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tv   KRON 4 News at 9am  KRON  April 30, 2021 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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>> from the area's local news station. you're watching the 4 morning news at known. >> 9 o'clock. the finest hour on finest day, a frid y and and i'm james. we've got some pretty cool stores. not only do or the forty-niners celebrating sure. a great pick here in the nfl draft talk more about that. but and if i if i understand correctly, we may be going live to disneyland. >> in 15 minute where it's the closest we're going to get it happens. planner place yeah, right. right here. not nearly as fun, but james, it's it's what we got were in the happiest place on earth john write, i write struan for land
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>> we are looking at a pretty smooth ride as far as both traffic and weather. honestly, i'm gone this morning so far. >> rain has been talking a couple of the problem spots we've had a couple of clouds, but all in all, not that bad of a start to your friday. conditions. will gradually grow clear as we move into the afternoon and it's going to be pretty nice magical afternoon here in the bay area. let's get you look outside right now at half moon, bay cam. oh, my goodness. there's so many of you guys out there right now. that's nice to see because it is a little bit cloudy and kind of expected some people to be inside this morning as we do look at those clouds but less and less of them will be seen by the afternoon across the bay. a little breezy at the coast this morning. but we will see winds picking up later on today and winds actually staying with us. well, through the weekend. current temperatures are mostly in the 50's with san matteo at 57 conquered in pittsburgh already in the low 60's out of the 40's in the north bay except timber on. you're still holding on to 47 degrees tom, thank you for that. yes, we have had some problem areas before the most part.
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>> we've been pretty great except for right here. 1, one northbound at broadway in burlingame and you can see that slowing things down along one. oh, one, no accidents that i'm currently tracking along 2.80 looking at 1, 1, as a whole. if you're traveling in the park will take you half an hour to do that head into the city. 11 minutes. the meter in light of not been turned on this morning as you're traveling across towards the peninsula. there is a high wind advisory in place. we had some stalled vehicles earlier this morning haven't seen that sense. but you still want to take your time there. 13 minutes for your drive time there. richmond sandra fell bridge was much lower earlier with a hazard along one o one that that's been cleared in sandra fell just 7 minutes for you to make it out of richmond. get a look at the golden gate bridge as you're traveling into the city. about 20 minutes for you there. so have more on that coming up next. daryn james, i'll send it over to you. thanks a lot right now in the east been chp is investigating a shooting that happened on highway 4 in pittsburgh on happened last night. a man shot in the neck and that caused a.
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>> car crash. he and his vehicle ended up into a side of a big rig. we've come for sarah stinson. >> out of the chp headquarters this morning was this random. i think a lot of people get scared when they hear there was a highway shooting. >> yeah, that's true. because, you know, we do have those random shootings on the bay area freeways this. it appears not to be random chp is still very much investigating this. but so far it seems like the victim may have been targeted. so. >> they're still investigating in the meantime, the victim in his mid 20's. he's at john muir hospital right now. recovering. he was shot in the neck expected to survive. that's good news in there waiting for him to kind of, you know, recover a little bit more. they're going to go to the hospital today to interview him and try and get more information because the shooters still out there now take a look at video you can see from the scene that big rig, the car. the victim was in smashed into it. this happened last night around
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8.30, and happened on highway 4 on the eastbound railroad avenue off-ramp when the man was shot in the neck. it caused him to crash into a big rig. you can see the his car smashed up against it. chp says the man shot did not have information on who the shooter was or what kind of car they were driving. but chp hasn't revealed. you know how they don't believe this is random. they said, you know, they're still very much investigating this. they said it's a weird situation us. they still need to talk to the victim. >> and they're going to the hospital 2 days they they they're going to know a lot more after talking to the victim. >> and they're really hoping that anyone with information will come forward because again, shooter still out there. so stay tuned to our website today kron 4 dot com and will provide any latest details on there. for now live at chp. sarah stinson, back to you. >> ok. thank you very much. sara. and we have more breaking news this happening in the south bay. a man was injured in a shooting in san jose on east broke all road.
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this happened around 11 o'clock last night and here police investigating shortly after the victim has life threatening injuries and the shooter is not in custody. >> and more breaking news. also out of san jose family jolted out of bed terrified after they heard his thunderous crash come to find out car in their house. luckily they're ok. the driver took off robbers. camila barco has more from san jose morning. camilla. >> good morning, daryn. changing up behind me is the aftermath of that crash, though homeowners have boarded up a portion of their home and the garage door itself is just laying on the side, on the side of the home. san jose. police say that a driver slammed into the garage door left the car in the front yard and then walked away it's being investigated as a hit and run. now, this crash happened around 1245 this morning on willow street. neighbors say they heard a loud noise. they went outside and found the car in front of
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the lawn with no one inside the crash knocked the power out for at least a dozen homes in the area and the electricity has been restored. now the homeowner didn't want to show her face on camera, but she tells us it was a rude awakening. >> we were sleeping and we're open about a quarter to one allowed. they should roll house and. came out to food. what was happening and there's a car in our front room. >> now the homeowner is devastated about what happened because she had just built this home about a year ago at this time san jose police say that many have not found the driver. diane, james, back to you. all right. thanks a lot, camilla also. >> in san jose. and there was hit and run that killed a pedestrian. and this is the second time this month. this happened on wednesday night. a woman was crossing the street. she wasn't in the crosswalk
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and she was struck and killed by a vehicle north of kirchner avenue. and this is the same place that on april 1st, a woman who was in a wheelchair in the crosswalk was struck and killed in that very intersection as well. so people are very worried about that area. >> even though this walk it you. they are still go by and you got to for them. safe to go by. you've got to watch for us out. >> and in the case on april. first, this is the vehicle, not the exact vehicle, but they're looking for a white mercedes like this one in connection with that fatal hit and run. >> elsewhere in the east bay. the president of china town's chamber of commerce and oakland is himself. now the latest victim of an attack against the asian community. karl chan tells us he was right across actually from chinatown yesterday when a man came up behind him, hit him in the head and then started walking away. tran was able to snap a picture of the person
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and that's what helped police make an arrest. the attacker's identity not yet been made public, but chan says he suffered some scrapes to his hands and knees when he fell to the ground. he's been one of the most visible and outspoken advocates for the asian american community following the recent surge in attacks that we've seen. he's fact. he says he was on his way to visit and comfort another victim when he himself was attacked. >> trey lance is the new face of the forty-niners. what about the old days was that yet. well, yeah. that mystery solved and that is the question, right. what happens now that a new shoe brand new quarterback comes in. jimmy garoppolo. what's his future? i suspect we'll probably keep him around to trying to coach up. >> the new guy right. >> jimmy garoppolo is still with the team today because he was not rated and the team has all the cars. they can keep them. they can trade him. they can do a lot of things, but he's still on the roster. and
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if you still on the roster after june. they're on the hook for 25 million dollars. so keep that in mind. trey lance won't cost as much. they think they struck gold. the forty-niners. they think they struck gold with trey lance. and that's why with the 3rd overall pick that shows him. he came onto the stage. he got handed that uniform number one on the back is name and then he got to do the good roger goodell comes with high praise. according to coach shanahan and gm john lynch. that was the guy who they wanted all along. they heard the rumors of mac jones justin fields. they didn't want to correct anybody not to tip their hand. they went with the guy from north dakota state and a lot of fans they are happy with it. feel super excited and i think it you know, the fact we got a chance to get kyle's guy. and john, obviously trust that decision. >> we all can have opinions on the other guys out that could have been there. but for me i'm just excited to have a guy like that come in so humble a
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hard intelligence off the charts. >> now, peter, we know about aaron rodgers in his situation. would you have if you were kyle shanahan and john lynch. you name a price. we want aaron rodgers. >> yeah. i think you have to go after that. you immediately makes you a super bowl like threat like a favorite. >> so the niners before dropping trey lance. they actually made a call to green bay packers headquarters and said we understand that aaron rodgers could be on the market. >> hello. hello. they guys set down within a few seconds. aaron rodgers supposedly is not happy with the packers and he mentioned the niners. >> as a possible team. he grew up as a fan and the niners. they remember he wanted to be drafted by the niners, but they shows alex smith a recently retired. so a lot of drama. the bottom line is. >> according to the gm and the coast. they are very happy with trey lance. jimmy g still on the roster for now.
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>> back to you, ok. and and we're all still alive member. she said sunday. never know. he apologized. it'sukind of flubbed that in just little bit. but in any event, thank you will very much 9.10 right now and the future looks bright for the weekend. i think is very bright. don't forget the shades, the sunscreen, the extra water as venture out this weekend. >> temperatures this weekend won't be quite as warm as we have been earlier this week that's still on the warm side up the coast. it will be in the 50's with a brisk who wins so bring the jacket out that direction. don't need them and will be in the 70's 80's this afternoon. i've got your forecast. >> and we were very close to having a friday you. but now i'm tracking a hot spot out in albany. we're gonna look at your drive times. we'll have more coming up after the break.
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>> 9.14 right now. and the weather is just gorgeous out there. looks wonderful job every minute was sunglasses now still looking for those. i thought you sat on him. oh, those went bye-bye. this is why i don't buy expensive. the one time i by myself. oh, yeah. some pair of sunglasses worth more than the bucs. and i sit on the yeah. and you lose and everything else 15 bucks mask. she's the same thing. always happens. the
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hats for mean pats last one when the lake tahoe polluting the lake. >> this said, yeah, we're looking at a good day for some some sunglasses, some hats just some sun screen as you venture out there. we're looking at increasingly clear skies now. so it is beautiful. we saw a little bit of cloud cover to start this morning. some of us are still sitting under the clouds that you can see in the distance from berkeley here. u c berkeley looks nice and bright, though, already now radar. you can see the faint gray there that some of the cloud cover that's still hanging out from marin county, san francisco on up through san pablo bay and even up into solano county this morning. most of the inland east bay and south bay is actually quite clear already high pressure. it's loosening its grip on the bay area and that does offer some change into the weekend. we don't have any chances of rainfall ahead of us even though that's what we would love those changes to be just a little bit cooler a few clouds and increased wind winds will be pushing in through the golden gate on into the afternoon and
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really resulting in quite the breezy one for some of us tomorrow. winds are going to pick up even more so with saturday and sunday, both looking breezy at times skies remain dry temperatures just a little bit cooler this weekend. today's daytime highs range from the 50's and 60's and san francisco and up and down the coastline to the 70's and even 80's the further inland you get on the peninsula a little bit further southward from san carlos down through mountain view. some low to mid 70's. well, temperatures in the south bay, not in the 80's for the most part, a little cooler than yesterday. back into the upper 70's fremont 73 livermore in concord in the east bay. you're still holding on to the low 80's. well, oakland and berkeley out of yesterday 70's back into the upper 60's vacaville in antioch. our warm spots today 85 the 10 degrees down from that. but nice and comfortable at 75 degrees today. same for you in nevado and center fell tomorrow's temperatures a little cooler than today's inland. a little on the wind year side to for saturday and sunday. next week we get warm all over again as we work our way into your first week of may highs near
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90 by wednesday. reyna john, thank you. so i'm tracking a hot spot. this is out in alva knee westbound 80 at that >> again, a good alternate try to get around. that would be san pablo avenue. this may be here. 4 minutes. sounds like it's a pretty bad crash there at the moment. looking at burlingame 1 one north broadway. we had an accident here. he finally cleared off the road. so conditions along one. oh, one. we're starting to see improvement. 28 minutes as you're driving in the park heading into the city to the fremont street exit under 10 minutes for your drive time. they do not have leader in lights on at this time. the san mateo bridge headed across towards the peninsula. high wind advisory still in place. you want to drive slow there. 13 minutes looking at the richmond, sandra fell commute as you head out of richmond under 8 minutes. so we'll have more on that coming up next. the darya and james, back to you mean it's like an oscars from pa. we're both wearing the same dress whole the horror like when they walk the red carpet, you match so we do and we're talking about
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movies. if you are looking. >> for a little action and adventure. you're going to find it on the big screen this weekend. let's check it out with dean richards. >> their plan is a series of strategic attacked. and to be on that team cia doesn't support any for the investigation into why michael b jordan looks like he's got himself a franchise, other them. the rocky creek like to see. it will be keeping a busy. >> in tom clancy's without remorse. he steps into the shoes of john clark. some of you know, from the jack ryan he's an elite navy seal who goes rogue seeking answers and revenge when his pregnant wife is murdered in some sort of u.s. russian conspiracy without remorse is a satisfying gritty violence but perfectly choreographed action adventure. it's fairly textbook in the tom clancy universe that gets a little heated by jordan, not only with his physicality but also with the emotional intensity he brings of a man driven by
9:19 am
grief and an overwhelming sense of duty in this well done political action thriller. jamie bell jodie turner-smith and guy pearce costar in this dean's list b now on amazon prime. >> and for the family. there's the mitchells for says the machines, a young girl who takes off on a family road trip. world's electronic devices come to life. staging an uprising, 2 friendly robot the girl and her family save themselves and the planet from the technology wild see it on netflix. >> all of the biggest bands in the world. started out like this. you got to get in the van. if you want to make it in this business in documentaries. there's what drives us directed by the foo fighters. dave grohl and in the profile says friends ringo starr and clark is even tyler back, sharing their stories and what motivated them to do, what it took the following their dreams to make music. want to see it on amazon prime
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on disney. plus, check out marvel studios assembled making of the falcon and the winter soldier follow-up special on the popular series and finally. they get you ready for the release of the fast and furious 9 coming. june. 25th the others all across the country are launching free friday screenings of eachdof the fast and furious movies. one per week in chronological order leaving up to f 500 theaters nationwide are participating see fast friday screenings, dot com for one near you. you can always get my movie reviews and home video picks sent right to your phone's every week. >> just text the word dean. >> to 9, 7, 9, 9, 9, will be great weekend in chicago. i'm dean richards. >> so even you think is that that's ridiculous. fast and very best of fear. it's too much 9. be right back.
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get your spring on at ross. yes! with brand-name looks at prices that say it's on. yeah, it is! get this season's styles for you... ...and you... and you... with the best bargains ever... ross. yes for less! >> 9.23 and all the people that rushed in to get line. a disneyland at 04:00am. well, they're enjoying the park right now. yes, and all that. it has to offer to just
9:24 am
california residents. for now we've got erin myers with a look at the excitement behind this return. so the happiest place on earth. >> good morning. absolutely. this is a very big day. not only for cast members. you get to come back to work. but of course for disney fans we are here on main street usa where they just did do that. a flag raising this morning. i will say the excitement you can feel it. i think those who work here. they are definitely ready to bad, be back and then take a look at this video from earlier this morning. there are crowds out. >> already at 4.30. and as soon as they were allowed on the property. they just came rushing across the street. that's how excited they were. so it is now time to say head of mickey minnie and all your favorite characters. once again. there are some things change, though capacity will be limited to promote physical distancing need to have a reservation and a ticket in advance and face coverings are required for anyone to it over the time being events that draw large crowds such as parades and shows are on hold.
9:25 am
but there is still plenty to do the disneyland app can help you the changes at the park and you can even order food in advance to make things easier and there's some new things to check out snow. white's enchanted wish has been revamped and tells the story of her happily ever after or you can step foot on the king arthur's carousel, which has been refurbished and was one of the original rides disneyland opened in 1955 some changes at the haunted mansion as well. and you can forget star wars rise of the resistance would you will need the app for to get a time to go on your epic galactic adventure and of course, your favorite california adventure attractions are back to like radio springs races and guardians of the galaxy. and there you go. one of my favorite places here sleeping beauty's castle back there at the end of main street. that's just one of the things that people are going to get to see today to find out what rides are open. also what food is available. you can go to disneyland, dot com for all that information in just a reminder. >> of course you do need reservations, less capacity right now. but a whole lot of
9:26 am
fun for bodies. all been waiting for over a year now to be back here disneyland has very latest anaheim. i'm erin myers. i'll send it back to you. >> thank you very much. aaron. i 25 the time. and coming up on the kron 00:00am morning news from specialized firearms to battering rams. yeah. we'll tell you about how berkeley police department is the first in the nation. now to regulate the use of these milarized pieces of equipment. that story coming up. you're strong. you power through chronic migraine - 15 or more headache days a month, ...each lasting 4 hours or more. botox® prevents headaches in adults with chronic migraine. so, if you haven't tried botox® for your chronic migraine, ...check with your doctor if botox® is right for you, and if samples are available. effects of botox® may spread hours to weeks
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>> 9.28 and any big plans. >> this >> i do have a big plan. what are we saying? well, i got to tell you all about it on monday of my good is turning a 100 years old. john lee a go i can't way all we're going a little birthday parade with social distancing. okay. yeah. so you can take pictures. every day journey 100 james. oh, yeah. bill kind of a big deal and cut. yeah. and he's in major amazing shape and he was a sarah fell fire. captain. one is from million years. she does woodworking makes birdhouses. he makes pensions. he you will show us all about that on monday. and hopefully the weather will be just fine for that. >> outdoor parade talk about fire season. so he was a do you know how old he has is that when he was in centreville, he went out. he wired every house. yeah, because the use of a wire that went to the fire department. if your house was on fire, ding ding ding. they saw your wire go off like that. that's
9:30 am
how they were. really. that's how they did crazy back in the day. all right, john, so what birthdays tomorrow. tomorrow. saturday is forecast for that. good. a go. yeah, it will be in the 70's and center for so john diego your phasing a little windy, but sure that that will be just a cool that little distance parade. >> that's so exciting. and i if you do have some exciting plans this weekend. well, weather is going to be cooperating much as it has about every day for the facts to that's a bit of a problem when it adds up as much as it has. we've seen so much sunshine and so many beautiful days now. we're in the midst of expanding drought conditions. so there's your downside of all the good weather we've seen you look outside this morning at our berkeley cam right here. skies are beautiful and clear. you can see out in the distance there. some low cloud cover. in fact, low cloud cover is pushed right on up through san pablo bay up into solano and napa counties 2. so for some of us, it's partly cloudy to start. others of us are actually looking at some
9:31 am
pretty clear conditions winds pick up later today. and as i mentioned a second ago, we will have some windy conditions tomorrow for saturday and sunday's plans. if you are heading outside 50's and 60's for current temps conquered pittsburgh fairfield wasting no time climbing right back into the 60's berkeley and oakland at a nice but still cool. 55. >> reyna. tom, thank you for that tracking a hot spot out here in albany out here that's causing quite the delay past san pablo there. westbound 80 at in albany. a good alternate to try to get around that would be san pablo avenue looks pretty bad. looks like 2 cars are actually stuck together. they're trying to get that off the road again, the fremont street exit as you head into the city and irvine minutes for your drive. time here. we haven't seen any major delays because they did not turn the metering lights on so far the san mateo bridge. there is a high wind advisory in place as you head across towards the peninsula a little under 40 minutes for you to drive. there. the richmond sandra fell commute started to even out here under
9:32 am
8 minutes for us and looking at things along one o one, we had a crash cleared up heading towards menlo park 28 minutes. we'll have more on that coming up next. before now darya and james we'll send it over to you. thanks a lot, it's 9.31. and for the first time we're hearing the 911. calls from concerned neighbors in alameda who wanted the police to come and check out. >> a man who seemed to. be needing help and they didn't think it was a threat, but they want to check out. so they called that man turns out was mario gonzales as we know he died while in police custody there in alameda. >> we want to play for you too. clips from the 911. calls to different people calling in expressing basically the same concern to police. in my front garden talking to himself. no mask. and i went out there and the dog to bark at them and dog in towards these are not making any he do anything wrong. scare in my any weapons on him. now he has become a
9:33 am
local you've been pushing into air. the it does appear to be an effort count. might be kind of has been what are kind of loitering around there for probably half an hour down. >> that was the second caller saying he was just kind of loitering around him in his hair and the upsetting thing is the gonzalez family is saying that the officers should not have detained a mario. yeah. in fact, according to their attorney. >> they believe those officers should face criminal charges. we have kron forcefully to call now with more on the story. >> mario gonzalez's family says his death was murder and that the alameda police officers involved in is in custody. death last week should face criminal charges. but their civil rights attorney michael had dad says it's important all facts are known before he can definitively say mario was killed intentionally. i'm a lawyer so i can just toss that word murder around easily. i know it's a term of art,
9:34 am
right. and so there is some investigation going on. dad says, though, that he is convinced the officers share responsibility for mario's passing, whether voluntary manslaughter involuntary manslaughter. something higher. >> i it's not really for me to say. but i do think there should be some criminal consequences. in addition to the civil consequences as dad explores a civil suit against the officers. he pushes back at the attorney representing them who claims the officers worked hard to calmly end their encounter with mario peacefully. >> a dad says the body camera video released shows a different story when the officers responded to 911. calls april 19th reporting a possibly intoxicated man loitering in a park on oak street and that he was possibly involved in the theft. there is no reason to touch him at all. and officer mckinley spent. >> a few minutes talking to him. during which time he found out that mario was harmless friendly. and minding his own business. and so the
9:35 am
officer should have gone to the the household that made the call and told them we've checked into the matter. you don't have anything to be afraid of and the man is not breaking any laws and just not instead, mario was wrestled to the ground and suffered what police call a medical emergency as the officers applied pressure to his back. >> while the officers remain on paid administrative leave pending the outcome of the investigations into mario's death. his family is preparing funeral arrangements. billy run for news. >> city leaders in berkeley say they are the first in the nation to track the use of what they're calling militarized equipment by their police department. so the ordinance will include things like specialized guns and projectile launches battering rams, all that sort of stuff. police have to now file a report every year that includes an inventory of their equipment and also a description of the circumstances under which they used it. >> that's what is now
9:36 am
standard. the place is not standard to the public. these things really look, frightening. but you when there's a large group of officers like in crowd control situations. this list. partly came out former president obama's list of equipment that was being acquired by departments from the military. it's been heavily vetted by police from commission. >> the police equipment and the community safety ordinance is the final piece of last summer's sweeping police reforms passed by the berkeley city council. >> 9.36 and coming up, a bay area native is drafted by the steelers and he is already giving back to his community in the east bay. we'll explain. >> and this morning we are looking at skies that are clearing out for most of us sfo looks nice and clear. but there's some cloud cover in the distance. 40's 50's to start the day. but we're headed into the 60's 70's and still a few low 80's come the afternoon. >> and there's a hot spot on an album. have been tracking all morning ever get a look at your drive times into the city. we also have a high wind advisory to tell you about a lot more coming up after the
9:37 am
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>> 9.39, and it will if it took just a few minutes for the single-day passes for outside lands to sell out. and now the organizers are working make sure everybody who's going to go is safe. currently it's unclear if they're going to make a show. a proof of
9:40 am
vaccination to get in a local infectious disease expert says that if you do go to a big event. you need to take precautions. >> areas very but of course, smith, you know, events like outside lines without announced an additional layer of, you safety. you worried about a lot of visitors bringing risk from other areas. if things move along in the way they have been moving by that what many people hopefully would have been vaccinated. >> the outside lands website points out that anybody who attends assumes the risk of possible exposure to covid. >> time is 9.40. we'll take a quick break and be right back.
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>> 9.43 right now. and we're taking a look at the weekend forecast which looks maybe even cooling down a little bit compared to what we saw in the middle of the week. john. yeah. and i know that it was a little toasty, especially inland for us this middle of the week. so it's kind of nice actually to see just a touch of a cool down this weekend. still going to be mild just not as many 80's on the map is have what we have been seeing. you look outside this morning from berkeley skies have cleared out really nicely berkeley were under some cloud cover earlier this morning. but the last few hours have been really nice and clear for you. still evidence of some cloud cover. well out there in
9:44 am
the distance and looking at radar right now. you can see that thin veil of gray that's on the peninsula sweeping over parts of the north bay to as far inland as solano county. so even for those areas that are still a little bit gray right now. you have a good dose of sunshine just around the corner for you. high pressure is still in place but is waiting a bit not having as much of an impact on our forecast. we do have some cooler air that's going to be pressing in resulting in those temperatures settling down just a little bit in the process of it, though a pretty noticeable breeze kicking up today lasting through the weekend. you can see winds in future cast will be gusting as high as 15 to 20 miles per hour today picking up just a touch tomorrow as high as 30 miles per hour for some areas so saturday and sunday will be breezy just a little bit cooler than we have been to still a nice weekend to plan, though. 60's, 70's and a few 80's for your highs today. antioch will be warm spot at 85 degrees tied with vacaville. actually with that same number napa in livermore right at 80 degrees. san jose fremont hayward in the 70's.
9:45 am
well, oakland san francisco and half monday in the 60's today. tomorrow's highs a little bit cooler inland pretty much the same by the bay and the coast, though, lots of sunshine through the weekend and temperatures next week will be really warm for your first week of may, all the way up into the upper 80's, maybe even low 90's by wednesday reyna john, thank you. so we've been closely watching this hot spot out in albany. they just cleared the roadway there. so again, been able to clear that accident. there. westbound 80 at and al the knee. so you're going to see some residual delays. the traffic is backed up and pretty slow along. >> pass and pablo there. hopefully that's going to clear out and a little bit heading into the city right now. what you get to the maze to the fremont street exit will take you a little under 10 minutes to make that trip. there. the san mateo bridge. a high wind advisory in place on the 14 minutes for your drive time richmond sandra fell commute at the limit for us right now. just a little under 8 minutes looking at want to wanted to 80. we're in the clear as you drive in the
9:46 am
parking ticket. 28 minutes. so we'll have more on that throughout the day before now daria, back to you. >> with the 3rd pick. in the 2021 nfl draft. the san francisco forty-niners select trey lance. >> is a new day for and the forty-niners. but he's not the only one. it is a new qb, then where does that leave the old one. >> still so many questions this morning. let's go to will tran for some answers. high will. >> good morning. yes, we do know that trey lance is with the niners and more than likely you will be the starter. you don't drive somebody that i and not plugged into your office. trey lance. he had a feeling that he was going to be the niners pick and coach shanahan and john lynch. they knew all along that that was their guy. let's listen in to trey lance
9:47 am
after he went to the stage and gave that iconic hug to roger goodell after being drafted. >> it was pretty emotional for right just kind of a surreal and obviously not knowing what the situation was going to be going into you know, you know, you never really know until you so from use emotional, i'm just super blessed of folks thankful for travel. and so you get to this point. >> now, i can tell you that jimmy g was not traded from the forty-niners. so he's still on the roster. according to coach shanahan that he has a chance to compete for the starting job. and if he's the backup he's the most expensive backup in nfl history at 25 million dollars. i was not able to get my hands on the footage. but i do know i saw what john lynch did before he trey let me play it out for you. low packers. this is john aaron rodgers. hello. that. go
9:48 am
ahead, sir roger goodell, we're going to drop trey. let's wait so that so actually thought it's kind of like what they called and asked for brady like yeah. ever. they asked for the patriots. >> hey, can we agree? they don't know. so just before they chose trail like can we have aaron, like really. call they literally call the packers up and supposedly it was like a 10 2nd call they probably laugh like, you evil >> oh, very funny because the packers want to keep aaron, but erin doesn't want to keep the packers. so you know what? >> he's going. he's got he's made it clear like, you know what, you didn't want me. you didn't respect me. i hear i saw brady do it. i'm going to do it. i think he's not there yet. >> he gave 3 teams. he gave 3 teams. the niners, the raiders and the broncos. yeah. actors give him up. yeah. there's no way according to sources. well, he will be going to anybody in the nfc. so the
9:49 am
niners by default being in the nfc. >> we're not going to okay. i think that the raiders are real possibility for rodgers. i really do an ok. forget packers fans are freaking out just because they don't now pakistan to bring it up. there's fans. >> it's like christmas to watch the packers fans be upset number one, right. they could be losing rogers and then to get the guy that the niners passed over. they got justin fields. >> right. they have justin fields saw and that is not good for jimmy garoppolo, by the way, because all the places that needed quarterbacks. well, they filled up their own quarterback problem. so that's why jimmy g is still on the roster for now. lots of drama going on with the niners. i mean, it's the tray area, but my goodness, they miles of play young and the restless music for offseason. and so this season starts with that drama. as the rounds continue. >> we will cover it and we'll see what happens in round 2, i know what's going to happen on a falsely. >> ok, thanks a lot. well.
9:50 am
>> i've done after the first round. but 2 players drafted in the first round or from the east bay and they've got great stories. usc's alijah vera-tucker. he's headed to the jets. he was born and raised in oakland and he has not forgotten how we got here. >> the first he's now taken the family. can you know, it does so much for me. you know, of telling him up a citizen, i go fast main thing. you know, someone you car. so we need and then at that just comes down apartments of like that. so i'm keeping it cue i'm not i'm not the date i love that good head on his shoulders and alabama running back naji harris hasn't forgotten his people. >> here is celebrated with family and every bill after being picked by the pittsburgh steelers. and before this draft party, he threw a party for the kids who stay at the same h meless shelter in richmond where he and his parents and siblings use to live till they got back on their feet years ago. and boy
9:51 am
did his feet carry him far not she went on to be a top recruit out of antioch high and now he leaves alabama with a college degree. 2 championships and a grateful attitude. >> doing makes me. it makes me and my family feel a lot giving appreciation everything. is a subject especially in the bear. shed light the more that we are together, the more everything we can. we can make everything happen, especially in the so, you know, i mean, moving up and other i'm getting, you know more attention from, you know, more cameras that that's that's the that's better. it's good because you know, shed more light on the situations. >> i can't say enough. i mean mean what he did and and and his attitude and he should have like a movie made about him. i would be surprised if something if they could make a movie of love line side following one player's career. this is like writing itself. i
9:52 am
love how on draft day when the attention should be on him and celebrating all the hard work it took to get to this point. yeah. he want to throw the spotlight on to something else. yeah. and other people and charity and you know, a place that was there for him when he was at his lowest. so the nfl is changing his life shelter changed his life and it all comes back to the bay, which is nice. >> that's the vice.
9:53 am
9:54 am
9:55 am
>> 9.54. and we're just about done friday morning, but they never stop on kron on sanaz. tahernia is in the newsroom. what you're working us. >> well, daryn, there's a lot happening across the bay area like usual in a little bit. there's going to live update on vaccine distributions at the little later on this morning. but we'll also be going out live to oakland where people are rallying against senate bill 8, 2, that would downgrade a strong-arm robberies from a felony to a misdemeanor. many are worried that the move would make women seniors and minority groups. most vulnerable to watch that live and to get real-time updates on local and national headlines. grab your phone and scan. this qr code will take you straight to your phone's app store for a free download of our kron on app. james, all right. so nice. thank you very much. in i-fifty-five. just
9:56 am
one more quick word. i know with. >> people planning summer travel getting excited about being able to travel once more. can you travel with an unvaccinated child. is it safe? well, here's a quick answer from a local doctor. >> i think it's very safe for them to buy all and going to be since lights actually all just quite a bit of i worked with ventilation specialist who said there's better ventilation and the flight in many other states because of that flow of masking is required on planes and will be quiet for a while and so your child will be knost. you will be asked because that's required up into the people around will be masks as well. >> and in addition to that, they also recommend maybe soon as you sit down in your prek the fence above just keep the air flow going again. that's all basically filtered air coming down on you and it kind of creates a little bubble and also keep your family together. so year within your own. but, yeah. and also don't see your kid behind me. yeah,
9:57 am
i don't want the kicking my seat. all right. john behind me, then be behind me really is lynn the seat in front of me. i'm sorry, everyone forgive me. >> 70's today and tomorrow for your highs next week, though. look at where we're headed. some 80's just around the corner. i sit breezy this weekend. we can take. all right. that's it for today. and you know what, let's i want to be on the well, well, well. look at you.
9:58 am
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