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tv   KRON 4 News at 6pm  KRON  April 27, 2021 6:00pm-6:31pm PDT

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>> and now it's 6 in the east bay man's final moments are caught on police body camera video released today. it shows 26 year-old mario gonzalez says deadly encounter with an alameda with alameda police. this was monday of last week. gonzales died in custody. police say he suffered a medical emergency. his family says he was murdered good evening, everyone. thank you for joining us. i'm catherine heenan in for pam moore. and i'm ken wayne. tonight we have learned 3 officers are on leave. and also hearing from the interim alameda police chief about this in custody. death. >> kron four's terisa stasko joins us live now with what the chief had to say. theresa. >> ken and catherine, there are a lot of unknown facts about this case right now. but here is what we do know that video was released 3 body camera videos released this afternoon to kron 4 news and they show what happened and
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what unfolded with mario gonzalez dying. the 26 year-old and initially what we are learning is that there was a call into the police department of an intoxicated person in front of a home on oak street when the 2 police officers arrived, they saw mario and they asked him what his name key did not give them his name. according to the police in the video and you can hear the audio and then they try and restrain him. that's when he goes to his stomach. they are trying to put him into custody and then he stops breathing. now, a short time ago, i spoke with the interim police chief here in alameda about the death. and about the calls that the family is saying that mario was murder. >> yeah. i would say that first of all, our condolences go to the gonzalez family. nobody wants this. nobody wants. men lose their life
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regardless, especially under these kind of circumstances. like i said, involvement with the our condolences go to and then our appeals to the community that we're doing our best to. the open transparent and we want good investigations. we want to know what happened. we want to be able to prevent this possible from happening in the future. and we want to build that trust our community. >> what you say last question too. calls that morrow gonzales was murder. >> i would say that that is premature to make that kind of accusation. but the investigation. we don't know what happened and we have to look the investigation play out. that's the right thing to do. >> i also asked chief several very pointed questions about the fact that morrow was on his stomach and that he was on this that we counted the kron 4 for about 6 minutes and then
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he stopped breathing. i asked him specifics about that. whether that was police protocol. again, the interim police chief saying that he couldn't address the actions in the video, the 3 videos all on the officers because of these pending investigations and ken and catherine also it is not worthy to say that there is a private agency right now. there is the alameda county district attorney's office and the alameda county sheriff's department that are currently conducting investigations into what happened in this case. also, there is the autopsy, the cause of death. we do not know the answer to that right now. we do know that the autopsy has been performed, but they're waiting for the toxicology the results to come back before they get any kind of cause of death in the case. so right now the alameda county police department, they put on administrative leave. those 3 officers and there are many on known questions answers in this case courting
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live here in alameda. theresa stasi back to you guys. but talking about the protocols. >> the chief obviously can't to get too specific because of this investigation. but at least he could describe or maybe even provide what the protocols are during an arrest when you take a subject down to the ground similar to the george floyd case where there are specific actions that officers can do when they're trying to apprehend somebody who is resisting and the levels of force that can be used in each situation. does the alameda police department have written protocols and can we access those. >> we can definitely access those can. and i did. pointedly asked the chief for him to say whether what happened was protocol, if that is something because we did here in the chevron case that the chief and that particular case said that it wasn't protocol. what happened. but that was a very separate case regards to we don't know all of the particulars of this
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case. the interim chief said to me that in the internal affairs investigation which are not handling because that there are these officers involved can he said that? the frame of mind and the protocol. all of that is going to be examined. he would not give me any kind of again saying that it's all under investigation and that so. >> unfortunately he did not give me any specific answer to that point in question. but i did ask him. >> and obviously a lot more to be learned from all of this. theresa stasi live for us in alameda in front of police headquarters there in just the last few hours, alameda police did release that body camera video of the scene. kron four's shots mccall just finished watching that video. he continues our team coverage with a look at exactly what it shows john us. and we're also hearing what it says is well, similarities between george floyd in the case of mario gonzalez can vary eerily similar. the footage is nearly
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an hour long and shows angles from at least 3 different body cameras of officers on the scene that day. among the images in sounds mario gonzalez struggling to breathe while in handcuffs face down with his face in the grass as theresa mentioned, the video starts with the 911. call to 911, from a homeowner that homeowner telling dispatchers that a man was in his yard talking to himself. nearly 6 minutes into the video, the first officer arrived on the scene starts talking to mario figuring out what's going on before a second officer comes into the play around the 14 minute, mark, that's when that second officer gets there to the scene. start asking more questions, including asking him if he has an id. >> patient to head right over i'm over here. we want to fall down, ok, you are going where it's going to put your hands but know, it really is as hope. well, it's not that they walk with me that they don't
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think thank you. appreciate it. >> the video you're looking at now 15 minutes into that video, both officers walking over to mario telling him they don't want him to fall off of a tree stump that he was standing on after they get him down. that's when they begin to place him into handcuffs after a brief struggle. 17 minutes into the video. mario falls to the ground face. first into the grass just 2 minutes later he lets out a loud scream as handcuffs are put on to it. from here. we're going to let the scene play out on edited for the next few minutes. >> the man. we're doing it now we get the record yet. are
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we're going to carry we're going to carry there. that. thank you. >> then i got that good. you know it so put your >> maria. what your last name so but the birthday of but got to own we're okay.
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>> we want to slow the video down for you so you can see where the officer's knee is located. it appears that at one point officer does have his knee in the back of mario with his weight behind it. seconds later that same officer can be seen with his knee near mario's neck and shoulder blade at the same time. mario still face to face down into the grass, still struggling to breathe. >> what's your we don't love
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and the talk what's your birthday, court to get it so that they did 1984. but what month the. >> new will. well, other a that. i think just had too much to drink today. i >> okay, >> mario come down, please stop kicking. they the side.
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okay. you've got to wrap at 11. >> mario, we stop fighting us. >> good. we have no weight on his chances no, no, no, no, no, it's >> a >> mario the event. when we come out it, got a pulse. for
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something there because that is that the point where paramedics and first responders began chest compressions. >> paramedics did take mario to the hospital where he later died as we mentioned so far an official cause of death has not been released. you can watch the entire video for yourself. we have it posted right now on our website, kron 4 dot com jonathan mccall kron 4 news, thank you, jonathan. >> earlier today the family of mario gonzalez. they held a news conference condemning the officers involved. they say that video proves mario was not violent and did not deserve to die. >> they you know, when you know no point. was he violent or out of >> my i >> the gonzalez family says they have hired a law firm, one that specializes in police misconduct. another big story that we're following tonight. the man who admitted his guilt in the 2015 kidnap and murder
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of 8 year-old maddy middleton was sentenced today in santa cruz. 21 year-old adrian gonzales received the maximum sentence. but because he was a minor at the time. he could go free when he turns 25. >> kron four's rob fladeboe takes us inside the courtroom for some heart wrenching. information. >> after pleading guilty earlier this month in the 2015 kidnapping rape and murder of his good friend and neighbor 8 year-old maddy middleton 21 year-old adrian gonzalez apologized to her family before his sentencing tuesday in santa cruz. >> gonzales was 15 years old when he lured middleton to his home at the tannery arts
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complex in 2000, 15. her body was found in a dumpster after a video of maddy was shown in court. her parents, laura jordan and michael middleton addressed the court >> the air. >> it's just >> gonzalez. was given the maximum sentence, which means after serving a minimum 4 more years in a juvenile detention facility. he could go free at age 25 initially to be tried as an adult, 2018 is controversial. senate bill. 1391, mandated that 1415 year olds must be tried in juvenile court. >> focusing solely retribution or just desserts. abandoning
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adrian to the talk to cuddle prison system. it's just another way of saying we don't care. the bottom line is. >> certain changes need to be made in juvenile justice to reform. of course, but one size fits all legislation that takes no account at all for people like adrian we had experts who said they had never, ever seen anybody present like him ever in a 30 year career as a child psychologist never. >> had gonzalez been tried as an adult. he almost certainly would have spent the rest of his life in prison in santa cruz. rob fladeboe kron 4 news. >> and dan kerman. coming up on kron 4 news. the governor says half of californians are least one dose of the vaccine. how is the bay area doing. we'll have that coming up. >> and later, another delay in the scott peterson case. why
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the judge granted more time to the defense to present their arguments for a new trial. >> looking at the rain in the rearview mirror. now it is all about the sunshine and the warm temperatures, the nice. we'll talk about it coming up next.
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>> the u.s. centers for disease control and prevention unveiled some new guidelines today and in most circumstances the cdc says fully vaccinated americans no
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longer need to wear a mask outside kron four's. anna wiernicki explains. >> cdc director doctor rochelle walensky says fully-vaccinated americans can now dropped the mask in certain situations. if you are fully vaccinated and want to attend a small outdoor gathering or die in an outdoor restaurant with friends from multiple households. the science shows if you're vaccinated, you can do so safely. doctor walensky says that doesn't apply to crowded outdoor activities like baseball games or concerts. it is also safe for those who are fully vaccinated to return to the end it is they love doing it inside while wearing a under the new cdc guidelines. anyone fully vaccinated can safely go to a hair salon indoor bar exercise class or attend. worship service with a mask. i think message has been all over the place when it comes to that covid saga. but
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indiana republican senator mike braun says the guidelines haven't been very clear and says many americans will be confused on what they can and cannot do. we've gone >> 6 feet to 3 to mask being mandatory now outside not still president biden says the new guidelines should encourage more americans to get vaccinated. the bottom line is clear. if you're vaccinated. >> you can do more things. so go get the shot. it's never been easier. >> the cdc says if anyone is confused about these new guidelines. they can head on over to the cdc website. we'll see full detailed list of all the activities that fully vaccinated. people can now safely resume in washington. i'm anna wiernicki. ken and catherine, back to you. thank you, anna. >> well, the easing of mask guidelines has had a lot to do with the number of americans getting vaccinated for covid and we decided to find out how vaccinations are going in the bay area. kron four's dan
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kerman has been checking in with local bay area health departments and joins us now live with details. dan. >> well, you know, the governor has said that they are moving the alignment of california mask guidelines with those announced today by the federal government in part because more than half of californians age 16 and older had gotten the vaccine here in the bay area. those numbers seem to be even better than that. so making great progress, especially among those who have at least one dose of the vaccine. >> alameda county has 67% of those eligible receiving at least one dose. well, more than 41% are fully vaccinated in contra, costa county more than 68% or partially vaccinated and 47% are fully vaccinated in marin county more than 81% of received at least one dose. well, nearly 59% are fully vaccinated there are unused appointments here and they're now offering drop ins with no appointment. necessary in napa county. more
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than half of those eligible or partially vaccinated with over 40%. fully vaccinated in san francisco 69% of those eligible have received at least one dose and 45% are fully vaccinated. in san mateo county, nearly 70% of those eligible have received at least one dose and 45% are fully vaccinated. >> santa clara county has more than 65% with at least one dose and more than 37% are fully vaccinated. there are unused appointments here and they are to offering drop ins with no appointment. necessary in solano county. 53 1% of received at least one dose of the vaccine and 35% are fully vaccinated. interesting appointments is slowing down here and they, too are offering drop ins with no appointment necessary. and in sonoma county, at least 64% have had at least one dose and 45% are fully vaccinated. there are unused appointments
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in this county as well. and they, too are offering drop ins with no appointment. necessary. well, we are reaching out to the county's. we also asked asked them about the reopening tears. you know, most bay area counties are currently in the orange tier. >> which ones could move yellow soon. turns out san francisco, san mateo in marine could move to yellow as early as next week. if cases remain low live in san francisco. dan kerman kron 4 news that is really good news. all right. thank you very much, dan. today, the east bay municipal utility district board of directors. >> voted to declare a stage one drought shortage. this decision is based on projections. it spring water runoff will fall below what's needed to refill these payment reservoirs this year. kron four's michelle kingston has some tips on what you can do to start conserving now. >> in a stage one drought customers are asked to voluntarily to reduce water usage up to 10%. not a problem for some people i spoke to who
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said they'll do whatever it takes to conserve water. the east bay municipal utility district president doug linney said it's the driest year on record in the east bay. so it's a good thing east bay residents and businesses are already using 13% less water compared to water usage in the beginning of the last road in 2000, 13 for betty white conserving water is just part of her daily life in her orinda neighborhood. you just have to do what's the greatest good for the area. i mean, we can't ride at a water. so you conserve water. >> here. this area when you're and installing rocks we put in rocks. so now we have to a rock garden in our it looks actually pretty nice east bay mud says customers should continue to wash their hands and take other precautions to stay healthy during the covid-19 pandemic. but to also check and repair leaks and toilets in irrigation just outdoor irrigation timers or manually water landscape 3
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times a week or less at dawn or dusk to avoid evaporation and do what betty white and her neighbors didn't consider installing a sustainable landscape east bay mud offers rebates for landscape redesigns in irrigation upgrades. we did it mainly to save water mandatory restrictions are not currently in place just recommendations at this time. now east bay mud customers will receive notices on may first about drought conditions and ways to reduce water usage. both inside. >> and outdoors in orinda michelle kingston, kron 4 news. all right. let's take a look at the 4 zone forecast. this gorgeous shot from our mont cam camera. yeah, a little windy because it's jiggling around up there, lawrence and looks like the rain is gone for. >> the foreseeable future. yeah, for quite a while, at least maybe not to maybe middle of next week. we start talking about again, but it's so far out there. that's certainly a long ways away right now. we're talking about that sunshine, beautiful with a coastline. look at the beach right now. >> half moon bay lot of
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sunshine there. just a couple of patches of fog in the distance. but certainly cool on the coast. but the temperatures jumped a bit today and that's going to be the trend that is going to continue in the days ahead. these numbers running 1114 degrees warmer in some spots compared to just 24 hours ago. so today we topped out in the 60's and san francisco. then you hit 70 in oakland, 72 degrees san jose 74 la more 79 in concord and 79 degrees in santa rosa. so we're going to see a lot of those turn to 80's. i think by tomorrow afternoon high pressure now begin to settle in and you can see all that moisture the jet stream making its way all the way up into canada. so yeah, not a chance of getting any rain now is we'll stay dry. the winds. they are kicking up as ken mentioned, a pretty blustery in spots. still 26 mile an the sfo 15 in san francisco. $0.13 a beach at 13 miles per hour to the west in the bottle. temperatures cool on the coastline only 50's there. but you're still looking at 70 degrees right now. in lemore 74 in concord. certainly some nice weather inland. that's what's going to break down the next couple days. we're not going get that
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offshore wind, but we're going to see that big dome of high pressure building in a red. you see right there, bring a lot of sunshine. and then by friday, things begin to change a cold front gets a little bit closer. couple clouds come trickling our way, but no rain. then as we get into next week. now, i guess what we're going to clear things out again a bit until late next week. that's when finally this storm system comes knocking on the door until next thursday. right now. doesn't look like we'll see any rain we'll have to wait and see. temperatures tomorrow should be very nice rupp in the 80's in the valleys tomorrow. still cooler 50 you have more time
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to get a real id. if you are planning to get one homeland security is extending the deadline from october. 1st of this year. >> a 3rd of 2023, might remember the pandemic already led to an earlier delay at this 0. 43 1% of all state issued driver's licenses and id cards are real id compliant. >> next on kron. 4 news at predicted baby boom apparently turned into a baby bust when we return, we're going to tell you what was once thought to be a big year for newborn babies is going in the opposite direction. plus, do we need to do more than stay 6 feet away from other people indoors. but an mit study says is more important than social distancing. and as governor newsome faces a likely recall election later this year. some officials are warning it could be one of the most expensive elections in when you skip the rinse with finish quantum,


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