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tv   KRON 4 News at 5pm  KRON  April 28, 2021 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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to how to understand human behavior. dr. amen even stop by for an episode and we had a great conversation. in addition to annalynne's podcast, robin h >> from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 news at all. >> they did it and they did against all policies and all norms that are acceptable in reasonable in this society and again, in this society. that's what we call murder. >> tonight. the investigation into mario gonzalez, his death in alameda county is expanding some people are just outraged saying police used excessive force. but now the attorney representing the officers is telling their story. thank you for joining us on kron 4 news at 5 everybody. i'm grant lotus and i'm justine waldman in for vicki tonight. 26
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year-old mario gonzalez was killed after an encounter with police in alameda last week. he was pinned face down on the ground for more than 5 minutes and then he stopped breathing. there are now 5 separate investigations into what happened. >> morrow gonzalez's family has hired an attorney to investigate the attorney representing the 3 officers who were involved. also now investigating the city of alameda has hired an outside agency to investigate and the alameda county district attorney's office as well as the alameda sheriff's office have each launched separate investigations. we also now know the names of the 3 officers involved. >> eric mckinley, who's been on the force there for 3 years. cameron leahy who's also been on the force for 3 years and james fisher who has been an officer there for 10 years all these officers involved are currently on paid leave. and we also now know the toxicology report will take at least 2 more months. so it may be some time before we know the exact cause of death the attorney representing the officer says
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they use proper de escalation tactics will hear more from them tonight during conference in prime time. >> starting at 8. but right now kron 4 subject all talk to a criminal defense attorney today who says that the video shows the officers used excessive force. >> south, a criminal defense attorney cody soften of the south in law firm says the alameda police departments description of 26 year-old mario gonzalez is in custody. death as a medical emergency may be but south and says the emergency was caused by the officers involved who he used excessive and unreasonable and unnecessary we have 2 or more calls for service. we have calling in. >> more as a matter of concern for the individual. then a matter of public safety >> i was on southend says eric mckinley in first officer to arrive at the park on oak street the morning of april 19th initially showed
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restraint. but eventually lost patients with gonzalez. 911 callers reported was likely an armed, though he appeared intoxicated may have just committed a theft. these officers the most powerful tool that they have in their possession or at their will is their ability to talk someone down verbally de-escalate, a situation. >> and these officers very quickly escalated to the physical use of force which is absolutely unnecessary. they have time they had distance. they had the benefit of not being in a crowded area where there's there would be a public safety risk wraps of people were close and they could mister gonzalez. they could see that he didn't have a weapon and all they needed to do was to give it time and to talk mister gonzalez down or trying to figure out what was going on south and has successfully settled federal civil rights cases of police misconduct. most recently with the city of palo alto and its police department at least one officer in that case has been
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formally charged south the leaves the offices in mario gonzalez, his should be prosecuted as well. but for the police actually coming to the scene. >> mister gonzalez probably would have just gone on his way and he absolutely would have been alive. still today and that's a pretty good indication that with the police to use excessive unreasonable and unnecessary force when but for their actions, someone would still be living and no, no one from the general public would have been injured for. now the 3 officers involved are on paid administrative leave. >> well, multiple investigations death are conducted. >> phillipe djegal all kron 4 news. >> earlier today on our kron on app. we talked east bay congressman eric swalwell. he was a prosecutor for the alameda county district attorney's office in 2009 with a bart police officer killed oscar grant swalwell says mario gonzalez case needs to be investigated. >> we just follow the evidence in this case. i think the we should have a. and a skeptical
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eye toward and police killing where the suspects or subjects armed. and it looks like that was the case i and so i have faith and not just for his office has a proven record holding, you know, police accountable, but also, you know, making sure that the police have the resources they need to make sure that this case, this tragedies investigate. >> we interviewed congressman swalwell on our kron on app. you can scan the qr code on your screen right now to download that just open your phone's camera pulled up to the code and click the link. by the way, you can watch the entire interview on the app and always stay up to date on breaking news. tonight, president biden will deliver his first joint address to congress. the president is expected to lay out his vision for the country. obviously fighting the pandemic. it's going to talk about his accomplishments so far, washington correspondent rashad hudson joins us now live with a preview. >> of the president's speech which is set to start about one hour.
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>> good evening. the president's speech will look a lot different than presidential addresses in the past will be speaking to a crowd of about 200. but typically there's about 1700 people in the room. >> in his first address to a joint session of congress. president joe biden will lay out his vision for the country and his accomplishments and his first 100 days. >> you know, he's going to talk about how what we've been through in in this past year as a country and how we've we've come together. >> deputy white house press secretary karine jean pierre says the president will also outline his infrastructure plan police reform immigration. >> and gun safety. it's not about a republican plan. it's not about a democratic plan. it's about what the it with the american people need at this moment. >> for the first time both the vice president and the speaker of the house seated behind the president will be women. >> we've never seen that you
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know, this is an administration that has broken so many barriers. senate majority leader chuck schumer says he's looking forward to the president's speech. >> i expect president biden unlike his predecessor. we'll lay out the facts and appeal to our better angels. >> but president biden will have a harder time winning over republicans like texas senator john cornyn. i think a president legislative proposals look like he wants to turn the united states into europe into a social welfare state. now tonight will also be a big night for south carolina senator tim scott. >> who will deliver the republican response to president biden's speech in washington. rashad hudson, back to you. >> thanks for shot tonight. president biden will pitch is one 0.8 trillion dollar investment in children, families and education that could transform the role government plays in american life. according to reports, biden will lay out a sweeping proposal for universal
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preschool 2 years of free community college, 225 billion dollars for child care and monthly payments of at least $250 to parents who qualify biden will make his case before a pair down gatherings were shot mention of mask-wearing legislators at 6 o'clock tonight. and again, we will kerry that here on kron 4 will carry the entire speech and then once the speech is done, we have a complete. team coverage scenario going on with our catherine heenan, host of inside california politics and our esteemed panel is there. this will be streaming, by the way, right after the president's speech, you can join katherine and michael yaki, jonathan medicine and david mckeown. that is tonight on kron on. california. lawmakers are expecting to reveal the state's budget and say that it has up to a 20 billion dollars surplus in as the legislature
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works to finalize the state budget. ashley zavala explains the big plans. >> for all that extra money. >> state democratic lawmakers in the assembly wednesday laid out their financial priorities with more money available than initially expected budget situation putting pretty drastically change. budget chairman phil ting says while the assembly is still waiting on a final budget estimate for the year. lawmakers expect the state's surplus to be between 15 billion to 20 billion dollars that money coupled with 26 billion dollars collected in federal stimulus makes this year a more flexible one for spending. we also want to make sure we're protecting. >> every day california we have millions of vulnerable californians before covid we're looking the it would about the and what the homeless list and what about their jobs covid has just continue to exacerbate with the extra money. lawmakers are eyeing a potential expansion of the golden state stimulus including the possibility of making another round of direct payments to low income
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californians and potentially expanding the amount of people eligible for payment. they're also considering providing more help for small businesses. >> the proposed budget plan also includes boost to help with a full return to in person instruction potentially marking the end of distance learning for california public schools. we want to make sure. >> schools are going open in the fall. so we're going to make every to take precaution to do that. but frankly, if we don't do they see is this year's budget around just to and these are things will go back to normal. king says the assembly plan aligns with what state senate democrats called for earlier this month, including investments to tackle housing and homelessness funds to make college more affordable and making health care accessible to everyone regardless of immigration status to pose for expansion for all undocumented in like the senate. the assembly did not include a total price tag on the proposals. california updated economic forecast is set to be released in may. that's when
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the governor's own budget proposal is due in sacramento. ashley zavala kron 4 news. >> let's go the north bay now because the recall effort against windsor. mayor dominic foppoli has hit a roadblock. the town clerk says the paperwork filed by the recall committee did not meet election coats at this point. we're not sure if the committee will re filed the paperwork and the recall petition kron four's. noelle bellow is following the story for us. we'll have more coming up during kron 4 news in prime time starting at 8. >> with more hate crimes targeting the asian american and pacific islander communities. the san francisco police department has launched a hotline for chinese language speakers kron four's, maureen kelly went along with law enforcement and other local leaders as they work to spread the word about this new resource that has meant to make potential witnesses and victims more comfortable coming forward. they can leave their information anonymously. that's commander daryl fong from sfpd new community engagement division checking in with a comment street merchant. he was joined by the
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captain of the richmond station supervisor connie chan and many police officers on this neighborhood safety walk one goal to help spread the word of a recently launched anonymous tip line for monolingual cantonese and mandarin speakers. they're handing out these fliers with the tip line number. but it's not a substitute for 911. they can lead their information. they can report things anonymously. >> it's the report presents basin says which may not rise to level of a hate crime. but they may be victimized in terms of some sort of president's base or. >> hate speech type of incidents or they may be a witness in a particular crime. this comes during a wave of high-profile hate crimes. other violence that have been targeting asian americans and pacific islanders. many elderly. >> captain gaetano caltagirone says they're trying to get people to feel more comfortable coming to them for help. what we're trying to do is get ahead of the game that people know that maybe some stuff that happened but never got what it. >> and that's not this is a way for people to reach out to us and let us know that if there is an issue, if they had
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let us know. so we try resolve it. >> one richmond district president was happy to see the police on the beat making their presence felt my mom 75 i pretty much tower don't walk around by herself and in and ways with the kids. you know, it was me or my brother or my sister and trying to be a little bit aware of it. what's going on? the tip line will soon be adding 7 more languages for other monolingual residents, including. >> japanese to garlic korean but also spanish and russian maureen kelly kron 4 news. still to come, if you're planning to hit the roads. >> experts are warning it may run into a a gas shortage. plus, we're less than 24 hours away from the 2021 nfl draft when we return, we'll take a look at the forty-niners my craft with their number 3 overall pick. and in the bay
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area company is bringing its employees back to the office what that could mean for the local economy. and how about those temperatures around the bay area. it's a beautiful warm out there. but things are changing. we will talk about that coming up.
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>> more signs that things are starting to return to normal jp morgan says its employees will be back in san francisco offices in july. the finance
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company released a memo stating employees will return on a rotational schedule. its offices will be operating at 50% capacity. jp morgan offices are located near the sales force tower and sales force of previously announced that its workers will start returning to the office as soon as next month. kron four's charles clifford reports now on what all these workers back downtown could mean for the economy. >> well, here in san francisco, the financial district is still very quiet as compared to before the pandemic. but there are positive signs on the horizon. jp morgan announcing that half their workforce will return in may is a big deal. there are other businesses returning workers to the city as well today. i talked to the san francisco chamber of commerce who hopes will see more people coming into the city for businesses big and small. >> we're starting to definitely see activity and movement in the downtown core. rodney falling as the president of the san francisco chamber of commerce. he says that while they're still a long ways to go. things are trending in the right direction or hoping that some
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of these larger announces by bigger companies. as you suggested, p morgan etcetera will start to build some consumer confidence. and it's not just jp morgan bringing workers back to the financial district sales forces said it will bring some people back to the office in may, although employees do have the option to continue working from home and uber. partially reopened its headquarters in april. and if large businesses like jp morgan, bring workers back. that is great news for the many small businesses. >> that operate across the financial district. >> and more most importantly our small businesses in the downtown core. billy's deli the sandwich shops. they need all have a clear sign that that the streets are going to be busy with hungry guests customers at lunchtime and fun. also says a big part of getting back to normal is tourism before the pandemic. san francisco. welcome nearly 26 million visitors a year. >> and getting them back is critical. we need to do everything possible to try to regain towards him back into the bay area. the san francisco part of that is cleaning up our streets and making it safe for visitors to be able to walk in this great
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what the city. the other thing that could really bring life back to san francisco or the conventions. we know that at least. >> one convention has been scheduled for october at the moscone center. but for now in san francisco, charles clifford kron 4 news. >> new tonight at 5. we have been noticing changes in traffic patterns around the bay area. no doubt specifically on the heavily traveled bay bridge. today. we crunched some of those numbers on kron four's ken wayne. >> joining us now live in the studio to explain. you can feel about their more people are on the road. it's taking a little bit longer to get where you want to go. that's for sure. getting back to those preprint pandemic nerves on the road, right. but here we go. this is a good thing, though. right we're starting to get back more traffic across the bay bridge for sure. now generally running at about 90% of prepandemic levels on weekdays. this is a time lapse of traffic. the toll plaza this morning around 09:00am pretty busy. you can see it looks like prepandemic times commuters heading into san francisco from the east bay earlier this afternoon we
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talked with john goodwin from the metropolitan transportation commission. he says the most d detail traffic information comes from bay area toll bridges. >> as everybody will recall, traffic plummeted at that time bottomed out in early april twenty-twenty and then begin very steep climb. they continued right around the first of july that plot has given way to a new rise that began in late february and continues to this day. >> and you can see exactly what john is talking about in this graph right here on march 17th the bay area shut down before the shutdown almost a 130,000 vehicles a day. we're going across the bay bridge is one of the busiest bridges in the country. then in april, look at what happened. the number drop below 70,000 a day. that's almost half over the last year traffic flow has been fairly steady on the
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increase. traffic started increase as we started to see the reopening measures begin. and then you see another slight dip right there. as restrictions were tightened again. now things are opening back up and everybody's getting their shots. traffic is now back almost to pre pandemic levels. here's a live look at san mateo bridge right now. used to be pretty quiet back. last march. april ntc says it's seen about 75% of its pre pandemic traffic levels here on the san mateo bridge with traffic picking up. you can head to our website. kron 4 dot com and our kron 4 app, 4 live traffic maps. and i don't about you guys. but you know, i drive cross going gate bridge after work. i get off at 11 o'clock at night. there are a few nights driving across the bridge. i was the only car on the just really a fun year ago i was going as fast as i wanted it wasn't breaking the law. going to shun. you see what happens with bart with me over all these public transit agencies. >> i think folks are a little bit more reticent to jump back in with a bunch of other people in an enclosed space.
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but. certainly things are getting back to remember last year about this time we first shut down. we have all these traffic cameras showed couple and they were just they are like doing 5 o'clock it right this time of day, we start taking pictures and video. it was really surreal. it was creepy driving to san francisco when we get off work and there's nobody. >> in the city on the streets. the sidewalks were quiet and then getting on the freeway. same thing goes is creepy. so it's good to have everybody back. i've had to start to remember that there's more traffic out there and commutes these to take an hour now back to taking an hour at some time. alright, thanks that. >> well, a beautiful just a simply beautiful picture behind me. you see the the bay right there and it is going to be a beautiful. >> tomorrow in the bay area as well as the weather certainly lovely. chief meteorologist
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lawrence karnow joins us now with a look ahead, what the rest of the week has in store in just delightful out there. how about that today? i mean, it warms the opened up in many spots all around the bay area, sunshine even along the coastline today. looking good out there. right now. >> clears can be as high pressure sits, right overhead. now. and you've got sunshine inside the bay all the way to the coastline about that. people getting out toward half moon bay and enjoying that sunshine in the clear skies along the coastline. a few more chairs out there. really get outside to enjoy the beautiful weather and why not looking spectacular now, these are going to start to change a little bit overnight tonight. but right now it we're working on just a gorgeous evening 81 right now in san mateo. it is 80 in fremont, 81 in san jose to 2 in morgan hill, 83 in livermore, 70 degrees. a berkeley 73 in oakland 65 downtown san francisco 88 1 of the warmer spots in the bay area and fairfield inn 86 in pittsburgh. so certainly some
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very nice weather outside right now is that big dome of high pressure really just kind of settles in helping to clear our skies all the way to the coastline today. now along the coast. i'm probably going to see a return of some patchy fog and things will begin to change a little bit for tomorrow. more of a sea breeze now beginning to kick in the coulee off in the san francisco, 70 miles an hour, 15 out of the west in oakland and 15 mile an hour winds there in blair tonight. yeah, you stay mostly clear. as we head through the evening hours and really even about 8 o'clock or so. i think we still mostly clear conditions as well. but temperatures going to be cooling off ever so slowly. it will be a comfortable evening specially in the interior valleys. but then along the coastline overnight tonight. expect some patchy fog to return. guys, back to you. we have some breaking news now. it is 84 degrees. fortunately the wind is not whipping in southern california. this is in. >> cast stake where you're looking at live aerials of grass fire that has burned more than a 150 acres. this is just north of santa clarita right now, crews are warning there could be evacuations as
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they try to get this thing under control they're fighting it from the air and on the ground. no injuries have been reported, but they're asking folks to are trying to get to santa clarita or in that area to avoid this area of keep an eye on this with to take a quick break. we'll be back
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♪ call one eight hundred, eight million ♪ news out of southern california tonight. we're
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watching now and air take are about to. >> looks like maybe drop some retardant down or at least get an eye above this huge fire. 150 acre brush fire in castaic. it's right now at 0% containment. we can see the smoke there. that is also showing us how close this fire is getting to homes and neighborhoods again, this is in southern california. it has for some evacuation warnings and we're working to get more information on this breaking news story. again, it's coming to us out of southern california at this point. it's just 150 acres. but crews are working to try to contain it. we'll always have the latest information on this story for you on our website. kron 4 dot com. and right over this break, we're going to be talking to a reporter to get some more information about what's going to be happening with the president's prime-time speech that's going let us take you to a place you've been craving. where the aroma of authenticity
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someday, looking back on the pandemic, you'll want to be proud to say i did everything i could. i found the strength. i looked out for everyone. i did what i could to keep my family safe. i will say, i did my part. while covid-19 is in the air, please, protect yourself and others. wear a mask, keep your distance, and get vaccinated when it's your turn. santa clara county. stay strong. spread hope.


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