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tv   KRON 4 News at 5am  KRON  April 29, 2021 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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wasn't a hot like during the day so much. what was the problem that you know what, i think that the heat on we had like 0 wind out in the tri valley. son. i just i just think took out all day long to get the my master bedroom anyway. yeah, just to the point where is like i had to pull up and. >> and crank that on just like a falsely. so i think what probably happened is during the day, even though it's that sometimes the hottest time of the day. don't get the sun shining right to your windows. but as it goes down tonight. >> it starts to shine more through the windows because there's more that he it could be in the heats it up at the end of the day, some time. so that yeah. i'm sorry. that's the really good good. it was a little bit of a different case as a biker climate. but yeah, it may be did have some trouble falling asleep last night is that really was a warm day in this case, i would say maybe pull those curtains a little bit sooner in the day. so that way you don't get that late afternoon sun
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streaming through your windows and warming things up like i'm sure a lot of last night. now looking outside this morning. hopefully you had a chance to cool the roof down. you're waking up to a bit of a cool start looking outside at our berkeley cam right here. skies are nice and clear. there's a little bit of cloud cover and low cloud cover for that matter. hanging out right above the bay. and you can actually see that in this view. fog tracker is reporting some spots of lower visibility right along the bay shore. so i just keep that in mind as for skies, they are dry. that's something we've got really used to temperatures right now we're in the 40's and 50's with oakland and concord each at 53 berkeley and san mateo sitting at 50 degrees to get the windows open this morning. but that cool air in and then definitely pulled the curtains later in the day to keep things nice and cool inside the house reyna. john, thank you for that. so we do have a hot spot east 14th northbound. to 38. they're still working on that due to a traffic collision. so the on and off ramps are closed. there. >> we'll have more on that coming up. but also get a look at your drive as you head into
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the city. a little under 8 minutes as you travel from the maze to that fremont street exit conditions. also at the limit for you heading across towards the peninsula a little under 13 as you take the san mateo bridge this morning. we're pretty quiet along the richmond sandra fell commute at a little under 8 minutes for your drive time and heading down south to check on conditions along one oh, one as well as to 8085. i'm tracking any major accidents or delays 27 minutes as you travel towards menlo park. so we'll have more on that coming up. the dorian james, we'll send it over to you. thanks. a lot of big story that we're following this morning for the first time we're hearing the officer side in the death of mario gonzalez. this comes as we learn that there are 5 separate investigations now into what happened theresa stasi. gives us a look. >> the family from mario gonzalez has come out strong saying that he was murdered by these officers. so i asked the attorney. did these officers take gonzales is life. >> in your estimate as their attorney. did the officer's murder. mario gonzales.
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>> absolutely not. >> allison barrie wilkinson represents james fisher eric mckinley and cameron leahy. the 3 officers shown in this body worn camera video who responded to the call of a mumbling and intoxicated individual early monday morning on april 19. mat person now known as 26 year-old mario gonzales 5 separate investigations are now underway to determine what happened, that cause gonzalez to die while he was in police custody. >> the body-worn cameras reveal how hard the officers worked to tried to calmly bring mister gonzales into a safe situation. they tried for 3 full minutes to handcuff him all standing up. they did not want to have to take him to the ground. and it was the intensity of mister gonzales we refuse ulta be helped.
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>> as along with his strenght very well can sense as gonzales was a large person for the officers to get into custody is estimated by the officers. >> to be about 5 foot 5 weighting. 250 to 300 pounds gonzalez. his family has said can salas had and we need to backed by the officers and asked him to stop breathing and die. >> barry says the video shows differently. a close examination of the video reveals that the actually have their body weight on their heels or on the there such that's really in essence they re seeing mister gonzalez and it was almost like a light switch. it was something completely unexpected. that happened when he suddenly went into. medical emergency which we don't know what it was, what it was. cardiac arrest very wilkinson says all 3 officers are on administrative
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leave pending the outcome of the multiple investigations. they are heartbroken. they were there to help mister gonzales. >> very wilkinson says that it will take quite some time to find out the cause of death in this case that the toxicology it could take a matter of months. in the meantime, there is a growing memorial out here where mario gonzalez died alameda. theresa kron 4 news. >> other side of this story. a south bay criminal defense attorney says the alameda police department description technically of gonzales is in custody. death is a medical emergency. >> may be true, but that's funny. that the emergency was caused by the officers involved who he says used excessive unreasonable and unnecessary force. >> these officers had the most powerful tool that they have in their possession or at their will is their ability to talk someone down to verbally de-escalate a situation and
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these officers very quickly escalated to the physical use of force which is absolutely necessary. absolutely would have been alive. still today and that's a pretty good indication that police used excessive unreasonable and unnecessary force when but for their actions, someone would still be living. >> and yes, that criminal defense attorney. he says that eric mckinley, the first officer to get to the park initially showed restraint. but eventually appears to lose patience with gonzales. he believes the officers should be prosecuted. >> happening today. daly city police are expected to release the names of the officers involved in that fatal shooting of roger allen. that's a shooting that happened back on april 7th near boulevard and westlake avenue. police say officers walked up to a parked pickup truck that had a damaged rear tire the driver cooperated with police. there was no problem there. but it was the passenger in the truck. roger allen who appeared to have a gun in his lap, though that
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gun turned out to be fake. police say that allen grabbed for it as officers tried to disarm him and in that struggle, another officer opened fire hitting allen in the chest. allen ended up dying at the hospital. in the east bay oakland police say that they're stepping up efforts to reduce gun violence to oakland police captains held a facebook live event to talk about violent crimes. they say every 3 days somebody dies from a homicide in oakland. and most of those are from shootings. so far this year. there been 45 homicides in oakland. that's nearly 3 times the number of homicides from the same point last year. the captains say the number of illegal guns on the street is a big concern and the type of weaponry that were seen. >> is unlike any time experiences. i've been here at opd has 26 years. there's a lot of machine guns high-power rifle, high capacity magazines. >> police say the city's cease-fire program was working
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to reduce the number of homicides prior to the pandemic. but the pandemic slow that program down and the violence has since gone up, local police have opened a violent crime prevention or violent crime operation center within the last month in an effort to reduce the number of shootings. >> the delivery driver you see in this video is now speaking out after he says he was racially profiled and harassed the cell phone video captures the intense moments after a berkeley woman accused him of speeding. he says the woman and her boyfriend then followed him and shouted racial slurs. the woman was arrested last week for a hate crime after this confrontation kron 4 taylor has the latest. >> victim candle mcintyre says he felt very unsafe in those moments. and pretty scared. he says that at one point the suspect, julie warley and
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actually jumped into his delivery truck and tried grabbing hold of the steering wheel. now, judge says he's thankful that neighbors got involved in continue to record that incident. >> in some started cursing. you know, i. >> first instance ongoing curse that those is very violent lang you know, i was in constant storm and leave. i was going on this racially profile from the job victim. kendall mcintosh says he was finishing rounds delivering packages in berkeley when 35 year-old julie will rent. >> accused him of speeding and then she and her boyfriend followed him to delaware street and muggy avenue in north berkeley. more so like the harassing started >> my job see what allowed me to sing double doors and the from leave out of mcintosh says. >> weiland's boyfriend, then stood behind the delivery truck and prevented him from
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leaving what i was happening. >> has girlfriend. also topped this. i'm of them. as i was back in those common ground on see that that 2 times in a row that can taj was finally able to get out of the vehicle. >> screaming in racial slurs like the n word continued from orland. he says he's thankful neighbors got involved and continued recording the incident. but costly was right to my said no, it could be me and coast >> so no matter what the situation is. >> just protect yourself. all, you know, if you feel like you have to videotape or anything definitely do that because i like if there a video. there was an herbal party. she probably could have got away with saying certainly police are classifying this as a hate crime and they arrested were land on suspicion of false imprisonment. >> battery using offensive words and willfully threatening a person based on their appearance. this incident marks the second hate crime arrest in berkeley just this month in berkeley to lead the psac ii kron 4 news.
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>> time. still ahead on the kron 4 morning news. actually some developing news from overnight. a police investigation out a fatal hit and run crash which happened at the intersection of monterey road and quarter avenue right around 8.30, last night. police haven't released any details about the vehicle and fall. but this is san jose's 15th traffic fatality so far this year. still ahead on the kron 00:00am morning news. restarting a recall why the effort to remove windsor mayor dominic foppoli has gone back to square one. we'll tell you what happened yesterday. >> plus, traffic patterns across the area have been changing now says more and more people. heading back to work will take a look at the numbers and how they've changed throughout the pandemic. and after the break, president biden says the nation is on the move again, turning a crisis into an opportunity will have a recap of his first address to congress in a live report from washington.
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so you just scored amazing savings at ross? mmm-hmm. on brands that take you from me time...
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those words. >> and it's about time. >> a historic moment there in dc the first time in history that 2 women stood behind the president there during. >> a presidential address to congress. president biden says his administration has turned the coronavirus crisis into an opportunity during his first 100 days in office. we've got our dc correspondent, jessi turnure standing by live at the nation's capital with an update on what we saw. good morning, jesse. >> yeah, good morning, james and darya the main crisis. president biden inherited the covid-19 pandemic. definitely loomed over his speech last night with a very limited audience and lots of masks. but the president did make it clear that he thinks the country is making a comeback. >> america. >> is on the move again. >> on the eve of his 100th day in office. president joe biden applauded how far the nation has come since inauguration day. the worst pandemic in a century. the worst economic
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crisis since the great depression. the worst attack on our democracy since the civil war. >> to keep the momentum going. the president made the case for big government. he officially unveiled his nearly 2 trillion dollar plan to fund a national family and medical leave program along with free preschool in community college prove democracy still works in our government still works and we can deliver for our people. president biden proposed tax hikes on the wealthiest households to pay for it this time to grow the economy from the bottom in the middle out. the president also called on congress to act on other policy priorities like police reform. we've all seen and even justice in the black americans. >> now is our opportunity to make some real progress. but south carolina's tim scott, the lone black gop senator who delivered the republican rebuttal push back on president biden's expansion of government in a partisan way. he's done it. the actions of the president and his party
5:17 am
are pulling us further and further apart. scott says that includes democrats rhetoric. >> when it comes to racial injustice. hear me clearly. america is not he races country. >> and to officially mark his one 100th day in office, president biden along with the first lady will continue this conversation later today in georgia during a drive-in rally. they also plan to meet with former president jimmy carter and his wife live in washington. i'm jessi tenure. >> thanks a lot, jesse. last night's speech was a big moment for the bay area's own vice president kamala harris and house speaker nancy pelosi as we saw them presiding over that joint session of congress, a moment that congressman barr billy is very proud of. >> having. the vice vice president kamala harris of black south asian woman. born in oakland raised in berkeley, in my congressional districts. and when the speaker the first
5:18 am
woman speaker in history sitting together 2 of the most powerful people in the world who happen to be women in from the bay area. i mean, i do have bragging rights. >> it was pretty cool. you know, to i talked to kamala before. cool when asked about the significance of the moment. speaker pelosi told reporters, quote. >> it was about >> all right. it is 5.18. will have much more on the president's speech last night throughout the morning. we have john, though, keeping an eye on our forecast this morning, i thought saw the trees kind of a loner. yeah. yeah. and so little breezy this morning. how you have finally providing some relief to those that couldn't sleep last of all the but yeah, it was definitely a warm evening last night. so i think in any sort of sea breeze was actually really welcome for a lot of debate just based on how warm temperatures were. the sea breeze is actually scooting. some fog and you
5:19 am
could see the little bit more. this view a second ago, but it's actually fogged up even a little bit. more from timber just over these past 5 minutes or so. so you're not seeing much right here. there are spots of fog right along the bay this morning as that cool ocean air has swept into the bay and has resulted in some spots of lower visibility. so do watch for that. mostly again. that's right along the bay shore. now most of us are off to a very clear start to this morning and we'll be in for another warm one this afternoon so that the cool air in this morning and then maybe shutter those curtains a little bit later on today. so you can keep that cool feel inside the house. we are looking at lighter winds this morning for inland areas. but a pretty decent breeze through san francisco. now winds will pick up again later today offer up a chance to at least get a little bit of a cool breeze pushing on into those hotter inland areas. we're going to be just as hot as yesterday and even hotter for some one of those areas that is going to be a bit warmyr up to 88 today. livermore up to
5:20 am
85 conquered 83 while oakland delay hayward fremont in the 70's, san jose 81 today. now tomorrow temperatures won't be quite as hot as today's still going to be warm. but temperatures a little cooler with partly cloudy skies friday winds start to pick up and that's going to set us up for an exceptionally windy weekend saturday and sunday. will both be looking at very strong winds at times and look at those daytime highs. nothing like what we're in the midst of today. highs inland falling as cool as the 60's reyna. john, thank you. so we do have a hot spot and i've been tracking this morning. >> this is northbound. one 85 at 2.38. those ramps there now that's closed east 14th on an off ramp to northbound 2.38 so just as you're getting ready to get on the freeway. they have that ramp closed because of a traffic collision it's been closed for a few hours now. again closely working and monitoring that also as you head into the city right now. a little under 8 minutes for your drive time. so no major delays. once you get to as you can get to that fremont street exit and under 8 minutes
5:21 am
looking at the san mateo bridge had across towards the peninsula a little under 14 for you to make that trip now looking at the golden gate bridge. we've seen just a little fog. 19 minutes to make your commute into the city. so drive safe and give yourself more time because visibility is a little low here. i'll send it back to you. james. all right. thank you. rain up. >> 5.21. is the time. and we've been seeing a noticeable change in traffic around the bay area, specifically out here at the bay bridge. it's running about 90% of prepandemic levels, at least on wednesday. and we've got a time lapse that we can share with you here of traffic there at the toll plaza. we recorded this on wednesday about 9 o'clock or so. and you can see it looks somewhat like prepandemic levels, right. cause kind of stacked up all the way back to the overcrossing. well, we spoke with john goodwin from the metropolitan transportation commission. and he says that the most detail traffic data that we have does in fact come from bay area toll bridges. >> as everybody will recall, traffic plummeted at that time bottomed out in early april twenty-twenty and then begin
5:22 am
very steep climb. they continued right around the first of july that plot has given way to a new rise that began in late february and continues to this day. >> yeah. last april, the daily average number of vehicles crossing the bay bridge drop below 70,000 per day. and on the graph, you can really see that drop last month, though we had the highest average number of cars since the pandemic began so slowly but surely everybody is coming back. we'll take a break. 5.22. is the time coming up next on the kron 4 morning news san jose, one step closer to developing google's downtown campus will have a live report with details.
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don't burn down the duplex. >> we're back at 5.25 in the south bay san jose's, google project one step closer to reality last night. the planning commission gave the project the green light got kron four's camila barco standing by live with. >> more on that. good morning, camila. >> good morning. and that's right. google is one step closer to moving to building a building here in san jose last night. the planning commission agreed to move forward with google's proposed 80 acre campus. now these are the renderings from google on the proposed downtown west development. the company company plans to use and
5:26 am
develop the area west of highway 87 in san jose. the project includes 200 million dollars to help jump-start the local economy. this plan includes 4,000 housing units, 15 acres of open space. 7.3% million square feet of office space and a room for small businesses and restaurants. now, google is also providing grants for programs that can help san jose residents get on a career track for secure good paying jobs. however, this project is not a reality. just yet. there will be a final hearing before the city council. and that is scheduled on may 25th darya. james, back to you. thank you very much. camila. >> time now is 5.26. and still ahead, coming up next, an. >> india is facing another covid surge in a lot of area. residents are trying to do what they can to help. we're going to tell you how.
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>> 5.29 and thanks for joining us. on a thursday morning and your side is a little hazy. and i think we're done with the moon is that. >> father o well, but look at oh it looks like giant light bulb at the top. the transamerica pyramid. but it is. yeah, still. still the
5:30 am
moon out there this morning. not quite as full, but still big had. james. let's just a little bit of his glow today, there. that is really impressive. what a cool shot. yeah. yeah. it's still definitely very bright out there. supermoon was 2 nights ago last night. you probably noticed it was still feeling pretty bright. well. >> you look outside this morning and still feel a lot of light or see a lot of light rather from that is still just a touch larger than normal. and as for the rest of the day skies will be plenty bright as well. you're already getting a little hint of sunshine. former sutures our view. you can see that they're on the left side of the screen is just a bit of sunshine now begins to rise over the the horizon in the distance. now we do have a few spots of fog to know they're all right along the bayshore, we saw an onshore breeze last night that did push the motion cool there right into the bait and actually penetrate super far inland, though, and due to that. we do have just a couple of patches of fog to note we've been seeing that timber on this morning and on some of our bridges, too. so be
5:31 am
careful out there radar showing clear and dry conditions. and that's the way we're going to stay today. definitely no chances of rainfall ahead of us and temperatures just as warm as they were yesterday. so once the sun comes up, my recommendation is get that jog out of the way earlier on enjoy the cool feel to the morning before the afternoon heat reyna john, thank you for that. we have a hot spot of in tracking here in hayward. >> now, this is north now one 85 to 38 the on ramps there also was closed east 14th on and off ramp. that's also the call that one a 5 or east 14th. that's why that's interchangeable. so that's going to close, however, which is seen not many delays as a result of that 8580, still pretty clear at the limit that may change as the morning goes on, though, heading into the city a little undermine minutes. so conditions look great there to that fremont street exit. once you're driving and hit the may's. also the san mateo bridge. no major accidents under 14 for your drive time here. we're pretty much at the limit along the san mateo bridge. all yesterday's hopefully we stay
5:32 am
that way, looking at things down south wanted to 80 not tracking any accidents will take you 20 minutes to get to menlo park. we'll have more on that coming up. the darya and james, back to you. thanks a lot, rhonda. 5.31 in today's san mateo county resumes its mass vaccination covid clinic at the san mateo county event center the county did. as you know, put it on pause. in mid-march. they just ran low on vaccine supplies. they just didn't have enough to keep it running. but. >> the county does have enough vaccines now to reopen that event center. so that's what's going to happen. the county says more than 445,000 san mateo county residents have received at least their first dose of the covid-19 vaccine. hopefully they'll get that number to keep climbing high and san mateo county will also have wait a little longer for more relaxed restrictions on reopening. >> they announced an increase in the county's adjusted case rate and that means they may not be able to move into the yellow tier until mid-may at the earliest even though the
5:33 am
positivity rates meet the yellow tier criteria right now. the county's adjusted case rate would need to drop below 2 per 100,000 and stay there for at least 2 weeks to move into the yellow tier moving to the yellow tier means that bars can reopen and gyms can be indoor movie theaters. other businesses allowed to increase their indoor capacity as well. so have to wait for that just a little bit longer. >> travis air force base in solano county has shipped out pallets of covid supplies to india. we've been talking about the crisis brewing there in that part of the world. now this comes as the biden administration has decided to send as much help to india as we can to fight this latest surge donations include things like oxygen cylinders and n 95 masks and these rapid test kits that we have more and more of here in the u.s. the supplies are being brought in by the air force. >> our boss all the way down. this is the number one mission it right now that one aircraft
5:34 am
one mission to get out in overseas destination. >> mandate area mission is taking top priority. this just the first of several large shipments set for the coming days. >> 5.34 and the biden administration say they're doing their part and summer bay area. residents doing the same watching fundraisers to send medical supplies and oxygen to india. kron four's. dan kerman reports. >> with each day. the covid crisis in india gets worse cases are skyrocketing. hospitals are overrun and oxygen is in short supply. we want to do something to help now bay area residents like this palo alto couple are stepping up to help family and friends back in india. >> our offense local pretty much on a daily basis. we care about somebody has. koster way. and it could have
5:35 am
avoidable death if they have been the appropriate medical attention and the oxygen. the couple has launched covid relief. india dot com to raise money to buy and deliver oxygen concentrators to hospitals. >> treating covid-19 patients you have the capacity, the ability, the interest to help. that's a difference that each one us can make and this is that we need that help in the meantime, another group oxygen for india. dot org is trying to raise $400,000 to bring oxygen cylinders and concentrate ers to hospitals and patients at home. san francisco volunteer knee show agua has extended family in in loss in india. it's a humanitarian crisis and not just. >> my personal relationship to it, but also just being someone in the world who just wants to do good and help solve this problem. but india's lack of oxygen is just part of the problem.
5:36 am
>> india's that 8.8%. first vaccination dose. that is completely underwhelming for a country of 1.4 billion people. >> ucsf infectious disease specialist doctor monica gandhi whose aunt died of covid-19 after not being able to get into a hospital in india has started a petition drive and joined other physicians calling on the u.s. government to do more to get more vaccine to india. >> a pandemic never over until we vaccinated the world. >> dan kerman kron 4 news. >> 5.36 for your money. if you've been thinking about taking advantage of lower apartment. rental prices in san francisco. >> better get them now while the getting is good because real estate agencies. >> and zillow. they say that rental prices are going up and they have been the past couple of months one bedroom apartment now anywhere between 2500 to a little over 3,000 a month. >> month in san francisco. we saw prices go up 3 percentage
5:37 am
points month over month which 3% doesn't sound like a whole lot. but in terms of citywide brent prices. it's quite a substantial increase in a bit faster than what we normally see at this time. the year. >> now, even though it's from going up, the rent is still lower than the prepandemic levels in berkeley. rent is up 4 and a half percent. other areas in the east bay have seen it about 2% up in san mateo is about 2 and a half percent higher. >> still ahead on the kron 4 morning news. we're going to take a look at how oakland first responders are preparing for this fire season. we'll explain what you're seeing here on the screen. >> and the sun. well, not up yet, but you're starting to see a little brightness on the horizon. sfo right now looks good and clear later on today, we're going to be looking at daytime highs just as warm as yesterday's. so if you like the heat, enjoy it. if you don't get a cooler weekend in the forecast, which i'll get to a head. >> and i'm tracking a hot spot
5:38 am
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>> we're back at 5.40 the process to recall the mayor of windsor is back to square one the town clerk announced it could not advance the recall effort because for police full title of at large. mayor did not appear with his name on the official notice. but organizers have every intention of refiling. their paperwork. meantime, vice mayor sam salmon hopes that residents trust the process as it unfolds. >> reality is you don't want to start a process. and after collecting signatures turned it in and have some of the challenges are. and then after that. >> the group has already received the 20 signatures needed to refile the notice and they're hoping to have it turned in by tomorrow. >> the long wait is almost over. it is draft day and the forty-niners hope to strike gold with 3 quarterbacks on the board for them. we'll break it all down for you coming up in a live report and tell you what it means for
5:42 am
5:43 am
5:44 am
>> 5.44 right now and wildfires another sign of the fire season getting closer to this one just broke out in southern california yesterday afternoon. 25% contained right now. member we saw this morning. james, who said no,
5:45 am
not already santa clarita sheriff's department says that the progress of this fire has been stop. so that's a good news. that means they could lift the evacuation orders, but not before it's already burned. acres along interstate 5 not far from 6 flags. magic mountain not even out of april yet and harry are dealing with. >> fires breaking out. all right. so we also have another angle to all this, too. back here in the bay area with oakland firefighters getting ready for the fire season. the department posting this video on twitter writing, quote, hope for the best train for the worst. and that's what they're doing here. they. refresher training how to get these, you know, protective shelters around themselves. should they get caught, you know, in a flareup ok, flyers coming towards me. yeah. okay. a fireball, you know, is coming towards me and i'm gonna put on. >> a because i know those are made out of like it's like a shiny blanket thank sure.
5:46 am
well, you're just just huddle up in that tense. sometimes you got no choice. and i'm glad they're getting that training in now. but again, just another reminder, how dangerous, if i is. it's what they do is so dangerous. here's a blanket go stop that fire is what effect dance for doing all that they do this fire season and promise. we should all promised to do what we can to make sure we don't contribute to spark a good point. they don't have to can't think about somebody out there against a fire with that little play us. yeah. you think about all the scary things that have to go on out there just because of one mistake that any of us could bake. >> and it's definitely a reminder as specially after such a dry winter season which we've been in the midst of. and we're looking like we're going to stay dry to this forecast ahead of us not offering up any chances of rainfall. you can see outside from our tower, cam right here. that cloud cover settling in right into the bay this morning. now we saw cool coastal breeze kicking up
5:47 am
yesterday didn't really intrude too terribly far inland, but it did bringing some ocean cooled air into the bay at least. and that also has brought in just a little bit of low cloud cover and fog. so do watch for that, especially in our bayshore cities. that's where we could be seeing some lower visibility in pockets this morning. radar obviously dry high-pressure. this is not going to change much in this forecast still going to be remaining in place. this is going to keep us warm today is going to be the warmest remaining day of the rest of the week. tomorrow. still mild, but temperatures will start to show signs of easing off the gas pedal a little bit. so not so much the 80's as it will be the 70's towards the weekend. as for winds right now it's very calm. inland winds will pick up briefly into the afternoon that sea breeze trying to bring in some ocean cool air further inland. if you do see the sea, the sea breeze be thankful for it because it's going to offer up a little relief from our afternoon heat 50's and 60's for your highs along the coast today. that includes san francisco all the way down to half moon bay. well, temperatures right along
5:48 am
the bay shore anywhere from the 60's to the 70's, from brisbane to burlingame, 70's southward into san mateo down the mountain view woodside you'll be 83 today, which is even warmer than you'll be in the south bay san jose 81 campbell, those gatos and morgan hill rising to 82 later on 70's for east bay shoreline comfortable day for you. now, once you head over the hills and out to the tri valley danville, walnut creek and conquered. that's where it starts to get toasty for sure highs back into the 80's much like yesterday and in antioch even pretty close to 90 degrees 87 today. so these are some toasty temperatures indeed tomorrow. we will start to see temperatures easing off in cooling down. the weekend ahead, does look to be cooler and most noticeably really windy. and at least we're not going to be super hot with those windy conditions because we're already very dry. fire danger is increasing actively so that cool down is going to be actually a really good thing as far as that goes, do be careful this weekend and mindful of those winds as we are so dry saturday and sunday
5:49 am
likely to be the windiest to this forecast. reyna john, thank you for that. still tracking this hot spot out in hayward. >> again. what's closed east 14th on an off-ramp northbound to 38 and you can see we're finally starting to see some delays along to 38 the not any along 8, 8580. those are still pretty much at the limit. if you are taking bart is a 10 minute delay on the various a line in the daily city richmond direction heading into the city right now. once you get to the maze to the fremont street exit will take little under 11 minutes to make that trek heading across towards the peninsula. we've major delays this morning 13 minutes and at the limit and checking on conditions along one oh, one as well as i'm not tracking any accidents there. 31 minutes as you head towards menlo park. so have more on that coming up. darya and james. i'll send it over to you. thanks. rate of 5.49. and finally. >> finally the rumors will be put to rest. it will find out who is the niners draft pick today is draft day. just a matter of hours from now. yeah, we'll hear from the niners. with the 3rd pick, the
5:50 am
san francisco forty-niners select. >> right. right. go like this one. everybody's guessing 3 eligible bachelors now it the reporters are the pound until got down to 2 now use following this will tran. yeah. he's standing by out live at levi stadium. then we'll you've been listening to analyst flip-flop left and right over the month now since we know the niners traded up to the number 3 spot. >> your thoughts. my thoughts are they don't know did being the only 2 people who know with certainty and they're not saying. >> john lynch and coach shanahan. apparently they know who they will draft. but there are, of course not going to talk about it, but we should be here tomorrow. introducing the new quarterback some more than likely they will draft one of these 3 guys. so let me pull up on your screen. the 3 prospects that the
5:51 am
forty-niners traded a king's ransom to be the number 3 pick tonight. we're talking about mac jones. he's on the left side than million screen is. trey lance from north dakota and then on the right is justin fields. he is from ohio state. obviously all 3 are wonderful prospects, but only one we'll be able to call them south san francisco. 49 er on their 75th anniversary. we will see who they will introduce tomorrow at the news conference. >> reportedly they are favoring the 2 guys to the left and the center of your screen we're talking about mac jones and trey lance one person who is probably bigger than all 3 of them as far as the talk, even though he is not being drafted tonight. is 29 year-old. jimmy garoppolo, jimmy g as daria has been saying for years. jimmy g could be gone by tonight he could be gone and back to new a new england for the patriots. but we shall see.
5:52 am
you know what he's been basically not on the field for most of his time with the forty-niners in the past 4 years. he's only played 31 games, obviously because of injury blue and me out a couple years ago when he's on the field. he has great. but you know what? when you're not playing it doesn't matter who you are. and that's why maybe the forty-niners are looking for somebody long term. matt jones is on the board. we shall see. but we did get a chance to track down his high school coach. here's what he had to say about mac jones. >> is the man are growing up and his work ethic. he works as hard anybody ever work that we've got around it just competitive edge in mark knowledge of the game along with, you know, the physical is very good them in row road as well as the rest of ruling and popular. >> so we'll see of matt jones will be introduced tomorrow as far as jimmy g is the elephant in the room. darien james.
5:53 am
well, you know what? 25 million dollars next year. so views on the 99 ers roster. that's how much you'll get paid. and then if he's on the roster next year is 26 million. so 51 millions guarantee for jimmy g play me, trade me. i don't care how much you play me when you pay me that much, it really doesn't matter. and the ultimate thing is james darya. jimmy g will have the final say because he has his rare thing in his contract called the no trade clause. so the forty-niners can wheel in deal all that they want the bottom line is if jimmy g says i don't want to, then they will be with him next season and we'll wait and see drop time. 5 o'clock. right. can't wait for it to be over hem. you know, jimmy g can't wait either. has everyone talking about what's going to happen to him. and you know, it is also possible. >> a lot of times when you get a prospect, you're not going to stick him on the field right away. the whole point is for them to be under the wing, just like jimmy was under the wing of brady under the wing
5:54 am
for a year or 2 so that, you know, before they're ready. so he might have a year before they, you know, ship him do something with them. maybe. but i tell you what, though bay when these days when you drop that high, play right away. peyton manning played his first game. so right now with the contracts. yeah. you play. you're absolutely right. member back in the day where you get drafted and you have a baseball cap year yeah, that doesn't know more you play right away and he cites gigi on the roster wild areas playing and breathing down your neck for this to start, right. right. that is bad, too. and then you get man's chanting. they want the other will suffice it to say, well, this is not be the last time will be speculating this morning as we count down the hours. >> to tonight's dra
5:55 am
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>> from the bay. area's local news station. you're watching the kron 4 morning news at 6. >> good morning and thanks for waking up with us on a thursday. little closer to friday which is i think a good thing. i'm daria. >> and i'm james and today is nfl draft day. good news for 40 niner fans because by the end of today. >> we can all stop speculating on who the niners are going. if we're alive that long. james, we got no coach and he said, you know, we can all be dead by sunday. yes. >> we're


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