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tv   KRON 4 News at 5am  KRON  April 30, 2021 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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feels like the year just started, but it kind of we are working our way in today, which is honestly going to feel a lot like april has weatherwise mother nature's that really getting the note that was so touching out months because it's going to be very similar. a holding pattern of dry. >> and warm weather as we move into the weekend. you look outside right now a little bit of cloud cover sitting right above the coastline. this cloud cover is actually helping us out in some areas. it's up to moderate temperatures overnight. and it's also help to prevent any inland fog from forming. so visibility is holding up pretty strong for most areas. we do have a light sea breeze this morning. winds generally pick up later in the day today. it's going to set us up for really windy day tomorrow for your saturday 40's and 50's for current temperatures. i'm not really looking at any 30's on the map right now. although santa rosa, you're the closest spot right at 40 degrees. san mateo oakland alameda hayward in livermore looking nice currently sitting in the low 50's of more on
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your forecast. still to come. first of all, got to get that check of traffic with rain. harvey's standing by right now. still a little bit early in early risers tend to have a better time right. does look like we have an issue that yeah, we the first so far the commute looks great. however, we do have. >> an accident. we have a couple of stalled vehicles on bridges. so because it's so early. hopefully things will be able to recover as you're traveling. this is right out here in crockett as you can really get on to the carquinez bridge east limon a street. looks like there's a crash. the air doesn't look like it's causing any delays, though, along highway 4. we're going to keep a close eye on that. also heading into the city early this morning. a little under 8 minutes for you to make your drive to fremont street exit. once you hit the may's. also looking at a stalled vehicle. 80 eastbound. so again, that's an issue. look at the san mateo bridge money to westbound. there is a stalled vehicle on this bridge, not causing any major delays as a result of that. 12 minutes for your drive time. there. we begin with a look at the richmond. sandra fell commute as you head into richmond a little under 8 minutes there's one more on
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that. for now, daryn, send it over to you. all right. thanks, ray. it's 5. oh, one in the east bay chp is investigating a shooting that happened on highway 4 in pittsburgh. happened on the eastbound side just off railroad avenue. the off-ramp there about 9 o'clock or so last night. >> man was shot apparently in the neck that caused him to crash into a big reagan. >> that's the video you see here from the scene. you can see the victim's car smashed up against that truck. >> we're told the victim was taken to the hospital and is recovering. investigators say the shooting apparently was not random. police still haven't released any information on the shooter. what connection they may have had to keep you updated as we learn more now let's go to the south bay where we have breaking news. one man was injured in a shooting there. it happened in san jose on east broke all road. >> around 11 o'clock last night. the victim does have life threatening injuries and police have said nothing about a shooter in that case. >> also breaking overnight a san jose family jolted out of bed when a car slammed through their home. yeah. now police are looking for the driver who
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currently randolph kron four's camila barco is in san jose. >> with more. it's amazing that somebody survive that accident to take off on foot. >> that's right. james, good morning, sense that accident. the homeowners have boarded up a portion of the home. little dark out here. some move out of the ways you can get a better picture asked to what i am looking at. right in this up. pieces of the garage door. if you can see on your left hand side of the screen are piled up on the side of the home. and this is where investigators say a driver crashed into before fleeing the scene. now let's take a look at what what this was like around midnight. this is on willow street in san jose. just about a five-minute drive from the san jose city college san jose. police say a driver hit the home and left the power shut off or at least a dozen homes in the area and witnesses say they heard a loud bang. they stepped outside and noticed a car in front of a lawn with no one
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inside the vehicle. the homeowner. he didn't want to show her face on camera describes the moment when the car crashed into the home. >> we were sleeping and we're open about a quarter to one allowed. they should roll house and. came out to food. what was happening and there's a car in our front room. >> now the homeowner says she is upset about the incident. they had just built this home about a year ago. now we contacted san jose police to get more information as to what happened last night. we're still waiting to hear back from live in san jose. kron 4 news all right. at least at least they're okay. but what a way to wake up. >> also in the south bay for the second time this month. a pedestrian in san jose. >> was killed died in an accident and the driver left the scene. this was wednesday night. a woman was crossing the street, not inside the
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cross walk and she was struck and killed. it was just north of kirchner avenue. on april. first there was another woman and she was walking at that same intersection as she was struck and killed. she was in her wheelchair and in the cross walk in that accident happened. now, there are even more concerns about the safety of that area. >> even though this walk it you. they are still go by and you got to walk the walk for them. safe to go by. you've got to watch for yourself. >> it is a busy street and there flyers out, including you can see right here. >> a photo of the victim and the white mercedes, that they're looking for its similar to this is the car being looked for by police. not that exact vehicle just the model. 5. '05. and right now police are looking for a shooter who killed someone
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injured 2 others in san francisco and got away. this was last night near market mason streets, a block from the westfield shopping center that the shooting happen. one person died. the other 2 are in the hospital and their injured. we don't know their conditions at this time. nobody has been arrested. >> in the east bay. the president of china town's chamber of commerce in oakland is the latest victim now an attack against the asian community. karl chan tells us that he was right across from chinatown yesterday when a man came up from behind and hit him in the head. chan says the attacker then walked away. he was able to take pictures, which then led to the attackers arrest. the attacker's name not yet been made public but chan scraped his hands apparently his knees when he fell to the ground, he has been one of the most visible and outspoken advocates for the asian american community following the recent surge of attacks that we've seen. he says he was on his way to visit another victim when he was attacked. in san francisco. a
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community group wants to install cameras in the castro neighborhood to help prevent crime. but the proposals receiving a little bit of pushback. several other lgbtq groups in the city are raising privacy concerns. they say camera footage could be used for the wrong reasons. by police and that's their worry. the group is in favor of the group that's in favor of them says the cameras wouldn't be controlled by the san francisco police department. but instead by the community such cameras already exist. we understand the tenderloin and in the union square neighborhoods. >> with the 3rd pick. in the 2021 nfl draft. the san francisco forty-niners select trey lance. >> and there is the face of the future for the forty-niners. after months of speculation. >> now we know yes, brought to tears when he found out it was going to bring home part of a
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niner nation. fans also excited about the young talent taking over the offense. we've got kron. four's will tran said by live outside levi stadium. where will 24 hours later and now we know. good morning. >> we do know and kyle shanahan and john lynch. they said they've always known, but they did not want to correct anybody else who said they might have drafted. mac jones or justin fields. they saw all the comments and just kept quiet because they didn't want to tip their hand. now we do know it's the trade area because trey lance is coming to san francisco. the bay area to lead that the forty-niners hopefully back to glory. let me show you that video once again, this is once in a lifetime, right. you only walk to the podium once in your life to greet roger goodell. and by the way, really quickly, they have to make that uniform really quickly in the back to russia tout. so those are the miracle workers. they get handed the jersey roger goodell. they turn to the camera and then they hold
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it up. not sure what number he will where he wore number 5 in college. but for this morning he is number one in the hearts of niner nation. as you talked about james because he is. just the best prospect according to my mike shanahan skews kyle shanahan mike shannon says dad, kyle shanahan that he has the best upside of any quarterback in the draft. let me show you some video of him in college. he only played one season in college, but he dazzled the world 28 touchdowns with his arms. 14 touchdowns with his legs. and because of that, they thought he was just too good to pass up. here's trey lance talking about being a 40 niner. >> when the storm sunday in their learning as much as i possibly can. you know, getting to know jimmy and the guys in the and learning didn't know becoming close with him. and like i said, just learning as much as i can. and at that point obviously are competing.
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>> okay. sorry, i know you want to get to this. let's talk about jimmy g. there were rumors that jimmy g probably would have been traded on draft night. he was not traded and jimmy g he was home wherever home is for him. could be the bay area could be in illinois where he's from and he saw all the other teams draft quarterback. so if you are huge jimmy g fan this morning. there's a good chance that he could be coming back to the niners because there are no landing spots for him. even coach shanahan he apologize or memory said i'm not even sure if we'll be alive on sunday, he said that he called up right after that and said i'm so sorry for that. it was not meant to be abrasive. you are welcome to be with the team you can compete. but i just didn't want to put my hand well, i was going to do as far as you're concerned. so. you know, lots going on the niners them as a play young and the restless soap opera music because it was a lot of so proper. not to mention right before the draft. they call the packers. he asked about
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aaron rodgers. yeah. then got that whole drama is going to still play out because a package like no, no, we're keeping on the and rogers is saying. >> no, no, i'm leaving understand the words that are coming out of my i do not want to come back. >> you know what? >> there was talk about. the niners, possibly even trading the number 3 pick to get aaron rodgers. so, yes, i mean, just play this out work with me and that, yes, trey lance's with the niners. but let's just say the packers said member, you called me. let's revisit that. who knows what will lynch says you miss 100% of the shots. you don't take so if they call the niners. aaron rodgers. well, i that's why they said they didn't want to announce at all what they were thinking because you never know what may play out and there you are on draft day. >> and there was a big, you monkey wrench thrown in that they could have capitalized on. i'm going to give you one more thought to ponder as we go. well. >> aaron rodgers with the
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raiders saying think about it. >> he said the raiders and the broncos as well. so he's not coming back to cheese had yeah. and it could work out raiders. all right. thanks wealthy this soap opera is not over 5.11. still ahead on the kron 4 morning news drug conditions felt all around the bay. we keep telling you that the reservoirs are low. we keep telling me about that. yeah. well, what are we doing, though, to get through this water emergency. that's what we've got coming up. >> and president biden and vice president harris on the road pushing their 2 trillion-dollar infrastructure plan. a live report from dc.
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>> 5.14 in the east bay a fast-moving brushfire dangerously close to homes and then finally crews got it under control. see some of the security video here. this is a front doorbell camera caught. >> the fire burning in pittsburgh. and you can see people in the 4 graham spring down. their house is trying to keep any embers away. we've got kron four's, gayle ong with more on what happened. >> the fire burned just under 2 acres, 3 sheds were lost but no homes were destroyed and there were no reported injuries. the fire started before 04:00pm thursday in the area along kercher pass road near nor in ville road in pittsburgh. the moment caught on martin maldonado's home security camera me and my wife are watching tv here. >> and then we heard it and then i came running out and
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the fire was just it was just cracked. a was moving quick. >> to host his property down as the flames grew. we arrived on scene. we had numerous structures threatened on. >> hillview and pheasant apartment we deployed our resources to protect structures and extinguish the fire on a circle. >> people living up the hill stunned. it was just. i can't explain it was just the wind up the hi l, the huge flames. it was just terrifying. you know, because you you fear it's going to come start flying toward your home. >> i was just scared that one day this would happen here we are that we've had to have these fires. >> so it's a little unsettling is scary. firefighters stopped the spread quickly back downhill. maldonado says the fire kicked up when the winds were at its first. it was just blowing through here like. >> i see, like almost like a little tornado. the wind like a wind tunnel coming through his neighbor, vanna borgo rushed home from work. i was just worried about my daughter
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in my animals in that getting everybody to safety contra, costa county firefighters have been responding to brush fire since march drought. conditions are not helping fuel is now getting drier. >> as the season gets along. but this is an early to our fire season. >> firefighters say it is a good reminder to be prepared ahead of peak fire season have defensible space around your property have a go bag and an escape route. the cause of the fire is under investigation in walnut creek. gayle ong kron 4 news. >> yeah. reminder in this kind of thing when you're those fires, when it's drought when there are earthquakes. that's what people yeah, going to do what i can. i've notice to the hills at least out in my part of the bay area are starting to lose their green and start to get more and more golden as we like to call it here in california. but it is sunny and nice out. john. is. i know
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it's like okay. got a few more nice days as far as weather goes. but. >> these few next few working our way into mayor just going to be just as dry as we have been. >> that means more and more dry conditions out there and we all know what that eventually adds up to. you as we work our way later on in the year, which is that increase fire danger already seen some of these fires the west coast in general as we start to dry out a little bit sooner than we usually do. you look outside at the east bay right now some low cloud cover sitting above the bay. we're not talking much fog this morning. some visibility. good to go high pressure. not as dominating a force in this forecast as what we had been seeing the past few days. we're starting to see the high pressure easing to the south and some cooler air slipping in towards the weekend. you'll notice an uptick in wind speeds tonight and tomorrow is going to be an especially windy day for your saturday saturday from start to finish to expect a breeze, especially near the coast and in the north bay as far as daytime highs go today, we're going to be in the 60's near the
5:19 am
coastline 70's for most of our bayshore cities and still a few 80's inland not as warm of a range of numbers is yesterday, though antioch, one of our warmer spots 85 while hayward fremont and san jose in the 70's oakland and san francisco. only the 60's today tomorrow's temperatures will be a little bit cooler. we're still going to be mild. but our inland areas are stuck to be as warm as they were today. we'll go right to the 7 day forecast. as i mentioned tomorrow and sunday are going to be on the windy your side of things. so anticipate that is maybe a plan a day out in the park. you know, just want to be a hole down that that picnic blanket of years. as for monday, tuesday and wednesday of next week, week waste, no time warming back up, as you can see, there is no chance of rain anywhere in sight in this forecast. reyna john, thank you for that. so we do have a problem spot. we have a first traffic collision popping up. >> 80 eastbound at pomona street. this is out in crockett as soon as we get ready to get on the bridge. the air doesn't look like that accident is causing too much of a delay. but if it stays
5:20 am
there longer throughout the morning as that goes on, you could see more traffic starting to build heading into the city right now. little under 8 minutes as soon as you reach the maze heading to that fremont street exit for you. there. there is a high wind advisory that just issue for the san mateo bridge. so it's pretty gusty. we've already seen a stalled vehicle. the air on the bridge this morning. that's been moved again. windy conditions across that bridge. the richmond sandra fell commute. as you head out of richmond, a little under 8 minutes heading down south looking at one. oh, one as well as to 80 27 minutes to make it to menlo park. we'll have more on that next. star ian james, back to you. thanks, reyna. all right. so national headlines this morning to find new administration hitting the road again today to sell that infrastructure plan to the american people. president biden is going to be in philadelphia and vice president harris will be in cincinnati dc correspondent jessi turnure standing by live in washington with the latest. >> on the negotiations, jesse and where they stand this morning. good morning.
5:21 am
>> the president gave vice president harris a new assignment during his address to congress this week to really lead the effort to push through this plan. but senate republicans are already making it clear that their former colleague definitely has a lot of work to do and finding common ground. >> the biggest jobs plan in this country since world war 2 american jobs plan will put america to work. president joe biden and vice president kamala harris will continue their pitch today for the 2 trillion-dollar infrastructure plan infrastructures and just steel and concrete its people. the package would invest in roads pipes and high speed internet. we connect americans to economic opportunity but also fund better benefits for caregivers and measures to combat climate change. we can do what we need to do is saving the planet and yet create millions of good-paying jobs. but republicans in congress like senators tommy tuberville and bill cassidy still aren't sold on the expansive and expensive plan
5:22 am
and making corporations foot. the bill needs to be roads and bridges and not a lot of things. he's talking about a lot of what they're throwing up. there's not fiscally sound. the gop counter plan would focus on more traditional infrastructure projects and pay for them with user fees on electric vehicles. unspent federal funds and possible contributions from state and local governments. but president biden has called a scaled down package, a no-go. they need the come talk to us and we'll see how much they will actually listen. as those conversations continue. the senate overwhelmingly approved a bipartisan water resources bill yesterday. >> and democrats are hoping that can really serve as a template for building consensus moving forward around this broader infrastructure plan live in washington. i'm jessi tenure. thanks, jesse. >> we'll take a break here at 5.22. but coming up on the kron 4 morning news from specialize firearms to battering rams. the berkeley police department. now, the first in the nation to regulate the use of
5:23 am
militarized equipment. more on that in just a minute.
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>> we're back at 5.25 in the north bay nearly 98% of california on well, in some stuff of drought stage. this is a look from quadcopter for which we had over phoenix lake up and ran county. and you can see the water level is depressingly low. the reservoir is one of 7 in marin
5:26 am
county. that provides drinking water for residents and for the first time in 50 years. the marine municipal water district is siphoning water from the reservoir to try and shore up other shrinking supplies. the water levels are forcing the water put an immediate water conservation plan into place, stricter measures will be considered come next week. so stay tuned for that. >> the east bay mud is now calling for you to cut back on your water by 10% because of the drought situation being declared there this week. >> this could be one year ago, one year drought. it could be one year of a five-year drought. whatever the case is, we're doing the appropriate thing now and our customers taking and will take. we hope the appropriate steps. >> one thing that they are doing differently payment than they used to buy extra water. now instead of waiting and that will keep the cost down. in san francisco. the public utilities commission asking
5:27 am
also for you to cut back and that's whether you're an irrigation customer or anybody else and business or anything. you have to cut use also by 10%. this is across the board thing. the commission says reservoirs in san francisco that they use or 76% full, which is slightly lower than the normal average of 81% this time of year. they are offering free on site irrigation checkups and landscape evaluations. and there's a program that notifies customers of potential plumbing leaks to couple things that you can do. it to help cut and reduce your water fix the plumbing. >> coronavirus cases continue to surge out of control. in india. and that's why this morning the u.s. is sending another shipment of medical supplies right here from travis air force base. we're live with the details coming live with the details coming up. after my car accident, live with the details coming up. i wondered what my case was worth. so i called the barnes firm. when that car hit my motorcycle, insurance wasn't fair. so i called the barnes firm.
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>> right now and we're checking out the weather on the last day of april it will i wish done more for me. let's put it that way in terms of the it's i was like, what do you mean what have you done about in april. i've just been and it fell short didn't. well, i mean, we could use more rain is april just kind of hung out with some sunshine for us. i think a lot of people did enjoy the sunshine
5:31 am
aspect of this month. april did not bring california what it needed, though. >> we were talking about march. so hopefully we get the rainfall. and then april came. we get the rainfall. neither months really came through for us. actually that's why we're in the situation. we are with increasing drought and decreasing reservoir levels. at least we have seen sunny skies, though. there's your plus to it. you look outside this morning at san francisco does show some low cloud cover sitting over head. we're not really talking fog this morning, though, as this blanket of cloud cover is sitting solidly above the bay area. winds relatively calm to start but do pick up later on today. setting us up for a breezy day tomorrow and temperatures. right now we're in the 40's and 50's with oakland and alameda each at 52 degrees. some of our warmer spots include areas like pittsburgh dublin, hayward even hanging out in the mid to upper 50's right now. reyna. >> you are hitting the roads on this friday morning. pretty light. for the most part. hopefully we stay this way, heading into the city right now to the fremont street exit from the maze will take you a
5:32 am
little under 9 minutes to do that. no major delays here. we do, however, have a high wind advisory along the san mateo bridge. so you want to take your time. we've already seen some stalled vehicles along the bridge early this morning. 12 minutes to head across towards the peninsula. looking at the richmond, sandra fell commute is that starts to slowly but surely pick up a little under 8 minutes and we still have that accident right here in crockett as you're getting all the bridge it's 80 eastbound at pomona street, a traffic collision. they're still not seeing any major delays. also along highway 4. so things are looking great out there. we'll have more coming up next. our ian james. we'll send it over to you. thanks. right now. >> so 5.32 is the time. and for the first time we're hearing the 911. calls now made before mario gonzalez died while in alameda police custody in the recording. you can hear 2 different men. they are calling to report what's going on with gonzales. in my front garden talking to himself. no mask. and i went
5:33 am
out there and the dog to bark at them and dog in towards these are not making any he's doing anything wrong. scare in my any weapons on him. now he has become a local you've been pushing into air. the it does appear to be an effort count. might be kind of has been what kind of loitering around there for probably half an hour down. >> so, you know, you're the callers saying that he wasn't alarmed. he wasn't. he just threatening wanted the police to check it out. yeah. and now we're also hearing from gonzalez family. they say the officer. >> officers that got involved had no right to detain mario. and according to their attorney, the officer should face criminal charges from forcefully to call has the story. >> mario gonzalez's family says his death was murder and that the alameda police officers involved in is in custody. death last week should face criminal charges.
5:34 am
but their civil rights attorney michael had dad says it's important all facts are noon before he can definitively say mario was killed intentionally. i'm a lawyer so i can just toss that word murder around easily. i know it's a term of art, right. and so there is some investigation going on. dad says, though, that he is convinced the officers share responsibility for mario's passing whether voluntary manslaughter involuntary manslaughter. something higher. >> i it's not really for me to say. but i do think there should be some criminal consequences. in addition to the civil consequences as dad explores a civil suit against the officers. he pushes back at the attorney representing them who claims the officers worked hard to calmly end their encounter with mario peacefully. >> a dad says the body camera video released shows a different story when the officers responded to 911. calls april 19th reporting a possibly intoxicated man loitering in a park on oak
5:35 am
street and that he was possibly involved in a theft. there is no reason to touching it all and officer mckinley spent. >> a few minutes talking to him. during which time he found out that mario was harmless friendly. and by his own business. and so the officer should have gone to the the household that made the call and told them we've checked into the matter. you don't have anything to be afraid of and the man is not breaking any laws and just not instead, mario was wrestled to the ground and suffered what police call a medical emergency as the officers applied pressure to his back. >> well, the officers remain on paid administrative leave pending the outcome of the investigations into mario's death. his family is preparing pfuneral arrangements, phillip djegal all kron 4 years. >> 5.35 and today travis air force base is loading up planes with covid relief supplies for india. yeah. we talked yesterday about how they're going to be helping out and getting the supplies there. india, as we know, is
5:36 am
experiencing one of the world's worst outbreaks right now of coronavirus. we're talking about hundreds of thousands being infected every single day. yeah. so the crazy thing is this morning the u.s. state department is urging americans. the highest travel alert ever saying get out of india if you can meantime, we are sending planes in to help kron 4, sarah stinson in sullivan county with the details. >> sorry, james is exactly right. this morning. we're going to be sending nother plane to india with more medical supplies and aid and that's going to be taking off at 7.30. we will be here to show you that. but as you were saying india, think about these numbers. they are staggering 18 million cases right now. coronavirus and there has been over 208, 1000 deaths of the coronavirus. this is a second wave india is dealing with. take a look at video, you can see. soldiers loading up a plane that took off from travis air force base back on wednesday and that is
5:37 am
what we're going to be seeing this morning as well. some of the supplies being donated include hundreds of oxygen cylinders with regulators over 100,000 n 95 mask. >> and nearly a million covid rapid test kits. the u.s. is also sending critical ppe equipment for doctors and nurses who are on the front lines. we need to keep those people safe so they can save more people. the biden administration had says they've been consulting on stop with the indian government to see how we can help with the catastrophic situation over there. cases continue to surge. and now in the u.s. healthcare system is collapsing before our eyes. so we're on base to show you exactly what is happening this morning. the u.s. has decided to really step up and help india in this time of crisis because it's out of control. there. and as you know, i'm with the second wave. that's unbelievable. with 200,000 plus deaths. they think that's a number that's going to continue to increase because
5:38 am
we don't even know. >> how bad it truly is over there. so continue to join us this morning. we're going to get on base. i think in about an hour. for now. we'll send it back to you in the studio. >> all right. thanks a lot, carol. check in with you later. >> let's jump over to the east bay now where there's a new covid vaccine clinic in concord. it's a drop in vaccination sites. you don't have to make an appointment. you just show up and stand in line for your shot. the site is located along monument boulevard. the corridor there at 1034 oak grove road. that's 1034 oak grove road. >> it's open from 8 in the morning call 3 in the afternoon today and tomorrow and it will also be open next week starting on tuesday the vaccine site is hoping to give out 500 doses per day. now, according to contra, costa health services, 53% of concord residents have received at least one shot. >> time now is 5.38. and still ahead on the kron 00:00am morning news what tomorrow is may first, which means summer is around the corner and maybe you're going to go somewhere.
5:39 am
we're going to talk about how safe it is to fly with your unvaccinated children ahead. and a bay area native is drafted by the steelers and he's already giving back to his community in the east bay. plus disneyland officially opens today ticket holders will tell you what you need to know before you can go.
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>> 5.41. is the time and happening today disneyland in california are and california adventure. they're both ready for their magical returned. both theme parks reopening to the public today after a yearlong pandemic-related closure. you see how empty it is here that's going to be changing capacity. yes, will be limited at first visitors will have to make a reservation. of course, guests can download the disneyland app for any sort of dining any of the other features too. they could try and limit the number people who can just walk up. so basically you can't more than 45 rides and attractions will fully open, but others like the monorail and parades. those returned later the not going to do that quite yet. but at least a partial reopening of disneyland. we'll take a break here. 5.42. we'll be right back.
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oh man... let's get you to this moment. is that it? yep, that's it. of relief... [joyfully laughs] protection...
5:45 am
i just got vaccinated- i just got vaccinated! noah just got vaccinated... hope... so that we can get to all the other moments. let's get you to the exhale you didn't know you were waiting for. let's get it... together. so we can be together. let's get to immunity. now's your moment to get vaccinated. >> 5.45 right now state lawmakers are putting forth a multi-billion dollar plan to address california's drought democrats in the state senate proposed a 3.4 billion dollar relief package, which clears senate subcommittee on the natural resources and that money would pay for things like bringing in drinking water for small communities and encouraging farmers and homeowners to use less water. the package would be funded by state and federal money. however, lawmakers say there is still more work yet to be
5:46 am
done. >> using opportunity to get a seat in the ground and stabilize the soil as well as taking the time. >> the package now heads to the senate is full budget committee for approval videos of those solo at least feel like i'm looking at the moon for some reason. yeah. i don't know. it looks like a great area landscape. we're not use. yeah. levels that low. it's kind of yeah. it's disconcerting for sure. we've got john in the weather center, keeping an eye here as we wrap up this final day of april put that month behind us. and unfortunately we just. >> we get the amount of rain we're hoping we're hoping april might safe, which is why james said he was very disappointed with april. you could have done and i we were starting april. all 3 of us were like maybe this is hope rain now have no one talk about me like that. unfortunately at this point. >> it's just preparing for lack of water. and of course, the potential of a bad fire season to the setup that we oftentimes do see leading into
5:47 am
the summer season that leads to bad fires. you can see outside this morning. we are looking at conditions that are a little on the cloudy side. that's about all the moisture we've tapped into this month is the occasional fog and cloud cover. that is certainly the case this morning too, from suture tower here above the low cloudy later. that is for the most part sitting right above the bay. some visibilities actually been. all right. we are going to stay dry for yet another day today. high pressure is in place but its influence is weakening. we do have a dip in the jet stream that is at least trying to nudge out this high-pressure ridge. it's not going to be enough to bring any storm tracks or direction but will result in a decrease in temperature and an uptick in wind speeds towards the weekend. so we're starting the day relatively calm winds pick up later on today and stay windy throughout the day on saturday in fact and saturday and sunday both are looking like windy days. so if you've got a day planned out at the park maybe to enjoy more. that sunshine that we've gotten used to just plan on the breeze that we will be seeing
5:48 am
50's and 60's for san francisco's highs today. same right up and down any spot along the coastline. 60's for most of our bayshore cities. you head further south and we to tap into the 70's, though palo alto mountain view and the south bay still holding on to 70's today. yesterday, san jose, you were in the low 80's today 78 degrees. so just a few degrees cooler pleasanton dublin on up through walnut creek in danville, back down into the upper 70's. well, conquered 81 oakland and berkeley upper 60's for you. well 70's to 80's across the north bay until you head to the coastline. we'll find your 50's and 60's right up and down the shore, tomorrow's temperatures a little bit cooler. a full 10 degrees cooler than where we were yesterday for average highs. it also be windy come saturday and sunday which will make it feel just a little bit cooler yet by next week. it's right back to the mid to upper 80's. we go with wednesday looking like the hottest of the forecast. john, thank you for thap. things are still pretty quiet out there on the roads right now. >> like the bay bridge to get
5:49 am
to the maze heading to that fremont street exit a little under 10 minutes for your drive time this morning. there is us and there is a high wind advisory along the san mateo bridge for you today. 13 minutes for your drive. we've already seen stalled vehicles on this bridge earlier this morning might be due to the high winds there. so drive slow. the richmond sandra fell commute. as you head out of richmond starting to pick up a bit still to limit 7 minutes for you to drive. there and looking at one. oh, one as well. as 2 8029 minutes heading in the park. we'll have more throughout the morning before now. james, back to you. >> thank you very much. rain at 5.49 is the time city leaders in berkeley say that they're in. well, they're the first in the nation. now to track the use of what they call militarized equipment by the police department. now the ordinance will include things like specialized guns and projectile, launches and battering rams. police must now file a report every year that includes an inventory of its equipment and the circumstances under which was used. >> what is now standard. the
5:50 am
place is not standard to the public. these things really look, frightening. but you when there's a large group of officers like in a crowd control situations. this list. partly came out former president obama's list of equipment that was being acquired by departments from the military. it's been heavily vetted by police commission. >> the police equipment and community safety ordinance is the final piece of last summer. sweeping police reforms passed by the berkeley city council. >> the airline industry is still struggling to recover from the pandemic hit in the air. travel dropped off nearly 96% in 2020. and it's not picking up that much. but people are starting to fly. an sfo says that they're averaging now 21,000 passengers a day which is 30%. prepandemic. i don't know if that means 30 per hour anyway. it's a trickle at the oakland airport. they're seeing half the numbers that they normally would see and with summer just around the corner.
5:51 am
>> a lot of families are thinking should we fly? is it safe to travel with unvaccinated children. >> i think it's very easy for them to fly all and going to be since lights actually all just quite a bit of ventilation. i worked with ventilation specialist who said there's better ventilation and the flight in many other states because of that continue to slow masking is required on planes and will be quiet for a while and so your child will be knost. you will be because that's required up into the people around will be masked well. >> if you do decide to get on a plane with your kids. turn on the event over everybody's head. make sure that the family sits together so that you're all, you know, in a bubble because that's what they always recommend a matter where you are standing up. >> we will take a quick break.
5:52 am
here at 5.51. we'll be right back. get your spring on at ross. yes! with brand-name looks at prices that say it's on. yeah, it is! get this season's styles for you... ...and you... and you... with the best bargains ever... ross. yes for less!
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5:55 am
draft party in emeryville. >> before that, though, and those festivities he was well, he returned to group community shelter in richmond where he lived for several years as a child and here's video of him there harris, his parents, his 4 older siblings. they all lived in a small room at that shelter back in 2010 while they were struggling with homelessness and he said he has fond memories of that place. wanted to do something to give back. so he sponsored in nfl draft party for the kids living there today. >> doing makes makes me and my family feel a lot giving appreciation everything. is a subject especially in the bear. shed light the more that we are together, the more everything we can. we can make everything happen, especially in the so, you know, i mean, moving up and other i'm getting, you know, more attention. you know more cameras that that's that's the has better. it's good. you know, shed more light on the
5:56 am
situations. >> wow. wow. wow. and we were just talk about how the draft changes people's lives overnight. so there's one life. and here's another to the raiders with the 17th pick. they drafted offensive lineman. alex leatherwood and he played at alabama with. okay. yeah. what what a night for yes, so many young men. yeah. and their families and just life changing. you said naji. that's a movie where movie to to what he is now and what he's doing for to give. that is just all fantastic. a shout out to all those people who volunteer at those shelters, totally because of changed his life. yeah. >> yeah. amazing. really 5.56. is the time of in the next hour. >> the trade to the bay. that's our it comes to the forty-niners. the number 3 overall pick landed quarterback trey lance, we're going to reaction from the bay area coming up in a live report. >> and an investigation underway after a car crashed
5:57 am
into a home in san jose de, we'll tell you more about what the homeowners woke up to.
5:58 am
5:59 am
>> from the area's local news station. you're watching the kron 4 morning news at 6. >> thanks for waking up with us on a friday. i'm darya
6:00 am
folsom. and i'm james fletcher. we have a lot of fun stories today from lean. i making headlines too. unfortunately, the drought. that's not so much a fun story, but it's certainly going to be impacting all of yeah, that's kind of been lurking anyway, all month. let's just see how the month is ending now. weather wise job. yeah. the fun side of the drought is the sunshine that in the short term you get to enjoy. but in the back of your head. you're thinking about just how dry it is out there. that's for sure. >> looking outside this morning. we do have some cloud cover. we do eventually see increased sunshine into the afternoon. but starting this day with some pretty great conditions. actually a mostly cloudy start to the morning. you can see those low clouds pushing just below or center tower. cam center towers about the only thing that's actually rising right above that cloudy blanket in san francisco right now. cloud cover, sitting just above the base of visibility is okay for most areas. futurecast wind gusts does show an increase in wind speeds towards the finish of the day today. sets us up for it, especially breezy day tomorrow for your saturday. as for temperatures wer t


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