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tv   KRON 4 News at 3pm  KRON  April 27, 2021 3:00pm-4:01pm PDT

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>> now with 3 outrage in the east bay after a man dies in police custody in alameda and now the family of mario ramirez says he died the same way george floyd did. and another hate crime investigation in the bay area. restaurant owner in the south bay says their business has been targeted in an act of vandalism. plus a big update from president biden today the changes about face masks. you need to know. >> now from the bay local news station. this is kron. 4 news at 3. >> and we find that video with unnecessary and professional
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and it took a minuscule event and made fatal. >> now it's 3 an east bay family disputes. the alameda police department's account of their son's death while in police custody. thank you for joining us here on kron, 4 news at 3. i'm tahernia. the family of 26 year-old mario gonzalez says they've some body camera footage in contends he did not die from medical emergency like police say, but rather they believe that he was murdered. now kron forcefully. is covering the story for us and we'll have more for us a little later on this hour. also in the south bay, the owners of a sunnyvale restaurants say they are the victims of a hate crime kron four's charles clifford has spoke with the vietnamese restaurant owners and he joins us now live with more on the case. charles. >> yeah, well, the owners of lebron kitchen right behind me here in sunnyvale say it has been a tough year for them because of the pandemic and now they believe they are the victims of a hate crime.
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>> what and my brother came into the restaurant. he saw broken glass this past weekend, someone smashed a double pane window in the front side of le bon restaurant in sunnyvale. they didn't take anything. they just literally. took a time. just smashed a double pane window. co owner. when says they also found a disturbing crumpled up note near the broken glass bases saying asian people go home. but in more derogatory terms. jeff says it has been a tough year for the restaurant. they've had to let almost all their employees going of closed several other restaurants because business has been so slow. he says this attack feels personal is belittle devastating for us. and then when someone just breaks down your window. i gosh darned tuesday afternoon, the sunnyvale police department said that so far no arrests have been made and no suspects have been identified, but that the investigation is still ongoing. jeff doubts that anyone will be held responsible, but he wants
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whoever did this to know that they aren't going anywhere. you can break my window. you can do whatever you want. >> but lebron will prevail. the body is the good in french the good will prevail no matter what. >> all right. back live now anyone with information is asked to contact the sunnyvale police department in the south bay. charles clifford kron 4 news. to our coronavirus coverage now and new today, the cdc says a fully vaccinated americans can be outside without wearing a mask. but there are some exceptions. the agency says people should still wear their masks when they're in a big crowd of strangers. the change comes as more than half of us adults have gotten at least one dose of the coronavirus vaccine and more a 3rd have been fully vaccinated. we spoke with ucsf infectious disease specialist doctor peter chin-hong for his take on the easing of this mask mandate. >> the idea of the mandate is more of a philosophical, a
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legal one. but i you know, taking the cdc guidelines into consideration. it generally liberalize is the world little bit more fun vaccinated, folks. and certainly i think probably the biggest game changer was them talking about the indoor setting with vaccine and folks in people's homes. so i think this just extends it a little bit more. >> now. we have more on the new rules coming up in a live report from washington, dc at 3.30. in the south bay now, santa clara county is offering drop-in appointments for residents age 16 and older who want a covid vaccine. this drop in system runs through sunday may second now, if you're worried about a long line. you can still make a same day appointments. we have a full list of the drop in sights on our website. kron 4 dot com. and just in to the kron 4 news room moments ago east and board members have voted to clear a state one drought. this mean customers
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being are being asked to voluntarily reduce water usage up to 10%. this as the state has seen extremely dry conditions. we are monitoring this developing news and we'll bring you more on kron. 4 news at 5. and happening tonight, the santa clara valley water district is also expected to consider water restrictions of for its customers. the meeting is scheduled to begin at 6 this evening and we'll work to bring you updates from that meeting on our website and on kron 4 news in prime time. now east bay mud has posted some ways to help you be able to conserve water. they're recommending that you wait to to run the laundry or dishes. the dishwasher until you have a full load. don't run the water while you're brushing your teeth or shaving instead just turn it on to rinse. they also recommend taking shorter showers. and if you have outdoor landscaping, it's recommended that you water either early in the morning or after 7 in the evening. and now some political news as
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governor gavin newsome faces a likely a recall election later this year. some election officials are warning it could be one of the most expensive elections in state history. our capitol bureau reporter ashley zavala joins us now live in explains the cost concerns and the decision. state leaders will need to make as the recall moves forward. ashley. >> yes, and as the california association of clerks and elections officials is warning that this could cost significantly more than what state leaders expected as governor newsom and other state had expected the price tag could leave counties with some really tough budget decisions moving forward. >> a group of local elections officials this morning. governor gavin newsom's recall election could cost 400 million dollars more than 4 times as much as governor newsom and other state officials expected originally it could be one of the most expensive elections in state history. it's entirely possible and prepare for it. we have to fall under the same covid restrictions that we did
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down the johnston is the president of the california association of clerks and elections officials. a bipartisan group of county clerks and registrars. the group notes. the 2020 general election was the most expensive in california's history, costing $18 per voter. it required a personal protective equipment larger spaces in vote by mail ballots. johnston says if the same rules apply to the recall. it will carry the same historic price tag whether the state will reimburse counties for the likely election is still to be determined that could be very large deficit. too many county budgets and local county board of supe visors and have been very difficult decisions as to what to fund. >> elections officials noted the state did not reimburse counties for the cost of california's last recall in 2000, 3 of governor gray davis legislative leaders tuesday would not say if the state will pick up the tab for new sums. >> in a statement, democratic assembly speaker anthony rendon said, quote, neither the state nor the county's should be stuck footing the bill for such an unnecessary election. well, the cost is still being determined. what we do know is the cost of this
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frivolous special election will be borne by california's taxpayers newsom's campaign manager dan newman said in a statement, quote, 400 million more reasons why the republican recall is a terrible idea. these republicans are wasting hundreds of millions of taxpayers money. recall supporters say the money is worth it criticized in the governor's pandemic-related policies on businesses schools and the 10's of billions of dollars in unemployment benefits paid to fraudsters by his administration. >> if you're running a 150 billion dollar company, which is what california is and you're chief executive officer. kind of lost 35 billion dollars. what would you do with them. the fire. i'd pay 400 million dollars in severance package for that guy. >> so right now we're in this time period of 30 business days where people who signed the petition can have their signatures removed by local elections. officials. now the governor would need about a 130,000 signatures at this
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point to be removed once this time period ends and the recall petitions are finalized. then the department of finance will do an analysis of how much exactly this election will cost and they will have the final say on the final price tag reporting the state capitol. ashley zavala kron 4 news. >> ashley, thank you for that. i want to go back to our top story in the east bay the family of 26 year-old mario gonzalez says they've reviewed some body camera footage and they say that mario did not die from medical emergency like police say, but rather they believe he was murdered for sleep to call joins us now live in alameda with more police. >> so now as the gonzalez family is not mincing their words. they believe if not for 26 year-old mario gonzalez is interaction with police last week. they believe he would still be alive today. >> i'm the does this. i'm outside the alameda police department tuesday mario
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gonzalez, his family demanded the 3 officers involved in the 26 year. old's death last week. >> be held accountable. police say they received a report on monday morning. the 19th about a man who appeared to be under the influence in town. and once they tried to detain him he resisted and suffered a medical emergency during the struggle. the gonzalez is say the police made some of the footage from one of the officers body cameras available for viewing yesterday and claimed the footage clearly shows he was not a threat and did not deserve to die. the footage shows officers on top of mara what he was face down on the ground. >> they have their way on his head and back. it was head and back. it was complying and they continu him down with their way. the gonzalez family says mario appears to have died in the similar manner. george floyd did. >> the unarmed african-american man killed by minneapolis police last year. the officer who restricted his breathing was found guilty last week for second and 3rd
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degree murder. the city of alameda has launched an independent investigation into gonzalez is death. there was no reason to detain them. >> let alone killed him. the apd took a calm situation. >> and made it. they don't know what that we we have right here. >> the city of alameda says that the police department is in the process of making that body camera footage available to the public as for the family, they say they have hired a law firm that specializes in police misconduct live in alameda fleet and all kron 4 news. thank you fully. >> coming up here at 3, a south bay teacher arrested for assault of at least 2 students. details on how police were able to catch him. and how far are you willing to go for the home of your dreams. what one local realtor did to help his clients get
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their home. plus, scott peterson was in court today why? we'll have to wait longer to find out if he gets a whole new trial. and as we head to break, this is a quick look at current temperatures this afternoon. meteorologist john stable has details on the heat that will see this weekend. stay with us. let us take you to a place you've been craving. where the aroma of authenticity turns into the scent of home. and the warmth of friends and family is in every bite.
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>> in the south bay a teacher
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and sports coach at a middle school in san jose has been arrested on suspicion of sexually assaulting at least 2 underage former students, ronald gardner was arrested after an investigation that began back in february when someone reported to the el dorado county sheriff's office that his former teacher gardner molested him while attending sierra monte middle school between 2002 in 2005. the case was referred to san jose police who then learned of a possible second victim who also reported being molested by gardner in the scene. that time span gardner was arrested in san jose and booked into the county jail. a union city man has been charged with the murder of a 24 year-old, a transgender woman in milpitas. it happened on april 23rd when alijah crews a singer a allegedly stabbed to death see on tape. brown also known as natalia lopez and then called 911, cigarette a and the victim had been dating for several
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months. officers to the 1000 block of hillview court in milpitas and found the victim with multiple stab wounds. she was pronounced dead at the hospital. cruz is facing life in prison if convicted. and another delay in the scott peterson case, which means it will be longer before a judge rules. whether or not to grant of the convicted killer. of his pregnant wife, a whole new trial. kron four's maureen kelly has the latest from the san mateo county courthouse. >> the defense team was granted. yet another 60 day delay as they investigate a recently revealed domestic violence incident involving an original trial juror the same juror whose alleged misconduct could end up being the reason scott peterson gets a whole new trial. scott peterson appeared at the hearing remotely from san quentin's death row. most of the legal teams from both sides and members of peterson's family also attended virtually he can see lacey green broadly next
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to her husband before she went missing while 8 months pregnant. >> on christmas eve 2002 scott peterson was arrested and later convicted after her body and the remains of their unborn son, connor washed up on the shores of the san francisco bay because the california supreme court overturned his death sentence finding that the original trial judge made mistakes during jury selection. a new jury will be seated to decide if he should have been sentenced to death. that same higher court ruled that an original trial juror richelle. nice had failed to disclose a restraining order. she taken out while pregnant herself during jury selection. and now a san mateo county judge has to decide if that merits peterson a whole new trial. the defense team is now investigating a second incident that there was a domestic violence. attack on her that we were not aware of but in-person questioning has been stalled because of covid-19, which is why the defense has asked and was big rigidly granted more time.
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defense attorney pat harris explains why these previously undisclosed incidents are important i mean, a woman who has undergone violence while pregnant. >> sitting on a case where the woman is been is died. while pregnant that's extraordinarily important. i don't think any. no attorney. i know of that put a juror on like that. the next hearings for the scott peterson case have been now scheduled for late june. >> the judge says she wants the matter of whether or not scott peterson is granted out entire new trial wrapped up by the end of 2021 maureen kelly kron 4 news. >> to the north bay. now we're getting a look at new body camera video of the moments a fairfield officer body-slammed a woman knocking her unconscious, fairfield police released this video on monday. police say diana santa has resisted and interfered with arrests and that's when an officer took her to the ground. she hit her head on the pavement and lost
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consciousness consciousness. the family called police after a fight between santa has a daughter and her boyfriend. according to 911 calls a neighbor reported a man having a knife, an attorney for the family says the officers actions went over the line. >> i don't see how any you know 32nd of all women for 5 minutes before and even after shows. i have not level of force was justified. in fact, the police officer during that video as my client has been waiting or had even make sense. i >> kron. 4 did reach out to fairfield police. but we have yet to hear back. the department did saying no formal complaints have been filed. the family has filed a civil suit against the city and police departments. switching gears. now to talk about the weather as we take a live look outside at sfo it's a blue sky, not a single cloud in the sky. temperatures are heating up this week a kron 4 meteorologist john trouble with a look at that.
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>> today. going to be bringing plenty more sunshine, something that we've seen plenty of this whole month with the exception being sunday. the only day in april that his products rainfall. nice gorgeous day ahead of us. good one to be stepping outside the obvious downside of this is that drought has expanded and continue to expand especially late this winter season in early spring. april should bring us some of our heaviest of rainfall across the bay. and that was not the case. that's extreme drought. red is now little longer. limited to northern solano and napa counties. having spread into sonoma county and parts of contra costa and eastern alameda counties. it's not just the bay area that's looking so dry either. but now the entirety of california is either a drought conditions or at least abnormally dry conditions areas like the central coast which started the season on a healthy know have also seen drying conditions lately so that even means the santa cruz mountains which weren't drought conditions just a couple of months back have now entered severe drought
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territory with a high pressure ridge building back in. this is not something that's going to be changing ahead in this forecast. warm weather. a bit of a breeze from time to time. can expect conditions to further get windy. a sea breeze kicking into gear to close out your tuesday temperatures today right in the 50's and 60's up and down the peninsula. well, further inland, you're already enjoying a really mild field to things temperatures as much as 10 degrees warmer than they were yesterday for palo alto. san jose, this is taking us back to the 70's today. beautiful way to spend this afternoon. if you're watching right now, want to get outside. well, maybe wait for the commercial break and do so because it's going to be beautiful. well, that creek 75 degrees for the high today. well near 80 in antioch at 78 degrees today. even pretty nice out towards the coast with stinson beach just shy of 60 degrees for your high. >> still ahead at 3.45 today do we need to stay more than 6 feet away from others when
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i trust 'em, i think you can too. trust aag for the best reverse mortgage solutions. call now so you can... retire better home prices to surge across the bay area. so just how far would you go to get your dream home. well, a local realtor
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camped out for days to make sure that his clients got their million-dollar home. kron four's michelle kingston has the story. >> all that online chair put it right in front of this is realtor. jeremy, of all wrapped in a blanket sitting outside waiting to secure a brand new town home for his clients in santa clara. he was first in line. he started camping out 3 days before they went for sale. it sounds crazy. i feel like this is something you probably didn't see she tv or some random story help. but it's true. you know, at the end of the day, if there's something that especially my clients want. and you know, there's a certain way could get up to it. >> but you know. i would be surprised at the start happening more often the housing market is hot in the bay area with more buyers than there are homes. >> and jeremy says he didn't even think doing this. was that big of a deal at first. just something he had to do for his clients. and jeremy wasn't the only one camped out dozens of others were also on the sidewalk outside the sales office until my climate,
3:26 pm
whatever that it get it to end of the day, i said there is there's only so many of these homes that's available. there were 18 townhomes up for grabs starting at 1.2 million dollars. now what really attracted this realtors clients to these condos is that they are said to rate, meaning none of those bidding wars will take place here soon as you walk in yeah, the price is right there. and you write the check for the deposited. you know that. >> in the south bay, michelle kingston kron 4 news. >> up next, the north bay school district considering losing are closing rather a handful of elementary schools will hear from parents on the hardships that this would bring. plus big tech companies back on capitol hill face questioning on misinformation in power. how the social media giant's respond to some of the biggest questions facing the industry, including how it could be dividing the country. and after the break, the cdc says a fully vaccinated americans can now dropped the
3:27 pm
mask in certain situations and why republican lawmakers are unhappy with the new rules.
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>> it's been over a year now that mask wearing has been around in our fight against covid-19. and today the u.s. centers for disease control and prevention unveiled new guidelines for mask wearing agency says fully-vaccinated americans don't need to wear a mask outdoors. in most cases.
3:30 pm
our washington correspondent anna wiernicki joins us now live from washington with more. good evening, anna. >> good evening. that's right. so under these new guidelines, the cdc says if you are fully vaccinated, which means 14 days after your last dose of the vaccine they see starting today. you can now attend a small outdoor gatherings or walk your dog or even dine with friends without a mask. >> cdc director doctor rochelle walensky says fully-vaccinated americans can now dropped the mask in certain situations. if you are fully vaccinated and want to attend a small outdoor gathering or die in an outdoor restaurant with friends from multiple households. the science shows if you're vaccinated, you can do so safely. doctor walensky says that doesn't apply to crowded outdoor activities like baseball games or concerts. it is also safe for those who are fully vaccinated to return to
3:31 pm
the end it is they love doing inside while wearing a under the new cdc guidelines. anyone fully vaccinated can safely go to a hair salon indoor bar exercise class or attend. worship service with a mask. i think message has been all over the place when it comes to that covid saga. but indiana republican senator mike braun says the guidelines haven't been very clear and says many americans will be confused on what they can and cannot do. we've gone >> 6 feet to 3 to mask being mandatory. now outside not still president biden says the new guidelines should encourage more americans to get vaccinated. the bottom line is clear. if you're vaccinated. >> you can do more things. so go get the shot. it's never been easier. >> and the cdc says if anyone is confused about these new guidelines they can head on over to the cdc web site for a
3:32 pm
full detailed list of all the activities that fully vaccinated. people can now safely resume live in washington. i'm anna wiernicki. back to you. the president has made tackling the covid pandemic a priority for his first 100 days in office. >> can we expect him to talk about that tomorrow when he addresses a joint session of congress. because responding to this pandemic has been such a big part of president biden's first 100 days in office. we can definitely expect that he will at least a mention this topic and at talk about this for the first part of his address tomorrow on capitol hill. but we can also expect him to lay out his legislative priorities and look ahead to the next 100 days and that includes this infrastructure package immigration and a gun so while we can you know, looking back on the last 100 days. we can expect him to look forward as well. and again, this joint address starts at 09:00pm here
3:33 pm
on capitol hill tomorrow night. all right. anna wiernicki reporting live for us from the nation's capital. thanks so much. >> joining us now to talk about the cdc's announcement. in addition to some other topics is north bay congressman jared huffman thank you so much for joining us this afternoon. good to be with you. now the recommendations as saying that people that are fully vaccinated can now be not in big groups without their mask is obviously a sign that the country is moving in the right direction. but do you think this could lead to surges or clusters down the line. i mean, there is there a way to determine who's fully vaccinated and who's not. are they going to be stopping people to ask how how does how are we going i guess tackle a situation like that. >> we think we're going to have to count on the goodwill and honesty of of people to a large extent. but i think it's welcome news that as we see more and more americans
3:34 pm
getting vaccinated. some of the restrictions are being relaxed. we hoped this day would come. and it's finally here as president biden said no. the real take away from this is here's a strong reason why everyone needs to get that vaccination shots. >> and it sounds like some gop lawmakers are unhappy about this announcement. what are your thoughts on not. >> you know, some of my friends across the aisle have been unhappy about everything that public health authorities have tried to do to keep us safe from the beginning. so to hear them complain about messaging that they feel like has been inconsistent when their opresident and their own party, frankly created all the confusion and it brings a bit hollow. >> inconsistent in one. what way? i mean, we have been told to wear when we people were not vaccinated, when we're around people if we can't maintain a six-foot distance. now more people, more and more
3:35 pm
people are getting vaccinated. how is it inconsistent in their mind do you know how they. well, address that with you. honestly. yes, i think they're just grumbling, which is what we've seen from them from the very beginning. but. >> to me when i hear doctor fauci and other public health experts tell us that they think we should do a certain thing to be i think we should listen to it and take it seriously and and not, you know, pretend that there's some sort of political that's at the root of it. now% i want to ask you california losing a congressional do we know. >> which seat it that could be lost and do we know how it's determined which seat is going to be lost. >> yes. so it's it's a 2 step process. the numbers that came out this week simply tell us what we we've frankly new was probably coming that california has grown more slowly than other parts of the country and we still did grow
3:36 pm
significantly. i think we grew about 4.8%, but the country as a whole grew something more like 6.4% or c our 53rd congressional seat goes to texas. that's essentially what is happening. we don't yet know how the lines will be redrawn. and you know, which district will affected because we don't have the district level data yet. that will likely be released around august. >> so when we have that data is it determined by way of what district i guess more people, more population is that how that's house determine if let's say particular area loses a population or the population number goes down. that's the area in which are that's the district in which the seat is is removed. >> exactly. and it also give us some very demographic information that you have to have when you draw district lines need to keep communities of interest in tact. you need to comply with voting rights
3:37 pm
laws. and so we really have to see that they can racial. data and a high level of granularity that we don't yet have. >> what impact does it have on the states in terms of representation at the federal know we still have the largest number of congressional seats. but is it going to impact us enough where i guess as californians we should kind of be worried in comparison to other states. >> i don't think it's going to be a huge short we are likely to you lose a southern california. see the data. we do have suggests that southern california grew more slowly than northern california. so somewhere in the greater los angeles area is where most of the pundits are suggesting a seat will be dropped. texas is going to pick up to florida. we'll pick up one as there are winners and losers in this kind of movement of american people over the last 10 years.
3:38 pm
i don't think it's going make a huge difference, though, will probably lose a republican seat in our delegation and frankly, california republicans already act like they represent texas i don't think the politics will change all that much. >> and the representative have been. i wanted to ask you something on a local level. so over in moran, they're closing a vaccination site. i guess the number of people that are vaccinated. it's increasing there. they're now doing targeted mobile sites. do you know how they're planning to tackle hesitancy within the latino community in marin county as there is a large latino community in marin county. >> yeah. i know that there's a big public information effort under way. a lot of alligators and messengers have been working on this and it is also something throughout my district that i encounter in communities of color. i represent a lot of native american communities. and you know, historically they have had a lot of mistrust for our federal government for some good reason historically so it
3:39 pm
is a challenge. but it's something we just got to find a way to overcome. these are communities that have borne the brunt of the covid pandemic. and so we really have to get them. now. they need to be protected. absolutely not. my last question. i know you have to go, but i have one more question for you tomorrow is president biden's congressional address. >> what are you hoping the president will address or focus on. >> i'm hoping he focuses on the opportunity, the economic upside of tackling climate change through infrastructure and through other policies that he has laid out. you know, we sometimes talk about these things some sort of an ominous challenging and people can get a doom and gloom ceiling when we bring the subject said the truth is there's millions of great jobs and all kinds of ways in which this build back better effort. we'll actually make us better and that should be the heart of his speech in my opinion. >> all right. well,
3:40 pm
representative have it's always such a special pleasure. thanks so much for joining us this afternoon. thanks for having me. >> and make sure to watch our inside california politics. special live stream right after the president's first a joint address to congress. wednesday night. >> we'll be streaming live on kronon with host catherine heenan and 3 of our political analysts michael yaki jonathan madison and doctor david mckeown. coming up, pushed back once again, the new deadline announced today to get your real id. >> and a pool collapse caught on camera where this happened and all the damage that caused. we'll be right back after a quick break.
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someday, looking back on the pandemic, you'll want to be proud to say
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i did everything i could. i found the strength. i looked out for everyone. i did what i could to keep my family safe. i will say, i did my part. while covid-19 is in the air, please, protect yourself and others. wear a mask, keep your distance, and get vaccinated when it's your turn. santa clara county. stay strong. spread hope. i am robert strickler. i've been involved in communications in the media santa clara county. for 45 years. i've been taking prevagen on a regular basis for at least eight years. for me, the greatest benefit over the years has been that prevagen seems to help me recall things and also think more clearly. and i enthusiastically recommend prevagen. it has helped me an awful lot. prevagen. healthier brain. better life.
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to check in with newsnation to see what they're working on tonight's morning hughes joins us now live from chicago with a preview. good morning. >> hi there. coming your way tonight on prime an exclusive report from the border. the federal government taking land by eminent domain some winter wonder if it's for the wall even after the biden administration stopped construction and video. you'll only see on news nation. a nearby camera catches the response after that deadly police shooting of andrew brown junior in elizabeth city, north carolina and the 6 symptoms of hurry sickness in some ways to cope. that's in tonight's health center. plus, stick around after prime for the duck dynasty stars, willie and korie robertson. they'll be on banfield tonight. back to you. sounds fun. thank you
3:44 pm
so much for the preview morning. news nation airs at 08:00pm our time. you can find that the channels listed here. we also have details available on our website. >> kron 4 dot com. still ahead, a group of mit researchers are challenging the 6 foot rule when it comes to distancing indoors. that story is right after this short break.
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>> a study from mit explains the key to curbing the spread of coronavirus indoors is much more than just distance of course, light or heavy breathing and whether farther apart or directly in front of someone plays a big role. but when not wearing a mask and mit study warns that coronavirus particles can linger and float. well past 6 feet. so along with proper ventilation of the time that people spend indoors is a huge factor because the longer you spend inside with someone who is infected the greater the risk of contracting covid. >> i'm not saying that social distancing all along has been ineffective or unnecessary. still, our first protection is to be distant that you shouldn't feel that all that matters is distance and that you're somehow have no risk. you should be thinking about exposure to the well makes background. there are some particles in that room and the time spend in that room. and of course a number of other people that are in there as well and other factors that has been to a shun clean important role in your safety.
3:48 pm
in addition to distance the distance. >> now professor of his aunt wouldn't say every indoor classroom dining or workplace situation is safe, but a significant fraction are it should be based on ventilation size of the room. number of people and the time they spent together mit has an online tool you can use to assess the safety of your indoor experience. and we've got that posted on our website. kron 4 dot com professors and also recommends using carbon dioxide center sensors available for a few $100. you could use to check for any risk. overall. he says vaccine rates are up and infections are down, which make a big difference as well. now, the full interview ran on our streaming news app. kron on. we've got a queue or the qr code that you can scan. we'll bring that up for you. there you go. scanned that with your phone's camera. it will take you straight to your phone's app store for a free download, you can stay connected all day make content like this as well as any breaking news here in
3:49 pm
the bay area across california the nation and really around the world. in the north bay parents in nevado are pushing back against the possible closure of an elementary school in the city families walk through nevado with signs showing support for both the rancho and loosen elementary schools. the nevada unified school district formed a committee to consider closing one of the schools citing declining enrollment and school capacities families at today's rally said these are their neighborhood schools and will create it would create a hardship if they were to close. >> he so sad to lose it. it would be it would be a much harder. morning for us to get out and get going. the walk to school and we absolutely would not trade it for the world. >> now parents have created a change. dot org petition to keep rancho elementary school open. the committee will give a presentation tomorrow with their final recommendation
3:50 pm
coming at the end of may. they'll have a little bit longer to get your real id in case you don't already have one department of homeland security announced today it will extend the deadline from october. 1st of this year a 3rd 2023 dhs says the ongoing pandemic was the biggest factor behind the delay with many drivers licensing agencies still operating at limited capacity. according to the agency. 43% of all state issued driver's licenses and id cards are currently real id compliance. and big tech companies back on capitol hill to answer questions about social media algorithms which impact what users see read and think. and now congress wants to get the bottom of how it works and how to stop the spread of misinformation. our washington correspondent kellie meyer has the latest for us. >> social media giant facebook, twitter and youtube faced senators on how social
3:51 pm
media algorithms could be dividing the country. simple search for something like coronavirus origin or mail in ballots can lead people down the rabbit hole medical misinformation or political disinformation doctor joan donovan from harvard university compares misinformation to secondhand smoke and says social media amplifies it iowa republican senator chuck grassley argues the company's algorithms silence conservative viewpoints. i constantly hear from iowans about their concerns. we control. >> that big tech has over the discourse in this country. monica bigger with facebook says the social platforms goal is to prevent the spread of misinformation regardless of the source enforce our without regard to political affiliation while much of the questioning focused on the impact of misinformation. >> some senators are concerned about the way big tech companies hurt their competitors, georgia democrat jon ossoff says one company shouldn't have so much
3:52 pm
influence. does facebook anticipate that it will embark on further acquisitions. >> competitor services. i can tell you the road from where i said from my perspective, it is a highly competitive stace democrats are preparing a series of anti-trust bills to tackle algorithms and dominance of tech companies reporting in washington. i'm kelly meyer. >> coming up next, dramatic video of a pool collapse in brazil and a bay area museum opens back up to visitors
3:53 pm
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>> take a look at this. shocking a surveillance video captures the moment a pool at an apartment building in brazil collapses. the outdoor pool fell into and flooded. an underground parking garage. now, fortunately no one was in the pool and no one was hurt in the parking structure. residents say they smelled gas coming from the heated pool right before it collapsed. authorities are investigating the cause. at legion of honor is set to reopen to visitors next week. the newest exhibit last supper in palm pay will begin may 7th now due to covid-19 protocols in advance ticket is required to get a preferred timeframe. exhibit is the first exhibition to focus on the love of food and drink in the ancient city of palm pay. we'll have a sneak peek of the exhibit right here on kron on next week. not going want to miss that.
3:56 pm
before we sign off this tuesday. we've got one more check with kind of meteorologist john treatable. >> sunshine all across the bay area today. look at this view, half moon, bay. the jewish. you're out there right now. looking at people just enjoying an afternoon spent right along the ocean. good spot to be but also nice elsewhere across the bay. the obvious downside to how nice conditions have been lately is the ever expanding drought conditions were in the mid step in with high pressure building back in you're not going to be looking at any chances of rainfall ahead of us as we begin to round out, april these next couple of days. this afternoon. winds already starting to pick up a sea breeze will kick up much like yesterday and this is going to make for actually relief into our. war merced of temperatures. these next few hours as day time highs continue to rise. antioch conquered livermore, valais and napa well into the 70's. nice see breeze actually feels pretty good. now towards the coastline. just don't forget the jacket. those people in half moon bay looks like
3:57 pm
they're pretty prepared for that sunshine and just the cool feel right along the shoreline temperatures these next few days will continue to warm up tomorrow thursday for inland areas well into the 80's. we will be ending april on friday and doing so with warmer than average temperatures of course, drier than average conditions only saw one day of rainfall for the entire month of april. the wraps up kron 4 news at 3 or could coverage continues at the top of the hour on a kron on app and i'll see you again on kron. 4 news at 5. >> and at 9 and not stern and watching.
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>> today on an new "dr. phil," her mom went from loving grandma -- >> to paranoid, aggressive, and on the run from the law. >> i'm running through the woods. there was an old tent at a homeless person had, and i rolled up and it. >> she did tell patients they were being poisoned, she did call you saying she was being rated. >> you said the doctor was trying to kill you. >> i did think he was. >> does that sound rational? ♪ ♪ >> let's do it. >> have a good show, everybody. here we go. >> this is a safe place to talk about hard things. >> stand by, we'll count you down. >> today is going to be a changing day in your life. >> five, four... >> i am not giving up on you. [cheers and applause] ♪ ♪


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