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tv   KRON 4 News at 10  KRON  April 28, 2021 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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and the navarros are paying less than $100 a month. check to see your new, lower price. the sooner you sign up the more you save. only at covered california. this way to health insurance. >> when foreign time from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 news just a second home to issue that you would be surprised body. you know, there's every city is one incident away. >> and we realized that policing is one incident away from us. national mood. now at 10 members of a san jose group aimed at reforming police and public safety. >> have resigned saying not enough progress has been made.
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good evening. welcome to kron 4 news at 10. i'm ken wayne and i'm catherine heenan in for pam moore. >> kron four's. dan thorn has more on this controversy from san jose. >> these exiting members say that this group was lacking. any actual focus on police reform. the committee was put together after the death of george floyd and for these leaving members, they believe for this committee real change was an afterthought police reform has taken center stage in several cities across the bay area following high-profile police killings across the country, but a public safety group in san jose is seeing members stepping away. we see examples of see the funding police we see examples of cities re imagining how they view of responses. we should be leading the way. the san jose re imagine safety advisory committee was put together in september. one of the key concerns was making changes within the police department. but after just a few meetings, education has grown at least 7 members, including jamaal
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williams, co-chair of black leadership kitchen cabinet of silicon valley left the 46 member group because of a lack of structure. the means of the conversations have. >> felt circular. and i for 01:00am not willing to the fan. why i believe why i know policing is races. i don't i don't have the energy city officials who helped organize the committee have argued the group is still in the early stages. and there's still time to get it right. it's been a lot of pent-up. >> frustration in tension around the need for police reform and we acknowledge that deputy city manager angel rios says he's disappointed some members of decided to quit. but the goal is to continue improving public safety. all we're asking is that people will stay at the table and work through these issues. they didn't happen overnight tonight could get was old overnight. expect change within this region. >> w-'re going to continue to fight for it and we're not going to put up with. being strung along because it would pass that.
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>> rios says the committee has right now in a pause is they're looking to re evaluate and move forward. they're expecting to regroup within the next couple of weeks. as for those who have already left this group. they're expecting more people to join them reporting in san jose. dan thorn kron 4 news. >> another big story we're working on tonight. the ongoing investigation in o the death of mario gonzalez while in police custody in alameda, the attorney for 3 of the officers involved as well as the lawyers representing the gonzalez family have each launched their own independent investigations. the city of alameda has hired an outside agency to investigate. also the alameda county da and the alameda sheriff's office. >> that is 5 separate investigations into gonzales. his death kron four's terisa stasio has the latest. >> for the first time we are hearing from the officer's. an attorney representing them is now speaking. the family from
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mario gonzalez has come out strong saying that he was murdered by these officers. so i asked the attorney. did these officers take gonzales is life. >> in your estimate as their attorney. did the officer's murder. mario gonzales. >> absolutely not. >> allison barrie wilkinson represents james fisher eric mckinley and cameron leahy. the 3 officers shown in this body worn camera video who responded to the call of a mumbling and intoxicated individual early monday morning on april 19. mat person now known as 26 year-old mario gonzales 5 separate investigations are now underway to determine what happened, that cause gonzales to die while he was in police custody. >> the body-worn cameras reveal how hard the officers worked to try to calmly bring mister gonzales into a safe
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situation. they tried for 3 full minutes to handcuff him all standing up. they did not want to have to take him to the ground. and it was the intensity of mister gonzales we refuse be helped. >> as along with his strenght very well can sense as gonzales was a large person for the officers to get into custody is estimated by the officers. >> to be about 5 foot 5 weighting. 250 to 300 pounds gonzalez. his family has said can solace. i had and we need to back by the officers. and asked him to stop breathing and die. >> very once and says the video shows differently. a close examination of the video reveals that the actually have their body weight on their heels or on the there such that's really in essence they re seeing mister gonzalez and it was almost like a light
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switch. it was something completely unexpected. that happened when he suddenly went into. medical emergency which we don't know what it was, what it was. cardiac arrest barry wilkinson says all 3 officers are on administrative leave pending the outcome of the multiple investigations. they are heartbroken. they were there to help mister gonzales. >> gary wilkinson says that it will take quite some time to find out the cause of death in this case that the toxicology it could take a matter of months. in the meantime, there is a growing memorial out here where mario gonzalez died. they're in alameda. theresa kron 4 news. >> on our kron on app. we talks with east bay congressman eric swalwell. he was a prosecutor for the alameda county district attorney's office pack. when oscar grant was killed by bart police in 2000, 9 swalwell says mario gonzalez case needs to be investigated.
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>> you should follow the evidence in this case. i think the we should have a. and a skeptical eye toward and police killing where the suspects or subjects armed. and it looks like that was the case i and so i have faith and not just for his office has a proven record. holding, you know, police accountable, but also, you know, making sure that the police have the resources they need to make sure that this case, this tragedies investigate. >> we have the full unedited version of the body cam video posted on our website. you can watch it at kron 4 dot com. earlier tonight, president biden delivered his first address to a joint session of congress the president to plotted the work done so far in his first 100 days in office, which happens tomorrow. but he also laid out his priorities for the next 100 days and he did acknowledge that in order to do that, he's going to need to help from congress and our washington dc correspondent
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anna wiernicki joins us live from washington. and he's acknowledging he's not going to get a lot done without. >> the help of congress. >> that's right. ken and catherine, tonight's address. look a little bit different from years past. not only was the chamber less packed because of the pandemic. but for the first time, the vice president and the speaker of the house sitting behind the president. we're both women. >> it could be back in his first joint address to congress and on the eve of his one 100th day in office. president joe biden says america is on the move again, americans always get out. >> today. that's what we're doing. america's rising the president called his administration's response to the coronavirus pandemic. a success after i promised we get 100 million covid-19 vaccine shots in the people's arms and a 100 days. we will have provided over 220 million covid shots in game and laid
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out his priorities for the next 100 days. we have a real chance time root out systemic racism that plagues america american lives in other ways. the chance to live or real equity. good jobs, good schools, affordable housing. but in order to move his agenda forward. the president will need the support of republicans. we need more senate republicans join the overall majority. democrat close loopholes require background check purchases guns. this was the pitch you just heard it again. but our nation is starving. for more than him to play the 2 south carolina senator tim scott deliver the republicans rebuttal criticizing the president for not focusing enough the issues. he says americans care about policies and progress. the brings us. >> closer together. but 3 months in. the actions of the president and his party are pulling us further and further apart. >> and tomorrow is officially
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president biden's one 100th day in office. and the white house says it will be spending the day in georgia with the first lady will be attending a drive-in rally in atlanta live in washington. i'm anna wiernicki. back to you. >> you and i well, after the president's address, i talk to our political analysts about whether the president accomplished what he needed to do tonight. here's part of what they had to say. >> this is incredible speech it's expansive. it's activist. it's about in some ways an old democratic party in terms of expanding lots of different ideas at the same time trying to push forward the narrative about how many issues are related to social justice like at high speed internet access like access to clean water in joining those i like what i heard in substance. but i'll be honest with i was little concern about the fact what he hoped to achieve in my partisanship. i think may be overshadowed by some different
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elements of his party. but i didn't like what he had to say and substance. don't know if you cheat all the bipartisan support part. >> and this episode of inside bay area politics first aired on our kron on app. you can download it using this qr code and you'll find other live local streaming news 24 7. well, the president's address, of course, has been getting a lot of reaction tonight, kron four's. ella sogomonian is here with us live in the studio with what bay area representatives have been saying about all of this l a. >> ken and kathryn demands for social justice here and across the country calling on police reform and biden is saying that it's time to heal the soul of this nation. denouncing white supremacy and addressing the conviction. the former minneapolis police officer derek chauvin as proof that now is the time to make real progress. in his words, congresswoman anna eshoo and barbara lee shared their thoughts following his speech. >> that was i'm glad mentioned that because we've got to get the george floyd justice in policing out of the senate on
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his desk, which decide which is the first step in reforming our criminal justice system re imagine policing because we we've got to stop police murders and we've got to hold every person accountable. no man or woman is above the law which is included in the bill. but again, this is the first step. and i'm glad the president mentioned structural racism. how many presidents talk about structural racism in a speech on the floor. kind of it's not i haven't even said white this terror is he's by, also so i think he laid out the terms of his commitment actually racial justice racial equity is one of the in terms of their overall policy agendas in the white house. think city set an important deadline. >> and that is that congress should pass the george floyd. policing reform act. by the
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first anniversary of the loss of his life. that would be we know we're relieved. there's really from the country on the heels of the trial. but relief is not enough. we need to reform. we have some 18,000 police departments in the country about 75% of them are very small and the reforms are going to make a real difference. >> in terms of the american jobs and family plans. only black senator republican tim scott countered with calling it a liberal wish list. the big government which representative lee responded saying he was not be considering his south carolina low to middle income constituents live in the newsroom. ella sogomonian kron 4 news l a thank you. other news now here in california. >> another sign of wildfire season getting closer and closer and practically is here. this wildfire broke out today. you can see these
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recent pictures. it's burning in southern california. we just got an update. it is now 25% contained and to get more on where things stand right now with firefighters on the scene. we're joined live in the studio by graham lotus, a catholic. and this is one that really was starting to get out of control. just started this afternoon. had gone to 650 acres. fortunately, though. >> you mentioned 25% containment. they also have stopped forward progress. that word coming just within the past 10 minutes or so. and the evacuation orders have been lifted. so that is the good news tonight and the santa the the firefighters there near santa clarita. they say that they have made good progress and they have stopped what they're calling the north fire in its tracks. still burning, but it is not progressing as it had been after burning. yeah, more than 650 acres in just a this afternoon and early tonight. this is along interstate 5 not far from 6 flags. magic mountain. if
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you're familiar, cal fire has at least a 120 firefighters working this thing. fortunately, they're able to throw resources at it because there a bunch of fires all over the state. a bunch of folks coordinating air attacks ground gained 25% containment and all evacuation orders have been lifted tonight and though the forward progress of this fire has stopped. things are likely not to get easier for firefighters all over california. elevated fire weather, especially in southern california this week. we'll remain across los angeles and ventura counties. that is through saturday. going to be windy here. but they're in for more fire danger. certainly at this week. then we are. we'll keep an eye on what happens down there. what happens here. but again, good news evacuation orders have been lifted back here in the bay area. oakland firefighters getting ready for fire season. what you get is can alluded to is it's
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basically here. they posted this video on their twitter account, writing, quote, hope for the best train for the worst and the crews did some refresher training. these are sheltered deployments. they called the rt one 30 to and really just a fancy way of saying the wrapping themselves in protective material to. protect their bodies from flake said doing so it can save lives. thee say in the event of rapid changing rapidly changing fire behavior. really a worst-case scenario if the winds shift in the fire go sideways and all the sudden you really can't get out of the way. you have to try to indoor itself. ken and catherine, obviously you never want to have to use those. but you want to be able to use them. if you have sit at your last resort. that's that's when that flames right on top. in fact, there's some gallows humor about this from firefighters. >> they told me they call the big potato wrapping because so dear, yeah, because they think
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that's it. you're going to be a you know, if you don't have that, you definitely are going you in around the fire right now they're very, very fortunate that ground is dry in around castaic those mountain range. is there a few bindra. if you've driven down that way. >> along the i 5 certainly have seen it. but. they've been able skip a lot of the winds there that has been to gusty, although you can get some stronger gusting around mount. i've been looking at some winds, maybe 5, maybe 9 miles per hour. but then you if you get a fire involved, that will also generate. it's only ends and certainly that's a concern when you get that in
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some of the canyons there. certainly as you race up the canyon, those winds could be a little bit stronger in those areas. so good news for the firefighters. they're getting a handle on that right now. looks the weather conditions should be ok, we're not expecting some really strong winds until the weekend. right now, high pressure building in overhead that ridge just settling in nicely. now wanted to show this to you, though. this is the long-range forecast for the temperatures between may, june and july. and you'll notice here. this gives percentage as to what we might think. we're above or below normal right now. you can see the bay area right here, right in that range of the 60% about 65% chance that we're going to see above normal temperatures for the summer. that's not what we want to see it like to see things cool the normal, but we're it's not just us. it's really the western half the united states and road 4 corners. there. you can see there in the bull's eye. they're going to expect to see really excessive temperatures throughout the summer months. all right out there right now. we do see mostly clear skies the fog likely to form throughout the night tonight
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along the coastline. the temperatures not bad. a little cool along the coast right now. 48 in half moon bay but still 63 in san jose. and get this still 71 in concord, 72 degrees in pittsburgh right now. 56 degrees in berkeley and 63 in blue. so temperatures kind of all over the map right now. but i think as we head through the night tonight. we'll see a few more clouds forming a few mid to high level clouds begin to move in overhead. patchy fog developing along the coastline. it's tomorrow morning. then those clouds kind of on and off throughout the day. just those high clouds up above. i think for the most a knock down the temperatures, maybe 2 to 3 degrees in some of the warmer spots. so instead of 85 degrees. the warmest areas we're talking about 82 or 83 degrees and then tomorrow evening that sunset should be spectacular. all right. thank you, lawrence. now to our covid coverage. people living in san mateo county will have to wait a bit longer for more relaxed opening reopening restrictions. >> officials announced an increase in the county's adjusted case rate that means the county may not move to the yellow tier until mid-may at
10:21 pm
the earliest even though the positivity rates do meet the yellow tier criteria. the county's adjusted case rate would have to drop below 2 per 100,000 and stay there for at least 2 weeks. the county to move to the yellow tier and enjoy looser covid restrictions moving to tear would allow bars to open up indoors while gyms, movie theaters and other businesses would be allowed to increase their indoor capacity. personnel at travis air force base in seminole county shipped out pallets of covid supplies to india. and this comes after the biden administration decided to send help. >> and the of course, trying to fight its latest major covid surge donations include oxygen cylinders and 95 masks rapid test kits. the supplies being brought in by the air force and this was just the first of several large shipments set for coming days. wolf, i'll be a biden
10:22 pm
administration is doing its part sewer some bay area residents. a lot of them have friends and family in india. they've been launching fundraisers in order to send medical supplies and oxygen to the country. kron four's, dan kerman reports. >> with each day. the covid crisis in india gets worse cases are skyrocketing. hospitals are overrun and oxygen is in short supply. we want to do something to help now bay area residents like this palo alto couple are stepping up to help family and friends back in india. >> our offense local pretty much on a daily basis. we care about somebody has. koster way. and it could have avoidable death if they have been the appropriate medical attention and the oxygen. the couple has launched covid relief india dot com to raise money to buy and deliver oxygen concentrators to hospitals. >> treating covid-19 patients you have the capacity, the
10:23 pm
ability, the interest to help. that's a difference that each one us can make and this is that we need that help. in the meantime, another group oxygen for india. dot org is trying to raise $400,000 to bring oxygen cylinders and concentrate ers to hospitals and patients at home. san francisco volunteer knee show agua has extended family in in loss in india. it's a humanitarian crisis and not just. >> my personal relationship to it, but also just being someone in the world who just wants to do good and help solve this problem. but india's lack ooxygen is just part of the problem. >> india's at 8.8%. first vaccination dose. that is completely underwhelming for a country of 1.4 billion people. >> ucsf infectious disease specialist doctor monica gandhi whose aunt died of covid-19 after not being able to get into a hospital in india has started a petition drive and joined other
10:24 pm
physicians calling on the u.s. government to do more to get more vaccine to india. >> a pandemic is never over until we vaccinated the world. >> dan kerman kron 4 news. >> still ahead on the kron 4 news at 10, an east bay woman arrested for a possible hate crime after getting into a fight with the delivery driver. we have video. >> and then the new way san francisco police are trying to help non english speaking residents get the help they need.
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shop america's #1 pet pharmacy. about trying to take advantage of some lower rental rates for apartments in the city. better move fast. according to real estate agencies. >> list and zillow the rental prices going up in the last few months. one-bedroom apartments go for anywhere between 2500 little bit more than $3,000. >> this past month in san francisco. we saw prices go up 3 percentage points month over month which 3% doesn't sound like a whole lot. but in terms of citywide rent prices. it's quite a substantial increase in a bit faster than what we normally see at this time. the year. >> even though rents are going up, it is still lower than the prepandemic levels the
10:28 pm
negative economic effect of covid is not only wearing off in the san francisco rental market in berkeley. their rents are up by 4 and a half percent. other areas in the east bay. the increase is about 2%. san mateo county see it is seen about 2 and a half percent increases there. >> coming up next, an bay woman is being investigated for hate crime after getting into an argument with the delivery driver and being accused of using racial slurs. also the new resources being offered by the san francisco police to help non english speakers and the city and then with the state's budget surplus expected to grow by 10's of millions of dollars this
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tell you about. police are investigating a fatal hit and run in san jose. >> this happened just after 08:30pm tonight at the intersection of monterey road and kirchner avenue. that's near a busy shopping center. we're still working to find out what type of car police are looking for and details about the victim. we do know the person who died was a pedestrian right now. the northbound lanes of monterey road are closed in that area. we'll bring you more information as it comes into the newsroom. >> delivery driver speaking out tonight after he claims he
10:32 pm
was racially profiled and harassed cell phone video that that what you're looking at captured some and tense moments after a berkeley woman accused him of speeding and he says the woman and her boyfriend then followed him yelling racial slurs. well, then berkeley police arrested the woman last week for a hate crime after that confrontation in north berkeley. and that's where kron force taylor protect. he picks up the story. >> the victim candle mcintyre says he felt very unsafe in those moments. and pretty scared. he says that at one point the suspect, julie warley and actually jumped into his delivery truck in tried grabbing hold of the steering wheel. mcintosh says he's thankful that neighbors got involved in continue to require that incident. >> in some started cursing. you know, i. >> first instance ongoing curse that those is very violent you know, i was in constant star i was this
10:33 pm
racially profiled from the job victim. kendall mcintosh says he was finishing rounds delivering packages in berkeley when 35 year-old julie will rent. >> accused him of speeding and then she and her boyfriend followed him to delaware street and muggy avenue in north berkeley. more so like the harassment started >> i starting my job see what allowed me to sing of double doors and the leave out of mcintosh says. >> marlins boyfriend then stood behind the delivery truck and prevented him from leaving when i was happening. >> has girlfriend. also topped this. i'm of them as well as backing the those common ground on to see that that 2 times in a row i can taj was finally able to get out of the vehicle. >> but the screaming in racial slurs like the n word continued from orland. he says he's thankful neighbors, got involved and continued recording the incident. but costly was right to my said no, it could be me and coast
10:34 pm
>> so no matter what the situation is. >> just protect yourself. all, you know, if you feel like you have to type or anything definitely do that because i feel like if there a video. there was an herbal party. she probably could have got away with saying certainly police are classifying this as a hate crime and they arrested were land on suspicion of false imprisonment. >> battery using offensive words and willfully threatening a person based on their appearance. this incident marks the second hate crime arrest in berkeley just this month in berkeley to lead the psac ii kron 4 news. >> human remains have been found at the lake chabot regional park area in the east bay park. police say monday, a visitor found what police are calling partially decomposed remains they've since been moved and police are working with the alameda county sheriff's office to identify them to try to find evidence anybody with information is being asked to call the east bay regional parks district. 2
10:35 pm
people are in custody in connection to the death of bay area. rapper little yeas dublin. police arrested 28 year-old angel but learned to ronnie williams. this was yesterday. the real name is mark alexander. he died after being shot last november. >> san francisco police launched an anonymous tip line for those who speak only cantonese and mandarin the captain of the richmond station and city walk through the neighborhood to help spread the word about the hotline. they handed out flyers with the tip line number and business cards. police say it's not a substitute, though, for 911. >> they can lead nheir information. they can report things anonymously. it's the report presents basin says which may not rise to level of a hate crime. but they may be victimized in terms of some sort of president's base or hate speech type of incidents or they may be a witness in a ular crime. >> the tip line will soon be adding 7 more languages for
10:36 pm
residents to only speak a language other than english that includes other asian languages. japanese korean. >> and to college along with spanish and russian. and a day after. so the county declared a drought emergency we're getting an aerial look at what the conditions are like there. this is video from quad copter. 4 above the lake sonoma reservoir right now. it's at 62% of its target capacity, which is and it's still a historically low level lake mendocino is in even worse shape at just 43%. governor newsome has already proclaimed a state of emergency in sonoma county. but now supervisors there are pushing for federal help and lakes and these reserv are the primary sources of water for mendocino and sonoma county in particular. in fact, some of this water at this lake sonoma nevada and parts of marin county as well. and lawrence is here, lawrence. no
10:37 pm
relief in sight take it. no, not at all. in that's what's going to be interesting. you know, the way things are setting up is because. >> we're people they have different drought conditions and water restrictions all due to the water they have in their local area. some places maybe have hetch. hetchy is to not so bad. but other certainly a concern and we're going be very careful with our waters we had in the dry summer months out there right now. nothing inside to bring any rain. just some clear skies and patchy fog likely to form along the coastline overnight tonight. but boy, there's just not much out there. huge dome of high pressure now building in overhead. that ridge brought you the nice warm temperatures today. we're up in the mid 80's and some of the valley's today. so well above the average for this time of year. and i think tomorrow maybe not in those temperatures down a few degrees but still above normal for this time of year outside right still fairly warm in places like san jose at 63 have a cocker. you're looking to 71 degrees outside right now. 70 in antioch, 65 degrees a little more. it's cooler actually approaching the coastline somewhat unusual, but the water's right
10:38 pm
along the coastline have been remaining very, very cold in the 40's in the 50's netscape those temperatures much cooler up toward the beaches. all right. here's the long-range forecast model. and right now you can see the jet stream is headed. well to the north all riding right over the top of - the ridge that's sitting across california right now. next couple days. that ridge starts to weaken just a little bit. not enough to allow the rain to come our way. but you see those clouds beginning to move overhead starting tomorrow. more clouds on the way for friday to that with all the more of a chance to really knock those temperatures down and bring a little fog along the coastline for the weekend that front kind of kicks to the east as it kicks out of town. we watch high-pressure tried to build in behind it again and that's where we'll start to generate some windy conditions. both saturday and sunday. look like it will be a pretty breezy around the bay area and then after that we get a storm system it certainly looks promising there it is approaching the coastline. but there goes. and that's kind of been the way it's worked out all season long. that's what you see him run one of these la ninas lot of times getting year like this. and these just look promising for a while. and then they just all fade
10:39 pm
away. so that being said, we're headed in that dry period right now. looks like you're going a state very dry temperatures will cool down this weekend may first is on saturday staying dry into the first week of may. looks like those temperatures, i think by the middle of next week. back in the mid 80's above normal again. all right. thank you, lawrence. >> for california they are expecting the state budget surplus to reach as high as 20 billion dollars and as a legislature works to finalize the state budget kron four's. ashley zavala tells us the big plans they have for that extra money. >> state democratic lawmakers in the assembly wednesday laid out their financial priorities with more money available than initially expected budget situation putting pretty drastically budget chairman phil ting says while the assembly is still waiting on a final budget estimate for the year. lawmakers expect the state's surplus to be between 15 billion to 20 billion dollars that money coupled with 26 billion dollars
10:40 pm
collected in federal stimulus makes this year a more flexible one for spending. we also want to make sure we're protecting. >> we day california as we have millions of vulnerable californians before covid we're looking to the it would about the and one of the homeless list of what about their jobs covid has just continue to exacerbate with the extra money. lawmakers are eyeing a potential expansion of the golden state stimulus including the possibility of making another round of direct payments to low income californians and potentially expanding the amount of people eligible for payment. they're also considering providing more help for small businesses. >> the proposed budget plan also includes boost to help with a full return to in person instruction potentially marking the end of distance learning for california public schools. we want to make sure. >> schools are going open in the fall. so we're going to every to take every precaution to do that. but frankly, if we don't do they see in this year's budget around just to
10:41 pm
sort news things will go back to normal. king says the assembly plan aligns with what state senate democrats called for earlier this month, including investments to tackle housing and homelessness funds to make college more affordable and making health care accessible to everyone regardless of immigration status to pose a full extension for all and all communities in like the senate. the assembly did not include a total price tag on the proposals. california updated economic forecast is set to be released in may. that's when the governor's own budget proposal is due in sacramento. ashley zavala kron % 4 news. >> and still ahead on kron 4 news at 10. a remarkable survival story near santa cruz. the teenage surfer who went into very dangerous waters to rescue a struggling swimmer. >> and his force buzz is only getting louder on the eve of the nfl draft which quarterback will the forty-niners take break down
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it's more than honey. it's about building something for our family that will endure. >> and now 4 sports brought to you by xfinity. >> the giants on the final game of a three-game series against the rockies tonight is the rubber match mom, dad and the kids all having fun. i like the sign starting outfielder 2000, 37 we're gonna hold you to that kid bottom of the second dji's up 2 bases loaded for brandon bell. the line one to center field felt having a great year in the early going to run scored eyes extend that lead
10:45 pm
to 4. they will go on to win 7 to 3. they take 2 of 3 from colorado. they'll take on the padres that series starts off friday. now they are playing the ird of a four-game set against the rays scoreless top of the 5th. mike zunino. it's going to take call her been on a deep right to center field. that's a solo shot or been pitched well, but not as well as the raises pilar glass now who didn't give up a run struck out 10 in 7. the rate go on to beat the 8th 2 to nothing. all right. everyone is patiently waiting, actually not so patient at all ready for to get this draft started. we're less than 24 hours away from finding out who the niners will take with the 3rd pick in the draft. this pick could be the future face of the franchise and they will certainly almost almost. certainly i'm sorry. be a quarterback kron. 4 sports reporter kylen mills has a look at the 3 prospects that
10:46 pm
have everyone talking. >> the rumor mill has been swirling like never before around the forty-niners coveted draft pick could ohio state quarterback justin fields be the guy. the 6, 3, 223 pound gunslinger was the back to back. big 10 offensive player of the year and led the buckeyes to a national championship game fields is said to have all the tools arm strength, deep ball accuracy and mobility. his high school coach matt dickman says justin has what it takes to be an nfl star. we're going to get an outstanding person. >> that's going to be a great we know how talented he is. he can run to his left thumb. and you know, and is right is right he's really create plan actual quarterbacks. i really don't know how he does it fit with the forty-niners. another guy that has risen to the top of the list is north dakota state's trey lance. his play helped the bisons won the 2019 fcs national championship. >> the 6, 4, 224 pound signal-callers athleticism arm strength and decision-making stand out, though some have
10:47 pm
concerns about his accuracy. >> his high school coach terry bahlmann says lance's talents and maturity will lead him to success. 6, 4, to 25 runs a 4, 4, 40. it's got a cannon actual all all the physical skills are. >> are there. if you're going to get a great citizen, great role model. these can be face of the franchise you want is going to be the hardest worker finally alabama's mac jones has long been in the conversation. >> the 6 to 217 pound qb put up huge numbers will leading the crimson tide to another national title jones tout strong decision-making is excellent at reading defenses and processing the we doesn't have the strongest arm in his class. one of his high school coaches. kevin fagan has no doubts jones will excel at the next level is the mayor growing up and his work ethic. he works as hard. anybody ever work that we've got around it just competitive edge >> mark knowledge of the game along with, you know, the physical stuff arm is very them in row road as well as
10:48 pm
the rest of us in ruling and popular highland hills kron 4 sports. >> i'll be ready with some popcorn and now while everyone is focused on who the niners are going to take tomorrow. there are several prospects and bred right here in the bay area. who will have their nfl dreams come to fruition. one of those guys alijah vera-tucker. this guy right here. the big, big boy. he went to bishop o'dowd high school and went on to have an outstanding career at usc. he was one of the most dominant offensive lineman in the country. we'll likely hear his name called in the first round of the draft tomorrow. i got a chance to visit alijah today at his house in oakland. and he told me what it means to represent the town and what he will be feeling when he hears his name called. >> be really surreal. and probably knows have a real big smile on my face in person. i see on my girlfriend mom and sis you know, it's going like all my parents, you know, as real crazy potato work so, i
10:49 pm
mean, it's a great feeling. you know, put you know, go on a mat. you know, just another well, guys able to do that. you know, kevin ding can came to die while back in a couple years some me i'm just, you know, bless the vo the to do that. so i any time now. but who need to shout out them to do that. >> shout out to town. all right. one final note, the sharks beat the coyotes. 42. that's your look at sports. we'll be right back after a break.
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10:52 pm
>> sectors teenagers being called a hero after saving a man who appeared to be drowning at sunny cove. that's east of the boardwalk in santa cruz over the weekend kron four's. michelle kingston shows us how that local surfer did not hesitate to jump to the rescue. >> so a lot of money. and as thais lot of backwash, this is 8 stone hines, a 17 year-old surfer from santa cruz who had just gotten out of the water at sunny cold saturday morning. >> when he saw young man struggling in the waves got enough. >> on my door. done let him free. you can relax and then some sets starting the waves were strong in about 6 to 8 feet high as 8 ended up losing his surfboard during the rescue. >> his struggle. can really.
10:53 pm
trevor anything he told me is his first time he's ever been in the ocean. zaid kept the man afloat until help arrived rescue swimmers from central fire protection district in sean rothwell assistant harbormaster rothwell says local surfers the first to help swimmers having a tough time in the water. we've we've had plenty of calls over the years where. >> you know, our local surfing community will will render aid and we we count on them quite quite a bit. actually, roswell says this victim was brought to shore with just a few minor injuries. thanks to zeta his quick thinking many are calling him a hero, including witnesses to the rescue like cammy rickman. he was amazing. he really was amazing. >> zaid says he was just doing what needed to be done. >> as state on something like that. then i feel so comfortable doing. >> people are now trying to raise money to help buy surfboard little.
10:54 pm
>> glad people could see like what he should do. so they help people. no, they don't sums going on publicly can. on these people dying. >> in santa cruz michelle kingston kron 4 news. >> modest hero, the lindsay wildlife experience in walnut creek is reopening its exhibit hall next week. wildlife museum will be unveiling a new habitat for his bald eagle at suh and a special member day. reopening will be held next tuesday. the general public will be welcome back on the next day on wednesday, follow safety and social distancing measures and museum will first open with reduced hours and capacity and everyone will be required to wear a mask. >> beautiful ow and take a look at this. this is a scene from the the birds. but now this is a home in torrance and it was kind of like that scene
10:55 pm
in the birds. lot of black birds began zooming down the chimney of this home. they did get inside that damage, things. they were bird droppings everywhere. and of course, really frightening. the residents after a few hours somebody managed to come up with a kind of a chute system to coax the birds back outside experts say nothing sinister. the birds were looking for aiding area. there's been there's but debate. there's the movie. there's the real >> they're to see the birds. there is a scene where they come down the chimney and terrorists tippi hedren and rod taylor no. jessica tandy. and okay. alfred hitchcock knew what he was doing her. that is birds coming in boy, what a what a shock. >> then to try to get him out. that's a whole nother deal in the mess they left their deal with that for tomorrow for the days to come. but hey, guys outside tonight. here's a nice look for you can see the moon out there just coming up. remember the pink moon well,
10:56 pm
not quite pink out there tonight, but still looking beautiful and bright under mostly clear skies. we're going to see a few more clouds come our way overnight tonight and tomorrow morning a few high clouds up above and i think some patchy fog go to form along the coastline overnight tonight into early tomorrow morning. more clouds will road oace. crusher skies. not to block out the sun entirely. but we'll see plenty of those high clouds probably making for a gorgeous sunset by tomorrow night temperature wise. we'll see those numbers kind of cool on the coastal about 55 in the sun sets 64 downtown san francisco about 59 in daly city. 58 in half moon bay inside the bay will warm those numbers up substantially 69 in burlingame, 73 in redwood city about 74 in mount to the south bay looking good to see some high clouds warm temperatures 70's. a few 80's. there's still some 80's as you make your way. well inland, so not as warm as it was today. but pretty spots are going to about 81 in walnut creek 78 random about 60 degrees in berkeley and 72 in oakland. that breeze will blow by tomorrow afternoon that help to cool things down. it's looking like a nice warm. one around much of the bay area
10:57 pm
about 61 that since the beach and about 63 you make one point raise, but overnight tonight we'll see more of that fog along the coastline tomorrow, the look like a bad day. we'll cool down the temperatures on friday. i think those winds start to kick up over the weekend. the temperatures are going to be cooler, too. but next week we go high and dry again temperatures well above the average mid 80's as we get into tuesday and wednesday of next week. too bad about the dry part, well, thanks and thank you for watching. have a good night.
10:58 pm
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