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tv   KRON 4 News at 10  KRON  June 7, 2021 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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>> when fun time from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 news. on shootings. >> and homicides in oakland this year. a really significant we're looking at violent crime numbers from decade ago. >> now at 10, another violent weekend in the city of oakland and the police department sounding the alarm again why there is no sign of stopping the rise in gun violence. thanks for joining us here on kron. 4 news at 10. i'm ken wayne and i pale more tonight, police are investigating after 5 people were shot at a house party in east oakland kron four's. dan thorn is live
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tonight. he joins us with more after hearing from the police department and the union about the rising number of shootings. dan. >> pam and ken oakland. police have investigated nearly 60 homicides so far this year. and most of them have involved guns, violent crimes have been on the rise in oakland and the police union says that some parts of the city are right now like a war zone. video from the citizen app shows the scene of another shooting in east oakland 5 men were wounded sunday night after a drive-by gunman opened fire. >> continuing the terror of gun violence in the city with no signs of slowing down the level of violence, the numbers of shootings is just truly incredible. >> barry donelan, president of the oakland police officers association has been calling for an increase in officers. >> to help curb violent crime, homicides, carjackings and shootings are soaring in oakland as the department staff is declining the
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vilification of the profession has not helped the vast majority. >> a local police officers and police officers from coast to coast here trying to do the right thing. >> oakland police have recovered nearly 500 guns so far this year. police chief armstrong says many of those firearms were assault weapons or ghost guns donald and says those who are committing crimes with guns need to face stricter consequences. after they're arrested concerns about covid or anything away. fortunately. and when you're arrested for a violent crime. >> you need to be held in jail. >> in a response today to all of the violent crime that's been happening in oakland. the police chief says he is counting on the community to unite against this gun violence. and he also says that he is against the ruling by a federal judge in san diego, which overturns california's assault weapons ban. pam. >> thank you, reporting live tonight. in the south bay
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police are investigating an overnight shooting that killed one person and the san jose, it happened about 3 o'clock in the morning in the area of the word lane and santi drive near ace esperanza middle school. >> police are still looking for the shooter but have not released any details about the suspect 10 days after little boy's body was found by hikers near las vegas. authorities have now identified him as 7 year-old. >> liam who stead of san jose. there is now a nationwide search for the prime suspect, his mother, our grant lotus is in the studio with the disturbing details on this just horrifying story. one of those that just makes you kind of feel and right now police do not have the alleged killer and that is who they are looking for. and we now know there are ties here to the bay area. the body of this child. little liam here was found back on may 28 the group of hikers actually found the
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body. apparently hidden near the main highway between las vegas and a rural town called around 4 over a week now las vegas police and the fbi have been investigating trying to identify the body during that time san jose police reached out to investigators in vegas saying that they in san jose were investigating a missing child case. it's a dna testing and officers say they were able to then confirmed that the little boy found is the same boy the missing boy from san jose. a nationwide search is now underway for the woman you see right here, the mother, samantha moreno rodriguez. 35 years old. authorities say the pair left san jose on may 24th the child's body found 4 days later. police rodriguez may be driving the vehicle you see right here kind of blurry. but it's a 2007 blue dodge with a california license plate. number 6, w l h to 1, one. it
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may be packed, they say with belongings. authorities say it is clear liam was the victim of a homicide, but they have not disclosed the specific cause of death. they also say the child's father is not a suspect. i spoke with the father about 60 minutes ago before i came out here because i didn't want him to see this press conference without me explaining what was about to transpire. >> i will tell you it's a heartbreaking conversation to have. this has been an emotional last 10 days for myself. all the investigators that have been working on it and we're just glad we're able to get some closure for liam and then hold the person responsible for this crime. >> just a gut wrenching case. again, this is the the suspect's picture and the vehicle again. >> that they're looking for that dodge right there. marino rodriguez. >> was last seen in the denver area. authorities are now asking anybody who may recognize the mother or the vehicle, the plates may have
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seen or in the vegas valley, they say may be on the 27th or 28th of last month driving that dark blue dodge. we reached out to san jose police about these developments. they say while they did provide information to assist with the investigation. they're not sharing any more details with the public at this moment. of course, if we learn anything more about the case. we'll be sure to bring it to you. ken. pam, for now back to you. all right. grant, thank you very meantime, a big announcement out of orange county. 2 people are in custody for the shooting death. >> little 6 year-old aiden laos. 24 year-old marcus anthony heiress and 23 year-old when lee were arrested yesterday at their home in costa mesa and orange county each being held on a million dollars bail. the arrests come more than 2 weeks after little aiden was killed during a road rage incident. it happened on the 55 freeway in the city of orange. the orange county district attorney is now promising justice for aiden and his family.
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>> it's so important for that little boy. tip set an example for the rest of society about how we treat each other. and how we operate and how we get out of control so quickly today. and take actions against other people. and some people think without any responsibility whatsoever. i'm here to tell you, this is orange county, california. when you commit a crime in our county. you're going to be held responsible to the fullest extent of the law. >> prosecutors are expected to announce charges against the 2 suspects tomorrow morning. turning now to coronavirus kept coverage with more people getting vaccinated counties across the bay area. i've seen a sharp drop in the death rate. but alameda county saw a dramatic drop overnight for more than 1600 people to just over 1200 people. the reason for that county health officials have changed the way they define a covid deaths. it's from anyone who simply died while having the virus to
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someone who died as a direct result of the virus health experts say this is a unique situation because nationally covid deaths are under reported and over time it is likely the overall death numbers will actually go up. >> its numbers on vaccinations from the state health department more than 53% of california's population is now fully vaccinated against covid-19 another 12% gotten at least one dose of the pfizer or the moderna vaccine. and new tonight at 10, the state health department is asking california's to be aware of and report any scammers who are trying to take advantage of the state's vaccine incentive system, the state, as you may know, is giving out more than 100 million dollars to try and motivate people to get the shot. here are the facts. everyone who gets the vaccine is automatically entered into the drawing winners can decline the prize or remain anonymous your privacy is protected. winners
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will be notified by officials through an official email or state of california cdph color and tax. i d. >> you will not be asked to pay any fees to verify eligibility and will not be asked to provide your bank information. however, if you encounter a possible vaccine incentive scam. you are asked to contact authorities at the e-mail address telephone number that we have listed right now on your screen tonight, some state lawmakers are demanding answers from governor newsom after he announced on friday that the pandemic related state of emergency will be in place even after the state reopens on june 15th. >> as we're still in a state of emergency. this disease has not been extinguished. it's not it's not taking the summer months. i'm going to be urging my colleagues in the legislature in every way i can do just that. to pass this resolution to end the emergency as required by law and to bring this era of one man rule to an end.
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>> the state of emergency gives governor newsome the broad authority to suspend and impose new rules in california. it also allows the federal government to cover the state's covid-19 related costs. so far. governor newsome has issued 58 executive orders to change or suspend hundreds of laws. a handful of republican state lawmakers say they plan to challenge those efforts in the state supreme court. well, the state's positivity and transmission rates continue to stay low. that could change once everything is open again, restrictions stand will be loosened. >> more people will be interacting with one another without masks. kron four's. amanda hari has a closer look at what the pandemic might lmok like after june 15th. >> i would look forward to i really i know it feels really nerve-racking that we're at this point because it's really hard time. but vaccines have gotten us here and it's going to go out infectious disease expert monica gandhi is
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optimistic about the june 15th be opening. >> she says while the precautions have been helpful. the vaccine is ultimately making the biggest difference read about a 60% first dose that literally is getting to that 70% magic first shows that president biden has been talking about which actually think is a very true metric of when cases stay extremely love. she says there might be a slight increase in cases, but it shouldn't cause too much concern but sometimes there's increased in cases but not in the severe illness and what i mean by that is not increased hospitalizations. i asked doctor gandhi if she thinks there's another chance of a shutdown. i don't. and the reason i don't is any time we've had a search before rate. we had to close things out that was because we didn't have the vaccine and that difference between now and then is really immunity. immunity is like a force field. she believes we're going to continue to see
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people get vaccinated. she says that's because there's a whole population that hasn't able to get vaccinated yet. >> that's children under the age of 12 in san francisco. amanda hari kron 4 news. >> 2 important post-pandemic milestones being celebrated at san francisco city hall. the kickoff of pride month and the resumption of in-person marriage services including marriage is inside the building. members of the lgbtq community gathered on the city hall steps today greeting each other with hugs instead of elbow bumps, all leading up to the traditional raising of the rainbow flag at city hall. >> this is really one of my favorite times of year and you know what, we're going to celebrate. we're going to have a good time. we're going to keep smiles on our faces because we survive the pandemic uaw. >> and we're still here. and we're still kicking. >> ceremonies are still being affected by the pandemic while the couple's could have their faces uncovered while they
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exchanged vows their gas wear mask and limited to only 6 people this year, some pride festivities will be virtual some in-person. but for the second year in a row, there will not be a big pride parade. some good news for public transit. bart has added several more trips to its schedule as ridership is bouncing back there are now 26 additional trips on the monday through friday schedule and 16 additional troops on saturdays. >> bart says trains will run with in oakland and san francisco for de 15 minutes apart during the peak hours that we think a lot of folks are going to show up, going to their jobs today and be pleasantly surprised that they have more options in terms of when they can get there that they'll have more trains available to them. >> these new rides, these new trains are being added to our 3 busiest lines. >> those 3 lines, the yellow line, which is anti out to sfo the green line. to daly city and the red line, which is richmond through millbrae plus, sfo spokesperson says
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today's changes are really gearing them up for the further reopening on august 30th. let's go outside. see how things are looking as we give you a live picture. beautiful shot from the top of mount town of pious looking down privacy. most of the bay area. this one shot as pretty. let's check in with our chief meteorologist lawrence karnow who says it's going to cool this week. yeah, we're really a cool things down. temperatures going to be running a good 10, maybe 15 degrees. >> below the average around the bay area we felt some of that today as that wind kicked up. yeah, it was blustery in spots and we're still seeing some of the winds out there for tonight. but starting to see some change the atmosphere and by that i mean a little fog begin to form. not much. i think the atmosphere just a little too cold to support a real well-developed fog bank. but we'll see a little bit overnight tonight along the coastline. we're seeing some of that already wind advisory just has come down and was extended until 10 o'clock tonight in the east bay. but those winds begin to subside there. but all around the bay area, it's been blustery at times. still blowing a 23 miles an hour in fairfield, 21
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right now in the san francisco 22 in oakland and 25 in the day debate. but overnight tonight all these winds will start to calm down a little bit tomorrow afternoon the brittle be breezy. but not going to be as windy as it's been. so we're concerned about fire danger. and of course, today we saw things getting a little bit elevated in the afternoon but not terribly. remember, this is an onshore breeze that is carrying some of that moisture right from the pacific. so the higher moisture content is just harder to get any severe fires developing. but by tomorrow afternoon, those winds to pick up again. so you get into that 3, 4, 5 o'clock or so. it's gusty enough that the models are start to pick up on elevated fire danger in parts of the north and also the east bay. alright. that being said winds. they're going to calm down overnight not easy breeze by tomorrow morning and by tomorrow afternoon more. that typical afternoon breeze maybe to 20 miles an hour around the bay area or so really otherwise not bad at all. so overnight tonight. yeah. that decreasing winds, some patchy coastal fog developing. and then this week ahead, we're
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going to see some changes coming away. mostly sunny for tomorrow and then for the weekend. well, we're going to see some cooler midweek and then warmer right back up next weekend. so here we go. temperature wise numbers. the 50's in the morgan hill right now. 55 in hayward 52 with a couple of patches fog begin to move in toward half moon bay and pacific and the daily city 53 in san francisco, 53 in berkeley. 54 degrees in the napa valley and 57 degrees still in fairfield. well, we're going to see this whole trough along the coastline now. and that means that will keep the temperatures down. we're not going to see heat wave at least not just jet. we'll see some cooler and breezy conditions through about the middle of the week. then everything's going to begin to shift gears as we get the weekend, i think high pressure going to build in. it's not going to be major heat wave. but we're going to see some warmer temperatures. but coming up in your 10 to 10. we'll him welcome back him or get to see your smiling face and you think, you know, we've got a sense we might see a little heat wave coming up. i know you like hot weather.
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so. >> we'll work on that in your tent to tent coming. you know, i like some okay. thank you. all well, with no end of the drought insight mandatory water restrictions are looming for about 2 million customers in the south bay, most sections of the north and east bay or in the driest category. the exceptional tear and water managers are all but certain to declare a water shortage emergency fund for us. rob fladeboe explains what that could mean for you. >> the alley water, the public entity in charge of selling water to retailers across the greater south bay. >> has announced it is seeking a 15% reduction in county. wide water use from 2019 levels that means most south bay residents will likely face some form of mandatory water restrictions in the months ahead. the action is the result of drought cutbacks in imported water and the draining of anderson reservoir in morgan hill. >> equal to all the other reservoirs in the county combined is at 3%. so it's 90%
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empty. we've been ordered by the federal government to mta do decide to make restrictions the action impacting some 2 million people mean santa clara county will be the most populous region in the state. >> to face a return to mandatory restrictions, not seen since the drought that lasted from 2012 to 2016. >> valley water is asking cities and private water companies to enforce the restrictions, likely to include rules about watering lawns and landscaping broke the news to a couple of residents of sat jose's, willow glen neighborhood, both of whom said they are on board with the restrictions. i think it's a good thing. i totally >> need a green rather be saving water. yeah. we've definitely been through it and we've kind of been. >> gearing up for it again. so in some of the habits we never stopped from before. >> the mandatory restrictions might also mean cities and other retail providers could raise water rates and impose penalties for over use enforcement might also mean we could see so-called water cops
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once again patrolling neighborhoods to issue warnings and or fines to those not in compliance. we don't have any enforcement. >> capabilities that is up to the cities and people like our water in san jose water if they want to have water police in san jose. rob fladeboe kron 4 news. >> more than 2 million rather, more than 1 million customers in the east bay could soon see more expensive water bills. he's payment is holding a public hearing tomorrow on a proposed 8% rate increase for tap water and wastewater increase would be for the next 2 years. there be a 4% increase starting on july. 1st of this year and an additional 4% increase on july. 1st of 2022 that meeting starts at one 15 tomorrow afternoon east bay mud does provide drinking water to one 0.4 million customers in alameda and contra costa counties growers and sutter county say the drought has dried out the soil on their orchards, the already
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dry ground conditions have caused growers to advance their watering schedules with water that is already in short supply. >> orchards like these need 3 feet of water. every season during a trial like the one we're in now. they may need 4 or more feet when there is just none to spare. they expect the quality of fruits such as peaches and plums and prunes to be way down. we're running the pumps more. >> and we're trying to electric bills are higher pump to coming from public, from deep and pumps are drying up. it's going to be tough, tough road ahead of body. >> typically there's no rain in the valley until fall arrives. well, after the harvest season we have a section on kron 4 dot com dedicated to weather and wildfire resources. you can use your mobile device to scan this qr code. the link includes an interactive drought map and the latest on water restrictions. other news tonight, the oakland city council approved vice mayor rebecca kaplan's resolution to
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increase funding for the city's homeless interventions. oakland says it's unhoused population has increased by 47% between 2017 19 the council recognized that the city's current intervention budget couldn't keep up with the demand. and while the amount of money they will get has not been officially released. the resolution does call for an increase in spending on items such as beds, safe spaces, safe rv parking hotel rooms, modular housing and more. the council must now find locations in every district to create those new space is still ahead at 10 busted for alleged on unemployment fraud. the men and women who police say stole hundreds of thousands of dollars from the tv. >> he was speaking and walking. but the decline in mobility and in the speech cut went away at the same time. >> plus that answer to the fda approves a drug. it says may
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help slow the progression of alzheimer's what families who live with the disease say this means to them and terrifying moments caught on dash cam video where this wild chain reaction crash unfolded during reaction crash unfolded during rush hour. that's next. at worksman cycles, reaction crash unfolded during rush hour. that's next. we've been building bikes for a hundred years. but our customers' needs have changed, so we expanded our product line to include electric cycles. we used the unlimited 1.5 percent cash back from our chase ink business unlimited ® credit card to help purchase tools and materials to build new models. and each time we use our card, we earn cash back to help grow our business. it's more than cycling, it's finding innovative ways to move forward. chase for business ® . make more of what's yours ® .
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people were injured in a wild chain reaction crash involving a box truck, private ambulance
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and several other cars in sacramento. >> the dri er's dashcam captured this crash which happened today during the busy morning commute on highway 50 this was in the westbound direction near stockton boulevard. the ambulance rear ended a white truck which led to a moving truck careening onto its side. amazingly everyone involved only suffered minor injuries. lawmakers are accusing the children's toy brand fisher price of ignoring repeated warnings that is rock n play sleeper was dangerous. a new congressional oversight committee report released today alleges that the company did not properly vet the sleeper before putting it on the market back in 2000, 9. >> it was recalled 10 years later in 2000, 19. that's after more than 50 infants lost their lives members of congress, guild grilled the company ceo and a hearing today calling the company's actions careless mattel did not consult with a single pediatrician or conduct a
10:26 pm
single scientific study to find out if it was safe for babies to sleep at an angle. we believe that the product was safe. >> when you smoke or with instruction. studies also confirm that the product was safe. >> lawmakers say mattel and fisher-price are blaming the parents instead of taking full responsibility last week the consumer product safety commission voted to ban a range of inclined infant sleeping products. new at 10 police in santa cruz say they arrested a wanted offender after they were notified by law enforcement in north carolina. police say they were contacted last week regarding a offender who may have been living in santa cruz. that's gators were able to confirm 48 year-old troy lamar's residents in santa cruz who was apparently using a false name to evade arrest. santa cruz. police arrested walker last friday. he was booked at the santa cruz county jail and awaits a full extradition back to north carolina. actor danny
10:27 pm
masterson pleaded not guilty today to rape charges. this is video from a previous court appearance. the that 70 shows stars accused of 3 different women in his hollywood hills home between 2000, one and 2003 masterson and the church of scientology are also accused of trying to intimidate his accusers for going to the police. if convicted, the 45 year-old could face up to 45 years in prison is due back in court in august. >> next at 10. the fda approves the first a new medication for alzheimer's disease and nearly 2 decades. but does it really work. a local expert will explain. plus, do not come to the united states. the message from vice president kamala harris on her first foreign trip since taking office. >> and the bizarre arrest in texas a mother disguised herself as her daughter even attending class. why she says she did it these stories and much more coming up next.
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>> the big story tonight. hope for families struggling with alzheimer's disease. the fda approved a drug that they say may help slow the progressive disease that destroys memory and mental function is the first new alzheimer's treatment in nearly 20 years. and the only one that. >> the 8, the fda is back to
10:31 pm
treat the underlying disease rather than just managing the symptoms. so many towns and talk to the local chapter of the alzheimer's association about. >> what this breakthrough medication means for families. though. >> my husband not be 63 years married this year. and i have a new husband now. >> roof terrace never miss a chance to visit the friendly faces said golden moments. senior home and kissed her husband mister al, hello. >> when they value, when these evening, the all nobody in who's now in the late stages of alzheimer's disease. >> diagnosis 2004, but mild cognitive. he came here, he was speaking and walking. the decline in mobility and in the speech that cut all went went away at the same time. >> alice, one of the 5.8 million americans diagnosed with this incurable disease.
10:32 pm
but there's new hope on the horizon for those in the early stages of alzheimer's after the food and drug administration announced on monday the approval of drug maker biogen's latest medical breakthrough as you can have is an anti and the antibody therapy light is is not protein that builds up around the spaces in between our in our south. so that's what this job is designed to clear day with the alzheimer's association of the northern california and nevada chapter says current treatments only focus on targeting the symptoms of dementia ad. you can claims to take it one step further. this is the first of its kind that's slowing down that progression of the disease which is invaluable to people living with the match. i get some time. well, the drug can not help those like mister out. >> roots says she's happy to hear that others may get a second chance at life. even though it may not have bows and has already been diagnosed. >> when i think of the ones day they can help that is what
10:33 pm
excites let's hope it works out as melanie townsend reporting the drug is given as an infusion. every 4 weeks. >> the fda says biogen was now conduct a follow-up study to confirm the drug's benefits for patients. if it does not work as intended it can be taken off the market. dramatic drop in vaccinations cross us is threatening president biden's goal of having 70% of adults, at least partially vaccinated by july 4th according to the cdc, more than a 160 million people have gotten at least one dose of the pfizer or moderna vaccine yet the vaccination rate has slowed to less than 1 million shots a day, a 60% decline since april. many unvaccinated adults say they're waiting for full fda approval before getting their shot. >> that thing weight too quickly. i mean, i understand the emergency. we're going to continue to push through the red tape to july 4th. but i
10:34 pm
can make a prediction weeks ahead of time where we will be. >> public health officials are now shifting their focus to getting more children vaccinated after a cdc study found rising hospitalization rates among americans age 12 through 17 fda advisers are scheduled to meet this week to discuss vaccine safety in children. 11 and younger. >> new study finds that covid-19 misinformation was mainly spread online by butts in facebook groups. researchers at u c san diego. look at the sharing of links related to the pandemic in more than 300,000 posts. they determined that the information was frequently shared only seconds of art, which is a but activity stay up to date on the latest covid-19 information and reopening news. it's all on our website. just take out your smartphone scanned the qr code on your screen. it will take you directly to the coronavirus section of our website. kron 4 dot com. new
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arrests made in connection to california's unemployment fraud. a sacramento couple behind bars after investigators say they filed dozens of fraudulent edd ms receiving more than $600,000. adrian sykes was arrested in las vegas today. police say they found multiple unregistered guns, drugs and body armor along with 6 e e d d debit cards, sykes and his girlfriend now face several charges including dg fraud in davis. 2 people have been arrested after police say they found more than 60 ev-d debit cards along with drugs. >> and a weapon. police say 43 year-old deborah. ben eager from fairfield and 25 year-old reyna gomez from davis for pulled over last night. according to police, the 2 had a stolen handgun more than 90 grams. what they believe is math and stolen mail along with cards belonging to more than 60 different people from 4 different counties. both
10:36 pm
were arrested and booked into the yolo county jail on a number of different charges in national news tonight. federal government has seized more than 2 million dollars in ransomware payments from foreign cyber criminals. the department of justice as investigators recovered about half the ransom that colonial had paid to the hackers who held its pipeline system hostage. the fbi was able to trace and recoup more than 2 million dollars in bitcoin from a group called dark side, which is based in russia. >> the old adage follow the money. still a plus. and that's exactly what we did. the extortionists. we'll never see this money. >> federal authorities say the payment is the first to be recovered by its new ransomware and digital extortion task force. >> and important and unanimous ruling on immigration by the u.s. supreme court. the 9 justices ruled that thousands of people here for humanitarian reasons are not eligible to become permanent
10:37 pm
citizens. justice elena kagan writing for the majority are writing for the court saying federal law prohibits those who came here illegally and gain temporary status from getting green cards to stay permanently. the ruling affects about 400,000 immigrants who fled countries that were ravaged by war or disaster. immigration will be a hot topic when vice president kamala harris visits mexico tomorrow. this will be the second stop on her first foreign trip since he took office today. the vice president talked migration issues with guatemala's president. she also said the united states with strength and its investigations into corruption in that country. she delivered a warning to any migrants hoping to reach the u.s. i want to be clear. >> to folks in this region. we're thinking about making that dangerous track. to the united states. mexico border. do not come. do
10:38 pm
>> the united states has pledged billions of dollars to bolster central american economies and discourage migrants from heading north to the u.s. north carolina, high school senior was recently denied his diploma because he'd raped a mexican flag over his gown. now his family is demanding changes ever. lopez was taking part in his graduation ceremonies last week when he denied his diploma for wearing the flag. the principal says the flag violated the school's dress code policy family is now asking the school to come up with guidelines to give students the freedom to express or racial and ethnic identities. >> verizon. intimidated his i'm not intimidated. all of us who have just lived under 4 years of this last president are not intimidated and we should applaud students like ever who take this risk of being openly proud of who they are and where they come from.
10:39 pm
>> after meeting with the school principal today ever lopez was allowed to pick up his diploma. a mother in texas has been arrested after she says she snuck on to her daughter's middle school campus in order to test security. >> 30 year-old casey garcia was taken into custody on friday. she posted this video on youtube where she disguised herself as her 13 year-old daughter and then attend a class at the middle school garcia insists that this was a security test. she is charged with criminal trespassing and tampering with government records. the school district says it is reviewing its security measures. now. that step outside. take a look the weather conditions ad san francisco international airport on this monday night. more more folks are starting to travel is check in with large about the weather ahead. yeah. looking like we're going to see a big cool down the next couple days. guys temperatures running well below the average. >> but after that we get ready for the weekend that weekend looks very, very nice weather wise up there tonight. we're
10:40 pm
seeing a couple patches of fog forming along the coastline, something we haven't seen for a bit, but that starting to make a return. i think the atmosphere still too cold really to develop a well-developed fog bank outside, but we are seeing some patches out along the coastline right now. creeping into san francisco as we speak over. although the pattern. yeah. a somewhat unusual kind of cool air working its way into the state now on what is going to stay that way through the middle of the week. you kind of get the sense the rotation, whole trough moving in along the west coast. you bring that cool air here's the long-range forecast model you see is picking up on the whole trough out here in the middle of the pacific to watch this moisture rotating along the coastline. unfortunately not we're not going to see the rain from that. but we'll probably see some occasional clouds rolling on by the next couple days. we'll see some breezy conditions. not as windy as today but definitely cooler over the next couple days. then this gets kind of interesting. we've got this front. the moves toward the coastline, especially lot of part of the weekend in here comes this model trying to bring a little bit try to bring in rain in far northern california try to bring a branch into the bay area that
10:41 pm
is left to be see. that would be very, very unusual, especially this time of year. but we'll keep our eyes on it for you after that looks like high pressure takes over your skies clearing out again. in fact, as we get toward the latter part of next week. i think we're starting to really talk about another heat wave rolling into the bay area. not tomorrow, though. 70's inland 60's inside the bay. some 50's co-signed next few days. you see those temperatures kind of tumbling right through wednesday and then warming up again on thursday and friday looks like a nice weekend on saturday and sunday. the first 1010 for pam moore has returned. looks like we're going to have a nice little heat wave. the following wednesday and thursday. okay. yeah, welcome back. and thank you. the city of oakland has started its annual food service program for children during their summer vacation. now through august. 6 children can get free breakfast and lunch at one of 20 locations around the city, including at faith and community organizations. all kids under 18 and adults with disabilities in rolled in a school program can get a free meals for the program. you can find a full roster of the
10:42 pm
locations on our website. kron 4 dot com. >> and in the south bay san jose has opened 8 more of its public libraries to help with his own summer food program. this is the 7th year that children and teenagers between 2.18 years old and stopped by certain san jose libraries for the next 9 weeks and get a meal adults. a company those children can also get a free meal. the program runs monday through friday from 11:30am in the morning. till 1230, in the afternoon. we have a full list of the library's taken part in the san jose summer food program on our website. kron 4 dot com. still ahead tonight, apple trying to compete with zoom the big updates coming to facetime and several other iphone features u.s. buyer beware. the new warning about scam artists targeting consumers to make purchases with a simple swipe of their phones and next in sports, stanford taking on the aunt eaters that you see irvine in the nc double a regional championship. championship. >> and the bats came alive for emergency planning for kids.
10:43 pm
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>> and now kron 4 sports brought to you by xfinity. >> 2000, 21 has already brought to collegiate national titles tub area teams that stanford women's hoops and santa clara women soccer and now the stanford baseball team hopes to join that elite crew. the regional tournament wrapped up today with the cardinal needing a win to stay
10:46 pm
alive. so let's go to some can dime in for the regional championship stanford beautiful setting in. they just exploded in the first inning drives one deep to left center and into the trees for a 2 run homerun cardinal up to zip and they were close to finished any park grounding one right up the middle for a base hit. 2 more runs score sanford scored 7 runs in the first inning alone. bottom of the 6. now 94 cardinal christian robinson at the plate. another hit up the middle scores. a valuable insurance run. it's 10 4 card. the game is still going on right now. stanford lead 11 to 7 in the 9th inning. but you're going to have to be night owls wait and see if they advance. all right. how about some nba playoff action. chris paul and the suns host in the denver nuggets in the western conference semis 3rd quarters where we'll start sons leading by 5 phoenix on the turnover. michael bridges. drives and lays it and he led with 35 points and that one would cap off a 16 o run, then
10:47 pm
in the 4th, the suns. then we started pull away here. paul, going to step back knocked down the triple. he still makes it look so easy. 21 points, 11 assists for cp 3. and that would do it. suns win one, 22 to one. '05. so they take game one to game 2. coming up on wednesday, the eastern conference semis nets mes harden actually out for tonight's game with hamstring tightness. but that wasn't even a problem for brooklyn 1st quarter nets up by 3. kevin duran cross is a pianist and knocks down the beautiful shot gets the foul, too. so that's a three-point play. 32 points for deer. and tonight, then in the 4th, that's a 5.30 now. so kyree irving really doesn't need to pull up and sink that 3 ball. but he does. he had 22 points who even needs james harden and giannis antetokounmpo. can only look on brooklyn led by as many as 49 nets roll to a 1.5 86 when and they take a commanding 2.
10:48 pm
oh series lead heading into game 3 on thursday. let's check in on the warriors, shall we. not in the postseason, but they begin their predraft workouts today. one player they brought in was sam hauser, 68 forward from virginia. he's primarily known for his outside shooting. hauser played his first 3 collegiate seasons at marquette and then another notable athlete. they looked at today was oregon wing. eugene omoruyi who at 6, 6. also long and athletic its kind in the andrea good alamo. the records. transforms also a noticeably better shooter last season. that's after he took 1000 shots every morning during the offseason. you got to wonder how long that took the team also worked out for other players today. this is what hauser know. murray had to say about what each of them can offer to the warriors. >> also, going our defense bring toughness to the game. also have an i q to find eyes. i just step out and shoot it a lot. now. and just being a great team and just doing the
10:49 pm
little things it takes to win is a big thing for me. i feel like my shooting speaks for feel like i've done that very consistently over my 4 years in college basketball shot of the sun today. but i feel like i can be a floor spacer knock down shots when i when i get the opportunity i think that can translate well to the next level. >> well, who knows. there's still a lot of scouting for the wars to do, but we might see one of those 2 guys in warriors colors come warriors colors come basketball warriors colors come basketball all of this started when we discovered the benefits of local, raw honey for our family. and then we said "hey, you know what? this is a business right here." we went out and started to sell it. to help us get going, we got the chase business complete banking ℠ account. it's more than a bank account. it comes with quickaccept, which lets us take card payments anytime, anywhere, and get same-day deposits at no extra cost. it's more than honey. it's about building something for our family that will endure.
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launch a super followers feature. it is a paid subscription service and it will allow some users to charge followers for extra content such as exclusive tweets subscription to newsletters or. >> a bad indicating their support. twitter also recently launched his twitter blue premium service. that feature includes an undo button. the social media company is looking for new ways to make money off its 200 million users. today was the first day of apple's weeklong worldwide developers conference. the tech giant announced several updates coming to its new iphone operating system and the new while it and that features apple maps are getting little fancier with new 3 d data as part of its ios 15 update the maps will use road colors and labels to include. >> new details for buildings like the ferry building their apples also expanding the types of cards and documents.
10:53 pm
it can be added to the wallet, including driver's licenses and identifications in certain states and android and windows users will finally be able to join facetime calls. apple users will have to create a link kind of like zoom and then share it with people in advance. >> what's going to be interesting is that because you have to go through this extra step of you would have to a link then sent to them to be able to join. and it's not as easy as when you're in the contacts app and you just push the little button right. so apple is still, you know, they're they're not making it as easy as they could. and in this age of zoom absence, skype babson. you know, facebook messenger and whatsapp have their own full-fledged web apps. it feels a little half measure. ee. but hey, maybe people really like it. >> iowa's 15 is expected to be released sometime this fall. and a new report is warning that apple's tightly controlled app store is actually full of scams. so washington post says almost 2%
10:54 pm
of the highest grossing apps on the store are frauds that have cheated customers out of 48 million dollars. the most common method according to the reporter by using fleece where apps which use inauthentic reviews to move up in the app stores. rankings giving them a false sense of legitimacy last month. apple said it removed or rejected at least a million malicious apps and halted potentially fraudulent purchases in 2020. a major announcement from amazon ceo jeff bezos about his blue origin's first human space flight. >> he says that he is going to be on that flight and he's bringing someone along for the ride markie. martin has the story. >> see the from space that changes you changes your relationship with this plan and with humanity gets one earth. >> early monday morning in an out of this world. instagram post jeff bezos announcing he
10:55 pm
is space found a dream. he says he's had since he was 5 years old. the july launch will be aboard his very own blue origin rocket the new shepard. it's an adventure. it's a big deal for me in a surprise twist the 57 year-old amazon billionaire asking his firefighter brother mark to make that maiden voyage alongside him really want come with me. would you are you, sir. be meaningful. >> i have a brother. there wasn't even expecting him to say that he was going to be on the first play. and then when he asked me to go along. i was just. >> year is we're willing if you want to. >> the flight will officially launch blue origin space tourism business also making bezos the first of the billionaire space tycoons to go into orbit beating out elon musk and richard branson, the journey will be 11 minutes long reach more than 60 miles above earth and offers 3 minutes of weightlessness. one
10:56 pm
of the 6 available seats will be going to the winner of an auction for that coveted spot. >> thing that reached 2.8 million on monday morning. what a remarkable opportunity not only to have this eventually will be able to do it with my best friend. >> i was it's put your money where your mouth is. he's going up there take good for him. good for him. well, back on planet we've got some changes coming our way. we're going to see a little more fog rolling into the bay area out toward the golden gate bridge delays out there. little fog trying to form as well. temperatures now. >> a lot of 50 showing up around the beer going to be cool in some parts of the bay area. i think in the north bay especially could see those temperatures dipping into the 40's. maybe low 40's some parts of the north bay highs tomorrow. going to be warming up nicely. we're planning on many spots inland. so to be cooler than it was today. but still comfortable and not quite as windy. you'll see a
10:57 pm
lot of 60's inside the bay along the coastline plan on some patchy fog and a breezy afternoon. some of those winds, 10 to 20 miles an hour along the coastline. again, that westerly wind that breeze that onshore breeze continuing right to dana 10. we'll watch those temperatures cooling down the next couple days as we head toward thursday and friday. we start to warm up the weekend. looking very nice back in the 80's inland 70's inside of a 60's go site next week. they were looking maybe a little heat wave coming our way. the following wednesday and thursday flirting with triple digits as we get late wednesday and thursday of those >> thanks for being with us, everybody have a good night. thanks being back
10:58 pm
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