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tv   KRON 4 News at 9  KRON  April 27, 2021 9:00pm-10:01pm PDT

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>> when fun time from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 news at know killed my brother in the same manner that floor, no point. was he violent or out of control reason. >> you know, when you know my i gotta go. >> tonight at 9 o'clock. police releasing body camera footage showing the last moments. 7 east bay man's life and now his family is demanding justice. good evening, everybody. thanks for being here on kron 4 news at 9. i'm grant lotus i'm tahernia in for vicki liviakis. >> 26 year-old mario gonzalez died while in the custody of alameda police last week. his family says he was murdered in tonight. we're getting a closer look at that body cam video for a breakdown of what is actually happening in the video we turn now to kron
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four's jonathan mccall. jonathan, this is an extended clip from body camera footage there's a lot you'll you'll take us through. yeah. about our long 3 different angles from the officers there on the scene. we do want to let folks know. >> some of the images, the sounds really really more are difficult for a lot of folks to watch. as we mentioned, that video. >> that we got from alameda police nearly an hour long showing those angles from 3 different body cameras tonight. we are listening to the final sounds of mario gonzalez and those sounds and images of the details could be disturbing to some of the folks. this video all starting with a call to 911, from a homeowner and the homeowner telling dispatchers the man was in his yard simply talking to himself nearly 6 minutes into the video, the first officer arrives on scene starts talking with mario asking him a series of questions when we get to the 14 minute mark of that video. a second officer arrives on the scene. this is the camera angle from that second
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officer. that arrived on the scene. that officer started asking more questions as well, including if he had an id. >> to head right over i'm over here. we want to fall down, ok, are going where it's going to put your hands but know, it really is. it's hope. well, it's not that of a walk with me that they don't. thank thank you. appreciate it. >> here we are. 15 minutes into this video. this again, the angle from the first officer that arrived on the scene. both officers walking to mario telling him they wanted to grab him so he didn't fall off of a tree stump and he was standing on. but as you can see moments later they grabbed him, put his arms behind his back and then tried to put handcuffs on him. after a brief struggle. we now move to minutes ahead. 17 minutes into the video. mario you see right there.
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falls face first into the ground into the grass and leaves and everything else that was there 2 minutes later he lets out a loud scream as handcuffs are put on top from there. we're going to let this scene play out on evidence for the next few true. we're doing it now we get the record yet. we're going to carry
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>> we're going to carry there. that. thank you. >> we want to slow that video down. so you can see exactly where the officer's knee is located. it does appear that the officer at one point does have his knee in the back of mario with his weight behind it. another later seconds moments after that that same officer can be seen with his name once again full weight with between an area near mario's neck and his shoulder blade at the same time, mario still face down into the ground, still struggling to breathe. here's more of that video. >> thank governor. what's your
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we don't know. >> love and the talk but your birthday >> court to get it so that they give 1984. but what month the. new book. more ever. other move through that. i think i think you just had too much to drink today. i >> okay,
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>> mario calm down. please stop picking. they the side. was like, okay. >> and it is from this moment that mario stops breathing. here in the newsroom. and kron 4. we counted from the time that he went down. that officers took him down to the time that he stopped breathing was around 6 minutes. paramedics did take mario to the hospital where he later died. as we mentioned tonight, there are so many questions still unknown tonight surrounding this death. the main reason is because so far the medical examiner's report determining the exact cause of death has not been released tonight. jonathan mccall kron 4 news. >> all right, jonathan and outside the alameda police
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department gonzales is family's been demanding that the 3 officers involved in the 26 year. old's death last week be held accountable. police say they got separate reports monday. the 19th about a man who may be under the influence and another call about someone who may have been connected to a theft. officers say that when they tried to detain gonzales, he resisted and suffered a quote, medical emergency during the struggle after watching part of the video yesterday. the gonzalez family says it is clear mario was not a threat and should not have died. >> so it is a reason. >> you know, when you know at no point. was he violent or out of control. the police killed my brother in the same manner that they george floyd. >> city of alameda has launched an independent investigation into gonzales is death as the officers involved are currently on paid administrative leave in alameda as interim police chief told us today those 3
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officers involved or eric mckinley who has been on the force for 3 years. cameron leahy also on the force 3 years and james fisher, there's been an element officer for 10 years. >> now, late this afternoon alameda as interim police chief spoke with kron four's theresa stasi about the case and why the department chose to release the 3 body cam videos. she continues our team coverage with the message she is hoping to get across to the public about the case. >> certainly the death any human being who's been in the care or custody of the government. the police department. there is a compelling public interest in that and so that there's a desire for the public from the public to see that video. and there's a desire from us that the police department to be transparent and open and build trust with the community. so released that video. so it's those 2 things together really drive us home to the video before legally obligated to do so. >> interim alameda city police chief or randy fenn on the
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release of 3 body camera videos worn by officers involved in the death of 26 year-old mario gonzales. >> nobody wants this. nobody wants. a young man lose their life. regardless, especially under these kind of circumstances. like i said, involvement with the our condolences go to down. i asked the chief direct questions about police policies and whether they were followed in this case. part of this is difficult to to. >> answer that question because a lot of this is still under investigation. >> you know, trying to identify someone is obviously pretty standard. police procedure and asking people their name trying to get identification of those things so that. >> it's fairly standard. some of the quotes, some of the questions that i don't know the answer to yet because the investigation ongoing as is what the state of mind is of the officers. they thought they were going to do next, what their intent was with mister gonzales. so those are the things that unfortunately, although we see certain things
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on the video. it's only part of the picture is only part of the scenario that's growing up with the investigation and there are a lot of these he did, though, say this about calling what happened. >> a murder? >> always use a last question, too. calls that morrow gonzales was murder. >> i would say that that is premature to make that kind of accusation. but the investigation. we don't know what happened and that we have to look investigation playout. that's the right thing to do. >> for more specifics on this case, including entirety of the body camera footage, the raw footage. we've posted that on our website, kron 4 dot com and we will be closely tracking all developments in this case on air and online. another big story tonight, the santa clara county district attorney is accusing a man of killing his transgender girlfriend. investigators say 24 year-old, the tell at lopez was stabbed to death last week at a home in milpitas. and
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today prosecutors charged her boyfriend. 22 year-old alijah with murder kron four's. dan thorn is live for us in milpitas tonight. >> he joins us with more from the victim's family. dan. >> well grant and sanaa's. this is been a heartbreaking in stunning loss for this family. they considered that tally a role model for those in the trans community and they are hoping her death brings about awareness for domestic violence. >> fall holding back tears cra all the remembers her best friend and cousin italia to is great. able to anything. the 24 year-old transgender woman was killed last friday in milpitas her boyfriend now facing charges in her death she cared about everybody no matter what they did to her. she always forgave everybody. she was a gray that my best and we did everything milpitas police had found lopez had
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been stabbed several times at a home on hillview court. her boyfriend elijah sugg was arrested after he was seen in the apartment with blood on his hands lopez's family says she was a beloved drag artist who entertained mostly in san jose. >> but also did shows throughout the bay area she literally was just like such an amazing performers. you can just and she just natural ally since the young age. she did that literally for years old. he says natalia was a victim of an abusive relationship. >> that took her life. the pain never goes away. >> with time. it that pain is less, but it never goes away. >> margaret pat rose is the executive director of mothers against murder. the los altos based organization is helping the family with the burden of italians death. pat rose says this case is another tragic example of the need. for more education around domestic violence. i think we don't talk enough about it. only one. >> tragedies like this happen. they need to be any sources.
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>> programs out that tell you as families saddened by her killing is seeking justice. and here is that so much. >> right now an italian family is raising funds to pay for funeral expenses. prosecutors have not given any motive in this killing sambora is set to be back in front of a judge on thursday reporting live in milpitas. dan thorn kron 4 news. dan, thank you for that. >> switching gears now to get a check of our 4 zone forecast chief meteorologist lawrence karnow joins us now with what we can expect in lourdes. it's going to feel quite warm out there. yeah, these next couple days, guys. these temperatures really going to warm up today. we started a little bit. but boy, we're going to really get things going starting tomorrow and the next couple days should be spectacular. warms days of the next 7. so high pressure now building in overhead. looks like we've got mostly clear skies. now there
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may be a hit. the patchy fog along the coastline not to be much. in fact, looking over san francisco lot of times you see that fog already rolling in over the city by this time, but not now go to keep those skies mostly clear overnight tonight, temperatures already started to move upwards today. in fact, some places jumped as much as 14 degrees in places like concord and santa rosa in the bottle. so warmer weather starting today. but we're really going to get things going for tomorrow. high of 62 degrees. so a little bit below the average. still the san francisco today. 70, though, very nice and sunny in oakland 72 degrees in san jose 74 degrees in little more than we really warmed up 79 in concord and santa rosa expect both both places the be the 80's by tomorrow afternoon. all right. you can see what's happening in the atmosphere. now, of course, we had a few this past weekend that is long gone. now high pressure really rolling in along the coastline. and you can see the jet stream following all the high clouds. see that all the way up into canada. that is far away. that means we'll keep things high and dry now at least for the short term and probably into
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next week as well. winds. they've been a little gusty into the afternoon today in the evening. still continue to see a westerly wind that 17 miles in the san francisco calm now. but all light breeze into fairfield to 10 miles per hour as we get ready for what looks like a very nice night ahead. mostly clear skies. just a couple of patches of coastal fog tomorrow becoming mostly sunny and noticeably warmer. in fact, you may be think it's a little bit on the hot side in some spots. and this really looks like this trend is going to take us through the next couple days before we start to cool down as we look toward the weekend, 52 degrees right now in pacifica to 57 in san francisco. 62 and still 67 degrees in pittsburgh. 70 in celina high pressure. here comes rolling in along the coastline, bringing that sunshine and some very warm weather to much of the bay area. these temperatures really going to pop not only here but around much of the state 80's in the central valley size 88 in sacramento tomorrow. 87 in reading 78 degrees in los angeles about 64 degrees in monterey.
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long-term forecast look promising for rain. you see that ridge just too strong. so all the storms got to ride right over the top of it by friday, searched weaken a little bit. that will be just enough to a lot. a few clouds move into our skies. but no rain looks like it's going to keep things dry through the weekend. probably a little windy over the weekend with some cooler temperatures. then late next week starts to get a little bit. it's true. we see this guy foreman right along the coastline. nice. even lauren forecast the models kind of fall apart with that system toward the end of the week. so let's enjoy the nice weather while we have. we don't know. it's coming our way after that. so certainly some nice weather, some temperatures warming up mid 80's inland, lot of 70's. a few 80's inside the base of 50's and some 60 some very nice weather along the coastline will be a little bit cooler. but boy, you get inside the bay. i mean, beautiful day to walk outside enjoy some lunch. that sounds but yeah, thanks. alerts. san francisco will likely move into the yellow tier reopening status next week. that's based on its current case rates. love. this means an increased capacity up to 50% for places
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like. >> gyms, movie theaters entertainment centers. the main changes will actually be for places like bars and live performances. scott force taylor bisacky joins us now with more on what we can expect starting next week. taylor bars live performances. i think i remember those. >> it's been a while. we're all starting forget, what are, quote, unquote, normal lives. but you know this possible tier change actually comes after we just missed the mark for that yellow tier few weeks ago in the beginning of april. but now with updated metrics from the state. san francisco could move forward as long as our case rates stay the same. >> san francisco's likely moving into yellow tier status next week, which means bars not serving food would be allowed to open indoors at 25%. capacity for the first time since the beginning of the pandemic. according to state guidance, the food component being gone. i know many, many borrowers breathing a huge breath of not happened
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in the food anymore. ben bleiman who owns several bars and san francisco, including tonic sort of penske's in teeth says. >> yellow tier change will help a lot of bars in the city bounce back. we don't have servers. we don't have the. we had to scramble to get all of the logistics and all of the gear that you need to serve food and you know some places nailed it, but others it was just a real hassle and cost a lot of money and labor. >> it's a lot of money and equipment and and then the customer experience was typical. you so it's a really big deal. let's get back to doing what we do. the yellow tier status would also allow live performance venues to increase their capacity. >> however, most venues in the city say it's still not enough to operate at a profit of them are reopening the capacity. >> means that you spend more money on staff and you could possibly make at the door and at the bar manager. a dna lounge. devon dossett says. >> like many other live music
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venues in the city. they don't plan to open until after june 15th the target date, california aims to fully reopen the possible tier change comes after the state updated its reopening metrics for the yellow tier to an adjusted rate of 2 covid cases per 100,000 residents compared to the previous yellow tier threshold of one case per 100,000 residents sense when you know the municipality. but the highest first dose rate of vaccinations. we are at 70%. first dose. >> vaccinations in the city of san francisco. no other places managed to get this guy. the national right now across united states is 42.7% first dose to to change would also come with good timing as san francisco announced plans for outdoor high school graduation ceremonies on tuesday. >> now, while these activities would be allowed under state guidelines. it's ultimately up to san francisco to decide whether it's going to allow some or all of those activities as we've seen throughout this pandemic. i did reach out to the health
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officers office today. and while they couldn't confirm what they would or wouldn't allow. they do say they are working on yellow chair grandson, as you just going to have to stay tuned to see what's going to come. but there's definitely a light at the end of the tunnel. now live in san francisco tell kron 4 angers cross, thank you. taylor. >> president joe biden announced earlier today. new guidance on vaccinated people wearing masks outdoors. this after the cdc said fully vaccinated americans can be outside without wearing a mask with some exceptions. the change comes as more than half of us adults have gotten at least one dose of the coronavirus vaccine and more than a 3rd have been fully vaccinated. president biden says the new guidance is even more reason for people to get vaccinated. >> the bottom line is clear. if you're vaccinated, you can do more things. more safely. both outdoors as well as indoors. for. so for those who haven't got their vaccination
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yet, especially if you're younger. or think you don't need it. this is another great reason to go get vaccinated. >> the agency says people should still wear masks when they are in a big a crowd of strangers. >> a decision about drought restrictions in the east. bay has been made with county leaders have decided. and despite more than a year of quarantining in staying at home. twenty-twenty did not see an increase in new births. >> we'll tell you how the pandemic led to a baby bus instead of a baby boom. >> and how about hundreds of thousands of workers seeing a significant pay bump in the future. the new executive order calling for a $15 minimum wage and when that could go into effect.
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bring. on. spring. with calculators that can help you color. and a store that rings your doorbell any time you need it. this is doing like never before. this is today's home depot. how doers get more done.
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>> president joe biden signs an executive order to increase the minimum minimum wage to $15 an hour for federal contractors. the biden administration says the additional cost to taxpayers will be offset by increased productivity. the move would bump up pay for hundreds of thousands of workers, including nursing assistance cafeteria workers and laborers. white house press secretary jen psaki told reporters today that workers making the current minimum wage of $10.95. an hour would
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have their pay raise gradually through 2024. >> this increase must be implemented by janet march 30th 2022. continue to index the minimum wage to inflation measure. so it keeps up the cost of living with the cost of living eliminate the tipped minimum wage for federal contractors by 2020 foot. 4 ensure a $15 minimum wage for federal contractors with disabilities and restore minimum wage protections to outfitters and guides land. >> biden's executive order will also eliminate and adjusted minimum wage for tipped workers and keep minimum wage consistent with inflation levels. doordash is launching lower priced delivery options for us restaurants which will increase the price for customers. >> the san francisco based delivery company said today it will offer a new basic plan that will charge restaurants 15% per order, which is about half the cost of what it has been. that plan also limits
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the delivery area while shifting more delivery costs to. customers. people who get the food. the new plan is a response to criticism that the commission's doordash has been charging are just too high for the beleaguered restaurant industry. >> we are getting ready for a midweek. warm up here in the bay area when check out temperatures where you live. coming up next. he's been mud.
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board members have voted to declare stage one drought. that means customers are being asked to voluntarily reduce water usage. >> up to 10% starting may first east bay mud will begin informing customers about drought conditions in ways to reduce water use both indoors and outdoors and in the south bay, the santa clara valley water district says meeting tonight about the drought predicament that district also considering water restrictions for their customers will keep you posted. there. east bay mud has posted some tips to help you conserve water. they are recommending that you wait to run the laundry machine or your dishwasher into. you have a full load. >> don't run the water while you're brushing your teeth or shaving instead just turn it on to rinse. they also recommend taking shorter showers. and if you have outdoor landscaping, it's recommended that you water either early in the morning or after 7 in the evening. and as governor gavin newsome faces a likely recall election later
9:30 pm
this year. some election officials are warning it could be one of the most expensive elections in state history. a group of elections officials is warning governor gavin newsom's recall election could cost 400 million dollars. whether the state will reimburse counties for the likely election is still to be determined. however, election officials have noted the state did not reimburse counties for the cost of california's last recall in 2000, 3 of governor gray davis. >> very large deficit. too many county budgets and local county board of supervisors and have very difficult decisions as to what to fund. >> recall supporters say the money is worth it. criticizing the governor's pandemic-related policies on businesses schools and the 10's of billions of dollars in unemployment benefits paid to fraudsters by his administration. >> and we will have more, including president biden said rest to congress tomorrow night. we'll air that live at
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6 o'clock on kron 4 and then well, the special episode of inside california politics. it will be streaming tomorrow night right after the president's speech join our catherine heenan as well as 3 of our political analyst michael yaki jonathan madison and david mckeown. that is tomorrow night on kron on. emotions ran high in the santa cruz courtroom this afternoon. adrian aj gonzales was given the maximum sentence for the 2015 kidnap and murder of 8 year-old maddy middleton, kron four's. rob fladeboe has that story. >> after pleading guilty earlier this month in the 2015 kidnapping rape and murder of his good friend and neighbor 8 year-old maddy middleton 21 year-old adrian gonzalez apologized to her family before his sentencing tuesday in santa cruz.
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>> gonzalez was 15 years old when he lured middleton to his home at the tannery arts complex in 2000, 15. her body was found in a dumpster after a video of maddy was shown in court. her parents, laura jordan and michael middleton addressed the court >> area. >> gonzalez was given the maximum sentence, which means after serving a minimum 4 more years in a juvenile detention facility. he could go free at
9:33 pm
age 25 initially to be tried as an adult, 2018 is controversial. senate bill. 1391, mandated that 1415 year olds must be tried in juvenile court. >> focusing solely retribution or just desserts. abandoning adrian to the toxic adult prison system. just another way of saying we don't care. the bottom line is. >> certain changes need to be made in juvenile justice to reform. of course, but one size fits all legislation that takes no account at all for people like adrian we had experts who said they had never, ever seen anybody present like him ever in a 30 year career as a child psychologist never. >> had gonzalez been tried as an adult. he almost certainly would have spent the rest of his life in prison in santa cruz. rob fladeboe kron 4 news.
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>> the owners of a sunnyvale restaurants say they are the victims of a hate crime kron four's charles clifford has the details. >> well, here in sunnyvale, the owners of lebron restaurant right behind me here say that they have had a very tough year because of the pandemic and now they believe they've been the victims of a hate crime. but they say they're not backing down what. and my brother came into the restaurant. he saw broken glass this past weekend, someone smashed a double pane window in the front side of lab on restaurant in sunnyvale. they didn't take anything. they just literally. took a time. just smashed a double pane window. co owner. when says they also found a disturbing crumpled up note near the broken glass bases saying asian people go home. but in more derogatory terms. jeff says it has been a tough year for the restaurant. they've had to let almost all their employees going of closed several other restaurants because business l% has been so slow. >> he says this attack feels personal is belittle devastating for us. and then when someone just breaks down
9:35 pm
your window. i gosh darned tuesday afternoon, the sunnyvale police department said that so far no arrests have been made and no suspects have been identified. but that the investigation is still ongoing. jeff doubts that anyone will be held responsible, but he wants whoever did this to know that they aren't going anywhere. you can break my window. you can do whatever you want. >> lebron will prevail. the bond is the good in french. the good will prevail no matter what. >> anyone with information is asked to contact the sunnyvale police department. but for now in the south bay, charles clifford kron 4 news. >> still ahead on kron 4 news at predict a baby boom turned baby bust, california's birth rate during the pandemic took unexpected turn. >> and temperatures warming up nicely around the bay area today just wait until tomorrow. toasty many neighborhoods. look at that coming up next. >> and you read the book alexander and the terrible horrible no good. very bad day. it's a children's book.
9:36 pm
but the adults and the warriors men. nothing went right. really an embarrassment at chase sports director jason dumas. she tries to explain what on earth happened in a game. it was hugely important for the dubs playoff position.
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>> and now kron 4 sports. >> speaker quinn did as the biggest game of the year. but the warriors did not play like it tonight one of their worst losses of the seasons at the hands of the dallas mavericks. let's see how it all played out. steph curry couldn't carry the dubs tonight. this one got ugly pretty much from the getgo luka doncic's. it's going to drain the 3 of the top of the canon andrew wiggins faith. that is all part of a 25, ads run to end the 1st quarter. steve kerr immediately called time out those for the clipboard but nothing he tried work 36 to 12 after the 1st quarter. curry final numbers were solid 27 points 9 of 18 shooting. but this one was never close the turnover dismiss said after miss after miss after miss you know, shaking his head back to luka. this time. he gets the
9:40 pm
three-point play the hard way. he had 39 points map up to 33 at the half. the 2nd half was basically a formality step gets stripped. dorian finney-smith. he hits the 3 throwing up that race signs to the crowd. dallas owner mark cuban looking nice and evren away with it. one 33 to one o 3 and i'm sorry to say kate rooney had to sit and watch this one in person, kate, they didn't look prepared and they didn't look like they have much of an effort either. how did you see it from chase center. >> well, i've got to see a lot of gems here. so i don't feel too bad for myself. but you know, in a city in a season that included a couple 50 point loss is maybe a 30 point loss isn't really that bad except as you pointed out, steve kerr even admitted that this was the most important game of the season. a crucial matchup. if the warriors wanted to jockey for that. 60 that they've been eyeing
9:41 pm
heading into the postseason. but things started to go downhill really early. that scoring drought that lasted nearly 9 minutes. no bench production, especially in the 1st half. the only put up 6 points total and then tons of turnovers double digit turnovers in the 1st half as well. and here's what steve kerr said. it all had to do with preparation. >> i'm concerned about the level intensity and and preparation and competitiveness. that's what was missing on head coach. you know, i i did not have them ready to play you know, biggest game of the year we it was over before it started. they know we're right on their they came out like a like it was a playoff game and we came out like it was an exhibition game and. very disappointing. >> indeed. but are you ready for some good news. it is going to get better. hopefully the next 6 opponents make for some winnable games. they're
9:42 pm
all teams with a losing record. so this should be something with the words can put together a little bit of a run, but they're going to have to change some things up and come out a lot more prepared. then they did tonight. jason. thanks for that report, kate. we will hear from cain again later in the midnight. now. >> let's go to the trop. the a's taking on the rays. bottom of the 6th. brett phillips takes frankie monteith's deep to center and gone. that's a 2 run home run. raise grab a 3 to 2 lead. they fall 4 to 3 game 3 of the series tomorrow. and a quick note, the giants are playing right now at oracle. last time i checked there were down by one run. we will have full highlights of that game coming up at 10 o'clock. hopefully the giants can salvage the night after the a's lose and the warriors. i don't even want to call that a loss that was just a drubbing. so hopefully they got that out of their system. but that's all we have for sports. we'll be right back
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>> now in the pandemic first began, there were all these predictions that all the time inside would lead to a baby boom. but is actually turn into a baby bust. >> i guess other zooms baking bread doesn't do it for everybody. the bay area doctor talks about why some of his patients took to think seriously actually thought about this and decided to postpone their family planning
9:46 pm
for at least a wild-card forces eat mud. you reports. >> the birth rate in the state of california has been on a downward trajectory for a number of years. however, the state experienced a dramatic decline in new boards conceived in 2020 during the pandemic. our hospital match the state much the nation. clearly we have less burns hospital within the last year during the pandemic that the final should move is bg weigh in here at san ramon regional medical center in san ramon have be n going on for, say that 10 years or so. but now that this significant decrease within the last year was not measurable. so if you look at the previous date, i was not as huge as this last year when the pandemic we clear example was december 2020, there was at least 10% fewer births than the previous december. the uncertainty of the economy as
9:47 pm
things were shutting down employment its stability shelter-in-place orders and an overall lack of security. all weighed heavy on the minds of his patients who are considering additions to the family last year and from my perspective as a physician, i can tell you a lot of my patients are >> requesting an desiring, a delay and their pregnancies and using more long-term contraception. >> additional factors for example, a lot of fertility procedures for counting those elective procedures. so they were canceled march. april may guthrie schedule pushed back and that's a major contribution to the birth rates and our nation that added more reason to crease and the birth rates. >> but as the economy begins to reopen. and if it can stay open the doctor anticipates a pendulum swing in new california. babies being board next year and that will be another group. of course, that the pandemic was the major
9:48 pm
event has menu kron 4 news. >> for your health tonight. some new mothers are getting creative in trying to keep their babies safe from the coronavirus new ads are popping up on milk websites. it's specifically from women who have been vaccinated or have antibodies to the disease. thousands of women send excess milk to milk banks which sells them to mothers. recent studies show both pfizer and moderna vaccine traded a strong immune response and pregnant and lactating women and their antibodies transferred to the babies. however, there are still a number of uncertainties. >> a number of things that we don't know yet the number of antibodies that are crossed into the milk. how long those antibodies are going to mass. are those antibodies able to prevent viral infection. >> is important to know that buying milk buying market. it is a largely unregulated market in fact, the fda
9:49 pm
advises staying away from its. >> all right. so there's that as we switch check on the 4 zone forecast. chief meteorologist lawrence karnow joins us now to look ahead all right, guys. we're checking outside tonight it looks so far so good. mostly clear night out there tonight. that's the way it is going to stay for most of the bay area. now, there will be a couple of patches of fog just a few patches right out toward the immediate coast. but i think other than that, we're starting a mostly sunny side up tomorrow and then we're off to the races with some very warm temperatures developing around the bay area by tomorrow afternoon in fact, even by lunchtime tomorrow should be a beautiful day with temperatures popping up in the 70's as well up there over a san francisco. you can see skies. stay mostly clear at this hour, no fog to speak of there just yet for the golden gate bridge. yeah. them look bad either. no fog are racing to the bridge tonight. so nice and clear there so far. but they become patches. little bit later on. high pressure now building overhead to really get the feel for that ridge setting itself up along the western half of the united states now, all that rain is
9:50 pm
headed all the way north into canada. so no threat of rain here. you see a little stroll. the south is all part of that system that rotated through the bay area to bring some showers on sunday. that is completely moved out of town. so here we sit down with some dry conditions out there. some of those clouds still rotating over the mountain top. but other than that, it's pretty much gone. it's 58 degrees right now in san jose. the 15 also in alameda, 57 degrees in berkeley. 55 in san francisco, 52 now in petaluma. still look at the 60's. some of that santa rosa and say little is still looking to warm temperatures there 65 in concord. but things are going to be changing. i think as we head toward tomorrow afternoon temperatures are going to start to warm up. i think downtown san francisco or in the mid 60's in oakland sunshine is a very warm temperatures will have an afternoon breeze, but not before squeezing out about 71 degrees and how about san jose you into the 80's by tomorrow afternoon, sunny side up. that's what you're going to finish an looks like a beautiful sunset for you by tomorrow night, low clouds and fog. i think for the most part just hanging out right into the coastline. you can see the
9:51 pm
models trying to pick up on a couple of patches of fog near half moon, bay pescadero maybe some of that creeping toward the afternoon as well. but otherwise mostly clear skies around the bay area and then as we get into thursday, things change the clouds begin to roll in some mid to high level clouds begin move overhead. i think the temperatures will start to back off. at least a few degrees but not by much. so tomorrow we start to warm things up. still pleasant in the san francisco at mid 60's along the coastline. it will be cool their plan on some 50's there with some of that patchy fog are right at the water's edge, get inside the baby start heating up 70 millbrae 72 in burlingame about 80 degrees in san carlos 78 degrees in mount 77 in foster city. the south bay filled with 80's by tomorrow afternoon. mid-eighties in the campbell about 83 in santa clara and 81 degrees in milpitas 79 degrees and sunny all day long. and fremont 83 in pleasanton. 83 also in dublin and about 75 degrees and hayward. a little bit of a breeze there in the afternoon 76 in castro valley about 84 danville about 85 degrees in
9:52 pm
concord. if the idea nice warm temperatures just about everywhere you go. by tomorrow afternoon the napa valley looking fantastic at 80 degrees. warm back toward the coastline. a little cooler temperatures. they're going to be the 50's and the 60's. but still some very nice weather ahead next couple days. high pressurh takes over and that means we've got some great weather temperatures running well above the average to thursday, then cooling down as we get to friday, little windy over the weekend given high and dry right for the next 7 days, but nice weather these next couple days really, really nice weather. try it. thank you. okay. new details. coming up on the 2021 version of burning man. they're going to get the thing going in the desert. well. >> a decision has been made. we're looking ahead. when we come back.
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attention, california. new federal funding of $3 billion is available to help more people pay for health insurance — no matter what your income. how much is yours? julie and bob are paying $700 less, every month.
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dee got comprehensive coverage for only $1 a month. and the navarros are paying less than $100 a month. check to see your new, lower price. the sooner you sign up the more you save. only at covered california. this way to health insurance. the new attractions said pasa robles. the news light towers. there are meant to celebrate. >> pasa robles, wine country, famous for wind there. the 6 foot towers are made of more than 17,000 bottles of wine lined with fiber optic lights that morph with the music being played throughout the exhibit. the installations are open through the end of september. and as you start to get out and do more things this summer. maybe that's an option. you can head to kron 4 dot com to get some more info
9:56 pm
and we have a link to buy tickets. >> and some bad news for burning man fans. that's why 21 version has been canceled. not just like last year, the festival in the northern nevada desert is not happening because of the pandemic. organizers say there are too many uncertainties to resolve before this year's timeline burning man had been scheduled for the end of august through the start of september. the ceo says the focus now will be on bringing the event back in 2022. >> and san francisco's legion of honor is set to reopen to visitors next week about that. the newest exhibit last supper in will begin may 7th due to covid protocols and advanced ticket is required to get preferred time frame. the exhibit is the first to focus on the love, the food and drink in the ancient city of palm pay. there will be a sneak peek of the exhibit next week on kron on. i'll have
9:57 pm
probably have that for that's exciting. and on thursday a little kron. >> promotions. yes, yes. we'll be speaking to chopmaster j. >> was a co-founder. digital underground and sadly passed away earlier this week so we will be speaking last week. i believe the last we'll be speaking to him this week as well on kronon so download the app, guys that can look that does it for kron 4 news at 9, but don't go anywhere. a lot of news coming up next. hour. that's right. ken and kathryn standing by with a look at that. and i understand you really like the humpty hump. so that will be let's get all right. coming up, are following the latest out of alameda where we have new body camera video of the death of mario gonzalez while he was in police custody and we have an update on when san francisco might be moving him to the yellow reopening tier and what changes that will bring. >> i'm catherine heenan. i'm ken wayne kron. 4 news at 10. coming up next.
9:58 pm
emergency planning for kids. we can't predict when an emergency will happen. so that's why it's important to make a plan with your parents. here are a few tips to stay safe. know how to get in touch with your family. write down phone numbers for your parents, siblings and neighbors. pick a place to meet your family if you are not together and can't go home. remind your parents to pack an emergency supply kit. making a plan might feel like homework, but it will help you and your family stay safe during an emergency.
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>> when fun time from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 news to in the same manner that floor, no point. >> was he violent or out of control reason. >> you know, when you know my i >> now at 10, a family demanding justice after their loved one died in alameda police custody last week


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