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tv   KRON 4 News at 4am  KRON  April 29, 2021 4:00am-4:31am PDT

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>> from the bay area's local news station. you're watching the kron 4 morning news at 4. >> good morning and thanks for joining us with the kron 00:00am morning news. it's thursday. april 29th. i'm reyna harvey. let's start this morning with a check. the weather with john shrable. john, it's been lovely the past couple of days. >> a lot's been going on with that supermoons pulmones earthquakes. >> just of sunshine on the way, right. sounds like a movie. that's just keep it nice and chilled. it's next few days. we are going to be looking at a really calm finish to a parole because today and tomorrow, believe it or not. but flew right past us are the last days of this month before we kick off may
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just around the corner. >> now today and tomorrow are going to be mild and dry days. no big surprise in the dry department because that's where we've been for almost the entirety of this month of april making it one of the driest april's in bay area history where we're sitting right now is a cool start to what will be and eventually pretty warm afternoon. you look outside of your berkeley cam shows those clear skies that we are in the midst of right now. you should have a nice easy commute on into work this morning. obviously no witness on the roadways and very little visibility issues too. so we're doing pretty well as far as all that is concerned right now. temperatures range from the 40's to 50's with alameda at 54 degrees conquered at 55 pittsburgh still hanging on to the 60's after last night at 64 degrees. well, petaluma and santa rosa little cooler compared to the rest of the bay right now in the mid 40's. now as we work our way into this afternoon day time highs will start to rise even a little bit quicker than they did yesterday. i'm
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anticipating a few of us to actually get a little bit closer to 90 degrees our inland valleys well into the 80's today hanging on to the 70's right alongside the bayshore and some 60's near the coastline. all this under sunshiny skies, though. we'll be breaking down what to expect as we work into the start of may. still to come in your forecast john, thank you. so let's get a look at your commute. as you drive in this morning. i am seeing a hot spot. >> this is in the hayward area. a northbound to 38 in east 14th on an off-ramp. so they're saying that that's closed right now due to a collision and they're asking you to use alternate routes. it doesn't look like there's any a backup along 8.80, or 5.80, as a result of that crash. but we are going to keep a close eye on. that's just be mindful of that. also heading into the city. no major accidents or delays when she hit the may's will take about 9 minutes to make it to fremont street exit. let's also head over to look at the san mateo bridge heading across towards the peninsula a little under 10 minutes for you. there and we'll leave you with a look at the golden gate
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bridge. you can definitely see there's a lot of fog you want to take your time. that's going to slow you down a bit. about 20 minutes into the city will have more on that coming up next. but for now, back to the news. a big story we are following this morning. there are now 5 separate investigations into the death of mario gonzalez for the first time we're hearing from the officer side on forced to seal reports. >> the first time we are hearing from the officer's. an attorney representing them is now speaking. the family from mario gonzalez has come out strong saying that he was murdered by these officers. so i asked the attorney. did these officers take my own gonzales is life. >> in your estimate as their attorney. did the officer's murder. mario gonzales. >> absolutely not. >> allison barrie wilkinson represents james fisher eric mckinley and cameron leahy. the 3 officers shown in this
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body worn camera video who responded to the call of a mumbling and intoxicated individual early monday morning on april 19. mat person now known as 26 year-old mario gonzales 5 separate investigations are now underway to determine what happened, that cause gonzales to die while he was in police custody. >> the body-worn cameras reveal how hard the officers worked to tried to calmly bringing mister gonzales into a safe situation. they tried for 3 full minutes to handcuff him all standing up. they did not want to have to take him to the ground. and it was the intensity of mister gonzales we refuse be helped. >> as along with his strenght very well can sense as gonzales was a large person for the officers to get into custody is estimated by the officers.
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>> to be about 5 foot 5, but weighing. 250 to 300 pounds gonzalez. his family has said can salas had and we need to back by the officers. and asked him to stop breathing and die. >> very once and says the video shows differently. a close examination of the video reveals that the actually have their body weight on their heels or on the there such that's really in essence they re seeing mister gonzalez and it was almost like a light switch. it was something completely unexpected. that happened when he suddenly went into. medical emergency which we don't know what it was, what it was. cardiac arrest barry wilkinson says all 3 officers are on administrative leave pending the outcome of the multiple investigations. they are heartbroken. they were there to help mister gonzales. >> gary wilkinson says that it will take quite some time to
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find out the cause of death in this case that the toxicology could take a matter of months. in the meantime, there is a growing memorial out here where mario gonzalez died. they're in alameda. theresa kron 4 news. >> a south bay criminal defense attorney says the alameda police departments description of gonzales is in custody. death as a medical emergency may be true, but he has the emergency was caused by the officers involved. police says use excessive and unreasonable and unnecessary force. >> here's the most powerful tool that they have in their possession or at their will is their ability to talk someone down verbally de-escalate, a situation and these officers very quickly escalated to the physical use of force which is absolutely necessary. absolutely would have been alive. still today and that's a pretty good indication that the police used excessive unreasonable and unnecessary force when but for their actions, someone would still
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be living. >> south and says eric mckinley, the first officer to arrive at the park. one oak street initially showed restraint, but eventually appears to lose patients with gonzales. when my 1 one caller reported was likely an arm. he believes the officer should be prosecuted. developing out of the south bay members of a san jose group aimed at reforming police and public safety have resigned saying not enough progress has been made. kron four's. dan thorn has the latest. >> these exiting members say that this group was lacking. any actual focus on police reform. the committee was put together after the death of george floyd and for these leaving members, they believe for this committee real change was an afterthought police reform has taken center stage in several cities across the bay area following high-profile police killings across the country, but a public safety group in san jose is seeing members stepping away. we see examples of see the funding police we
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see examples of cities re imagining how they responses. we should be leading the way. the san jose re imagine safety advisory committee was put together in september. one of the key concerns was making changes within the police department. but after just a few meetings, education has grown at least 7 members, including jamaal williams, co-chair of black leadership kitchen cabinet of silicon valley left the 46 member group because of a lack of structure. the means or the the conversations have. >> felt circular. and i for 01:00am not willing to the fan. why i believe why i know policing is races. i don't i don't have the energy city officials who helped organize the committee have argued the group is still in the early stages. and there's still time to get it right. it's been a lot of pent-up. >> frustration in tension around the need for police reform and we acknowledge that deputy city manager angel rios says he's disappointed some members of decided to quit. but the goal is to continue
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improving public safety. all we're asking is that people will stay at the table and work through these issues. they didn't happen overnight tonight. could get was old overnight. expect change within this region. >> we're going to continue to fight for it and we're not going to put up with. being strung along because past that. >> rios says the committee has right now in a pause is they're looking to re evaluate and move forward. they're expecting to regroup within the next couple of weeks. as for those who have already left this group. they're expecting more people to join them reporting in san jose. dan thorn kron 4 news. >> happening today. daly city police are expected to release the names of the officers involved in the fatal shooting of roger allen. the shooting happened on april 7th on antic avenue, which is near junipero serra boulevard and westlake avenue. police say officers walked up to a parked pickup truck that had a damaged rear tire the driver cooperate with police. but the passenger in
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the truck, roger allen appeared to have a gun in his lap again, which turn out to be fake. police say allen grabbed the gun and an officer tried to disarm him during the struggle another officer fired his gun hitting allen in the chest. allen died at a local hospital. in san jose police are investigating a fatal hit and run crash that happened last night at the intersection oa monterey road and kirchner avenue. that's right near a busy shopping center there on your screen. we're still working to find out what type of car police are searching for and the details about the victim. but we do know the person who died was a pedestrian. coming up on the kron 4 morning news, a hate crime investigation in the east bay after a black delivery driver says he was racially profiled why he's thankful neighbors got involved. >> plus, california's budget could see a surplus of about 20 billion dollars where that money could be headed. and after the break, president biden says the nation is on the move again.
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>> turning crisis into opportunity. a recap of this first address to congress that's coming up. just one day
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after sonoma county declared a drought emergency. >> we're getting an aerial
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look at what the conditions are like there. so this is video from a quad copter above lake sonoma reservoir right now. it's at 62% capacity. that's the target capacity. there, which is historically low level like in a is even worse shape at just 43 capacity. there. governor newsom is already proclaimed a state of emergency in sonoma county. but now supervisors. there are pushing for federal help. so john, we're looking at those images right now on your screen. i mean, what do you make of that. so yeah, i mean, we are behind across the entirety of the state. >> this leak is just one example of that. in fact, our state's water levels as far as reservoirs go is officially now below half of capacity capacity is really only reach during really good route. are really good water years. anyways. you can see behind me that we are looking for around 14.1 million acre feet is where we're sitting this year. now. capacity reyna is around
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28.9 mill our love. so that's double that right there. all look, this direction now, so, yes, that is definitely a less than ideal situation right here as far as reservoir levels are concerned. radar. it's looking really dry out there yet again today skies will be looking dry for the rest of them on today and tomorrow your last days of the month and conditions will be. less than ideal. as for unfortunately, as far as drought conditions go high pressure is built up. warm conditions today and today is going to be just as warm as yesterday was calm winds at the coast right now. but winds will pick up later today. that sea breeze has been a regular occurrence during our afternoon hours. each of these past few days and we'll kick back into gear as we do look at temperatures starting to climb later on, which actually will be pretty welcome as temperatures do get a little bit warmer later today. 60's for your daytime highs in san francisco similar feel to yesterday which felt pretty good 50's 60's near the coastline will be a touch of a cooler one up the coast while some of our inland areas will
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actually get just a little bit warmer come the afternoon redwood city palo alto mountain view each sitting at 77 degrees for your highs today. santa clara san jose and campbell in the low 80's well, in the east bay temperatures in the 70's and 80's fremont. 77 livermore 85 hayward union city at 75 degrees today. oakland 73 walnut creek danville in concord. each 83 degrees for your daytime highs. 70's 80's for the north bay antioch in vacaville are 2 warmest spots today. 8887 well, santa rosa, 80 degrees nevado in center fell each in the upper 70's tomorrow's temperatures will be a little bit cooler. we will see an increase in cloud cover come friday and also wind starting to pick up on friday and not that cool sea breeze that will again be kind of welcome today. but we're actually going to be looking at an excessively windy weekend just around the corner. now we will be cooler come the weekend, which is actually a bit of good news because the last thing we need is these dry conditions paired
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with very hot weather. and then the winds picking up. so as temperatures do cool down, that is at least one factor that will be improved as far as fire weather goes. but still, as you venture outside be wary of these very windy conditions and all the dry brush that we have saturday and sunday are windiest of days before we come down and warm up again on into next week. john, thank you for that. we are looking at your bridges in your roadways today and you have a hot spot. >> that's in hayward, east 14th on an off-ramp of northbound 2.38. they're saying that that is close due to a collision. there's we're going to keep a close eye on that for you as you're heading into the city, we're looking at the bay bridge right now on. she hit the may's to the fremont street exit. it will take you a little under 9 minutes to make that track. we're also going to head over and also give you a preview of the san mateo bridge heading across towards the peninsula a little under 9 minutes. no major accidents or delays this morning. we'll have more on that coming up next. national news president joe biden told a joint session of congress.
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his administration has turned crisis into opportunity during these first 100 days in office. but to build on that work for americans. the president called on lawmakers both democrats and republicans to help washington correspondent jessi tenure has a recap. >> good morning. the main crisis president biden inherited the covid-19 pandemic loomed large over his speech with a limited audience and masks. but the president made it clear the country is making a comeback. >> america. >> is on the move again. >> on the eve of his 100th day in office. president joe biden applauded how far the nation has come since inauguration day. the worst pandemic in a century. the worst economic crisis since the great depression. the worst attack on our democracy since the civil war. >> to keep the momentum going. the president made the case for big government. he officially unveiled his nearly 2 trillion dollar plan to fund a national family and medical leave program along with free
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preschool in community college to prove democracy still works in our government still works and we can deliver for our people. president biden proposed tax hikes on the wealthiest households to pay for it this time to grow the economy from the bottom in the middle out. the president also called on congress to act on other policy priorities like police reform. we've all seen and even justice in the black americans. >> now is our opportunity to make some real progress. but south carolina's tim scott, the lone black gop senator who delivered the republican rebuttal push back on president biden's expansion of government in a partisan way. he's done it. the actions of the president and his party. >> or pulling us further and further apart. scott says that includes democrats rhetoric when it comes to racial injustice. hear me clearly. america is not he races country. >> to officially mark has 100th day in office. president biden in the first lady will travel to georgia later today to attend a drive-in rally in
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atlanta. they also plan to meet with former president jimmy carter and his wife in washington. i'm jessi tenure. >> vice president kamala harris and house speaker nancy pelosi made history during the president's address. it was the first time in history. 2 women stood behind the president a moment congresswoman barbara lee said she was proud of. >> having. the vice vice president kamala harris of black south asian woman. born in oakland raised in berkeley, in my congressional districts. and when the speaker the first woman speaker in history sitting together 2 of the most powerful people in the world who happen to be women in from the bay area. i mean, i do have bragging rights. >> when asked about the significance of the moment. vice president harris said it was, quote, normal. house speaker pelosi said it was quote about time. california lawmakers are expected to the
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state's budget surplus to reach as high as 20 billion dollars while the assembly still waiting on a final budget estimate for the year budget chairman phil ting says that money couple with the 26 billion dollars collected in federal stimulus makes this year a more flexible one for spending. >> but just she a pretty drastically make sure we're protecting every day california we have millions of vulnerable californians before covid we're looking to the it would about the and what the homeless list and what about their jobs covid has just continue to exacerbate that. >> with the extra money. lawmakers are on a potential expansion of the golden state stimulus, including the possibility of making another round of direct payments to low income californians. they're also considering providing more help for small businesses and help boost a full return to in person. infrastructure. coming up next on the kron 4 morning news
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traffic patterns. >> across the bay area changing as more people get back on the rover, examining the numbers throughout the pandemic. we've been seen a
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noticeable change in traffic around the bay area, specifically. >> on the bay bridge. it's running at about 90% of prepandemic levels and weekdays. this is a time lapse we're going to show you of traffic at the toll plaza wednesday morning around you can see look somewhat like prepandemic times. we spoke with john goodwin from the metropolitan transportation commission who says the most detail traffic data comes from bay area toll bridges. >> as everybody will recall, traffic plummeted at that time bottomed out in early april twenty-twenty and then begin very steep climb. they continued right around the first of july that plot has given way to a new rise that began in late february and continues to this day. >> last april, the daily average number of vehicles crossing the bay bridge drop below 70,000 per day. we're showing you that on your screen last month we had the highest average number of
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cars. >> since the pandemic began. >> as traffic picks up and summer approaches. more drivers are going to be out on the road during the shelter-in-place orders last year. the demand for gas dropped which resulted in a decrease in gas tank truck drivers according to aaa this as an effect of the gas supply. instead it's affecting the delivery of gas to gas stations. so while you may find a few stations that are out or low of gas. you shouldn't run into any serious problems filling up your tank. >> there is ample gasoline available throughout the united what we're seeing is that a delivery issue? that's caused some delays in particular markets. only senator around a few select gas but it's not a market white issue. and so if but you get your viewers, they run into a situation where there's either low or no fuel at particular gas station there. typically is gas at other locations.
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>> recommends you hit the road with a full tank philip, where you can and as always plan ahead. still ahead on the kron 4 morning news rent is racing back up in the bay area. we're going to take. >> a closer look at things stand after taking a big tumble during the early days of the pandemic. that's up next.
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>> welcome back to the kron 4 morning news. i'm reyna harvey. lets get another check of weather this morning with john shrable who has been
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tracking that. so john, here we are. it's thursday. got one more day and here at the weekend. so case, people are planning a little bit right now. what can we expect? well, we are looking at just a few changes come the weekend rain. that includes a slightly cooler feel and winds actually picking up. >> especially come saturday and sunday. these are about to be the windiest days of the forecast ahead of us today. on the other hand, one of our warmest and on the calmer side, at least compared to where we are about to be this weekend. so if you like that warm feel a lot of sunshine enjoy this one as much as possible. going to be a really nice when you get outside, maybe do some outdoor dining still. you look outside at our east bay, cameron berkeley is showing some of the low cloud cover that is settled right into the bay this morning. visibility is fine for most areas but do watch out for a couple of pockets, much like yesterday, especially right along the bay shore. where visibility could be lower just a little bit skies will remain dry. no big surprise there. we've been spending all our time that way lately aside


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