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tv   KRON 4 News at 6am  KRON  May 10, 2021 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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breaking news. good morning and thanks for joining us on a monday. i'm darya folsom. and i'm james fletcher. the breaking unfortunately out of south bay involves a pedestrian who was killed in a fatal crash on the peninsula. el camino real near lincoln avenue in redwood city is shut down while they investigate kron four's. yulia 7 is. >> is live at the scene. good morning, kelly. >> good morning, deiah. it's been shut down since about 2.30 this morning when the call came in there was an accident here on el camino real. now let's take a look at the map that we have set up for you both sides of the of the streets are closed down south and northbound of alchemy are shut down completely between roosevelt and maple. basically there has some sort of accident where that left one fatality. it was it's it's on the southbound side of el camino that you there's a body there and they haven't cover and people and
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police officers are investigating. but i do not see any vehicle involved. so. >> i'm still trying to confirm whether this is a hit and run, but it appears to be that way because there's no other vehicle involved. there is a body in the middle of the street. and it seems to be in this in the center of a three-lane one direction. southbound. that's where the body lies. visit investigation continues. i'm trying to get ahold of someone from the police department that could give me a little bit more details on what happened exactly. but we do know that this going to be shut down for several hours to come just because there is still the body. i don't see any sign of the corners. vehicle around. so they do need to be very thorough in their investigation. they still haven't given me any kind of estimated time of when they'll reopen this area. but. usually it takes about 2 to 3 hours before they even begin to try
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to even open at least one side right now it's still shut down completely. so you want to avoid the area and get around it. i'm going to leave it over to rain and to get help. you get and navigate around this whole situation. but is still shut down completely on both sides, north and southbound of el camino real. >> all right. thanks a lot. you let them do their working to figure out get to the bottom of what happened and who killed his first it will take a little while to get that reopen reyna harvey keeping an eye on what alternate or health care can morning rain on. good morning. exactly. want to get you around that again, just so you know, el camino real between maple in roosevelt that's closed. >> main street is just adjacent to that. so you could take that also good alternate set run adjacent to that or one. oh, one and 2.80. however, i am tracking a traffic hazard over here on one. oh, one southbound that's slowing things down just one lane, though, is closed. this is at san antonio road in palo alto. so be mindful of that to 80. there are no major delays there. we also have a new traffic is that just popped
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up. this is an am original 80 westbound at how street also send powell avenue or highway one 23 runs adjacent to that that's slowing things down from crockett to the maze. it will take about 20 minutes now because of that accident heading into the city just to the meter in lights on. so as you can see, a little under 12 minutes to that fremont street exit heading across towards the peninsula under 14 for you. we do have high wind advisory along the altamonte past. so you want to take it slow as you're driving there, the richmond, sandra fell commute. a little under 8 minutes. so we'll have more on this throughout the morning. but for now, rebecca, i'll send it over to you. >> all right. thank you so much. heading outside. we're seeing a mostly clear skies around the bay area for today. but the winds are going to start picking up as we get into the afternoon hours and the temperatures are going to be hot in some spots, especially inland. it's going to be very similar. so what we saw over your mother's day weekend so you can spend it outdoors and enjoy it. but in some areas it's probably going to be a little bit toasty for you. so just make sure you stay hydrated and lots of sunscreen today and just be
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careful because those winds are going to be definitely a factor for some are higher elevations but outside right now the golden gate bridge looks pretty nice. the flags to just slightly you flowing in the way in just a little bit of a breeze there. but things are going to pick up closer to the lunchtime hour. that's why this red flag warning has been extended by the national weather service through tomorrow night. and it's for our north bay mountains, east bay hills and our east bay valleys. we could see gusts peaking up to 50 miles per hour in some spots. so definitely blustery very windy. por humidity levels that we're tracking. plus mixed with the hot temperatures. it gives us a lot of the fire danger that we're going to be seeing through tomorrow. now you're going to see it start to ramp up as we get closer to lunchtime and then really kick into high gear tonight. so evening commute home. it's going to be a windy one. and then as we get into tomorrow afternoon. that's when the winds are going to start peaking once again into the evening hours. i'll have more on just how hot it's going to be in your neighborhood and more on this red flag warning
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in just a bit. james start. and let's continue our team coverage of these dangerous conditions. the warning is extended through tomorrow night. >> for the north and the east bay a red flag worries high because look what happened in the south bay over the weekend, fire crews across the bay area on high alert after what we saw play out and that's got everybody on ad. proffers will tran live right now with a look at the conditions. good morning. well. >> good morning, james and area. look at right behind me. i promise you, once the sun came out that you would see. >> how dry things on top of the hill on top of lafayette. so this is off of happy valley road. and you can see right behind me just how dry the hills or the ridge line there and often the distance. it's hazy. but on a clear day i can see san francisco. but right now it is you might see dry i meaning a fire could happen. and that's why the red flag warning has been extended in a perfect world. it would have expired this morning. but instead it will be extended.
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let me s ow you the map. just a let you know which areas we're talking about. we're talking north bay, east bay. but let's face it pretty much all over the bay area and northern california. and i'm sure southern california, they are dealing with the same thing because the drought that dry conditions. it is gusty at times although right now i'm happy to tell you it is not gusty. but the conditions are ripe to start a wildfire by accident, sometimes by accident. sometimes they are intentionally set or a line goes down from pg need. but the bottom line is this state. it's a ticking time bomb. so to speak. we do know that wildfires are are our in foreseeable future. and that is why they're extending the red flag warning which basically means a caution to the people out there be very careful. do all you can not to axa deadly. start a wildfire. you know, over the weekend we got a chance to track down the
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national weather service. here's what they had to say about why the extended it. >> through tuesday morning. certain areas seeing very dry conditions will probably see if area a few seeing humidity less than 10% in certain areas. so really want to be abundantly cautious. and that's why a red flag warning was extended especially when we started picking up stronger winds going into monday night. >> temperatures rising humidity dropping gusty conditions. you add all of those things in the bottom line is please be careful there telling people don't start your car on dry grass. try not to do any lawn over the next couple of days or so because let's face it, a weed whacker your lawn mower could actually start a wildfire and even things like dragging a car and sometimes the chain could be dragging on the ground that could spark a fire as well. so, you know, just to add on what you and i talked
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about last hour daria, it is hard to enjoy perfect skype mission because in california over the past few years, i have developed ptsd where even on a beach over the weekend and it was gusty. i would say >> i know it. i know it's hard to just sit and enjoy its like it no longer we complaining all the weather is not perfect, is too hot. it's too cold. it's just there's that fear with the wind and the warm weather. and i felt guilty yesterday on mother's day now. all right. stay tuned. cross your fingers. thanks a lot. we'll kidding. and don't forget too, that if it's discovered that you potentially contributed. >> to a wild fire breaking out. you're going to be fine. you're going to liable in that case in point, we have a fire that broke out person indonesia's. think it was an accident out near the benicia bridge is fire broke out saturday contained a 45 acres. thankfully didn't grow beyond that point. but a homeowner was mowing his lawn when a fire sparked and he media
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>> iraq with the blade. >> and then road make a sparkle. and then that's how this game. the fire started. but we never knew. don't even see it until i was the role and then come back and i see the fire and then i call my buddy is doing up to me out for a way to stop the fire. but we couldn't. >> now the homeowner turns out was fined for sparking that wildfire and cal fire's urging you not to use power tools to cut dry grass during red flag warnings. kron 4, by the way, has a special section on our web site dedicated to wildfire resources for you that qr code will take you right to it. to scan that with your cameras phone. and you go right to that special kron 4 dot com with information on how to create a defensible space around your property. what you should have in your go bag should an evacuation order be called a checklist of that nature. wildfire preparedness tips. all of that again, you go right to that special
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section by scanning that qr code on your screen. >> happening today. governor newsom is going make a major announcement in alameda county and it could mean money. >> for you at 10 o'clock this morning, the governor is going to unveil and economic recovery package to try to help californians rebound from the financial impact of the pandemic. and we have word that part of this is going to be a stimulus check. it looks but two-thirds of californians are probably going to qualify 600 bucks or more. plus, if you have kids young children, you could be looking at an extra $500 on top of that. so we will carry the governor's big announcement live on kron on at 10 o'clock. on the peninsula. facebook is reopening its headquarters in menlo park today. the offices starting at 10% capacity. then they'll move to 50% by september, but actually most
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of facebook's employees don't have to ever come back, least for a long time because last year ceo mark zuckerberg said that he expected up to half of their employees to work remotely for the next 10 years. it's 6.10. and still ahead on the kron morning news san francisco police are looking for 2 people. >> after a violent carjacking and we've heard from the family of the victim and they think they'll never be the same again. plus president biden's multi trillion dollars spending plan, tackling everything from infrastructure to childcare and facing and up hill battle. and we've got the recent jobs report. now, that could be playing factor in that. and also after the break, gas prices are going up to each it's an uphill battle for you just to fill er up and get to work. we'll have more on the prices after the break. and i'm rebecca strom in the kron 4 weather center in for john shrable this morning. i'm tracking a fire danger that red flag warning has been extended until tomorrow night. i'll have the winds and hot temperatures and low humidity. >> all those details coming up.
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>> and we've been keeping a close eye on your commute and drive times this morning. we have an update to that accident. i was tracking outcomes. how also also one along 80 as you're driving. have a look at your commute into the city. that's coming up after the commercial break.
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this unplugged device is protecting our beautiful coastlines and more. put off chores and use less energy from 4 to 9 pm to help keep our state golden.
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>> 6.14 right now. and we're checking out the weather which we are complaining about people think a warm and sunny, what's there to complain about that. we all know double edged sword. yeah. the warmer weather that we enjoy the drier. the grasses are in the higher there fire danger. all of that stuff. when we come into the summer months. let's get the latest on the forecast we've got rebecca strom in today were complaining and we're it's not my fault the messenger. yeah, it's definitely a going to be a little bit rough, guys over the next couple of days because of the. >> temperatures which a lot of folks like it, right. we're getting near that summer time around the bay area. but yet that coupled with the low humidity and then the winds are going to still be a factor similar to what we saw a room mother's day weekend. hopefully you enjoyed it, though, definitely for a high fire danger outside. right now, though, we're looking at some mostly clear skies. so you're waking up to great conditions this morning. this is a san francisco or south. the markets. re camera here, not a cloud in the sky so far. so that is good. but of course
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the winds are on the way, especially as we get closer to the lunchtime hour. so the national weather service. so we were supposed to have red flag warning expire this morning. not the case. so they had extended until tomorrow night because we're still tracking these high winds that are going to come returning to us. with the hot temperatures and some spots. so all the red coloring on your screen. the east bay valleys, the east bay hills and are north bay mountains. so gusts could peak up to that 50 mile an hour. mark. libations sustained winds. we could see those reaching into the 30's and even 40's around the bay area for the afternoon and the evening hours and humidity levels. yes, some spots are going to even get past 10% today and so we're definitely going to be a quite dangerous out there. so just be really careful and make sure that you do stay hydrated, especially if you're going to inland because we're going to see those 90's come back once again today. right now, though, things are pretty nice. pretty comfortable. 40's and 50's. and i'm tracking around the bay area 54
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degrees. if you're just now waking up with us in downtown san jose along the bay. we're looking at so low to mid 50's right now. 51 degrees in downtown oakland. 52 in san francisco. and those 50's continue as we move up closer towards the north bay and then a couple 40's still sprinkling in before those switch it to our warm afternoon highs gusts, though. we're going to see things start to really amp up around the afternoon hours. so your lunchtime, you're going to start to see. it's a really good a little bit breezy and windy in your area and then things are going to be a quite windy as we get into tonight. so you're evening commute home just be really careful on the roads. things are going to have died down a bit during the overnight hours and then pick up once again as we get into tuesday afternoon and even into the evening hours. a quick look at your temperatures. though 70's at the coast 80's around the bay and then i'm tracking some real hot temperatures. those 90's returning inland. i'll have a more of those details coming up in just a bit. for now, let's head over to the
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traffic center, get an update on the roads with rebecca, thank you for that. we've got some good news. we have that hot spot out in palo alto. i was tracking. >> that has been removed off the road was a stalled vehicle, also an accident along 88 and reveal. that also has been cleared off of the highway. there. but it's still going to take you 17 minutes if you're traveling crockett down to the maze. what you make it there. you've got a bumper to bumper traffic here, heading into the city to that fremont street exit a little under 13 minutes for your drive time major high wind advisories along the bay bridge or the san mateo bridge. there is one, though, along the altamont pass. so you want to take your time as you're driving there, about 14 minutes free to make it across towards the peninsula. looking at the richmond, sandra fell commute as you head out of richmond under 8 minutes for your drive time. there and heading into the city 18 minutes. so we'll have more on that coming up. but for now, daria, back to you. thanks a lot of 6.18, for your money. gas prices. can they get any? i will say of course they get higher. >> and there's been a cyber attack that in could could impact the fuel supply and make prices go even more through the roof in california
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aaa says the prices have gone down about $0.6 a gallon just in the past week. right now the state is averaging 4.10, a gallon duck in the bay area. we're always pay more so. its peak at san francisco's average 4.21 you get gas cheaper filler up in oakland before you come to san francisco san jose is just off by a penny there. and sandra for 28 on average. it doesn't pay to fill up in >> in national news, president biden's multi trillion dollars spending plan aims to tackle everything from infrastructure to childcare with a lot in there, though. it's meeting some stiff opposition on capitol hill. we've got our washington, dc correspondent raquel martin standing by with a live look at and the some of the take away some of the reactions from republicans and from democrats this morning raquel. >> good morning. we'll looking at last month's job report less than 300,000 jobs were
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added to the economy last month and that is much less than what president biden have projected. now republicans are seizing on, as they say it proves that his big government spending plans do not work but democrats are arguing literally the opposite. >> we're making bold moves. but there's a long way to go on cbs news face the nation us commerce secretary gina raimondo insisted congress must act to further boost to the economy after april's dismal jobs report people are still struggling women in particular still struggling in the month of april alone. more than 160,000 women left the workforce. we knew this wouldn't be a sprint. the biden administration says the best way to help is by passing 2 additional multi trillion dollars spending plans. the bills pour billions into infrastructure and also programs like paid family leave and childcare. the reality is we have fallen behind with her investments in the economy. but republicans are uninterested in anything
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beyond infrastructure. 7 trillion dollars in spending one year and you're not going to deficit spend grab your wallet, haha on nbc's meet the press louisiana senator bill cassidy said big spending is not the answer. spending that an admirably ends up hurting the economy. republican show that when you left the american people keep their own money and invest in that which they wish to invest in the economy takes off. some republican governors are now vowing to end extended federal employment benefits passed by democrats on cnn state of the union utah republican governor spencer argued the extra funds or deterring people from work biggest problem we have right now in the state of utah are finding workers. >> do expect these issues to remain front and center. president biden is actually delivering a speech on the economy later this afternoon. in bipartisan infrastructure negotiations will continue through the week. >> for now in washington, raquel aartin, back to you guys. all right. thank you very much for cal.
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>> time. now 6.21 and take a look at this chp looking for. >> a man who. >> through the bay area in the back of a tesla. he was driving around. that's him in the back. there's look, there's nobody in the front seat. this was a snap near berkeley. those new tesla's. we all know they have the autopilot and we all know you're not supposed to drive without being right somebody in that seat. somebody has to be behind the wheel. and there are certain technical tests that the car goes through to make sure somebody is in that seat. >> which you can fool, but you have to be really deliberate. yeah. serving a weight on the street that you have to go through a lot of effort to try and trick the car. obviously they're looking this person thought he was a wise guy. we all look at the smollett of act like a look at area several times. people have seen has multiple occasions soak up to try to find him before it causes an accident you know, get into action by himself. not supposed to operate any vehicle. all
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right. 6.22, is the time. we'll take a break. coming up on the kron 00:00am morning news, a newly released city budget proposal. >> could fund the oakland police department. hundreds of billions of dollars details on how that money will be spent. >> we'll be right back.
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>> we're back. 6.25. is the time in the east bay the
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oakland police department could be getting more than 650 million dollars for the next 2 years. the mayor's office has the new budget plan or says the new budget plan would help police address this spike that we've seen in violent crime. so according to the proposal, police would get 325 million dollars in the 2021 22 year and then 334 million dollars in the 2022 23 year. the police officers association. president says the department is in desperate need of that money. we're struggling. and we're struggling. >> and are. >> the need for open. police officers is still significant given the level of violence last year, more than a 100 murders. we're already closing in on 50 murders of the year. this year. >> the city council still needs to vote on the budget. kron 4 reached out to the council's president for reaction to this plan. but so far haven't heard back. >> in the wake of mario gonzalez. his death in alameda police custody. the city council voted to move forward
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with several police reforms to change the way the city response to mental health and nonviolent 911, calls. they are going to route them to the fire department and paramedics rather than police. they plan to vote on a long-term plan for the non police response later in the year. you can see more on these changes that have just been approved on our website at kron. 4 dot com. >> a 7th woman has come forward against windsor. mayor dominic foppoli claiming misconduct. this time it's the former sonoma mayor. i live with the details coming up.
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>> 6.30 right now. breaking news. we're continuing to follow this morning. a pedestrian was struck and killed by a hit and run driver on the peninsula right near el camino real and lincoln avenue in redwood city. that whole area shut down this morning. and that's where kron four's yulia sevices. >> starting our breaking news coverage. now the only. >> james, you can see both lanes continue to stay in close. and they've been close since 2.30 this morning when the call came in that there was an accident here on el camino real. let's show you a map. so you have a of a better idea of where exactly this happened. no happened between roosevelt avenue and maple. so it's about a block and a half
6:31 am
to block. that are closed down both south and northbound on el camino. so you want to probably avoid this area because this investigation is going to go on for a couple hours. they still haven't even been able to tell me how long the truck continue to keep this close. it was like last night about 2.30 that that the police came over here because there was an accident that seems to be a hit and run accident. there's no vehicle on on the scene here. i still haven't been able to officially confirm that. but since there is no vehicle and there is a body on the southbound lanes of el camino. it appears that this was a hit and run accident. but like i mentioned, it's still not completely confirmed. it is going over as accident on on the redwood city police twitter feed. so still trying to get some bounce. pa answers to some of the questions of what happened here. in the meantime, they are investigating. they are taking
6:32 am
the time the coroner's office hasn't even arrived yet. so this gives me good indication that this is going to be shut down for about several hours el camino real definitely gets very busy in the morning it's a main vein here throughout the peninsula. try to avoid that. i'm going to leave that in the hands of to help you navigate around this area because it's going to be shut down for at least the next 2 hours. back to you guys. all right. thanks a lot. you only. so let's turn over now to rein in the traffic center. good morning. good morning. she's right that is heavily traveled in the to lot of people call highway. >> 82 there. so like she mention of what el camino reale between maple in roosevelt main street runs just adjacent to that. so you could take that you can head over to one. oh, one or 2.80. good news is we had an accident earlier on 1, that was slowing things down. that is so far been removed. so if you do take 1 one or to 80. i'm not seeing any delays. so instead of taking 82 or el camino real. you can take that heading into the city a little
6:33 am
under 12 minutes to the fremont street exit also getting a look at the san mateo bridge had across towards the peninsula under 14 minutes for you. there. we're keeping a close eye on westbound 80 because we had an early morning traffic collision. they're still pretty slow travel from crockett to the maze under 20 minutes for you. there. but if you're looking for up to the minute traffic updates like the one we just gave you kron 4 using a qr code. the codes going directly like you to our traffic page just take your phone scanned the code and we'll give you the latest updates. rebecca, i'll send it over to you. all right. thank you so much. >> we're going to be seeing a windy conditions and hot temperatures iy some spots around the bay area today. so because of that, that's an increase or fire danger. also low humidity levels. it's going to be very similar to what we saw over the weekend because the winds are going to be returning. the national weather service is actually extended that red flag warning. the we've been seeing over the last couple of days around the bay area right now, though, it's pretty nice. we're seeing mostly clear skies. lots of sunshine
6:34 am
temperatures mostly in the 50's around the bay area. but things are going to be changing as we get into the afternoon. so the east bay hills and the valleys and then the north bay mountains all under this extended red-flag warning until tomorrow night. we could see gusts of up to 50 miles per hour and some spots, especially spore the our higher elevations. so just be really careful out there. we're looking at sustained wind speeds of anywhere from 15 to 25 miles per hour in some spots getting up to that 40 mile an hour. my speed in some other areas. so just be a again, be really careful. the we're also going to see some 90's return inland as far as the temperatures go 80's around the bay 70's at the coast. i'll break it all down in full detail. coming up in just a bit. for now, let's send it back to the news. thanks a lot of 6.34 in the north bay. yet another woman comes forward. >> with a story accusing windsor mayor dominic foppoli of. >> misconduct as a victim herself is a former mayor and kron 4. sarah stinson is live
6:35 am
for us in winds are now wits what she says happened to her. sarah. >> yeah. one of the attorneys for the alleged victim said that more people would come forward and now one more has the former mayor of sonoma rachel hundley and she's come forward and even written on twitter. some of the accounts that she saying happened between her and mayor dominic foppoli back in 2015, this makes this the 7th woman to come forward against mayor foppoli. she back in 2015 he climbed on top of her and exposed himself. and it is 2015 in a sacramento they were at a conference for government officials at the time he was the newest and youngest councilmember in windsor. >> hundley said she went to the polls room after a night of drinking but told him she didn't want anything to happen. she also claims poli took photos of her in a bathrobe. take a look at what hunley tweeted out. she said foppoli is both a problem and a symptom of a problem. what
6:36 am
he did to me was wrong. what he did to the 6 women who have spoken out about him was wrong. the dangerous attitudes we allow young men to have about women is also wrong. we need to solve both problems another victim in touch is town councilwoman ester lemus who reported that the polling drugged and assaulted her in 2 separate incidences for polling has denied all claims against him saying any contact between these women was consensual still, he decided to step back from his active role as mayor. but he has not resigned. so there is still a recall campaign that was officially filed on april 29th meanwhile, the investigation is very much ongoing it a general california is investigating as long with this noma county district attorney and we haven't heard anything about this investigation. as to where they're at with it. any findings that they've had. >> so we're still waiting for the results of that. meanwhile, the said recall efforts moving forward the recall campaign actually
6:37 am
tweeted out they stand with rachel hundley ever reached out to the recall campaign to try to get an interview with them this morning. so stand by on that for now live in windsor. sarah stinson kron 4 news. all right. thanks a lot, sarah. >> 66 is the time san francisco police are trying to track down 2 people involved in a violent carjacking near union square. the victim suffered serious head injuries during that attack and just recently came home from the hospital. we want to warn you, he's retired, but he was highly active before this all happened. his sister-in-law says he's a good man but his life has been changed for ever. i need to warn you the video you're about to see may be disturbing to some. >> it's heartbreaking. it is literally heartbreaking. it's not the same that. >> richard meade spent his life as a longshoreman. he called the bay area home and
6:38 am
his retired years, he started collecting scrap metal and recycling. it. that's what his sister-in-law, lisa boyd says he was doing on the night of april 7th 2021 he was near gary and stockton and san francisco when his life changed forever. for what he can recall. is he remembers looking over at his truck. >> and saw somebody in there. it's so he approached the truck and he said, hey, what's going on. >> and the individual started up his truck and richard jumped onto the hood of the vehicle but that didn't stop the suspect. young man sped up. >> slammed on the brakes richard fell off vehicle and then sell it. >> proceeded to run him over with his vehicle. crushing his school, his face breaking his back in 2 places. mead needed a 6 hour emergency brain surgery. there bring fluid leaking from his nose.
6:39 am
>> there was also bleeding on the brain richards injuries were explain to us is >> a frontal lobotomy surgeons pieced his skull back together with boats and plates. but he's lost part of his vision and hearing boyd says they're not sure if he'll ever recover today. >> he or care constant care. this is video from san francisco. police of the suspect and a person of interest. >> while meeting his family hope to the people involved will be caught. he doesn't necessarily want them to go to jail. >> richard has great. if the sea and compassion for the people who have committed this violent against him. he says that he imagines himself standing in front of a judge and told the judge that he believes that these individuals also need the rehabilitation that he gets. i'm told he's trying to stay positive and he reassures his family. >> every day that he's getting
6:40 am
stronger in san francisco. amanda hari kron 4 news. >> in the south bay san jose. police are investigating a stabbing that happened saturday around 4 o'clock in the afternoon zooming in on the map. it's at second and margaret streets that it happened. a man was stabbed there. he has life threatening injuries but he is expected to recover. and so far nobody's been arrested. also in san jose police are investigating a triple shooting that ended with one man dead. the shooting was saturday night around 1030, on northdale avenues. 3 men were shot. one of them died and that death is now the city 16th homicide of 2021. >> or take a look at this. dramatic photos of a rescue mission just off the shore. pescadero state beach can see the helicopter their 3 young men found themselves stranded on the rocks last weekend. just a few 100 yards from shore as high tide started to come in and there you can see
6:41 am
the coast guard helicopter eventually had to be used to airlift one of them to safety. the other 2. we're able to be rescued by. vote again as the water started getting higher and higher. kind of scaryg but they all got out. okay. >> it's 6.40 and still ahead on the kron 00:00am morning news business in san francisco's chinatown struggling to make a comeback even we loosened restrictions. we'll show you what's being done to try to help more places, not have to go out of business and all the time during the pandemic that we've had together has caused a lot of couples to want to separate. we'll tell more about the rising divorce rate coming up. and bay area marine experts are trying to figure out why so many whales are washing up dead on our shores and why it's taking so long to gravel. this mystery. rebecca, i'm tracking high winds today along with hot temperatures and low humidity. so that red
6:42 am
flag warning has been extended until tomorrow night. >> of all the details coming up. >> and we've been keeping a close eye on our busy bridges and highways after 2 early morning hot spot slowed some things down. also get a look at your drive times as you head into the city. we'll have more on that coming up after the break.
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>> 6.44 right now. checking out the weather after mother's day, which was just. >> her friend was got gorgeous day to be out and about. we've got rebecca strom in the weather center with us this morning. and you have did you do anything fun for mother's day or did you just for a sat down and lot of good food because the cravings have been good. been the around us stay home and have fun a little bit of a couch potato right. the weather was gorgeous. hopefully everyone enjoyed at some point or maybe went outside for a little bit because it was such a gorgeous mother's day weekend around the bay area. and in fact, it was hot in some spots. we're going to see that again today and tomorrow. but it's not all great news because of we're going to see the winds return once again and then low humidity equals fire danger. so that's the only drawback to us. some of this nice summer like weather outside right now, though, it's perfect. we're looking at some mostly clear skies. san francisco
6:46 am
international airport. not a cloud in the sky for you so far temperatures. so we're looking mostly in the 40's and 50's right now. but things are going to change into the afternoon. we're going to get some hot temperatures on the board and that fire danger has been extended, that red flag warning extended until tomorrow night by the national weather service for east bay mountains, east bay hills, rather, and valleys. and then our north bay mountains. we could see gusts peaking of up to 50 miles per hour in some spots that are higher elevations. so just be real careful out there. we could see sustained wind speeds here in the east bayaanywhere from 15 to 35 miles per hour and also in the fairfield area re of this to dixon anywhere getting up to that 25 miles per hour. mark. so definitely blustery blowing. lots of things around and then you're north bay mountains looking like this humidity levels in some spots won't even get higher than 10% today. so that is why the national weather service has this in effect
6:47 am
tomorrow night. so keep that in mind. temperatures outside the right now. like i was mentioning 40's and 50's. take advantage of it before it pretty toasty in some spots, especially for summer inland valleys. again, we're going to see those 90's return for the afternoon. so while we're looking pretty calm conditions for the most part as far as the winds go right now, breezy in some areas. but then as we get closer to that lunch time, mary hour. that's when things are going to start to really bump up and they're really gonna see, it's a hit a peak during tonight. so your evening commute home probably going to be a windy one on the road since be really careful out there overnight, though. we're going to see things die down a bit picking back up once again and speeds increasing around the bay area, bringing that high fire danger. back to us once again on tuesday night. temperature wise today. we're definitely going to be a pretty nice and mild at the coast 70's, especially the beaches. half moon bay, 71 degrees. there. if you want to go there, get
6:48 am
relief. it's going to be a good day to do so. lots of sunshine 80's primarily around the bay and then as we get further inland, that's where those 90 start to pop up conquered. you're expected to get at a high of 93 degrees today 91 in livermore, mid to upper 80's for your south. his own and then the north bay. we're looking at 91 in napa, 89 in nevada for the high and then 89. also in santa rosa. so it's going to be hot today and tomorrow. but then look at this. my around the bay forecast. things are going to start to taper down a bit temperature wise as we get into the middle of the week and then things are going to really cool down as we get into next weekend. in we're only topping out into the 70's inland 60's around the bay and at the coast. well, that's a look at the weather. let's see how the roads are doing with rebecca, thank you for that. so just seen reports of a new accident. 80 westbound ashby avenue in berkeley. so again. >> that's slowing things down here along 5, 8080. if you're traveling crockett to the maze about 21 minutes. we had an
6:49 am
early morning crash on that same area. so again, things are going pretty slow. also in the city. another accident popping of northbound 1. one cesar chavez street not causing much of a delay at the moment. again, no delay along 2.80 heading into the city. you can see that right now to that fremont street exit what you finally reach the maze. it will take you a little under 12 minutes to make it there. look at our wannacry camera if that chooses to pop up, maybe not 5.82 that 9.80 interchange to take you a little under 12 minutes to make that commute headed across towards the peninsula. traffic has been at the limit for the most part, 40 minutes for your drive time. we leave you with a look again, we already saw this. just letting you know, there's an accident there. again, ashby avenue along 80's. we'll have more on that up next, the darya and james, we'll send it over to you. thanks a lot of rain. >> so scientists say it will take a lot longer than expected to find out why 3 dead whales washed ashore here in the bay area in the past several days. what is going on? this brings the total. >> dead 8 dead whales, 8 of them and they can't figure out what's going on. the latest
6:50 am
whale was found tuesday at angel island last tuesday. and then last monday before that there was another dead gray whale that was found at the port of oakland on april 27th a dead gray whale was found at kill covid timber on. >> and >> april and early. another 5 were found. so that was 1, 5 were found in a label. now we did have a chance to speak with an expert at the california academy of sciences to find out why the cause of death for each of these whales is taking so much longer than usual to figure out. >> unfortunately with the 3 most recent one they stranded in locations that were inaccessible for a team from the marine mammal center at the california time and place where i work to work on the well. typically if they're not in an area that we can get to them. we can't really do a full which is what an animal that we use could tell whether or not there's trauma due to ship strikes.
6:51 am
>> scientists took a close look at photos, though. and they think that at least one of the whales may have died from malnutrition. happening tomorrow. the santa clara county pushing for teenagers to get vaccinated at levi stadium and so they're going to be hosting a three-day youth vaccination clinic for anyone 16 to 19 years old in the county and it's from 5.30 to 07:30pm. and here's the kicker. all the teens who get vaccinated during those days. they'll be given a free tour of the forty-niners locker rooms and they'll get some forty-niners swagger. no appointment is needed mom and dad just got to drop off your teens there. get the shot and they'll get the teenagers. they just want to get as many teenagers. vaccinate is a camp before graduation later on this summer and before students come back to school fall to a lot of colleges are making the kids. as businesses start picking up in san francisco. there's one neighborhood is still struggling and that is chinatown. >> business. is there a lot of them still empty some of had to close forever. many merchants are afraid that they're going to be the last
6:52 am
to recover. kevin chan, owner of the gold. a good fortune cookie factory in chinatown says the neighbor town is a ghost town. even though san francisco's first in the bay area to enter the yellow. >> and everything. so pos for you with the mother stays. i happen to view a winning line know this come by to show up because we depend on international travelers. if they don't come. skull, we're going to that when the people. >> and their world famous for their fortune cookies. the merchants association closes down 3 blocks of grant avenue to cars on saturdays and sundays to encourage more foot traffic and visitors. but you know, that is not working. as you can see there. it is just so quiet. they say that the city needs to do more to help them out. time now 6.52 and what about all the long periods that we've been stuck together as couples because of pandemic has that amounted to more marriages or more
6:53 am
divorces. yeah. how it is only strengthened. >> new research, though, says that one in 4 couples over the age of 50. >> are actually calling it quits in too much. and this includes some couples have been married for more than 20 years on the other hand, experts say that divorce rates among young people has actually declined most likely because couples are waiting until they're older and financially independent before tying the knot how good is that? the divorce rate is down and got married. cap that. >> well, there more sure footed by the time i not yet kids get married. older these days. kids, kids. you know, those 40 year-old kids, 6.53, right now. coming up on the kron 4 morning news, steph curry coming off another monster game as the words are this isn't our first flip. and sure, some renovations can require some compromise. but, there's no settling at floor & decor. we get to fulfill our "vision" and get in-stock products at budget friendly prices all in one trip. it's a win-win. explore floor & decor in person or online.
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>> welcome back 6.56 and we're as you get ready. the final push is on now to the playoffs. 4 games left in the season. and they're hosting the jazz tonight. then the phoenix suns tomorrow. they're coming off a blowout victory against okc. they beat the thunder saturday night with steph curry having 49 point. it was another monster game for him right now. the warriors are in 8th in the western conference. part of the for team play in to determine the playoff spots. they are neck and neck with the grizzlies who they play the last game of the season >> all right. it is 6.56. we'll take a break. coming up
6:57 am
in the next hour of the kron 00:00am morning news a red flag warning has been extended through tomorrow night for the north and the east bay after several fires broke out of the weekend will be live with complete coverage in just a minute. >> plus, breaking news road shut down after a pedestrian was killed in a hit and run crash in redwood city going to show you where this happened and what you need to know in a live report. we'll be right back.
6:58 am
this unplugged device is protecting our beautiful coastlines and more. put off chores and use less energy from 4 to 9 pm to help keep our state golden.
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7:00 am
>> the bay area's local news station. you now with breaking news. good morning. thanks for joining us. on a monday. i'm darya folsom. and i'm james fletcher. that breaking news comes to us from the peninsula where a pedestrian was killed in a fatal car crash. it was on el camino real near lincoln avenue in redwood city and it's shut down right now as they investigate for julie 7 is on the scene for us this morning with what we know so far. the only. >> before we go into actual details of this. the northbound on el camino literally just opened just a minute so anybody who is driving in this area. you could continue going on northbound. in fact, let me show you a map of where we're at it, where i'm at. exactly. i'm on el camino between roosevelt and maple and it is the northbound that just opened like a minute ago. so you're able to


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