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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  May 9, 2021 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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>> when foreign time from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 news every day with the winds is going to provide a higher. >> fire danger lower humidities and more chances incident to spark and actually go extended. so with that was being prepared. >> now a day fire crews across the bay area remaining on high alert this weekend for fire danger. a red flag warning for the north and east bay hills has now been extended. that is where we start this sunday night here on kron. 4 news at 8 o'clock. welcome in and happy mother's day to all the moms out there. i'm jonathan mccall. justine enjoying the night off kron 4 has live team
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coverage of the fire threat that still lingers tonight. just minutes away with the latest conditions in the latest on when this morning will end. but we start with kron four's gayle ong live tonight in seminole with a look at the conditions that fire crews still facing there tonight ill. >> well, jonathan, it has gotten so much cooler and it is getting more breezy tonight and firefighters here. they actually were busy. they said it was quiet today, but they had to respond to some fires this weekend. >> from 2 golf courses in san jose and behind a home in benicia firefighters battled wildfires all day saturday. these fires are just 3 of several fires that broke out in the bay area over the weekend as of sunday afternoon. the national weather service extended the red flag warning through tuesday morning. certain areas seeing very dry conditions will probably see if area a few. >> seeing humidity less than 10% in certain areas. so. >> really want to be
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abundantly cautious. and that's why red flag warning was extended, especially when we started picking up stronger winds going into monday night's strong winds and gusts are expected in the north bay mountains and east bay hills and valleys. >> kron 4 spoke with local fire chiefs earlier this week who have been keeping a close eye on the forecast. everyone's on the same page soon as this notice goes out, whether it's today, whether it's in june, july, august, september. >> we start having initial conversations between agencies to make sure that we are there to protect our own communities and also that through a mutual aid system that we're there to help each other with the winds is going to provide a higher. >> fire danger lower humidities and more chances incident to spark and actually go extended. so with that was being prepared, local fire departments and calfire have been preparing well ahead of critical fire weather. >> which means enhanced patrols and starting seasonal academies in april, which usually begins in may.
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>> under red flag warning calfire urges residents to use caution. they ask that all of us do all we can to prevent sparks. don't throw out a lit cigarette avoid using your lawn mower on dry grass. >> and make sure your safety chain doesn't hit the pavement. when you're pulling a trailer. >> now what you can do under red flag events is to have your ready set, go plan in place and upload important documents. make sure those are backed up. these are things i talked to evacuees that they wish they have done and again, the winds are going to be a major concern up in the hills and higher elevation and you can already feel the breeze coming down here in the valley live at gayle ong kron 4 news time to get ready right now. thank you. meanwhile, a mulch fire. the dump in marin county now under control. >> take a look at this time. lapse video of the scene this morning at the redwood land filled along lake highway near in nevado. so far there's no word on exactly what sparked this blaze right now at kron 4
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dot com. you can find more wildfire resources, including tips on how to create a defensible space around your home along with evacuation checklists and other wildfire preparedness tips just scan the qr code you see right there on the left side of your screen with your phone and we'll take you straight to our website. kron 4 dot com. but greece is here tonight tracking the conditions that will see tonight. first thing in the morning and also the big question a lot of folks want to know is when will the danger from this red flag warning go away. >> well, the won't go away. jonathan. unfortunately until tuesday night. that's when the red flag warning set to expire for us here in the bay area, specifically the highest peaks north bay mountains, east bay hills, including the east bay interior valleys and solano county. so we have a huge portion of the bay area currently under this imminent fire danger. and that's because of the return of gusty northerly winds. they're going to peak once again tonight, all the way through your
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monday morning. take a look at calistoga, alice peak and vacaville slightly less than 50 mile per hour winds but elevations above 2000 feet could easily see wind gusts upwards of 60 miles per hour or less by around monday afternoon still tracking those northerly winds and that perfect textbook example of those job low winds. they start from the north and then head south. so it has a very warm and dry air mass associated with it on top of our very warm and dry vegetation with temperatures once again warming up into the low 90's beginning tomorrow. relative humidity out there right now thanks to the return of that cool sea breeze tracking quite a bit of moisture, not just along the coast but even for inland valleys. but then look at how quickly it evaporates starting saturday morning through run your monday afternoon. we're going to be back in the single digits. hill and fairfield about 5% relative humidity
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with little recovery during the overnight hours and then back in the single digits. once again tuesday afternoon and then the red flan warning will finally be allowed to expire by 6 o'clock tuesday. but we have a long road ahead of us summerlike temperatures returning details ahead in my full forecast in just a few minutes. jonathon, back to you. thank you. tonight kron 4 is staying in contact with concord fire crews about. >> what sparked the blaze on pacific street near the bart station this afternoon. we know that the fire did start near some homes and the roads in that area have been cleared. we'll pass along updates as soon as we get them. tonight, san francisco police say they need your help, trying to track down some folks caught on camera connected to a violent carjacking back on april 7th new union square. the owner suffering serious head injuries in the attack in just recently returned home after a long stay in the hospital. kron and haris spent the day talking to the victim's family. and as the video, the police hope will crack this
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case meant. >> jonathan, the victim is a 65 year-old man before this happened. he was highly active. his sister-in-law says he's a good person. this is changed his life we do have to warn you, there is some. >> photos and images in this story that can be a little disturbing to look at. >> it's heartbreaking. it is literally heartbreaking. it's not the same that. >> richard meade spent his life as a longshoreman. he called the bay area home and he's retired years. he started collecting scrap metal and recycling. it. that's what his sister-in-law, lisa boyd says he was doing on the night of april 7th 2021 he was near gary and stockton and san francisco when his life changed forever. for what he can recall. is he remembers looking over at his truck. >> and saw somebody in there.
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it's so he approached the truck and he said, hey, what's going on. >> and the individual started up his truck and richard jumped onto the hood of the vehicle but that didn't stop the suspect. sped up. >> slammed on the brakes. richard fell off vehicle and then sell it. >> proceeded to run him over with his vehicle. crushing his school, his face breaking his back in 2 places. mead needed a 6 hour emergency brain surgery. there bring fluid leaking from his nose. >> there was also bleeding on the brain richards injuries were explain to us is >> a frontal lobotomy surgeons pieced his skull back together with bolts and plates. but he's lost part of his vision and hearing boyd says they're not sure if he'll ever recover today.
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>> he or care constant care. this is video from san francisco. police of the suspect and a person of interest. >> while meeting his family hope that the people involved will be caught. he doesn't necessarily want them to go to jail. >> richard has great. if the sea and compassion for the people who have committed this violence against him. he says that he imagines himself standing in front of a judge and told the judge that he believes that these individuals also need the rehabilitation that he gets. >> i'm told he's trying to stay positive and that every day he reaffirms his family that he's getting stronger live in san francisco, amanda hari kron 4 news. hopefully he can get the help that he needs on this road to recovery. >> amid thank you. tonight, san jose. police are searching for a killer in an overnight triple shooting that ended with a man dead. >> the scene unfolding just after 1030 last night on north hill avenue. so far investigators have not
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released any details on a motive or a description of the shooter. we'll bring you those new information, those new details as soon as we get. meanwhile, it has been a busy week for folks here in the city as things get back to normal. folks are flocking back to san francisco for the first weekend since the city entered the yellow tier, which is the state's least restrictive on the reopening roadmap. but as business does pick up some shops in chinatown still remain empty owners say that shoppers have been slow to return kron four's taylor bisacky learned that some stores have already closed up shop for good. >> we all did. just know sure was no walk in there. >> they don't know how that we are. kevin chan, owner of golden gate fortune cookie factory in san francisco's chinatown described the neighborhood as a ghost town despite san francisco being the first bay area county 10 to the least restrictive yellow tier ahead of this weekend. his shops been cranking out fresh 14 cookies for 59 years in almost 6
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decades. he's never experienced anything like this. not the same >> 2019 it would. and so pa with the mother stays a point of view. a winning line know this body show up because we depend on international travelers. if they don't come. the census co. we're going to that when the people managing partner a dim sum corner on grand avenue actually has a similar experience of the more than 200 businesses that operated in this corridor before the pandemic. >> only 45 are currently open in many may remain permanently closed. this is now is maybe 10%. >> of what done prior to the pandemic and with outdoor dining being open and 50% of indoor dining. >> mack says she's fortunate to be able to read write and speak english because unlike many of her neighbors, she's been able to apply for grants and loans got a $50,000 loan. >> that we used to pay off debt. but that's like paying off debt with more debt. so,
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you know, that's been really difficult for us. but i mean, at least we got that $50,000 on a lot of the merchants of small businesses. san francisco. they only speak and understand chinese and a lot of these programs are culturally competent and don't provide language access. however, max says it's not just the lack of visitors hurting chinatown. she and her neighbors now close their doors early due to less foot traffic in safety concerns recently. we've had to board 2 times. >> there's a lot asian hate going on and there's some a lot of safety concerns chinatown. so i think that has contributed to the slow recovery of chinatown to encourage more foot traffic in business to chinatown the merchants association close down grand avenue for 3 blocks on saturdays and sundays to make it carless. well, it's slightly helped business. the shops there say it's not enough in the city needs to do more to save the neighborhood in san francisco to let the psac ii kron. 4 news still much more to come tonight here on kron. 4 news at 8 o'clock,
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including. >> 7 people shot and killed at a birthday party in colorado. what we are. >> now learning about the shooter who killed himself tonight. >> and today we noticed a big of a cool down until we warm white. back up for the start of your workweek monday. find out how hot it's expected to get in my full forecast in just a few minutes.
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>> let's check in again with mabrisa with our 4 zone forecast and we are once again talking about the fire danger that is lingering tonight and what we can expect as we begin a new work week. first thing in the morning. here's a recent tonight with the latest on what we can expect. >> yeah. we're tracking a warm air mass today slightly cooler thanks to the return of that cool sea breeze. most of our coastal cities actually saw about 35 miles per hour wind gusts or less that contributed to a bit of a cool down along the coast. a downtown san francisco cooling down to 69 degrees today after being in the mid 70's yesterday. we're about 5 to 15 degrees above average, santa rosa out of the 90's. but a little bit toasty for inland valleys. 88 degrees easily 15 degrees above average when we should be in the mid 70's. this time of year for most of our bay area, inland valleys. but we do have this red flag warning in effect. it's actually been extended from now through
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tuesday night could see wind gusts, 60 miles per hour. less peaking during the overnight hours and then early monday morning and then again monday night through tuesday morning that could drop relative humidity during the upcoming afternoons anywhere from about 5 to 15% so little to no moisture out there. very dangerous weather heading our way once again, stay cool. stay hydrated bay area, but a beautiful night out there along the coast making for a great sunset. carla, the fog nowhere in sight thanks to those northerly winds pushing that bay area coastline and fog out of our area. but we are going to see the return of those northerly winds once again tonight getting a little bit of that cool sea breeze influence, though. calmer conditions for downtown san francisco. but about a 25 degree difference from our coast to our inland valleys, low 50's for pacific and half moon bay mid 70's for concord with 60's. for those of you in the north bay. but tomorrow we are going to see another warm-up overnight, though, on
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the mild side low to mid 50's but warming up once again in the low 90's for inland valleys in the east bay in north bay low 80's throughout the east bay shoreline in downtown san francisco in the mid 70's. and we're going to continue with the hot weather through tuesday until we all start to cool down. jonathan by later this upcoming week thanks to the return of that marine layer may great. not arriving until around thursday. friday of this upcoming week. so still the few more days to go of these hot summer like temperatures in the bay area and the fire danger still lingering for a lot of folks as well for inland valleys and highest peaks. all right. you've been warned be prepared. risa, thank you. >> new tonight at 8, a 7th woman has now come forward to accuse windsor. mayor dominic foppoli of misconduct. >> in an interview with the san francisco chronicle today. former mayor rachel hunley says that foppoli climbed on top of her and exposed himself back in 2015 in sacramento during a conference for government officials. hundley said that she went to 4 pulas room after a night of drinking
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but told him that she did not want anything to happen on twitter today. hunley said that for poli is both a problem and a symptom of a problem. she went on to say that what he's accused of doing to the 6 women who have spoken out against him was also wrong. foppoli has denied all the claims against him saying that any contact was consensual happening right now. police in san jose on the scene of a stabbing that happened just before 4 o'clock this afternoon near second margaret initially officers said that the victi had life threatening injuries. but upgraded those injuries to non life threatening. so far no arrests have been made. we'll bring you any updates as soon as they become available. take a look at this dramatic rescue off the shore of pescadero state beach. 3 men funding themselves stranded on the rocks. a few 100 yards from shore last night around 8 o'clock. this is all happening around high tide. a coast guard helicopter called in to rescue one of those men. the other 2 rescued by boats that were in the water. 9 people
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recovering tonight after a deck collapses during a party in malibu. look at this. police say as many as 16 folks from that balcony when it gave way falling 15 feet below on to the rocks. 4 people on top of the balcony going to the hospital, get checked out the incident, though, is still under investigation tonight. meanwhile, we're following the serving to tells this mother's day out of colorado where people shot and killed at a birthday party this morning. investigators say on the scene that the shooter who is believed to be the boyfriend of one of the victims shot and killed himself. all of the people injured or killed in the shooting were adults. no children were harmed. police tonight still trying to piece together the details of a motive in this tragedy. meanwhile, new york city police have identified the suspect acted to a shooting yesterday in times square. the left 3 people injured, including a young child right now. new york city police are on the search for that man you see right there. his name is farrah khan. mohammad they say
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he started shooting during a dispute with his brother who was his intended target. instead those bullets hitting 3 innocent bystanders who got caught in the battle in the tourist area. a 4 year-old girl, a 43 year-old woman and a 23 year-old woman. all visiting the city suffering gunshot wounds to their leg or foot. all of them are recovering in stable condition tonight. shooting triggering renewed debate on gun control among new york city mayoral candidates. still to come tonight here on kron. 4 news at golf course in san jose going up in flames last night. >> what fire officials say it's not their first time putting out flames in that area. a man arrested for abusing a puppy. tonight. we have the details on how authorities were able to get him into custody.
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it's a whole new world out there. police, new york state have made an arrest after watching disturbing videos of a man grabbing his dog by the neck. >> and then throwing him outside. you can see from here that dog has been saved by police. the 23 year-old man. his owner now charged with 2 counts of injuring an animal and one count of resisting arrest. we do want to warn you that some of the details of the video may be disturbing to some of the u jenn seelig has the details. >> a disturbing video circling
8:25 pm
social and gripping a puppy by the neck. the dog making sharp loud screams as he was being tossed outside of lansing berg home a primary. >> objective really was to get the dog. i mean, like of obviously we want to lock him up for what he did wrong. but we really were looking for the safety of the animal after police received a number of video tips. they say if it wasn't for the community, this abuse would still be going on. believe me. we rely tremendously on the public goes web tips. we get them all the time about all kinds of different activity that goes on for from littering to to to drug sales to things like this. it was a long week for police on wednesday. officers went to the residents on 304th av attempting to make an arrest. but that's when 23 year-old noah pascal fled the scene with the dog police hoping pascal would come forward. we're told that he returned when we went up there we were unable to locate him even being granted with search warrants today. investigators still had to force their way inside the house. shortly after pasco was arrested, then released on an appearance
8:26 pm
ticket. the 23 year-old is facing to animal cruelty charges. one of the charges was from an incident last month. it go through the courts of these charges and really matters is the safety of some good news. this little pup is in good hands. he's a little timid and shaken up. but police say he's going to be ok. there was not a lasting injury physical injury. i mostly on how the dog is going to be the puppy with an unknown name is believed to be 4 to 5 months old. he'll be with police for a few days. but soon officers hope he'll find his forever home. >> jenn seelig reporting for us tonight. still much more to come tonight here on kron. 4 news at 8 o'clock, including which are the most popular baby names here in the united states will let you know what are the top 10 for boys and girls. according to the social office. >> then while san francisco high school students will soon. welcome back. seniors students find out when and how they are set to return back to
8:27 pm
campus. plus, we're still continuing to monitor wildfires kron 4 meteorologist mabrisa rodriguez very latest on the extended red flag warnings. the warning where much more fun for news at 8 o'clock. still to come.
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>> 8.30 on a sunday night. let's talk weather with our 4 zone forecast kron 4 meteorologist mabrisa
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rodriguez is here tonight with a look at what we can expect as we move on to monday. and we know that the red flag warning is still here at least for a few more days. and we're still monitoring those fire conditions. the windy dry conditions out there not only is a red flag warning here, but it actually has been extended from now through tuesday night, which is an indicator that we're not out of the woods just yet. still going to get very hot and dry out their bay area. >> let's take a look at your micro climate monday outlook to see how warm it's going to get. because once again, we're going to transition from spring street. a summer with temperatures along the coast for downtown san francisco warming up into the mid 70's for downtown san francisco in golden gate park going to see the return of those northwesterly breezes 20 miles per hour less along the coast, ramping up temperatures there with daly city and half moon bay in the mid 60's for your monday afternoon highs so easily about 10 to 20 degrees
8:31 pm
above average for most of the bay area upper 70's for those of you in millbrae and burlingame. 78 degrees. but check out talen. san carlos warming up into the mid 80's when you should be in the upper 60's this time of year. so we're not seeing any spring-like weather. unfortunately to start out your work week monday. san jose in the mid 80's campbell in saratoga warming up into the low 90's with the low 90's returning for those of you in livermore and you're under that red flag warning. so in addition to hot temperatures, you're going to get those offshore winds hoping to increase the mercury for called kurd and walnut creek. low 90's there and along the east bay shoreline little relief, berkeley and richmond mid 80's. for those of you in the north bay napa and sonoma in the low 90's, as is valais whole with santa rosa 91 degrees for your afternoon highs in novato. also in the low 90's and the summer like temperatures going to stick around through tuesday, some
8:32 pm
relief on wednesday. but the real cool down won't arrive until later this upcoming week thanks to the return of that marine layer finally going to get some near seasonable temperatures. but we are tracking though daytime highs. well above average jonathan, back to you. all right, thank you. >> san jose. fire crews are looking into what sparked a fire near a golf course last night. officials say it's not the first time that they've put out flames in that area. kron four's camila barco learned how the course actually helped out fire crews putting out the flames. >> well, the flames did not make it onto the golf course. but the aftermath was in plain sight for golfers. >> san jose firefighters continue to douse trees and branches with water sunday morning to avoid any flare up following a fire late saturday night. the wooded area behind the san jose municipal golf course was covered with soot and ash after large flames burned 3 acres of grass when
8:33 pm
crews arrived on the fire was well established it had spread from the from the grass and brush up into the trees firefighters say calm winds help them battle the flames quickly. >> and one of their biggest assets was the golf course firebombs up to the golf course and it's nice. >> green grass of fire to stop on that and without a there was no amber spread. so. >> the flames did, however reach some homeless encampments destroyed cars tents and personal belongings. so that was helping to the fire spread and they did that up into the trees. san jose's battalion fire chief robert bacon has responded to the area for similar fires like this one. he says this time it happened much earlier than usual respond out to that area for small fires or fire is about that size. it seems like about once a year. fire officials reported no injuries and no structures were damaged. >> with the red flag warning in place. san jose fire fighters have additional staff on duty in san jose camila
8:34 pm
barco kron 4 news. >> fire crews in yuba county also containing a large fire that sparked yesterday afternoon. this blaze charring some 100 acres and also destroyed a barn and burned and abandoned building strong winds forcing crews there to issue evacuation ys. >> i contacted yuma county. you county sheriff's arrived on scene we started evacuating down. david lane and down broadway to die road and then started evacuating guy road as the fire jumped broadway and was heading towards cairo. >> those evacuations have since been lifted. officials say tnat no one was hurt. in the south bay this sunday night. one man has been arrested in connection to a stabbing that happened early this morning. it happened at the sports page bar and grill in the mountain view area on the shoreline boulevard around one 30 this morning. police arrested 29 year-old ronald ferrari of pleasanton. he's accused of stabbing a 19 year-old the victim treated at a hospital with a stab wound to his upper body and is
8:35 pm
expected to be okay. ferrari now behind bars at the santa clara county jail on charges of attempted murder. a peaceful protest taking place today on this mother's day. activists involved with code pink helping a rally to end what they call endless wars code pink return to the golden gate bridge after more than a year because the pandemic activists now calling on president biden to end endless wars, stop drumming up support for wars with china, russia and iran and to not withdraw, not just troops but all special forces and in killer drone strikes everywhere. some good news for students and parents. san francisco has moved into the able to run seniors at san francisco unified schools can't return to campus starting this week. according to the san francisco chronicle, the union and district have reached a deal this weekend that would allow high school seniors to return back to campus. this coming friday. the return comes just weeks before the end of the
8:36 pm
school year and right before graduation ceremonies leaders said they wanted to give seniors one more chance to spend time with their teachers and classmates before the next chapter of their lives begin last day of school is set for june. 1st. for second year in a row alivia and liam the most popular names for babies born here in the united states. according to the social security administration recently released its top baby names for 2020. the top 10 girl names were olivia eva charlotte sophia a million isabella mia evelyn and harper as for the boys, liam noah all alijah william james benjamin, lucas henry and alexander. but get this. henry hasn't been among the top 10 names in more than a 100 years. and as for 2 names are quickly becoming popular. those are his eye ear for boys and for girls. still to come tonight here on kron.
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4 news eight's caitlyn jenner, republican candidate running for. >> california governor says that she supports a path for undocumented immigrants for citizenship. what are other republicans now saying about the issue. plus, next in sports, the a's and giants both playing before the home crowd on this mother's day they come out with a win for mom sports director jason dumas says the high. it's done.
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>> and now kron 4 sports. >> the giants win 4 of this series sweep today against the san diego padres down at 3rd and king. and it was a beautiful day at oracle. i love those hats. now that right there, people that is fashion this was johnny cueto first start since april. 14th end it was one to forget. that's jake cronenworth with the splash shot. great approach on the ball out comes home. maybe she's the mother. happy mother's day of so that made it 2 to nothing out of trouble for quedo was just getting started and isis 9th home run of the season. it is for nothing giants 4. nothing padres. i'm sorry. the top of the second quedo gave up 5 runs 8 hits in 3 innings. bottom of the 6 now giants down 5 to nothing. they have
8:41 pm
to on. however, brandon crawford can take advantage. he strikes out to end the ending 5 8th ending trent grisham. he's going to triple. the center field. the giants make a play on it, but they can't get there in time. and now san francisco goes on to lose 11 to one. they host texas tomorrow is also at home. the moms having so fun at the coliseum doing a little bit about i love it. all right. the bottom of the 4th one. nothing mitch moreland, those to write that pets. the shortstop 2 runs come in to score and it's 3 nothing oakland all smiles in the town. top of the 5th. those smiles were wiped off the faith with one swing of the bat that willie adams, he takes cole irvin the opposite way in just over the fence for a three-run shot. we have a tie game next inning. mike grocer. takes her been deep.
8:42 pm
again, no doubt about that one. probably cold. we're start of the season. he's having a good year. 43 race. got a runner on in the 9th. but. >> the pitch is downstairs. >> will be the end of the game right there. elvis andrews, do it grounds out to end it for the final score 4 to 3 for the homestand yet. so they couldn't get the win, jonathan, you know, we saw a lot of moms having fun. i guess that's the theme of the day. that's what i'm all about. yanking sure. mom was taking care of take her to the game, spend some quality time with yeah. a little bit. nice to have a wind. but you know, the quality time is. >> is a lot better. 100% now. have you happy mother's day to your mom and all the other moms out there. thank you. i agree. yeah. jason, thanks. still to come. next on this mother's day here from president biden and vice president kamala harris as they talk about their >> and happy mother's day to all the bay area. moms, a
8:43 pm
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8:46 pm
meteorologist mabrisa rodriguez is here tonight with a look at what we can expect moving into tuesday and monday. got to get to monday. first, haha. >> jumped gun. there right. i like the way you think just try to get there as get it over with just reality is get rid of monday, right. because a red flag warning expires tuesday night. but we still have to get through monday. let's take a look at your sierra forecast. going to see a warming trend there as well. here's a live look, i 80 at donner summit bay a great nowhere in sight just because of the warm air mass today. turning downright hot tomorrow. 10 to 20 degrees above average also tracking a warm up for this year as well. pretty clear skies for those of you at south lake tahoe and honor little bit of some rain and snow showers in the highest peaks just south of reno. but overall tracking drier and warmer weather heading your way into this year to start out your monday
8:47 pm
and we are tracking futurecast for not even to high clouds lingering. we're going to see a lot of sunshine truckee warming up to 67 degrees for those of you at south lake tahoe. also in the mid 60's. but look at how we warm up tuesday and wednesday peaking on wednesday with the warmer weather arriving mid week by 72 degrees most of this year's going to be under mostly sunny skies temperatures for us in the bay area. 10 to 20 degrees above normal. remember, we should be in the mid 60's this time of year for downtown san francisco ca warming up into the low 70's with the widespread low 80's for the east bay shoreline and low 90's as you make your way inland santa rosa nevado. and conquered all in the low 90's san jose not that far behind mid 80's. >> relief, not arriving until wednesday. jonathan with that return of that marine layer that we're used to or should be seeing this time of year. also known a great nonexistent for the next couple of days. so some are really taking hold of the bay area forecast. all
8:48 pm
right. a nice little preview of what's to come in in the coming months. >> yeah. unfortunately, fire season arriving 2 months ahead of schedule. i don't like it because it should be happening in summer. not spring. so i can't even get my days straight anymore. all right. marissa, thank you. thank you. on this mother's day. hopefully do something nice for your mom. president joe biden and vice president kamala harris, both paying tribute to their moms. >> president biden says that his mom, jean finnegan biden taught him about the importance of family loyalty and faith calling her the quintessential lady, the vice president, in addition showing some love to her own mom. she also thanked all women who quote, love us raises and inspire us. she promised to help working mothers in america through policies that support them. here's what they had to say. >> i can still remember my sitting at the kitchen table late at night trying to make it all work. and somehow she always found a way.
8:49 pm
>> because rocks rep says come on. it's going to be we're going to >> president. biden also says that although his mom passed away 11 years ago at the age of 92, she still lives on in all of her children and their families since more places are starting to open up an air travel. spike has appeared this mother's day weekend. the tsa reporting a record breaking traveling number of folks hitting the skies with just under 2 million people screened at security checkpoints on friday. that's actually the busiest day for air travel since march of lastp year. airlines expect that number to jump once travelers do return home from their trips. the previous record was held just a day before mother's day weekend with 1.6 million people. california gubernatorial candidate caitlyn jenner says that she supports a path to citizenship for undocumented immigrants jenner who is running to unseat governor gavin newsome
8:50 pm
in a recall election tell cnn the situation at the border is one of the reasons that she's decided to run for governor of california jenner stance doesn't necessarily align with the rest of the republican party nationally. but california republicans tend to be more progressive on social issues. a recent poll found that 85% of californians do support a path to citizenship for undocumented workers. meanwhile, california's first latino supreme court justice has died. cruz reynoso passing away this weekend at the age of 90, it became california's first latino state supreme court justice back in the 1980's after leaving the high court. he later taught law at ucl a and u c davis president clinton honoring him with the president. presidential medal of freedom in 2000, he survived by his children. so with this is more kron 4 news after the break, including many moms willing to spend mother's day with their families. but for one california mom this year is
8:51 pm
extra special. we'll explain why.
8:52 pm
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the sleep number 360 smart bed on sale now! it's the most comfortable, body-sensing, automatically-responding, energy-building, dually-adjustable, dad-powering, wellness-boosting, foot-warming, snore-relieving, temperature-balancing, recovery-assisting, effortlessly life-changing... proven quality night sleep we've ever made. save up to $1,200 on select sleep number 360 smart beds and adjustable bases. plus, 0% interest for 48 months. ends monday >> welcome back, everyone. here's a definitely a wonderful mother's day story. you may need that issues for. >> nearly 50 years made the heartbreaking decision to put her young daughter up for adoption, giving her child the chance for a better life at the time. the mother's vietnam was being ripped apart because
8:54 pm
of war now because of a genealogy tests there. now once again together rowena shaddox with our sister station was there for this emotional reunion. >> the last time 79 year-old ban graham held her daughter in her arms was more than 48 years ago, then gave birth to her daughter miley, who was half american during the vietnam war i my north away from. >> from 8, put my hope very much. i had i know kenley be a numb for the pri day. you know, and i see a new body i knew about my because very hot to lift the vietnam at that time. so with a broken heart van put her daughter up for adoption her little girl who is archie bree went on to work for a nonprofit in florida helping others in need 3 years ago. her adoptive parents gave her 23 and me for christmas
8:55 pm
present. >> it matched her with her half-sister. amy nguyen. it also identified amy's brother as markey's half-brother. we've all made then was then told they had found her long-lost daughter in showed her a picture from margie when mom see my my sis let a piece mom, say best home so that make might make my heart. everything i knew i had a system, a mom. >> i would tell about sister that left. there's when she 20 months. but. i never thought, you know, get to see her again in his life, at least. so i'm a little nervous. if you have to see here today. we are very nervous. can sleep last night, but we can excited at the same time. and so the day before mother's day they would finally all me. >> 40 years 2 report. my heart and soul and sir, praying to find someday. and i answered
8:56 pm
her after an answered prayer and. >> today from the the pair was found. the answer. >> margie and her mom said this will be the best mother's day yet being able to celebrate it together. i think it's important to in the impossible because like i said, i prayed for 40 years. >> every day. that was fine one 48 years an answer. you know, you just happened in sacramento and food be rowena shaddox. i'm happy sir. you reunited. is new beginnings. >> smiles all the way around. ruin a shot ix reporting for us this mother's day. that does it for us here on kron 4 news at 8 o'clock. don't go anywhere, though. there's more news just moments away. when we see you for kron 4 news at 9.
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>> when fun time from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 news at 9. >> no one on right now. most of the bay area finds itself under a red-flag warning as dry windy conditions continue to fuel a fire danger across the bay area. good evening, everyone. i'm jonathan mccall.
9:00 pm
welcome to kron. 4 news at 9 o'clock the sunday night. justine is off and happy mother's day to all the moms out there. kron 4 has live team coverage of that fire threat tonight. but theresa just moments away when letting us know when the warning will go away. but first, kron four's gayle ong spent the day in seminole with a look at the fires that have been popping up all across the bay area this weekend. >> i'm here and know where it is starting to get breezy. firefighters have been responding to a small brush fires in the area in the last couple of days. but the bay area saw whole lot more over the weekend. >> from 2 golf courses in san jose and behind a home in benicia firefighters battled wildfires all day saturday. these fires are just 3 of several fires that broke out in the bay area over the weekend as of sunday afternoon. the national weather service extended the red flag warning through tuesday morning. certain areas seeing very dry conditions will probably see if area a few. >> seeing humidity less than 10% in certain


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