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tv   KRON 4 News at 530pm  KRON  May 20, 2021 5:30pm-6:00pm PDT

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large portion of the bay area's now experiencing. >> what they call exceptional drought. that's that maroon color. it's the worst drought category in the u.s. drought monitor report. and as you can see from these 2 maps. the one on the left is as of today, the one on the right. was just last week. things have really gotten significantly worse in just the past 7 days. yeah, it is distressing. but there is some good news tonight. they're actually places that are seen unexpected raindrops. >> yeah. maybe not enough to do us any good. but yes, unexpected tailored yet. we're not in my forecast. so this area of low pressure rotating thought most the most would say over the sierra nevada. some of those actually backing into the bay area right now you're seeing that outside. this is walnut creek and you see the rain out there right now. some gusty winds out there to go along with that, too. and you see all the traffic out there. >> on the roadways as people get caught up in some of that. the rain you see right there, that big blob of green begin
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to bring that rain, especially in the east bay. although the said move through parts of the north bay. but now you see it in the renda walnut creek. alamo conquered continue to see some rain even oakland trying to squeeze out a couple of scattered light showers. and just to the north of that. we've got some more moisture coming down. you see that all rotating around that area of low pressure and some of that backing down into the bay area. again, some of that making its way into parts of north bay counties right now and some lightning strikes just a little bit further to the north. so kind of active out there right now as the sun begins to set that up. all begin to wind down. but other than that, the winds have been kicking up all around the bay area are looking at. 33 mile an hour gusts right now at sfo 23 in palo alto. 22 in san francisco. 20 mile an hour gust in oakland expecting we'll see those gusty winds throughout the evening hours that will begin to taper off temperatures not too bad, although cooler than normal. we're looking for heat up on the way. we will tell you when coming up in a few minutes. all right. appreciate it, lawrence. other news now,
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governor gavin newsome was in the bay area today. he signed a bill aimed at speeding up affordable housing developments. kron four's ashley zavala has details. >> governor gavin newsome signing a bill to speed up environmental quality reviews for housing and other economic development projects throughout the state. this bill is about. >> the investment in the future of the state of california. some consider california's environmental quality act. also known as sequel. a major hurdle for housing and development production. the bill newsome signed extends previous legislation that fast track the sequel judicial review process for large multi benefit housing clean energy and manufacturing projects. the bill also allows smaller affordable housing projects to qualify for the expedited review. more jobs, more business. >> more affordable housing. this is really important for our economic recovery is is bill signing in san jose came on the same day as some state housing groups urged the state to do even more. the california building industry association noting production
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continues to fall short of demand production has gone >> past 3 years continues to fall. >> we need the protections would because of low supply demand and home prices continue to set record highs. the california realtors association says the latest median home price in california. has more than $813,000. >> the group urging the state to set aside money for grants and tax credits for low to moderate income, home buyers, not >> for the once unthinkable. a median home price. over. reach for millions. >> the governor is proposing to use nearly 2 billion dollars to fast track. thousands of affordable housing projects across the state. he's also proposing an accountability unit to keep an eye on local governments and their housing production in sacramento, ashley zavala kron 4 news. >> developing news now out of the middle east, israel and the palestinian militant group hamas. they have agreed to a
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cease-fire. the deal puts an end to an 11 day war that saw hundreds of people die. joining us now force, washington correspondent alexandra limon. alexandra, do we know what led to this cease-fire. >> hi there. good evening. we'll president joe biden said tonight that egypt helped to broker this cease-fire between israel, hamas and other groups in the region. and this comes after mounting pressure from the u.s. and from the international community for the violence. there to come to an end. >> you know, we've held intensive high level discussions hour by hour literally president joe biden said days of quiet diplomacy had the goal of avoiding a prolonged violent conflict already. israeli airstrikes in gaza have killed more than 230 palestinians, including 65 children. >> and hamas rocket attacks have killed at least 12 israelis including 2 children.
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my conversations, president commended him. >> for the decision to bring the current hostilities to a closed. president biden had been under increasing pressure from progressive democrats like senator bernie sanders who are pushing to block the sale of us weapons to israel. >> sanders tweeted at a moment when us made bombs are devastating gaza and killing women and children. we cannot let another huge arms sale go through without even a congressional debate. president biden was also facing pressure from republicans to provide more help to israel in the last several days. over 4,000 rockets have rained down on the people of israel. president biden said his last conversation with the israeli prime minister also included a reassurance. i assured him in my full support to replenish. >> israel's iron dome system to ensure the fences and security in the future. the iron dome is a defense system. israel uses to intercept rocket attacks.
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>> and secretary of state antony blinken said that he stands ready to travel to the middle east to help work on a more long lasting agreement on ending the violence. >> certainly this cease-fire is welcome news at do you know when the truce is going to take effect. >> yeah. it was scheduled to take effect about an hour and a half ago and all indications are that that has happened. in fact, we've heard that some small celebrations broke out in on the west bank. also in east jerusalem, even some fireworks to mark at least for now. the end of the deadly violence. thank you. >> alexandra limon live for us tonight in washington. thank you, alex. >> and back here at home reporting hate crimes will now be easier at both local and state levels. today, president biden signed the covid-19 hate crimes act. this is a bill that speeds up justice department reviews of
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incidents against asian americans. it also makes grants available to help local law enforcement agencies improve their investigations and reporting of these incidents. the president says that he hopes the signing ceremony which comes during asian american and pacific islander heritage month sends a strong message. >> for centuries. asian americans native hawaiians pacific islanders diverse and vibrant communities have helped build this nation only to be office stepped over forgotten or ignored. you the chair for generations, the still considered by some the other. it's it's simply use the phrase that simply put america. my missus all those who are is bc. congress said we see. >> the u.s. house gave the measure final approval this week after the senate passed it last month with votes 94 to
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one. >> the clouds roll into parts of the bay area. we've got some rain drop showing up out there as well. we'll show you where coming up next. and outline who's lost his way and ended up in san francisco has been captured where he is now getting treatment and where he might be once he is set free.
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>> in developing news this 2 year-old male mountain lion was spotted on tuesday in san francisco's bernal heights. a neighborhood and then captured by animal control officers last night really a a beautiful big cat regal looking in the mountain lion was hit with a tranquilizer dart on santa marina street near mission >> a densely populated area, not outlines want to be or often are. officers then took him to the oakland zoo for observation. you see the full body check up checking the pause. checking everything. fortunately, they say this, roughly 2 year-old is in good health and should be very soon ready to head back to the wild. >> he looks like he's a great body condition. he's been eating well, sometimes will get babies and that are injured by wildfires or have been without their mom. so they're starving. we've had mountain lions in with kidney problems. you know, they can
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be very stressed. he does not look like that. he is a hardy. well, muscled. good looking guy. >> the vet went so far as to, you know, they nicknamed these things. sometimes calling this one mister handsome after getting. checked out. going to be released into the wild in an uninhabited part of santa clara county. so well south of where he was last night. mr hanson headed home. i coming san mateo county native is breaking boundaries and inspiring the next generation of asian american dancers. >> the story of candy tong duri
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the month of may. we are celebrating and honoring asian americans and pacific islanders were breaking barriers. and today we want to introduce you to. >> candy time you see her here a lot of moves. she has a professional dancer, a model, a fashion entrepreneur and she's living her dream in new york city. she is an advocate for asian americans in the arts. kron four's. gayle ong has more. >> years old. candy tom knew she found her calling asian-american dancing is already so rare in my world. >> remember growing up that about only got to look up 2 asian-american dance. tom says she was one of 3 to 4 asian american students in her class at the san francisco ballet. >> but never saw herself as
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being a minority but fell different after landing the role of clara in the nutcracker it's not known to have an asian black clara. >> so for me to have had that rule is such a young age was i mean, something very special and something i had to bring along with me in the future that teacher leading talk drain at pacific northwest ballet in seattle, washington. >> and english national ballet in the united kingdom, but she faced challenges while dishing for professional dance companies all around europe's one i was too tall and 5.10. >> without pointe shoes or heels. secondly, my american be set. and thirdly, that i was asian. and so hearing those 3 things especially about my race was difficult and also incredibly frustrating. tom says those 3 repeaters often came up in post addition feedback, the
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san mateo county native advocates for diversity in the renowned dance world. >> industry. she says asians are underrepresented in its 2021 and i want people push their limits. can. >> be who they unapologetically. you beyond apologetically asian and just go about life how you are bored to be unapologetically asian is a movement started in 2019. >> before the pandemic and hiking reports of attacks on the asian community credits, the support of her parents who ouraged her to pursue her passion and dance dashon designer is the latest title to her name, her dance for line launched right before parts of the country issued stay at home orders talking is living in new york city under contract with complexion is contemporary ballet, a place that allows her to travel the world showing passion for the arts and music. i want to be and then to work for asian american dancers. >> i want to be their inspiration. i want to make a
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change whether it's in the world modeling world i knew where i dan screen or fashion designer. >> dance up runner. >> that's a new i just learned that what a story. quite impressive. that was gail ong reporting for us tonight. ed, be sure to join kron four's gayle ong and will trend for a 30 minute special. it's called stopping anti asian hate. it will air sunday may 30th at 06:30pm. and we've been talking about the weather conditions. this is video just into our newsroom. check it out. in walnut creek. press and it's so great to see many thanks to cut 4 viewer. lynn, good raeford sharing this video with she wrote and when she e-mailed to our web site. she says it's really windy. >> and it just started raining. >> cash. we're happy to see that. thank you for setting that she is she making a certainly did. i mean, yeah. wasn't expecting see the rain
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move in. but there you go. that area of low pressure spinning over the sierra nevada low back some moisture back into the bay area. we're seeing some rain drops out there now things breaking up just a little bit in the walnut creek. but we've been looking at some rain there and there continues c that batch of moisture sliding on through taking 4 close look now you can see moving a little further to the south now in the alamo. and sam ramon, if you take it down even closer. now you can see the showers most that just some light showers. but boy, if you're out there around 6 ad, you're driving danville. watch out. again. some rain coming your way. maybe that sliding all the way down toward pleasanton and dublin and eventually, maybe even livermore seeing some of that moisture coming your way. in the meantime, though, the showers continuing out there and another batch of that rain little bit further to the north. that's just now beginning to make its way in the north and look at that near saying lena, this is coming to just the right times you get that afternoon. heating. and that's just enough to spark some of these thunderstorms up there, something that we don't want to see with the fire conditions out there right now. but that's exactly what we've had in this past few minutes. lightning strike there. just north of st. all
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right. not only there but we're seeing that snow continue to rotate over the sierra nevada. if you're headed up there, watch out. you're going to see more snow tonight. advisors up there for that snow as well. and of course, that we've been talking about the winds and the winds incredibly blustery. yesterday. we have some gusts over 50 miles per hour. still gusty around the bay area today along the peninsula may have some places. how about that? the richmond just had a gust to 50 in this last hour say with daly city 33 at sfo. but all along the peninsula and the coastline. we've been watching some strong, gusty winds there in the also further south and a half moon bay. and that's where most of the gusty winds have been located all just inside the bay of seeing some as well. those stronger winds toward near beach of 41 miles an hour. lena's 46 miles an hour. stinson beach 38 you get woodville those 45 mile an hour gusts now about point reyes authority 7 miles per hour. so blustery out there right now dylan beach gusting to 55 miles an hour. yeah,
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it's really been cooking out there. and so there's we where we sit tonight wind advisory has been extended until 9 o'clock tonight expecting those blustery conditions 40 to 50. plus miles per hour sustained probably 20 to 30 miles an hour out there as well. so going to be windy out there, especially along the coastline tomorrow. it will be breezy. the winds subsiding but still breezy in toward the afternoon 50's along the coast 60's inside the bay. some mid 70's start to warm up inland as we look toward the next few days as we get into the weekend about that. we're going to warm things up. still breezy in spots even into monday. it will be warmer but still in the windy side and then those winds going to be on and off. it looks like on and off all week long. guys, back to you. thank you, laura. it's coming up. amazon might be the go to spot for online shopping. >> but are you getting the lowest prices there. we have some tips for scoring the best some tips for scoring the best deals. after my car accident, some tips for scoring the best deals. i wondered what my case was worth. so i called the barnes firm. i'm rich barnes. is your accident case worth more than insurance offered? call the barnes firm now to find out.
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>> but how you buying things, right. the pandemic starts. everybody's trying to hunker down so many people just gotten into the habit of buying almost everything online from groceries to clothes paper towels, you name it. yeah, couple finger. but yet pushes the brick and mortars. but but are you getting the best deal that way. well, we have some experts who are willing to share their tips on how to find the best deals online. kristen joyce has some details. >> for many of us the ease of amazon is the answer to a lot of our shopping needs. >> with the 2 day delivery at
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usually in vegas about if i on really in sterling better for myself just because of the convenience recent study. we did show that 2 thirds of the items on your brows and amazon have some sort of what we call a red flag. that may be the seller is not reputable. maybe the price is too high when traveled is the creator of an apt comparison price tracks while users online shopping. >> he points to granola being sold on amazon this week for $25. well, it's 10 bucks cheaper on another side and a few bucks cheaper than amazon's at another major retailer. and this long grain rice is listed for sale on amazon at 11 bucks and change while it's $5 on another site, but 18 at another major retailer. lots of people doing this and they're known as 3rd party sellers on amazon and they're listing every day. i'd been some toys to shoes. >> and you kind of don't know we are really buying from anymore. >> or. >> if the price you about to
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pay is actually a good price this past holiday season analysts from profit study more than 18,000 of the best selling products and found amazon to be the lowest price retailer with prices on average 15% lower. the competitors. an amazon spokesperson tells us, quote, we work hard to provide customers with low prices, vast selection and fast. delivery. our systems are designed to meet the best available price amongst our competitors every day so that customers don't have to. the bottom line. do your research when you click on the item to see what's being sold by whether it's amazon or 3rd party seller. see if you're shipping costs, are already covered or not. how many days it will take to arrive. and of course, read the reviews practices, the savvy shoppers already put into place. it's not sold by amazon. that's where i kind of. >> do more comparison shopping easier to do a google shop or. right to the other website and check. well, that was kristen sports reporting for us tonight. sorry caught me.
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>> having conversation is e online shopping get that does wrap up kron 4 news at 5. she figured out how to get the deal. so she was on right away like a cheap suit news at 6 is next. you see justine and catherine, what's coming up, guys? vicki was chatting with us. so that was all here's what's coming up at 6 o'clock a drought conditions in the bay area seemingly getting worse by the day. >> we'll show you how much we dried out in just the past week and explain which counties. >> are dealing the best or the worst. but the lack of water plus san francisco announcing some big changes to its health order. what you're now allowed to do. if you are fully vaccinated and where you can take your mask off in
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>> from the bay, area's news station. you're watching kron. 4 news news at 6. >> now it's 6 dry and dangerous the new drought monitor report just released today puts parts of the bay area at the most extreme level. thank you so much for joining us here on kron, 4 news at 00:00pm tonight. i'm justine waltman in for ken wayne and i'm catherine heenan for pam moore. >> behind us. this is a map showing the change from last week to this week and parts of the north and the east bay have already deteriorated in that short time from extreme dr


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