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tv   KRON 4 News at 4am  KRON  June 3, 2021 4:00am-4:31am PDT

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>> from the area's local news station. you're watching the kron 00:00am morning news, 4. >> well, good morning and thanks for joining us for the kron 00:00am morning news. it's thursday. >> june 3rd, i'm reyna harvey and we are at the beginning of a whole new yeah, it feels good. first we have to start this morning with a check of weather with john shrable was live in the weather center tracking what's been going on over the past few days for us. good morning, john. good morning to you. to we are going to be looking at a continuation of this mild start to the new month. you remember we had memorial day your last day of may with some really hot conditions out there. since then, we've certainly cool things back down.
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>> we're going to keep that cool trend going as we work our way through the remainder of this week. he even cooler likely into next week. now, that's not to say we don't have some hot inland pockets still hanging on at all address those in your full forecast you look outside this morning, though, shows you one of the reasons that we have enjoyed a little bit of a cool down across the region and that's been that increase in sea breeze ocean cool. they're having filtered back into the bay, offering many of us relief and that's in the form of fog. the right now across parts of the bay area. can't see much in your berkeley hills view. san francisco conquered and san jose each seeing the cities around the cities with visibility dropping below a mile expect a fairly similar foggy yesterday morning, but likely to be pulling out a bit quicker than it did yesterday. and our inland areas are also going to be just a little bit warmer as to have as much of an influence for the stunt land as it did yesterday. futurecast wind gusts does show a continuation of that
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sea breeze today. but as i mentioned, it's not quite scooting as far inland today. so some of our for this inland cities are actually going to be just a touch warmer this afternoon 50's for most of our current temperatures with hayward and fremont each at 55 alameda dublin in oakland at 54 degrees. some 40's mixed in a couple of pockets. but most of us pretty mild to start off this morning by the time we reach the afternoon inland areas climbing back up into the upper 80's some of our warmest there. couple of 90's mixed into for this stunt land 60's and 70's for most of our coastal and bayshore cities. so another nice one for these areas will be breaking down exactly what to expect for the rest of this week. the weekend and then even cooler next week. still to come back over to you right now. all right, john, thank you for that. as you are hitting the roads this morning. >> let's start with a look at the bay bridge as you're heading from the east bay into the city. >> to that fremont street exit a little under 10 minutes for your drive time there. let's also had over get a look at the san mateo bridge as you head across towards the
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peninsula a little under 10 minutes of traffic looks great. we're going head over look at the golden gate bridge traveling into the city is going to be a little under 20 minutes. we'll stay on top of your drive times for you this morning. but for now, let's get back to the news. over the north bay. there's a new mayor in the town of windsor. sam selman was officially sworn in last night. he feels the role vacated by dominic foppoli who resigned last month after a series of assault allegations salmond now officially mayor through the end of what's left of the police term which ends in december of 2022 well, newly elected rose at reinosa was sworn in last night and was the only vote against the appointment and instead advocating for a special election. the remaining members voted in favor of salmond who says he will make sure to be supportive. >> i'll take on these charges and and try to be inclusive. make sure i support my council members and make sure that i support you in the community.
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thank you. >> well, this means another seat is vacant and has to be filled. the group cannot agree between another appointment or special election in the search for their next council member. they're going to be discussing it in their next meeting. they have until july 23rd to decide. well, it's san francisco, former department of public works director mohammed nuru has been arrested in connection with an attempted robbery. it happened wednesday morning at the san francisco-marin food bank and the dogpatch neighborhood where new rule regularly volunteers. police say new walked up to a worker pulled out a knife and demanded their property. well, the worker ran off call police. it's been a troubling year and a half or nuru in january of last year, federal agents arrested nuru along with lefty adores restaurant owner nick bovis and an alleged attempt to ride a san francisco international airport commissioner for help to obtain a restaurant concession. now over in the
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south bay follows protest in san jose police have released surveillance video of a deadly shooting involving police. it happened monday night in north san jose to undercover officers. we're trying to confirm information regarding an armed robbery suspect dimitri stanley officials say one of the detectives was walking on tossed dryland stanley came out of his house holding a handgun now that detective ran off to avoid a confrontation stanley then put the gun into his waistband and was seen walking along the street passing by the other undercover officer in an unmarked dark suv. you can see in this video stanley walks by the car once stops and pulls out a 9 millimeter ghost gun with legal high capacity extended magazine. he then walks back towards the car opens the door and points the gun at the undercover officer. that's when the officer shot and killed stanley the police chief, a lease the home surveillance video after protest and misinformation stating the suspect was armed.
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>> the undercover officers involved in the incident were not wearing body cameras due to the non enforcement nature their assignment that evening. there was no plan to arrest or make contact with stanley. or to take any enforcement action whatsoever. when our covert officers engaged in apprehension and enforcement efforts. their policy. our policy dictates that the body-worn camera will be used. >> well, the officer involved in the shooting is on administrative leave. the santa clara county district attorney will have to determine whether that shooting was lawful and justified. a developing out of the north bay. a black lives matter artwork was vandalized at a mill valley high school. these 3 doors represent the past, the present and the future of black and brown people in mill valley. well, 2 of the 3 doors recover with gray paint. the destructive act was an attempt to eliminate the words black lives matter and equity while
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social justice advocates are upset about the defacing at temple pies high school. they're not at all surprised. >> valley doesn't think it has racism. it's not a surprise. it's hurtful and disappointing for me. it's not about the painting. i know. and and i grieve for all the hands that made that that the painting has served its purpose to highlight and point out issues that are here. no value to people want to pretend don't pick 6. >> now the community has responded by filling in the gray paint with words once again, stating black lives matter, the sidewalk in front of the installation is also covered with frish chalk sharing messages of equality love and acceptance. on the peninsula. san mateo police are asking for the public's help in finding the 2 children on your screen. 16 year-old claudia ramirez and her 5 month old daughter abigail have been missing since saturday. both were last seen at their family home in san mateo. the family says claudia talks about wanting to live separately from them. she's 5
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foot one and weighs a 165 pounds. she and her baby both have black hair and brown eyes. as family friends, colleagues and the community mourn the lives of 9 people killed at the vta rail yard in san jose investigators are reviewing evidence from that deadly mass shooting. this includes body camera video released this week. the video makes it obvious that law enforcement knew just what to do because of their training kron four's. rob fladeboe has more on that. >> if you are looking at active shooter protocols executed to a t the newly released body cam video from last week's mass shooting at the vta shows how sheriff's deputies in san jose. police wasted no time in taking action through training. >> and clarity of mission. these these officers did exactly what you're supposed to do. and it was i'm sure
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very difficult. but they did a great job at it. >> kerry hair issues with national active shooter preparedness solutions after watching the body cam video parish points out that he made the most of their training. >> that in this video where there is sheriff's office personnel in san jose police department personnel working seamlessly together using the same sort of terminology cover right. cover left cover the stairwell. >> the team immediately recognizes the situation is still dynamic and they drive towards the area of the gunshot. >> both sheriff's lieutenant aaron simon son and harris, a former los gatos police officer helped formulate active shooter protocols in the wake of the columbine massacre in colorado, harris marchers on the subject and teaches classes to help train individuals and law enforcement about actions they can take against an active shooter. the body cam video shows a textbook example says harris. >> the more time we spend
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talking and thinking about that stuff. people are dying inside that site. and so that's why it's important when they come together, they say i got point. i got right. i got left. i got behind and they move. and that's really what it's are here. and that's what's so impressive about it. harris says the video shows that the shooter knew the team was closing in before killing himself. >> he believes lives were saved by the team's decisive action and seamless execution of his training which deserves part of the credit lives are absolutely say that i can. >> i can guarantee you that if law enforcement had stayed on the perimeter. we did and thought about what they were going to do and developed a plan to set up perimeter. they would have been standing out there listening to gunfire and every one of those gunshots represented another dead victim. the san jose. rob fladeboe kron 4 news. >> well, kron 4 dot com. we have a section with what you need to know about last week's mass shooting. he's going to use your phone to scan a qr code to get more information, including ways to help the
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families of the victims. well, coming up on the kron 00:00am morning news. the president said the u.s. is. >> close to reaching his vaccination goal of 70% by july 4 counties looking to ramp up vaccination efforts in a live report from dc. plus, cal osha will be voting today on it. those guidelines for the workplace. what this means for workplace mask rules. and after the break, california is trying to figure out what the recall governor newsom price tag. is it why that answer will affect when the issue is on the ballot will have that and more up next.
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>> welcome back to the kron 4 morning news. let's get another check of weather this morning with john shrable who is in the weather center over the past couple of days, don, we've been pretty warm and, you know, i don't know if we're going to get a cool off day. in between any of these what we definitely been cooler already a little bit compared to especially where we were on monday. remember that triple digit heat that we had to be thankful that we are there any more. but yeah, we still do have some warm spots for a few of our inland areas.
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>> and even cooler days ahead of us. so it's nice to be seeing temperatures gradually sliding down as we work our way through this week on into next week, at least that eases off fire danger of that. you look outside this morning does show you some of the cloudy skies that we are in the midst of low gray hanging out over the east bay, too. so we're not getting much of a view in many of our perspectives in our web cams this morning. just because you are starting off the morning with so much that marine layer stacked up now pulling out across the region. we do have fog near the coastline. some hot inland temperatures especially out towards the central valley. a dip in the jet stream saving shaping up right to our west is going to ensure that we actually do stay fairly cool keeping high pressure, at least from building too far into the picture and keeping things relatively moderated temperatures today will again be nice and cool, especially close to the coast and near the bay because of this cool onshore breeze hot temperatures for for this to be inland areas as we won'tobe seeing that cool onshore
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breeze reaching as far inland today. so you're about to see numbers near the coast in the bay that seem a lot like we did yesterday. but our inland cities noticeably just a couple of degrees. warmer burlingame at 75 today. foster city also at 75 he on to those upper 70's in redwood city, palo alto and mountain view as well as some upper 70's to low 80's across the south bay. so start to notice the difference from yesterday livermore up to 88 degrees today. that is up from yesterday's low 80's danville at 86 conquered 89 while very similar to yesterday. in san leandro and oakland beac at 72. really perfect for you. few more 90's hanging on for antioch, pittsburgh vacaville and yacht bill and we will be seeing highs back into the upper 80's for nevado and santa rosa tomorrow, temperatures will be much the same as today. we'll have another day of morning fog followed by some afternoon sunshine. and we're in that holding pattern through saturday and sunday. next week is when we see even cooler weather highs falling into the
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70's at our warmest, which is well below average for this time of year. reyna john, thank you for that. we are tracking your commute for you this morning. if you're leaving your house. >> from the east bay heading into the city this morning to that fremont street exit a little under 11 minutes for your drive time. let's also over look at the san mateo bridge as you head across towards the peninsula a little under 10 minutes for you there as well. we'll have more on your traffic updates. but for now, let's get back to the news. the state department of finance is working on determining just how much the likely recall election of governor newsome is going to toss the department is going to send its estimate to lawmakers ahead of their june 15 budget deadline cap of your reporter zavala has that story for us. >> the recall timeline could be shortened if lawmakers act quickly with the recall cost analysis and some lawmakers are already signaling they will. the 51 of california's 58 counties have submitted their estimated recall election cost to the state department of finance for
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review. a spokesperson said wednesday the department will follow up with the other 7 counties to put together a fuller picture of the recalls likely price tag, a required part of the recall process. the department wednesday could not yet provide a preliminary cost estimate once it finishes its analysis. the department will send it over to lawmakers, which will have 30 days to review that's time. some state legislative leaders say they may not need or county election officials have already indicated their cost indicated for some time now. what they believe. those costs to be. so we've already reviewing that. >> and the 30 days may not be necessary. the department of finance plans to provide a figure lawmakers ahead of the state budget deadline, june 15th because counties requested state reimbursements for the cost of the likely election. how much time exactly will be saved in this process is to be determined. but the legislature could finish its role in the recall. but you're marking the funds within the next 2 weeks. sooner rather than later. >> great, great news recall support organizations like
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rescue, california say they're prepared for the election to be as early as august. we actually started our volunteer training on. get out the vote this week. >> very excited about that. so we're ready. always happen. >> the secretary of state could make the recall election official as early as next week as the deadline to remove signatures from the petition is next tuesday in sacramento. ashley zavala kron 4 news. >> national news the biden administration is ramping up efforts to encourage people who have not gotten the vaccine to get the shot and they're doing so with the help from private businesses across the country. washington, dc correspondent reshad hudson joins us live with more. good morning. were shot. >> good morning. rain and the white house is using everything from free sports tickets. a free beer to encourage people to get vaccinated. the president says between now and july 4th. it's going to be a month of action. fully vaccinated, people. >> are safely shredding their
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masks and greeting one another with a smile right now. 52 1% of american adults are fully vaccinated by july 4th. the president wants 70% of adults to have at least one dose of the and to top it off and highs of bush. one of the country's largest beer companies said wednesday they will give away free beers. once that goal is met. that's right. get a shot, have a beer to make it easier for parents to get the shot. the white house is partnering with some of the nation's largest child care centers to offer free services while they get the shot. if you get a shot this week. you can be fully vaccinated by july 4th as pressure mounts for people to get vaccinated pennsylvania republican congressman fred keller said thap getting vaccinated still remains an individual choice. it's available for people. then in the united states of america. >> they can make determination. whether or not it's something that they want to have done. however, the president said politics should
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not play a role in someone getting the vaccine. >> getting the vaccine is not a partisan act. the science was done under democratic and republican administrations. >> the president is also encouraging younger people to get vaccinated. now that the vaccine is available to people as young as 12 years old reporting live in washington rashad hudson, back to you. thank you for that report was shot. >> well, coming up next on the kron 4 morning news some east bay communities are planning on holding 4th of july celebrations this year. what you can expect them to look like. well, fireworks and
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parades are going to be back this 4th of july in the east bay. >> the are in the city council has decided that it's safe to do so after a year of pandemic shutdowns, kron four's, michelle kingston checked in with some communities in contra, costa county to find out what they have planned. >> we start planning for the parade in january or february every year. >> and we did this chair as well. knowing full well that they could have had to scratch their plans altogether. the association who has worked the city to put on an annual july 4th parade since 1984 started
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planning early this year for the holiday tradition. we didn't know there would be even possible. >> we just hope that we can do it. despite concerns it may be too soon to have people out celebrating with covid-19 still a public health issue. will have its parade in music in the park on the 4th of july. mayor amy war think councilmember eating a miller voted against bringing it back this year. >> after canceling it last year, fearing it's too soon. but organizers say safety is their number one priority. many cities obviously feel. >> very, very concerned about it. they don't want to have it spreader event that's totally understandable and rational. so going to do our best to encourage mask-wearing even for those that they have been vaccinated. we just focused on keeping as safe as possible. that's our that's our goal. san ramon plans to put on their 4th of july fun ride danville canceled their parade for this year. conquered will put on a drive-in fireworks show where you park at the concord pavilion to watch.
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>> in pleasant hill is putting on their fireworks show an event just like in orinda that takes all year to plan. that's a big a big one for us. the staff fire expect this year. it's. >> you know, the first sort of. forced from big in pleasant hill since serving search account. we checked with contra. costa county fire protection district. they say they're not discouraging cities from putting on fireworks displays. but they say they must be done safely. >> in orinda michelle kingston kron 4 news. well, still ahead on the kron 4 morning news san francisco has seen an increase. >> a car break ins and it's devastating news. we're not only residents but also tourists. more on this ahead.
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>> welcome back to the kron 4 morning news. we have to get another check of weather this morning with john maybe you're trying to figure out what to wear to browse and the your closet this morning. john, has you covered. and i assume it. something light right. >> yeah. yeah, definitely get on the light jacket today. it's going to be one that you might want to add this morning followed by shutting those layers this afternoon as we do see some temperatures warming up once or fog burns off that fog is block it out. your view across many of our web cams
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this morning. have a lot of options to show you, sir, with the berkeley hills cam again. can see that there is definitely some low cloud cover that is blocking out this view this morning making for kind of a hazy perspective. watch out for lower visibility in our hillsides and right along the coastline overall, though, just look forward to some afternoon. sunshine things clearing up really nicely towards the latter part of the day. a little less sea breeze today. at least it's not going to be in treating as far inland. and that means or inland temperatures a little bit warmer than they were yesterday. they cite in coastal areas on a holding pattern. not a lot of change in those areas right now. temperatures are mostly in the 50's with alameda oakland at 54 degrees hayward and fremont at 55 few low 50's across the north bay later on. we will hold on to the 60's and 70's for our bayside in coastal cities highs. well, you see those inland areas climbing a little closer to the 90's with a couple of 90's mixed in for our for the stuntman spots. reyna john, thank you for
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