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tv   KRON 4 News at 530pm  KRON  April 29, 2021 5:30pm-6:01pm PDT

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leaders in berkeley say they are now the first city in the nation to require their police department to chronicle the use of militarized equipment. >> today. kron four's madyun spoke with the berkeley council member who authored this groundbreaking legislation. >> you're looking at examples of controlled equipment including specialized fire project down launchers that times 30 inches or longer breaching apparatus or battering rams and long-range acoustic devices. the acquisition and use of these items are now regulated by a new police equipment and community safety ordinance approved by the berkeley city council came in. the ordinance is transparency for the public to understand what equipment the department has. >> and how they're using it. >> the principal author of the new legislation berkeley city council member kate harrison says the ordinance is primarily an annual report that will include an inventory of current police equipment. the official policy for its
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use and the circumstances. >> frankly, a lot of this grows out of concerns for black lives matter. and this sense that sometimes weaponry is appears more in lower income african-american neighborhoods. it does in my neighborhood. and so we want to know where it was or was it a lot of crowd control. do we have a lot of demonstrations where it was used. so that kind of information we're looking for right now. we don't know how often it's used or where because there is no reporting on it. this type of equipment is typically used by the u.s. military and is now commonly acquired and used on america's streets by local police departments. what is now standard the place is not standard to the public. these things really look. >> frightening. but you when there's a large group of officers like in the crowd control situations. this list. partly came out former president obama's list of equipment that was being acquired by departments from the military. it's been heavily vetted by are policed. new commission. the police equipment and community safety ordinance is the final piece
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of last summer. a sweeping police reforms passed by the berkeley city council. the public has a right to know when and where i asked officials at the berkeley police department. if they are in favor of the new ordinance. they said they short statement that reads, quote, berkeley police department has a long history of listening to our community and we intend to continue that tradition with the council's recent legislation, unquote. >> madyun kron 4 news. >> new today. daly city police have released the names of the officers involved in the deadly shooting of roger allen. they are lieutenant michael brennan and officers rose apprentice nicholas mccarthy and camera newton a news release from the city did not specify which officer shot allen. the shooting happened on april 7th near universe sarah boulevard and westlake avenue. police say officers walked up to a parked pickup truck that had a damaged rear tire. they say that the driver cooperated with police. but the passenger in the truck, roger allen appeared to have a gun in his lap and that gun
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turned out to be fake. police say allen grabbed the gun and an officer tried to disarm him. during the struggle. another officer fired his gun hitting allen in the chest and allen later died at the hospital. >> in bay area news. there are a group of mayors who have come together to talk about the homeless situation and here's that report. >> we stand together just say that we need to treat homelessness. like the crisis that it is san jose mayor sam liccardo introducing the big city mayors coalition mayors from the 13 largest cities in california collectively asking the states and for 20 million dollars to help house the unsheltered 20 billion dollars is an appropriate. >> large investment in california's largest problem. the money would be paid over the course of 5 years and it would be the largest allocation of funds dedicated
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to fighting the homeless crisis in the country. but california is home to more than a quarter of the country's homeless population and investment as large as this could build over 100,000 homes for those in need. the reality is that not one city can. >> do this along not want to fully address this problem because it's clearly a state wide crisis. the mayors of san francisco san jose oakland, los angeles san diego sacramento and fresno where there just to name a few each mentioning what their cities have done successfully in combating the problem. but the common theme across the board was that more needs to be done and can only be done with the state's help. >> we all need more resources to truly faces challenge at the scale that's needed to make a real difference. >> and we need to acknowledge that this problem won't be fixed overnight. it will require a sustained commitment over multiple years. this is a challenge that has developed
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over decades and our response will take multiple years to really saw what is truly and and bennett problem. this is the perfect time for the mayor's to make such a hefty request. >> in addition states. record breaking surplus, california also received at 26 billion dollars from president biden's american rescue plan. i reached out to the governor's first statement in response to the mayor's request. his office says the governor is reviewing many proposals, but he's looking forward to partnering with the legislator to support local governments in create more housing for homeless people reporting in the newsroom. sanaz tahernia kron 4 news. >> whether time now as we take a live look outside. just a beautiful warm day in the bay. this is the golden gate bridge. as we look towards the evening. and there's quite a spread in temperatures across the bay area. we're joined now by our chief meteorologist lawrence karnow to go over the changes in the forecast about 30 degree difference from the coastline of the valley state. you're in the 50's and pretty
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chilly along the coast valleys. yeah. that sunshine some nice weather. but, hey, you know what. >> almost like a summer like pattern developing outside tonight. we'll see a little more that maybe some more cloud cover. i think overnight tonight you see the high clouds up above to that sea breeze is blowing as well and more of that, we'll continue to bring with it some more low clouds and fog. you see the fog along the coastline. even this morning in the afternoon. that continues there. it will move back in and maybe a little drizzle coast side overnight tonight to go along with that. we're seeing that sea breeze and pretty substantial in the san gusting to 25 miles an hour. 23 mile an hour gusts now an sfo 15 into oakland 17 in fairfield all around the bay area breezy in spots. that's for sure. we'll see that the next few days going to watch as winds. probably a ramping up a bit. still warm temperatures inland 83 degrees right now and live more to 71. very nice in san jose with just a few high clouds 82 and conquered a warm 80 degrees in pittsburgh. 69 degrees in the napa valley 74 in san anselmo, 64 degrees in petaluma in 85 in saint lena
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stepping out the door. this evening, you'll find a few more clouds on the way the winds will continue to blow a little breezy, especially along the coastline and through some of the mountain gaps and then patchy fog starts to fill in specially around 8, 9 o'clock tonight. we'll watch that push inside the bay. you'll notice right here overnight tonight, lot of mid to high level clouds up above and then down below models start to try to pick on a little bit. that drizzle developing along the coastline. we'll see that maybe early tomorrow morning. then throughout the day, more clouds on the way. expect a cooler day outside by tomorrow afternoon. not going to be bad day but will be a little bit cooler in spots. 50's along the coastline. 60's inside the bay instead of 80's. you'll get some nice 70's in the
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>> now to the south bay downtown west project in san jose is one step closer to becoming a reality. the city's planning commission has given the project a green light to let the tech giant transform 80 acres of land into a campus. the area is located at west of highway 87 this project includes 200 million dollars to help boost the local economy. san jose is deputy manager says this will create a whole new neighborhood. >> one it's just not an office on clase but a district that workers in it. that has a lot of homes and particularly we very excited about level of affordable homes that will be coming to the area.
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>> the campus consists of 4,000 housing units, 15 acres of open space. 7.3 million square feet of office space and room for small businesses and restaurants. google is also providing grants for programs that could help san jose residents get good paying jobs. they say the project will go through a final hearing before may 25th. >> disney is getting ready for a magical return disneyland and california adventure set to reopen to the public tomorrow with enhanced safety measures. of course, after a yearlong pandemic-related closure capacity will be limited and visitors will be required to have a reservation before entering the parks guests will want to download the disney app for dining reservations and other features. they say more than 45 rides and attractions will be fully open but others like the monorail and parades. welcome back. at a later date. well, it is nfl draft day and the forty-niners pick is in.
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>> let's just say it's not what everyone thought might happen. sports director jason dumas us is here to let us know what the niners are going to do. the
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i was injured in a car crash. i had no idea how much my case was worth. i called the barnes firm. when a truck hit my son, i had so many questions about his case. i called the barnes firm. it was the best call i could've made. your case is often worth more than insurance offers. call the barnes firm to find out what your case could be worth. we will help get you the best result possible. ♪ the barnes firm, injury attorneys ♪ ♪ call one eight hundred, eight million ♪ >> breaking news, the pick is finally in the wait is over. and the forty-niners have their rookie. trey is coming to the bay already been branded our sports director jason dumas says here with the.
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>> look at a pick that probably surprised and relieved a lot of niners fans yet we were standing on pins and needles right here in the studio waiting to see who they pick them. caution had told us a few days ago that the fans absolutely will not influence who he selects at 3 today. so either he was lying or he was just leading us on for the past couple of weeks because like justine said, trey lance is the forty-niners. >> newest quarterback. he went to north dakota state university in back in 2019, lance one the starting quarterback job and completed over 66% of his passes. he threw for over 2,700 yards and threw 28 touchdown passes and get this. not a single interception. he also ran for 1100 yards and 14 scores that season. he won the walter payton award which goes to the top player in fcs and of course, he won the missouri valley conference player of the year award and he led the buy-in to a 16 and oh record
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and a national championship. he's a big guy is about 6, 4, 230 pounds and he's mobile. he can run. and one thing kyle shanahan has expressed in the past. he needs a guy who is reliable and this guy was never her in during his college career played in every single game he could have started in and you know, he's a guy guys who just the forty-niners some athleticism that that position and he's a guy who, you know, you don't have to inject much life into the forty-niners fan base. but this pick is going to inject some life jimmy garoppolo. not a bad player in his own right. but like how said he just could rely on him to be on the field. nfl your best ability is your availability. so now trey lance comes in. he's a very young 20 years old. but you know what? he seems like he's a very mature kid. he's from minneapolis small town in minneapolis and one thing that
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i learned about him over the past couple of weeks. he was begging 4 d one schools to recruit him as a quarterback will not. one school recruit him as a quarterback. the only school to recruit him as a quarterback. do one double a and b a few his dream school in minnesota. they wanted him to come in the outside. linebacker may be a tight end. now. he's the starting quarterback maybe what an francisco forty-niners. that's a pretty good consolation prize. i know, too. you can go on about this novel are little details for a long time. but what happened to the aaron rodgers rumors that were circling earlier in the day was that just like that internet thing or was that legit on. i you know, the reporters who came out and reported that info are legit reporters. adam schefter was one of entree when go another. and i guess. >> aaron rodgers has a small list of teams he would prefer to play for the 49 ers on that list along with the denver broncos in las vegas raiders. >> and you know.
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>> it's it's hard to gauge what is certainly accurate and what isn't, but would make sense. aaron rodgers is from chico. this is a team that's not far away from being in the super bowl. you would think you plug in rogers and they've become pretty much a favorite. so he's probably thinking that as well. united still. >> trey ferry riders like trade. trey the packers and they they certainly could. so i guess it's the packers. the onus is on the packers about do they want another quarterback. they drafted one in the first round last they trey lance was this pick 4 the packers is a lot to be determined. so we don't know. but all we do know is right now the niners got themselves. a new quarterback for the time being. and it seems like the fan base is pretty static. there's another guy who went to alabama who was rumored to come here. matt jones who the fan base super excited about. so right. i think everybody let out a big x how. roger goodell said trey lance. fair
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enough side. he needs some work. he's a bit of a project, but he's a ton of talent and the exciting see what he does yeah. stace. exactly. aaron rodgers says it go and we'll have at the 6 o'clock hour and hopefully hear from someone for the forty-niners about this pick. >> sounds good. thank thank you, jason. >> all right for your health right now. cruising may be making a comeback in a letter that was released by the cdc. cruz's could resume on american waters by mid-summer. the industry has been unable to operate for over a year and an update is coming as the travel restrictions across the nation continue to loosen the cdc notes that though cruising will never be a 0 risk activity. the goal is to establish a plan mitigates the risk of covid-19 transmissions as much as possible. we'll take a break and be right
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>> the senator's teenager is being called a hero tonight after saving a guy who was drowning this is at sunny covid happened over the weekend. trump force michelle kingston explains the local surfer didn't hesitate for second to jump in to the rescue. >> so a lot of money. and as thais lot of backwash, this is 8 stone hines, a 17 year-old surfer from santa cruz. sewage just gotten out of the water at sunny cold saturday morning. >> when he saw young man struggling in the waves got >> my board and let him free.
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you can relax and then some sets starting the waves were strong in about 6 to 8 feet high as 8 ended up losing his surfboard during the rescue. >> his struggle a little that can really. thing. he told me is his first time he's ever been in the ocean. zaid kept the man afloat until help arrived rescue swimmers from central fire protection district in sean rothwell assistant harbormaster rothwell says local surfers the first to help swimmers having a tough time in the water. we've we've had plenty of calls over the years where. >> you know, our local surfing community will will render aid and we we count on them quite quite a bit. actually, roswell says this victim was brought to shore with just a few minor injuries. thanks to zeta his quick thinking many are calling him a hero, including witnesses to the rescue like
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cammy rickman. he was amazing. he really was amazing. >> zaid says he was just doing what needed to be done. >> as state on something like that. then i feel so comfortable. there. >> people are now trying to raise money to help buy surfboard little. >> over while glad people could see like what he should do. they help people. no, they don't sums going on publication. on these people dying. >> in santa cruz michelle kingston kron 4 news. good to see people doing the right thing. yeah. big heart and strong swimmer didn't leave him. i know all you want to talk about this. the forty-niners in the nfl draft. >> that's not true. all you guys are talking about. it's exciting. yeah. the coming true of a new quarterback and we'll talk a lot more about
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that. the next hour as we wrap up kron 4 news at 5. for more of what's coming up at 6, catherine heenan can winner here will get your take. i assume on the forty-niners pick. lot of people are happy to coming up again at 6. thank you grant. i yeah. and coming up at 6 o'clock. >> a dangerous and deadly intersection in san jose to hit and run drivers killed 2 different pedestrians in separate incidents in just a month. >> what's being done to make sure pedestrians are safe and those there's the streets, a brazen attack in the south bay. a bus driver was shot in the back with an arrow while on a walk and now it's being investigated as a possible
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when a truck hit my car, the insurance company wasn't fair. i didn't know what my case was worth, so i called the barnes firm. i'm rich barnes. it's hard for people to know how much their accident case is worth. let our injury attorneys help you get the best result possible.
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>> from the bay area's news station. you're watching kron 4 news at 6. it looks like a clear violation of all kinds of law enforcement standards. >> and of their own training. >> now at 6, a family of mario gonzalez is speaking out against comments made by the attorney representing the alameda police officers who are involved in the 26 year-old man's in custody death last week. the family says the officers had no right to detain mario good evening. thanks for joining us for kron 4 news at 6. i'm ken wayne and i'm catherine heenan in for pam moore. >> the gonzales family says the body camera video released by the city of alameda this week shows mario was not


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