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tv   KRON 4 News at 5pm  KRON  April 29, 2021 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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information you don't get anywhere else, so that's where we'll be discussing this, i'm sure. we'll see you next time. thank you. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 news at all. >> talking about dire drought conditions in the bay area tonight, more and more regions here are declaring a drought and asking people to conserve water and now nearly 98% of the entire state of california is in some stage of drought. it's not good. thanks for joining us on kron. 4 news at
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5 everybody. i'm grant lotus. i'm justine waldman in for vicki tonight. now, just to compare it. there was 41% of california in some sort of drought a year ago. but now here's a look at the latest map that was just released this morning to show us what's happening now and you can see the red and yellow covering most of the state, including a chunk here in the bay area. the red color indicates extreme drought yellow means severe drought and the darker the worsened. new today san francisco public utilities commission asking irrigation customers and city departments to voluntarily reduce their water use by 10%. you're shun customers are people who water their properties in the city. there are about 1600 of those in san francisco and the city's water reservoirs are at about 77% of their maximum storage capacity at this time of year. typically a little bit more than that around 81 per cent. so not for a fake in the city. but everywhere
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around the bay is different. and for many people in the bay area drought and water conservation are not new issues for us. dan kerman live for us now at the san pablo reservoir in el sobrante tonight to tell us about payments, current drought and how this compares to a year ago. good evening, dan. >> good evening. you know, as we east bay mud has been through the drought before earlier this week. they called for a drought asked for voluntary conservation and this is not a surprise. we've done this before. back in 2014 is when it was last happening. but the comparisons between now and then. quite a bit different. after the second driest year in the last 70 east bay mud declared a drought earlier this week in called for 10%. voluntary conservation on the part of customers. >> that all sounds familiar. it should back in february of 2014 east bay mud also declared a drought and called for voluntary conservation that led to mandatory outdoor water restrictions in august of that year. and then by
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april of 2015 east bay mud ordered 20% mandatory conservation and then in july of that year and acted excessive use penalties and a 25% drought surcharge. the question is could the same restrictions becoming again over the next 2 years. should the drought continue. we want to be in the best position we can be now so that if things get worse in 2022 we can handle it. east bay mud says several things are different now than they were back in 2014. >> first when the drought was declared this week. the projection was total system. storage of water by october. 1st would be less than what's needed. in fact, it would miss the mark by about 5% back in 2014 that target was also missed. but by a lot more 19%, but possibly the best thing east bay mud has going for it this time compared to last. is that residents are simply using a lot less water.
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>> understand what conservation we see our customers really. the picking up that banner of water conservation as a way of life and they are using 13% less water now than they did prior to the last drought. so 13% less water now than in 2013. >> that will go a long way, they say, but it depends just how long this drought will last. one other thing. east bay mud is doing a little bit differently than before is that they are going to start purchasing additional surplus, water as soon as possible and not wait. they say that point. they hope to get more water, more will be available and at a better price. live at san pablo reservoir dan kerman kron 4 news. thank you, dan. california state lawmakers are moving forward with a multibillion dollar package to try to address the state's drought issues. ashley zavala explains how the money would be used. >> the 3.4 billion dollar drought relief package cleared
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its first hurdle in the california legislature thursday as lawmakers try to swiftly, send it to the governor for approval. the effort unanimously cleared a senate budget committee on natural resources for every. >> here we can getting money on the ground. it's the weeks there's operation happening on our soils. some of these water districts just quite frankly needs resources to get. >> things done. half a billion dollars would be available immediately for emergency drought-related response for communities that need it across california. thursday's drought monitor released showed 88% the state is in a severe drought with the entire state considered abnormally dry. the proposed package would also put funds toward improving water supply in smaller communities helping ratepayers with covid related water debt and provide help to struggling agriculture and local water agencies. the package would be paid with state and federal funds. state
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natural resources and water officials know california is seeing similar conditions to what it saw its most recent drought a few years ago. >> regardless of these conditions. governor gavin newsom says he still not ready to declare a drought-related state of emergency newsom's administration thursday told lawmakers many lessons were learned in the last route that led to projects and policies which they say improved california's protection from drought lawmakers say more still needs to be done every day we today that we're losing opportunity to get seat in the ground stabilize the soil. >> as well as taking the package now heads the senate's full budget committee for approval in sacramento. ashley zavala kron 4 news. >> well, stay with us here on kron four's. we continue to cover and monitor the drought conditions are website has a lot of tips on hgw you can start conserving water right now it's all there on kron. 4 dot com chief meteorologist lawrence karnow joins our coverage now, if you're not going to have rain you'd like it to be cooler than normal. in the summer. yeah, i think we that be something we hope
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for. we love along foggy summer. i know a lot of folks don't want to have that. >> but certainly that would help out that would keep moisture levels up. fire danger down. so wanted to give you a look at long range forecast model here. this one coming from noaa, the showing you the chance of normal temperatures in the bay area and above normal right now. so right now you can see the area right here. you see the areas shaded in orange in the 60 percentile, the 70 percentile all the way down in the southern california. so we kind of fall in between that there's a 65% of chance of normal for us to have above normal temperatures right through may, june and july as we head into the heart of summer of course, that's not what we want to have in a drought that will only exacerbate problems with the water and also problems with fires to. but right now looks like that's a possibility. that's a long range forecast. but certainly a possibility that could hold true throughout the summer. now to go on top of that, look at the numbers we're dealing with right now. we've only had less than 9 inches of rain in san francisco normally at this time. we've had almost 23
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inches that 39% of normal. that alone will likely end up to be the 3rd driest year in the bay area on record in the 171 years. but all around the bay area, unbelievably dry and of course, last year was no better to. so certainly. dangerous drought conditions around the bay area likely to persist until we get that rain back, guys. thank you so much, lawrence. and just in to the kron 4 news room forward progress has been stopped in a fire. >> that's burning in pittsburgh. it's happening on the kercher pass road south of buchanan. here's a picture showing us the smoke that was very close to homes. fire officials say that the flames are no longer threatening homes in the area and that this is a good reminder that fire season is approaching and now is the time to start pulling weeds and creating a defensible space around your home. other news now the family of mario gonzalez says going public tonight talking about the comments made by the attorney representing those alameda police officers. >> who are involved in the 26
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year-old man's in custody death last week in family says the officers had no right to detain mario and they add that the body camera video released by the city of alameda this week. >> shows that gonzales was not a threat. kron 4 sweet all spoke with the family's attorney who believes that the officers should face criminal charges. >> mario gonzalez. his family says his death was murder and that the alameda police officers involved in is in custody death last week should face criminal charges. but their civil rights attorney michael had dad says it's important all facts are noon before he can definitively say mario was killed intentionally. i'm a lawyer so i can just toss that word murder around easily. i know it's a term of art, right. and so there is some investigation going on. dad says, though, that he is convinced the officers share responsibility for mario's passing, whether voluntary manslaughter involuntary manslaughter. something higher. >> i it's not really for me to
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say. but i do think there should be some criminal consequences. in addition to the civil consequences as dad explores a civil suit against the officers. he pushes back at the attorney representing them who claims the officers worked hard to calmly end their encounter with mario peacefully. a dad says the body camera video released shows a different story when the officers responded to 911. calls april 19th reporting a possibly intoxicated man loitering in a park on oak street and that he was possibly involved in the theft. there is no reason to touch him at all. and officer mckinley spent a few minutes talking to him. during which time he found out that mario was harmless. >> friendly. and minding his own business. and so the officer should have gone to the the household that made the call and told them we've checked into the matter. you don't have anything to be afraid of and the man is not breaking any laws and just not instead, mario was wrestled to
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the ground and suffered what police call a medical emergency as the officers applied pressure to his back while the officers remain on paid administrative leave. >> pending the outcome of the investigations into mario's death. his family is preparing funeral arrangements believed to hold on for here. >> we're also hearing the 911. calls that were made right before mario gonzalez was killed in the recording. you can hear 2 different men calling to report gonzales. the first man lives near the alameda park where gonzales was standing and then the second recording. you can hear the dispatch officer ask another man if gonzalez had any weapons. >> in my front garden talking to himself. no mask. and i went out there and the dog to bark at them and dog enjoys being not making any doing anything wrong. scare in my any weapons on him. now he has become a local you've been pushing in there. the mom it
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does appear to be an effort to to count. might be the kind of has been more kind of loitering around there for probably half an hour down. >> and as you know, the situation escalated after those calls were made and police arrived. you can hear the 911. calls in full on our website. kron 4 dot com happening tonight is round one of the nfl draft, the whole league is wondering which quarterback the forty-niners will select with the 3rd overall pick. they traded all the way up there. but today a reality t v s curve ball with several reports indicating superstar qb aaron rodgers once out of green bay and the forty-niners are trying to trade for him. the 37 year-old from chico is the reigning mvp and he was famously passed over when the niners drafted alex smith instead of him. roger sue at the cal grew up a niners fan went on, of course,
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have the hall of fame career he's still in it and now he wants out of green bay. he is reportedly interested in being traded to the niners. the raiders for the broncos who knows of any of that will happen before all the rogers rumors surface. the niners fan base was worked up enough to get about which qb the team would take after trading up to 3rd. most nfl insiders think it will be matt jones who won the national championship with alabama this year. but the niners fan base doesn't seem to love that idea of selecting the accurate but not super athletic jones north dakota state product trey lance rumored to be the next likely a selection if the niners do not take matt jones and justin fields of ohio state is also forecasted to be an option with the 3rd overall pick. you mentioned the front-runner to be selected is matt jones white, alabama and his running back there in tuscaloosa is the pride of naji hurts. harris is expected to be one of the first running backs drafted and kron. 4 sports reporter kylen mills is live
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at. >> his draft party right now. i'm sure the family is feeling all the bugs. >> okay. >> grant and just we're not his draft party. however, we are to draft party. he is sponsoring it. the greater richmond interfaith programs shelter, a place that is very close to home for him. he actually just left here about 20 to 30 minutes ago. but now she told so excited to take this next step in his career and become a professional football player, but he wants to make sure he stays true to his roots and that he continues to give back to the community. and that starts tonight with this draft party. he is throwing for some of the kids and residents here at grip shelter as it's called. that includes everything you'd expect there's pizza chicken snacks goodie bags, cupcakes, obviously everything football theme for all the kids residents to watch. >> the upcoming nfl draft and this is a place that really means a lot to harris and his
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family, his entire family of 7, his 4 siblings, his mom and dad lived in a small room here at shelter for several years when he was a child. he just said today he has a lot of fun memories of being here at the shelter that really did a lot for his family. well, they dealt with homelessness and what a success story has he does hope that his story can inspire some of these kids to realize they can do anything that they want to do. and as for harris, he's done all right. for himself. you guys just mentioned. he's expected to be one of if not the first running back to be drafted. he's a lot of success when he played alabama won a national championship. he actually broke alabama's rushing record for the school there. so he's just had such incredible football career already and he continues to inspire. like i said, some of these kids as he makes his way into the nfl have to see just where he ends up. but surely an exciting career ahead for him. and so cool to see him giving back to the community where he spent so much time. what a success
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story. alright kylen can't wait to see where naji hairs. >> goes in the nfl. thank you for that live report tonight. all the best now jay and all stands there. >> it's got more than one draft party. who knew? coming up, someone shot a bus driver with this arrow and now there is a hate crime investigation. we'll have the latest. plus what we're learning about 2 what we're learning about 2 fatal hit and runs in one bay when a truck hit my car, what we're learning about 2 fthe insurance companyone bay wasn't fair. i didn't know what my case was worth, so i called the barnes firm. i'm rich barnes. it's hard for people to know how much their accident case is worth. let our injury attorneys help you get the best result possible.
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>> tragically it happened again. a hit and run driver killed a pedestrian. this is last night. san jose is the second deadly hit and run just this month in san jose. and both of them happened near the same intersection kron four's. rob fladeboe joins us now live from that intersection in san jose with the story here. good evening, rob. >> good evening. just in. that's to fatal hit and runs in one month is unusual in itself. but what makes a little more disturbing. is that one victim was using a walker to get across the street behind me here while the other was in a wheelchair. let's take a look. >> people can be seen hurrying across the intersection here at moderate road in kern even during the day. but the busy intersection can be deadly at night for the second time this month. a pedestrian was killed here wednesday night by a driver who left the scene. the woman whose name was not immediately released was using
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a walker and was not in the crosswalk. she was hit just north of kirchner. according to san jose police back on april first, 37 year-old than src was also hit and killed here by a driver who also fled the scene or she was in her wheelchair and in the cross walk van came from and her daughter cross monterey road daily. they, too are victims of a 2019 hit and run driver was never caught. >> i look at the cross, but given the right away. so when i started crossing, i heard this screech i see headlights and me and my mother. >> no suspect or vehicle description is currently available in the latest incident but flyers with vanessa or sees picture includes a photo of the 2004 to 2000. 10 white mercedes-benz cls coop similar to the one that is being sought by police monterey. road is frequently included efforts to crack down on
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speeding. there is no apparent connection between the 2 hit and run fatalities. but richard buckle and others using walkers wheelchairs and scooters in the area report frequent encounters with careless drivers as even though this as a walk at you. they are still go by and you got to walk the walk for them. >> safe to go by. you've got to watch for >> that some of the ramp and i i don't care. that's they probably have whole family and his only let animals that live in. >> both drivers, both hit and run drivers remain at large. the woman who died here last night was the 16th person to die in city streets this year. and the 3rd pedestrian death live in san jose. rob fladeboe kron 4 news. thank you so much, rob. not a a bus driver that was out walking during a break. >> that was then shot in the back with this arrow. this happened in san jose now santa
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clara county deputies are looking into the possibility that this was a hate crime. kron four's maureen kelly has the story. at this point. it's unclear if it was shot by a traditional bow or crossbow. >> but this is a picture of the arrow that impaled of the t a bus driver in the back. the santa clara sheriff's office says it happened not far from the alum rock transit center. the driver was on a break, taking a walk with another driver in a residential area on the 2600 block of sierra grande way in what's being called an unprovoked attack. it's a targeted attack. >> and often we have people showing bone marrow is outside in public in that case. but this is a targeted attack and we're looking into the case. if it is a hate crime or not. >> deputy russel davis wouldn't specify the reason is considered a possible hate crime. but the drivers union president confirms that both workers or seek. and we're wearing turbans. the victim has been released from the hospital and is now recovering at home with his just is. >> is in disbelief that this could happen and you know, by
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the grace of god. he's he feels that he's you know, he's it. you made it through this so far doesn't know why it and that's when he was in shock about about the whole ordeal. the vta spokesperson says patrols have been boosted at the transit hub. safety is paramount not only for our passengers but for our employees as well. >> and so we're working with the sheriff's department, transit patrol and the detectives to do whatever we can to try and find the assailant. we want to let people in the know that if they can keep their eyes out and just let us know if there's anything suspicious going on or they may have any information about this attack to please call the sheriff's department, the transit agency union and sheriff's advisory board have all chipped in. >> to offer a $3,000 reward for any information leading to an arrest and conviction in this case reporting from san jose. i'm maureen kelly kron 4 news. >> still ahead here at 5 east bay city becomes the first in the nation to approve the
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purchase of militarized equipment. we'll tell you why they made this change and burning man flamed out again. but outside lands is ready to rage tickets sold out taliban. organizers say they'll be trying to keep people safe during the famous festival. >> we'll be right back.
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>> single day passes went on sale today for outside lands. but they sold out within
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minutes the popular music festival in golden gate park was canceled last year because the pandemic, but it is returning halloween weekend. the coronavirus is still concern for large gatherings. even though this was outsi e kron 4 charles clifford has been looking into whether or not this concert will be considered safe. >> well, this year's outside lands music festival is still months away. and a lot could happen between now and then. but anyone who's bought a ticket and plans on attending needs to know that they could possibly be exposed to coronavirus and festival. organizers say they probably are going to take additional safety steps. according to the cdc large outdoor gatherings are still considered high risk for exposur covid-19 the outside lands music festival is expected to draw thousands of people over 3 days, meaning that extra safety precautions may need to be taken. organizers have said they are still working on specific safety guidelines for the festival. it's unclear at this point if attendees will be required to wear masks be vaccinated or be tested before being allowed in doctor peter
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chin. hong with ucsf says that because a large gathering like outside lands is seemingly at odds with cdc recommendations organizers will most likely need to take additional precautions. >> the bay area's very but of course, smith, you know, events like outside lines without a mission, a layer of, you safety. you worried about a lot of visitors bringing risk from other areas. if things move along in the way they have been moving by that many people hopefully would have been vaccinated and it's important to note that outside lands is still months away and conditions and health guidelines could have all. >> over the coming months now on the outside lands website or the health and safety page. it does note that anyone who buys a ticket assumes the risk of possible exposure to coronavirus. but for now in san francisco, charles clifford kron 4 news. >> and still to come, police in daly city have released the names of the officers involved in the shooting of roger allen with the department, though,
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is still refusing to reveal tonight. also trying to help the homeless obviously homelessness a crisis here in the bay area. local mayors coming together today with they're asking governor newsome for to try to help that situation. and berkeley is the first city in the nation to approve the purchase of militarized equipment, way
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