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tv   KRON 4 News at 6pm  KRON  June 30, 2021 6:00pm-6:31pm PDT

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>> and we need better my campus assault survivors every single case written confession or not. >> now at 6, a confession on facebook years after an alleged assault played a key role in a local man being charged. good evening, everybody. thank you for joining us on kron 4 news at 6. i'm pam moore. jonathan mccall ken wayne has the night off. that rape claim happened nearly 8 years ago in gettysburg, pennsylvania. >> the suspect is from the bay area. and tonight kron four's dan kerman shows us what's now being done to track him down. more than 7 years ago. shannon keeler was attending gettysburg college in pennsylvania in december of that year. she told police she had been sexually assaulted by a fellow student. the suspect was identified. and despite what her attorney calls a lot of evidence. the district attorney in adams county chose not to prosecute. now that's changed. this week. a new district attorney has filed assault charges against ian cleary, a 28 year-old man who
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one time lived in saratoga, surviving assault is enough. >> to have to fight for 7 years to get justice on top of that knowing that they're still possibly a trial ahead of you. i mean, it's so much weight on survivors. so i'm glad that she has this moment. so really take it in to realize she is believed that she is going to have her case prosecuted killers. attorney laura dunn says the lack of action on the part of prosecutors. >> is common in this country, especially as it relates to assault on college campuses. too often prosecutors to find to bring charges. and i want to be very clear as of our lawyer. but the standard for bringing criminal charges as probable cause and yet you will hear of prosecutors say why can't prove beyond a reasonable doubt so i'm not even going to bring a charge that is not the standard that is prosecutors looking out for themselves. try to have winning records, not trying to enforce the law as public servants to give justice to survivors, which is what their job actually is done says what change prosecutors minds was
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this. >> facebook messages. they say the suspect sent cuellar in december of 2019 where they say he admitted to sexually assaulting her. so i raped you. i'll never do it to anyone ever again. >> we know from the messages he has some sense of guilt or responsibility. so we are asking him to cooperate to turn himself in and really to put an end. to this. this kind of ordeal. the show has been suffering ever since she met him. >> well, cleary is from saratoga police don't know where he is now. and the search for cleary could encompass not only california but the rest of the united states as well as europe kron 4 reached out to cleary via cell phone and email. the call was not answered. the email was not responded to. dan kerman kron. 4 news. >> tonight. there are new developments in the death of 7 year-old liam houston today. his own mom confessing to strangling the san jose boy before leaving his naked body in the nevada desert during
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her first court appearance is being extradited back to las vegas. prosecutors say that his mom, samantha moreno rodriguez confessed to strangling little liam after she says she became frustrated with him after killing him. prosecutors say she took office clothes and left him in a hiking area outside of las vegas. his body remained and identified for more than a week. the judge denying built a marina rodriguez her next court date now set for august 3rd. >> san jose city leaders have approved sweeping gun reforms. the vote was unanimous mayor sam liccardo's proposal will require gun owners to carry liability insurance and pay an annual fee to cover the cost of gun violence. this comes just weeks after council members passed legislation requiring video and audio recordings of all retail gun sales in san jose new proposals also follow the mask shooting on may the 26 at the vta railyard in san jose.
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>> california, attorney general rob bonta says that the golden state finds itself in the middle of an epidemic of hate during a stop in oakland today. california's top law enforcement officials said that while hate crimes are typically under reported overall hate crimes here in california are now at their highest reported level in more than a decade. he says it's especially prevalent in the atp i community were hate crimes involving asian americans are up more than 100% since last year. bonta says his office is making sure that law enforcement agencies not only know the laws and penalties on hate crimes. but it's also offering new guidance for prosecutors and providing resources for help in 25 languages. together, we can tackle hate in all its forms. we're going to get this done. >> we're going to get done together working collaboratively with all of our local jurisdictions, local law enforcement from, you know, cities and counties at the state level and working in partnership as leaders to address the full on state of
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emergency and state of crisis that is a p. i hate crimes. if i hate violence as well as hate crimes. generally in the state of california. this is not who we are. we can and we will address these challenges. we will come out the forces of hate and we will prevail. >> juban to emphasizing the importance of reporting those hate crimes. so that law enforcement can not only go after the criminals involved, but also becoming effective advocate for the victims. meanwhile, it is a busy time of the ball to household a job his wife mia now leading in the bid to replace him in his vacant assembly seat in district 18. bought a receiving nearly 38% of the votes in last night's democratic primary election. rahm sharp should roman charger and was second with 22% of the vote. the 2 democrats appear headed for a runoff in the race that will take place in august district 18 comprises oakland san leandro and alameda. >> and now to our wildfire coverage tonight president biden held a meeting with west
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coast governors today to announce new action to prevent and respond to wildfires. governor newsome was included kron four's. ashley zavala gives us an update on the efforts at both the state and federal level as leaders brace for another extreme fires. >> governor gavin newsome speaking remotely in a meeting on wildfires with the president, vice president and other west coast governors all staring down the threat of another intense fire season to radically change our presentation force management policies or suppression policies are pre positioning. truth we're playing catch-up. >> this is an area has been under resourced. but that's going to change if we have do with president joe biden announced wednesday, his administration is immediately hiring more federal firefighters and boosting their pay that along with an effort to use more technology to detect and respond to fire. >> more funding for forest management projects and initiatives to increase the country's permanent firefighting force. it was welcome news for governor gavin newsome who noted
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firefighting resources across the country last year were stretched. so thin. california had to call israel and australia music to my ears. while the federal government announced a new effort. some republican lawmakers say the state should also be doing more, especially on wildfire prevention. people are going to die this year. >> and that is the sad and scary fact if we don't get on top of this. we're going to have another catastrophic wildfire assemblyman james gallagher represents paradise. the town burned in the state's deadliest and most destructive wildfire in state history in 2018 gallagher noting the state budget that goes into effect thursday includes about a quarter of the 1 billion dollars newsome and democratic leaders had been touting for wildfire prevention he says on monday they finalize the figure at 258 million dollars not enough. >> and we also need to make sure that is continually appropriated every year. i mean, we should have to fight about this in sacramento. ashley zavala kron 4 news and continuing our coverage part of that money is heading to sonoma county 37 million dollars to be exact. the grant
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requires a local match of 25% or approximately 13 million dollars. >> sonoma county plans to mask that by using pg any settlement funds from 2017 through 2000, 20 fires burned more than 300,000 acres in sonoma county and destroyed nearly 7,000 structures. 24 people were killed. >> despite fewer 4th of july holiday gatherings last year in 2020 during the pandemic, the use of illegal fireworks. no pun intended has exploded in many parts of the bay area this year with the 4th falling on a weekend. there are now fears that this year could be worse. kron four's rob fladeboe spending the day in the south bay as officials made up their case for restraint along with stepped up enforcement. >> the entire south bay and beyond is at risk. but the east foothills as seen from san jose's communications hill are extremely dry. fire officials came together wednesday to sound the alarm because of the drought fuel conditions across the state.
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>> are now what we would normally see in mid to late august when we get the large fires. cal fire says the number of fires responded to so far this year. statewide is 53% higher than the 5 year average. >> the combination of the drought dry vegetation and the skyrocketing use of illegal fireworks in recent years. and ahead of this year's 4th of july holiday is being described as a kind of perfect storm amid worries about what is shaping up to be the worst fire season ever. >> in san jose alone last year there were over 6600 reports from residents of illegal fireworks activity. >> i couldn't believe the amount of property damage that was actually occurring. do flying embers and trees were letting up. i don't think people really think that it's going to impact their neighbors and i did see occurrences where? what people who live right next to each causing damage to the other people's property. if you see fireworks being used on
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private property. >> snap a picture if you can safely do so. >> public service announcements and billboards urge people to report illegal fireworks with an online reporting app. an amended social host ordinance allows for fines starting at a $1000 fire crews and law enforcement will patrol and be stationed in high-risk areas and there will be 0 tolerance for those who are caught with illegal fireworks. don't be the cause of the tragedy. don't be the cause of a fire. we're going to be out there in full force is if the smoke from wildfires that plague the region last year making for seriously unhealthy air isn't bad enough smoke and toxic unleashed by illegal fireworks is also a health hazard according to the bay area, air quality management district. >> smoke exploding while of fireworks leads to high levels of particulate. and the ground and making it difficult for all of us to breathe. >> in san jose. rob fladeboe kron 4 news. >> now to our 4 zone forecast.
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this wednesday night and it is the official last day of the 2021 rain says i felt like that happened a long time. yeah. we're just talking to lawrence hear about when was the last time it rained. it was so long ago. yeah. real rainfall not just drizzle. yeah, it was april. and so it's been some time. but i paltry amounts of rain this you're going down to the 3rd driest rain year on record since 18 49. look at these numbers. they are not impressive. >> at all under 9 inches of rain. we ended up with 8.9 6 inches of rain in san francisco. that's 39% of normal san jose. 37% of normal over 5 inches of rain oakland 7 and half inches of rain plus there. but that's only 41% of normal. look at santa rosa. they're usually upwards of 33 inches of rain. they had under 13 inches that is 38% of normal. 53 1% of normal in hayward are over 8 inches in livermore. 38% of normal. and you can find these numbers stretching across the entire state and the western half of the u.s. a mega drought conditions settling in
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exceptional drought conditions across much of the bay area right now. so what we have looking forward to going to head here. well, this is what's called in on some bowl or a kind of a spaghetti plot of the computer models as the forecast through time here, this is the what's called the and so forecast. we're always looking for whether we're going to warm up or cool down the equator that has a lot to do with what kind of rain, what kind of its we might have coming up right now. if you look at this black starts to dip a bit. that means we're going to be running cooler than normal looking to possibly weak. la nina conditions. if that does turn out to be the case. guess what, that's not good news for rain. you see right here. averages over the past 50 years or so looking like we're headed to below normal rainfall. if you believe that forecast in the next season. guys, back to you. lawrence. thank you so much. more to come tonight here on kron. 4 news at 6 freedom for bill cosby will let you know what happened inside of a. >> pennsylvania courtroom that set the comedian free reaction pouring in tonight.
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>> plus, san jose's largest school district votes to remove officers from school campuses will hear from someone who says that move is a mistake. >> also changes could be on the way. this weekend to street closures and programs in martinez. a preview of tonight's city council vote.
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i called the barnes firm. it was the best call i could've made. your case is often worth more than insurance offers. call the barnes firm to find out what your case could be worth. we will help get you the best result possible. ♪ the barnes firm, injury attorneys ♪ ♪ call one eight hundred, eight million ♪ >> bill cosby and his lawyers
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now celebrating his sudden release from prison tonight. it comes after the pennsylvania supreme court ruled to overturn his assault conviction. but the court of public opinion is larded with julie outraged about this decision and our grant lodes joins us now in the studio with the very latest on the case grant. this is always been such a tough case for people. this is a guy who was in people's living rooms as they were growing up parents and say was america's that. >> really has been accused of these things and to be clear, what happened today. nobody's saying today that cosby is all the sudden innocent. but the pennsylvania supreme court ruled today that there was a quote, vast violation of cosby's due process after spending more than 2 years behind bars this afternoon. you see cosby here in a maroon shirt walked out a free man 83 years old. he flashed the v for victory sign to a chopper overhead as he headed into his suburban philadelphia h me. he had no comment on camera, but he or perhaps his team tweeted
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i have never changed my stance nor my story. i've always maintained my innocence. thank you to all my fans supporters and friends who stood by me through this ordeal. special thanks to the pennsylvania supreme court for upholding the rule of law. hashtag bill cosby. now today the pennsylvania supreme court vacated his conviction and judgment of sentence due to an agreement with another prosecutor and agreement which had prevented him from being criminally charged. if he agreed to sit down and testify for a civil deposition instead, which he did. but then fast forward about a decade later during the me too movement. criminal charges were brought against cosby. he was convicted of drugging and molesting his accuser. andrea, constant following an encounter back in 2000, 4 at his home. he was charged in 2015 when a prosecutor according to court documents a new prosecutor unsealed evidence from that civil deposition and arrested him
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and their decision. the pennsylvania supreme court said when the former prosecutor investigated the allegations of drugging and rape against cosby by constand back in 2000, 5 that previous da felt that quote, he would not be able to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that cosby drugged and raped constant. today. survivors and activists are voicing their deep disappointment with the justice system and actor me too activist to handle it tweeted. i'm furious to hear this news. i personally know women who this man drugged and raped while unconscious. shame on the court. and this decision hashtag time's up hashtag me too. actress debra messing tweeted, quote, to every woman who was sexually assaulted by bill cosby. my heart hurts for you today. and i am full fury. it's horrifying. cosby's tv wife, phyllis or shot tweeted, quote, i a terrible wrong is righted. a miscarriage of justice is corrected and
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journalist geraldo rivera said this today, quote, told you so. and bill cosby. he was convicted by a court. so tainted by public opinion and social pressure that it allowed obviously prejudicial evidence improper witnesses. he may be a bad guy. but in this case he was railroaded by the mob. cosby was the first celebrity tried and convicted in the me too era. so the reversal could make prosecutors wary of calling other accusers in similar cases. jonathan pam, now back to you. grant. thank you. meanwhile, in less than 20 minutes, we will talk live with criminal defense lawyer paula canny. >> about today's newest developments. >> other news tonight, the san jose unified school district board of trustees voted to end is school resource officer program. this comes after community members called on officials to remove police officers from campuses within the district students and parents protested against officers at district middle schools and high schools for nearly a year, many opponents
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of the sro program. we're concerned about the possibility of police misconduct against the students on campus. however, given the recent mass shootings. there are some city officials who believe that removing police from campus is a mistake. i do understand what it's like to be criminalized. this happened. my whole life. i get that and i do not want any child. >> in any city to be exposed to that. the criminalization of any type because he can impact their psyche and their ability to develop. but equally. i don't want our children to be exposed from external factors that all you have to do is walk around the school. 7 pop the parents to know that those factors are real and then on any given day can cause a direct threat. the students and the parents and teachers. that's what i'm getting at. this didn't have to be an either or proposition and candidly, this didn't have to be politicized. >> i mean, is urging the san jose unified school district board members to reconsider their decision.
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>> and eliminate or maintain the status quo. tonight, the martinez city council will consider changes to its weekend street closures program or possibly ditch. it altogether. the closure started during the pandemic to help a number of struggling businesses. but as the economy starts to open up again. kron four's. phillipe djegal found out that some of those temporary programs could be on the way out. >> businesses on main street in martinez say the city's covid-19 temporary street closure program has been a lifeline that has helped keep their establishment open during the pandemic. all it's an immense help amocali is a managing partner at main street arts gallery and says the closures downtown which start thursday afternoons and continue through the weekend has driven foot traffic into her space. i love having the street closed. so it's actually ends up being more open some business owners say the program has had unintended consequences parking, for
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example, can be difficult with several blocks of roads off limits for cars forcing people to park in private. we have to go down about 2 extra blocks and park at wednesday's meeting the city council will consider the city staff's recommendation to eliminate some of the road in areas where they are no longer necessary. and in the curbside pickup spaces throughout downtown. now that indoor capacity has returned the council could also vote to set an end date for the entire program or case the book on the program altogether. i think that's actually silly and it doesn't support their own businesses. lesley stiles owns rocks on main and has taken advantage of expanding her dining room to the sidewalks and streets on weekends. in addition to outdoor live music. >> she says the should become permanent. this is a new martinez and we need to show that this way. there's been many negatives with the pandemic. this is a positive
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we've been given a golden age. we need to hang on to this thing regardless of what the council decides parklets will not be impacted in martinez deleted all kron 4 news. >> now to our 4 zone forecast this wednesday night. a live look courtesy of the mount tam cam. i'm assuming that's where it is. it looks like that as you can see up. thank you, brittany. appreciate. all right. so the mountain cam is they're looking out into the city. if you can make it out through the thick layer fog this has been layer actually this lawrence is here to update us on because the fog is really good. it happens tent down. the fire did. yes, that is some great news. i'm so happy to see damp out along the coastline and some measurable patients out there in the form of some drizzle. see that fog coming this past hour, you could see the towers. now that's beginning to lift. >> just a little bit. but if you're walking on the golden gate bridge. get ready. you're going to a wet by the time you get to the other side, you may need the rain jacket. but we're going to see more of that fog in the coming days. and that's good news, i think head into this 4th of july. you see the drought
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conditions, the very dry conditions, fire danger running high. but this will keep a tamp down a little bit. one thing watching out for the sierra nevada. this could be a fire issued numerous a lightning strike. look at that. i mean, just dozens upon dozen getting the count a lightning strikes across the sierra nevada just in the past 5 hours or so here we're going to see that repeat itself again over the next couple of days. so if you're headed up that way, make sure you take some extra care of lightning strikes can be extremely dangerous. outdoors temperatures in the 70's right now. inland. very comfortable. there 71 in san jose 59 with the fog in the san francisco. well, here comes that lovely fog once again starting to stretch on shore in the models. pick it up a little drizzle along the coastline again overnight. but look at that surge of fall all the way into the central valley overnight that is a nice surge of low clouds. well, inland, maybe some dense fog along the coast line to go along with some of that drizzle to that will break up during the day. ies l see mostly sunny in the bay in the valleys. but that fog linger along the coastline only to come on shore once again by tomorrow afternoon. all that being said, the temperatures again
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will come down a little bit tomorrow we're going to talk about highs may be in the mid 80's instead of upper 80's inland. so going to cool you off. there. 60's and 70's inside the bay. look at those temperatures in the 60's with the fog out of the coast. lawrence, thanks. should she retire tonight. there's growing concern. >> and california senator dianne feinstein has lost focus. we'll hear from some democratic activists. still to come. [swords clashing] - had enough? - no... arthritis. here. new aspercreme arthritis. full prescription-strength? reduces inflammation? thank the gods. don't thank them too soon. kick pain in the aspercreme.
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>> dianne feinstein california senior senator turned 88 years old earlier this month. some of her constituents say they are concerned about whether she has lost her focus and they argue that it is time for her to go. but some of the folks saying that it's time for her to go. may actually surprise you. kron four's, catherine heenan live tonight in the studio with the details, catherine. yeah, well, we are talking about a group of democratic activists who. >> all happened to be senior citizens. they are in their 70's and 80's the democrats of ross more club met recently to discuss senator feinstein and whether it is time for her to be replaced. here's part of my conversation with 2 of the members. >> you're you are all seniori citizens. so obviously this is not a lack of empathy with. >> appear guest worker age and we understand how feels like to be her age. that's not the issue. it's her performance and her ability to can't carry
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on and reflect us. >> moaning right infrastructure. you issue. and i don't see my senior leading any of those things and have in the past i feel their fear of being very strong. and what she able to do but to not being her. now. >> i think one of the clues for me was when she was asked to relinquish her the judiciary committee. and senator durbin took took her place and pat toomey was a clue that the senate it's outs. the leadership, the democratic leadership in the senate was recognizing that she was really not conducting that strong role that we really need. i think one of her what what one of the things we mentioned recently was embrace of lindsey graham. after a senate hearing and telling him that it was one of the best hearing she'd ever attended. we wanted her to be a stealth bomber on hearing
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you don't see her taking the kind of leadership role you want her to be taking. >> that's exactly right. i want her to lead on the and she was a leader. the whole time. she was in san francisco. she was a leader and he was a leader in the senate when she got there i voted for and we want her to retire. >> with all the glory and all the praise and all the dignity that we can possibly be stored on her. but it's time now and she's diminishing her 4. her exit really people 95 and was. >> fully capable and demonstrably capable of doing it. i'm so i'm clapping for more power to you. 45 and could not do. the job. then i say time to lee. but age does not have anything to do with it from me. building. >> both andrea and kappa have


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