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tv   KRON 4 News at 6am  KRON  April 30, 2021 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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folsom. and i'm james fletcher. we have a lot of fun stories today from lean. i making headlines too. unfortunately, the drought. that's not so much a fun story, but it's certainly going to be impacting all of yeah, that's kind of been lurking anyway, all month. let's just see how the month is ending now. weather wise job. yeah. the fun side of the drought is the sunshine that in the short term you get to enjoy. but in the back of your head. you're thinking about just how dry it is out there. that's for sure. >> looking outside this morning. we do have some cloud cover. we do eventually see increased sunshine into the afternoon. but starting this day with some pretty great conditions. actually a mostly cloudy start to the morning. you can see those low clouds pushing just below or center tower. cam center towers about the only thing that's actually rising right above that cloudy blanket in san francisco right now. cloud cover, sitting just above the base of visibility is okay for most areas. futurecast wind gusts does show an increase in wind speeds towards the finish of the day today. sets us up for it, especially breezy day tomorrow for your saturday. as for temperatures were in the
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40's and 50's san jose fremont, hayward and dublin all at 51 degrees. only spot in the 30's on the map is in santa rose at 39 degrees. so that cloud cover is actually helping us out of it, helping to moderate temperatures during your overnight hours. that's why we're just comfortably cool to start this friday morning. i'll have more about our dry weather as we move into may just around the corner. first, though, a look at your friday commute with and the bay bridge looks amazing. exactly to a good start. you'll get an early morning accident up in crockett. >> however, that's been clear. now we're looking at your commute as you head into the city right now. once you reach the maze to get to the fremont street exit a little under 10 minutes for your drive time there. now we do have a high wind advisory that just announced for the san mateo bridge. we've also seen to stalled vehicles on the bridge already this morning might be due to the high winds there. you want to take your time as you're crossing this morning, just under 40 minutes for your drive time. the richmond sandra fell bridge starting to pick up just a bit here. a little under 8 minutes and we're checking on conditions
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down south along one. oh, one to 80 not tracking any major delays as you're driving 28 minutes towards menlo park. we'll have more on that coming up throughout the for now darya and james, back to you. >> thanks a lot at 6. oh, one and right now on the east bay. they are investigating a shooting that happened on highway 4 in pittsburgh. that happened in the eastbound. >> railroad avenue off-ramp, but 9 o'clock or so last night a man apparently shot in the neck and crashing into a big rig and that's the video you see here where the car obviously slammed up against that tractor trailer. he was taken to the hospital. we understand that person is recovering this morning. investigators say the shooting was not random. so they think perhaps the victim was targeted, though they haven't released any information on the shooter or what the connection is. but we'll keep you updated. >> 6. '02, right now and we have breaking news overnight in the south bay. there was a shooting in san jose. one man was injured on east broke out road around 11 o'clock last night is when the shooting happened that victim does not.
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no sorry. he does have life threatening injuries and police haven't said anything about catching a shooter. >> well, also breaking overnight, a san jose family jolted out of bed when a car came slamming into their home. and this is the aftermath all say and the driver got away and family cut away without being injured, which is a good thing. surprise for them to wake up, to comfort. camila barco talk to them this morning. hike mila. >> and good morning. that's right. no injuries. but one side of this home. it's damaged step out of the ways you can guys can get a better picture. you can see on the right hand side of your screen. the garage doors just piled up. investigators say this is where the driver crashed into and then left the scene there still debris scattered around. but you can see the garage door is boarded up. this happened around 1245 this morning on willow street. witnesses say they heard a loud bang. they came outside and saw this car in front of
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the line with no one inside the vehicle has caused the power to shut off or at least a dozen homes in the area. i've been looking around and it looks like the lights are back on the person who lives inside the home was sleeping at the time of the incident and the homeowner didn't want to show her face on camera but tells us what she woke up to. >> we were sleeping and we're open about a quarter to one allowed. they should roll house and. came out to be. what was happening in their the car in our front room. >> now the homeowner is upset about this incident because she had just finished building this home about a year ago. we've contacted san jose police about more information about this crash. we're still waiting to hear back. darya james, back to you, ok. thanks a lot. camilla. >> also in the south bay for the second time this month a
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pedestrian and san jose was struck and killed by a car at the same intersection and the car left the scene. this happen. first of all, wednesday night. let's tell you where a woman was cautioned stray. she wasn't in the cross walk. she was struck and killed and that was north of kirchner avenue will back on april 1st. another fatal accident happened there. a woman was crossing the same intersection. she was in the crosswalk in her wheelchair where she was struck and killed. so people are extra concern now about the safety of that intersection. >> walk it you they are still go by and you got to for them. and you know, safe to go by. you've got to watch for use out. yeah, you can see it was a big intersection and you can see the car. >> that police are looking for in this accident from april. first, it is a white mercedes-benz. similar to one the seat that you saw there that killed a pedestrian happening now, police are
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looking for a shooter who shot and killed one person and injured 2 others in san francisco last night near market mason, which is just about a block away from the westfield that westfield shopping center. you can see police investigating and they had the area roped off. well, as i said, one person died. the other 2 or in the hospital. we don't know their condition and so far no arrests. >> in the east bay. the president of china house chamber of commerce in oakland is the latest victim now of an attack against the asian community. karl chan tells us that he was right across from chinatown yesterday when a man came up behind him and hit him in the head. he says the attacker then walked off, but he was able to take pictures and that helped lead police to arrest that attacker. attacker's name not made public just yet, but chance as he scraped his hands his knees when he fell to the ground. he's been one of the most visible and outspoken advocates for the asian american community following the recent surge in attacks that we've seen. he says he was on his way to visit another victim actually when
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he was attacked. in san francisco. a community group wants to install cameras in the castro neighborhood to help prevent crime. but the proposals some push back several other lgbtq groups in the city are raising privacy concerns. they're worried the camera footage could be used for the wrong reasons by police. the group in favor of installing them, though, says these cameras wouldn't be controlled by san francisco police. but instead be in controlled or be controlled by the community. cameras like this. we know already exist in the tender line and the union street union square neighborhoods. >> with the 3rd pick. in the 2021 nfl draft. the san francisco forty-niners select trey lance. >> chuck or just dapper tuxedo, a forty-niners jersey. there it is with lance on the
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back. he looks better in red. i think we can all agree out months of speculation circulating around to the nines are going to pick with their number 3 selection and now we know niner fans very excited because. >> yes, candy buddy and this kid's got a lot of talent, a lot of weapons to offer off. well, let's ask will tran. he follows this very closely will. >> how do you feel about the pick haha. >> well, you might as call me coach tran to hand this morning because yesterday that would draft trey lance and that's exactly what they did. so i plan to go into my office right behind me and work on some plays because rick was a coach. i called it. but the bottom line is right now to miles will change that sign right behind me too. faithful to that trade because he is the latest member, the san francisco forty-niners. let's show you that video once again, everybody lives for this. if you play football the chance to have your name
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called walk on stage and then get handed the jersey and get that out to roger goodell and he will be busy today as well with the draft continuing the bottom line is according to coach shanahan and john lynch that they've always wanted. trey lance. they just didn't want to tip their hand that they heard rumors of mac jones and justin fields and whatnot, but they didn't want to corrected knowing that this was the guy that they wanted if he was still available and he was. let me show you some highlights of this young man. he played only one season at north dakota state. so small sample. he is the biggest risk. but but the biggest upside, meaning he had tremendous numbers in that one year that he played 28 touchdowns throwing 14 touchdowns running just a big specimen of a human being. really quick. and according to a lot of people here and the same offense very something similar to coach shanahan and that's why they ultimately made the decision. here's trey
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lance talking about becoming a knight or. >> there's pretty emotional for right just kind of a surreal and obviously not knowing what the situation was going to be going into you know, it was, you know, you never really going to, you from use emotional. i'm just super blessed of folks thankful for for everyone. so you get to this point. >> okay. so about this point. let's talk about jimmy g. he's still the elephant in the room. he is still with the niners. he was not traded yesterday. coach shanahan says he would like to have him back. but we'll just have to wait and see because he is still owed 25 million dollars on his contract. they will compete for that starting job and daria if he has a backup. backup in nfl history. the forty-niners they do have a chance to save some money if they cut him by june first. but we'll just have to wait and see. and then there's the other guy. some guy named him.
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other guy, don't think anybody's done packing and moving and changing their shirts. haha. >> we'll see like sands through the hour. the drama continues. thank you very we'll tell you what coach track coach dan ha has 6. that was a good ice extent. we've got lots more ahead like the yeah, we're moving forward now with a plan to try to address the dire situation in california. how much money are they going to spend. what are they going to use it on. plus, a grass fire got dangerously close to homes in the east bay. it happened. >> yesterday afternoon. here's some of the video. people try to keep your home safe. we'll tell you how neighbors raced to protect each other. and president joe biden, vice president kamala harris there on the road pushing their 2 trillion-dollar infrastructure plan. we'll have a live report on what we can expect from washington and we are looking at a grey start to what will eventually be some sunshine later today. you can see from sfo here, some of those clouds
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overhead looking a little ominous this morning. >> from the 40's and 50's to start to what will be a nice and comfortable one later on. i've got your forecast ahead. >> and as traffic starts to pick up on this friday morning. we're tracking your drive times. we also have a high wind advisory to tell you about. we'll have more on that coming up after the break.
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>> and we are back more on the drought. the entire state feeling it now everybody here in the bay area's being asked to cut back on water use by about 10% from orange county to the east bay to san francisco. this is video from quadcopter 4 showing what phoenix lake looks like up and kind of how low that is. that is depressing. the reservoir is one of 7 in marin county that provide drinking water. and for the first time in 50 years. the marin municipal water district is siphoning water from the reservoir to try and shore up other shrinking supplies. the water levels are now forcing the district to put an immediate water conservation plan in place stricter measures could be considered next week. and again about 98% of the state right now is in some stage of the drought and that includes the entire bay area. >> east bay mud among the utilities that are telling you've got to cut back. let's hear from their spokesperson about the effort to conserve. >> this could be one year ago, one year drought. it could be one year of a five-year drought. whatever the case is,
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we're doing the appropriate thing now and our customers are taking and will take. we hope the appropriate steps. >> now, though, everybody's been asked to come back around the bay. one thing the east bay mud is doing differently them before they're specifically they're buying extra water now rather than waiting and they're hoping that is going to keep their costs down. in san francisco. same story. you have to cut back. reservoirs used by san francisco are just 76% full slightly lower than the normal 81%. they usually have this time of year. the commission offering free on site irrigation checkups and landscape evaluations because they want to say, you know, you're doing it right. you're doing wrong. here's how you can save money. another thing that they do is they will give you plumbing leak consul so they can show you, you know, check it out. see if you're losing any water that way. all right. >> well, let's check in with the forecast has just been keeping an eye on these temperatures. and if i remember right. we get
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temperatures kind of spiking once again next week. right back in the upper 80's next week in hot again, especially wednesday. guys. that's looking like the one that what may be just the upper 80's, but maybe a couple 90's in there, too. so starting to feel warmer and warmer. of course, we've been dry for quite a while now. that does add up to those water restrictions. very likely that, of course, heightened fire danger as we start to warm things up amidst these dry conditions. >> now, today actually is going to be just a touch cooler than yesterday was and tomorrow is actually going to be a little bit cooler yet. so before that warm up next week. we're in for a bit of a cool down not that much cooler but enough to get outside and enjoy it. you look outside this morning shows cloud cover across the bay area. pretty gray start for most areas. cloudy blanket pretty evident on radar this morning, having scooted across the region. high-pressure is gradually retreating just enough that we do tap into some cooler air as well as this increased wind. we may be relatively calm for most areas to start the morning. but winds will pick
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up on into the afternoon. today. making for a brisk afternoon. still comfortable for inland areas. but cool on the coastline tomorrow. as you can see, our future cast of winds remains very windy all throughout the course of the day. this is 11:15am tomorrow right there. smack dab in the middle of your day, looking at pretty widespread winds all across the bay area. as for temperatures today will be in the 50's and 60's for san francisco as well as elsewhere along the coastline. these are those brisk areas i'm talking about. if you're heading out to the coast. definitely get the jackets in hand elsewhere in the bay area. it will be warm enough that even with that wind picking up later on today. still going to feel flooding, ice south bay temperatures in the upper 70's for san jose well, 80 in morgan hill as well as over in livermore pleasanton dublin back to the 70's after yesterday's 80's. same for you in walnut creek and danville, oakland and berkeley upper 60's today. a little cooler than yesterday was, still in i 75 will can vacaville warm-up 85 degrees today. now
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tomorrow's temperatures just a few degrees cooler going to feel a little bit cooler because of those windy conditions that will see both on saturday and sunday. next week there's your warm-up. we're talking about especially noticeable on wednesday when will be very close to 90 for some of our hottest of areas john, thank you. even a close eye on your roadways and you're bridges this morning. not tracking any major hot spots. so we're off to a great start. >> heading into the city a little under 12 minutes to that fremont street exit. we do have a high wind advisory for the san mateo bridge this morning. we've already seen some stalled vehicles in the early hours. so you want to drive a little slower 13 minutes for your commute. there. the richmond sandra fell commute as you head out of richmond. also at the limit here just a little under 8 minutes for your drive time. one. oh, one looks great as well. as 2.80. we'll have more on that next story. and james, back to you. thanks a lot, right. so national headlines this morning. we have the biden administration now out on the road selling the infrastructure plan to america pretty expensive one, but one they hope to get past president biden going to
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philadelphia vice president harris in cincinnati and in d c. >> jessi turnure our washington correspondent with the latest. good morning. >> good morning, daryn. james, the president has assigned the vice president. another task this week. and that's really leading the push on this plan in congress. but senate republicans are already making it clear their former colleagues still has a lot of work to do to find common ground. >> the biggest jobs plan in this country since world war 2 american jobs plan will put america to work. president joe biden and vice president kamala harris will continue their pitch today for the 2 trillion-dollar infrastructure plan infrastructures and just steel and concrete its people. the package would invest in roads pipes and high speed internet. we connect americans to economic opportunity but also fund better benefits for caregivers and measures to combat climate change. we can do what we need to do is saving the planet and yet
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create millions of good-paying jobs. but republicans in congress like senators tommy tuberville and bill cassidy still aren't sold on the expansive and expensive plan and making corporations foot. the bill needs to be roads and bridges and not a lot of things. he's talking about a lot of what they're throwing up. there's not fiscally sound. the gop counter plan would focus on more traditional infrastructure projects and pay for them with user fees on electric vehicles. unspent federal funds and possible contributions from state and local governments. but president biden has called a scaled down package, a no-go. they need the come talk to us. >> and we'll see how much they will actually listen. >> as those conversations continue at the senate overwhelmingly approved a bipartisan water resources. bill yesterday and democrats are hoping that that can really serve as a template to build consensus around this broader infrastructure plan live in washington. i'm jessi tenure. thanks a lot, jesse. >> time now is 6.21. coming up
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next on the kron 4 morning news from specialized firearms to battering rams with the berkeley police department. now the first in the nation to regulate the use of militarized equipment. explain.
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>> 6.24 in the east bay. a fast-moving brush fire burned dangerously close to homes before crews got it under control. this video is from a doorbell cam. can you imagine seeing that right outside your house in pittsburgh that fire started yesterday afternoon along kercher pass road near norton, ville road. it was stopped by firefighters at about 5 acres neighbors were stunned, though, when they saw this that close to their homes. i can't explain. it was just. >> the wind up the hill, the huge flames. it was just terrifying. you know, because you you fear it's going to come start flying toward your home. i was just scared that one day this would happen here we are that we've had to have these fires. >> so it's a little unsettling. it's scary. i was just worried about my daughter in my animals in that getting everybody to safety. >> that fire is a sign of an early start to the fire season contra. costa county firefighters have been responding to brush fire since march.
6:26 am
>> india continues to be overwhelmed by a second wave of coronavirus cases of the u.s. is sending medical supplies from right here at travis air force live with the details coming up.
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>> 6.20 right now. we're looking at the weather. >> the that's right. we've a kicking off tomorrow. and the hope for april was that we get a little more in the mix that look like that happen much may. >> i don't know. so these clouds, nothing. they mean no business, no nothing. just a couple clouds taunting us thing like no rain for you. which says it is a tough thing to talk about because we've seen some great weather and i know we've all been enjoying stepping outside and the sunny and mild afternoons. warm afternoons for some of us. unfortunately, the big catch to that is we only saw one takeover rainfall this past month. and that is really added up in a bad way. us for reservoir levels and for fire danger pretty early in the season looking outside this morning. there's those clouds that, hey, we love to see some rain from. but that's not going to be the case. this low clouds are only going out for a bit longer. then it's back to the sunshine. we're going to go for much of the rest of the day ahead of us skies will remain dry as we round out
6:30 am
april today, kickoff may starting tomorrow. and the first week of may looks to remain dry too. winds. do pick up later on today. tomorrow is going to be especially when he won so plan around that as you do get outside to enjoy this nicer weather 40's and 50's for most of our current temperatures petaluma your spot in the upper 30's right now. alameda in oakland eat right now at 52 thank you. keeping a close eye on our roadways out here. we do have an accident. 1. one. >> northbound at heller avenue in san jose. so again, you can see 1 one starting to slow down just a little bit due to that crash. keep a close eye on that heading into the city. no delays. they have the meter lights turned off at this moment. a little under 11 minutes to the fremont street exit. a high wind advisory is in place for the san mateo bridge. 13 minutes. you head across towards the peninsula, looking at a richmond sandra fell commute out of richmond is traffic picks up still solid 7 minutes and looking conditions along one o one can see we're starting to see a little delay there because of that accident and heller
6:31 am
avenue heading in the park. 33 minutes for you. a lot more on that coming up next. darya and james, back to you. thanks reyna. >> so in the east bay, we have city leaders in berkeley saying now that they will be the first city in the nation to require their police department to track the use of militarized equipment cloud forces. the big unit has more on this groundbreaking legislation. you're looking at examples of controlled equipment including specialized fire project down launchers that times 30 inches or longer breaching apparatus or battering rams and long-range acoustic devices. the acquisition and use of these items are now regulated by a new police equipment and community safety ordinance approved by the berkeley city council. in the ordinance is transparency for the public to understand what equipment the department has. >> and how they're using it. >> the principal author of the new legislation berkeley city council member kate harrison says the ordinance is
6:32 am
primarily an annual report that will include an inventory of current police equipment. the official policy for its use and the circumstances. >> frankly, a lot of this grows out of concerns for black lives matter. and this sense that sometimes weaponry is appears more in lower income african-american neighborhoods. it does in my neighborhood. and so we want to know where it was or was it a lot of crowd control. do we have a lot of demonstrations where it was used. so that kind of information we're looking for right now. we don't know how often it's used or where because there is no reporting on it. this type of equipment is typically used by the u.s. military and is now commonly acquired and used on america's streets by local police departments. what is now standard the place is not standard to the public. these things really look. >> frightening. but you when there's a large group of officers like in crowd control situations. this list. partly came out former president obama's list of equipment that was being acquired by departments from the military. it's been heavily vetted by police commission. the police
6:33 am
equipment and community safety ordinance is the final piece of last summer. a sweeping police reforms passed by the berkeley city council. the public has a right to know when and where i asked officials at the berkeley police department. if they are in favor of the new ordinance. they said they short statement that reads, quote, berkeley police department has a long history of listening to our community and we intend to continue that tradition with the council's recent legislation, unquote. >> madyun kron 4 news. >> time now is 6.33 and for the first time we're hearing the 911. calls about a man loitering from concerned citizens and that man was mario gonzales in alameda as we know he died while in police custody when officers responded. >> we'll play the recording of these 911 calls you're going hear 2 different men reporting what they're seeing to police. >> he is the my front garden talking to himself. no mask.
6:34 am
and i went out there and the dog to bark at them and then he's going be not making any he do anything wrong. scared my any weapons on him. now he has become a local you've been brushing there. the mom it does appear to be and out. might be the kind of has been more kind of loitering around there for probably half an hour down. >> so those are 2 different men calling 911, basically just saying there's a guy who seemed to be needing help and that he wasn't really a disturbance as much as a nuisance. they were concerned yesterday. you know, maybe go out there and check them out. cia needs. >> we're also hearing from the gonzalez family, though they say the officers that did respond had no right to detain maryellen according to their turn to the officers now should face criminal charges. >> whether voluntary manslaughter involuntary manslaughter. something
6:35 am
higher. i it's not really for me to say. but i do think there should be some criminal consequences. in addition to the civil consequences. >> yeah. the officers remain on paid administrative leave right now pending the outcome of the investigations into mario's death. his family is preparing funeral arrangements. now. >> time now 6.34 and the big story this morning is americans are being urged by our government to get out of india now get on a commercial flight because the situation with the covid is so bad. meantime, we're flying the u.s. we're flying in supplies to try to help them. yeah. and some of that's coming at travis air force base here. >> in the bay area. kron 4. sarah stinson live for us up in solano county with more on that part of the story. sarah. >> that's right. we just got an update. it looks like a plane is going to be leaving from travis air force base at around 1130, and it's going to be holding medical supplies and aid for india. a country that is struggling right now.
6:36 am
really just under water as they battle this second wave and major serve the coronavirus. i mean, the numbers are staggering. 18 million cases and they have 208,000 deaths. and this is just the beginning. so we're going to help them out. take a look at video from a plane in a shipment that took place on wednesday here at travis air force base. you can see they're loading up supplies and the soldiers there on to the plane. and that's what's going to be happening this morning here again, some of the plot supplies being donated include hundreds of oxygen cylinders with regulators over 100,095 mask nearly a million covid rapid test kits. the u.s. is also sending critical ppe equipment for doctors and nurses on the front lines to keep them safe. the biden administration says they've been consulting nonstop with the indian government to see how we can help with the catastrophic situation over there when cases continue surging putting india's health care on a
6:37 am
collapse. now we are here at the base. and again, this is going to be taking place at 1130 so it's just really good to hear that we're able to help india out during a time where there are really struggling. so hopefully this helps all the help we're giving them for now live at travis air force base. sarah stinson, back to you. thanks, sarah. >> in the east bay. there is a new covid vaccine clinic in concord. it is a drop in sight. you don't have to make an appointment to get your shot there. it's along the monument boulevard corridor at 1034, o grove road and you go there from 8 to 3 today and tomorrow. it will also be open next week starting on tuesday they can give up to 500 shots a day. there. contra costa county is they say that 53% of concord residents have already gotten at least one there are plenty more about half the residents need to go there and get a shot and you don't even need an appointment.
6:38 am
>> well, imagine waiting 3 weeks to get your second vaccine dose only to find out. you've been given a different kind than the first. that's what happened. one sacramento woman. her first dose was from pfizer, but her second those turns out was from moderna. and as we know, you're not supposed to mix and match them. we've got melanie townsend now with her story. >> rose gold and birds first round of getting the covid-19 pfizer vaccine went off without a hitch at the wheel space health clinic in oak park on april 9th. >> give me the information about the vaccine sell. but think the experience, really bad ones to go to the e r. >> aside from a sore arm and fatigue goldenberg felt ready to get her second and final pfizer shot on monday. only this time the process took an unexpected turn, i guess all they had. >> ready at that point when moderna. and that's what getting. and i didn't find out about until after he ready administer the shot and the 15 minute wait period.
6:39 am
>> she says they also wrote it on her vaccine card which shows pfizer and moderna given 3 weeks apart when it comes to covid-19 vaccine mixing. the cdc says pfizer and moderna are both similar in that they are and are vaccines. however, they and other covid vaccines should not be interchangeable unless there's an exceptional need to do so in according to a statement from well space health chief information officer if 2 doses of are in a covid-19 vaccine products are administered. the cdc states that no additional doses of either product or recommended at this time. if this situation were to occur, the person is considered fully vaccinated 2 weeks after receipt of their second dose of an end or in a vaccine. there's no harm to the patient and no further action is required. however, goldenberg says she was told something completely different after getting the wrong dose.
6:40 am
>> they told will call. we need to get you in for another dose later, one or the other. >> thankfully goldenberg had only mild side effects from the moderna vaccine. but is that with many questions and concerns for others who may have also gone the wrong vaccine that day. make sure you get second. >> shot a supposed to get not get them mixed because you never know someone else could react differently than i did. melanie townsend, fox 40 news. >> 6.40, is the time right now. and a lot of people may be wondering what do i do if i want to travel in my own kids because we're talking about covid shots. the little kids aren't vaccinated and you know, everybody's thinking about vacations may be flying. let's hear from a doctor about flying with unvaccinated kids. >> i think it's very safe for them to fly all and that's for following reasons. flights actually all just quite a bit of i worked with ventilation specialist who said there's better ventilation and a flight in many other states
6:41 am
because of that can say it was low masking is required on planes and will be quiet for a while and so your child will be knost. you will be asked because that's the people around will be masked well. >> okay. so if you do decide to get on a plane with the kids. what else can you do. the doctor says definitely turned the vents on over your heads. >> because then, you know, you get all that air blowing away and make sure that the family is sitting together. they say it's because you're supposed to say in your bubble, i say it's because i don't want to travel your kids, kicking my seat. i all right. >> 6.41 is the time right now. and coming up with the couple morning news. we've got lots ahead. >> despite concerns from neighbors santa clara county officials are pushing ahead with a new temporary homeless shelter. we'll have that. plus disneyland officially opening back up today and it's for
6:42 am
californians only what you need to know before you go. plus a bay area native drafted by the steelers and he's already giving back to his community in the east bay. we'll show you where he was partying and what he did. >> ahead. we are looking at a little bit of sunshine, little bit of cloud cover, quite the mix actually right here at sfo where you can see san bruno mountain kind of shrouded in that low grade this morning. more and more clear skies by the finish of the day. and we're back to the 70's and a few low 80's. i've got your forecast ahead. >> and as you hit the road this friday morning. i'm tracking in accident along one o one in san jose. that's slowing things down there. a lot of look at your drive times across the bridges will have more on that coming up after the break.
6:43 am
6:44 am
6:45 am
>> 6.45 we have new deo of people go to disneyland. go. >> this was 4 o'clock this morning. yeah, these people are rushing in to disney and they're still waiting right now >> yeah, because normally the park doesn't officially open until about 8 o'clock in the morning. so they're rushing to get into the queue so they can get into the park first. so though he still they i disease been close for morning year. yes, that they will cut their kids up them and they will their kids up at to look 2. '03 this morning in cost. cost him. come on will sleep in the line. and now they're still sleeping. dark
6:46 am
>> stroller. you can do that. you just pop them in the stro. they're sleeping and then good. and then they wake up in disneyland. but see, this is all that pent up we're talking about people are so eager to feel. >> something positive after this pandemic has really got us all shut in our home. i love the cards. right. i love the i >> but it's only breaking. did you notice every time and then i was talking alive for like 2 hours, but i'm not complaining no need for hours and it 7. don't forget the one thing they've got that i didn't experience it isn't as they got reduced capacity. so there's a lot less people that you have. this is past to one into the other. think about that. the lines won't be that long because is it 35% think, so when they get in there after waiting all this morning. >> it's going to be awesome. experience. lucky them, lucky them and only california has for the first foreseeable future. i think for at least a mother's. yeah, we're until
6:47 am
more more. the vaccine gets out there. so enjoy it while the getting is good apparently, i would have done it now. i i love dizzy and i tell you what, i got up out of what would i really would have yes, man. well, time, john over here or anything parking around 10 you would it. i would have obviously i would rather be here. >> i want to wait in line hold that's true. even if the lines are very long. but hey, it. most of those people been waiting forever. i know that all are big disney fans have been waiting well over a year and i think it's been over 400 days since disney's been closed down. so i do understand the excitement and the weather this weekend for opening up of disney is looking really good. we are going to be looking at some sunshine out there even though we're starting our morning with a little bit of cloud cover across the bay right now timber on you're one of our spots sitting under the sun. but you can see the low grade. they're in the distance golden gate bridge has actually been fined visibility wise. just a little gray, right. overhead.
6:48 am
we are looking at clearing skies into the afternoon. high pressure is really waning now and that's going to have less of an influence on the weekend. what does this mean for us. we'll touch of a cool down and an increase in our sea breeze. in fact, winds will pick up noticeably later on today. this is going to set us up for a pretty breezy saturday and sunday tomorrow. so maybe got plans to go to golden gate park or lake. mary, if you are doing so just playing on that wind. that will be picking up from time to time as you do. enjoy your saturday and sunday. as for temperatures today still comfortable 60's near the coast in san francisco in half moon bay 70's for hayward fremont san jose in redwood city. well, we're still holding on to 80's inland like in napa, antioch, livermore concord and morgan hill tomorrow's temperatures will be a bit cooler and a little bit windier as far as conditions go saturday and sunday are the coolest of our forecast is look, we're after that right back up into the 80's inland and even nearing 90 by wednesday with highs in the 70's solidly right along
6:49 am
the bay reyna. john, thank you for that. so we've been watching this accident down here in san jose. one. oh, one northbound at keller avenue. again, they just open up the lanes there. we saw it was slowing things down along one. oh, one and now we're back in the green. 31 minutes as you drive towards menlo park. >> that is the city this morning to the fremont street exit a little under 12 minutes for you to make that drive. once you hit the may's the air. and again about tracking any major hot spots on the roadways this morning. heading across towards the peninsula, although there is a high wind advisory for the san mateo bridge. it will take you a little under 40 minutes to make that tracked. the richmond sandra fell starting to pick up. we're at 7 minutes. go a little slower now at 9 for you here and also going to look at things along 8.80, northbound. 80 as you're heading towards san leandro to oakland 11 minutes drive time. we'll have more on that coming up. but for now darya. back to you. thanks a lot. 6.49 homelessness, always a problem and growing here in california. several mayors in air now coming together. >> asking the governor to step in. they want state
6:50 am
legislators to work on and pass a proposal that would set aside 20 billion dollars over 5 years to prevent homelessness. >> the is that not one city can do this along not want to fully address this problem because it's clearly a state wide crisis. we all need more resources to truly faces challenge that we all know what the proven strategies are. our issue is scaling them. and so this is not a new state program. it is investing in evidence-based strategies to prevent. >> and end homelessness. >> the money would be paid out over 5 years. it would be the biggest allocation of funds. dedicated to fighting homelessness in the entire country reached out to the governor's office. we are at this time. his office says that the governor is reviewing the many proposals that are out there. that's as far as
6:51 am
they'll go. >> meanwhile, in santa clara county officials are moving forward with a new temporary shelter for people experiencing homelessness. it will be located in the willow glen neighborhood in san jose and there will be counselors and case managers on site to help them city leaders are happy with the development saying that they're trying to set people up for success. >> counties and its partners have been very aggressive on developing supportive housing new apartments for people who are homeless and complement of property management staff. it's going to be staffed. 24 hours a day and we're going to have a pretty robust complement support services. >> county leaders have a 20 year lease right now on the building with an option to renew. so they have a long-term plan they say to use it as a temporary shelter. we'll be right back.
6:52 am
6:53 am
6:54 am
>> 6.54 right now. and in the east bay, we've got to draft these whose lives have changed alijah vera-tucker and alabama's naji harris. >> are on their way to the nfl yet both from the east and how you can see the party they
6:55 am
celebrating. this was emory vil. before that, though, he was actually out in the community center. the group community shelter in richmond where he actually lived for several years as a child. he says he was. there's parents for older siblings, all in a small room in that shelter back in 2010 while they were struggling with homelessness. he says despite what it sounds like. he actually has a lot of fun memories of that place. he wanted to do something to give back to some of the kids that are there today. here's naji harris. >> doing makes makes me and my family feel a lot giving appreciation everything. a subject specially in the bear. shed light the more that we are together, the more everything we can. we can make everything happen, especially in the so, you know, i mean, moving up and other i'm getting, you know more attention you know, more cameras that this test is better. it's good because you know, shed more light on the situations. >> so maybe, know, naji from the east or he played for
6:56 am
antioch high. so he was there. i mean, he's he's i'm the guy has had quite a life and jews or talk about it. that's like straight out of moving. it is just a day after a state that positive yes is that, you know that much struggle as a in those formative years when you're a kid. yeah. to come out on top like this and be selected the first rights. i cannot i cannot wait for yeah. wait for the in the buzzer to talk about the the oakland native who was. >> drafted and we've got naji and then we've got niners have their new picks. a lot of and we'll do all that coming up here in just a bit. at 6.56, though. we'll take a brief break when we come back, though, we'll talk more about. >> who the forty-niners pick at number 3 who the team is going to be welcoming to the bay area as its new addition to the quarterback room. we'll have a live report from levi stadium. plus, travis air force base is loading up playing with a bunch of covid-19 supplies all headed to india where they're dealing with a crisis right now. we'll have more on that in minute. and a car crashed into a home
6:57 am
in san jose a live report on what played out here. we'll be right back. when that car hit my motorcycle, insurance wasn't fair. so i called the barnes firm, it was the best call i could've made. call the barnes firm now, and find out what your case could be worth. ♪ call one eight hundred, eight million ♪
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i embrace getting older. i'm so much more confident now. but i don't love that as i age, i could develop gum issues. new colgate renewal reverses early gum damage, for a beautiful, revitalized smile. i can't wait to see what comes next! reverse early gum damage with new colgate renewal. ♪ reynolds wrap makes this whole cooking and cleanup thing so easy. it speeds up this... so i can get to them. easy prep, cook and clean with reynolds wrap. >> from the area's local news station. you're watching the
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kron 4 morning news at 7. >> friday to you arya and i'm james. we've got some pretty nice conditions setting us off this morning. it's not near as cloudy as it was yesterday. looks like the sun is already a i would say sell on this last day of april what are we in for john. we are in for pretty much everything else we set the stage for more sunshine. some more mild temperatures and some winds picking up later today no rainfall. that's kind of been the trend of the entire month. and that's the way we're going to be ending it today. >> little bit of cloud cover this morning. but skies will clear out later on in the day. we're going to be looking at a nice start to the weekend looking outside at our camera in san francisco. you can see some of that cloud cover that is sitting right above the bay visibility has been fined, though conditions nice and dry. now we will be looking at wind speeds picking up, espeiially later today. it is already breezy at the coast this morning. but winds will spread further inland by the close of the day and tomorrow and sunday. we're going to keep those winds in play for the rest of the weekend. 40's and 50's


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