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tv   KRON 4 News at 10  KRON  June 27, 2021 10:00pm-10:46pm PDT

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>> when fun time from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 news. we've been around the clock. >> since. >> the wee hours of the morning thursday. we've been here 24 hours a day. >> now at 10 o'clock. the death toll from that deadly condo building collapse in south florida now stands at 9, 150 more than 150 people still remain unaccounted for tonight. that is where we start this sunday here on kron. 4 news at 10 o'clock.
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welcome and i'm jonathan mccall. and i'm just involvement for 4th day in a row. search teams are sifting through the piles of rubble looking for any sign of survivors. >> reporter jeff patterson spoke with some of the rescue workers about the difficult task. that is ahead of them. >> these are the vehicles of task force 3 their urban search and rescue experts from hillsborough county tampa and petersburg. now fully involved in the efforts here in surfside got to be 10 minutes as soon as task force 3 arrived saturday afternoon. they want to work putting in shifts on top of the pile of debris at the champlain towers. south collapsed condo. and just after ending their work. i wanted to know what they found. challenge is to when they got to the started working and helping the system. the units are already on scene. >> some of the challenges were of quitman lieutenant steve lawrence with st. petersburg fire rescue shared with me. >> just how difficult their job is. we're fine. we're
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going raise your nice. you would think so. but razor nice because you're hitting a lot of the carpeting and berber carpet. when collapse occurred. we're still having dig through the layers. the collapse zone when the condo collapsed layers of the building fell on top of each other. >> now task force 3 is having to sift through the debris and cut into those layers. one at a time. so we're running carpeting wiring. >> you know, you think normally just but running of the materials that are normally found inside home. it's physically demanding work and dangerous than the shifts were working. they're trying to rotate to cruise through. to keep it the team all about fox way now. and then they pull him off. >> another crew goes up, but they're working 12 hour shifts. but as they go through the building. there is some optimism. not only are you dealing with the collapse itself refined and boyd's. so then it becomes a confined space. and with each boy. >> there is some hope, you know, any time we can avoid
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and we have to get into it were but cameron to that you know, we're optimistic you know, we're going to find somebody and that's our goal. want to try save as many as we respect those that, you know, have >> now. and with each set of remains recovered. at least there is some closure for a family and surf side. jeff patterson. >> fire officials in the east. bay say that the port fire near the port of chicago highway and main street in bay point. now 100% contained. the fire burning some 40 acres tonight. there's no word on how it sparked we are staying in contact with cal fire crews to let you know exactly when that information does become available. >> people in santa clara county. they lived in a house that has now burned down after a fire started in the basement and then spread into the house above the fire happened yesterday morning in the monte serrano apartments on davis avenue as soon as firefighters
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arrived. they saw smoke coming in from one side of the home. no injuries were reported for either the people who live there or firefighters, the cause of the fire is still under investigation for the july one week from today. but the folks in rohnert park say they are getting ready to crack down on illegal fireworks before that. >> they're counting on the public to help them with an app called kron four's. camila barco shows us how the app can help police nail the rule breakers. >> idea of this app is to help officials better determine where the illegal fireworks are coming from and what happened in the event that they did go off. ahead of 4th of july firework displays, water park. police are looking for illegal sparklers. they're placing the power of enforcement in the palm of your hands. this app nail him allows people to follow report when they see someone using or selling illegal fireworks. you can send in pictures or you can provide information of what you saw and the general
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notes. there's also an option to record audio for 60 seconds. you'll need to specify when and where it happened. the online form also asks for your name e-mail and phone number in the contacts section. the last thing you need to do is type in white county. this happened and and click submit. according to the ap, firecrackers are the leading cause of almost all firework related fires and injuries. each year. firefighters responded to a brush fire in valais. whoa. less than a week ago. it burned 10 acres and was likely caused by giant sparklers officials say it's a legal and dangerous at the fireworks shoots up in the air or explodes. the app is free user friendly and self explanatory it's available on iphone and android devices. >> in sonoma county, camila barco kron 4 news.
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>> and now to our 4 zone forecast get ready to head out the door for the start of your new work week. here's kron 4 meteorologist mabrisa rodriguez with a look at what's on tap. some warmer weather for the folks outside of the bay area. yeah, that's right. it's going to get downright hot. in fact, dangerous triple digit heat. >> for those of you in portland, you actually warmed up to a 110 degrees. beating the record yesterday of the all-time have a 108 degrees. and today just 12 degrees. cooler. the death valley a 122 degrees. so let's think ball carla out there this evening for giving us some pleasant temperatures, 50's and 60's. as you head out the door right now mid 50's for downtown san francisco oakland still holding steady in the low 60's. but just barely with concord cooling down into the low 60's palo alto at 61 degrees and widespread mid to upper 50's for those of you in the north, they would say on rose at 57 degrees. san anselmo currently at 59 degrees. a little change along the coast and east bay
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shoreline. you're cool down arrived yesterday and we're continue to see that cool down. for those of you in our inland valleys bringing some much needed relief today out of the 90's into the mid 80's. so very seasonable temperatures. and we were tracking right now gusty winds starting to ease a little bit still in the teens. for those of you in downtown san francisco and even continue through the east bay shoreline with winds at 40 miles per hour in oakland. but taking a look ahead at your 3 day outlook. we're going to notice warmer fortunately not hot triple digit record breaking heat like we're seeing for most of the pacific northwest and then we're going to be on cruise control leading up to your july 4th holiday weekend. details at that. that and your full 10 at 10 outlook in just a few minutes. back to you. jonathan just seen you so much for brees. a car break ins in san francisco are up an alarming amount hitting certain neighborhoods, more than others. >> there are new numbers from the san francisco police department showing us the break. ins are happening in popular tourist areas and that they're up more than 750% from
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may of last year. kron four's gayle ong has more what the police department is saying about this rising trend. >> credit for has reported countless auto break-ins caught on surveillance video in san francisco. some even downright brazen with the victim still inside their car during the crime. according to the latest crime data from san francisco police. the city's central station has seen an increase of theft from vehicles in may 2020, there were 85 cases reported may 2021 experience. more than 700 cases. the number going up 753%. the area includes fisherman's wharf and chinatown city visitors we spoke with say they have plans in place to avoid becoming a victim of a smash-and-grab foot uni my comey has a parking area where we can pot. >> so we also security is also i don't have concern copping breaking 19 like that. he didn't have that option. what would you do. yes, i probably
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want to be driving. if i if i know my copy rigging, i have that concern. so i probably would take the ball copy with a friend that park in the >> or put anything that would be visible the window into my trying. or i wouldn't drive out all i think about tent city wide sfpd theft from vehicles went up 105% during the same time period in a statement as says in part, quote. >> with this data, we are able to be more strategic with our staffing and patrols as well as conduct more effective operations to arrest and slow down the number of auto burglary incidents. these strategies also include the redeployment of resources and increased patrols foot beats and officers on fix post in crime hot spots and quote. >> insurance experts say it is nearly impossible to prevent smash-and-grab center recommend people take their valuables with you or leave them in the trunk. it's san francisco. gayle ong kron 4 news. >> let's get us. police have arrested one person after a
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shooting overnight. investigators say the victim suffering non-life threatening gunshot wound was treated at a nearby hospital. investigators not determining an exact cause for the shooting. we have learned it is domestic. so far. there's no word on the relationship between the victim and the shooter. >> coming up here during kron 4 news at 10. the delta variant of the coronavirus is now considered the most contagious strain of the virus. what leaders of the world health organization say they're most concerned about. plus, americans expected to hit the road for the 4th of july weekend. and we'll let you know. >> how much you can expect to >> how much you can expect to pay at the pump. we don't follow the herd. never have. never will. because those who build the future aren't found in a pack. they forge the way forward - on a path of their own. and, just when you think the dust has settled,
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we're kick it right back up again. the all-new, all-electric 2021 mustang mach-e is here. ♪ ♪ [typing sounds] i definitely want to have kids at some point in my life and it would be heartbreaking to find out that, you know, there were something in the vaccine that, you know, made it difficult to get pregnant. hi penelope. i want to reassure you that no fertility loss was reported in the clinical trials or in the millions of women who have since received the vaccines.
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>> the 4th of july is one week from today in triple a is anticipating a lot of people to be driving. they think it's going to be back to prepandemic levels. a lot of folks ready to get out travel. >> you know, hit the roads. go someplace. say something. see some fireworks crawford's amanda hari live tonight in walnut creek with look at just how much folks can expect to shell out when they hit the pumps. >> yeah, they expect travel levels to be back to prepandemic levels just like you said, they actually expect this to be the second busiest independence day when it comes to road travel ever. but they
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say they don't expect that to be reflected right here at the gas pumps. >> the un that is aaa of northern california spokesperson out vasquez says you should expect to see the roadways busy this coming week. doesn't expect that to be reflected at the gas pump. that supply has also been catching up. >> especially over these last 4 weeks. he says crude oil prices are steady right now. and if you're traveling out of state you'll still be in luck. but when you look at the national average of the last 4 weeks has only gone up by about 3 or $0.4. so we're not seeing these big. >> you know, price jumps we have to pivot to speak during the. >> the summer demand. if you'll be making a trip he advises having an emergency kit in your car with things like a phone charger batteries jumper cables, a flashlight and snacks. he says you should also have your car inspected before hitting the road to make sure that your tires are
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good. that day has all the fluids that it needs and that directed at the low that you need to be, you know, your windshield wipers are working. all that kind of stuff. >> aaa anticipates that people will be traveling to places like the beach and theme parks. but they also think people will be going to some of the bigger cities that were more shut down during the pandemic and are now finally reopening live in walnut creek amanda hari kron 4 news. >> take a look at this. this early in the fire season. crews are already exhausted. this is a firefighter trying to just catch his breath while trying to battle the willow fire currently burning in monterey county. the los padres national forest posting this picture on their twitter page showing us the difficult work those crews are doing right now to battle the flames with a caption saying after a week of relentless work by firefighters. the fire is 56% contained as of sunday. >> and now to our 4 zone forecast on the sunday has
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been talking about the record heat in the pacific northwest. and we're curious what that's going mean for us here in the bay area. >> i mean, and we're just really lucky that we have june gloom out there because if it wasn't for fog carlo, we would also be under that dangerous heat triple digit weather. but it's well to our north impacting parts of ukiah mendocino county with heat advisories and also excessive heat warnings and for the sierra we're tracking fire weather watch. in addition to red flag warning. so dangerous fire weather heading to the sierra. let's take a look at your micro climate outlook because we are going to start your workweek forecast in the mid 60's for downtown san francisco low 60's at 62 degrees for half moon bay and brisbane at 67 degrees with millbrae and burlingame in the low 70's san mateo and san carlos 72 degrees. so very pleasant start to your monday. a few degrees of warming, upwards of 5 degrees of warming compared to the day. most of us were below average.
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but we're going to warm up to near average highs with low 80's for those of you in the south bay and san jose. and we're also tracking mid 80's returning for those of you livermore at 87 degrees throughout the east bay shoreline low to mid 70's there. walnut creek and concord at 87 degrees. so we are going to get a little bit of that cool sea breeze influence gusts up to 20 miles per hour or less for those of you in the north bay. we're going to see gusts in the 35 mile per hour range or less. fortunately below advisory level going to warm up a bit. vacaville flirting with that triple digit heat. but 90 degrees fairfield not that far everyone else in the low to mid and upper 80's for those of you in the north bay napa, 84 degrees, mid 80's for santa rosa. and take a look ahead at your 10 at 10 outlook. tuesday. that's going to be the peak of the hottest warmest day. no triple digit a record breaking heat in our extended forecast. in fact, are going to be on cruise control. little change. the
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one thing we are going to notice is the return of that marine layer. hopefully it clears out the ingress crossed. it does a week from today. but. only the messenger in case it doesn't. like that disclaimer. thank you, larry. so. for for your health tonight, the world health organization says that the delta variant of the covid-19 virus. >> first identified in india is the most contagious so far. friday, the director general of the world health organization voiced concerns that the variant reaching those without access to vaccines, especially for folks living in poor countries. the health chief emphasizing that the variance rapid spread could actually increase the risk of death. reports show that they have received less than 2% of the billion doses of covid vaccines administered so far. >> still ahead here kron, 4 news at 10 pride is a lot more than just celebrating its off about continuing to push for more recognition, equal rights. we'll take a look out
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people continue that effort today in san francisco.
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>> on this pride sunday. hundreds of people in san francisco march from polk and washington streets all the way to civic center to route that the very first liberation march happened 51 years ago. it's also in honor of the second annual people's march
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and rally kron four's taylor. the second was there and has the story. >> on sunday. hundreds of people marched down polk street to the civic center in san francisco for the peoples march in raleigh. today is focused on the voices of black brown and indigenous generally in spectrum. we get lost. and and we decided to do the people's march in order to get her voice is back. alex you. it is a co-founder and producer of the march along with one in a is their second year organizing the march saying they wanted to bring san francisco pride back to its original roots with this being the original route from the gaelic first ever liberation parade. we want to make sure that we keep this and keep it. keep doing it because this has a lot of history to it right. and we want to bring back with that we're all miss well, it's right now as i said earlier,
10:23 pm
that has been forgotten friday is originally a protest. it was a rally was a march to support our community at a time when we were oppressed. >> and our rights were being tonight and is still rings true today, especially for people of color. so i'm here to support the the i p o c community 100%. >> and stand in solidarity. but behind my brothers and sisters today. others joined the crowd is a call to action and to raise awareness really important for us to protect our rights here, especially in terms voter rights because they don't have oder writes, we don't have a country. we need our democracy and especially for rights and all of anti bills that are in all humans. you cool and we have to fight for it. we have to create safe environments for everyone to be themselves. it's so difficult and almost impossible to be yourself when you're hiding. this is what i have been doing. my whole life, but i'm sure i can be myself. i wish the same for
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everyone in san francisco. taylor bisacky kron 4 news. >> you can find a lot more pride stories on our website. kron 4 dot com. just use your phone to scan this qr code and that will take you to our pride page that has stories from across the bay area and how people are celebrating pride and also some very cool profiles on on outstanding lgbtq leaders and voices. >> from forcing on top of breaking news this sunday night at 10 o'clock. we want to take you back to that fire that is happening in kern county in central california that started with a car fire. this is now the shell fire along. i 5 near grapevine road there in kern county near bakersfield. we are now learning once again that this fire now scorching some 1200 acres at this point started with a car fire this afternoon along. i 5. this quickly just exploded to more than 1200 acres fire crews doing their very best to get a containment on this right now. it's only at 2%. if you're headed down
10:25 pm
to southern california. please expect some delays because they're having to shut down. i 5 so fire crews can quickly or battle that fire as much as they can. but this is a live image of the flames that are continuing to. take over that area tonight. >> now let's talk about our weather forecast says there is still some fire concern out there this evening. >> kron 4 meteorologist mabrisa rodriguez here tonight with a look at what's you can expect on monday. yeah, we're going to see a gradual warming trend to start your work week monday. >> live picture of city hall and they're the pride colors showing up rainbow colors for pride month last weekend of pride here in the bay area. so hope you had a fun and safe time out there this weekend. let's take a look at current temperatures out there right now. widespread 50's and 60's antioch, though, still in the low 70's at this near 11 o'clock hour and overnight lows in antioch. only cooling down into the mid 60's. so
10:26 pm
still going to be on the mild side there widespread mid to upper 50's for most of the bay area. and we're going to see upwards of 5 degrees of warming warming us up to exactly where we should be mid 80's for livermore mid 70's for hayward at mid 60's for downtown san francisco in taking a look ahead at the extended outlook. temperatures going to warm up slightly on tuesday but denver on cruise control with seasonable highs for the next 10 days. 4th of july. we're keeping our eye on it. thanks to raise have the safe and have fun. >> thanks for recent. well, today was kind of sad day here at kron 4 news. we said goodbye to a legendary member of the kron 4 news team after 44 years in television news and the last 26 of them right here at kron. 4 marty gonzales is finally gone. fishin. today was his final broadcast and during the show this morning we took a look back at his remarkable and illustrious career members of the kron 4 family along with his real family joining him on the deaths this morning for his final broadcast this friday
10:27 pm
morning. thank you to my colleagues here at kron 4 who who have worked so hard and tirelessly. >> throughout the years that i've been here, it's a very dedicated group of people and i'm proud to say that i worked with all of you. thank you so much. and of course, the viewers. thank you. you've been so generous over the years. and so kind over the years and allowing us to come into your homes and 2. bring you news and information that hopefully find relevant to your life you've been nothing but well coming in and i really appreciate over the 44 years that that been on the air here and in the bay area and we owe it all to you and thank you for joining every weekend. come rain or shine you are always there. and thank you. thank you so much for that first word. i've always heard when people talk about mardy class act, great guy really is just one of the nicest people i've ever met. >> marty says that his wife did him a favor and ditched his alarm clock for him and that they're looking forward
10:28 pm
to doing some traveling and the future. and the best thing is, is that he was also a journalism professor and he has taught so many future journalist better then come to work here at kron 4. that was so many of them. they're lined up in the background. so his legacy. >> lives on. but now you get to sleep in. marty. and then we get to pick up the torch for you. >> hopefully we can last another. i mean, you've got to news here. i've got one. so i got like 25 we so far. >> thank you so much for joining us here. during conference in prime time this week. and we so appreciate your time. i'm justine his jonathan. but sports night live is up next. jason kate. i'm morgan, and there's more to me than hiv. more love, more adventure, more community. but with my hiv treatment, there's not more medicines in my pill. i talked to my doctor and switched to fewer medicines with dovato. dovato is for some adults who are starting hiv-1 treatment or replacing their current hiv-1 regimen. with just 2 medicines in 1 pill, dovato is as effective as a 3-drug regimen...
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don't miss our weekend special. save up to $1,000 on sleep number 360 smart beds. plus, free premium delivery when you add a base. ends monday. >> hello and welcome to another edition of sports might live. i'm jason dumas says this is kate rooney kate, it's been a while. i think it's been over a year jason. i know the pandemic separated us. we had different schedules, but we're back on set together. and it was a crazy weekend baseball. it was. i'm glad that this was the weekend. we get to be back together and studio. exactly. the latest installment of the bay bridge series did not disappoint 3 near sellout, crowds. 2 great games in a pitching gem in the finale. let's get out the oracle park for game 3. the giants going for the sweep of their bay area. rival over at oracle. i like anderson, barry bonds and
10:32 pm
for sending a get right to work. matt chapman. he fights off inside to center field. elvis andrus scores. so does matt alston. it's 2 nothing oakland chappie on a 15 game hit streak. meanwhile, cole irvin he was dealing for 8 here. he strikes out buster posey aca feel that fan from here down in the 4th, the a's continue to cling on to a 2. nothing lead. yeah, but oakland, they're going to break it open here in the garcia. he's a former giant. you remember going the opposite way to right for the base hit. chad pender is going to score that made it 3. nothing a's. >> and then little bit later in the inning. bob melvin, is this going to go ahead and dial up the safety squeeze cole irvin land on a perfect, but he did all in this game. tony kemp going to come home. buster posey just can't get the takedown in time. nice execution leads to the 4. nothing a's lead oakland scored once more in the 6th to make it 5 zip. >> i wasn't perfect. but now to the 7th garcia comes
10:33 pm
through again who pulls the ball through the hole into left field office later comes up, throwing chapman is coming home. good. throw. it's not in time tap the scores to make it 6. nothing garcia had 2 hits 2 rbi. now back to irvin. he was great on the mound. he struck out 8 over 8. they only gave up 3 hits, maybe his best outing of the season. he's 5 in oh in the month of june. so treating him well, san francisco made some noise off to a bullpen who have been struggling lately in the 9th, but it wasn't enough oakland win. 62 they salvage a win in the series. the giants take 2 of 3 games. let's hear from both sides after this one went final. >> that slider and and us just call a great game. and i trusted him from the start. i told him, you know, in our bullpen before the game. i said it's you know, these guys this year old club. i trust
10:34 pm
and so we kind of went about that's there wasn't many shakes as the game went on. there's a few more shakes but early on. that was all it and that was all me just trying to hit my spot when you have some say inc and you can you know, you can you keep the ball in the strike zone and move both sides. you know, it's tough to get the barrel on it so that this fright, despite the best games pitch, especially against a really hot line at this point. in the end of the day, that's the baseball game. we wanted the team to another w in the win and i'm pretty happy as long as the boys are happy about them down us today. so i think that helped so it was it was it was good. it was a good day. >> and it was his fastball featured a changeup that we've we've seen both you are seeing live it's a quality pitch. but he really was putting the ball where he wanted wanted to put it from the very beginning, the game and continue that throughout the game. we play so many games. you've got to
10:35 pm
be able to stay as much as you can. >> i actually games you it played. it takes baseball. and just try to continue to keep doing like the way the guys fought thought. >> you know, we we're better than we showed in first couple of innings but also cole irvin deserves a lot of credit for they can. >> yeah. cole irvin was great. he brought doughnuts to the team in the morning. then he pitched a donut day. you know, didn't give up a run. 8 strikeouts over 8 innings and i don't think starting pitching is the problem for oakland irvin had a great game showman. i pitched a gem in a loss a couple days ago. what is that bullpen that has really been hurting them as of late. and it's weird because that usually this team's calling card over the years is their bullpen and this year's they've really struggled. yes. been there last few seasons that has enabled them to get to that point in the. >> playoffs you know play in game in the playoffs. they don't have a solid closer like
10:36 pm
they've had in years past and they clearly have the production at the plate. they've got some good defense, but yet they they got to work on. acquiring some strength and their bullpen. i think that's something that we're going to see them to hear throughout the series. but hey, they're still a really good team, right. they did lose the lead that they had in the division, son other 2 games back of the astros. but clearly this is a team that's going places you know, i think if they can get some of the guys who have been on the isle back and get healthy. that's going to go a long way for the is well, get 100% now. also, this was the first week and there we see. >> london breed and and libby shaft that that ahead. libby shaft lee, that's a whole different story. but anyway, we'll get to that. it was a first. it was the first weekend of full capacity baseball at oracle park. i know you went there on friday. i was there on saturday night. how was the experience for you on friday. it was so much fun. my husband said on friday that it felt like vibes of the 2010 world series season. and so
10:37 pm
that's kind of what i've been thinking about because it's true. everyone was just so excited. >> you know, you're going to see some good baseball 2 really good teams. it was just the first time that when it will able to see baseball in this way in a really long time. so it just it had a special feeling to that. you i can't agree more i was there on saturday >> great game. the weather wasn't the best. but you know what francisco for. yeah. and we've got a walk-off. i you know, i got to eat some good food and it was a great night at the ballpark and i'm glad we're finally on the other end of this thing. you people still have to take cautions. but i feel like it's so we can breathe easy a little bit. yeah. what a great way to kick it off. right. right now. here's a guy who won't be breathing easy over the next couple of days. he might find himself suspended it was bound to happen. someone was always going to be the first one. i just didn't think it would happen so soon. i mean, they started checking a week seattle mariners pitcher hector santiago with a jacked
10:38 pm
it today after umpires inspected, his glove for a foreign substance substance. i'm sorry. santiago said he would use in rows in rising our say again. rise and rajon rob and see i'm not an expert on us making sure you're not the one checking it was on pitching hand in his glove umpire. phil cousy said he felt sticky stuff on the inside of the glove and he showed santiago the door. so, hey, you gotta go you can it in a can you do. all righty. well. all right. well, matt olson is another guy who is not feeling too good this week because. >> he came in 5th in all-star voting. right. and that is just ridiculous. when you look at the season that this guy is having 20 home runs 53 rbi. he's got an ps of 9.63. those are all second among american league. first baseman and yet somehow he didn't even make it into the top 3 among first basemen. so i think that is a
10:39 pm
royal snub and just goes to show you that people to still aren't taking. this is team that seriously. it's just such a slight. and i mean. >> just a product of they're alway been overlooked and you know, they probably don't ever really get the respect they deserve and you know, even the organization they kind of almost take pride in winning by doing less. they don't spend a lot of money, but that kind of hurts their players in just the the popularity contest. yeah. and this is a guy of the season ended today he would probably be top 3 in the american league in mvp voting and he's not even going to make the all-star game. that's shows that is a flawed system and you know, i don't know how much of a funk hill calls over it, but it's just not right. you know, hey, hopefully get a little bit of a chip on his shoulder because of it and helped propel the a's even further. >> in this season and make make a deeper run in the postseason in recent years.
10:40 pm
100% and his his other boy, matt chapman is starting to come around to his on that 15 game hit streak. >> so hopefully they both can start producing at the same time, which will result in some only they can pitch 2 innings bullpen that would help mark hanna back. we need that to happen to so. >> all right. well, we are not >> sports night live. of course we have nba highlights trae young and the hawks taking on the bucks and then we also have our bay area baseball bit. we'll talk to allen stiles and go over bay bridge series talk a little college baseball. that's all return.
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>> welcome back to sports night live can't really. and jason dumas here with you tonight. we talk baseball. now we've got to talk some playoff hoops yeah, we'll full swing in the nba playoffs has been an exciting play off to a pretty unpredictable who would have thought a few months ago. the hawks would be hosting an eastern conference finals game in the same year that they fire their head coach lloyd pierce. >> that's why i've said repeatedly over the years. sports are the best form of reality tv. let's go down to the celebs out and about 2 chainz cam newton with that crazy ugly had you got chris tucker right now are rush
10:44 pm
hour. floyd mayweather all in the house. but hawks game 3 2nd quarter yonnis on the break. check this out. that is what they call lab and athleticism he had 33 points and 11 rebounds with the hawks were in control early trae young from the logo 35 points, but things went south for trey later on. check this out into the 3rd. he tweaked his ankle right there is right ankle. he left the game. he came back with 8 minutes, but he was clearly affected by only have 3.2 was limping of a little bit. meanwhile, khris middleton went nuts in the 4. 4 straight 3 pointer right there. that gives the bucs a three-point lead bucks up 8 now more middleton. nice fade away dagger. he had 20 points in the 4th alone finished with a career-high playoff career-high that is 38 he also had 11 rebounds, 7 assists bucks win. one, 13 1. oh to they go up to one game 4 is tuesday night back in said of
10:45 pm
the 4th quarter get 100%. we've got some warriors news this week. steph curry said he will not be playing in the summer's olympic games in tokyo. but. >> draymond green has committed to playing in his second games after he won gold with team usa in 2000. 16. also the nba draft lottery was on tuesday. the dubs got the 7th and 14th overall picks. but the warriors got some klay thompson. >> is back on the court. he put up some shots at chase center took to instagram to provide the people with an update. he said this donation. i still have a really long long, long way to go. >> but my goodness of felt so dang, good to get up and down and see the ball go through the net. can't wait to burn them down next year. big milestone for me this week. clay, of course, has not played since he tore his left acl during game 6 of the 2019 nba finals that feels like a lifetime ago and then he tore that achilles last year. and we miss clay excited to see that he is on his


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