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tv   KRON 4 News at 7am  KRON  April 29, 2021 7:00am-8:01am PDT

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>> from the bay area's local news station. you're watching the kron 4 morning news at 7. >> good morning and thanks for waking up with us on a thursday. i'm darya folsom. and i'm james fletcher. we've got a really nice day shaping up for us around. >> it was a little breezy earlier, but then look too bad, right. yeah. i think i'm not going to need well. any of the i or the windbreaker know. i don't know. >> i would say avoid those at all afternoon unless you want to get a little toasty because it's already to be warm enough for this morning. it is cool enough that maybe if you're stepping outside just for a moment or 2 and are not doing your jog. go ahead and put that windbreaker on if you are going on the job this morning. it's kind of feeling perfect for that already mild
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temperatures a little bit of a cool breeze closer to the coast. really nice start to the day. we do have some spotty fog that is formed in parts of the bay. you can actually see a little bit of that, right above berkeley right now, visibility is fine for most fog cast has been exaggerating a little bit this morning. there are pockets of low visibility, though. so i do want to make that a point for you now, as far as radars concern skies are dry and we're going to stay that way for the rest of this forecast. temperatures are in the 40's and 50's right now. oakland at 52 hayward, 51 dublin in san francisco. egypt. 49 so cool, but not all that bad of a way to start the morning talking more in your forecast. still to come rain that you've been breaking down a few problems spots certainly have. that's a problem spots this morning. john, one out of hay or but i want to start with the bridges to show you. what's your commute? looks like as we head into the city this morning. this traffic certainly starting to build here at the bay bridge. we're backed up to about in leesville here. >> also looking at the fremont street exit heading from the maze. it will take a little under 16 minutes to make that
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drive this morning. now we have a traffic hazard here along the san mateo bridge 92 westbound. they had to run a traffic break. not too long ago. we're up to about 16 minutes as a result of that. hopefully that number doesn't continue to go up there. the richmond, sandra fell commute. also pretty slow this morning at 11 minutes. and here's the hot spot i was talking about john northbound, one 85 at 2.38 northbound. those ramps are closed and you can see we're starting to see delays along to 38 past castro valley. it's also pretty slow along highway for all they've moved that crash off of the road. you still see delays past pittsburgh. so we'll have more on that coming up next daryn james, i'll send it over to you. thanks a lot. let's get to the big story that we're following for the first time we're hearing now the officer side of what happened in the death of mario gonzalez. and this comes as we learned that there are now 5 separate investigations into what happened with kron four's. terisa starts here with the story. >> the family from mario gonzalez has come out strong saying that he was murdered by these officers. so i asked the attorney. did these officers
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take gonzales is life. >> in your estimate as their attorney. did the officer's murder. mario gonzales. >> absolutely not. >> allison barrie wilkinson represents james fisher eric mckinley and cameron leahy. the 3 officers shown in this body worn camera video who responded to the call of them. mumbling and intoxicated individual early monday morning on april 19 become that person now known as 26 year-old mario gonzales 5 separate investigations are now underway to determine what happened, that cause gonzalez to die while he was in police custody. >> the body-worn cameras reveal how hard the officers worked to tried to calmly bring mister gonzales into a safe situation. they tried for 3 full minutes to handcuff him all standing up. they did not want to have to take him to
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the ground. and it was the intensity of mister gonzales use be helped. >> as along with his straight very well. can sense as gonzales was a large person for the officers to get into custody is estimated by the officers. >> to be about 5 foot 5, but weighing. 250 to 300 pounds gonzalez. his family has said need to backed by the officers and asked him to stop breathing and die. >> barry says the video shows differently. a close examination of the video reveals that the actually have their body weight on their heels or on the there such that's really in essence they re seeing mister gonzalez and it was almost like a light switch. it was something completely unexpected. that happened when he suddenly went
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into. his medical emergency, which we don't know what it was, what it was. cardiac arrest. barry wilkinson says all 3 officers are on administrative leave pending the outcome of the multiple investigations. they are heartbroken. they were there to help mister gonzales. >> gary wilkinson says that it will take quite some time to find out the cause of death in this case that the toxicology it could take a matter of months. in the meantime, there is a growing memorial out here where mario gonzalez died. they're in alameda. theresa kron 4 news. >> a south, a criminal defense attorney says that the alameda police departments description of gonzalez is in custody death as a medical emergency may be true. however he adds that the emergency was caused by the officers involved who. >> he says used excessive unreasonable and unnecessary force. >> these officers the most powerful tool that they have
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in their possession or at their will is their ability to talk someone down verbally de-escalate, a situation and these officers very quickly escalated to the physical use of force which is absolutely necessary. absolutely would have been alive. still today and that's a pretty good indication that with the police to use excessive and unreasonable and unnecessary force when but for their actions, someone would still be living. >> that defense attorneys attorney went on to say that eric mckinley, who was the first officer to arrive there on scene. initially showed restraint. but then eventually appeared to lose patience with gonzales. he believes the officers should be prosecuted. >> happening today. san mateo county is going to start giving shots again at the san mateo county event center yet which of course had to pause their vaccination distribution for a brief time during mid-march supplies just got too low. but things are back up again. let's go to kron 4 sarah stinson live there this morning. do you have to have an appointment.
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>> you do have to have an appointment, but it's going to be easy, i imagine to get one because they have a ton of doses. they have about 10,000 new doses that are going to be coming to san mateo county every week. so i imagine you get an appointment. so right now as we speak, as you listen, all this head to my turn, the state's website and look for an appointment. you can come here to the san mateo county event center and get that shot in the arm. if you live in san mateo county. you haven't gotten the vaccine yet. this is a great opportunity to do so. the county had to pause mass vaccination sites back in mid-march after weeks of very little supply in really high demand. but now the county is getting 10,000 doses a week from the federal program allowing the county to host 2 to 3 mass vaccination sites. in these are in addition to the community clinic serving a vaccine in hard-hit neighborhoods plus, the county will be resuming use of the johnson and johnson vaccine this week. so that will add to the number of doses as well.
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there's a continued effort to get the vaccine to those who are experiencing homelessness to farm workers plus, to those who live in very low vaccination rate areas. there's certain areas, san mateo county. they have low vaccination rates. so they're really targeting those areas at last check on monday. 69 1% of san mateo county residents received at least the first dose. so that's pretty good. but they're trying to get that number up. now, again, people have to make a website or may have to make an appointment on the state's website. that is the very best way to do it. and that's going to help you get in the door. unfortunately, we've been moved all around. so i'm not exactly at the event center. but there's cones all set up, as you saw on the video, we're hoping to get back in to show you how it all works. it's a drive-thru. it's easy. hopefully you get on that website. you get the vaccine and you're good to go for now. back to the studio. right. thanks a lot, sarah. now, meantime, san mateo county is going to have to wait a little longer to relax the reopening into the yellow.
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>> they just looked at the county's adjusted case rate. and they can't do it because to move into the yellow tier. they think it will be mid-may at the earliest. the positivity rates are good. they meet the criteria. but the adjusted case trade has to drop below 2 per a 100,000 stay there for at least 2 weeks. and that hasn't happened yet when they do move into the yellow. what it means. it means you can do indoor bars, gyms movie. there's another businesses will be allowed to increase their indoor capacity. >> well, in the south bay, we've got san jose's, google project, one step closer to actually becoming. >> real. yeah. the planning commission gave the project the green light crowd force camila barco is live with the details. alexa, tell us what's going on. judge asked alexa google. that's is that google know that's amazon. that's not what's what's for google? hey. google, google's, all you need to take siri. >> hey, let you hear me. haha theory.
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>> so the city's planning commission unanimously agreed last night to move forward with the company's vision to transform get this 80 acres of land into this giant campus. neither some of the renderings of the proposed project and the downtown west development. now the idea is to use and develop the area west of highway 87 in san jose. the project includes 200 million dollars to help jump-start the local economy. the campus consist of 4,000 housing units, 15 acres of open space 7.3 million square feet of office space and room for small businesses and restaurants google is also providing grants for programs that can help people who live in san jose secure good paying jobs. but the project is not a reality just yet. this must go before the city council and they do have a meeting scheduled on may 25th to talk about this project and
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possibly move forward. so we'll, of course, keep you updated on how this progresses darya. james, back to you. siri. i'm still asking not getting the answer. thank you. come along. we'll take a break it is 7.10. still ahead on the kron 00:00am morning news. >> do you have the urge to splurge now that we're getting past the pandemic. it's called revenge spending. i will i will start to do it. get whats coming. what have known about for so long treat myself. absolutely on that coming up saxton credit cards to the mat. know, i actually heard someone say that the other day they spent all their savings from this past year. if you could save somebody's this past looking outside. we do have conditions out there this morning that are a little foggy later today, though, skies clear out temperatures in the 70's and 80's for daytime highs yet again today. >> got your forecast to come. >> and have a new hot spot on the eastbound side of the bay bridge. and i'm tracking right now. also another one out in hayward. we'll have more on that coming up after the break.
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>> 7.14 right now. and we have a hot spot. unfortunately. yeah, let's get to the traffic center in harvey standing by what he's seen yes. so i'm seeing a lot of delays. you can see the eastbound side from here. we're already slow on the westbound side of the
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bay bridge. however, this is on the eastbound side. so as you're leaving the city heading towards the east bay. it's at least one lane closed. it looks like it's near that sterling on ramps. so just as you're getting on the bridge. we have an overturned vehicle. we'll get more information on that. but as a result of that, you can definitely see traffic on the westbound side already starting to build. so hopefully we're not going to see any more major delays as a result of that that crashed in there for maybe about 15 minutes or so as we head into the city. 17 minutes. we also set some issues along the san mateo bridge, though there was a stalled vehicle on the westbound side here. traffic is starting to slow down as a result of that 60 minutes. so we're having a lot of trouble spots not only is it just year but the richmond, sandra fell bridge. also you're seeing slower conditions as you're heading out of richmond just under 13 minutes for your drive time. they are now. this is the other hot spot that we've had all throughout the morning. this is east 14th on an off-ramp northbound to 38 and to 38 is very slow as a result of this traffic collision. it's not just low
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here. the highway for that trash up. there's actually been cleared along highway 4. however, we're still seeing delays there past pittsburgh that was at port chicago highways or get more information. what's going on eastbound at the bay bridge overturned vehicle as you're leaving, the city will have more information on that. john. i'll send it over to you. for now. rain it looks like we're back to the prepandemic commuting conditions help there for a lot of us. unfortunately. >> at least we're back to some sunshine this morning. there's good and there's bad to this sunshine and dry weather that we've been talking so much about. weather has obviously been pretty enjoyable for a lot of the bay lately, the bad part is drought has expanded. and we've now looked at extreme drought inching even out towards the coast. that is sitting under some fog this morning teacher tower view shows you a little bit of that low cloud cover sitting right below suture tower over san francisco. there are pockets of low visibility really not widespread low visibility, though, this morning. some most of us are actually
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sitting under those blue sky conditions. high pressure is firmly in place much as it was yesterday going to keep us dry and warm for yet another day today is going to be our last day with widespread 80's for inland aalleys into the weekend. we start to cool down process that does eventually take some of the same spots out of the 80's into the 70's and even upper 60's, a sea breeze kicks into gear. later today. much like yesterday. those of you that felt the cooling effect of that sea breeze will tap into it briefly this afternoon will be very welcome with highs as warm as 88 degrees in antioch, conquered 83 fremont hayward in oakland in the 70's while san francisco in half moon bay in the 60's. it is more about their some of us had trouble sleeping last night because of how warm it was. good news for those of you that just wanted a little bit cooler. we've got that just around the corner tomorrow, daytime highs that are warm. us should only be in the upper 70's winds really kick into gear starting tomorrow night and by saturday and sunday are windiest days of this forecast. now that paired with such dry
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conditions. increase the risk of wildfire here and that in the middle of the weekend. so just be very conscious of your activities. and also in general just playing around those winds might interrupt some of your outdoor plans back to you. >> for your money this morning. royal caribbean is moving ahead with the world's largest cruise ship and wall street reacts to the financial proposals. >> that president biden may jane king is live in new york with those stories and more. hi, jane. >> heidari and we have hit record highs this morning. in the nasdaq and the s p 500. also, we have some good economic news of economic growth. the first 3 months of this year, stronger than expected. but, you know, the word jobs mentioned more than 40 times during president biden's speech last night. now to pay for his proposals. he has proposed raising the top income tax rate capital gains taxes, boosting taxes on companies as well. but many investors feel they'll be some compromise there. so we are seeing higher markets today,
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but it isn't slated to overtake walmart has the largest retailer in the u.s. edge by central also found that e-commerce will account for 29% of us retail chain sales by 2025 kroger, by the way, slated to hold on to that 3rd spot as the largest retailer. it will pretty and building the new world's largest cruise ship. it's called the wonder of the see the ship will begin sailing from shanghai and hong kong beginning in march. it's 1200 feet long. 200, 15 feet wide. 236,000 tons and can accommodate almost 7,000 people overnight. the cdc says the cruise lines may be able to resume sailings in july from us ports. but it depends on passengers and crews being vaccinated. it's been a difficult year for students and teachers and parents as they've all that quickly technology. so that's why warren green felt it. say it now it's working with facebook messenger to allow people to record a message of gratitude to a teacher or anybody that has had an impact on their
7:20 am
life. >> i took a yearlong journey to express gratitude to people have been important in my life and i learned the power that comes from doing that. >> teacher appreciation day is may 4th. you can find out more at, say it now docked life. live from new york, i'm jane king. back to you, toria. all right. thanks. a lodging. >> well, people who weren't financially impacted by the pandemic are making up for that last year. a fun by revenge spending. we've got christian joyce to explain. >> a lot of americans are feeling deprived after being cooped up for a year due to the pandemic after not being able to take any vacations for more than a year now and being cooped up at home where body just get out there and do it safely. many haven't been able to go out and spend their money and they want to revenge spend according to money, saving expert andrea war, and they kind want to. >> get some revenge on the world and reward themselves for all the hardships they've
7:21 am
endured this past year. the national retail federation estimates, retail sales will increase between 6 and a half to 8.2% this year to a total of up to 4.4 trillion exceeding the 4.4% average during the previous 5 years. th se consumers who plan to revenge spend will do so on items like luxury purses, electronics clothing and dream vacations just. >> but trip to nap. but. early june just to get away. the 2 of us for a couple days. we're about a year. i wasn't going anywhere. so there's no reason to buy and cell. now that i'm back out in back in the meeting with people taking this time to, you know, buy you a lots of new clothes are a lot of people out there who would say don't do it at all. it's a waste of money, but warrick says it's ok to go back out into your community and spend money. >> in fact, it's helpful to small businesses who have suffered the past year just make sure you plan for it. do so wisely by fitting it into
7:22 am
your budget. a budget doesn't mean it's going to restrict time. you spend your money. >> it allows you to make thoughtful spending decisions. it allows you to figure out where you need to spend last so that you could afford these extra purchases. the splurges. >> that was kristen joyce reporting. you can also revenge spend wisely by buying second-hand and maximizing rewards and getting rid of any expenses that you took on during the pandemic like extra streaming services and tutoring and that kind of stuff. if you want to be responsible. >> 7.22. and up next, we all need to feel some responsibility to help india with what's going on there. the situation is dire. we'll take a look and how you can help.
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>> 7.25. is the time in the north bay. travis air force base in solano county now is stepping up to try and help those that are suffering in india by putting together pallets of supplies. this all coming after the biden administration decided to send help to india so that they could help fight this latest surge that's ravaging that country donations include things like oxygen cylinders and 95 masks. those rapid test kits to. they need that desperately the supplies are being brought in by the u.s. air force. >> our boss all the way down. this is the number one mission
7:26 am
it right that one aircraft one mission to get out in overseas destination. >> and this was just the first of several large shipments set for the coming days. >> some bay area residents raising money now to provide covid relief or india and they want to send medical supplies to the country with that money each day the crisis in india is getting worse. the cases are skyrocketing. >> hospitals are overrun. look at the lines of all of these people did try to get oxygen. >> to their loved ones. one palo alto koppel is helping their friends and family back in india. they're raising money to buy and deliver oxygen to hospitals that are treating and overrun with covid patients. and meantime, there's another group trying to raise $400,000 to help people as well. >> yeah. it's a humanitarian crisis and not just my
7:27 am
personal relationship to it, but also just being someone on the world who just wants to do good and help solve this pretty much on a daily basis. we care about somebody has. koster way. and it could have avoidable death to stand up in the appropriate medical attention and the oxygen. if you want to help. >> we have links on how you can donate on kron 4 dot com. so take a look into it. you can. >> 7.27 will be back. experience all the deals at lowe's springfest before it's too late. in-store and online. home to any budget. home to any possibility.
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>> 7.30 is the time right now. let's take a things look pretty nice here at the push of the bay bridge yeah. traffic of the traffic part. that's a bit back. let's start fix center to walk us through a good morning. right now. good morning, daryn. james, i wish i could say things were good, but they're not especially on the eastbound side of the bay bridge. there's an accident an overturned vehicle. looks like someone may be trapped in that vehicle right now. this is at the beginning of the bridge. so as you're going to get on the bridge right by the embarcadero and the backup is all the way past 23rd street. it's almost near that interchange that 1, 1, to 80 connector looks like it just hit it. there. so we're seeing major delays. we actually have a live image of what things
7:31 am
look like. this is a near 6th street in the city. you can see just how far that traffic is backed up because of that crash. we know at least 2 lanes are closed. they had more than that close. they've been able to open up at least 3. we know 2 lanes are closed. no word on how long this is going to be an issue. but it certainly is. and he showed us at the start of the show what the westbound side looks like. they're so we're going show you as you're heading into the city is going to take you 16 minutes to that fremont street exit. so you're seeing more of a delay. this is actually backed up passed in louisville. so that's also an issue if you want to go out and try to take another route. the san mateo bridge recovering from a stalled vehicle earlier today. that was pretty slow now at about 16 minutes. so that's an option for you. the richmond, sandra fell commutes pretty slow out of richmond, 13 minutes for your drive time at another hot spot that still here. this is out in hayward. east 14th on an off-ramp that's closed. so northbound to 38 to 38 pretty slow that pass. castro valley will be
7:32 am
following that traffic collision at the bay bridge. but for now, john, i'll send it over to you. >> thanks for all the info reyna does it look fun out there this morning. at least we do have clear skies this. you're waiting in traffic or about to be leaving the house here shortly. we are going to be looking at conditions today yet again really warm this afternoon. it's going to be another scorcher for inland areas. some her daytime highs like an antioch going to be approaching 90 degrees this afternoon. you look outside right now to berkeley cam does show you some of the low cloud cover that is sifted on into the bay, not resulting in bad visibility for most areas. but to watch for pockets where you're driving through those low clouds skies or otherwise really clear, really dry and temperatures right now earn a range of 40's to 50's oakland. the label at 52 degrees alameda 53 some upper 40's in san mateo and san francisco talking more in your forecast. still to come. first. let's go over to daria. 7.32 in national news. president joe biden told a joint session of congress that.
7:33 am
>> his administration has turned crisis into opportunity during these first 100 days in office, but to build on that work for americans. the president called on lawmakers to help washington correspondent jessi turnure has a recap. >> good morning. the main crisis president biden inherited the covid-19 pandemic loomed large over his speech with a limited audience and masks. but the president made it clear the country is making a comeback. >> america. >> is on the move again. >> on the eve of his 100th day in office. president joe biden applauded how far the nation has come since inauguration day. the worst pandemic in a century. the worst economic crisis since the great depression. the worst attack on our democracy since the civil war. >> to keep the momentum going. the president made the case for big government. he officially unveiled his nearly 2 trillion dollar plan to fund a national family and medical leave program along with free
7:34 am
preschool in community college prove democracy still works in our government still works and we can deliver for our people. president biden proposed tax hikes on the wealthiest households to pay for it this time to grow the economy from the bottom in the middle out. the president also called on congress to act on other policy priorities like police reform. we've all seen an even justice in the black americans. >> now is our opportunity to make some real progress. but south carolina's tim scott, the lone black gop senator who delivered the republican rebuttal push back on president biden's expansion of government in a partisan way. he's done it. the actions of the president and his party. >> or pulling us further and further apart. scott says that includes democrats rhetoric when it comes to racial injustice. hear me clearly. america is not he races country. >> to officially mark has 100th day in office. president biden in the first lady will travel to georgia later today to attend a drive-in rally in
7:35 am
atlanta. they also plan to meet with former president jimmy carter and his wife in washington. i'm jessi tenure. >> it's a great deal more about what this means. let's go to our political analyst michael yaki. good morning, michael. so we we got good morning. the era of big government is back. >> what's interesting because a lot of people thought joe biden as the transitional president even comes up the transitional president. what they didn't get what he was transitioning back to the new deal and the great society of fdr. yeah. and lbj. it's it's it's to try to look at the federal government in a different way. look at the fact that tapping on frustration that the american people have with that they believe government isn't working for them and his answers. go big or go home. >> yeah. and the republicans are like. you're you're getting involved in our lives from cradle to college. i think was their little slogan.
7:36 am
>> well, if that means that we're getting child care for every working family that needs it. and providing free college, two-year colleges for every deserving american youth who wants it. i think that's a trait of the people are going to take. i mean, slogans or not. going know what's going to make this to president who is talk about bipartisanship, but he's talking about it in terms of the american people. i think he realizes that you have a congress that the still dominated by by a party that is rooted in the in the in the same things like resulted in the january 6 insurrection, something that i notice senator tim scott, i definitely try to avoid in his response. but i think this is something where you saw the reaction to the speech or 70% american people that the country is going in the right direction. even the number of republicans doubled in terms of believing that the country was in the right direction. so this is a president who is decided that in order to create the kind of america that we all want. this is his
7:37 am
plan and he has a plan and he's going to try and push it forward and it's nice to have a policy debate for once rather than wondering, you know, about insults and lies that go on that. they've gone back for the previous 4 years. i'd rather have a policy debate. >> it's kind of interesting how it appears, though he was trying to wrestle back some of the marketing that the republican party has touted for the past 4 years of being that populist message for the workers and it sounded a lot like he was trying to reclaim that for the democratic party saying we can build turbines in pittsburgh. they don't have to be built in china and kind of reshaping the platform a bit. >> well, it's i mean, it goes to the roots of scranton. joe wright, blue collar hard working middle class in that use to be the base of the democratic party. that was that was that was the that was the american people who flock fdr in the depths of the great depression. interstate with party for many years. and joyous actually reagan came
7:38 am
along in the 80's. so he stripped ap that. the question is can he will he. and appealing to the jobs issue talking about jobs, which is really the crux of the issue when it comes to middle america. it was, i think a very good thing that he did. but again, the question is going to be how is he going to be able to deliver all of these things with a very divided yeah. and when you said how's it going to deliver is like and the money. >> then there's the,there's a cost. thank you, michael. all right. thank you very thank you, james. we'll be right back. should developing in the
7:39 am
7:40 am
7:41 am
south bay. at least 7 members of a san jose group aimed at reforming police and public safety. >> they say that not enough progress is being made and they've resigned. the san jose re imagine safety advisory committee. >> was put together back in september and a key concern for this group was to make changes within the police department. but after just a few months after a few meetings really 7 of the 46 members on that group have now left because they say there's a total lack of structure. however, city officials who helped organize this committee say the group is still in its early stages. >> we see examples of see the
7:42 am
funding police we see examples of cities really imagining how they view of responses. we should be leading the way i for 01:00am not willing to the fan. why i believe why i know that policing is races. i don't i don't have the energy has been a lot of pent-up. >> frustration and tension around the need for police reform and we had knowledge that all we're asking is that people will stay at the table and work through these issues. they didn't happen overnight tonight could get was old overnight. >> currently the committee is on a pause as it re evaluate moving forward leaders do expect, though, to meet again in the next few weeks. >> we'll take a break at 7.42 and be right back.
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someday, looking back on the pandemic, you'll want to be proud to say i did everything i could. i found the strength. i looked out for everyone. i did what i could to keep my family safe. i will say, i did my part. while covid-19 is in the air, please, protect yourself and others. wear a mask, keep your distance, and get vaccinated when it's your turn. santa clara county. stay strong. spread hope.
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santa clara county. time and it's bad. oh, my gosh. we haven't said hot spot a long time for the morning commute. looks like we've got an issue that's causing a big backup here at the bay bridge toll plaza reyna harvey. >> with the details. good morning. good morning. it's backed up on pretty much both sides. but the eastbound side that's we're focusing on right now. 80 eastbound at the embarcadero is as you're getting on the freeway right there. traffic collision overturned vehicle looks like somebody may be trapped in their vehicle and the backup is growing. we're going to show you. you can see it's a long one o one. it's now past
7:46 am
that one. oh, one to 80 connector there in the city and it's even further past silver avenue. attracted down to that again. we're going to show you what it looks like. actually, we're going to go out there right now currently this is along 6th street. you can see that back of building. we know they have 2 lanes open. at one point all of them are close, but they've been able to open at least 3 of them on the bridge there. so things are pretty slow and we mentioned as we started of the westbound side of things 21 minutes. so you've got the back of building here where people are traveling into the city, probably a lot of people going slow because of that accident as well. also, you might opt to take the san mateo bridge and had a cross towards the peninsula. things are slow here because people are probably trying to take this ridge. 23 minutes for your drive time as you head across towards the peninsula. the richmond, sandra fell coming pretty slow as well. 15 minutes and then hot spot. we've been following all morning that has backup along to 38 close at east 14th onramp and offramp because of an early morning police chase
7:47 am
actually that ended in a collision. there you can see it's backed up well past castro valley. so we'll have more on that coming up. the send it over to you. thanks. reyna loads. rough out there on the roads. at least weather is the one thing cooperating with your morning commute. >> we're looking at a pretty easy go as far as your commute goes spurs mother nature's concerned, at least even if you are sitting in traffic for a while. you're doing so under some sunshiny skies that sunshine working in our favor for your morning commute, not so much in other regards across the bay area. we actually saw an update to our drought monitor earlier on this morning and that is showed extreme drought expanding further south in towards the coast across the bay area. now that deep red indicating extreme drought stretches into the south bay up and down the peninsula at the entirety of the north bay and further into alameda and contra costa counties as we dry out the water levels will they will continue to suffer as more and more of the state falls into this extreme category of drought reservoir levels have dropped
7:48 am
significantly. so look there on the left. first, our capacity for reservoirs across the state is around 28.9 million acre feet of water where we're sitting right now is about half of that. and we're just at the very end of the winter season. we should be achieving near capacity or at least our historic averages, which is you can see below is around 20 million acre feet last year, for example, was after a dry year. we saw around 20 million acre feet to start the summer season which was a season that brought wildfires along with it. this is not the way we want to be starting this drier time of year ahead of us skies there drive. they're going to stay that way with high pressure now in place and staying in place for the rest of the day today. that means warm weather. i mean, really sunny conditions. some of us are going to love that might be a little hard to go to sleep tonight, though, especially with our inland areas heating into the 80's. least we will have a sea breeze kicking into gear providing some relief. for those of you that are maybe a little too toasty with those 80's 50's and 60's for your
7:49 am
highs. in san francisco and elsewhere along the coast in on the peninsula. it's the further away you get from the water that we really start to see that heat redwood city palo alto and mountain view at 7780's for the south bay today. 81 in san jose. and for the tri valley. it's back to the low to mid 80's livermore 85 degrees, concord and walnut creek as well as dan villa 83 nicer in oakland at 73 today. well, antioch in vacaville within striking distance of hitting 90 degrees. santa rosa at 80 looking ahead at your next 7 days here temperatures tomorrow, cool down a bit. it's still going to be a warm one. partly cloudy and winds picking up later in the day on friday. this is going to set us up for a really breezy weekend saturday, especially going to be a windy day, cooler weather, but we are still going to be dry and that paired with those winds does mean hightened fire danger james and darya. the sports world is counting down the hours until the niners decide what they're going to do with the 3rd pick and i was
7:50 am
counting on my fingers. but it's 9. yeah. just 9 hours, 10 hours from now out and that will end the mystery of which quarterback the forty-niners will pick something that has been hotly debated on sports talk radio and. >> analysis shows for about a month now. feel almost exhausting just kind of the analysis right. and it all doesn't matter because they're going to do what they're going to do and we're not going to know until 5 o'clock. our time covers will tran is alive, though, to talk about it. >> leading up to it just a little bit i will. >> you know, it's a funny you and i know as much as the so-called experts because they don't know or else they'd worked for nfl teams. instead they get to sit box. and then just say i would do this or i would do that. they don't only 2 people know for sure. coach shanahan and john lynch, but they are not saying who they will pick the forty-niners 75th anniversary and they would like to end that drought. i mean, john shrable was talking about a drought. how about a super bowl drought
7:51 am
and they hope one of these guys will help them. so take a look at your screen. they are drafting a quarterback make no mistake about it. you don't trade so many picks to the miami dolphins and not draft a quarterback. we're talking on the board for the forty-niners mac jones that the left, trey lance in the middle and justin fields to the right of your screen. >> justin fields. he played for ohio state. all 3 are wonderful prospects. but only one of them tomorrow will be introduced by the forty-niners and say this is our quarterback moving forward by the way, they have a quarterback on the roster right now. you might have heard of him. good looking guy. dark. >> complex did named jimmy g 29 years old. he's on the roster. but more than likely will not be long term because you don't move up that high and not draft a quarterback and know exactly who you want as far as justin fields all morning, we have been talking to high school coaches. and now it's justin fields high school coach. it's his turn to talk about why the
7:52 am
forty-niners should draft him. >> going to get an outstanding person that's going to be a great we know how talented he is. he can run to his left thumb. and you know, and is right is right he's really create plan actual quarterbacks. i really don't know how he does it fit with the forty-niners. >> we'll just have to wait and see right. all these experts, they are thinking it's probably mac jones or trey lance, but it could be justin fields. you might recall on. unfortunately i get up in all of that to just a field that one time let's talk about being the first overall draft choice, but he has some health problems. so he might not even be drafted 3rd darya and james e might fall way back. and so the first round. but the bottom line is we shall see. and a little bit more than 8 hours from now. jimmy g, by the way, still on the roster. there is a chance he could be traded tonight or in the days ahead. we'll talk about that in the buzz story. i'm saving
7:53 am
the best for you in just okay. yeah. i want to hear your best stuff, but it's also way to will i you've got to imagine that shanahan. >> also is feeling a lot of pressure right now because he's only got a few years of his contract and given how much he gave up for this pick. it 3. never he selects doesn't pan out right. then in a few years time he could be getting that same talk from jed york that now to get right now. we love you. but we kind of got to let you go. there's a lot, right. that's why she and he said we could all be dead by sunday who that's why he was so afraid around lot of pressure. no. if he doesn't make this right guys. the seat will get warm for him. let's face it, he was the offensive coordinator with the falcons that allowed tom brady to come back, 28 to 3. >> and then he was up in the 4th quarter against the chiefs overnight. shed the seats comfortable because doesn't work. it will be suddenly war. that's what meant by nobody
7:54 am
safe. we don't know who is going to stay alive. thank you. we'll find out. we'll be right back. 7.56. and still
7:55 am
7:56 am
ahead on the kron 00:00am morning news. there are now 5 separate investigations. >> into the police custody.
7:57 am
death of mario gonzalez in the east bay. we'll have a look at what both sides are saying. the victim's family, the police and a hate crime investigation in the east bay. this black delivery driver says he was the victim of being racially profiled and harassed and president biden has a plan. he says so far eastern the crisis of covid into an opportunity and there's something in it for. everybody will tell you what everybody will tell you what has he talked to congress. ♪ ♪ ♪ everybody will tell you what has he talked to congress. when it comes to your financial health, just a few small steps can make a real difference. ♪ ♪ ♪ learn, save and spend with guidance from chase.
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>> from the bay area's local news station. you're watching the 00:00am morning news. >> morning thanks for waking up with us on little frey fry right friday junior thursday. not as good but. will take on the last day before friday. we've got john tripp is looking trees going there's just so you know. >> well, you can see james, you've got a lot it's really invading you. it that sea breeze actually pretty welcome because yesterday was such a toasty day. and today we're back to it, especially for inland areas. daytime high is going to be pushing right back


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