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tv   KRON 4 News at 9  KRON  April 28, 2021 9:00pm-10:00pm PDT

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>> when fun time from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 news at known now for the first time we're hearing the officer side of the story in the death of mario gonzales. this comes as we learn of 5 separate investigations. >> what led to his death while he was in police custody. thank you so much for joining us this evening here on kron. 4 news at 9. i'm justine waltman. the key is off tonight. >> and i'm grant lotus mario gonzalez. his family has now hired an attorney to
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investigate the attorney representing the 3 officers says also investigating in the city of alameda has hired an outside agency to investigate. also the alameda countd dia and the out of needed sheriff's office have launched separate investigations cut force. theresa stasi reports. >> for the first time we are hearing from the officer's. an attorney representing them is now speaking. the family from mario gonzalez has come out strong saying that he was murdered by these officers. so i asked the attorney. did these officers take gonzales is life. >> in your estimate as their attorney. did the officer's murder. mario gonzales. >> absolutely not. >> allison barrie wilkinson represents james fisher eric mckinley and cameron leahy. the 3 officers shown in this body worn camera video who responded to the call of them. mumbling and intoxicated
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individual early monday morning on april 19. mat person now known as 26 year-old mario gonzales 5 separate investigations are now underway to determine what happened, that cause gonzalez to die while he was in police custody. >> the body-worn cameras reveal how hard the officers worked to try to calmly bring mister gonzales into a safe situation. they tried for 3 full minutes to handcuff him all standing up. they did not want to have to take him to the ground. and it was the intensity of mister gonzales use ulta be helped. >> as along with his strenght very wilkinson says gonzales was a large person for the officers to get into custody is estimated by the officers. >> to be about 5 foot 5 weighting. 250 to 300 pounds
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gonzalez. his family has said can salas had and we need to backed by the officers and asked him to stop breathing and die. >> barry says the video shows differently. a close examination of the video reveals that the actually have their body weight on their heels or on the there such that's really in essence they re seeing mister gonzalez and it was almost like a light switch. it was something completely unexpected. that happened when he suddenly went into. his medical emergency, which we don't know what it was, what it was. cardiac arrest very wilkinson says all 3 officers are on administrative leave pending the outcome of the multiple investigations. >> they are heartbroken. they were there to help mister gonzales. >> very wilkinson says that it will take quite some time to find out the cause of death in this case that the toxicology
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could take a matter of months. in the meantime, there is a growing memorial out here where mario gonzalez died. they're in alameda. theresa kron 4 news. >> today during kron 4 news at 3 o'clock. we spoke with alameda as mayor marilyn ashcraft to explain how city leaders can try to rebuild trust in that community. >> our vice ali abdallah have asked for a special meeting just to talk directing our city manager to accelerate some of the recommendations of the steering committee. we want to make sure that right now we're looking into adopting alternative mental health based. responses. but that also right now today we are aware of and our first responders and our public members of the public are aware of all the various resources that are available out there and this is something that that can be done sooner rather than later.
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>> that special meeting. mayor ashcraft alluded to is set for may 8th. >> and tomorrow morning, daly city police are expected to release the names of the officers involved. the fatal shooting of roger allen. the shooting happened on april 7th an ionic avenue which is near, you know, pero serra boulevard and westlake avenue. police say officers walked up to a parked pickup truck that had a damaged rear tire. they say the driver crop awake are up cooperated with police. but the passenger in the truck, 44 year-old, roger allen appeared to have a gun in his lap that gun turned out to be fake. police also report allen grabbed the gun and an officer tried to disarm him during that struggle. another officer fired his gun hitting allen in the chest allen then died at a local hospital. we'll go out to the south bay were a san jose group with the goal of re imagining public safety is now
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seeing several members resign. if people are quitting saying the committee is failing to make good on promises to reform the police department kron four's. dan thorn live in san jose tonight. >> he joins us with more on this controversy. dan doesn't sound good. >> now for these exiting members. they believe that this lacked any actual focus on police reform. this committee was put together after the death of george floyd and for these leaving members, they believe that this committee really needed to focus on real change. police reform has taken center stage in several cities across the bay area following high-profile police killings across the country, but a public safety group in san jose is seen members stepping away. we see examples of see the funding police use examples of cities re imagining how they view of responses. we should be leading the way. the san jose re imagine safety advisory committee was put together in
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september. one of the key concerns was making changes within the police department. but after just a few meetings, education has grown at least 7 members, including jamaal williams, co-chair of black leadership kitchen cabinet of silicon valley left the 46 member group because of a lack of structure. the means or the the conversations have. >> felt circular. and i for 01:00am not willing to the ban. why i believe why i know policing is races. i don't i don't have the energy city officials who helped organize the committee have argued the group is still in the early stages. and there's still time to get it right. it's been a lot of pent-up. >> frustration and tension around the need for police reform and we acknowledge that deputy city manager angel rios says he's disappointed some members of decided to quit. but the goal is to continue improving public safety. all we're asking is that people will stay at the table and work through these issues. they didn't happen overnight tonight could get was old overnight. expect change within this region.
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>> we're going to continue to fight for it and we're not going to put up with. being strung along because we would have that. >> well, rios says that this committee is right now in a pause. is it re evaluate us moving forward and they do expect to regroup within the next couple of weeks and as for those who have already left this group. they're expecting more people will join them reporting live in san jose. dan thorn kron 4 news. >> thank madam speaker. madam vice president. it has ever said those words from this podium. no president ever said those words. >> and it's about time. historic moment tonight president biden beginning his first joint address to congress by thanking the 2 bay area woman behind him.
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>> vice president kamala harris and house speaker nancy pelosi. the president also applauded the work done so far in his first 100 days in office. but he also laid out his priorities for the next 100 days. acknowledging that in order to do that, he needs congressional help. kron four's. anna wiernicki joins us live in washington. and at a president biden says he can't get much of that done without the help of congress. >> that's absolutely right. well, tonight's address looked a little bit different from years past. not only was the chamber less packed because of the pandemic. but the vice president and the speaker of the house for the first time sitting behind the president were both women. >> it could be back in his first joint address to congress and on the eve of his one 100th day in office. president joe biden says america is on the move again, americans always get out. >> today. that's what we're doing. america's rising the
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president called his administration's response to the coronavirus pandemic a success after i promised we get 100 million covid-19 vaccine shots in the people's arms and a 100 days. we will have provided over 220 million covid shots in game and laid out his priorities for the next 100 days. we have a real chance them root out systemic racism that plagues america american lives in other ways. the chance to live or real equity. good jobs, good schools, affordable housing. but in order to move his agenda forward. the president will need the support of republicans. we need more senate republicans join the overall majority. democrat close loopholes require background check purchases guns. this was the pitch you just heard it again. >> but our nation is starving. for more than him to play the 2 south carolina senator tim scott deliver the republicans rebuttal.
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>> criticizing the president for not focusing enough on the issues. he says americans care about policies and progress. that brings us. >> closer together. but 3 months in. the actions of the president and his party. our pulling us further and further apart. >> and tomorrow is officially president biden's one 100th day in office. the white house says it will be spending the day in georgia with the first lady attending a drive-in rally in atlanta live in washington. i'm anna wiernicki. back to you. >> and of the president's family plan which would. include free preschool and 2 years of free community college would cost one 0.8 trillion. one of the big. criticisms republicans have you to pay for it. right. and even a democrat, senator joe manchin of west virginia said he's quote, very uncomfortable with how much it your 5050 in the senate. how likely is it that president biden not only gets some republican support
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here. but even all the democrats. >> well, that's going to be a challenge for president biden when it comes to a lot of these priorities is getting republicans on board because like you said, it is split fifty-fifty in the senate. so and that means any legislation that does passing 60 votes, which means 10 republicans would have to be on board with all democrats and a lot of these issues president biden laid out as a priority are very controversial republicans say that they don't like the plan as is. so it's going to be interesting moving forward over the next few weeks. we'll have to wait and see. as this legislation is being crafted and introduced. if will be on board with that or if they won't. >> we shall see. anna wiernicki live for us tonight in washington. thank you very much. >> all eyes are on the president for his first address since taking office. kron four's ella sogomonian live with us now in studio with reaction from some. >> congressional members who called the bay area home.
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>> yeah, certainly an exciting moment for the bay area. of course, seeing those 2 women behind president biden and although he kept his tone optimistic. it's plain to see that this address comes at a very politically tense moment for him. so millions of americans are amid this pandemic and economic peril. so biden trying to get blue collar republicans on board with his american jobs and families plans by sharing the average us citizen making less than $400,000 will not see their taxes go up and instead can look forward to more jobs, child care and higher education opportunities bigger a congresswoman democrat anna eshoo and barbara lee shared their thoughts with us. >> all of his policies are wraparound policies, whether it's how they the family and their income, their security, the education of their children, how we address. a universal system for health care. not raising taxes on on the middle class. he says that
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there have to be others that pay their fair share. everything that he put forward was really all about fairness and how to build and rebuild. number one, our democracy. but understanding how families have to work today. understanding i mean, who can work 40 hours a week. and some little per hour when i was growing up. whatever people earned. they could raise their family on that. the president and my address. so many of those issues. >> that has a progressive and as an african american and as a woman wanted to from the president and for a while. >> and so i was to hear him talk about poverty and child poverty for him talking about climate change in the forever
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wars. passing the voting rights act hr or and for the people act. hr one, you mentioned white this terrorism and talk about and of course on the economic issues, he talked about jobs in good-paying union jobs and again, reducing poverty and i had to just tell him i was so appreciative that he talk about poverty because here in washington, dc the p word. oftentimes gets lost or is investigated because we don't talk about poor people in poverty and low income people. i was really pleased about that. i'm confident that the people in the country in their districts rise up and that they both and work on these plans. the american families plan, the jobs bill also american jobs bill that that they'll come around. >> tonight at 10, we'll hear from both again regarding biden statements on race in america. justine and grant biden laid out bottom line that america is slipping its grip in the global sphere. so
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it's really important that they make these investments in order to compete with super powers like china. thank you so much. l a all right. about going the president's address or political analysts spoke with kron four's catherine heenan about how they felt that the president's speech came across. here's what they had to say. >> this is incredible speech it's expansive. it's activist. it's about in some ways an old democratic party in terms of expanding lots of different ideas at the same time trying to push forward the narrative about how many issues are related to social justice like at high speed internet access like access to clean water in joining those i like what i heard in substance. but i'll be honest that we got i was little concern about the fact what he hoped to achieve in bipartisanship. i think may be overshadowed by some different elements of his party. and i didn't like what he had to say
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and substance. don't know if you cheat all the bipartisan support part. >> this episode of inside bay area, politics first aired on our kron on app. you can download it using this qr code there. you'll be able to find other live local streaming news 24 7. a fire has now forced people from their homes in los angeles county and has grown to 650 acres there is no containment. this is just north of santa clarita near the 6 flags magic mountain. he of more than a 100 firefighters battling this thing you see they're doing so from the air and on the ground. look how close it is to homes. crews right now working to protect property. no reports of any damage and no reports of any injuries. so they are trying to get this thing under control obviously before and really heats up the the winds were really raging earlier. the firefighters noted that that was in their
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favor. certainly a developing story. one that will continue right along. i 5 there is more info comes into our newsroom. now here east bay mud has declared a stage one drought and is asking customers to cut water use. >> by 10% after california went through its driest winter since 1977 bottom line, they're saying there's not enough water for customers. here's the view now of lafayette reservoir and the district says it will educate and inform residents and how to conserve water. our 4 zone forecast time as we take a peek outside downtown san francisco >> wednesday night clear as a cucumber. it was a warm wednesday for sure. our chief meteorologist lawrence karnow joining us now with a look at what we can expect for the next few days. yeah. just dry dry dry. and that's what we've been looking at. in fact. >> if is what i'm thinking right now. doesn't look like we have much rain in the forecast. >> could be the 3rd driest
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year in a 171 season. if you believe that. so extremely dry conditions. you see the out there right now. well, there's just nothing really to approve the right now is no storms on the rise and we're just late this season now. and it's hard to get in the generating the pacific. not that we can. but it's hard to get any significant rainfall really make up for the totals of where we're sitting now. so we're looking at your drought monitor. this is the extreme area you see cochran. you see can see martinez brentwood. they're all of the extreme and severe. it's bad as you get into oakland. you get a really good number. august san ramon pleasanton livermore fremont, hayward, they're all under severe drought conditions, not going to prove as we head throughout the summer. in fact, i put this model together. this is actually from noaa. show you the long-range forecast between may june and july. the temperature forecast. the show you what we expect the temperature could be esta normal right now. looks like we're looking at some above normal conditions, possibly better than a 60% chance about a 65% chance of above normal
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temperatures for the bay area much of the southwest. we've seen this pattern kind of repeating itself over the last 10, even 20 years, the southwest have been extremely dry. we're not the only ones experiencing the drought. so not good news that way either. and well, here's the long-range forecast for as we take you through that time here you see, we've got a cold front coming through the falling apart before it brings the chance of any rain for the bay area. just a lot of wind kick in behind that there's a front to get a little bit closer next week and here comes looks impressive. but that one also falling apart leaving no rain behind. so we'll be doing a lot of the drought stories. we're going to do a lot of water rescue stories all summer long. i feel i feel sorry for people. you know, they try to save the conservative boy, it's just hard to cut back on everything. there's nothing you can do to kind of mixed poll that the green down a little still some e-mails. what we just get an iceberg and just dragging into the >> that my work to you never know what i come to. i will not. yeah. thank you all right.
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>> new tonight at 9, black delivery drivers going public tonight after he says he was racially profiled and harassed cell phone video here captured really intense moments after a berkeley woman accused him of speeding and then she and her boyfriend followed him yelling racial slurs. police arrested a woman last week for a hate crime after that fight in north berkeley. that's where we find right now. kron four's taylor sackey. she's live for us this evening. after speaking with the victim in taylor. >> what's the story there? >> yeah, pretty crazy story just seen, you know, the victim, kendall mac. and does. he says that he was really scared those moments and felt unsafe at one point the suspect, julie warley and she actually got into his delivery truck and try to take take control of the steering wheel several times. he says he's just thankful that neighbors got involved in recorded the incident because unfortunately he's been in a situation like this before.
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>> just started cursing you know, first sentence under curse that those is very violent >> you know, i was in constant f storm and lee. i was this racially profiled from the job victim, kendall mcintosh says he was finishing rounds delivering packages in berkeley when 35 year-old julie will rent. >> accused him of speeding and then she and her boyfriend followed him to delaware street and muggy avenue in north berkeley. more so like the harassment started >> i saw was a child. my job see what allowed you to see of double doors and the leave out of mcintosh says. >> weiland's boyfriend, then stood behind the delivery truck and prevented him from leaving when i was happening. >> has girlfriend. also talked to of them as i was back in
9:23 pm
those harming ramel to see that that 2 times in a row that can was finally able to get out of the vehicle. >> the screaming in racial slurs like the n word continued from orland. he says he's thankful neighbors got involved and continued recording the incident. but costly kuz right to my said no, it could be me and >> so no matter what the situation is just protect yourself. all, you know, if you feel like you have to videotape or anything definitely do that because i feel like if there a video, there was an herbal or did she probably could have got away with saying we'll certainly police are classifying this as a hate crime and they arrested were land on suspicion of false imprisonment. >> battery using offensive words and willfully threatening a person based on their appearance. >> kendall says it was important to speak out about this and bring light to situations happening even here in berkeley. you know, we've seen a lot of incidents
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happened over the last year and he says that this is unfortunately just another one. and actually this is the second hate crime arrests that happened in berkeley just this month. that's the latest here live in berkeley on taylor's second reporting. back to you. >> thank you so much. taylor coming up, arrests have been made in connection to a homicide of a bay area rapper what details police have revealed about one of the suspects and the relationship with the victim. and read racing back up in the bay area. we'll take a closer look at where things stand after. >> brent prices took a big tumble during the early days of the pandemic.
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>> some bay area real estate agents say a better act fast because time is running out to take advantage of low rent prices kron 4 says the money and reports now from san francisco. >> the rental price for a one-bedroom apartment in san francisco. is going up or is it trending down. >> it is going up once it's been going on for the last couple months. actually. >> apartment list. senior research associate rob warnock cites data founded their website monthly written report showing rich being on the rise of the city this past month in san francisco. we saw prices go up 3 percentage points month over month which. >> 3% doesn't sound like a whole lot. but in terms of citywide rent prices. it's
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quite a substantial increase in a bit faster than what we normally see at this time. the year. >> but we're seeing that first real big pa in rental prices month over month since the beginning of the pandemic, zillow senior economist joshua clark talks about the going rate for a one bedroom in san francisco. you're looking anywhere from the mid 2 thousands to over 3,000 depending on what type of building you're going. you're going to get into. but that's still a far cry way. what we're seeing a year ago. i want to read typically seeing rents 300 to $400 higher on these types of buildings. the negative economic impact of the pandemic is not only weyring off in the san francisco rental market says we're across the bay area. it's the same story we mentioned the 3% in san francisco, 4 and a half in berkeley, 2 and a half percent increase in san mateo. the 2% in the east bay in dublin, in walnut creek. san jose redwood city oakland, same prices are going up. >> still cheaper than it was last year. but getting closer
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and closer as we move throughout the spring. i've been telling my friends in san francisco that for a while now. hey, get in now. >> has it mu kron 4 news. >> still to come, san francisco, police and city leaders are working together to try to create a safer community. a new resource now available to the asian american community. plus body camera video shows the police shooting here of andrew brown. it is not being made public. that's the big decision that came down today, at least not right now. we have details on that ruling and reaction from the community in north carolina and why the process to recall in battle. windsor mayor dominic foppoli. it's back to square one. keep it here. kron 4 news at night, jus
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after paperwork was filed to recall the. >> winds are mayor. that process has suddenly stalled. dominic foppoli, the embattled mayor has been accused of assault now by several women and now the effort to recall him has to start from the beginning. kron four's noelle bellow tells us why. -p>> monday afternoon chair of the recall foppoli campaign. tim zahner dropped off the notice of intention to recall. mayor dominic foppoli. but by tuesday night the town clerk announced it would not advance to. we might. all right. like obviously i'm not a lawyer and election specialist. >> is. we're all learning how to do this for bullies. full
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title of at large. mayor did not appear with his name in the official notice. >> but donner says the group has every intention to refile the paperwork with the important at it going to near to at large there because typically the title. i guess this is the first time a recall effort has happened in the town of windsor. it comes on the heels of assault allegations against foppoli from 6 different women even though he's not been charged with a crime for poli has stepped back from his duties as mayor and many are hoping he will resign altogether. >> we're all thankful that the mayor will resign because i'm elections are just i i've kind of astounded why i think there are going to be some. sometimes when he to consider resigning. one we've been talking about when it says the recall. is certified. that might be something that would would make a difference. vice mayor sam sam in hopes residents trust the process as
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it unfolds. he says having to start over in the early stages is better than later. >> reality is you don't want to start a process. and after collecting signatures turned it in and have some of the challenges are and then have to go back to the group has already acquired the 20 signatures needed to refile the notice. >> they're hoping to have it turned in by the end of the week in windsor. noelle bellow kron 4 news. >> tonight. 2 people are in custody in connection to the death of a bay area. rapper little step and police say they arrested 28 year-old angel butler and you want a williams yesterday, little gates whose real name is mark alexander arrived to valley medical care center in pleasanton in november after someone shot him multiple times. he was transported to a hospital in castro valley where he died. police say that alexander had an ongoing relationship with butler. >> the san francisco police department has launched an anonymous tip line for folks who only speak cantonese and mandarin. the captain of the richmond station and city
9:35 pm
leaders did a little neighborhood safety walk today to try to help spread the word of the hotline they were handing out flyers with the tip line number on it as well as their business cards. police say this is not a substitute for 911. >> they can lead their information. they can report things anonymously. it's the report presents basin says which may not rise to level of a hate crime. but they may be victimized in terms of some sort of president's base or hate speech type of incidents or they may be a witness in a particular crime. >> tip lines will be added in 7 more languages soon. among them, japanese korean spanish and russian. new details tonight in the case of andrew brown junior who was shot and killed by a sheriff's deputy while serving a warrant in north carolina. this was last week a judge says he will not publicly release the body camera video of the incident for at least 30 days despite calls from both law
9:36 pm
enforcement officials and brown's family to do so. reporter janel forte has the latest from elizabeth city, north carolina where there is a curfew in place tonight. >> release would create a serious threat to the fair portion. orderly administration of justice today. a judge delayed the public release of footage from for body cameras and a police dash cam capturing the moments pasquotank county sheriff deputies shot and killed andrew brown junior. you cannot. >> say that the bridge and dangers or because that if the video released the briton daters go school high did not release it. the it department in make says was attorneys for brown's family say they're highly disappointed in the decision. it is >> it is shameful and it's disgraceful. but i assure you this just as will behead justice will be served it 10 days 30 days. brianna 3 years just as will be had a north carolina law went into effect in 2016 that allows law
9:37 pm
enforcement to privately show body camera video to a victim's family. >> but requires a court to approve public release. so far. brown family attorneys say they have only been able to view a 22nd redacted clip which they say shows an execution. the district attorney andrew womble says the clip was uncut and brown hit deputies with his car before they started shooting as it back. so it does make contact with law enforcement officer. the judge gave the county 10 days to show brownson an attorney. the full clip but is allowing it to be edited to remove identifying features of the deputies involved. we wanted to make sure to give the family what they wanted to see. >> immediately in order to do that. that's we push that out fast as we can. and at the same time we push that thing i just remind the community that we also push the petition and file that so we can have the entire the entire video to the community. brown was killed last wednesday while deputies were trying to serve a search and arrest warrant to the 42 year-old father of 7 the day
9:38 pm
cents protest in the small eastern north carolina town of elizabeth city. >> with calls mounting to release the videos overnight. several arrests as the mayor declared a state of emergency in enacted. an overnight curfew all today more peaceful protest as a diverse group of clergy members marched to the scene of the shooting we need for an ounce. the benediction and we say not another >> we're looking at high pressure overhead now warm weather tomorrow. although the clouds we'll start to roll in. we'll explain coming up next. and who are the raiders going to take in the draft. lawrence karnow who is doing research on that. >> but our sports director jason dumas says locked in on the niners said they'll take at 3 anybody's guess mac jones from alabama have a trade last year. sports director is next.
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>> and now kron 4 sports. >> giants on the final game of a three-game series against the rockies tonight is the rubber match mom dad the kids all having fun bringing the sign me to get out to the park sooner or later. i will bottom of the second shines up 2 bases loaded for brandon bell having a great year line when
9:42 pm
the center 2 runs come into score, giants extend their lead to for that game is currently in progress. giants up 6 to 2 in the bottom of the 7th, the a's playing the 3rd of a four-game set against the rays. scoreless in the top of the 5th. mike zunino. want to take that one to center field. sorry, cole irvin. that's a solo home run or been pitched. well, but not as well as the rays tyler glass now who didn't give up a run and struck out 10 in 7 innings final score. 2, nothing all right. what everyone has been talking about we're less than 24 hours away from finding out who the niners will take in the nfl draft this pick could be the future face of the franchise and it will almost certainly be a quarterback kron. 4 sports reporter kylen mills has a look at the 3 prospects who have everyone talking.
9:43 pm
>> the rumor mill has been swirling like never before around the forty-niners coveted draft pick could ohio stade quarterback justin fields be the guy. the 6, 3, 223 pound gunslinger was the back to back. big 10 offensive player of the year and led the buckeyes to a national championship game fields is said to have all the tools arm strength, deep ball accuracy and mobility. his high school coach matt dickman says justin has what it takes to be an nfl star. we're going to get an outstanding person. >> that's going to be a great we know how talented he is. he can run his left thumb. and you know, and is right right and that he's really create plan actual quarterbacks. i really don't know how we doesn't fit with the forty-niners. another guy that has risen to the top of the list is north dakota state's trey lance. his play helped the bisons won the 2019 fcs national championship. >> the 6, 4, 224 pounds. signal-callers athleticism arm strength and decision-making stand out, though some have concerns about his accuracy.
9:44 pm
>> his high school coach terry bahlmann says lance his talents and maturity will lead him to success. 6, 4, to 25 runs a 4, 4, 40. it's got a cannon actual all all the physical skills are. >> are there. if you're going to get a great citizen, great role model. these can be face of the franchise you want is going to be the hardest worker finally alabama's mac jones has long been in the conversation, the 6 to 217 pound to be put up huge numbers will leading the crimson tide to another national title. >> jones tout strong decision making and is excellent at reading defenses and processing. >> the we doesn't have the strongest arm in his class. one of his high school coaches. kevin fagan has no doubts jones will excel at the next level is the man are growing up and his work ethic. he works as hard. anybody ever work that we've had around it just competitive edge in >> mark knowledge of the game along with, you know, the physical is very good them in row road as well as the rest of us in ruling and popular highland hills kron 4 sports.
9:45 pm
>> all right. and while everyone is focused on who the niners are going to take tomorrow there are several prospects born and bred right here in the bay will have their nfl dreams come to fruition. tomorrow is one of those guys is allied of air, a talker. he is this big fellow right here is a big boy. he graduated from bishop o'dowd high school and he went on to have an outstanding career at usc. he was one of the most dominant offensieman in the country. he will likely hear his name called in the first round of the draft tomorrow. i got a chance to visit alijah today at his house clinton. he told me about what it means to him to represent the town and what he will be feeling when he hears his name called. >> the really probably knows have a real big smile on my face in person. i see on my girlfriend mom and sis you know, asking like all my parents, you know, as real crazy potato work so, i mean, it's a great feeling. you
9:46 pm
know, put you know, go on a mat. you know, just another well, guys able to do that. you know, kevin ding can came to die while back in a couple years some of i'm just, you know, blessed to be able to to do that. so i mean, any time now. but who need to shout out them to do that. >> that oakland pride runs deep. we wish him the best of luck. if you look at sports. luck. if you look at sports. we'll b after my car accident, luck. if you look at sports. we'll b i wondered what my case was worth. so i called the barnes firm. when that car hit my motorcycle, insurance wasn't fair. so i called the barnes firm. it was the best call i could've made. at the barnes firm, our injury attorneys work hard to get you the best result possible. call us now and find out what your case could be worth. you might be surprised. ♪ the barnes firm injury attorneys ♪ ♪ call one eight hundred, eight million ♪
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>> welcome back. a developing story out of southern california. this fire that continues to burn out of control. this is in northern right along. i 5 there north of santa clarita and firefighters are at right now are trying to protect homes. these are live aerials showing the flames at this hour. 9.49 on a wednesday. people have had to leave their homes evacuations are in place. the flames burning dangerously close to a development right there. more than 600 acres have burned. it is now 25% contained and that is a bit of good news. it had been 0% contained since it started one 30 up until just this hour. they they got a little bit of containment. they are making some progress more than a 100 firefighters battling this thing from the ground and the air. no reports of any homes damaged. so a successful campaign being waged thus far. no injuries will keep you posted on this developing
9:50 pm
story. again, a fire burning tonight. more than 600 acres in l a county. >> now we will turn to our 4 zone forecast as we take a live look outside here along the golden gate bridge on this wednesday. it was it's about to be fire season starting even earlier than ever before. yeah, really sobering to see a fire like that. we're not even a lawrence and. >> the outlook is bleak. yes, certainly an ominous and sign when you start to see some of these fires popping up. we've had some already in the bay area. now, southern california. so you can tell the ground already primed and we're still early in the season got a long way to go before those hot dry summer months ahead. so that's a side tonight. no fog speak up just yet likely to see some forming along the coastline skies, mostly clear out there. they tomorrow we're going to watch things begin to change a little bit. we're going to watch a few more clouds begin to move into our skies. you'll see here. model start to pick up on that most that some mid to high level cloud cover. but then a couple patches of fog along the coastline. i think
9:51 pm
as we head in tomorrow morning. other than that looks like we'll start to see the temperatures come down just a few degrees by tomorrow afternoon. not much. so nice. 64 degrees in san francisco. it will be cool right at the water's edge 50's there for the most part inside the bay. 68 millbrae 69 in burlingame, 73 degrees in redwood city tomorrow couple high clouds but warm 74 lot of 70's in a few 80's in the south bay east bay numbers going to bump it up as high as 83 in pleasanton 83 in dublin, 71 in union city about 68 in san leandro 78 miranda 84 degrees in concord about 75 degrees in blytheville. so certainly a nice day, although these temperatures coming down from what we had today. so backing off just a bit. i think we'll do more so into the weekend. those temperatures cooling off as we get into friday and saturday and sunday, the winds really start to kick up a little bit. blustery out there. the temperatures drop right now keeping things dry well into next week and warmer temperatures well, the next 2 week to back in the mid 80's in some spots. winter is long gone by this point. it looks
9:52 pm
like it sometimes we can't get storms in may. but it certainly gets harder to see anything substantial. >> it certainly feels like we flip the page. sunday was their last hope. yeah. that was kind of it after this. now just looking for hope and it's a cool start to hold on. all right. thanks. alerts. we'll be back right
9:53 pm
9:54 pm
>> well, this looks like the scene out of a horror movie as hundreds of birds are swirling
9:55 pm
around like a tornado and they started to come down the chimney of that home in torrance again to the up like hundreds of them. >> you know, thank neighbors who live around yet. they are inside the neighbors were stunned. they captured this cellphone video outside reporter jennifer mcgraw spoke with the people who. live inside. >> a be an over a home in torrance. so hard to explain if you don't see it with your own eyes. you'd never believe in practically taking a scene at about fred hitchcock's. the only this flock isn't fictional. carey's family came home from dinner only to find starling swarming after swooping down the chimney. i put my hood on from a mask. i mean, they're just being up my head blackbirds just flying
9:56 pm
everywhere. now surrounded by hundreds of birds and feeling helpless of what to do or neighbors called 911 we called carson sheriff's person sheriff's called animal control, animal control basically said just leave your doors open. the birds were going nowhere after a few hours, they just come off of the the ceiling. >> and they slept carry her husband and the baby stayed in a hotel overnight while patrick trying to kick the birds out today. they act like they wanted to get out. >> but there wasn't going to work. they're just like playing around is everywhere. every room in the house. every bathroom and the nightmare continues. >> the second night i actually woke up to a bird in my room. so i basically just pull the covers over my head started screaming. >> won't leave. >> pouring out of the chimney and you guessed it everywhere. >> everywhere you couldn't walk. and any spot in the living room, the kitchen and the hallway without stepping on bird droppings. well, it's
9:57 pm
been a few days since the horror flick through flashing before her eyes. seeing birds stuck. >> on us. you know, cheney, that's what she called us with the unimaginable. >> you say old birds came in. my house are like okay. well, not when we lost count after 800. so, you know, it's it's just it's unbelievable. turns out the birds are just migrating looking for a new home. this certainly is not it. and kerry wants them to get tough lockout. i'm okay with the birds, but i don't want to bird ever haha. >> it's frightening. got to move i'm out. i'm definitely out for those. ford. ing officials were finally able to create chute system to funnel the birds through the home's back door and and out of the house, but not before know they just moved. that's the end of the story. that's the end of our kron 4 has started to leave you with been a little little jarring. i hope
9:58 pm
you sleep well put a screen over the top of the chimney just move they will move justine has done with the bird right. that wraps at the prime time. the news continues now. here's what we're working on. >> a hate crime investigation in the east bay after a black delivery driver says he was racially profiled and harassed by a white couple in berkeley coming up, the driver explains why he's thankful neighbors got involved. also efforts to reform policing in the south bay appear to be at a standstill. >> fight. several members of the public safety committee or stepping down. >> and we have some news developing in southern california. a wildfire brush fire continues to burn north of los angeles. it has for some people from their homes near castaic. the fires just 25% contained. we'll have an update. those stories and more coming up on kron 4 news at
9:59 pm
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