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tv   KRON 4 News at 4am  KRON  June 23, 2021 4:00am-4:31am PDT

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>> from the area's local news station. you're watching the kron 00:00am morning news, 4. >> and good morning and thanks for joining us for the kron 00:00am morning news it's wednesday. >> june 23rd. like every time i read a new date. i've got a blown away by how fast these months are just moving. we're joined with john trouble who's in the weather center yesterday. john, we have to really cool. nice temperatures. nice breeze to keep his cool overnight over the next few days. it looks like it's the same story. it's the weekend. we've got to really prepare for all right. don't know if i'm ok with the fact it's almost july already ringing yes, i got to prepare for this hot weekend ahead of
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us. it's officially summer. now. we kick things off with some are at 08:30pm, on sunday. so we're a few days into the new season. now. >> 2021 seems to be flying by and it's doing so without a lot of rainfall. but at least mother nature keeping us on our toes with some ups and downs. as far as temperatures go right now, we're in the midst of one of those downs. and that means that we are in the midst of some cooler weather for just a couple more days and you got to enjoy every bit of it because we've got the hotter weather just around the corner as reno is saying, looking outside this morning at a berkeley cam right here. skies a little on the cloudy side yet again, we're talking some marine layer that is scooted on into the bay in certain areas. now we will see the potential of some coastal drizzle yet again, right along the coastline such as we did yesterday, as that think marine layer really pushes its way right along the shoreline inland areas. you're mostly looking at a dose of low cloud cover radar. you can kind of see that faint gray, especially right along the coastline indicating that marine layer that is making its presence known for some of our areas closer to the
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pacific 50's and 60's for our current temperatures were actually kick in this one off just a couple of degrees cooler than we did yesterday for a few spots. not a big difference, though. so we're back to a fairly mild start to this morning followed by more mild weather into the afternoon. 60's remain at the coastal 70's by the bay and low 80's hold steady for inland areas talking 90's in triple digits, though, by the weekend. still to come in your forecast tom, thank you for that. so we had an early-morning hot spot that just cleared. >> a severe traffic alert. this is on highway 4. >> at they barry avenue. and again, this is in hercules again. unfortunately, a fatality there. they just open the lanes. they had several lanes closed and we are just going to keep a close eye on that area. >> as you head into the city this morning from the east bay to that fremont street exit a little under 11 minutes for your drive times. so conditions. look right there.
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let's also head over look at the san mateo bridge as you're heading across towards the peninsula a little under 11 minutes. still very light and we leave you with a look at the golden gate bridge traveling into the city. no fog to slow you down there about 20 minutes. we'll have more on that coming up. for now. we begin in the east bay this morning where there was an emotional vigil at lake merritt just 3 days after gun violence rocked what is traditionally a very safe space in oakland. kron four's ella sogomonian has more on how the community is coming together to try to stop future gun violence. there. >> want to see saying got to go through the birthing pains to give birth to something that never been comfortable oakland. councilmember carroll fife is one of the many city leaders who say police response to a crime isn't their focus in the aftermath of this weekend's shooting at lake merritt instead it's providing resources for the community and its children to stop the problem before it starts. the leader of the department of violence prevention saying regardless
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of which side of the bridge the shooters are from. they are not criminals. their children who are hurt by generational trauma who need help and prison only makes it worse. i do want to give a pass children and they behave in a way. >> we want to hold them accountable. but we already know. that put him in a system that makes it worse is not holding them accountable is bad. that >> surround them with me to in mind that there are members, all the speakers at the vigil for peace rally on tuesday. addressed investing in violence, prevention and youth programs overall, the rally was an opportunity for people to come together to address a trauma, try to heal and come up with solutions to gun violence. the trauma. >> from the shootings this weekend. the trauma from poverty that's happening in our community from disinvestment happening in our community. so as we come
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together, it's about showing the love and the civilians that we have as a community to find a path forward. people in the crowd applauded city leaders for trying to find the root cause of gun violence. >> and trying to fund programs for kids early on before they lose their way and make these fatal mistakes that harmed the community. >> the man who was killed in saturday's shooting has been identified as 22 year-old dish on roads. police say he lived in san francisco and oakland. he also leaves behind a young son. this is him and his 2 year-old son marci on prince wrote as families share these pictures with kron 4. his aunt tells us was a stay at home. father who took his job of being a parent very seriously. >> and i recently had to give him his props to giving his father that he became because when he jumped into that role, he jumped into it. second hand like like he was made for. and i can just say. i so proud of
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it. >> oakland. police is violence all rival gangs or san francisco. but shots family says he was not affiliated with any gangs. now, we also spoke with mayor libby schaff about the shooting and she's asking everyone to avoid hold any large gatherings at lake merritt who says it just can't handle large crowds. >> lake merritt was not designed for massive crowds. it is a wildlife sanctuary. it is situated in a residential neighborhood with the downtown on one side and we really need people to be thoughtful about what the lake can bear. we have been trying all summer to limit traffic to limit parking to really try and moderate the crowds of people at the lake and to try and direct them to parts of the lake that are better designed to accommodate those crowds. >> welcome. police are working with san francisco police to try to identify the gunman and they are alsowlooking over
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surveillance video opd and crime stoppers are offering a $40,000 reward for any information that may lead to an arrest. now again, you can go ahead and scan this qr code on your screen. it's going to be up to date information on the shooting. the search for the suspects and all of that will have more coming up later. now to the latest on coronavirus. it's a major milestone for a marine county were. >> 90% of the eligible population has received at least one dose of the covid vaccine there. according to the county's health department. nearly 200, 1000 out of 223,000 marin county residents have received least one dose more than 81% of the eligible population is now fully vaccinated marin county officials say they focused on equity and their local vaccination strategy and also members of the latinx community are most highly vaccinated group there. as some bay area counties are celebrating the high
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vaccination rates. others are still unfortunately lagging behind health officials say they need to step up their efforts to get more people vaccinated because that's the only way we're going to get out of this pandemic. >> that means working with community leaders church pastors, unity advocates primary care physicians who might might really have the ear of the folks might not be listening to and or other government officials. we won't get community level protection and really interrupt community spread. and until we have a much higher rate of vaccination in every community. so cases will continue hospitalizations will continue. and unfortunately deaths are continuing in the people who aren't vaccinated. >> another reason l experts want people to get the shot is due to the increasing spread of the delta variant. it's believed to be more transmissible and cause more severe disease was first identified in india and now accounts more than 20% of new
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cases in the united states. many experts believe it could become the dominant strain in places that have low vaccination rates. health officials in marin county ca from yesterday. it's the most dominant strain there, which is why health officials say they're going to continue to encourage everyone to get their covid-19 shots. the white house announced the u.s. will likely fall short of its goal of having 70% of american adults partially vaccinated against covid-19 by july. 4th as of tonight about 70% of americans over the age of 30 have received at least one shot. but for people that are under 30. the numbers only about 58%. there. officials say young people still aren't getting the shot at the rate needed to beat the virus. >> the reality is many younger americans have felt like covid-19. is not something that impacts them. and they've been less eager to get the shot. >> administration will now focus on getting more young adults vaccinated. crime and
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homelessness. they remain a top concern of people who live in the city. according to new data. a lot of people think things are getting worse and a new san francisco chamber of commerce poll says there's a growing dissatisfied dissatisfaction for the city among residents on 4. dan kerman has that report for us. >> a growing belief that san francisco is on the decline. that's the gist of a new poll by the san francisco chamber of commerce of the 520 residents that were polled 88% believe homelessness has worsened in recent years. an 80% believe crime is also gotten worse. 70% believe the quality of life has declined. a good number san franciscans are concerned about seeing in san francisco. >> over the next 5 years, which is concerning to us. obviously what makes up just doing great cities that the longevity in the multi generational things that happened near urban settings is really what keeps the history, the culture alive in san francisco.
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>> in terms of city priorities. 80% believe addressing the homeless crisis should be the top priority. 76% say the city should prioritize increasing the number of police officers in high crime neighborhoods and 60% believe maintaining funding for police academy. classes should be a high priority. >> francisco to thrive to afford to bounce back the streets of san francisco have to be clean and safe is quite quite simple, really. and i think basic needs of urban settings and security and safety and having the confidence to walk down the street. safely. it's just a basic need. >> as it relates to the homeless crisis. 82% want more case workers on the streets to help those suffering from mental illness and substance abuse problems. 80% support expanding conservatorship for individuals experiencing severe mental illness and 74% favor more temporary homeless shelters. again, 520 residents in san francisco surveyed in this chamber of commerce poll.
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again, this is just a preview. the full poll to be released on thursday. >> in san francisco. dan kerman kron 4 news. still ahead on the kron 00:00am morning news republicans blocked from voting rights bill that democrats insist they won't give up a live report from washington. we get back.
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>> in the north bay fire season is here and marin county. the sheriff's office.
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it's starting to prepare residents just in case they have to evacuate kron four's charles clifford has details on the county's new evacuation tack program. >> well, anticipating, what could be a very long hot and potentially dangerous fire season. the marine county sheriff's office and fire officials have created a program to distribute these tags to the public for free that hopefully in the event of a a dangerous fire will help first responders do their job a little more quickly. these new tags are designed to be simple. highly visible and kept with an emergency go back. the idea is that if anyone is forced to leave their home in a hurry because of a fire or other emergency. >> they can leave the tags behind in a visible place like a window door mailbox then when firefighters or other first responders arrive on scene. they will know that the home has been evacuated and that they don't need to spend extra time searching the area in essence. what it does is allows it to clear the roadways faster. help those who need help. evacuating. >> and get to them. quicker and basically create more room
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for first responders. once we know all houses are evacuated for them to move up and down the roads without having to worry about checking more houses. similar programs have been created in sonoma and napa counties. marin county is printed up about 100,000 of these tags which are available for free. at most fire stations and sheriff's office locations across the county. now, if anyone has disabilities and maybe can't make it down to the. >> fire stations or to one of the sheriff's office. you can reach out to the sheriff's office and they will make arrangements to have one brought to you. but for now in the north bay. charles clifford kron. 4 news. >> right. a lot of weather conversation going on here. even when you're not think about it, you're experiencing it because you're feeling it. so again, over the next few days, it's going to be comfortable. that's what john top meets getting comfortable. but over the weekend. that's where it's expected to get really warm is not right on. exactly right rain that we're in for a warm-up come the weekend and that means that you've got to enjoy the comfortable weather that we've got for the time being.
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>> as much as you possibly can. we're back into the 80's today at our warmest. that's the way we're going to stay for a couple more days ahead of us before that weekend. he one of the reasons we are staying relatively cool. that is is because we do have an increase in the ocean cool there that's pushing in across the bay area low cloud cover sitting over the east bay. most of that cloudy blanket is right above us. so, the driving through it. you're just going to be looking at some gray in a few pockets as you make your way out of the house after sunset or sunrise this morning. radar shows you dry skies for the bay. currently we do have some drizzly spots possible along the coastline to watch out for a couple of wet spots on highway one like yesterday. low pressure still hanging out immediately to our west. it is not going to be trudging its way inland high pressure is making sure that it's blocked a right off the coastline. but it is at least keeping us cool while some of our inland avers out into the desert southwest are looking at that so did with this high-pressure ridge
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future cast of winds shows a calm morning winds do pick back up this afternoon. really, if anything just ensuring that that cool ocean air makes its way inland keeps temperatures. pretty moderated. only peaking in the low 80's under warm us today for san francisco. it will be a range of 60's. pretty similar right along the on terror at 61 half moon bay at 66 today temperatures on the peninsula, on the bay side of things anyways mostly back into the 70's. not a whole lot of change going on here from yesterday. san jose and campbell barely back into the low 80's. so just to settle warm-up for these spots temperatures in the east bay right around the same as yesterday oakland at 71 while the kree danville conquered antioch on up through vacaville back into the 80's. but really only low to mid 80's at the very warmest. santa rosa in petaluma each at 76 today. now tomorrow's temperatures really don't change much to today. today, tomorrow, the most mild of this forecast after that the heat begins to build by friday. temperatures climb
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back up into the upper 80's a warming trend inland saturday getting close to the triple digits. inland and by sunday, monday and tuesday. that's pretty much the number that we're going to be hanging out for a lot of our inland cities. so enjoy these 80's. this cool weather while we've got it the heat does look to be building back in this weekend into early next week. reyna john, thank you for that. if you are hitting the roads this morning. we're looking at your bridges. >> no issues as you're traveling into the city via the bay bridge from the east bay. they're a little under 9 minutes. but we do have some earlier things to talk about like there is a travel advisory. this is eastbound 80 from the carquinez bridge toll plaza to georgia street lanes wanted to our clothes due to some construction there and also we had an early-morning fatality. unfortunately, this was a long highway 4. and again, westbound at bay. barry avenue in hercules. we are now looking at the roadways with seem to be clear, they were closed for some time. now
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they're back open. let's head over get a look at the san mateo bridge, though, heading across towards the peninsula. no major issues or delays little under 11 minutes. keeping a close eye on your roads. we'll have more on that for now we have to get to this national news with a 5050 vote. republicans blocked the voting rights bill. democrats say this is not the end of their fight for voting rights for americans. washington, dc correspondent basil john joins us live with more on that vote. good morning, basil. >> a good morning. and yes, despite every democratic senator coming together. republicans made sure that that bill did not live on and democrats say they will continue this fight. the motion is not agree to in a 5050 vote. the democratic voting rights bill failed to pass in the senate. it is not a republican. >> a concern or democratic concern. it is an american concern. senate democrats need to 10 republicans to jump on
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board with the legislation, but no gop senators sided with that. >> senate majority leader chuck schumer says democrats will continue to push voter suppression throughout the country. the fight to protect voting rights is not over. by no means the bill was an attempt to counter a wave of election changes made by republican state legislatures and look to and dark money in politics and partisan gerrymandering. what is really about. there's an effort to the federal government take over the way we conduct elections in this country. >> but senate minority leader mitch mcconnell says democrats are looking for a problem that's not there. ohio republican senator rob portman agrees. i can not support legislation that would run so counter what the framers of the constitution intended and the election system that works well. in my home state of ohio. georgia democratic senator raphael warnock says there is a real issue in his home state and says he and other democrats will not stop until the problems are resolved. we have to ensure
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that the voices of the people can be heard and their own halls. >> the most democratic senators are now looking to eliminate the filibuster. we're to avoid issues like this happening with the gop in the future reporting live in washington. i'm basil john. >> thank you for that report. days old. well, coming up on the kron 4 morning news the fate of a popular flea market. now in the hands of san jose city council where the vote now stands. when
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the south bay following hours of deliberation. the san jose city council have decided to postpone their vote on rezoning the land that currently holds the san jose flea market. now the rezoning plans would close a majority of the flea market. we're more than about 400 vendors work going to replace it with tech offices housing and more currently the market sits on about 20 acres of land. but the proposal cuts, the flea market space to just 5 acres something community members and some county leaders are not happy about. >> most of our vendors are in the grandson of the 3rd age, meaning like many of them will not be able to find another position. another job. the
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community is very upset as well. if the few it's a place where you can find multicultural being that the whole new community in there. >> now the meeting is going to resume this morning. and and however the various a flea market vendors association are now asking for a 90 day delay in the city council decision at a seat at the table and what will happen next to the land. we'll be right back.
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welcome back to the kron 00:00am morning news it time for you now for 28 nasa getting dressed trying to figure out what to wear today for the most part, i feel like it's going to be a nice day. i think a little birdie told me got inside scoop on that. it's the weekend that we're really, really try to plan on what we're going to do, right, john, good morning. yeah. the weekend maybe back to those avoiding the days getting out for a night on the town rather. >> after what will be hot. days ahead of us come friday, saturday and sunday. in the meantime today and tomorrow. enjoy the afternoons get out there. enjoy some 80's that will have for inland spots. our warmest of daytime highs going to be pretty mild as we work our way through the next couple of days. right now, skies right along the coastline. definitely on the cloudy to foggy side. a little bit more that coastal drizzle being seen today. much as we
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saw yesterday along highway one so watch out for some wet spots out that way. this deep marine layer at the coast in the form of some low cloud cover pretty much everywhere else across the bay. so just a morning to note that we do have some low clouds and some lower visibility right along the coastline radar otherwise is looking clear and dry and temperatures actually they're nice and mild again to start the morning yesterday. a lot of us were in the mid 60's at this point today. a lot of those same spots are in the low 60's. so just a little bit on the cooler side, but still feeling. all right. as you venture out by the time we reach the afternoon. not a lot of changes from yesterday. we do have a couple more 80's on the map. but warmest day time highs today really in the low 80's to just one or 2 mid 80's that will be thing. that sounds pretty good come the 90's in triple digits of the weekend for inland areas. i'll talk to you more about that as we go john, thank you for that. all right. if you're heading out this morning, we are getting a look at your traffic. >> if you're heading from the east bay into the city wants to reach the maz


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