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tv   KRON 4 News at 530pm  KRON  June 30, 2021 5:30pm-6:01pm PDT

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>> to 5.30. we are following the case of liam who said the 7 year-old san jose boy who went missing last month and who was tragically found dead later near las vegas today for the first time. prosecutors say that liam's mother samantha moreno rodriguez has confessed to strangling her 7 year-old son in court today. the prosecution shared marina rodriguez became frustrated with lamb strangling him for about 15 minutes. they say she
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then took office clothes and left him in a hiking area near las vegas. his body remain on identified for over a week. the nevada judge today did not grant her bail. >> the strangling the trial disposing of the body after he was deceased and we're going colorado and you find that person was now that we have a preliminary hearing and there's an issue with that question is will be redress, ok. i will always leave the door open for you. but right now the state can make is burning granting the stay request she was remanded without bail. >> rodriguez is only comment during the proceeding was to confirm her identity. her next court date is set for august 3rd, we will continue to monitor this story as new details become available to us. >> happening now, san francisco, botanical gardens. officials are warning visitors about active coyotes in the area. witnesses sayah cody
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recently approached 2 children. thankfully no one was physically hurt, but there was a scare is a one year-old a 2 year-old cody went right up to the signs are now posted at the gardens warning visitors that it is coyote pupping season and there is an active coyote dane in that area. obviously we are. >> wanting to ensure her safety. every child safety ever. anyone safety in general. but, you know, i feel like here at the park. they they do put out the signs. and, you know, i feel like that's a big part of it is just being aware. >> and knowledgeable and like authority has just like messed up until ecological pattern and also in county could bring the dam like something's probably wrong. >> animal care and control believes the coyote. has been fed frequently by humans and us is no longer afraid of people. >> new video tonight of a mountain lion that was spotted in petaluma. there it is. and it's a big one. yeah. you can see that big cat lurking around somebodys backyard, an area of hill boulevard. who it
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was last seen about 6 o'clock this morning and officials say that the same. outline was also seen in petaluma last night. just east of highway one. oh, one and south of corona road there just right around police urge anyone urging anyone who sees that not mine to not approach the animal and to call 911. poor guy or gal who they it back into the hills. yeah. as we head to the freeway. >> one. oh, one, the golden gate bridge is back there somewhere. but you wouldn't know it based on this live look, because the fog has set up shop and chief meteorologist lawrence karnow really happy about this calling mister buzzkill, but i was open that we get this fog rolling in. and here we go. it is getting thick out there right now. and that is a great thing. we're seeing a lot of moisture in the atmosphere that's going to keep the fire danger down. i think as we head into the 4th of july. so the fog is going to be something we're dealing with. yes, going to be thick in
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spots. maybe some dense fog continue along the coastline. you see out toward the golden gate bridge towers have disappeared in the fog out there right now. >> and even a lot of drizzle along the coastline now kind interesting. we're seeing a couple things setting as we've got the low clouds and fog along the coastline all the way up to mend the scene. a little fog making its way up in the portland area. i'm sure they are loving that the sierra nevada again, another very we've got low pressure just to the east and that is cranking up these thunderstorms popping up over the sierra nevada once again, all the way from tahoe down to bishop. and this is going to play out over the next few days. if you plan to go camping as we get into the 4th of july holiday. be numerous thunderstorms popping up in the afternoon. you have to watch out for that. if you head that direction, temperatures. right now. we've got mid 70's uncomfortable in the concord. 74 in little more discreetly 73 degrees in san jose and 60 degrees in san francisco. guess what, more of that lovely fog roll in overnight tonight. i think pushing all the way into the delta. that is a significant
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on shore, wind. that means the temperatures are going to fall back even a little bit more tomorrow. we'll cool those numbers down and it will stay cool along the coastline a little schools that could be the ocean. temperatures are running the 60 something we'll keep mainly in the 60's up toward the beaches inside the bay got some 70's in the valleys. some pretty comfortable mid 80's. guys, back to you. not bad. thanks alerts. dianne feinstein. california's senior senator. >> turned 88 earlier this month. some of her constituents say they are concerned about whether she's lost her focus and they argue that it's time for to go. yeah. but some of the people saying surprise you. crawford's catherine heenan is here. >> with some details on that cap that well, we are talking about a group of democratic activists and they're all senior citizens there in their 70's and 80's the democrats of ross more club met recently to discuss senator feinstein and whether it is time for her to be replaced. here's part of my conversation with 2 of the members you're you are all
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senior citizens. so obviously this is not. >> a lack of empathy with. >> appear guest worker age and we understand how feels like to be her age. that's not the issue. it's her performance and her ability to can't carry on and reflect us. >> moaning right infrastructure. you issue. and i don't see my senior leading any of those things and have in the past i feel their fear of being very strong in what she able to do. but to not being her. now. >> i think one of the clues for me was when she was asked to relinquish her the judiciary committee. and senator durbin took took her place and pat toomey was a clue that the senate it's outs. the leadership, the democratic leadership in the senate was recognizing that she was really not conducting that strong role that we really need. i think one of
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her what what one of the things we mentioned recently was embrace of lindsey graham. after a senate hearing and telling him that it was one of the best hearing she'd ever attended. we wanted her to be a stealth bomber on hearing you don't see her taking the kind of leadership role you want her to be taking. >> that's exactly right. i want her to lead on the and she was a leader. the whole time. she was in san francisco. she was a leader and he was a leader in the senate when she got there i voted for and we want her to retire. >> with all the glory and all the praise and all the dignity that we can possibly be stored on her. but it's time now and she's diminishing her 4. her exit really 95 and was. >> fully capable and demonstrably capable of doing it. i'm so i'm clapping for more power to you. 45 and could not do. the job. then i
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say time to lee. but age does not have anything to do with it from me. building. >> both enjoy and calf of they'd been really very active in local and state and national politics for decades. senator feinstein meantime, has never publicly indicated that she would consider resigning her term and some 2025. we reached out to her office today for response to this story. we have not heard back grant. >> very interesting. thank you catherine. former president trump visited the u.s. mexico border today. texas governor greg abbott invited him. governor abbott has vowed to continue building an unfinished section of the border wall using state funds abbott has declared the recent surge of migrants at the border. a disaster and says the biden administration has done nothing to help the state cope with it. trump also expressed criticism toward the biden administration's
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immigration policies. democrats, however, are criticizing this entire trip as just a publicity stunt for republicans to help them when some midterm elections. that trip comes as trump's company is expected to be charged with multiple tax crimes in new york tomorrow. the wall street journal is reporting the company the trump organization along with its chief financial officer, allen weisselberg will be named in the indictment by the manhattan district attorney while the exact charges are not yet known. it is believed to be related to crimes connected to employee perks and bonuses. the former president is not expected to be charged tomorrow for a lot of folks around the bay area. the only time you really have to wear a mask. now is when going out on public transit. but that could soon change. >> a bipartisan group of senators wants health and travel officials to update mask guidance for planes and buses the senators sent a letter to the cdc and the tsa
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asking when the agencies will change their travel rules for fully vaccinated. people they're calling for clarity by july 12th and for now the tsa still says federal mask mandate for passengers on public transportation will stay in place through september 13th and you can stay up to date on the latest covid-19 headlines by scanning the qr code. it's on your screen with your mobile device, including the latest updates on the delta variant as well as changes to local, state and federal guidelines. just point the camera on your phone at this qr code. it's going to take you right to our website at kron 4 dot com. >> coming up, how the federal government is getting more involved in that florida building collapse and what a top environmental official is not ready to blame for the tragedy. >> plus a who there might be a new fastest man alive meet the record breaking team is headed to the olympics. >> an old company has a new name and new ways to maybe help you around the house. the smart home tools to make home
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after several delays a california teacher finally. >> made it to the stratosphere. nasa selected domina to conduct research from high in the sky and bring that real world experience back to her science class at westlake charter high school in sacramento. all smiles there. the crew on board flew
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over missouri, iowa, nebraska and montana before landing just after 5 o'clock this morning they took off about 8 o'clock last night. the mission had been scheduled for monday night, but it was put off once again. that is after already being postponed for more than a here due to the pandemic. but they finally got up there. >> a team from florida is heading to the tokyo olympics and he's taken a couple of a new broken records with them area knighten turned 17 in january while racing in eugene, oregon on sunday. he broke 2 of you staying bolt youth records for 200 meters. knighton zach coach says that he knew the teen had olympic potential, but he's impressed since 9 just started running track a couple years ago. >> 3 years he's always been a football guy grew up on foot all >> on this. i telling him that he needed to ensure a he started his freshman year. in all, he did pretty good. join
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my a call in the summer in the rest is history. >> night will be the youngest man to run for the u.s. track and field team since 1964. you can catch him in action on tv in tokyo. the games start in just about 3 weeks on july 23rd. >> it is most a week since that condo building collapse in south florida and still the search eff
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>> please join me in continuing to pray. for those who've lost their lives in this unthinkable tragedy. and all of their families who are grieving. and all of those who are still waiting and waiting and waiting for news. >> just a horrifying situation in the federal government is getting increasingly involved helping with the aftermath of that deadly building collapse there in south florida. >> kelly meyer has the latest now from lawmakers and administration officials on the tragedy end a potential cause. >> as the search in surfside continues. help is coming in from across the state. we're grateful to the first responders florida congresswoman kathy castor says some of those first responders are from her district. she says it's not only a state effort now i'm really grateful to president biden and the administration
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for making sure that all resources are available. >> to to help in this horrendous tragedy president joe biden is set to visit surfside thursday. one week after the collapse. he's expected to meet with families impacted by the tragedy. the environmental protection agency is warning particles from the collapse could be toxic to those on the ground and could cause long-term health issues like those suffered by 9.11. first responders, epa administrator michael regan says that's an issue. his agency is working off to provide the latest and best information so that those on the ground can govern themselves in a very safe way. reagan says he isn't ready to blame climate change for the collapse. i don't know if we have enough information at this point. we have a lot of work to do. but congresswoman castor a lead on climate change in congress says it's a growing concern. we've got to be cognizant of rising sea levels. the subsistence of the earth and protecting our natural resource, the dolphin
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buffer. >> from these from these extreme events because of the collapse is still unknown. >> reporting in washington. i'm kelly meyer. >> more than 10 people have now died as a result of record breaking temperatures in oregon and washington. the weather was a little slightly in seattle and portland on tuesday. but according to the national weather service spokane, washington reached a 109 degrees fahrenheit that highest camp in the city's history. thousands of customers there. they've lost power in planned blackouts that are meant to manage the energy grid there. chief meteorologist lawrence karnow. he joins us now. talk about that. places in the pacific northwest finally getting that sea breeze. in fact, some started to move in there. >> welcome sight. now these temperatures have dropped a good 40 degrees and some of those hot spots member just a couple days ago. we're talking a 112 in portland. they're sitting in a very comfortable 73 degrees right now in seattle. that was up to a 108
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71 degrees. so things have changed. now that sea breeze returning. but that heat dome is not done is move further inland. you can see all the hot temperatures you get the spokane 104 degrees. there are no mock its a 113 winthrop, a 108 and you can see all around richland a 112 degrees. so still some extremely hot temperatures they extend not only into washington but all the way up into canada. one should get one of these what's called an omega block building in overhead. it takes a long time from the breakdown. so the hot weather the record. he continue not only here but in the candidate, 2 guys. thanks. alerts still to come, thinking about giving your home and upgrade. well, we have some. >> smart devices that might help you out. that's in tonight's tech. smart. we'll be right back.
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>> a major smart home company is changing its name and introducing some new product. rich demuro shows us how we can upgrade our home in today's tech, smart. >> for years c by ge was known as a value leader in the smart home space. but now they're changing their name to sink. they've got a brand new app and some new products to go along with it. in the past, setting up a smart home could have been complicated stuff that wasn't necessarily easy install. it took the time it was was you run into problems and you would know how to get them solved. paul williams is with sink. the new name for c
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by ge a brand that's built a reputation on making the smart home easy and affordable. we make sure develop these quality products that also deliver some innovation along with them. the new name coincides with a new app and new products. none require a hub. they use bluetooth and wi-fi to stay connected. change the office inc late to blow the item. most people start with this $20 color changing light ballplayer think that it had some fun and and dynamics to the space that are an apparent with this. $25 motion sensor to have lights. come on when you enter a ro m and turn off when you leave the the reality is most of us grew touching lights put on the wall. it's what we do. you walk into space. you look for the light switch on the law. that's where this $25 wire friess which comes in handy. >> stick it to the wall in seconds program it to control smart lights with no electrician necessary. good for rentals and dorms. these come right off the wall. i can take that with me a lot ice
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particles. my smart home comes with me as i move to the next pence sinks. $70. smart indoor camera has unique feature a privacy shutter you can slide closed its physically covered. the lens of the camera and it is shut off speaker a microphone on the camera and for outside a smart plug that can control to outlets independently handy for patio lights holiday decorations and more. you can control the smart home gadgets through the sink app, google assistant or alexa and yes, existing c by ge products will work with the new once. >> and that wraps up kron 4 news at 5. don't go anywhere, though. kron 4 news at 6 is next. jonathan mccall and pam moore here with that big grant. thanks to you both. coming up, next at 6 o'clock and 8 year-old case and a victim finally getting justice. a bay area man now charged with sexually assaulting a classmate. how disturbing facebook messages led officials to take action. plus the pandemic era park could soon be a thing of the past. many folks know having mixed feelings about.
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>> closing streets to make more room for folks attending restaurants. some say it's actually hurting their business. the important vote in one east bay city on the way tonight. >> i'm jonathan mccall i'm pam moore. the news at 6 is next.
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majestic mountains... scenic coastal highways... fertile farmlands... there's lots to love about california. so put off those chores and use less energy from 4 to 9 pm when less clean energy is available. because that's power down time. >> from the bay area's local news station. you're watching 4 news at 6.
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>> and we need better my campus assault survivors every single case written confession or not. >> now at 6, a confession on facebook years after an alleged assault played a key role in a local man being charged. good evening, everybody. thank you for joining us on kron 4 news at 6. i'm pam moore. jonathan mccall ken wayne has the night off. that rape claim happened nearly 8 years ago in gettysburg, pennsylvania. >> the suspect is from the bay area. and tonight kron four's dan kerman shows us what's now being done to track him down. more than 7 years ago. shannon keeler was attending gettysburg college in pennsylvania in december of that year. she told police she had been sexually assaulted by a fellow student. the suspect was identified. and despite what her attorney calls a lot of evidence. the district attorney in adams county chose not to prosecute. now that's changed. this week. a new district attorney has filed assault charges against ian cleary, a 28 year-old man


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