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tv   KRON 4 News at 10  KRON  June 19, 2021 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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>> when fun time from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 news. >> now at 10 o'clock ron for staying on top of breaking news this saturday night. 6 people injured in a shooting at lake merritt. one person is dead. in the last 15 minutes, oakland police confirming to us that 5 victims. a total of 5 injured as a result of that earlier, it was just the one person dead and then for other
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people who were injured. but now we're learning that a total of 6 people now injured. one person dead in the shooting at lake merritt during the juneteenth celebrations. that is where we start this saturday night here on kron. 4 news at 10 o'clock. welcome. and i'm jonathan mccall and i'm just involvement according to oakland police. there are 2 people in custody responsible for the shooting tonight that happened around 6 o'clock near lakeshore avenue and brooklyn. let's get back to that video from the citizens app. >> as we understand from oakland police when they first got there, they found 4 victims, but that has now been updated to their being. 6 victims. total 5 males have been hurt. they range in age from 16 to 27. there's one female victim who is 21 years old. one male who was 22 was pronounced deceased at the hospital. the 5 other victims are reported to be in stable condition. now immediately after the shooting. oakland police say that they saw 2 men running from the scene with firearms and both those men
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have been arrested and 2 firearms have been recovered currently oakland's the homicide division is working on this to determine if those individuals are connected and responsible for this shooting. but again, this happened during the juneteenth celebrations this evening at lake merritt where there was a crowd of about a 1000 people gathered and there were a lot of people. they're trying to enjoy this holiday when this violence started around 6.30 this evening right near lake merritt. we're still working to get more information on the story. a lot of new developments have been coming in again. 6 people suffering gunshot wounds. 5 males. one female and one male who is 22 years old, has now been pronounced dead and opd now have 2 men in custody and they had firearms with them. all of this happening around 6 o'clock tonight near lakeshore avenue in brooklyn, which is on the eastern side of the lake for the folks who are. >> in that area just looking on twitter tonight, folks have been talking about how
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incredible of the dead was. they were out there having fun and then all of a sudden they just heard a series of gunshots. some people on twitter saying they heard as many as 15 gunshots and then all of a sudden they just saw folks running trying to get out of the way. as justin mentioned, plenty of new developments coming into this into the kron 4 news room tonight on the story. we are going to stay in contact with oakland police and bring you updates as soon as they become available. >> now before the shooting. thousands of people were at lake merritt celebrating juneteenth in the first time doing this since it became a federal holiday. yes. several celebrations taking place across the bay area today and this weekend. >> kron four's gayle ong has a look at the events at lake merritt. >> thousands gathered around lake merritt saturday to celebrate freedom day. now a national holiday. some people actually got the day off yesterday because i have a co-worker. the system works federally. so they have the day off. but i just i come down here and enjoy it. it's a beautiful day at the lake winslow and her friend miss
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parker the holiday means more than a day off now. gives it more recognition. and i think that's why it is more actively celebrating right now. today because it has been recognized telling the that we know. but more people can understand the plight juneteenth commemorates the end of slavery in the united states in 1865 oaklanders kicked off celebrations with for food art music and dance. >> finally name until all a day president joe biden signing of juneteenth national independence day into law has been a long time coming that people say more work is ahead tried and did a great thing. black people have been celebrating juneteenth. and i think we will continue and hopefully it's the start of a much more to come takes time. its name that get to point where people understand. >> our struggle it's never likely taken for granted. we
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know and it everything to me now even more so juneteenth celebrations continue sunday. there are planned events at the solano county fairgrounds in vallejo and san francisco's gilman park. >> reporting from oakland gayle ong kron 4 news. >> so juneteenth has been celebrated in many parts of america for you know me being from texas going up down the road from galveston and houston is where juneteenth bridge originally was celebrated, of course this year. it's really taken a life of its own. as we mentioned now a federally recognized holiday yes, and that is very significant because juneteenth being recognized as a fellow federal holiday. >> means that some things will change. people got the day off. but it's also getting a lot more attention than it's ever gotten before. and we want to talk about. >> this moment in our nation's history with congresswoman barbara lee who's joining us here live tonight during prime for news. thank you so much for joining us. >> thank you. so we worked with you were there when president biden signed this
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into law this week. it's the video and the pictures that i saw. >> it's you standing next to opal lee, who is the 94 year-old activist who sort of spearheaded this whole movement next to kamala harris can you take us to this moment when the president signed this into law. what that was like for you. >> so let me just take a moment, though. and offer thoughts and prayers and condolences to the family and friends of the young man who was shot. so by late this evening at lake merritt. and for all of those who were injured and been praying for their recovery. and just say we have got to get guns off the streets. this assault weapon. band that has been lifted by the judge in california hopefully we'll be able to get on hold in terms of a stay. and we've got to pass gun safety in washington, dc we have to have actions that we can't allow this violence to continue man and i'm heartbroken tonight over what has happened once again in my district and so today, of course, to it's a day to
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celebrate. but a day to reflect where we've been and exactly where we must go. and so being in in the white house with the president. vice president kamala harris was very humbling for me. and i share that because i worked on this for many years. i've always held to keep the we celebrated this as a child. i was born and raised in el paso, texas. but my grandfather was born in galveston, texas in 1875, 10 years after general granger told us finally in texas that we were free and my great grandmother was born in in a town right outside of galveston. so this is been really personal for me since of child in many respects. and finally, i'm so. so excited and pleased president biden signed this as a federal holiday because now i think
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more people are beginning to understand the plight of african americans. and yes, how far we've come. but let me take those chains of slavery, 401 years ago. have not all been cracked and we witnessed that. and we know that because we know that systemic racism and structural racism is so embedded in the dna. and that's our job is to buy continue to fight for racial equity. and just we know that those pages of history have been stuck together for so long. you mentioned they're starting to come apart what happened with the juneteenth. >> celebration. the story juneteenth. obviously what happened with the tulsa. massacre, the race massacre there in oklahoma. some of those stories are starting to start are really starting to come to life people starting to understand them. but what more needs to be done moving forward. what do we take from this moment right now. and how do we kind of push ford some of those actions that still need to be had. we know that the george floyd policing act
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still remains in stuck in congress right now. even though that there are several folks on both sides of the aisle who are supporting it. how does something like that or what do we take away from this moment to push forward the conversation. >> well, first, this is a truth telling you know, they tried to wipe out the stories of african americans such as tell us when i was commemorating the one 100th anniversary of the massacre that took place. now states are trying to ban critical race theory that teaches about race and races, laws and policies. so what we have to do is we have to insist the african american community in our history be seen finally in the black lives do matter. but we also have to fight to make sure police the mass incarceration as a result of of biased and unjust laws are we are we do this, but we also have to make sure voting rights. hr one for the people
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act hr the john lewis voting rights act that we get those past. they have to go together and we hope that the senate will loop because what they're trying to do now is take us back to the days passed just grow. they're taking us back to the days where african americans were considered only 3 visible human being. and so we need to take this moment of and recognize how far we've come, what it means ballot and i've talked to so many african-americans feel bill honored and feel like they're being recognized in their struggles. under be in big are becoming understood. but now the next step is to pass laws and policies and and close the gap. so that means hr 40. reparations. we have to have that federal commission to study and develop reparation is because we can not repair the damage without taking into account the damage that has been for 400 years and also my bill hr 19 called bridge truth racial healing and
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transformation commission. we've got to pass the george floyd justice in policing act and so many injustices. so still exist. and so in every single policy at every level of government. our young people thank god are insisting that we look every policy and ensure that racial equity and justice is part of we're working for the future. >> there's still a lot more work that needs to be done in advancing racial equality for sure. and representative barbara lee, we appreciate you also addressing the violence in oakland that happened today during a juneteenth celebration. it was also great to get your perspective on. that is certainly not the way we want to have this first time that this holiday is being recognized federally a day. people are getting off that this violence would overshadow something like that. >> yes, community is resilient community. it's a beautiful community. people understand that we have a lot of work to
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do. but in many ways unified on so many fronts. but in so many other ways, the violence is still with us and it's it's and they're lot of reasons we can talk about why. but let me tell you one thing. we have got to have peace in our community and we have to get these guns off the street and i want to thank all of those young people and ministers and everyone who has worked for so long to try to get this gun stop so many people. you know, i know i have been killed and did our children. and these family members. these are children. these are mothers, fathers, brothers and sisters of people in. >> and we have to take this moment joe 19 as we're commemorating our history in this country and what it meant to be free to have this type carnage take place in in my district is just is overwhelmingly heartbreaking and i hope people understand
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we've got to demand that gun safety and gun control laws be passed and we have got to make sure that these gun owners out of state. stop selling these gun so that they can stay out of our community because they're not allowed to sell them. >> in the 13th congressional district, but they bring a man anyway because there are no federal loss to keep them from bringing a man so it's a serious here we go again. but i hope this is another wake-up call that both send a signal that we're not going to tolerate this kind of gun violence anymore in in california in my district throughout the country. you know, the family of that 21 year-old man now having the unenviable task of trying to plan his funeral. >> after just out on the lake. congresswoman barbara lee, thank you so much for your time. as joining us here on kron, 4 news. thank you. nice being with thank you, con
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>> welcome back, everyone. a week after a woman was killed when a car crashed into a parklet at a san jose outdoor dining area. another happening here in san francisco. it happened just after midnight in the san francisco and crawford's amanda hari. >> is joining us now live after talking with the owner about the accident and what his plans are now for the parklet after the park was basically destroyed in this crash. >> good evening. he says he's grateful that no one was there at the time of the crash. like you said, it was late at
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night, but he says he doesn't plan to rebuild the park. what he says right now with all the cars driving around. now that things are back open. it's just too dangerous. >> it's just not safe. general, i've never been. a big proponent of owner of aquitaine. one bar and bistro and roof. edelman says when he goes out each other restaurants. >> he won't sit in a parklet because he's worried about safety. his worries becam- a reality early friday morning when a car crashed into his restaurants. never. the break. the wall here. >> never basically end of the fillman says the suspect just walked off, but he has the license plate number of the car and is hopeful police can find the person. it was quite horrible to see that and think about what might happened. if it was during the full of
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people. john bait lives on the same block as the restaurant and is an organizer with streets for people they can't pain for safe streets. >> he says he sometimes feels anxious sitting in part that says, well, it sometimes does not feel safe because of the cars passing a high speed, but he says this area on church street near market street should feel safer. >> because people aren't supposed to be driving here. but i see the cars ignoring the signs all the time. while i'm walking down the street fillman says as things reopen, he believes in some busy areas. the parklets need to be removed first started the pandemic. >> there's a lot traffic, lot less cars. >> they would streets for. the people says that he believes there is value in still having some parklets. he says it can be helpful for people who are still nervous about eating inside because of covid-19 and it could be good to have if we do see an uptick of cases in the winter. live in san
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francisco. amanda hari kron. 4 news. amanda, thank you. >> congressman eric swalwell spending part of this saturday morning. hiking and talking about infrastructure with his constituents in the east bay. it's actually the first time to get a chance to meet face to face with the folks that he represents since the pandemic kron four's camila barco was there. >> i'm done with ever want to open a zoom link again. congressman eric swalwell is hugging his constituents in the 15th district after a year of online meetings. saturday morning swalwell joined a group of residents as they hiked a portion of the iron horse regional trail and the dublin pleasanton area stay just reinforce why it's important. >> look people in the eye here about the issues they have that they may not even be comfortable sharing on zoom the group met the congressman at the dublin pleasanton bart station. >> where he discussed the future of transportation between the bay area's tri valley and san joaquin county. we're going to extend this train 50 miles we just got
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funding for that in the infrastructure bill. it's called the valley link project. the 20 million dollar plan would add 7 stops on the rail line between dublin pleasanton and stockton. >> phase. one includes stops in livermore, tracy and lay threat phase 2 of the valuing project would extend the rail line to stockton. now the 42 mile route would help connect housing people and jobs serve low income communities support 400 jobs when it's operational and reduce greenhouse gas emissions so needed to take 30,000 cars off the road each day would reduce our carbon emissions and it just a lot of people to spend more time with their family and less time. >> you can gesture as of may 12 the tri valley. san joaquin valley regional authority. >> is moving ahead with preliminary engineering work in dublin. pleasanton camila barco kron 4 news. >> wildiire coverage. now the fairfield fire department says that this fire has been stopped and it started earlier this morning near north. what
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anyway right near the jelly belly factory no other information has been released and how big this fire got before they were able to stop it. no cause has been released either. we're working to get you more information and we'll give it to you as soon as we can. there were 15 people that were injured during an early morning apartment fire in san francisco. we do have video now from the citizens app. fire crews contain the blaze at the sierra madre apartments in the tenderloin. the fire started just before 6.30 this morning in a 6 story building that's located on leavenworth street. 20 people needed to be rescued by the san francisco fire department. 15 of those were injured and there are 60 people who do not have a place to live tonight because of this fire. the cause is under investigation. let's go now to our 4 zone forecast as we take a live look outside here in san francisco. there's the transamerica period. a pyramid covered in the fog. tomorrow's a big day. it's father's day. it's also going to kick off
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the first day of summer starts tomorrow night. you know, a lot of stuff going on this weekend. kron 4 meteorologist dave spahr. >> here tonight with a look at the weather forecast for dead. good evening, everybody. looking at our forecast going forward. what improve what we got coming our way for tonight. you know, the clear skies and all going to be the 50's for the most part for those lows. but looking ahead. >> well, tonight got the 50's, the bay fog returns mild and cool tomorrow mild for the bay couple hot spots happening inland. we're still going to venture into some of the lower 90's, then for the week ahead mild and pleasant. warm still inland. it's still going to be feeling like summer, which officially gets here tomorrow. we've got the deeper marine layer working for us but not much more. you know, we have this cut off low that's going to be in her backyard in with these systems. the thing is if it was able to tap into more injured, more be more exciting and so forth. so what we're getting is those patches of drizzle. the aggressive morning fog which may take a while to mix out for portions of the bay. but cooler
10:23 pm
temperatures. and that's something like for a while. we get into this weekend and the following week it looks like another heat spell is setting itself up for us tonight. again to review 55 per san francisco 57 for san jose 58 coming in for oakland but wider geography. keep those numbers in the upper 50's as you can see, inland even along the east bay shoreline now for tomorrow. we've got 68 san francisco oakland coming in at 7486 for san jose. you know, little improvement occurring here bit by bit across the wider geography. we've got the middle 90's that beats the see note dropping back to 91 for concord, east bay shoreline the still 80's hanging around here hayward and fremont. 74 for open 68 san francisco in those 80's up to the north bay and the south bay now improvement is coming for dad tomorrow. still going to be plenty warm inland 95 got late lower 80's going on as we get to the middle of the week. don't forget that aggressive brain later in the morning hours lower 70's cover us by
10:24 pm
the bay, although there is a warm up by friday at the coast. we'll do those 60's. back to you. dave, thank you. kron forcing on top of breaking news tonight of power outages out of the east bay. we first told you that there was some 50,000. >> power outages in the east bay. clearly not there anymore. we are coming, i'm morgan, and there's more to me than hiv. more love, more adventure, more community. but with my hiv treatment, there's not more medicines in my pill. i talked to my doctor and switched to fewer medicines with dovato. dovato is for some adults who are starting hiv-1 treatment or replacing their current hiv-1 regimen. with just 2 medicines in 1 pill, dovato is as effective as a 3-drug regimen... to help you reach and stay undetectable. research shows people who take hiv treatment as prescribed and get to and stay undetectable can no longer transmit hiv through sex. don't take dovato if you're allergic to its ingredients or if you take dofetilide. taking dovato with dofetilide can cause serious or life-threatening side effects.
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>> the >> winchester mystery house is once again reopened in san
10:27 pm
jose for indoor guided tours because the pandemic visitors were limited to self guided tours, including only access to the first and second floors of the home. but starting today the 3rd and 4th floors are back open. according to the mansion's general manager, those floors are typically where all of the paranormal activity is typically found. thank you for for the side effects. if you are planning to tour the mansion. you have to buy your tickets in advance. >> not to our coronavirus coverage. president joe biden celebrating a new milestone in the fight against the virus. but he is warning of a new, more contagious and potentially deadly variant. the delta variant in a speech at the white house. the president said 300 million vaccine doses have been administered since he took office. but it does appear that he will fall short of his goal to see 70% of the population vaccinated by the 4th of july. the president, though, is still urging everyone to get vaccinated. >> it's a very that is more easily transmissible.
10:28 pm
potentially deadly and particularly dangerous for young people. the best way to protect yourself against these variants to get fully vaccinated. >> if you haven't gotten vaccinated, you get vaccinated now. >> many southern states have the lowest vaccination rates in the country falling under 35%. but seattle and san francisco have become the first cities to declare they have reached herd immunity. san francisco, claiming 80% of people have been vaccinated. tropical storm clodagh has battered louisiana for the florida panhandle and much of alabama today. >> the national hurricane center declaring clouded organized enough to qualify as a named storm after the center of circulation came just a short southwest of new orleans. the storm so far has dumped flooding rains in louisiana. as much as 2 inches of rain per hour in that area up and down the mississippi coast club that started in dating florida. the florida panhandle and parts of alabama
10:29 pm
earlier today some folks in slidell, louisiana just outside of new orleans. again, the process of surveying the damage left behind. on the floor as well to. >> everywhere on them. we went up and the is just pouring through the windows. the doors we had a a full full time throughout the entire house. so it has a lot of damage. >> forecasters have recorded over 4 10 inches of rain in that part of louisiana. the storm is expected to weaken as it moves toward the carolinas this coming week. news out of southern california. tonight. we're a stolen big rig crashed into a home. it happened this afternoon near the intersection. a philadelphia street and silicon avenue in chino. several cars damaged as the truck drove through the front yards before crashing into the home. it's unclear exactly what caused the crash or if anyone was hurt. pomona police and california highway patrol now investigating. >> a lot more ahead this hour during kron 4 news at 10
10:30 pm
o'clock. we'll have an update on those power outages in the east bay. plus, we'll also take a look at the history of juneteenth as the celebrations have becoming now a tradition for some communities. we also have a warning for parents tonight about a deadly tiktok challenge has now taken the life of another child. it's really something every parent
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breaking news story we've been following tonight on the east bay. the power finally back on
10:33 pm
for more than 50,000 people who are in the dark earlier tonight. this was in fremont and union city. we have video coming into our newsroom. >> showing us power out. for many streetlights across this part of the east bay. no word yet from pg e about what. >> caused this power outage. but again, the breaking news right now. the power appears to be back on. >> today. the bay area and all of america celebrating juneteenth. now a federal holiday for the very first time. the day celebrates the end of slavery here in the united states described by the national museum of african-american history and culture as our nation's second independence day. >> kron four's takes us inside the history of this day and shows us how it's now connected to the ongoing fight for social justice. >> with a stroke of a pen president abraham lincoln declared that all slaves are free. it was january 1863 unfortunately, black slaves
10:34 pm
out west in galveston, texas didn't get word of it until union troops delivered the message over 2 years later. >> june 1865 was not only 2 and a half years after the emancipation proclamation. but also months after the civil war itself had ended. >> that was june 19th, 1865 better known today as juneteenth. you see day this associate professor of history just in le roy explains why it was a relatively short lived cause for celebration for the freed slaves by the 1870's. >> you know, white supremacists head retaken the governments of the south and in the context that violence. the celebrations stopped. >> civil rights workers reached the end of the bridge where the carton of troopers stand. it was 100 years later during the 1960's black power
10:35 pm
and civil rights movements juneteenth would be celebrated once again a reminder of how the metaphor of emancipation has resonated across the centuries for all all different types of black freedom juneteenth experienced. another national resurgence in the new millennium with the black lives matter movement in the 2020 murder of george floyd by minneapolis police officer derek chauvin. americans of all races marched in protest demanding justice. professor poised to that being a part of juneteenth legacy. and the reason it can be celebrated by everyone today. emancipation the struggle against slavery, people in black abolitionists were central to that. but it was also a. >> interracial social movement. it was a social movement in which women were heavily involved and led directly to. women's rights movements. and so. you not
10:36 pm
sense and that's the patients. and juneteenth is for for everyone. >> asic kron 4 news. oakland mayor libby schaaf released a statement about the national recognition of juneteenth saying, quote, today we celebrate. >> juneteenth national independence day in the city of oakland in on this day. we remember the long struggle for freedom and justice for african americans. we recognize the longstanding ongoing fight for racial justice and renew our commitment to the work ahead is important. she put out that statement before the shooting at lake merritt this evening. >> also today, governor newsom tweeting out that this message to mark the occasion saying that this year has shown structural inequities that still plague our communities and we have more work to do. the only way to roar back from this pandemic is by lifting up all communities. >> speaker nancy pelosi called today a celebration of freedom for black americans commemorated by millions around our nation for 156
10:37 pm
years. this day marks a milestone in the abolition of slavery, followed by the complete abolition with the ratification of the 13th amendment. 6 months later on december 6th. and if you scan the qr code on your screen right now with the camera on your phone. it will take you to a list of all the juneteenth events. they're happening right here in the bay area. >> it's our 4 zone forecast this saturday night at 10 o'clock. a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza as folks head into the city if they we have some plans for tonight. and if you've got plans for tomorrow, you want to know the weather here is meteorologist dave spahr. >> good evening, everybody. we're looking for an improved forecast as we get through the evening hours here. certainly 77 inland 67 it looks like by midnight waking up to about 60. they'll be some bayside fog and all that kind of stuff which will be more aggressive in this forecast now, i would take the long range forecast models here because after the weekend into early next week. here. we do have that fog reading us in the morning
10:38 pm
hours. look at how pretty it looks like on here. doesn't help us with rain much. but if you can tap into some of that moisture. it would give us some relief. but what it does give us is cooler temperatures and more of the morning fog there. now by the end of the week. it gets kind of interesting. like another heat wave into next weekend starts to come our way. by the way, summer officially gets here tomorrow night. 55 san francisco tonight 58 oakland 57 for san jose. the wider geography reveals upper to middle 50's in place. let's check out longer range forecast models as we get to 88 for monday. 82 tuesday boys that feel a lot better. compare the heat spell. watch out, though. next friday looks like we're doing it again. 70's around the bay and 60's for the coast. >> other news tonight. a bicyclist has suffered major injuries after a hit and run crash in santa rosa forcefully juggle shares the description of the person who police say was behind the wheel at the time. >> santa rosa, police markers show it's possible the victim
10:39 pm
was in the bike lane before being hit by a driver at around 1040 friday night. the person behind the wheel did not wait around for officers having left before police arrived. investigators say the victim was found unconscious in the roadway. the crash happening on some basketball road at corporate center parkway neighbor. lorena torres lives down the street. i saw the aftermath and says this intersection and other city roads are becoming increasingly dangerous. people are just not caring and. >> they're going about. why does a lot of them are drinking and driving to. it's unclear if the bicycle was equipped with lights or reflectors witnesses did get a look at the driver described to police as a hispanic. 25 year-old man with tattoos on his face. he has short hair, facial hair and was wearing a dark hat black shirt and jeans. investigators say he was driving a 2008 to 2010 acura mdx likely with damage to the front of the car and
10:40 pm
windshield. there. >> they're monsters. there's monsters out here mainly people to start people. police say the victim suffered major injuries and has undergone multiple surgeries fellow cyclists and neighbors want this case saw hope >> i really do pray that the come up and confess what they've done because everyone everything comes like the incident happened outside an urgent care center. >> that the facility was closed at the time in santa rosa phillipe djegal all kron 4 news. >> in san francisco. police are investigating a shooting that killed one man. this happened in the bayview navy road near griffith street. when officers arrived around midnight, they found a 24 year-old man from san francisco shot to death. the motive for the shooting is unknown and no word on if any suspects have been arrested. >> another shooting ending with a man dead in the san francisco's tenderloin district overnight. police responding to the 500 block of
10:41 pm
ne around 4 o'clock this morning when they got to the scene, they found a man suffering from gunshot wounds. so far. the name of the victim has not been identified. medics took him to the hospital where he later died. right now. the san francisco police department's homicide detail along with the chief medical examiner's office are investigating in the south bay. 3 people were wounded in the early morning shooting the gunman still on the run tonight. police in san jose say the shooter opened fire outside of the or a nightclub near san jose state university just before midnight. police say the victim suffering from non life threatening injuries. anyone with information now urged to call san jose police. a warning tonight for parents of young kids another deadly internet trend is making the rounds and tonight a family who lost their son wants to make sure parents know what they should be on the lookout for ashley katz introduces us to the blackout challenge. >> it's a heartbreak. no family ever wants to feel the
10:42 pm
loss of a young child to see that baby laying in that casket. >> has anyone had an opportunity to grow up. you know, his life is in that. because of some people putting stupid things on various sites. barbara williams beach says her 9 year-old great-nephew let harry smith junior died last week. >> after taking part in a deadly viral trend. it wasn't until later on that. we found out there was some type of video on tiktok. you know, letting kids know, you know how to what is strenuous it. but you got to get out of the challenge is to get out of it. but he's 9 years old. so how was he going to get out of the game is known as the blackout challenge or choking game. it involves social media users intentionally choking themselves until they lose consciousness and recording the entire incident. the cdc says the trend has been around
10:43 pm
for years and 2008. they released their first study on it warning about the dangers of the game. >> despite the obvious risk and years of warnings children still die from it every year at least 3 miners died in the last 4 months alone after their families say they tried the game including 12 year old joshua says of colorado 13 year-old nate squires a massachusetts and now that harry smith junior of memphis, tennessee on 9 year-old nephew. he's gone as a result of this the family is just devastated a spokesperson with tiktok says dangerous challenges are banned from their site and they will remove these videos if they see them now area says family is warning others not to let any child you social media without adult supervision because this little boy filled with joy. >> mean always saying that to
10:44 pm
>> now least behind a family overcome by sorrow. >> that was ashley ketz reporting for us tonight. still ahead, a trailblazing san francisco pastor has made history becoming the first openly transgender bishop in the united states. lutheran church, the message that she hopes to spread in her new role. >> also news may mayor says he's had enough. now a new effort is underway this weekend put the brakes on weekend put the brakes on sideshows for good. chevy is america's fastest-growing full-line brand. and people are taking it everywhere. taking trailblazer outdoors. confidently taking on new places with equinox. and taking on more with silverado. whatever you do, there's a perfect chevy to take you anywhere. find your perfect chevy and get 0% financing for 72 months on select popular chevy suvs. or, get 10% of msrp cash back on most 2021 equinox models.
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the ongoing problem of illegal sideshows, the mayor of antioch has declared the entire no side show zone, which now means that the city is going to be installing elevated pavement in a number of locations that we've listed on the map right here. the police department has also stepped up patrols for the weekend. >> the mayor stern words. a very simple don't do it or else kron four's haaziq has more. >> if you know someone was planning on doing some illegal sideshows stunts in their car or a tv this weekend at an event in antioch. you might want to tell them what mayor lamar thorpe has to say. >> i'm not messing around with anybody. this is not the place to conduct this type of activity. i will not tolerate neither with the chief united
10:48 pm
with the city. we will employ every measure possible to stop this from happening. i warn every single organizer of this event to cancel this by friday. if not, you're going to be met with the full force of the antioch police department with my support. >> may have thought, didn't stop there. in fact, he says the city of antioch is now a no side show zone and announced that the city will be installing elevated pavement markers to make it difficult to perform the reckless driving stunts at the following intersections james down the road at somerville road sunset drive at cavallo road and blew out drive at eagle rock dries. this is started a pilot program. >> and if it works and successful will continue to expand it throughout the city. >> in a somewhat of a carrot and stick theme. the message. the mayor added the city is trying to identify a property that could be used for sideshows so that you can use their off-road vehicle safely can legally. i recognize that these types of events are part of the bay area culture, particularly as an expression
10:49 pm
of resistance. >> but i cannot ignore the fact that these kinds of events can kill people. antioch. police will be out in full force this weekend with mutual aid from neighboring law enforcement standing by if they if your car or a tv is impounded. it will cost $3,000.30, days later to get it out. the mayor had this final warning to event. organizers. let me be very, very clear. >> you have until friday. the 18 to cancel this event. >> i encourage you and those who are planning to attend not to attend in. stay away. >> guess we will find out in a few days it this morning will be enough to deter sideshow activity in antioch or not. has made kron. 4 news. >> a trailblazing san francisco pastor has made history becoming the first openly transgender bishop in the united states is lutheran church from forcefully sharing their story and how pride has led them to this historical
10:50 pm
role. >> the more than 7 years. reverend doctor megan rohrer has spent as pastor at grace lutheran church in san francisco is coming to an end. they are now bishop elect and starting july first will service bishop for the sierra pacific synod, a cluster of about 200 lutheran congregations in california and parts of nevada. my taking on this role of bishop is just one more job. but now is abundantly clear is open to the. >> full spectrum of gender identities and and diversity baptize 24 days after birth bishop-elect rohrer is a lifelong member of the lutheran church and now becomes the first openly transgender bishop in the larger christian denominations in the world. a role they have covid and ready to embrace the community of. >> of god and lutherans in particular. like all of culture opening up to a much larger diversity. that's maybe
10:51 pm
existed for a long time. grounded by their wife of nearly 7 years and 2 young children bishop-elect rohrer says they are ready to serve as the pastor of other pastors. >> and make jesus more visible in the world being the first person like me who takes on a job like this to just have people who love mean more than i deserve in my home. life is what makes that possible their road to this moment has not been without hardship having dealt with numerous instances of transphobia, but nothing they could not overcome pride is an important time to say to people choose life. >> live as as fully fabulous as you can because you're being out or open or just authentic with who you want to be saved other people's lives when they notice that you embody something that's is someone else's dream of how they could live in this world proving dreams can come it in san francisco, phillipe djegal all kron 4 news. >> you can find a lot more
10:52 pm
pride stories on our website. kron 4 dot com. just use your phone to scan this qr code. our pride page has stories from across the bay area and how people are celebrating pride and also some special profiles an outstanding lgbtq leaders and voices. it's all on kron, 4 dot com. still to come tonight. >> on kron 4 news at. 10 o'clock. we'll take a look at how this is story. juneteenth
10:53 pm
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10:55 pm
>> a great smoky mountains, national park campsite is now closed in a bear has been euthanized after it attacked a 16 year-old while she was sleeping in a hammock. also martin from our sister station in memphis has the story. >> a getaway to the smoky mountains with family in a sleet just after midnight this terror was predatory behavior. >> it attacked in the middle of night. unprovoked. but on the attack, the victim, a 16 year-old from middle tennessee. she suffered cuts to the head and was rushed by the national guard to university of tennessee medical center in attacked her and we reached out and was able both her hands and her head. fortunately family was close by and bowed to scare the bear away. park rangers say the family on a tonight backpacking trip in the smokies did everything right their backpacks and food are properly stored up in the air out of the reach of bears. if
10:56 pm
the animal was aggr%ssive it's a continues to approach or it shows behavior has in this situation or courage everyone to buy back now tonight, words of warning from experts. the smokies welcome record visitors eclipsing 12 million people in 2019 2020, the tourists will surely keep coming but must remember how to handle a similar experience this incident. the family was successfully able to from any more serious attack iraq said that they're doing everything they can to discourage that behavior while investigating ranger, spotted 2 bears in the area, approaching them. they euthanize the bear involved shortly after the family identified it. biologists found human blood. and it's there. recognize today at
10:57 pm
grace cathedral with a special performance by oakland's owning a soul. >> performing her mix of gospel r and b, jazz and more. also the month of june, black history month. she says the performance paying tribute to artists and musicians who helped shape american music. >> that's going to do it for us here. during kron 4 news at 10 o'clock on this saturday night. thank you for joining us. happy father's day tomorrow. you and thank you so much. you're still see how many of them are left after tomorrow night i hope problems. good night, everyone. happy father's day to all the dads out there. tide.
10:58 pm
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