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tv   KRON 4 News at 6am  KRON  April 29, 2021 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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>> from the bay. area's local news station. you're watching the kron 4 morning news at 6. >> good morning and thanks for waking up with us on a thursday. little closer to friday which is i think a good thing. i'm daria. >> and i'm james and today is nfl draft day. good news for 40 niner fans because by the end of today. >> we can all stop speculating on who the niners are going. if we're alive that long. james, we got no coach and he said, you know, we can all be dead by sunday. yes. >> we're
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>> all here. we're all healthy so far and looks like we've kind of breezy start to this thursday morning, john, that's called setting the yes. so that wind is going to be extra that. yes, just waking up is a plus. yeah. waking up especially to the sunshine. i mean, couldn't get any better looking outside this morning. we do have some nice clear skies for most of the bay area. there are some of us -hat are actually sitting in some low grade that you can see in this view from center tower right here. cloud cover has made its way into portions of the bay. and we are seeing just a couple of pockets, a lower visibility. podcasts. it's exaggerating a lot. you're not seeing that low visibility for most areas. but i do want you to know that there are pockets out there, especially right along the bay shore where we are seeing a couple of spots of lower visibility on our bridges too. radar, but we are looking clear and dry and we're going to stay that way. 40's and 50's for current temperatures fremont in dublin. each of the upper 40's alameda berkeley and oakland are sitting in the low 50's right now, not seeing
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any 30's on the map. so not all that cold in the morning and it is going to be a pretty mild rest of the morning ahead of our warm afternoon. to get that jog out of the way or if you want to leave a little extra early, get that commute out of the way too. we've got a couple holdups out there. yeah, we do. we actually been tracking a hot spot already this morning out in hayward. so it's as you're getting on to 38 actually. >> so it's east 14th that on-ramp off-ramp northbound to 38. and as you can see, things are already pretty slow along to 38 past castro valley. there. but i'm looking 80 at in those are still at the limit. if you are taking bart, there is a 10 minute delay on the various a line. if you're heading in the richmond in daly city direction. that's something to note heading into the city right now. traffic still pretty much at the limit. 13 minutes, although they have turned those metering lights on. so they're starting to slow folks down just a bit. there. the san mateo bridge 13 minutes as you're heading across towards the peninsula. no major looking at conditions along one. oh, one and to not tracking any major incidents
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here as you're heading towards menlo park just at 29 minutes. so we'll have more on that coming up. but now darya and james, back to you. thanks. right. 6. '02, and a big story we're following this morning for the first time we're hearing from the fremont police officers about their side of what happened in the death of mario gonzalez. and this all comes as we learn of 5 separate investigations now looking into what happened. >> allison barrie wilkens represents james fisher, eric mckinley and cameron lehigh those 3 officers are shown in this body camera video. now she says that gonzales was a large person for the officers to get into custody and insisted that the body camera video reveals her class did not kill mario gonzalez. >> cameras reveal how hard the officers worked to tried to calmly bring mister gonzalese into a safe situation. they tried for 3 full minutes to handcuff him all standing up. they did not want to have to
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take him to the ground. a close examination of the video reveals that the actually have their body weight on their heels or on the there such that's really in essence they re seeing mister gonzalez. >> all 3 officers are on administrative leave pending the outcome of these multiple investigations. meanwhile, the south criminal defense force out. criminal defense attorney says that the alameda police departments description of can solace his death as a medical emergency may technically be true, but he believes that police used excessive and unreasonable and unnecessary forcefully has that side of the story. >> south bay criminal defense attorney could be softening of the south in law firm says the alameda police departments description of 26 year-old mario gonzalez is in custody. death as a medical emergency may be but south and says the emergency was caused by the officers involved who he
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unreasonable and unnecessary we have 2 or more calls for service. we have citizen calling in. >> more as a matter of concern for the individual. then a matter of public safety >> i was on southend says eric mckinley in first officer to arrive at the park on oak street the morning of april 19th initially showed restraint. but eventually lost patients with gonzalez. 911 callers reported was likely an armed, though he appeared intoxicated may have just committed a theft. these officers had the most powerful tool that they have in their possession or at their will is their ability to talk someone down verbally de-escalate, a situation. >> and these officers very quickly escalated to the physical use of force which is absolutely unnecessary. they had time. they had distance. they had the benefit of not being in the crowd, an area where there's there would be a public safety risk wraps of people were close and they
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could mister gonzalez. they could see that he didn't have a weapon and all they needed to do was to give it time and to talk mister gonzalez down or trying to figure out what was going on south and has successfully settle federal civil rights cases of police misconduct. most recently with the city of palo alto and its police department at least one officer in that case has been criminally charged south and the leaves the offices in mario gonzalez's should be prosecuted as well. but for the police actually coming to the scene. >> mister gonzalez probably would have just gone on his way and he absolutely would have been alive. still today and that's a pretty good indication that with the police to use excessive and unreasonable and unnecessary force when but for their actions, someone would still be living and no, no one from the general public would have been injured for. now the 3 officers involved are on paid administrative leave. >> well, multiple investigations gonzalez's death are conducted.
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>> phillipe djegal all kron 4 news. >> 6 '06. and today daly city police are expected to release the names of the officers involved in the fatal shooting of roger allen. that shooting happened on april 7th near could imperil sarah boulevard and westlake avenue. police say that officers walked up to a park pickup truck that had damage to a rear tire and that the driver cooperated. but then the passenger in the truck, roger allen appear to have a gun in his lap and that gun turns out it was fake. police say that allen grabbed what they thought was a real gun and officers tried to disarm him. and during the struggle. another officer fired his gun and the bullet struck allen in the chest. he died at the hospital. in the east bay oakland. police say they are stepping up their efforts to reduce gun violence to oakland police captains held a facebook live event to talk about violent crime. they say that every 3 days,
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somebody dies from a homicide in oakland. and most of those are from shootings. so far this year. there have been 45 homicides in oakland nearly 3 times the number at the same point last year. the captain say it's illegal guns on the streets. that's the big problem. >> and the type of weaponry that we see is unlike any time experiences. been here at opd has 26 years. there's a lot of machine guns high-power rifle, high capacity magazines. >> police say the city's cease-fire program was working to reduce the number of homicides before the pandemic. but then covid slow down that program in the violence has gone up. oakland. police have opened the violent crime operation center within the last month. so they're hoping to reduce those shootings. >> developing out of the south bay now. at least 7 members of a san jose group responsible for reforming police and
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public safety have resigned because they say not enough is being done. the san jose re imagine safety advisory committee has put together was put together back in september. and a key concern was making changes within the police department. but after just a few meetings, 7 of the 46 members have left the group because of lack of structure. however, city officials who helped organize the committee say the group is still in its early stages. >> we see examples of see the funding police use examples of cities really imagining how they view of responses. we should be leading the way. i for 01:00am not willing to the ban. why i believe why i know that policing is races. i don't i don't have the energy has been a lot of pent-up. >> frustration and tension around the need for police reform and we had knowledge that all we're asking is that people will stay at the table and work through these issues. they didn't happen overnight tonight could get was old overnight.
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>> currently the committee is on a pause as it evaluates moving forward. leaders expect to meet again in a few weeks. >> an east bay delivery driver says that he was racially profiled and harassed and there is video of the moments after a berkeley woman accused him of speeding. take a look. showing 35 year-old julie laura lynn and her boyfriend and they're yelling at. kendall mcintosh at one point she even jumps into his truck and tries to take a hold of the steering wheel for several minutes. berkeley police classify this as a hate crime. they arrested warley last week on a number of charges including using racial slurs and threatening a person based on their appearance. >> but costly was right to my said no, it could be me and so no matter what the situation
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is just protect yourself. all, you know, if you feel like you have to type or anything definitely do that because i feel like if there a video. there was an herbal party. she probably could have got away with >> and here is a closer look at the woman who was arrested from her mugshot. it's the second hate crime arrest in berkeley this month. >> developing news overnight. police now investigating a fatal pedestrian hit and run crash, which happened at the intersection of moderate road and quarter avenue about 8.30, last night. police haven't released any details about the vehicle involved. but this is san jose's 15th traffic fatalities so far this year. if we do get a vehicle description will be sure to let you know. still ahead on the kron 4 morning news traffic patterns across the bay area have been changing as more and more people are heading. >> back to work. we're going to examine some of the numbers and how they've changed over the course of the pandemic. plus, as india faces another covid surge, many bay area
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residents are now volunteering to try to provide some help. we'll tell you how some are working to solve the problem and also after the break, speaking of solving problems. president biden says the nation is moving again, turning the crisis of the pandemic into an opportunity will have a recap of his first address to a joint session of congress coming up in a live report from dc. >> and drought monitor on the move this morning. the latest update showing drought and extreme drought up that having expanded further south into san jose. all of the peninsula and much of the bay area coastline and no rainfall inside ahead of us. i've got the updates in your forecast and as traffic starts to pick up this morning to mardy tracking hot spot out in hayward. a new accident out antioch. and you're looking at your conditions as you're heading i
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someday, looking back on the pandemic, you'll want to be proud to say i did everything i could. i found the strength. i looked out for everyone. i did what i could to keep my family safe. i will say, i did my part. while covid-19 is in the air, please, protect yourself and others. wear a mask, keep your distance, and get vaccinated when it's your turn.
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santa clara county. stay strong. spread hope. >> thank madam speaker. madam vice president. it has ever said those words from this podium. no president ever said those words. >> and it's about time. >> was a historic moment so again, for the first time, as you just saw, the introduce both vice president kamala harris speak of the house, nancy pelosi. both powerful women from the bay area. we should add. we make powerful women.
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>> pretty good as for the meat and potatoes of what he said. the president says his administration has turned the coronavirus crisis into an opportunity yet took a 100 days in first 100 days in office to do it. but our dc correspondent jessi tenure is joining us live from the nation's capital with more. >> on what he had to say about that. good morning, jesse. >> yeah, good morning, james and darya in that really the main crisis that, of course president biden has been faced with that may's 100 days. the coronavirus pandemic loomed large over his address as well. when you saw very limited audience there and lots of masks. but the president did make the case that as far as he's concerned, the country is making a comeback. >> america. >> is on the move again. >> on the eve of his 100th day in office. president joe biden applauded how far the nation has come since inauguration day. the worst pandemic in a century. the worst economic crisis since the great depression. the worst attack
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on our democracy since the civil war. >> to keep the momentum going. the president made the case for big government. he officially unveiled his nearly 2 trillion dollar plan to fund a national family and medical leave program along with free preschool in community college prove democracy still works in our government still works and we can deliver for our people. president biden proposed tax hikes on the wealthiest households to pay for it this time to grow the economy from the bottom in the middle out. the president also called on congress to act on other policy priorities like police reform. we've all seen and even justice in the black americans. >> now is our opportunity to make some real progress. but south carolina's tim scott, the lone black gop senator who delivered the republican rebuttal push back on president biden's expansion of government in a partisan way. he's done it. the actions of the president and his party are pulling us further and further apart. scott says that includes democrats rhetoric. >> when it comes to racial injustice. hear me clearly.
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america is not he races country. >> to officially mark his one 100th day in office, president biden along with the first lady will be continuing this conversation later today in georgia during a drive-in rally and they also plan on meeting with former president jimmy carter and his wife live in washington. i'm jessi tenure. daria. >> thanks a lot, jesse, last night's speech, as we said, was a big moment for kamala harris and speaker nancy pelosi joining the president in this joint session and it was quite a moment for a congresswoman barbara lee to see. >> having. the vice vice president kamala harris of black south asian woman. born in oakland raised in berkeley, in my congressional districts. and when the speaker the eirst woman speaker in history sitting together 2 of the most
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powerful people in the world who happen to be women in from the bay area. i mean, i do have bragging rights. >> and asked about it. speaker pelosi said it's about time. i just want to be called madame matt. i love that. madam speaker madam vice fulsome. can you do that for me. captain or i don't know something i want to no and what other all right. never mind for. we've got to be the bear wet. yes, i like shrable >> well, it is going to be a nice one today, unfortunately has been too nice lately. that's been the problem. we've seen all the sunshine. this nice weather that we've been enjoying and that comes with dry conditions that have been ever so expanding across the bay area and drought monitor has been released this morning showing increased extreme drought for much more of the bay now. now at least we are
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tapping into some moisture at least in the form of fog that is pushed in right through the golden gate this morning up into the morning headlines. the un temper on is actually pretty clear, but you head out towards the coastline and a couple of pockets in the bay are looking a little foggy this morning. high pressure is in place. this is going to keep us dry as we round out the weekend, round out the month too. we're on the second to last day of april. now sea breeze kicks up this afternoon. you may have felt that yesterday and you probably welcome to 2 considering how warm it was temperatures today will be just as warm as yesterday's were 60's right along the coastline 70's a longer bayshore cities and 80's further inland. san jose 81 antioch 88 while napa conquered in livermore. also back into the 80's today. tomorrow. not going to be talking. so many 80's temperatures cool into the 70's and locally even further into the weekend ahead of us. now the weekend is going to be bringing a cool down and thankfully so because as winds pick up on saturday and sunday. that will also come along with the risk of fire danger is conditions are so dry, so be mindful of that as
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you plan out the weekend john, thank you for that. still tracking a hot spot out in hayward and how conditions are getting pretty backed up there. this is east 14th that on and off ramps are closed because of an early morning traffic collision. >> and you see 2.38, we're starting to see delays along there. still 5, 88. 80 are at the limit. but again, we're starting to see more backup as a result of that crash out in concord along highway 4 eastbound highway for port chicago. there's a traffic collision there. we're starting to see some delays along highway 4. can a look at the bay bridge. you head into the city a little under 15 minutes to that fremont street exit for you and the san mateo bridge had across towards the peninsula. a solid 14 there. no major delays. we'll have more on that coming up next. but for now, dorian james, back to you. i've decided on lady called the lady. he played a full. so because it's the only time i've ever been called the lady coming up on the kron 4 morning news. what's google got the store for san jose could bring a of business to challah. a live report.
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>> 6.24 and let's go to the south bay where google's got a big plan in san jose. one step closer to reality last night. the planning commission gave the project the go ahead. the green light, whatever you want to call it. comports camila barco, though. >> down there live for us this morning with the story. good morning. camila. >> and good morning. and that's right. google is a close-up actively building a village here in san jose. the
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city's planning commission unanimously unanimously agreed last night to move forward with the company's vision to transform 80 acres of land into a campus. now, these are some of the renderings of the proposed downtown west development. the company plans to use and develop the area west of highway 87 in san jose. the project includes 200 million dollars to help jump-start the local economy. the plan consists of 4,000 housing units 15 acres of open space 7.3 million square feet of office space and room for small businesses and restaurants google is also providing grants for programs that can help san jose residents get on a career track for secure good paying jobs. now, this project has not become a reality just yet. they need to get approval from the city council and there is a meeting scheduled for may 25th. of course we'll keep you updated as this project moves a lawn dart. james, back to you. very good. thank you for the update. camila.
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>> san mateo county is able to reopen its mass vaccination sites. now that supply is headed their way and live with the details coming up.
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>> 6.28 right now. and this is
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why we pay the big bucks to live in the bay area. i mean, corgis mount tam looking down over timber on sausalito marin county and san francisco there in the distance hidden behind that low clouds, ok, well, if you had a million bucks. well, forget a million. if you had several million a lot more than you'd have that hill. but for free, you get to enjoy 3 to good morning, john. a million bucks get view of your neighbors. will but yes, multi-million get in as you like this. we are looking outside at really nice views across the bay as we see a little complement of low cloud cover under some overals clear skies aside from it. >> that cloud cover a sign of the cool sea breeze that worked its way in late yesterday providing some relief from the heat. at least news tower cam view shows a similar kind of perspective with sunshine up above and then some evidence that cool ocean air down below. now. visibility is being affected
6:30 am
in pockets. this is a out doing it just a little bit and fog cast. most of our visibility is actually fine. but watch out for a couple of spots out there. we're fog has intruded into the bay right now. skies are clear for the most of us and some pitchers are actually fairly mild. no 30's on the map right now we're in the 40's or 50's all across the bay pittsburgh especially nice at 57 right now talking another warm afternoon in the rest of your forecast. but first, over to rain. it will go. you have a hot spot what's the latest with that? you know, we're still starting to see conditions continue to back up along to 38. >> so this is at east 14th that on an off-ramp there. and you can see we're starting to see more traffic build. now it's past castro valley. the air with that slowdown is 8580 are still at the limit. so that's just a little bit of good news there. highway for another accident there. eastbound at port chicago highway in concord. and so we're seeing some delays along highway 4 and also a new accident just popped of your oakland southbound 8.80, at 29th avenue as heading across
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towards the peninsula there under 13 minutes for your drive time at a look at the richmond sandra fell commute as we start to slowly pick up 8 minutes. we'll have more on that coming up. but for now, daryn james, i'll send it over to you. thanks a lot. 6.30 right now and happening today, san mateo county resumes its covid mass vaccination clinic at the san mateo county event center. yeah, we know the county had put it on pause briefly in mid-march because of supply issues that got a little low. >> but things are ramping back up, which is great news. let's go to kron. 4. sarah stinson she's live there with more. hi, sarah. >> daryn, james. us rights county is going to be getting 10,000 doses a week and that allows them to reopen their mass vaccination sites like the one here at the san mateo county event center. you can see all the cones dozens and dozens of cones because this is a drive-thru mass vaccination site. the county had to pause mass vaccination sites back in mid-march after weeks of very little supply
6:32 am
and high demand. but now the county is getting 10,000, as i said, doses a week from the fed from a federal program that allows the county to host 2 to 3 mass vaccination sites every week. now these are in addition to the community clinics serving the vaccine in hard-hit neighborhoods. plus, the county will be resuming its use of johnson johnson its vaccine. their guns are doing that this week. there's a continued effort to get the vaccine to those who are experiencing homelessness to farm workers plus, to those who live in very low vaccination rates at last check on monday, though. 69 1% of adults in san mateo county the eligible ones have received at least the first that 69%. they want to bump that up so they are going to be able to do that now with their new mass vaccination sites reopening you can do that through the state's my turn website, make sure you go there. i know some people forget about that because they're looking everywhere and it gets to be overwhelming my turn dot ca dot gov and it is
6:33 am
very, very helpful. now the goal is to hand out 4,000 doses at this site will be live here to show you. >> how it all works all morning long. so send back to you guys in the studio now. >> all right. thanks a lot, sir. we'll check in with you soon. then. and san mateo county also is going to have to wait a little longer to relax restrictions. they can't get to the yellow yet. they just figured it out because of an increase and the county's adjusted case rate and that means that they can't go into the l until mid-may at the earliest. and this is even though the positivity rate meet the yellow tier criteria because the adjusted case rate still has to drop below 2 per 100,000 and stay there for at least 2 weeks. so they have to wait for that. moving to the yellow, though, will mean that bars can reopen indoors in gyms indoors, movie theaters, other businesses lot increase their indoor capacity. >> travis air force base in solano county has shipped out pallets of covid supplies to india as that country faces a crisis right now. this comes
6:34 am
after the biden administration decided to send help to india to try and fight their latest surge in infections. donations include things like oxygen cylinders and 95 rapid test kits, all of the supplies being brought in by the air force. >> our boss all the way down. this is the number one mission it right now that one aircraft one to get out in overseas destination. >> and this was just the first of several large shipments set for the coming days. >> and some bay area residents are raising money to for covid relief in india. they want to send medical supplies there about how bad it and yet it ng gets worse. the cases are skyrocketing hospitals are
6:35 am
overrun the run out of oxygen tanks. as you see these people lined up to try to get oxygen to people who need it. one palo alto couple is stepping in to help their family and friends back in india. they're raising money to buy and deliver oxygen to hospitals and in the meantime, another group is trying to raise $400,000 to help. >> yeah. it's a humanitarian crisis and not just my personal relationship to it, but also just being someone in the world who just wants to do good and help solve this pretty much on a daily basis. we care about somebody has. cost and it could have avoidable death if they been the appropriate medical attention and the oxygen. it's just. >> horrible. it's and to sit back and watch and we're talking about in the buzz yesterday. why you should care. you should care because, you know you're you're a human being and. >> and covid knows no borders. so if you think this is
6:36 am
india's problem. you're fooling yourself. it's this they have this double mutant spread that has already made it to the uk and some other places and we haven't shut down flights. some countries have. this is this is everybody's problem and everybody needs to pitch in and help if you'd like to help out. we've got links on how you can donate for covid relief on the website. kron 4 dot com. so. >> definitely make sure you check that out. meanwhile, the pandemic has kept thousands of bay area medical students out of school and also has prevented students of all ages from getting in person. >> career guidance from teachers and counselors and now health experts are worried that we could be experiencing a shortage of trained health care professionals here in the bay area studies show. we need many more doctors in the future and those who have been on the frontlines of the pandemic have been under a whole lot of stress and burnout rates are pretty high right now. >> i mean, we've all seen video clips from this country to other countries where there's long lines of
6:37 am
ambulances waiting out senate emergency long life for patients to get in to see their doctors. so that could be more on the regular a situation. and that's not what we all want. the other issues that many patients because of a lack of access to have 2 to 4 important medical tests and procedures. we don't want that to be a chronic situation. you want to be able to have patients have access to their doctors. >> yeah. and now we aired that full interview with doctor kara keris on our kron on app make sure download that it's free to use the qr code on your screen get that on your phone. >> 6.37, and we're counting down the hours to 5 o'clock. when we finally figure out who the forty-niners are picking as their new quarterback weeks and weeks of speculation all coming to an end. who will the niners draft. that's the big question we've got kron four's will tran standing by. >> out at levi stadium with more on that. what this could
6:38 am
mean for jimmy g lots of things to talk about. well. >> a lot of things to unpack more than likely jimmy g probably won't be with the niners for the long haul because you don't trade that many picks to the miami dolphins to move up to number 3 draft tonight and not know who you want and you don't move up to draft a tackle the draft a quarterback so more than likely one of these 3 guys will take levi stadium. >> next year. so take a look at your screen in case you are not football fan. these are the players that the niners are looking for on the left is mac jones in the middle of your screen. that's trey lance north dakota and then on the right side of your screen, that is justin fields from ohio state. all 3 are wonderful prospects and they have moved up and down the draft board for the last couple of months because let's face it, the so-called draft experts. they can't even make
6:39 am
a decision, much less the niners. but rumor is the niners know exactly who they are. drafting. they're not just telling the world at this particular time. but that elephant in the room is this man, jimmy g 29 years old. he is owed 51 million dollars with the san francisco forty-niners 25 this year. 26 next year. he has been with the niners for several seasons. and unfortunately he's been hurt more than healthy 31 games when he's on the field he is wonderful when he is not, he might as well be me. you and area. we don't contribute to the game and neither does he when he's injured and that is why according to experts, the niners are looking for a long term, healthy quarterback and we were able to track down trey lance, one of the prospects tracked down his high school coach. here's what he had to say about a possible 40 niner. >> 6, 4, to 25 runs a 4, 4, 40. it's got a cannon actual all all the physical skills
6:40 am
are. are there. if you're going to get a great citizen, great role model. these can be face of the franchise you want is going to be the hardest worker. >> for that. you for that number 3 pick, he better be the hardest worker because the forty-niners they only have 5 super bowls and it's super bowl or bust with them. as far as jimmy g, there's so many rumors whether or not he'll go back to the me bill belichick did not want to trade him at all in the first place. you might recall that he wanted to keep him and then trade tom brady. unfortunately. >> according to robert kraft, the owner he traded jimmy g kept tom brady and the rest is history. jimmy g could be going back, but jimmy g gets final call because he has this rare no trade clause so he could beyond the field area. would you want to be a quarterback and have jimmy g breathing down your neck you're playing. that's of no nation. so if you believe it, he probably will be gone. you know what i should. >> brady didn't like. jimmy g
6:41 am
breathing down his neck. everything comes around. full circle. brady didn't like it was like yeah, too good looking like in behind me. and then we got him in item. plus, what's it like? thanks for the super bowl. looking guys. all right. >> so let me ask you, will obviously you've been soaking all this up for the last month. they say the niners would have done this if they didn't have a specific person in mind, you know, has their mind change, though, as they've gone around to these different pro days and taking a look at all 3 contenders. do you think they're still on the same play they had in mind a month ago. >> supposedly they were hile mac jones from alabama with a pedigree. nick saban, the coats that they wanted him but trey lance, you just heard the high school coach 6, 4, 2.50, runs faster than gossip. so supposedly trey lance could be their pick. i got to tell you, i watched the sports shows and they know as much as my mom
6:42 am
yeah, they lie because you know why they don't know. not now because they didn't say joe montana was the first round draft choice. >> he was a third-round draft choice and we all know how that turned out they don't know and go back to brady, right. last unless the line so sixth-round, right. what do we know what let is anybody now not know that. not all right. thank you very much. we'll all know something, after 05:00pm tonight. thank you. well. >> 6.42 right now and coming up on the kron 00:00am morning news, a man accused of an arson. >> in a murder of a delay, a woman this is a fire that burned thousands of acres last summer. we're going to have the latest. and speaking of fires, the states in a drought that's always dangerous. we're going to show pictures of just how dry it is out there.
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here's a scary picture that shows you how dry it is out there. this is lake oroville went where down down now. oh, my gosh. it looks like the moon it looks like we just found a little water typically one of largest any of this. a look at the house votes down there being able to space each other apart last month. the dam was only 38% capacity. >> and you can see what's that with that's resulted in now as we're dealing with another dry winter, 85%. >> a california currently experiencing the least exceptional drought conditions. that's according to the national oceanographic
6:46 am
and atmospheric administration. so that scary almost all of california dealing with some form of drought level at which really that's the most extreme picture that i think we've shown here on the show yeah, that really sends a home for sure that those dry lake bed. >> views and no rainfall ahead of us guys. so rather latest data actually from reservoir levels across the state is showing that on average across all of the state where only sitting at about half of capacity as far as where water levels are in those reservoirs. latest data shows 14.1. million acre feet now the capacity is just above twice of 28.9 million acre feet. now a historic averages around 21 million. so we're sitting well below even that last year, which as you remember, was a dry year already. we're at 20 million. so we're actually fairly close to average as far as water levels go last year. but that has declined a out after now 2
6:47 am
dry years in a row and it should come as no surprise that drought has expanded our latest drought monitor which is actually just released about an hour ago. now is showing deep extreme drought for even more the bay area now 1000 of those areas in red, which is really just inundating. now the entirety of the north bay almost all of the east bay. much of the peninsula and now much of the south bay to including san jose happen bay in palo alto. so is drought expands fire danger increases and we're likely to see more and more water restrictions going into place, too. so this is going to be something what we're talking about a lot as we make our way into may and even later into the summer months and higher fire danger months along with that. as far as conditions go has been really nice weather. that's the unfortunate thing is we've enjoyed the sunshine lately. the big downside to that is the dry conditions and the high fire danger. high pressure is in place. we're in for another warm one today with ample sunshine sea breeze
6:48 am
kicks into gear later today. it's going to provide some relief from the heat that we have. and if you're not a huge fan of the heat will not to worry too much because we are in for a weekend cool down and today will be the last remaining day with so many highs in the 80's 50's and 60's for your highs. in san francisco and on down peninsula overnight at 59 south san francisco 69 while millbrae burlingame southward on the peninsula. mostly looking at highs in the 70's south bay highs today still in the 80's but only for one more day, san jose 81 tri valley. also in the 80's with bayshore cities like fremont hayward in oakland in the 70's concord walnut creek danville at 83 degrees antioch. 2 degrees shy of 90 or hot spot today. well, santa rosa at 80 degrees tomorrow's temperatures level out in the 70's will be even cooler yet into saturday and sunday. even we are going to be looking at a really windy weekend. so it's good news that we're cooling down as much as we well, we've got a pairing, a very windy conditions and dry conditions
6:49 am
come the weekend. so as you plan out your weekend activities. please be mindful of our dry weather and of those windy conditions. maybe taken a little bit easier than you had been last weekend. reyna john, thank you. even looking at conditions out here. you can see the bay bridge. >> the in the little busy this morning under 40 minutes to that fremont street exit. we still have that hot spot, alan. hey, we're but once you get to the maze, just have to wait right here. the metering lights so you can slowly make it into the city this morning heading across towards the peninsula. they just had a traffic break here going on not too long ago. i don't know if you can see chp be on the bridge. looks like they're working on getting a hazard or something off the bridge still about 40 minutes. that may go up as traffic slowly starts to move across towards the peninsula. you're at a pretty slow crawl here along the richmond, sandra fell commute under 12 minutes for your drive. time heading at a richmond and that hot spot was telling you that we've been tracking here east 14th on and off ramp that's closed. and now we're seeing those delays asked castro valley along to
6:50 am
38 is the same along highway 4, although this crash they've been able to move that you can still see conditions are pretty slowly here at port chicago highway and conquer. so we'll stay on top of that incident out in hayward will have more on that coming up. the darya and james, we'll send it over to you thanks a lot of at 6 49. and in the north bay, a deadly fire that burned last year in solano county. turns out was started on purpose investigators say the markley fire was sparked in order to cover up the murder of a delay. a woman a shot. with the story. >> this a lot county, sheriff and district attorney said arson was the cause of the devastating markley fire last year which burned more than 41,000 acres in solano county alone. >> in the 2 resulting dust from the fire are now consider homicides. it took investigators 8 months to determine the cause of the fire and tie it to an unrelated homicide in vacaville. >> last september, vacaville police had arrested 28 year-old victor seran tino of vacaville for the burning and
6:51 am
killing of a 32 year-old priscilla castro vallejo, who had been reported missing by her family. she met a gentleman online and they had some sort of a dating arrangement family said she hadn't been heard from since officers found her abandoned car 2 days later, castro's remains were found near lake berryessa miss castro's body was later recovered at the origin of the markley fire castro's exact cause of death hasn't been released yet nor has the motive for her killing. we believe sergino. deliberately set the markley fire attempt to conceal his crimes today after a comprehensive fire investigation. the defendant was booked on additional charges of homicide and arson. fox 40 asked if the markley fire started from the burning of castro's body. i can say that she was located. >> in an area that we were told. >> where the fire started the markley fire eventually merged with the hennessey fire which was later included in the overall lnu lightning complex. the 2 victims 83 year-old
6:52 am
douglas my and 64 year-old leon bone died as they tried to flee from their rural vacaville homes. we lost the lives of 3 people. countless structures countless animals. >> property. county wide. and so this is a tragic event on all aspects of this. we're thankful that we were able to bring some some closure to this portion of the investigation. and hopefully certain justice for those that were affected by this fire. >> rowena shaddox fox 40 news. >> to the north bay now where the process to recall the mayor of windsor has gone back to square one the town clerk announced that it couldn't advance the recall effort because foot wholey's full title of at large. mayor did not appear with his name in the official notice but organizers have every intention. they say every filing the paperwork. meantime, vice mayor sam salmon hopes that residents trust the process as it unfolds.
6:53 am
>> reality is don't want to start a process. and after collecting signatures turned it in and have some of the challenges are. and then after >> now the group has already received the 20 signatures needed to refile the notice and they're hoping to have it turned in by tomorrow. >> it's 6.52 right now and and coming up next on the kron 00:00am morning news rent is starting to head back up. >> and the bay area. we'll take a closer look at where things stand after seeing a tumble in the prices because of the pandemic.
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>> we are back 6.50, time. 6.55. is the time. and if you're thinking about taking advantage of lower apartment. rental prices in san francisco. well, you better act fast because according to real estate agencies, apartment list and zillow rental prices are going up or at least they have in the past couple of months. one bedroom anywhere between 2500 a little over $3,000 per month right now. >> this past month in san francisco. we saw prices go up 3 percentage points month over month which 3% doesn't sound like a whole lot. but in terms of citywide, brent prices. it's quite a substantial increase in a bit faster than what we normally see at this time. the year. >> well, even though the rent is going up. it's still lower than it was before the pandemic. if that's any consolation to you. the negative economic impact of
6:57 am
covid-19 pandemic is not only wearing off in the san francisco rental market. but in berkeley, we're all seeing also seeing rent going up too, by about 4 and a half percent. other areas in the east bay also seeing increases of about 2%. san mateo is about 2 and a half percent up. >> 6.56. and coming up. still ahead on the kron 00:00am morning news. there are now 5 separate investigations into the police custody. death of mario gonzalez in the east bay. we'll have the latest when we come back. and president biden says the nation is moving again, turning a crisis into an opportunity. we'll have a recap of the plans he unveiled recap of the plans he unveiled to congress. oh, i've traveled all over the country. talking about saving with geico. but that's the important bit, innit? showing up, saying “hello! fancy a nice chat?” then we talk like two old friends about sticky buns and all the savings you could get by bundling your home and car insurance. but here's the real secret.
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>> from the bay area's local news station. you're watching the kron 4 morning news at 7. >> good morning and thanks for waking up with us on a thursday. i'm darya folsom. and i'm james fletcher. we've got a really nice day shaping up for us around. >> it was a little breezy earlier, but then look too bad, right. yeah. i think i'm not going to need well. any of the i or the windbreaker know. i don't know. >> i would say avoid those at all afternoon unless you want to get a little toasty because it's already to be warm enough for this morning. it is cool enough that maybe if you're stepping outside just for a moment or 2 and are not doing your jog. go ahead and put that windbreaker on if you are going on the job this morning. it's kind of feeling perfect for that already


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