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tv   KRON 4 News at 630pm  KRON  April 27, 2021 6:30pm-7:01pm PDT

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you have more time to get a real id. if you are planning to get one homeland security is extending the deadline from october. 1st of this year. >> a 3rd of 2023, might remember the pandemic already led to an earlier delay at this 0. 43 1% of all state issued driver's licenses and id cards are real id compliant. >> next on kron. 4 news at predicted baby boom apparently turned into a baby bust when we return, we're going to tell you what was once thought to be a big year for newborn babies is going in the opposite direction. plus, do we need to do more than stay 6 feet away from other people indoors. but an mit study says is more important than social distancing. and as governor newsome faces a likely recall election later this year. some officials are warning it could be one of the most expensive elections in when you skip the rinse with finish quantum,
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all of that extra toilet paper was a good idea, but now you've flushed it all. and it's building up in your septic tank. but monthly usage of rid-x is scientifically proven to break down waste. maintain your septic tank with rid-x. >> a study from mit explains the key to curbing the spread of coronavirus indoors. it's much more than just social distance and grant lotus is here in the studio to explain the details. grant. >> 6868. yeah. it's one of these things is going to always be hard. mention in most helpful. but we're hard-wired. yeah. at this point to wear the masks to stay the distance. but there's this interesting study. you
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know, you think about how much breathing there is like breathing heavy breathing. well, that's a factor. according to these experts. also which direction are you are you talking to someone right here or are they to your side a little bit. and of course, the wearing of masks, this mit study examined all of this in warns that covid particles can for sure linger and flow. well past that 6 foot mark. so along with proper ventilation, the time that people spend indoors a lot of times it could be a huge factor the scientists say because the longer you spend inside with somebody who is infected the greater risk. you have contracting covid. >> and not saying that social distancing all along has been ineffective or unnecessary. still, our first protection is to be distant. then you shouldn't feel good. all that matters is distance and that you're somehow have no risk. you should be thinking about exposure to the well makes background. there are some particles in that room and the
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time spend in that room. and of course a number of other people that are in there as well and other factors that has been to ration. clean important role in your safety. in addition to just distance. >> professor is out there wouldn't say every indoor classroom or dining place. workplace situation is safe, but says the significant fraction of them are said to be safe based on affective ventilation the size of the rooms. bigger is better number of people. and the time those folks spend together mit has an online tool you can use to assess the safety of your indoor experience. we posted that link on kron 4 dot com overall. he says the vaccine rates are up, then infections are down and that makes an enormous difference as well. by the way, that full interview if you'd like to check it out. ran on our streaming news app that's kron on. you see the qr code over here that you take your phone open. the camera. hold it up to it. and then your phone
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will take you to your app. store for a free download here and you can stay connected all data. unique content like this topic as well as any breaking news here in the bay across the state or across the u.s. for now. katherine, ken, back to you. thank you. grant. >> well, the coronavirus has had an impact and just about everything about this past year at the next tory is a more proof of that. some people are calling twenty-twenty a pandemic baby bust, a bay area doctor talks about why some of his patients say they decided to delay their family plans. kron four's haaziq madyun has the story. >> the birth rate in the state of california has been on a downward trajectory for a number of years. however, the state experienced a dramatic decline in new boards conceived in 2020 during the pandemic. our hospital match the state much the nation. clearly we have less burns hospital within the last year during the pandemic that the final should move is bg weigh in here at san ramon regional
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medical center in san ramon have been going on for, say that 10 years or so. but that this significant decrease within the last year was not actual. so if you look at the previous date, i was not as huge as this last year when the pandemic clear example was december 2020, there was at least 10% fewer births than the previous december. the uncertainty of the economy as things were shutting down employment its stability shelter-in-place orders and an overall lack of security. all weighed heavy on the minds of his patients who are considering additions to the family last year and from my perspective as a physician, i can tell you a lot of my patients are >> requesting an desiring, a delay and their pregnancies and using more long-term contraception. >> additional factors for example, a lot of fertility procedures for counting those
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elective procedures. so they were canceled march. april may guthrie schedule pushback. and that's a major contribution to the birth rates and our nation that added more reason to crease and the rates. >> but as the economy begins to reopen. and if it can stay open the doctor anticipates a pendulum swing in new california. babies being board next year and that will be another group. of course, that the pandemic was the major event has menu kron 4 news. >> another big story we're following as governor newsome is facing a likely recall election later this year. there are already warnings or could be one of the most expensive elections in state history. kron four's ashley zavala has that story. >> a group of local elections officials this morning. governor gavin newsom's recall election could cost 400 million dollars more than 4 times as much as governor newsom and other state
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officials expected originally it could be one of the most expensive elections in state history. it's entirely possible and prepare for it. we have to fall under the same covid restrictions that we did down the johnston is the president of the california association of clerks and elections officials. a bipartisan group of county clerks and registrars. the group notes. the 2020 general election was the most expensive in california's history, costing $18 per voter. it required personal protective equipment larger spaces in vote by mail ballots. johnston says if the same rules apply to the recall. it will carry the same historic price tag whether the state will reimburse counties for the likely election is still to be determined that could be very large deficit. too many county budgets and local county board of supervisors and have been very difficult decisions as to what the fund. >> elections officials noted the state did not reimburse counties for the cost of california's last recall in 2000, 3 of governor gray davis legislative leaders tuesday would not say if the state will pick up the tab for new sums.
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>> in a statement, democratic assembly speaker anthony rendon said, quote, neither the state nor the county's should be stuck footing the bill for such an unnecessary election. well, the cost is still being determined. what we do know is the cost of this frivolous special election will be borne by california's taxpayers newsom's campaign manager dan newman said in a statement, quote, 400 million more reasons why the republican recall is a terrible idea. these republicans are wasting hundreds of millions of taxpayers money. recall supporters say the money is worth it. pretty sizing. the governor's pandemic-related policies on businesses schools and the 10's of billions of dollars in unemployment benefits paid to fraudsters by his administration. >> if you're running a 150 billion dollar company, which is what california is and you're chief executive officer. kind of lost 35 billion dollars. what would you do with them. fire. i'd pay 400 million dollars in a severance package for that guy. >> right now we're in this 30 business day time frame or anyone who signed a recall
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petition could have their signatures removed. the governor would need about a 130,000 signatures removed at this point to stop the recall once this time frame is over and the recall petition is finalized. the department of finance will then do a full analysis of the cost of the election and determine the final price tag reporting in sacramento. ashley zavala kron 4 news. >> coming up next, getting around town might not necessarily be easier with ride share companies. why some researchers argue they're actually making traffic jams worse. and in sports, the a's take on the rays in florida. sports director jason dumas has highlights and warriors update coming up. and the midweek warm-up is in the
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>> a new study reveals rideshare apps such as those from uber and lyft are making traffic worse in this country. researchers at massachusetts institute of technology say more commuters are choosing to hail a car instead of taking public transit the team at mit study data from us cities where uber and lyft have been located since 2016. they say they found congestion and traffic jam times both increased while the use of public transit dropped by almost 9%. researchers also say ride sharing drivers cruising around without passengers have also made traffic worse. >> electric cars are gaining in popularity, but a new self-driving electric car promises to eliminate pollution. some of it anyway, aside from being pretty fancy.
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it's a british designed arrow. it cleans up pollution left by other cars as it drives along supposedly leaving clean air in its wake and features. you saw their dining room style space inside the cabin that can be turned into a double bad. what allowing people to sleep while lot commuting to work a sense kind of good. the electric car could go into production as soon as 2023 just needs a shower. still ahead, another delay in the scott peterson case. what happened today in the san mateo county courthouse and
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>> more delays in the scott peterson case is still no decision as to whether or not he should be granted a new trial for the murders of his pregnant wife and unborn peterson's defense team is blaming the coronavirus for a holdup in their investigation into alleged juror misconduct. kron four's maureen kelly has the story. scott peterson appeared at the hearing remotely from san quentin's death row where he's been incarcerated since being convicted in 2005. >> for the murders of his wife, lacy and their unborn son, connor. but because the california state supreme court overturned his death sentence finding that the original trial judge made mistakes during jury selection. a new jury will decide if he deserves the ultimate punishment, the same higher court also ruled that a woman selected for the original jury richelle. nice failed to disclose a restraining order.
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she taken out while pregnant herself. so now first, san mateo county judge has to decide if that merits peterson a whole new trial. the defense team is now investigating a second allegation involving the same germ that there was a domestic violence attack on her that we were not aware of. but in-person questioning has been stalled because of covid-19, which is why the defense has asked for and was granted a 3rd extension nice has previously denied keeping information back to get on the jury defense attorney pat harris says he doesn't think she would have been seated. she owned up to her past that she was an alternate to begin with. >> and when she came into the jury room after she was actually put on the jury. one of the jurors is sake. she walked in the room and said, ok, now let's get justice for that little baby connor. before she ever the liberated before she ever did anything, which i think indicates a mindset that could very well be based on her own experience. >> the next hearings for the scott peterson case have been now scheduled for late june.
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the judge says she wants the matter of whether or not scott peterson is granted out entire new trial wrapped up by the end of 2021 maureen kelly kron 4 news. >> all right. time for weather, check. and boy. we've got some nice weather coming our way. breaking out to the middle of the weekend. looking good out there tonight. you've got mostly clear skies couple patches of fog along the coast. but even there not much. i think as we head through the day tomorrow. you got plenty of sunshine coming your way. mid 60's downtown san francisco little cooler still, it will be a bit of a breeze. the sea breeze right along the coastline and maybe just a couple of patches of fog. it's not going to be much inside the baby warm things up. 70 millbrae 72 and sunny in burlingame, 77 degrees in foster city 78 in san carlos 76 in woodside south bay filled with 80's by tomorrow afternoon. it will be a warm day. there may be a size 84 degrees in campbell and saratoga about 83 in sunnyvale. then those temperatures pop very nicely
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in the east bay of the 80's there 70's in the hayward 73 in castro valley 81 in around 85 degrees in concord about 82 degrees in benicia. you get the idea that some nice numbers coming our way and looks like it will stick around through the middle of the week. that cool down a little bit with a few more clouds on friday. more winds cooler temperatures expected next weekend. >> and now kron 4 sports. >> with this 9 games left in the regular season. every single game is important as the warriors look to clinch a playoff berth, but some games seem to matter a bit more when you look at the standings tonight is a perfect example. the dubs abs who are just 2 and a half games behind them. as for that coveted 6 pot of course, the 60 doesn't require a plane game just to make the postseason. steve kerr to try to treat all games the same. but he is very much so aware of tonight's playoff implications. >> all these against the
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team's near us in the new orleans memphis you know, we're done with san antonio and portland. but. all these games are really key and yeah, i mean, if we were to win tonight, then think we we would have a realistic shot catching dallas because we have the tie breaker over them. >> you know, so that it makes it makes it a big game. but as i said, every every game's a big game right now. >> well, dallas came into tonight's game after playing last night and it looks like the warriors were the team that played last night. they're losing to the maps, 25 to 12. we will have highlights, of course, when it goes final actually, they just hit a 3 warriors down huge in the 1st quarter. 28 to 12 right now. dallas is leading. we will keep you updated on that score all night long. now the a's, they're gonna florida taking on the rays in the trop in petersburg. let's go to the top of the 4, 4, tie game. stephen piscotty drives one
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deep to center. but check out coming key myers. >> nice catch there. he robbed the scottie of extra bases. let's go to the 6 inning still tied runner on 3rd mitch moreland. he's going to hit a fly ball to left. it is just deep to at and the a's go up 2 to one bottom of the 6 now, brett phillips, he's going to take frankie montauk on a one way trip to center field home run raise grab a 3, 2, lead. the a's rays. i'm sorry, added another tally in the 7th right now. they're up 42 in the 8th. we will have highlights later tonight and we'll have more news after this break.
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someday, looking back on the pandemic, you'll want to be proud to say i did everything i could. i found the strength. i looked out for everyone. i did what i could to keep my family safe. i will say, i did my part. while covid-19 is in the air, please, protect yourself and others. wear a mask, keep your distance, and get vaccinated when it's your turn. santa clara county. stay strong. spread hope.
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>> bottled whisky likely bottled 250 years ago is expected to fetch up to $40,000 during an upcoming auction. boston based skinner auctioneers said the bourbon is the oldest known whiskey in existence. they used a needle to extract a small sample that was sent off for testing. that label there lab said the whiskey was likely bottled sometime between 1763 and 18 o 3. it will be auctioned off in late june. while this may be the oldest bottle of whiskey. it is nowhere near the most expensive back in 2019 the
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macallan fine and rare sixty-year-old 1926 became the most expensive bottle of wine or spirit ever auctioned off when it sold for one 0.9 million dollar. okay. come what are you going to do. i mean, would you. you can't drink it guess you could. but would you drink i mean, just what do you do with it. it would cost a few $1000 right now. okay. but but no, looks like parchment the label was so old house when lewis and clark were coming across 18. '02. so that's that's how old that is. have a good night. we'll see
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-read the room, guys. -yeah. ♪ ♪ >> announcer: mask celebration. speak of the dos and don'ts of what you can do w you can go without a mask. >> announcer: then, brazen attack. chasing the knucklehead who just snapped at attractive. and they were the heroes of the pandemic, so why our first responder groups being targeted and attacked? >> announcer: she got bitten in the face. >> it was just so inhumane. >> announcer: and arrest warrant for forgetting to return a vhs tape of "sabrina the teenage witch" 21 years ago. >> iou


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