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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  April 29, 2021 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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time. >> from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 news heading and now dire drought conditions across the bay area for the first time in decades, water is being moved from a marine county reservoir. >> to shore off tracking supplies. we're live with the latest. >> new at a despite concerns from neighbors santa clara county officials pushing ahead with a new temporary homeless shelter. why leaders say the willow glen location makes the most sense. >> and the pick is in our kate rooney will be introducing us to the newest member of niners nation and what this election
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means for jimmy g. >> good evening, everyone. thank you for joining us for kron 4 news at 8. i'm catherine heenan in for pam moore. and i'm ken wayne, more and more regions around the bay area are declaring a drought due to our dry winter and almost 98% of california is in some stage of drought. and we have a look at the latest drought monitor map red. that means extreme drought and orange, which is moderate now covering most of the state. we begin tonight with a look at drought restrictions in the north bay mandatory measures already in place. there and now the water poured looking put even further limits on when people can use water. kron four's terisa stasio at the brand municipal water district on what may happen next. theresa. >> hi, ken and catherine, you know, the pictures really show the whole story. we went over to one of the reservoir. he got to see what we discovered.
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>> quad copter for showing this startling. look at phoenix lake in marine county. normally this resin for one of 7 vital for drinking water up to the green bushes but not now. now the marine municipal water district. so desperate it's siphoning water from the reservoir to shore up other shrinking supplies. reservoir storage levels are at about 50% and typically this time of year we see the levels that about 90% or better. >> so we are on track to become a drought of record jeanie building is the spokesperson for the water district. we've had 2 consecutive years, 2 consecutive dry years. last year was the second driest year in 90 years. >> levels already forcing the board to put immediate and mandatory water conservation orders into place. so there's several things that we're asking people to do not to wash their cars at home. don't power wash your homes or businesses. and you know, if you're going to water water by
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hand. it's really more efficient patients system. if you do water, it's always best to water in the morning or in evening. and now even stricter measures being considered next week. on tuesday our board will look at some irrigation restrictions so that we can save water even more. during the summer. we see our demand double and the majority of that is irrigation belding says for now they hope residents understand and take small steps to make a difference. if not fines, could be levied. >> that theresa reporting. looks like we lost her son there. but after the second driest year in 70 years. east bay mud declared a drought this week and called on customers to voluntarily cut
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back their water use by 10%. and if that sounds familiar, it should. in february of 2014 east bay mud also declared a drought uncalled for voluntary conservation that led to mandatory outdoor water restrictions in august of that year. and by april of 2015 it was 20% mandatory conservation in july of that year, there were tough penalties for violations and a 25% drop surcharge. so could the same restrictions reappear. >> we want to be in the best position we can be now so that things get worse in 2022 we can handle it. >> he spent much says that some things are no different from 2014 when the drug was declared this week. the projection was total storage by october. 1st would be less than what's needed. but back in 2014 that target was missed by much bigger margin. also
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east bay mud is buying surplus water now as opposed to waiting in that could help hold prices down. >> state lawmakers putting forward a multi-billion dollar plan to address drought issues. democrats in the state senate have proposed a 3.4 billion dollar relief package, which cleared a senate budget committee on natural resources. the money would pay for things such as trucking in drinking water for small communities and encouraging farmers and homeowners to use less water. it would be funded by state and federal money. the package now has to the full sentence or to the senate rather full budget committee for approval. >> well, in the span of a year. the drought monitor map has gone from lots of white and yellow to find more troubling colors and logos is here to walk us through all of these changes and they seem to be changing at least by the week, right. which is not good yet. change in the wrong direction. this was the state a year ago. you see all this white. that is good. no drought in southern california. however, when you look at del and siskiyou counties. you're starting to see that red color now move
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ahead to september of 2020. >> the yellow is considered abnormally dry 10 moderate drought orange severe and the brighter red is extreme. we're seeing more brighter red. fast forward again, january twenty-twenty. now almost all of the state is considered in some sort of drought. and you see this dark red that's exceptional drought moving in and last week's data even worse, the bright red here starting to take over the state. and today, according to this map you have nearly 98% of california in some form of drought and we'll zoom in here on the bay area. you see all of it is in the red with the exception of the southernmost portion of san mateo county. yeah. the peninsula, the coast. it does really everywhere is in a drought predicament. it's trending in the wrong direction. this map is updated once a week. you have to hope that things change. but as of right now it's not appearing that that has been the trend will keep you posted. there can
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catherine, now back to you. all right. grant, thank you. stay was calm for us. we continue to cover and monitor the drought conditions on website. we have a list of tips on how to start conserving conserving water right now. >> just head to kron 4 dot com. there is developing news out of san francisco. 3 people have been shot. you're looking at video from the citizen app. this happened just before 00:00am tonight at market and mason not too far from the westfield shopping center. police say 3 people were shot, one of them died. the other 2 victims are expected to survive. no one has been arrested. we'll have a live report coming up on kron 4 news at 9 new at 8 o'clock, santa clara county officials are moving forward with a new temporary shelter for people experiencing homelessness. despite concerns from some neighbors. it will be located in the willow glen neighborhood in san jose kron four's amanda hari explains the goals of the new facility and why officials picks this particular location. >> this building used to be a senior housing complex county
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leaders tell me they chose this space because it needed minimal improvements to be ready for people to move in. >> in mid-may. the counties and its partners have been very aggressive on developing. >> supportive housing new apartments for people who are homeless and disabled in just a few weeks. 1185 pedro street in san jose will be a temporary place for people experiencing homelessness to stay while they wait for permanent housing. >> the about 80 people will be moving in already have vouchers for long-term housing santa clara deputy county executive keely says they're trying to set people up for success. full complement of property management staff. >> it's going to be staffed. 24 hours a day and we're going to have a pretty bus complement support services will be counselors and case
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managers lee says they're trying to meet people's basic needs but san jose district 6 council member dev davis says neighbors aren't happy that the process has not included the community as much as it should have. >> and that's been a concern for for the neighbors. as you might imagine. i spoke to some concern neighbors off camera who say they just want to know more about what to expect in the coming weeks. >> county, south and city staff actually have a disagreement about about whether a conditional use permit. >> is required for this. a conditional permit would let the project move forward, but also require a public planning commission meetings. >> that would allow the community to be more involved right now. the project is going forward without the permit. residents are scheduled to start moving in in mid-may. i really want this project to be successful county leaders tell me they have a 20 year lease on this building with an option to renew they plan to use this as a temporary shelter for a long
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time in san jose. amanda hari kron 4 news. >> well, it is an nfl draft day with all eyes on the forty-niners who had the number 3 overall pick kron. 4 sports reporter kate rooney joins us now to tell us about their man. the man they picked. i'm not going to give the way the name people know by now, right, well, it's trey lance, of course you're going to have to get used to that name because you will be hearing it a lot. i'm working on. >> coming up with a good nickname, but it's got to be worthy of that. number 3, pick. and there's a lot to be excited about with lance. he won a national title with north dakota state in their division. his arm strength speed mobility and decision making are all elite. the biggest questions about lance about his accuracy. he completed 65% of his passes during the championship run and also his lack of experience. the bison only played one game last year thanks to covid. so lance has just one full college season under his belt. but he said he's ready to get to work. >> i'm sun giving their learning as much as i possibly can. you know, getting know
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jimmy and the guys in the and learning didn't know becoming close with him. and like i said, just learning as much i can. and at that point obviously are competing. >> so you heard him mention jimmy. it sounds like kyle shanahan alluded to this too. they want him to be around this fall. they want lands to kind of sit behind him and learn from him for a while. so that's an interesting development to get out of. will be interesting to watch how that plays out. very much so. awkward that might be could be could could be seeing a and that. thank you, kate. thanks. could. >> so many adult and a player that's native. i was very safe travel with my child. >> coming up, how safe is it to fly with your children since they are not vaccinated a local infectious disease expert has an answer. a really strange attack out of the south bay now being investigated as a hate crime. a pta worker. >> shot by an arrow. >> in my front talking to him. so.
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>> also we will hear part of the 911. call alameda police before mario gonzales died in police custody. >> and a beautiful evening outside the sunset around the bay area. and now we've got more clouds. it's a pretty sunset scum forecast. coming up next.
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>> for the first time we're hearing the 911 calls made before. mario gonzalez died in
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police custody in the recording. you can hear 2 different man calling to report gonzales. the first man lives near the alameda park were gonzales was standing and in the second recording, you can hear dispatch ask another man if gonzalez has any weapons. >> my front garden talking to himself. no mask. and i went out there and the dog to bark at them he's talking to these are not making any he do anything wrong. scared my any weapons on him. now he has become a local you've been pushing in the mom it does appear to be an effort count. might be the kind of has been more kind of loitering around there for probably half an hour down. >> well, as you know, the situation became deadly after police arrived. you can hear the 911, calls and full on our website. kron 4 dot com.
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>> speaking in response to the attorney representing the 3 alameda police officers. a gonzalez family says the body camera video released by the city of alameda shows that mario was not threat kron 4 sleep to go talk to the family's attorney. he believes the officers should face criminal charges. >> well, mario gonzalez's family prepares funeral arrangements. they are pushing back at the attorney representing the alameda police officers involved in is in custody. death on the families. we have civil rights attorney michael, her is exploring a civil lawsuit against the officers for what he calls violations of law enforcement standards and protocols disputing the officers attorneys assertion that the officers worked hard to talk guns. all is down and resolve the situation peacefully. he wasn't committing a crime. >> you know, there's a guy who's, you know, seems little tipsy in a park and that's not against the law. so they didn't even have the legal
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right to handcuff. dad says the officers attorneys claim that the officers were concerned for mario, then like a light switch. he stopped breathing but does not appear accurate based on the body camera footage check. it's not logical. it does make sense that and buddy and yes, of course, the autopsy will be important, but we can see with their own eyes. what happens and the whole country knows that this kind of thing happens having learned all about it from the george floyd try on thursday, the gonzalez family released a statement reinforcing what they said at a news conference tuesday that mario was murdered by alameda police officers. april 19th. a dad says the officers should be held accountable. >> but says that this time he will not say this was murder. i haven't been able to hear from the officers directly or c their statements or anything like that. so i i do think that i need to withhold a little bit of judgment here. but what i'm saying is it's hard for me to see to defend what they to all kron in the
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south bay a hate crime investigation is underway after a vta bus driver was shot in the back with an arrow. >> it happened while he was on a work break near the alum rock transit center in san jose. this is being called an unprovoked attack. the drivers union president is confirming that worker is seek. >> the other operator error. we're both wearing on their walk. i know exactly how far it went in. but if it were to go couple inches to the left or right. i get i definitely think it would've been a different situation. >> the worker is recovering at home. patrols have been boosted ot the alum rock transit hub. there's a $3,000 reward for information leading to an arrest and conviction. in this case. >> all evacuations were lifted in southern california for the north fire firefighters, mostly battled the flames from the sky. this is just north of l a. near off of interstate 5,
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640 acres burned there. no word yet on what started this fire. >> now for a look at our 4 zone forecast. why pretty. that's just beautiful as we're looking out over the headlines. the golden gate bridge. what a lovely evening lauren said is a work of art right there. yes, certainly is. we're so lucky to live here. see that almost every day in the sky paid a nice sum peak a couple high clouds up above and looks like a beautiful sunset. just kind of settling into the bay area. so here's another nice look from the east bay. you see some of the high clouds moving overhead have those on and off throughout the day. a cold front is off the coastline. unfortunately is being shredded apart by a ridge of high pressure sitting over california and there you go. you see all the beautiful clouds out there right now. we'll see that again. i think for tomorrow over the golden gate bridge so the high clouds contnnue to stream up. above the fog is broken up a bit. so the fog of the golden gate but likely to return overnight tonight and tomorrow. here's that front. i was talking about. you see those clouds up above all that energy headed up the pacific northwest. we did have some patchy fog along the coastline today. keeping
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those temperatures as much as 30 degrees cooler than some of the valleys outside today. the sea breeze starting to weaken just a little bit. still 70 miles an hour into believe this you got an 8 mile an hour winds in snow right now. concord looking at 7. now the southwest at this time temperature wise. we've got some 50's along the immediate coast. 20 degrees. warmer, though, in concord. how about that 70 degrees. beautiful there right now and 73 in antioch because we head through the night tonight a lot of those mid to high level clouds kind of cruising up above down below some patchy fog maybe some drizzle along the coastline early tomorrow morning. it's not going to make up much toward the coast tomorrow. i think more high clouds up above result. temperatures going to be coming down outside expect these numbers dropping off. you can see some 70's in many spots inland, maybe couple low 80's. if you're lucky in. well, about 30 degrees cooler with 50's out of the coast guys, thank you, lawrence. single day passes for outside lands went on sale this morning and sold out in minutes. popular music festival in golden gate park. it was canceled last year, of course, because of the
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pandemic. but in october it returns. >> organizers are still working on safety guidelines. it's not clear. for example, whether ticket holders will have to show that they've been vaccinated or provide a negative covid test. >> the bay area's very but of course, smith, you know, events like outside lines without an ocean, this tunnel there of, you safety. you worried about a lot of visitors bringing risk from other areas. if things move along the way. they have been moving by that many people hopefully would have been vaccinated. >> between now and october, of course, guidelines could change. >> still ahead, at 8 o'clock. a big break in the case of that violent theft of lady gaga has dogs it left a dog walker fighting for his life. >> also with their travel on the rise. how comfortable should you be taking your unvaccinated children on a plane. we'll answer a question. a lot of parents are asking.
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>> the airline industry was one of the hardest hit during the pandemic dropping nearly 96% in 2020. it is starting to pick up again, though, and with summer just around the corner. lot of families are thinking about traveling again, kron four's, michelle kingston talk to a local infectious disease expert about whether it is safe to fly with your unvaccinated
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children. >> and i can't wait go back again. i just want take all done precautions. some bay area. mom say they are planning to travel this summer with their kids while others say they're staying home. >> just really sure. i would not travel right now with millions of americans now vaccinated. it's a question many families are trying to answer. is it safe to travel if you're vaccinated. but your children or not. i think it's very safe for them to fly all and going to be since lights actually all just quite a bit of i worked with ventilation specialist who said there's better ventilation and the flight in many other states because of that continue to slow masking is required on planes and will be quiet for a while and so your child will be knost. you will be asked because that's the people around will be mass to the
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oakland airport as well as sfo do not track the age of their flyers. so it's unclear how many children are currently flying right now. but. >> what we do know is that there are a lot more travelers right now compared to this time last year. however, there are not nearly as many now as there were in 20 19 here at the oakland airport. officials say they're seeing about half the amount of travelers they saw pre pandemic and it s f o they're averaging about 21,000 passengers a day, which is only 30% of what they saw pre pandemic. but as you can see, those numbers are drastically increasing because of a coming down. also in this country. and because so many adults not player that's needed. i was very safe travel with my child's doctor monica gandhi says if you do decide to get on the plane with your children. turn on the vent above your head. >> and try to make sure your family gets to sit together to avoid getting too close to members outside your household. michelle kingston, kron 4 news next. today from
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specialized firearms to battering rams. the berkeley police department is now the first in the nation to regulate the use of militarized equipment. >> plus double tragedy out of san jose to pedestrian struck by drivers who didn't stick around in the span of a month. and we're taking a look at where each bay area county stands in the state's blueprint
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city leaders in berkeley say they are now the first city in
8:30 pm
the country to require their police department to track the use of militarized equipment. and today kron four's haaziq madyun talk to the berkeley council member who wrote this. >> groundbreaking legislation. >> you're looking at examples of controlled equipment including specialized fire project down launchers that times 30 inches or longer breaching apparatus or battering rams and long-range acoustic devices. the acquisition and use of these items are now regulated by a new police equipment and community safety ordinance approved by the berkeley city council. in the ordinance is transparency for the public to understand what equipment the department has. >> and how they're using it. >> the principal author of the new legislation berkeley city council member kate harrison says the ordinance is primarily an annual report that will include an inventory of current police equipment. the official policy for its use and the circumstances.
8:31 pm
>> frankly, a lot of this grows out of concerns for black lives matter. and this sense that sometimes weaponry is appears more in lower income african-american neighborhoods. it does in my neighborhood. and so we want to know where it was or was it a lot of crowd control. do we have a lot of demonstrations where it was used. so that kind of information we're looking for right now. we don't know how often it's used or where because there is no reporting on it. this type of equipment is typically used by the u.s. military and is now commonly acquired and used on america's streets by local police departments. what is now standard the place is not standard to the public. these things really look. >> frightening. but you when there's a large group of officers like in the crowd control situations. this list. partly came out former president obama's list of equipment that was being acquired by departments from the military. it's been heavily vetted by police commission. the police equipment and community safety ordinance is the final piece of last summer. a sweeping police reforms passed by the berkeley city council. the
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public has a right to know when and where i asked officials at the berkeley police department. if they are in favor of the new ordinance. they said they short statement that reads, quote, berkeley police department has a long history of listening to our community and we intend to continue that tradition with the council's recent legislation, unquote. >> madyun kron 4 news. >> talks are continuing on capitol hill today on police reform. the police reform proposal that has stalled in the senate. a bipartisan group of lawmakers met with families who have been affected by police violence leading the republican side south carolina senator tim scott. scott introduced his own bill for police reform last summer. it failed to advance now he is working with democrats hoping to find common ground. >> often this is best thing to is keep in mind is why we're doing what we're doing. >> during his first address to congress last night, president biden set a deadline of may
8:33 pm
25th for the reform legislation to be on his desk. that is the first anniversary of george floyd's death at the hands of police. for the second time in san jose. this month. a pedestrian has been killed by a driver who left the scene last night, a woman who was crossing the street but not using the crosswalk was hit and killed. it happened just north of kirchner avenue. april. 1st a 37 year-old woman was hit and killed near the same intersection she had been in her wheelchair and in the crosswalk. >> this as a walk at you. they are still go by and you got to walk the walk for them. >> no details are available yet. in the most recent incident but flyers from the first hit and run include a photo of a white mercedes benz. you see it there similar to one being sought by police. there is no apparent connection between the 2 hit and run deaths. >> now to our coronavirus
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coverage all bay area counties are still at the orange tier for now except solano county there in red. it's still in the red tier san mateo county was hoping it would be able to move to the yellow tier. but and increasing the county's adjusted case rate put those plans on the whole. it's staying in orange until at least the middle of may. even though the positivity rates to meet the yellow tier criteria based on current case rates. san francisco may move into the yellow tier next week. moving to the yellow tier would allow bars to open indoors gyms, movie theaters and other businesses will be allowed to increase their indoor capacity. >> in san mateo. the drive-thru mass vaccination site. this reopen today it was put on hold in mid-march after supply problems. now they have about 4,000 doses to hand out every day. but since there are not a lot of people making appointments these days. drop are now welcome the site at the san mateo county event center. that's where it's
8:35 pm
happening. they're offering moderna vaccine for anyone 18 and older all right. the sun is just about down and soon you'll see it looks like out there on the golden gate bridge. pretty nice. looks very nice and lawrence is back. so, lawrence, it's getting cooler. yeah. we started cool down today. actually some places down a good 14 to 15 degrees. >> just yesterday. but we're going to see a more cooling headed in the weekend. still some nice warm weather in the valleys. nice shot out there toward the sfo right now. you see san bruno mountain. you see the high clouds up above and not much in the way of fog just yet. but that we'll change overnight tonight the fog is going start creeping back along the coast. see the front off the this the one that is bringing the high clouds outside. you'll see more of those for tomorrow as well. that will be on and off throughout the day. you get the patchy fog along the coastline, bringing numbers down the 50's co side, probably some upper 50's in the downtown san francisco cooler mid 50's and al gore not in half moon bay inside the bay of fine about 64 degrees in burlingame. 63 in millbrae lot of high clouds and a mixture sunshine
8:36 pm
bringing temperatures to 70 degrees in woodside about 73 amount due to the south. a lot of 70's maybe low 80 in the campbell, if you get lucky, those temperatures warming up with a high clouds up above about 77 in pleasanton 68 in fremont and 77 degrees in double these temperatures running above the average for this time of year in many spots inland along the coastline. keep those numbers really cool. just a strong of sea breeze to keep those temperatures down as we head up toward the beaches tomorrow. you've got some 50's and some 60's there. but you get just a little bit inland. 71 degrees. mill valley. certainly some nice weather there and looking like it's going pick up over the weekend. at least the winds are as we head into saturday and sunday little blustery outside more sunshine and warmer weather as we head toward the beginning and middle of next week. still ahead, at 8 o'clock, a new effort to end homelessness in california. how bay area mayors are getting involved. >> and a google google expansion. it's getting the green light how many jobs this could bring to the south bay.
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how much their accident case is worth. let our injury attorneys help you get the best result possible. >> in the south bay. san jose's city planning commission is giving google the green light for its downtown west project that project will transform 80 acres of land west of highway 87 into a campus. it includes 200 million dollars. help boost local economy. san jose is deputy manager says city manager says this will create a new neighborhood.
8:40 pm
>> one it's just not an office on claims but a district that workers in it. that has a lot of homes and particularly we very excited about level of affordable homes that will be coming to the area. >> the campus will have 4,000 housing units 15 acres of open space. 7.3 million square feet of office space and room for small businesses and restaurants. google is also providing grants for programs that can help san jose residents get good paying jobs. the project will to go through a final hearing next month. disney getting ready for a magical return. >> disneyland and california adventure. they're set to reopen to the public tomorrow. there will be enhanced safety measures after a yearlong closure capacity will be limited. visitors will be required to have a reservation. guests can download the disneyland app for dining reservations and other features more than 45
8:41 pm
rides and attractions will be open. so plenty will be open. but some things like the monorail, the parades they will return later next today. how california mares are working together to try to end homelessness. and in sports, the forty-niners pick is in sports director jason demoss has details. and reaction. >> plenty of los angeles police.
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they have arrested 5 people in connection to the shooting of lady gaga has a dog walker. the dognapping of her. >> 2 french bulldogs. the people arrested. they include the woman. by the way, who returned the dogs for a reward. they now face charges of attempted murder and robbery. police don't think the culprits new the bulldogs belonged to lady gaga. but we're simply going after and expensive. great. >> homelessness is obviously a growing problem here in california. and that's why several mayors in the state came together to ask the governor for some help san jose mayor sam liccardo introduce the big city mayors coalition mayors from the 13 largest cities in california collectively asking the state for 20 billion dollars to try to help house the unsheltered. >> we stand together just say that we need to treat homelessness. like the crisis that it is. >> the money would be paid out over the course of 5 years would be the largest allocation of funds dedicated to fighting the homeless
8:45 pm
crisis in the country. we reached out to the governor's office for a statement in response to the mayor's request. his office says the governor is reviewing many proposals. >> and now kron 4 sports from the 18 t fiber sports desk. >> the san francisco forty-niners select. trey lance. >> there this was the moment. >> sharp suit, too, by the way, to half the bottle. the forty-niners selected the new face of their franchise. trey lance is moving from fargo, north dakota to santa clara, california, lance was very productive in college. he threw for 28 touchdowns in didn't throw an interception in twenty-nineteen on its way to a national championship and b player of the year. both nationally and in his conference, kyle shanahan said
8:46 pm
he had been scouting land since january and keyed in on him even more so after the niners traded up from 12 to 3. so let's move this was a possibility. but still hearing your name called in a moment like this is always going to be a dream come true. >> there's pretty emotional for right just kind of a surreal and obviously not knowing what the situation was going to be going into you know, you know, you never really know until you so from use emotional, i'm just super blessed of folks thankful for for everyone. so you get to this point. >> good for him. now with the 17th overall pick, the las vegas raiders surprised some people by picking alabama offensive lineman alex leatherwood areas right there. he's huge the silver and black could use a tackle after trent brown was traded back to the patriots. but the consensus would leatherwood is that he's a better fit at guard and most mock drafts didn't have him going to the 3rd round.
8:47 pm
obviously, though, mike mayor can jon gruden don't necessarily agree leatherwood is one of 6 alabama players to get picked in the first round so far. a bay area native with the first running back drafted tonight 24th overall by the pittsburgh steelers. former teammate of leatherwood who are just chat about alabama's naji harris returned to grip community shelter in richmond today where he lived for several years as a child or kylen mills was there is a great story. he said if you have fond memories of the place and he wanted to do something to give back. so he sponsored an nfl draft party for the kids living there. the night included pizza chick in football themed decorations. some cupcakes and goodie bags. harris will soon be a millionaire star athlete in not soon. he is a millionaire star athlete now. but he will never forget where he came from and what the people of his past have meant to him.
8:48 pm
>> doing this makes makes me and my family feel a lot giving appreciation everything. is a subject, especially in the bear. shed light the more that we are together, the more everything we can. we can make everything happen, especially in the so, you know, i mean, moving up and other i'm getting no more attention you know, more cameras that that's that's the it's better. it's good. you know, shed more light on the situations. >> what a great perspective. all right. steph curry and the warriors visiting the timberwolves in minnesota tonight. at another high-scoring night 37 points including that 3 to keep the dub close. karl, anthony towns was on point cad 20 to 11 7 and showed a little range with his own 3 treys. he win one 26 warty one, 14, this was a game or years needed. they've lost 2 in a row. now they're in houston on saturday in houston stink. so you would hope to get a win. now wrapping up a
8:49 pm
four-game series with the rays top of 9th. all knotted up at 2, one on for matt chapman he drives one over the head of brett phillips, jed lowry. rounding 3rd, he comes on in to score and the a's go on to win 3 to 2. they split that series with the rays. they'll host the orioles tomorrow. back here in the town. not got what a night, you know, cool for bay area players. we see 90 hair is going to the keystone state is playing for the pittsburgh steelers and then alijah vera-tucker the oakland native who we heard from yesterday. he got drafted 14th overall. he's going to new york jets, though the jets actually traded up from 23 to 14 to pick him and he'll protecting the jet second overall pick zach wilson who they took at the top of the draft. of course, how can we forget 4990's pick trey coming from north dakota. i used to live actually out there in north dakota. i started my
8:50 pm
career there and it's funny. i feel like these north dakota guys are following me. i'm from philadelphia. carson wentz with the phillies. if this funny. but i talked to my old boss who is also happens to be the voice of ndsu football he the sports director at a station out there where we work too. and he said trey, great kid comes from a great bay area's going to love him. my old boss doesn't mix his word. so if that wasn't true, he won't say so looking forward to covering trey. it should be seamless transition from fargo to the of florida. love for is so similar. he will no culture shock. he's from a small town in minneapolis. i'm sure he'll like not having to wear a every every day for like 8 months until he goes visit the golden gate bridge in june. right. exactly. thanks, jason. thank you, jason. >> a concerning rise in manatee deaths. what could be causing a surge. it's already tripled last year's number.
8:51 pm
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8:53 pm
>> an alarming trend in florida were manatees are dying an alarming rate to nearly 700 in the first 3 months of this year. that's compared to less than 250 in all of 2020 brian entin is in florida with more on what could be causing this surge in deaths. >> sadly, this has become routine truck backs into seaworld orlando. inside.
8:54 pm
there isn't a door of his vanity sick and suffering. she's 800 pounds and rescuers used a forklift to get her from the truck into a nearby pool. she's underweight and has gashes on her back from where she was struck by a boat house. the manatee viewing so far since it arrived. well. >> you know, right now it's really hard to tell. i the samples critical. it has its footing high in the water. it's really may see a did you know, it hasn't been eating like like it should be out there. so it's it's it's very critical right now. that's one reason why we have in this poll. >> and this is not the only critically ill manatee that's at seaworld are trying to seize. there's pool after pool full of them. manatees are dying at a record pace in florida waters. it's so bad the federal government has declared an unusual mortality of it. experts say seagrass the manatees main source of food is dying. the exact reason is an old but scientists suspect algae blooms could be the cause. they're all out there studying this trying to figure out why. >> we're losing siegrist at the rate. we are don't have
8:55 pm
that answer. but what i can tell you, it is has affected the manatee population and when you're affecting the population only has 6800 animals and just outside the endangered species list. we're talking about a critical mass. >> number so far this year, 696 manatees have been found dead in florida waters. look how much worse that is compared to the previous 5 years it's nearly triple the number of deaths in the same time period. the seaworld rescue team is not just rescuing adult manatees their seeding, these orphaned cavs too. they need had bottle feeding every 3 hours. the goal is always to return the manatees back to the wild rehabilitation here can take weeks. sometimes even years. >> we provide around the clock care for these guys. you know, i think one of the most gratifying things 14 is getting these guys healthy and getting him back to where they were rescued 4 just seeing the progress. >> well, i wish them the right doctors at u c davis health
8:56 pm
are sending a warning to parents about a magnetic hazard. they're urging parents to keep small candy colored magnets out of their homes and that would prevent children from swallowing them. doctors say they're seeing these cases more frequent frequently during the pandemic, even among teenagers. they say the once high powered magnets move that once they move through the body, that's when the problems begin. >> let's say one is left in the stomach and the other somehow detached as it moves to the small intestine they'll find a way to attract to each other, creating a where there shouldn't be one basically the bowels desk the bows bacteria can leak into the stomach causing pair tonight you can even cause death. >> to prevent tears from happening. doctors urge families to get emergency help right away if a child swallows the magnets. that wraps up kron 4 news at 8. but our primetime coverage continues at the top of the hour. grant lotus. i'm justine waldman are here. >> catherine. ken, thanks very
8:57 pm
much. coming up next, at 9 bay area water agencies are bracing for worsening drought conditions customers are already doing a pretty good job conserving, they say. but folks are likely going to be asked to do even more. and a triple shooting leaves one person dead in san francisco's tenderloin. what a witness says that they saw right before police arrived at the scene. keep it here. kron 4 news at 9 is next.
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>> when fun time from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 news at >> now a night san francisco police are investigating a triple shooting that had a deadly outcome. citizen app video here capturing the scene. this is in the tenderloin and this is shortly after police arrived. good evening, everybody. thanks for being with us on kron. 4 news at 9. i'm grant lotus. i'm justine waldman in for vicki tonight that this happened just before 5 o'clock. >> near market and may send. that's a block away from the westfield shopping center. >> we're told that 3 people were shot tonight. and one of those victims died at the scene. kron four's. dan thorn is live for us in san francisco tonight. he's been following the story and has the latest details. good evening, dan. >> good evening. grant and justine there has been no official word yet from police on what led up to the shooting. but some witnesses there telling us that they believe there may have been a robbery that was involved in this situation. others telling usey


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