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tv   KRON 4 News at 530pm  KRON  April 27, 2021 5:30pm-6:01pm PDT

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let us take you to a place you've been craving.
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where the aroma of authenticity turns into the scent of home. and the warmth of friends and family is in every bite. here, there's a story behind every meal. with cacique, you'll be inspired to add your own flair. so you can tell a story of your own. cacique.your auténtico awaits. >> that you're breaking news at 05:30am tonight. police have released body camera video showing 26 year-old mario gonzalez dying while in police custody earlier this hour, we heard from mario's family who said he was murdered by officers. >> now we're hearing from the interim alameda police chief kron four's terisa stasko joins us now live with what he said. theresa. >> sanaa's and grant. we just spoke with the interim police
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chief here in alameda. he is speaking to kron 4 news first in this case. let's get to that video that was released just a short time ago again to take you back. this all started to unfold last monday and that is when police got a call of an intoxicated person and they respond to the scene. 2 people went to this home on oak street to alameda city police officers and they found mario gonzalez. now the police are saying that when they tried to engage with gonzales that he would not give them his name and then would not cooperate. they say they tried to detain them and that is when a medical situation unfolded and mario stop believing there are 3 separate investigations as you're watching that video understand that there are 3 separate investigations underway. i spoke with the police chief,
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the interim police chief about why he released the video. and secondly, those calls from the family of mario gonzalez saying and their words that he was murdered. listen to what the police chief is now telling kron 4 news. >> yeah. i would say that first of all, our condolences go to the gonzalez family. nobody wants this. nobody wants. men lose their life regardless, especially under these kind of circumstances. like i said, involvement with the our condolences go to and then our appeals to the community that we're doing our best to. be open transparent and we want good investigations. we want to know what happened. we want to be able to prevent this possible from happening in the future. and we want to build that trust our community. >> what you say. last question to calls that morrow gonzales was murder.
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>> i would say that that is premature to make that kind of accusation. but the investigation. we don't know what happened and we have to look investigation playout. that's the right thing to do. >> we're going to continue to have more on my interview with the interim police chief coming up a little bit later on. kron 4 news. but there is also again, there 3 independent investigations going on a private agency. the alameda county district attorney's office, alameda county sheriff's department. and there is also this as far as the coroner's report, we understand that the autopsy has been performed, but they are waiting back for toxicology. so no official cause of death has been released. but we will continue to follow that as well. and lastly, i will leave you with this. they have released the names to kron 4 news of the 3 officers that are now on administrative leave. i'm going to have more on that coming up. reporting live here now we need to trust us to see you back to guys. >> all right. thank you, teresa. other news now
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governor newsome likely recall election later this year. some elections officials are now warning this thing could be the most expensive election or one of them in the state's history. ashley zavala explains the cost concerns and the decision that state leaders will need to make. >> as the recall moves forward. >> a group of local elections officials this morning. governor gavin newsom's recall election could cost 400 million dollars more than 4 times as much as governor newsom and other state officials expected originally it could be one of the most expensive elections in state history. it's entirely possible and prepare for every have to fall under the same covid restrictions that we did down the johnston is the president of the california association of clerks and elections officials. a bipartisan group of county clerks and registrars. the group notes. the 2020 general election was the most expensive in california's history, costing $18 per voter. it required a personal protective equipment larger spaces in vote by mail
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ballots. johnston says if the same rules apply to the recall. it will carry the same historic price tag whether the state will reimburse counties for the likely election is still to be determined that could be very large deficit. too many county budgets and local county board of supervisors and have very difficult decisions as to what to fund. >> elections officials noted the state did not reimburse counties for the cost of california's last recall in 2000, 3 of governor gray davis legislative leaders tuesday would not say if the state will pick up the tab for new sums. >> in a statement, democratic assembly speaker anthony rendon said, quote, neither the state nor the county's should be stuck footing the bill for such an unnecessary election. well, the cost is still being determined. what we do know is the cost of this frivolous special election will be borne by california's taxpayers newsom's campaign manager dan newman said in a statement, quote, 400 million more reasons why the republican recall is a terrible idea. these republicans are wasting hundreds of millions of taxpayers money. recall supporters say the money is
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worth it criticized in the governor's pandemic-related policies on businesses schools and the 10's of billions of dollars in unemployment benefits paid to fraudsters by his administration. >> if you're running a 150 billion dollar company, which is what california is and you're chief executive officer. kind of lost 35 billion dollars. what would you do with them. the fire. i'd pay 400 million dollars in a severance package for that guy. >> right now we're in this 30 business day time frame where anyone who signed a recall petition could have their signatures removed. the governor would need about a 130,000 signatures removed at this point to stop the recall once this time frame is over and the recall petition is finalized. the department of finance will then do a full analysis of the cost of the election and determine the final price tag reporting in sacramento. ashley zavala kron 4 news. >> and the south bay now santa clara county is offering a drop in appointments for residents. 16 and older who want a covid vaccine. the
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shopping system runs through sunday may 2nd. and if you're worried about a long line. you can still make the same day appointments. we have a full list of the drop in sights on our website. kron 4 dot com. >> the department of homeland security will delay the deadline requirement for air travelers to have a real id. the deadline was supposed to be october. first of this year, but now it's being postponed until a 3rd of 2023. dhs says that 19 month extension is because of the pandemic. the past year has made it harder for people to get new ids. the deadline requires all travelers over the age of 18 to have the more secure form of the idea. i guess that should be 18 and over currently only 43% of us issued driver's licenses are real id compliant. >> and east bay. biden board members have voted to declare a stage one drought. this means customers are being asked to voluntarily reduce
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water usage up to 10%. this as the state has seen extremely dry conditions starting may first east bay mud will begin informing customers about drought conditions and ways to reduce water use both indoors and outdoors and happening tonight, the santa clara valley water district is also expected to consider water restrictions for its customers. the meeting is scheduled to begin at 6 this evening and will work to bring you updates from that meeting on our website and on kron 4 news in prime time. now east bay mud has posted some ways to help you be able to conserve water. they're recommending you wait to run of the laundry or the dishwasher until you have a full load. don't run the water while you're brushing your teeth or shaving instead just turn it on to rinse. they also recommend taking shorter showers. now, if you have outdoor landscape escaping, it's also recommended that you water either early in the morning or after 7 in the evening.
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>> lebron has played basketball in more than a month. but he is still setting records while he's off the court. >> plus big tech companies back on capitol hill facing questioning on misinformation and power. the social media giant's respond to some of the biggest questions facing the industry, including how it could be dividing the country. >> and as you get used to having things delivered during the pandemic. well, why it may cost you more than usual to get doordash next time.
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>> doordash is launching lower price delivery options for us restaurants which will i mean, regular customers pay a little more. this san francisco delivery company said today it will offer a new basic plan that will now charge restaurants. 15. percent per order, which is about half the cost of previous plan. so good news for restaurants. that plan will limit the delivery area and shift more delivery costs to customers. consumers. people getting the food for example, customers might pay for 99 instead of 2.99 as a delivery charge moving forward. the new plan comes in response to criticism that commissions. doorcharges are too hot for the beleaguered restaurant industry. >> still ahead, steph curry tries to extend his hot streak
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tonight against the mavericks we return. we'll have a live report from chase center where the try to improve their playoff chances.
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>> taking a live look outside from mount tam a pious camera. it's so beautiful out there. >> yeah. timber of commerce tape day is our chief meteorologist lawrence karnow is here. we all wish it rains. it didn't rain that much. but
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boy, it's beautiful out there. they can't complain with what we get. looks like. we'll see some very nice weather if you like the warm temperatures are certainly love the weather the next couple of days. we're really going to get heating up affect today's warm temperatures showed up in some of the valleys along the coastline. enough of a breeze to keep it cool. you see a couple patches of fog in the think we'll sneak in a couple of patches of fog right along the coastline. look at today. not bad. 62 degrees in san francisco. you're at 70 degrees in oakland today. 72 beautiful day in san jose. how about 74 very comfortable in la more 79 in concord and 79 in santa rosa and these numbers only going up for here the next couple of days. that big dome of high pressure now beginning to build in. you see the storm track staying well to the north all the way up into canada is that keeps us high and dry. and that's the way it's going to stay. now. looks like for the foreseeable future until we see some major changes maybe late next week at the earliest. so numbers outside now 72 in palo alto 71 a beautiful in little more 75 in concord still 72 it look at
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fairfield 82 degrees. very warm. as you make when the central valley, long range forecast for doesn't look like much is coming our way. in fact, we keep things dry into the weekend. that's the way it is going to stay a little windy over the weekend. looks like we're going to keep those temperatures much warmer plan on 80's in many spots inland by tomorrow afternoon, guys. all right, lawrence, thank you. >> the warriors are hosting the dallas mavericks at chase center tonight kron four's sports reporter kate rooney. she's there live. she joins us now with what to watch for tonight. kate, >> hey, sanaa's the ad wars are set to take on the mavericks tonight. it is the last contest chase center before they head out on the road for a four-game stretch now has been pretty up and down for the warriors. but hey, something pretty good. isn't the wind. that's because the war is won 7 of their last 9 games at this point making a spot in the playoff tournament is pretty much a foregone conclusion. so what the workers need to do is beat the mavericks tonight that will help their case. let me tell you a little bit about what's going to happen when they are in that game could be interesting because a lot of
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the mavericks starters are out tonight. kristaps porzingis dealing with some injury. so is josh richardson. they're both doubtful and their best player. the good on questionable along with fellow started to anthony smith and some rotation. guys. so could be a very winnable game. here's what steve kerr had to say earlier tonight about the importance of this game. >> all these against the team's near us in the new orleans memphis you know, we're done with san antonio and portland. but. all these games are really key and yeah, i mean, if we were to win tonight, then think we we would have a realistic shot catching dallas because we have the tie breaker over them. >> you know, so that it makes it makes it a big game. but as i said, every every game's a big game right now. >> another reason every game is a big game is because the warriors have steph curry. he makes every single game that they play must-see tv in 13 of the last 14 games, the words
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of played stephens scored 30 points or more. so got to keep an eye on this one tonight. if you can start another little 30 plus point game streak here not. thank you, kate. >> all right. some tells me staff can still another little streak. this guy's pretty good, too. if you are a sports card collector now, maybe the time you want to start selling, especially if you have one of lebron's rookie cards yet lebron, this is his 2003, 2000, 4 upper deck exquisite collection rookie patch, autographed card. that's a mouthful. but a guess that's valuable. it sold for 5.2 million. the king now claims the throne as having the most expensive basketball card ever sold. knocking off the 4.6 million dollar rookie card of the i-four mentions maverick. dallas mavericks, luka dodge. >> coming up, the california
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exodus. more and more people are moving out of the golden state's. and when we return, we'll hear from one former bay area family on why they decided to leave.
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>> all right. that census had repercussions the loss of a house seat in congress can be blamed on migration out of state. people moving. talk about the high housing costs.
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the long commutes, the taxes. those are just some of the reasons people who left california have given for why they're out here can force theresa spoke with one family. the didn't want to give up on california. >> but they felt they had to. >> so california and area needed by live there for 38 years. that is chad. campbell. >> and this is chad and his wife amy, from 3 years ago. one kron 4 news spoke with the east by couple as they welcomed their quintuplets home from the hospital. yes. quintuplets, you heard me right. the kids now all smiles and growing with her other siblings. but instead of calling the bay area their backyard these days. the family now lives in idaho the tough so. >> we have been in the renting, the same house in mound house for 7 years. we've got the notice instead, the landlords ready to sell the house because it was an investment property from someone in china. they sold the house. are they said they're going to sell in 60
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days. chan shares what became the tipping point for the family. the time i was already. how they're with that commute that was doing said his community and from not in the tracy area out to send the tale. and for a while, i was also going to teach down at san jose state and then driving back up. so as a 150 mile. round so those rough and we said this is our chance like. to just start from scratch and just moving out. you know, far away. and it's pace living where there's not much traffic and we can actually buy a house and have a mortgage payment for less than we were paying with their original rent. really. and we just thought let's do it. chad says he understands why so many are moving out. i mean, almost everybody that i knew we all grew up in the bay area and we love it. i still love it and i miss it. but we're all saying the same things. and and i mean, my hairs what i'm hoping. i don't know if it's going to go back now that we're here, but it's it's it
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was turning white back then. >> chan says he finds even in their small idaho community there are a lot of californians there is even a name for them because california refugees up outbreaks that >> it's not to recess stasio kron 4 news. >> so sad. that is that and up. >> that i can that it can insurance payments. that wraps up kron 4 news at don't go anywhere, though. we're staying here in california so ken and catherine, the news at 6 is next. yeah, we're not going anywhere. this for about an hour. thank you grant. not a tonight at 6. we continue to follow breaking news. >> body camera video has been released showing the death of 26 year-old mario gonzalez after being detained by police in alameda. we'll hear how the police chief is responding tonight as we've just learned, that 2 officers involved are
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now on leave plus a very dry winter. you know that to stage one drought, though, has now been declared in the east bay. we explain what this means for residents. >> and how much water they're being asked to conserve the news at 6 coming up next.
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>> and now it's 6 in the east bay man's final moments are caught on police body camera video released today. it shows 26 year-old mario gonzalez says deadly encounter with an alameda with alameda police. this was monday of last week. gonzales died in custody. police say he suffered a medical emergency. his family says he was murdered good evening, everyone. thank you for joining us. i'm catherine heenan in for pam moore. and i'm ken wayne. tonight we have learned 3 officers are on leave. and also hearing from the interim alameda police chief about this in custody. death. >> kron four's terisa stasko joins us live now with what the chief had to say. theresa. >> ken and catherine, there are a lot of unknown facts about this case right now. but here is what we do know that video was released 3 body camera videos released this afternoon to kron 4 news and they show what happened and


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