starting from the building and working out in from the wild london working it so structural defensible space. clearing of education or managing that station around residences and businesses. and then vegetation management. >> now the fema grant will arrive in phases. the first phase is expected to take 18 months. happening today, president biden and first lady jill biden will travel to florida to visit the site of the condo collapse that has so far killed at least 18 people search crews pulled the bodies of 2 children from the rubble
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yesterday. a 145 people still missing. brian entin has the details. >> chilling audio from the night of the surfside disaster. i this voicemail recorded by a survivor inside as the condo look at this moments before the building went down. bystanders recorded water pouring into the garage miami-dade's mayor says the death toll is now at 18. it is also with great sorrow. real pain. >> that i have to share with you that 2 of these were children. aged 4.10. we sat down with florida governor ron desantis. governor, i know you've been meeting with the families. i can't imagine how heartbreaking that is. what you say to them to give them
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hope, but also, of course, to to represent the reality that, you know. >> things might not go their way. >> well, what i telling us, obviously, you know, we words can't express the sorrow none of us want to be in that situation to have a loved one in a tower that collapsed as a man who would even think that that would happen. >> that even after 7 days the governor says search and rescue crews are relentless. they're trying to find any little nook or cranny where there may be human life. they have the dog sniffing. they have computer cameras, all kind of stuff that's been going on and it has been a nonstop effort and he's promising a thorough investigation. the miami-dade county state attorney said she's going to request a grand jury investigation. have you learned anything new about possible wron
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i'm brian entin reporting. >> coming up on the kron 4 morning news, a bay area man is charged after admitting to a rate that a pennsylvania college more than 7 years ago now police across the country are trying to find him. a
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mountain lion caught on camera in the north bay. this is video petaluma. look out. is. >> we first told you about the mountain lion sightings in petaluma yesterday on the kron 00:00am morning news now we're getting a first look at video across 4 of you responded. the big cat in his yard yesterday morning. this is on hill boulevard. the call for a viewer who sent us this video says it was surprising. i would be surprised you, john, if i saw this big cat roaming around my backyard. again, people are going to be out and about over the next few days because the weekend see it is july 1st laughing about pay today for the july is just a couple days away. so again, is the weather making these big cats come out like this it's pretty docile who looks pretty docile. >> he's not on a mission or anything. they look at these
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morning. the looks great. down a good time. you know what i think outlines probably are enjoying the weather. i know when there's dry conditions, a lot of times wildlife seek areas where they can find water. so perhaps sensing some water in your backyard. it does look like the backyard as water pretty we are going to be looking at conditions out there today that are yet again offering up fog at least to the coastline. this fog, this cool coastal air is keeping temperatures moderated across the bay area compared to the heat that we started the week with with those 90's today is not going to be bringing any of those cool coastal air right there along half moon bay resulting in some low cloud cover and fog do be mindful of lower visibility in pockets yet again today. look at the sierra nevada yesterday afternoon popping off with thunderstorm after thunderstorm up in the high country. the risk here, of course, is cloud to ground lightning resulting in. lightning-sparked wildfire. but it was also good to see a lot of green on that radar indicating some shower
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activity up in the sierra to so at least those thunderstorms did come along with a healthy dose of precipitation. this is partly due to high pressure moving out of the region and a low allowing for some months moisture to spark up that thunderstorm activity towards the sierra. in the meantime, the only moisture that we're getting is a little bit of fog pushing in from the coastline today will be breezy yet again at times but not as windy as the start to yesterday was just enough to keep that cool coastal air pressing on into the bay, which is definitely a nice feature 60's for your daytime highs near the coastline today. also looking at some 70's returning to our bayside cities burlingame a really nice 73 today. foster city at 74 in mountain view at 79 still holding on to some 80's for the south bay. but even a little bit cooler than yesterday was with 82 for san jose. a range of 70's to 80's for the east bay. a little cooler also than we were yesterday. areas like oakland right at 70 degrees. conquered 83. well, a range of 70's 80's across the north bay, not
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seeing in the 90's on the map today. and hey, i think for those of us a little bit further inland that is just fine with us now. temperatures tomorrow will be right around the same as 2 days as well. also be the case on into saturday and sunday do expect some afternoon sunshine, some morning fog here and there. as for sunday for the 4th of july partly cloudy skies could help to prevent too much fog formation which will work well for those official fireworks displays. again, i want to caution everyone on your activities that you're planning because we are still in the midst of some very heightened fire danger. so first and foremost a priority for the 4th is to be safe. second priority is of course, to have fun with the family. back to you, donna, like this fire or a tease. there. >> as you are heading out on the roads this morning. we're getting a look at your bridges heading into the city this morning via the bay bridge, no major issues or delays. a little under 9 minutes for your drive time. we are seeing high winds along the benicia bridge and the altamonte pass.
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minutes. this has been a great bridge for us. we haven't had any major issues over the past few weeks. so we're hoping it stays that way. we'll have more coming up. but for now, let's get back to news. in national news democrats are moving forward with a congressional committee to investigate the deadly january 6 attack at the capitol house democrats unanimously voted in favor of the investigation. despite republican push back. raquel martin has the latest from dc. >> that's right. although 35 republicans supported a bipartisan investigation into the january 6 insurrection. this time around. only to house republicans voted in support of the committee. many republicans argue the investigation was inherently biased and political after just weeks ago republicans blocked a bipartisan commission to investigate the january 6 insurrection at the u.s.
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>> wednesday. democrats moved forward alone. resolution is adopted. >> we have a duty to the constitution. and to american people to find the truth seeker. the house, nancy pelosi says congress is obligated to uncover the truth behind what unfolded. why security failed and why rioters were motivated to attack to protect our country from any future. we're similar assault. the committee will be run by house democrats. it will be made up of 13 members. 8 appointed by pelosi 5 more would be pick with the help of house republican leader kevin mccarthy. but he says he's not interested. it is a distraction there are still investigations going on at federal agencies. vast majority of house republicans opposed the investigation. texas republican beth van dyne called it unnecessary and political. the only priority here is a self-serving agenda to put dc politicians first and give them their cable news
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talking points only to house republicans voted in favor of the committee. illinois congressman adam kinzinger was one of them. he says, quote, with the number of conspiracy theories being perpetrated by media outlets and spreading wildly online. we have to push back. speaker pelosi has not named exactly which democrats will be placed on the select committee. >> and unlike the previous bipartisan investigation. this one will have no timeline. she says it will go as long as it takes for now in washington. raquel martin, back to you. >> well, coming up next on the kron 4 morning news, one bay area city is taking new steps to crack down on sideshows.
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we'll take a look at this new video of a smash and grab robbery in san francisco happened yesterday afternoon. >> at fillmore and union in the cow hollow neighborhood. you can see the thieves. they break both windows on the driver's side of the car grabbed 2 bags over for speeding off in a dark gray nissan. the video shows as why kron 4 viewer who tells us they also contact the san francisco police about the crime. you want to be safe. and remember, don't keep anything in the car. over in the south bay promoting sideshows and street races on
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social media is now legal in san jose. a this after the city council unanimously unanimously approved a new ordinance in an effort to stop the gatherings. officers will now be tracking promoters to social media and when violators are caught, they can be charged with a misdemeanor and fined up to $1000. there's also the possibility of serving up to 6 months in jail. city leaders. explain that the crackdown on site shows comes as the city has seen an increase in the illegal gatherings. >> they don't happen unless somebody out there is helping to get the message out to organize it to promoted to identify the locations acted. and actually i think, you side a few people for a violation. i think will get out and people will know that we're serious about this. this is about. >> targeting the folks who are organizing the spectators to are telling them where to show up and win and advertising the event as a fun thing to go. watch. >> council members are also planning on rolling out some new projects such as
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roundabouts and other kinds of infrastructure to help prevent these events from happening. >> still ahead on the kron 4 morning news, the bay area law firm is planning to file a thousands. assault losses deplaned it to fall. thousands of assault lawsuits against rideshare companies. how uber is now responding to those allegations. when we get back from break. well, welcome back
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to the kron 4 morning news. it's time for you now for 29 am. >> here on this july 1st. so a lot of you probably waking up this morning trying to figure out what you're going to do for the weekend, the 4th of july right around the corner. john trail has your forecast to help get you going. good morning, john. yeah. you know, everyone's got some plans for the weekend and first and foremost, we've got good weather for it. but also as you do venture out there, just a reminder to do so safely because even though our weather is. >> taller billy nothing too terribly hot. we are still in the midst of some very, very dry conditions as of this morning. it's fog out there. that's the first thing you're going to notice. it's very foggy up in the berkeley hills. much as we've seen the past couple of days. there are some pockets out there where visibility is lowered. so please also be mindful of that as you venture on the roadways may be running into a few spots. we're not seeing too terribly far in front of you, especially closer to the


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