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tv   KRON 4 News at 9  KRON  May 30, 2021 9:00pm-10:01pm PDT

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when fun time from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 news at 9. >> now at 9 parts of the bay area are bracing for dangerously high temperatures for memorial day. a heat advisory is set to go into effect in just a few hours from now. look at those triple digits. and thank you so much for joining us here on kron, 4 news at 9 o'clock tonight. i'm justine waldman is going to be a scorcher on jonathan mccall some areas. once again. you just saw them out are expected to see triple digit temperatures for memorial day. >> kron 4 meteorologist mabrisa rodriguez here tonight to get you ready for your holiday recess. >> yeah. we're going to see
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some record breaking heat heading our way for long holiday weekend memorial day is usually the unofficial start of summer, but it's certainly going to feel like that in the bay area tomorrow, specifically starting at noon. that's when all are advisories and warnings set to go into effect rupert tracking possible record breaking heat 15 to 25 degrees above average. here's just a sneak peek of what we can expect tomorrow by tomorrow afternoon widespread triple digit weather in the north bay valleys and east bay valleys near 90's for most of the east bay shoreline. but hayward and fremont, you're actually going to warm up into the low 90's by your memorial day afternoon and along the coast. little relief for those of you trying to escape and head to the beach for the long holiday weekend. upper 70's for downtown san francisco and low 70's for half moon bay in the south bay haven't forgotten about you tracking mid-nineties for mountain view
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and san jose at 95 degrees. so it is going to be a scorcher of a day. 10 to 15 degrees. warmer than what we saw today alone. so this heat wave, it's just expanding and only getting hotter. but the one good thing is that that excessive heat warning for solano county has been allowed to expire a day earlier. so instead of expiring tuesday night. it's going to be allowed to expire monday night at 9 o'clock in addition to the heat advisories in place for the east bay valleys and hills and the north bay mountains and valleys that is going to go into effect at noon through 9 o'clock monday. so it is going to be a significant heat wave. but it's just going to last for this day and we have no threat of high fire danger concerns because of wind gusts about 30 miles per hour or less gusty east along the coast. and as you saw bay area coastline not included in that heat advisory in addition to the east bay
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shoreline. but we're tracking already dry parched conditions extreme to exceptional drought for most of the bay area. and it's only going to get drier specially with this triple digit heat heading our way relative humidity dropping into the teens with relief as you're going to see not arriving until the middle of this upcoming week where temperatures finally cool down to near average. details on that full microclimate forecast and your spare the air alert going into effect tomorrow in just a few minutes. jonathon just seen. back to you. risa. thank you. because of those high temperatures contra costa county fire crews say they are. >> ready to go to respond to any fire threats that could pop up. that's because the areas already seeing an exceptional drought keeping the risk for fires. pretty high court for we love our co is in lafayette right now with how fire crews are getting ready. >> fire officials say they will provide the offense. we need to provide the defense. they want to prevent wildfires like the one seen last year
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from happening again. >> bikers and hikers are soaking up the hot weather this memorial day weekend road >> not at yesterday writing day and tomorrow we're having is one party. >> but these weather conditions are right for wildfires it is contra. costa county firefighters recommend people barbecue away from dead vegetation. make sure the chains from your votes are not dragging on the ground. steer clear of dry grass when pulling over avoid the yard work in dry conditions and do not set off fireworks and so if they're doing anything out in. >> wild land area or around dry vegetation to be extra careful it's the same message repeated every year. >> that fire departments continue to respond to vegetation fires. normally caused by human activity. i will say every year it seems like we have acquired. >> the residents are surprised
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that occuered and that they were the ones started the fire. we haven't even reached the height of fire season. >> but robert byrd expect it will be a busy few months. we were writing on yesterday. it was all dried out longtime california resident says he is always prepared and add here is to the warnings. homeowners like him should create a defensible space around their home like clearing out dead vegetation and avoid foliage hanging from your roof and you try and keep your house. >> your trees separated clean out your gutters. yeah, we do everything that we are instructed to do. firefighters also tend to respond to a lot of medical calls when the temperatures go up. so they recommend you stay hydrated. stay air-conditioned areas. and if you want to enjoy the outdoors. do it before it gets too hot in contra, costa county camila barco kron 4 news. >> cal fire responded to a fire today in mount madonna in santa cruz county. the fire was called the pacific fire and it was reported this morning and burned about one
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acre. cal fire says it was burning in a steep terrain and also on the forest floor. crews are still there right now trying to put out hot spots and monitoring the area. the cause of the fire is under investigation. cal iso. isis is saying that despite this weekend's heat wave. the state's energy leaders say they will not be turning off the power last summer's heat wave along with poor planning led to several power disruptions. but for this week and next, the president of the california independent system operator says everything seems to be in good shape. they believe they have done a better job of planning this time, but say that heat waves will likely return and insist it's always to have. a way to conserve energy. right now kron 4 dot com. we have a dedicated section available for drought along with wildfire resources. >> all you have to do simply scan that qr code on your screen with your mobile device. and you'll be taken right there.
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>> now to the north bay and delay how police responded to a shooting earlier this morning. it happened around 3 in the i am that took place in the 2400 block of sacramento street. police say that one man at the scene was transported to a hospital for treatment. no other information has been released and the suspect has not been caught. also in the north bay. santa rosa, police are investigating a shooting that happened this morning around one in a parking lot on 5th street. investigators say one person was injured. that person is currently listed in critical but stable condition. there's no information of a suspect or any arrests that have been released just yet by police due to 9 o'clock. we are getting our first look at new video of an attack on a san francisco police officer. we first told you about the scene. >> last night here on kron 4 news. take a look at this. that officer was responding to a call involving a man whose are at her asking folks near sacramento and kearney as the officer tried to detain him. the man turns around starts
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hitting that officer in her face, knocking her to the ground. bystanders watching all of this jump in to get that man off of the officer. 5 people in all get to that scene. removing the man from the officer. this is before other officers arrived. the backup arrives sfpd says that the officer did suffer some minor injuries. she is okay, but we don't know exactly to what extent her injuries are. we're also staying in contact with sfpd to learn more about the charges that the suspect now faces tonight. the search is on me. want to find a shooter who miami police say opened fire at a banquet hall overnight killing 2 people and injuring 20 others. investigators say that 3 people got out of an suv started firing into the crowd during a concert. police now believe that this was a targeted attack. >> lead established me was rented out for a concert.
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during the agents were standing outside of the business when a white suv pulled up with 3 subjects stepped out of the vehicle assault rifles and handguns and began shooting indiscriminately into the crowd of which we believe is a targeted act of gun violence. >> police say that one of the injured victims now in critical condition tonight. >> antioch police are tracking down more people who are involved in last weekend's sideshow activity and police and several of the neighboring agencies teamed up for a traffic enforcement during the effort officers arrested one person found 2 guns and towed 5 cars officers also conducted more than 50 vehicle stops and issued more than a dozen tickets. antioch police say they believe t happening over this weekend.
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>> still much more to come tonight here on kron. 4 news at 9 o'clock. including continuing to honor the victims of last week's vta rail yard shootings. we'll hear from the wife of one of those victims. >> but first, health authorities are about to decide how to keep people safe when they return to the office.
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>> this week. we could learn what things will look like when californians finally returned back to the office thursday. the cal osha it's set to vote on their work workplace safety guidelines protocol and are these proposed guidelines workers who are fully vaccinated will not need to wear a mask around other folks who are vaccinated employers. the will still need to provide n 95 masks for workers who are not fully vaccinated. it will also require employers to track vaccination status. most of the new regulations could take effect sometime in mid-june. but the rules impacting masking and physical distancing would start sometime in late july. >> this friday, someone in the state who is vaccinated could win $50,000. this is part of the state's backs. for the win incentive program. a system will select 30 people lease partially vaccinated to receive a $50,000 prize on friday, june 4th and friday, june 11th and 2 million
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vaccinated californians will receive prizes in the form of a $50 gift card. the big money is for 10 people who are at least partially vaccinated and they're going to split a 15 million dollar grand prize that drawing is set for june 15th, which is also the day california will relax most of its covid restrictions. >> ditch the mask get some money. i hope a word word our names tossed into the hat. all right. >> let's talk weather again tonight, a live look along the san francisco golden gate bridge. things definitely are going to heat up. >> tomorrow. been warm even today. you could feel the temperatures really bumped up. >> i didn't complain at all. 1 one benefit getting hot in here and our meteorologist mabrisa rodriguez has a look at. >> the highs to the nellie you're welcome to the nelly. did the kids get in here. >> we won't say the other part. you know what we mean.
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>> let's take a look at daytime highs today tended to 20 degrees warmer than we were yesterday. the biggest warm-up for those of you in livermore unconquered warming up into the mid 90's. downtown francisco, even along the coast. very pleasant temperatures. remember yesterday we only warmed to 57 degrees. but today warming up 10 degrees more 67 degrees so easily above average temperatures from coast to valleys. and it's only going to get harder from here. in fact, still tracking a very warm, hot air mass out there for inland valleys in the north bay and east bay near 20 degrees warmer for those of you in livermore concord and fairfield. last night we were seeing pretty uniform numbers in the low to mid 50's. check it out. we're still in the 70's for conquered dublin and livermore even at this 9 o'clock hour flirting with 60's. for those of you in the east bay shoreline. but san jose very pleasant temperatures for you. 63 degrees with mid-fifties for
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downtown san francisco low 60's for nevado and delay hope santa rosa and san anselmo currently in the mid 60's and fairfield 71 degrees in saint currently in the low 80's and i can't believe it's 9 o'clock at night. and yet we're still tracking 70's 80's at this hour. just a good indicator of the warm air mass that we saw today. >> and right now not seeing much of a great influence because this dome of high pressure pushing away all of the low and high clouds that we should be having this time of year when tracker for also not helping with those northerly winds downtown san francisco, 1616, miles per hour wind speeds with fear field seeing winds out of the south at 17 miles per hour. and temperatures tonight also going to be on the mild side. widespread mid 50's. 2 outliers, though half moon bay cooling down into the upper 40's antioch mid 60's for you. so you're certainly going to feel very warm even tonight, little relief during the overnight hours won't even
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need that extra blanket for you. high temperatures tomorrow cranking up the heat even more 15 to 25 degrees above average. they said this triple digit heat. remember, we're still in spring. even though memorial day is usually celebrated as the unofficial start of summer conquer livermore antioch, a 102 degrees. triple digit heat from delay. nevado. even santa rosa near 90's for oakland in downtown san francisco flirting with 80's. but 78 degrees with mid 90's. for those of you in the south bay, we are going to see the relief arriving along the coast by tuesday, widespread cooling by wednesday thanks to the return of that marine layer cooling us down to near average. so my memorial day, i'm going to spend with my nephew celebrating his birthday of course, the genius meteorologist fatah birthday cake and ice cream cake. and i'm just hoping it doesn't melt by the time it gets home because then i'm going to have a lot of explaining. we've got to get you some ice packs. >> just going green color, right. so cool a cooler ice
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packs is set to know. all right. we've got a we've got all the problem solved. the best thing save us a slice. >> of course true. that's all we want. that's that's why you want to cool, project. homekey was started during the pandemic to help local governments by buildings to house some of the homeless population. >> and now governor newsome wants to expand the program. his proposed budget calling for some 7 billion dollars more in funding for homekey purchases statewide. >> lauren lyster showing his first hand about how the program is working. >> i'm brian griffin. this is my room. this 59 year-old hawthorne and now has a motel to call home after 2 years bouncing around shelters and living in his car out to heart on city hall and. >> personal hygiene and. >> well back to my car, the father of 2 and welder by trade says a divorce left him with nowhere to live and not enough money for a place. at the same time he was recovering from a major organ
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transplant. kidney transplant recipient so i've a lot of water. he landed this room through project homekey a state program started during the pandemic offering money for cities and counties to buy motels and other buildings to house people who are 36 year-old mother laura morales lives here, too, saying the stability, including services like counseling helped turn her life around after 3 years on the streets, sometimes life hits you in a very unexpected way and not all of us come from a slum background. i'm a surgical tech. >> i lost my job my please. signify couldn't take care of my son, which is the biggest regret. >> she relapsed into drug addiction and fell into homelessness living on the la river near a bike path. i myself right across the neighborhood where my son was states doesn't know soon ride bikes. and i think that was good enough talk to because i was in a position to please wear was a wanting help but
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not knowing where to turn outreach made the difference. so actually proactive people 18 to the river and it seemed to us. >> the county tells me this was a motel 6. they bought it for 7.1 million dollars and say it can 75 people. >> it's one of 10 buildings. the county purchased with homekey funding for more than 106 million dollars with a total of nearly 850 rooms. an average of about $125,000 each. even with cost to renovate into permanent housing homekey is touted as faster than new construction and requiring a lot less money roughly about 50% of building new but usc professor gary painter who focuses on homelessness policy strikes. a note of caution as the economy improves and travel picks up. we don't know the extent to which hotel and motel operators are going to be willing to sell as they were in the middle of the pandemic. we should have a plan b. a lee county home key properties
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become permanent housing with supportive services next year. right now most provide temporary shelter folks will be able to stay here until there's another. >> permanent housing opportunity in the meantime, laura morales is planning a return to work and has reunited with her 14 year-old son. i'm glad my sins. forgiven me. and just as a lot of my students and counselors helping brian griffin get into truck driving school now is focusing on these goals. get out of here. get on my feet. >> give back. you know, like i've been given an opportunity to start over in baldwin park. i'm lauren lyster. ktla. 5 news. >> still ahead, we continue to honor the victims of last week's mass shooting in san jose. you will hear from the wife of one of the victims of what their last moments.
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>> president joe biden is marking his first memorial day weekend as commander in chief by honoring america's fallen heroes in a personal way. >> the president returned to his home state of delaware today attending the annual the commemoration in the newcastle with his grandson hunter in attendance biden honored military personnel for their service and console. the grieving families we have lost loved ones in the line of duty. he also said the holidays, especially difficult for him. since his son beau a veteran died from brain cancer. 6 years ago today.
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>> i know how much the last search. i know the black hole lead in the middle your chest. it feels like we may get into it and not come out. all i know nothing now. i can say ease the pain. i just know that each year it gets a little bit. little bit news. >> the president plans to honor our nation's heroes at arlington national cemetery tomorrow for the annual memorial day observance. >> governor gavin newsome issuing a statement, a proclamation declaring for memorial day writing in part on memorial da , we pay tribute to those fallen heroes who gave their lives while defending our constitution and our freedoms enduring respect and gratitude for their sacrifice. we hold in our hearts. those who fought to preserve our way of life. never to see their loved ones again. >> and tracking your memorial day warm up with our microclimate forecast. going
9:26 pm
to get hot 15 to 25 degrees above average possible record breaking heat heading our way. details in my full forecast after the break.
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>> memorials continuing today for the 9 victims killed wednesday at the vta rail yard in san jose earlier this evening. there was another vigil that was held at san jose. >> city hall. and that's where we find kron forsman to harry. she's live there now showing us the growing memorial that
9:29 pm
is there and how people are remembering the victims tonight. >> just and jonathan, this memorial is the physical representation of all the love and support the community has been showing. let me pan the camera over and you can see just how big it's become over the last few days. i was here thursday and it was a quarter of this size. >> nobody should ever have the ear of waking up and going to work. members of the san jose community are still trying to come to terms with the tragic shooting of 9 vta workers early wednesday morning. allie hughes organize this community day of healing. she says this hits close to home for so many people. >> i often actually here in the parking lot of the very she says she didn't know any of the victims or their families but she says she's here for that. mary celeste and also came out to the event. she says it's still hard to accept that this
9:30 pm
happened anything. and as they on national headlines for for that is was really jarring. but as she looked at the dozens of flowers candles and notes left at this memorial. she has some hope. >> i think i really love about santa say, anything other. >> all the people i spoke with said they plan to continue to support the victims. friends and family in any way they can live in san jose. amanda hari kron 4 news. amanda, this has had a tremendous impact on folks in that community. >> is there any way for folks who may feel like they've been impacted by this tragedy for them to get help. >> jonathan, the da's office has set up a phone number that people can reach out to. if they feel they were impacted by this tragedy. that number is on the bottom of your screen. also read off for you. it is 4 o 8, 209-8356, and anyone can reach out that
9:31 pm
number if they feel they've been impacted in any way by this tragedy. >> all right. that's kron four's amanda hari live for us tonight in san jose. amanda, thank you. another vigil held in union city this afternoon to remember the victims of last week's deadly shooting union city was where top 10 saying is from his loved ones and neighbors coming out this afternoon to remember him and also the his his his heroics that he showed on wednesday as he helped other people get out of the railyard to stop the shooter from injuring more of his co-workers today. his brother talked about the life he lived. >> thank you all for coming for being there, for my family. being there as a community. we're all the other 8 families as well. nobody's going to be able to fill those feel that pain fill that gap for the life that we lost because there's just no way. her son specially that you can
9:32 pm
rely on so much. nobody can fill that gap. nobody can live up to that. but we will all keep trying and it's your support that gave some hope to this family. >> topped age deeps family says they are now calling for an end to gun violence. >> tonight. we're also hearing from the widow of alex fritch. he is one of the 9 victims from wednesday's shooting. he passed away at the hospital. several hours later terra fritch sharing the last moments with her husband is absolutely heartbreaking. kron four's. gayle ong has her story. i wear. >> we were special. we had a special bond and alex is an amazing i let him more than anything in the whole speaking to us by phone at terra fritch, the wife of alex fritch says she got to say goodbye to her husband before he died at the hospital he actually and his wrist and grabbed my hand.
9:33 pm
>> i was reading his chest with my other hand and the nurse came in because he has some fluid that was building up a nest and the leader. to clear it and she's fit he knows you're here. he's connie. we had tears streaming out of his eyes. and at that moment i told them that he could go and that we would be ok as his wife grieves the loss she wants to bring up the conversation on gun control eye on gun owners. and i. >> believes that people should be able to own weapons that they should be held to do it responsibly and it needs to be done where it is watched over. you know, i think we have to more hoops to get her driver's license and you do to own a gun that can kill anybody. 49 year-old alex fritch was a substation maintainer for the
9:34 pm
vta. >> he was also surrounded by his children and family the night he died. the family is planning funeral services this week. gayle ong kron 4 news. >> less than a week after the mass shooting in san had to say today. another shooting happened in florida near ucla. but now 2 people are dead and over 20 others are injured. so what can be done to prevent mass shootings. a gun law expert talked to us earlier today and he says that we lack a gun law to enforce background checks. nearly half of americans can buy guns without a license. >> will act all americans are blaming both on up with the special interests. but they're pointing your finger squarely at those who are elected to protect us and. >> you're right, you bring up a powerful point about fear and hopelessness. >> and you're the and other elements of gun lobby obviously they're there and a popular right there. there's a
9:35 pm
lot of good but there chief message to cheap products is actually fear and helplessness. the nra wants americans to think that gun violence is a problem can't be solved, that it's at. that. it's a naturally occurring phenomenon like an or hurricane wildfire. in fact, we according to the research edf can see exactly opposite is true. that it put in universal background checks. if you put in place common-sense gun you about klein, it loosened gun the fuel out morgan's be sold to people with no checks whatsoever. you can bounce is going to go off. this isn't rocket science and simply need to call on our congress on the united states senate to send legislation to president states be signed into law and do it fast because there's a real urgency here. >> and whereas republicans on capitol hill are against
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passing a lot to establish a universal background check in the nation and that they blame the gun violence and mental health issues. you can watch that full interview on our free streaming news app kron on. and kron 4 dot com is our website. and on there we have a section with everything you need to know about wednesday's mass shooting. you can scan this qr code on your screen right now to get information and how you can help the victims families. another live look with our 4 zone forecast outside along the san francisco embarcadero. >> it is going to be extremely hot tomorrow. so find your air conditioners, your blocks of ice anything you can to just keep cool. yes. heading towards the coast might not be such a bad idea if that's an option for you and our meteorologist mabrisa rodriguez. >> joins us now with a look at the temperatures for monday. yeah. let's take a look at your long holiday weekend monday. microclimate forecast. >> quite mouthful just there. but if you are heading along the coast, take advantage of the sunset district 65 degrees. everyone else
9:37 pm
throughout the francisco peninsula going to be in the mid to upper 70's downtown san francisco at 78 degrees. daly city in the mid 60's with low 60's. for those of on terror and al gore not about half moon bay also going to see some mild temperatures there as well. no one really escaping the heat. 70 degrees for half moon bay. so we're easily going to be 10 to 15 degrees. warmer then we were today and the biggest warm-up will be along the coast just because we saw some of that marine layer influence keeping our temperatures warmer. but noticeably cooler as well so very pleasant overall today along the san francisco peninsula coastline brisbane to san bruno upper 70's with low 80's for millbrae and burlingame. wind speeds will be breezy along the immediate coastline and san francisco p.ninsula coastline for that matter as well. out of the southwest at 30 miles per hour or less, san mateo and san carlos in the low 80's as his foster city. but mid 90's. for those of you in mountain view
9:38 pm
with the widespread 90's. for most of the south bay flirting with 90's for santa clara. but milpitas 90 degrees in san jose hot temperatures there. 95 degrees. scorching triple digit heat as we make our way inland into our east bay valleys. a 102 degrees for your monday afternoon. highs and memorial day also going to be hot for concord and walnut creek. unofficial start of summer. certainly going to feel like it with a 102 degrees orinda and braga in the low 90's as well with oakland 88 degrees and widespread triple digit heat for most of the north bay. checkout solano county vacaville a 104 degrees wouldn't be surprised if you actually warm up to a 105 degrees that was expected as the hottest temperature in solano county for memorial day monday with triple digit heat for nevado and santa rosa. and we are going to see our first spare, the air alert of the year arriving a little bit earlier. we don't usually see spare the air alert until are
9:39 pm
hottest summer months and even our indian summer. but instead we're tracking it for the last day of may with unhealthy air particles in the east bay, moderate amounts of poor air quality tomorrow. so if you don't need to be outdoors specifically between noon and 04:00pm in the afternoon. just stay indoors, especially those of you with any respiratory or pulmonary issues. relief arriving along the coast by tuesday with widespread cooling near average temperatures from coast to valleys by the middle of this upcoming week with little change. 7 days from now. back to you. jonathan. just seen. >> well, risa, thank you. chp investigating a deadly crash from overnight. it was reported around 6 this morning along highway 87 near san jose international airport and the transition to one o one chp says that one person died at the scene another person arrested so far. there's no word on what led up to the crash or why chp made that arrest the crash did closed down to north lanes of one.
9:40 pm
oh, one, both back open tonight. take a look at this video to thieves. caught on home surveillance camera stealing a truck in south san jose. right in the middle of the day. victim says it was his work truck inside of its nearly $12,000 in materials. also taking along with the truck. according to san jose police car burglaries are up nearly 50% since the beginning of the year. >> kron four's. taylor sacking has our story. >> the thieves stole the truck from this neighborhood in san jose on eldora drive. the victim says it happened so fast that he believes it wasn't the suspects. first time. he also says they must have used a master key. >> we're special till. i saw that they were fast. they're really they're pretty quick. it was it was a right before 7 is around 6.56 in in the morning. so they knew what they were doing johnny reyes says to fees seen on this home surveillance video stores were truck parked right outside of his family's home on elder a
9:41 pm
drive in south san jose. early friday morning. think they're watch ng. they saw my truck and they they figured that there work equipment in there and they wanted to take it. so. they took it. yes is a painting contractor and had some of his tools loaded up in the truck. preparing for a job the next day had a couple spray rigs in the back at all. my letters at all. my tools i have my sending a sending equipment. estimated. you know, anywhere >> 10 to 12. >> 1000 when reviewing other surveillance cameras from the neighborhood. reyes says the female suspect blocked or plates but was driving a silver older model honda with damage on the right where every car. meanwhile, the male suspect appeared to be wearing a bright work best at the time. now reyes is warning others at the pair may be driving around looking for specific types of cars. i think there's probably a master key there, something that they they've used before. >> spend a little bit of time in the front of the door. but once he got in the door. he's pretty fast. don't know if is a master key of something but.
9:42 pm
they know what they're doing. if you recognize those suspects or have any information. you're asked to call the police department. >> in san jose taylor bisacky kron 4 news. >> tonight in spoots, the giants looking to finish the road trips strong against the road trips strong against the dodgers, sports director attention, california. new federal funding of $3 billion is available to help more people pay for health insurance — no matter what your income. how much is yours? julie and bob are paying $700 less, every month. dee got comprehensive coverage for only $1 a month. and the navarros are paying less than $100 a month. check to see your new, lower price. the sooner you sign up the more you save. only at covered california. this way to health insurance.
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jason, did you know geico t on car insurance and co a whole lot more?eds cool. so what are you waiting for? mckayla maroney to get your frisbee off the roof? i'll get it.
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♪ (upbeat music) ♪ ♪ ♪ whoa. here you go. (in unison) thank you mckayla! dude, get it. i'm not getting it, you get it. you threw it. it's your frisbee. geico. switch today and see all the ways you could save. >> now let's talk about our 4 zone forecast as we take a lovely look outside right now at downtown san francisco. she's looking good tonight to
9:45 pm
flee and it's going to warm up across the bay area tomorrow. but if you're headed to the sierra, maybe you're going to get away from the heat a little bit reese's here tonight with a look at what you can expect as you head up north. >> yeah, it's going to be a perfect staycation weather for those of you heading up to the sierra for your long memorial day weekend and we're tracking overall pleasant conditions out there. i 80 at castle peak. not even seeing any traffic for your sunday night. stormtracker 4 all dry and clear in fact, not even seeing any marine layer a gray not going to be an issue tonight and also tracking drier conditions for most of this year. a few light spotty scattered showers for carson city. but really that's about it. a warming and drying trend also continuing for this in addition to our bay area, forecast a few high thin cirrus clouds overhead. but truckee warming up into the mid 80's in the low 90's in south lake tahoe in the low 80's and tomorrow's afternoon
9:46 pm
highs turning from low 80's to mid 80's by tuesday. so the heat wave, they're only going to get stronger and then we're going to be on cruise control by wednesday with temperatures remaining under mostly sunny skies in the mid 80's for those of you in this but for us here in the bay area. we have an excessive heat warning going to go into effect starting at noon through 9 o'clock tonight. so it will be allowed to expire a day earlier, not going to last through tuesday night as previously thought. just because temperatures already going to feel some inland relief for those of you by tuesday afternoon. but we will have a heat advisory away from the immediate bay area coastline and east bay shoreline primarily impacting our north and east bay valleys and local hills and mountains. there. so we are going to have that heat advisory also going into effect from noon through 09:00pm on memorial day monday with cooler temperatures arriving by tuesday. but from now, until then, scorching
9:47 pm
triple digit heat possible record breaking heat with temperatures as high as 25 degrees above average for valleys in the north bay and east bay upper 80's for those of you in oakland, upper 70's for downtown san francisco with low 70's for half moon bay and san jose in the mid-nineties and taking a look ahead at the next 3 day outlook. we're going to see temperatures finally cooling back to near normal by the middle of this upcoming week cooling to 80. it's going to feel cool in comparison to 100. i know. hard to believe june starts on tuesday. finally arrives in a few days and then the summer solstice june 20th. >> so we're heading into that warm threshold where this is going to be the new >> 2021 is moving along. that that is true. thanks, everyone. enjoys a good cup of coffee. but it can be expensive. but luckily there are some new apps that can get you a cup of joe for just one
9:48 pm
book. alright rich demuro shows us that and also how first responders can get their phone screens fix for just 50 bucks. >> here's what's happening in the tech world the social media platform built on likes is now giving users the option to ditch them. instagram says everyone now has the option to hide public like counts. there are 2 ways you can do this. you can hide likes on all the posts that you see in your feed or you can hide the likes on your own posts that way. no one else can see the number of likes you're getting instagram, says the change might take some of the pressure off of the entire experience. good for regular folks maybe not so good for influencers. frontline workers can now get their phone screens fixed for just 50 bucks samsung. and you break. i fix teaming up for the screen repair deal eligible professionals include first responders health care workers and teachers. the deal applies to samsung galaxy s 8 phones in newark along with galaxy note 8 and newer models. the
9:49 pm
deal runs through june 6th and you have to sign up for it through samsung's website. i've got details on mine. and finally an app called joe is offering a cup of coffee for just a buck. the app lets you place mobile orders. at hundreds of local coffee shops in the la area. the one dollar deal includes any drink up to a $6 value, including lattes, cold brews and more. you can use the offer daily through june 20th with the code. one l a the joe app was created to help local coffee shops compete against big chains by offering the same convenience of mobile ordering. you can find more information about anything. i mention here on my website. just go to rich on tech dot tv. i'm rich demuro and you are tech smart. >> and now kron 4 sports. >> heading into this series with the dodgers. i think the giants would have considered a split a win. but let's get greedy out about 3 out of 4.
9:50 pm
let's head down the socal. see how it all played out. fans filing in the dodger stadium. you love to see it. some giants fans down there. top of the first guys that one zip murray ceo dubai. that coming back. in fact, it is coming back of the hits. the pole. but it's still a home run. 2 run bomb giants extend their lead. the 3 bottom of the 9th. this guy is still hitting bombs solve our poll hosts. it's a 2 run shot. well, guess what? it wasn't enough because a couple batters later, jake mcgee. it. no more rally giants win 5 to 4. they finished a road trip 5 in one st the angels tomorrow. bob melvin still sitting at win. number 7.98, which is tied for most ever in franchise history. the tone a little tony la russa and he would not pass lou russo on this day.
9:51 pm
david fletcher lines one into left field 2 runs score. that makes it 14. nothing a's cut it to 42 in the 3rd. but that was go on to win 4 to tenths a 135,000 people indianapolis motor speedway. that's the most at an event, a sporting event that is the pasdemic started pretty big race, helio castroneves s the one for the 4th time. death tying a record. but great, great weekend for giants baseball to get 3 out of 4 from the defending world series champs their rivals. they come back and and a couple weeks it's going to be full capacity at the ballpark for the bay bridge series. ironically enough good time. yes, hard to believe that a 135,000 people as only 40% i motor speedway's a few. >> i've never been to a race probably won't ever go to one,
9:52 pm
but really not on your bucket list know now. >> not a fan of nascar like that. just drive just a distant. i believe we can watch on tv. we'll be right back. i'm morgan, and there's more to me than hiv. more love,... more adventure,... more community. but with my hiv treatment,... there's not more medicines in my pill. i talked to my doctor... and switched to... fewer medicines with dovato. prescription dovato is for some adults who are starting hiv-1 treatment or replacing their current hiv-1 regimen. with... just 2 medicines... in 1 pill,... dovato is as effective as a 3-drug regimen... to help you reach and stay undetectable. research shows people who take hiv treatment as prescribed... and get to and stay undetectable... can no longer transmit hiv through sex.
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>> well, if you're planning a road trip this summer. there's one important thing you're going want to pack and that is the perfect play list according to one poll.
9:55 pm
>> 2000 americans say that 35% of those 2000 americans say that they would abandon their plans or even turn the car around without the proper mood setting playlists as for the top road trip songs. the most popular choices include sweet home alabama by lynyrd skynyrd hotel, california by the eagles and life is a highway by tom cochran. a new album from the late rapper dmx dropping posthumously dmx longtime friend and collaborator swiss beats says his new album x. this was supposed to be the start of a big comeback swiss who also served as executive producer on the album says it's not an album that was thrown together just to cash in on the rapper's passing rather than rather the album was completely finished and ready to be released before dmx is death. exodus features tons of guest stars like. swiss beats his wife alicia keys. new dog. jay z little wayne and also
9:56 pm
appearing on it as well. we've got to bring road trip some of it on the play lists. all right. want to get paid to play video games. internet provider. frontier bundles has a deal for you. they say they are offering to pay $2000 to a pair of friends who are willing to spend 21 hours playing video games together. all you have to do report back on the experience. the company says it wants to know if people play better together or on their own. all the information you need to apply on our website at kron 4 dot com. you have until june 18th to be considered winners will be announced on june 25th rights. >> check this out. nasa has released this amazing new image of the center of the milky way galaxy astronomers describe it as a tapestry of energy created by a magnetic field and super-heate. gas looks like fireworks. they're really pretty. they're going so far as to call this a
9:57 pm
cosmic masterpiece. never seen anything like that before. does look pretty, though. >> i didn't know the milky. we had so many colors. it almost matches my high temperatures forecast for tomorrow with this graphic. a lot of purples and reds. that's an indicator of triple digit heat in our north bay valleys and east bay valleys as well. little relief along the coast, low 70's for half moon bay. so we're going to see about a 30 to 35 degree difference from our warmest coastal cities and our hottest inland valleys to cnn. jonathan, back to you. thanks so much from greece. and that wraps up kron 4 news at 9 o'clock. but we are still going here. don't ty. that's right. don't go anywhere. kron 4 news at 10 o'clock just moments away.
9:58 pm
when you're born and raised in san francisco, you grow up wanting to make a difference. that's why, at recology, we're proud to be 100% employee owned with local workers as diverse as san francisco. we built the city's recycling system from the ground up, helping to make san francisco the greenest big city in america but we couldn't do it without you. thank you, san francisco. gracias, san francisco. -thank you. -[ speaks native language ] let's keep making a differene together.
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>> when time from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 news. >> parts of the bay area are bracing for dangerously high temperatures for memorial day monday. a heat advisory is set to go into effect in just a few hours from now. there are triple digits on the screen. thank you so much for joining us here during kron, 4 news at 10 o'clock tonight. i'm justine waltman. i'm jonathan mccall. we want to get right to kron 4 meteorologist mabrisa rodriguez. you saw them out for yourselves on those temperatures. >> she's here tonight to break down what we can expect for the rest of your monday. but greece it is going to be hard to say the least. yeah.


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